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  1. Not to throw shade at DE, but doesn't this kind of prove a point? Trade Chat is so awful that people have to resort to third party websites to do trade, The idea of using third parties to trade seems like something you'd be directed to for a scam or other game black market practices.
  2. Too much effort? Isn't this DE? The company who made The Sacrifice, The War Within and The Second Dream?
  3. Not the first one to ask this and I'm pretty sure it's been requested for years but... Trade Chat, even when you use the filters is a complete cesspit of riven spam. Rivens have been questionable since their implementation but my biggest gripe is the chokehold and strain they put on the in-game trade chats. It has forced players options to all be unsatisfactory. Either you use a third party website, try and deal with all the riven spam, or fine tune your filter to the point it acts as a detriment. All of this could be avoided if DE provided a separate trade chat with no riven rules. No matter how much you try and filter it out, people still bypass whatever filter you put on and brute force their messages past your filters. (I'm looking at you specifically, people who add WTB at the end of their message when 99% of the rest is WTS)
  4. Will you consider changing Sea Snares so they don't pop on contact with an obstacle? Their homing/targetting goes for enemies behind walls or cover, and pops on contact rendering them useless most of the time. I thought having an army of floating orbs would be fun, similar to Vauban's teslas, but instead they just nullify themselves on even the most minor corner and don't reach enemies. If not, at least let them pass through objects or go around them.
  5. Ok this is mostly just a bit of a joke, but to this day I still find it interesting how in The Second Dream quest, we hear the Lotus say "Now we fight on two fronts my child, The War Within and The War Without" 90% sure I'm just thinking too much into this but given how The War Within became its own quest for years now the statement of The War Without has remained in my head like it's hinting at something larger.
  6. These forums are sadly not friendly for opinions. The less I say, the better it seems.
  7. Certain games, the most notable that I can think of being Genshin Impact has a Pity System which helps players if they have bad luck. In their version, every 10 rolls garuntees one 4 star character. Every 90 rolls garuntees one 5 star character, unless you obtain them before hitting the pity threshold. Either way, it will then reset your Pity upon either criteria being met. Essentially for certain things like Arbitrations, if you're having extremely bad luck, if your luck is so bad, it'll accumulate and give you it past a certain point.
  8. I'm not in favor or against, I just haven't seen this topic before so I'm curious.
  9. Wait, why make two changes? It would've been easier to just have one change, e.g. clones can't drop items and allow them to be cloned still
  10. I was just thinking recently about how in Warframe, I currently have 4 Domestik Drones in my orbiter, as those are all them that I currently own, and one slight bother to me is how they simply go wherever they please. If I could have the option to make a path for them, or to lock their AI to whitelist/blacklist certain rooms, it'd be nice. Currently, I have 4 Domestik drones, Carrion, Waverider, Original and Ki'Teer In my head, I'd have the Carrion only in the Helminth room, while having the other three patrol the rest of the ship, but not enter the Helminth room.
  11. In my opinion, the AI would be more interesting if they were simply teleported, or sped up when in tiles with no players inside, or when outside of the players field of view. For example, you enter a tile that had a bunch of enemies inside, because they were previously out of view, suddenly you enter the room and they've set up a decent fortification, set up behind cover in different areas with the blunts already up. It won't solve the issue of them being nuked, but it'd at least mean you aren't just lobbing one single grenade on 10 enemies all glued together walking as a single unit.
  12. I wasn't sure myself but https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Void_Relic#List_of_Void_Relics_and_Drop_Sites Under "List of Void Relics and Drop Sites" the first drop down titled "View Relic List" seems to be all the currently obtainable relics, though it seems to include those sold by Baro Ki'Teer for ducats. However if you're simply looking for the relics for the current Unvaulting from the Prime Vault, the first section here seems to list the currently obtainable Vaulted relics. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime_Vault
  13. I don't see why they couldn't have just made it so enemies go into a downed state like with the Lich Thralls. There has never been a problem with those as far as I can tell, aside from the positioning glitch that causes it to do a hacking animation instead.
  14. Nah, Warframe will officially close after it and become unplayable. /joke
  15. For some reason this reminds me of how people had the Exploiter Orb spawn in Fortuna before the Exploiter Orb fight was added.
  16. Seems to be the case with a lot of Mind Controlled enemies who can summon other units.
  17. I have kinda experienced this before. I think it was a result of using the Slingshot instead of exiting the Railjack normally, as one time I was able to spawn a Shadow of a Grineer Ramsled inside our own Railjack.
  18. I was on the Warframe wiki and followed a few random links and stumbled across the section for the MOA Cabinet Spawners and remembered my favourite glitch in Warframe. It was this glitch during the Blackout Tactical Alert. Because I was still relatively new to Warframe at this point, I was unable to complete the Tactical Alert properly and heard from word of mouth that hacking the moa cabinets spawned insanely leveled Moas. Back then, I think I legitimately thought that this was the legitimate tactic to beating the harder parts of the Tactical Alert, hacking every viable Moa Cabinet on my way to the activator room and bringing an army of Moas with me to the objective, hiding on top of the Corpus lockers while the Moas did the work. Being so new, I wasn't well equipped to deal with them and well, this was such an odd bug it almost seemed intentional for them to spawn with absurd levels on this tactical alert in particular and nowhere else. A second favourite Glitch has to be one I never got to experience, where the Ballistica Prime for a VERY short bit of time, it's mechanic was bugged and it wasn't spawning ghosts, but specter versions of all the enemies, resulting in them not despawning and still being allies, so I watched a video where someone was using it in Survival missions to mass a gigantic corrupted army and recording the reactions of other players. I wanted to try this myself but sadly by the time I had acquired the Ballistica Prime, the bug was already patched.
  19. Is it your sister, or someone elses sister in a public game? P.S. title, Warframe out of context lol.
  20. I'd rather it either healed them to 100% or didn't take all of his energy
  21. I think it can work without that amount of players, plus like the Solar Rail PvP, they can just have AI specters or similar stuff to fill in slots when needed or due to server player cap limitations. I suppose what I meant is more of the "feel" rather than a full emulation.
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