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  1. Infinite_TE

    Hotfix 16.0.2

    GREAT!! Manic kills me like 2 time in one mission. Love the changes Chroma Alt needs to kill more offen it just sit there spinning in circle.
  2. Infinite_TE

    Devstream 44 Overview

    No more stealth kill runs! #ISeeYou Ash and Loki will be the worst enemies of the Grineer. More ASH! AM I RIGHT?
  3. Infinite_TE

    Coming Soon: Devstream #44!

    1. Why do u take off the stamiaon the archwing since it is a machine? 2. Can we have the fast footed enemies added to the everyday game? (Tenno need people that can keep up with them) 4. Can .weapons have different firing and slashing sounds? 5. Can you guys at DE please implement the tracking feature on the throw weapon with putting a waypoint on an enemy? But can be return by doing the channel explosion. THANK YOU