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  1. For the companions and weapons Is it weapon "slot" or weapon "slots" since they normally come with two at a time.
  2. All I can think of is this one video of a guy in a pepsi suit pouring coke down a sink and saying "WHOOPSIE DAISY"
  3. The question wasn't "should I use health conversion" and Adaptation cannot be applied to allies using Nezha's halo augment,
  4. I'm using a high strength Nezha build with Health Conversion for a Halo build to use on myself and allies. Which means I need to gather Health Orbs to increase my armor, which then in turn strengthens the halo. I'm looking for any and all methods that cause Health Orbs to drop/spawn. My go-to is using my Diriga with the companion Synth mods, (Synth Fiber and Synth Deconstruct) Synth Deconstruct at max has a 25% chance for any enemies damaged by the companion to drop health orbs on death. Synth Fiber gives the companion an armor buff when picking up health orbs, however the most useful part of Synth Fiber, is it bypasses the need to have health lost to pick up Health Orbs, allowing you to pick them up while at max, to synergize with Health Conversion. This basically allows me to build Health Conversion more passively. I'm also aware that Nezha's 2 causes enemies to drop health orbs however I constantly forget it exists, and my build isn't very power efficient. I've tried using the Broken Staves passive to generate Health Orbs from non-robotic corpses but it seems to struggle against Infested corpses, making it less useful. Beyond Lockers, I'm looking for more ways to make Health Conversion more efficient on my Nezha. Sadly. the Wiki page doesn't seem to be that up to date, as it fails to mention the Broken Stave's passive for example.
  5. Have both other heads been defeated at that stage? At least personally I've noticed the most severely wounded one tends to clam up and wait on the other two. Maybe a bug from killing two heads at the same time caused a glitch?
  6. For me it's the underglow light it gives your warframe, but the rest of the effects is too much for me, spores included.
  7. Is it bad I knew exactly what the video was before I even opened the link?
  8. I wouldnt mind being able to separate some of the effects from the Spore ephemera and mix and match them.
  9. I never got into Prime Gaming, but after the Verv ephemera, it's been something on and off my mind, thinking about doing, but with recent events I don't feel comfortable trusting Twitch/Amazon with my information and Prime Gaming doesn't seem worth the risk to me. If possible, I'd like to still be able to obtain Verv gear through some alternative methods, such as buying it through Warframe itself and having the money go to Twitch that way, or etc. Even if it was at a higher cost. That Ephemera looks good. If you're not familiar or this is your first time hearing of the Leak here's some general information that should be relevant to you as a Twitch content creator, Watcher or if you've ever given money to Twitch. Just this week, Twitch has had a major security and information leak of 128GB, I won't list everything but I will post what you should be concerned with, if you want to seek more information, feel free. The leak was posted on 4chan, but that doesn't mean 4chan is to blame, as is the nature with anonymous/semi-anonymous websites, this could've been posted anywhere, like Twitter or Reddit. So please don't take this as a sign to go witch hunting. The leak seems to go back as far as 2019, involving creator earnings, every other propery Twitch owns, such as Curseforge. and allegedly consumer addresses, billing information and encrypted passwords If you haven't already, please change your Twitch password(s). Optionally, enable 2FA but since it requires Mobile I understand reluctancy to give Twitch your phone information. I wouldn't either. NOTE: If you use the same password for Twitch on multiple websites, I also recommend changing the passwords on those associated websites, no shame. We've all done it. But your password being leaked could be used to access accounts on other platforms or websites. If you have changed your password, you'll need to relink your Warframe to your Twitch if you want to continue getting Twitch drops. More information about relinking can be found on this post made by DE here. If you weren't expecting that information dump, I apologise. I just felt it was needed for the virtual safety of everyone who uses Twitch. This also isn't to discourage other people from using Twitch, if you wish to continue doing so, that's up to you. I just personally don't feel comfortable with Twitch beyond twitch drops and watching streams. Stay safe on the Cephalon Weave, Tenno!
  10. I'm no internet expert, but I don't think even 4chan uses the term "pwned" unironically anymore. Makes me think this is some sort of falseflag or the poster isn't from there.
  11. Just had a friend on Discord tell me about it too. Also concerned. I also use Curseforge for Minecraft mods, so I'm unsure what to do. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-entirety-of-twitch-has-reportedly-been-leaked/
  12. I don't need to do it anymore since my Intrinsics are all maxed at 10, but having Engineer maxed out at 10 beforehand, it was worth auto-repairing using the map just to score a few extra intrinsic experience at the end of a railjack session. Since repairing gives some.
  13. Yes, that's what I said. Is there some sort of problem? Huh, well I'm glad to hear other people enjoy them, hence why I think having them outright removed would be a mistake. Personally I'd do Tridolon, but it's great to see the difference in what players like.
  14. New Monday, new Nightwave rotation as per the usual. For the most part, I enjoy the challenges of Nightwave but the specific challenges that lead to increased burnout and disinterest in Warframe always seems to be the Survival Missions, specifically those asking for 30 minute runs. I've never liked the Survival gamemode in general, 10 minutes with Clem? I can do that, but 30 minutes and it just feels like I'm doing the motions, with no fun to be had. Truth be told. I understand these used to be 60 minutes, so I'm grateful they were cut down, and I believe they have a right to stay but would it be too much to ask for an option to re-roll a challenge once per week, or etc? Even if it was an item bought from Nora? The only thing I'd like to ask on top of that, is since there's at least two 30 minute survival challenges in rotation, I'd hate to re-roll a challenge, only to end up with the other survival 30 minute version.
  15. Thinking to it, if every random resource pile could be turned into argons (in the void) it might be a tad bit much. Maybe instead, it would have a toggable passive or meter, and as you collect things, it increases depending on what you pick up, then dependant on what you're trying to transmute, it will remove a portion of said resource and have it turn into the new resource. For example, 1000 Argon Plates = 1 Argon Crystal. This might even work for mods, if it was a completely random mod, using the same system from Transmuting mods from your Orbiter. It's completely random and you'll never know what you'd get.
  16. Wow, gotta say I'm quite impressed with other peoples ideas so far.
  17. That's called a meta. Chroma is the Dragon warframe, not the Eidolon warframe.
  18. I'm still hoping DE will let us use Archguns/Archmelee in Open World Archwing.
  19. I really wish people would read posts instead of just the titles.
  20. Ah, I was hoping kinda like Necros it was only a one time roll on every loot based thing, and that it has a low success rate of 3% or something.
  21. I was looking at Lavos and thinking "What if Transmutation Probe had a small one time use chance on Medallions or Ayatans to upgrade them to a higher tier" And it's got me wondering about a Warframe whose whole kit revolves around loot and looting. Other frames have abilities to help in looting but are typically just one aspect of that frame. When I imagine a Loot frame my mind conjures images of something akin to a Vault Hunter from the Borderlands series, and the typical "lootsploisions" seen in those games. I'm thinking of a Warframe whose abilities can enhance drops, (e.g. turning a common mod into an uncommon mod dropped by the same enemy's drop table, or multiplying the resources on the ground.) restock lockers and storage crates, (maybe as an AoE passive or a passive where they open just by walking near them) weaponise them, kinda like Mirage, having them explode with damaging loot, and support his team with supplies such as health orbs, energy orbs and ammo drops. I'm also reminded of one April Fools where DE put a hat on the Stalker and renamed him "The Stocker" showing him filling up lockers, which is kinda my inspiration for a Warframe capable of restocking things.
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