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  1. bump for visibility hopefully, this issue persists in the latest hotfix and there's no info on whether it's intentional or not AFAIK
  2. considering the momentum carried over lasts for as long as you're void dashing you can turn a 6 void dash chain of 20m each into 500m+ flight, and will get you stuck in a wall until you transference out due to the huge amount of inertia. Also won't control well if you void dash back and forth or in a zigzag. Doesn't mention anything about it in the patch notes and its implementation is wonky so i'm assuming it's a bug. The operator even automatically faces the direction of the momentum regardless of where you turn your camera. It doesn't feel properly controllable in any case.
  3. Void Dash no longer stops momentum at the end of the dash, instead carrying over momentum from previous maneuvers like bullet jumps: Electricity effects are glitched out. This includes volt's skills and arc traps:
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