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  1. @[DE]SpaceySarah I've actually had similar thoughts for wukong, but I'm not sold on keeping cloud walking/revive in such a manner while defy could've been changed but looks interesting My own idea: Aesthetics. Nimbus should be thematically on wukong 24/7 but not just the normal depiction of it. Just like a Qilin in myth, wukong should be animated to Idle/Stand/Walk/Jump/Bullet Jump/Sprint/Roll/Slide/Wall Dash on clouds similar to Nezha’s Fire Walker visuals mixed with Ephemera in a sense but specific to himself. His aim glide should look more like he’s standing/sitting on nimbus. Secondly there should be a “golden” effect from wukong’s eyes to mimic “Fiery Eyes Golden Gaze”. Wukong’s “dodge” should always be a somersault animation with cloud effects around his feet and hands. When performing emotes, clones attempt to line up in formation and copy Passive, When he uses an ability he summons a clone for 20 seconds, max of 5 clones. While Aim Gliding wukong stands/sits on his flying nimbus which increases gliding speed by 100% and preventing vertical lost for up to 10 seconds No cooldown on nimbus, but has to land to refresh Clones will use a ranged weapon if wukong uses a melee weapon and melee if wukong uses a ranged weapon Clones have primary/secondary based on what wukong had last Clones use exalted weapon while wukong does Clones non-exalted weapon deal 75% reduced damage Clones have an additional 25% of wukong’s armor, everything else is 1:1 1 Removed and Reworked, becomes “Lock Incantation”, Wukong sends out an electrifying energy wave which deals slight damage and stuns enemies for a duration. Additionally opens any container in range including locked ones. Has a 30% chance to open locked containers, Increased by 1% per 1% power strength, max 100% Augment(Alter): Enemies hit by Lock incantation are debuffed for extra loot drop chance 2 Removed and Reworked, becomes the shapeshifting ability “72 transformations”, On activation wukong gains armor while taunting nearby enemies to attack. If wukong is hit within 2 seconds he does not activate the second part of this ability and causes a radical blind. If wukong is not hit within 2 seconds he and his clones transform into the most recent and closest enemy to wukong. Enemies treat them as if they’re in stealth. None of them trigger alarms or traps, and while transformed clone duration halts. If wukong takes damage or performs any actions aside from moving, sliding, rolling, aim gliding, and jumping the transformation breaks, performing a finisher while transformed causes clones to perform finishers to nearby units Clones will not break transformation until the player does Clones will line up behind wukong in a formation during the transformation With max clones out, up to 6 units will have finishers done to them. Augment(Enhance): Killing enemies with finisher recast transformation and summons 1/2/3/4/5 clones Transforms into recently killed enemy since they were closest Exalted Weapon 4 becomes 3, Magical Golden Cudgel, Additionally charge attack performs iron jab(massively weaker but gunblade range) and when wukong performs charge attack against the ground it performs iron vault(simply launches him into the air). Additionally Slam attack creates a strong wind pushing enemies away from the center while creating an impassable barrier for 3 seconds. This barrier cannot be entered by enemies or projectiles Only 1 barrier can be made at a time. Duration of slam barrier extends with power duration 4, “Victorious Fighter Enlightenment”. Wukong depletes his current energy which equates to the duration of this form. He and his clones gain energy drained as Armor based on the number of clones he currently has out. On kill, his abilities cost no energy for 10 seconds, stacking up to this ability’s duration. Units become Undying for 3 seconds on taking fatal damage, this can happen up to 5 instances for the duration with the final time fully healing the unit. Augment(Enhance): His clones gain 12.5% lifesteal link(heal each other and wukong but not themselves) and for each clone out wukong gains additional elemental damage for attacks, doubled for melee, while this ability is active 20% cap at 60% power strength, wukong's additional elemental damage has no cap Clarity, only wukong gains the accumulative elemental damage for attacks based on the number of clones he has out. It works similar to Saryn's Toxic Lash Clarity, Wukong does NOT get the lifesteal link only his clones do. Additionally all thematic/aesthetic effects have their effect visuals increased by 50% and the golden effect where his “eyes” are would additionally have a slightly extended flaming trail effect from them similar to http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-brbMzRA3JuA/TcXhmV5p_pI/AAAAAAAAA_A/rqAcg98wNTk/s1600/Flaming_Eyes____by_farooza.png For every 30 energy depleted wukong will gain 1 second of duration, affected by efficiency to lessen the threshold and duration to increase the seconds gained 1 clone=50% of energy drained =armor, 5 clones=250% of energy drained=armor, keeps changing over the duration based on wukong’s clone management Clarity, With efficiency, energy is still fully drained however the threshold for gaining a second is lessened Clarity, this is NOT a channeled ability Clarity, Wukong and his clones have their own individual 5 instances However again I do like some of the rework, mainly clone, exalted weapon, and possibly defy depending on how it's hitbox functions. However passive seems extremely limited if it's only 3 times per mission that means it's useless on a long run. Even worse if it's only 3 times per mission regardless of wukong reviving or not. Defy seems kinda cool although I am questioning how it'll hit vertically and the range itself. Lastly that cloud is just awful still. I can see this rework functioning, but that cloud is still not fun and that passive feels completely useless if it works like primed regen and I need more info on that defy hitbox rather than it's defense capability. Basically primed regen works because your sentinel is not expected to die unless hit by a stray projectile, but wukong is expected to take heavy punishment thus if that passive doesn't at least refresh per revive it'll become dead in the water making even his old passive better. Lastly I just cannot see current wukong going on a long mission, I'm fine with him not lasting on super long runs (>3hrs) but I don't see this going an hour That's my two cents even if I'll probably go unseen but I don't know if I agree with this route the rework is taking wukong aside from giving him a clone and fixing exalted. I personally do not like this rework as it doesn't use wukong's full potential but I've already accepted that it'll be forced to ship since it's too late in development.
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