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  1. Nihillian

    Game crashing upon login

    Alright so I saw this post and thought I'd give it a try. Thing is, I don't have the Razer SDK Core COmponents but I do have Razer SDK Core Components. I deleted that and it fixed the issue. I guess the update is conflicting somewhere with Razer lighting and stuff, seeing as removing the razer stuff fixes it.
  2. Nihillian

    Warframe crashing after latest patch.

    Updated everything, verified cache and a boat load of other stuff (reboots included) and nothing works for me. It still crashing upon loggin.
  3. This kinda feels out of the blue. And comparing a 40 bucks DLC to free content is kinda unfair ain't it? Doesn't matter though, will play both and once I am bored with one I go to the other. On-topic: Any confirmation of DE that they read/seen our problems with log in?
  4. Nihillian

    we truly want the trials back

    Sure, if it is good this time. I liked the concept (ofcourse, who doesn't like raids in MMO's) but it really wasn't good. The way to get arcanes now is much better, imo, I do wish to see larger parties back for fun times. Maybe they can do that with the Open world aspects of the game where there are more parties at once once the worlds get bigger.
  5. I am unable to login since the update, it crashes immediately when I have entered my password and I go into the orbiter. Verified cache, updated drivers, the usual stuff that you do. Nada.
  6. Nihillian

    game crashes when starts in update 23.1.0

    same here, when I start up I can log in and then when I get the message upon loggin it crashes instantly. My friend is able to log in without issues, idk why I can't.
  7. Nihillian

    Warframe's first impression is pay-to-win

    Blueprints for weapons and warframes should be displayed first and Plat last... Thing is, that would be in an ideal world. To make money in an FPP MMO you need to advertise premium currency/items, the way they do it is the standard: look at all the shinies! buy em with plat! Or.... make em yourself, but BUY THEM! The time gating is also a standard, al be it oldschool, methode of attracting the purchase. But honestly, the game has good rep. THey can, IMO, afford to do it differntly. What they should definately do, though, is show weapons/warframe BP's according to your MR. To show what a player can get at their new level, to let them get excited about all the new stuff they can get now that they have ranked up. It also gives them direction on what to do, giving you a sense of progression. Progression that isn't just made by you but also told by the game itself.
  8. Nihillian

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    As said in the mega post on the first page, making Melee and firearms combo smoothly should be a thing and a high priority: Combo's shouldn't be exclusively melee but also intergrate firearms in there as well, this will make firearms as much part of the combo as the melee weapon itself.It would make the game incrfedibly dynamic! Just think about it, couple swings, blast blast with a side arm and the continue the melee chain for added damage. Now that would give you style points. Being able to lift up enemies in the air and do proper air combo's would be insane for both CC and gameplay
  9. Nihillian

    Share how you going 2 look in Fortuna....

    No worries, ALL dex skins and weapons are offered each year with each aniversary 🙂
  10. Nihillian

    Share how you going 2 look in Fortuna....

    Hopefully with Chroma Prime? Or Nidus with his deluxe skin otherwise.... or maybe... just Maybe with Umbra just because I like his sleek look and my undyin love for Excalibur
  11. Nihillian

    What do you expect to see in the Melee rework?

    Heavy attacks should do something special, not just big damage numbers: Heavy blade/weapons should slam the ground and create a damaging shockwave. Longswords do something like exalted blade from excal and send out a wave? Polearms: Idk, I barely use them and don't know what woiuld be awesome to see on it, maybe instead of a "charged attack" it goes into a whirling mode with extended range. Scythes have lifesteal on it? Gunblades already have a nice gimmick to their charged attacks. Pretty much what i can think of right NOW. But it is just a suggestion for possibilities that they can do with it. Charged attacks shouldn't be generic more damage slow charge attacks, this game is not made for it, it should be something truly usefull. (I actually kinda like the Ground slamming and shockwave trhing that a heavy weapon would have)
  12. Nihillian

    Do you like Operators?

    Just like the warframes themselfs, I want them to be OP as hell. They are conduits of the void that has immeasurable power but they don't feel like it. Focus tree is nice, ofcourse it could improve but so far I like it. Customisation is different for everyone, they aren't model childeren but you CAN make them look okay/good, it requires some time and the right faces to blend though. Operator Combat.... Well, it is clunky. I wish it was more fluent, quicker, more.... explosive! Void bursting out and exploding enemies all around! They should feel like an Ultimate ability at times, decimating things. Maybe give them more cooldown based attacks that deal high damage but leaves you vulnerable? idk. Also, when do they grow up? I get that they are childeren and all and that stasis has left their appearance unchanged but make em grow old! I want my tenno to have a beard, deep voice and move quick! Make him feel more like... me? Childeren are not at all relatable to me, mostly because I am no longer a child for a looong time. I think the next big quest should skip time a little and let them grow up a bit. And more combat heavy. Give em a sword that they can infuse with void energy and make that amp a BFG! (like the Sentient weapon concept art)
  13. Nihillian

    What you hope they will show on tennocon?

    From most impoortant to me to least important but still relevant: 1. Chroma prime... I NEED that golden dragon! 2. Tau system 3. melee rework 4. Venus open world Excal prime isn't comming back ever again. And why would you want it to? Excal umbra is better and looks way better IMO.
  14. I see a lot of comments about Founders being berated and I kinda feel the same mostly because that happens to me as well. Example from since this update is:"now your 200$ frame is useless as everyone got a better version." or "Feels pretty bad to pay for a frame that is inferior to Umbra". Seriously? I bought it for Prime, sure, but also to support a game that I saw potential in in a time were the game was basic. I did not buy it to be insulted or to feel superior to others. Sure, there are a few elitist vocal founders that think they need everything but there are many that are just quite and don't even think about it most of the time, myself included. Would it be nice if they added a little thing to Prime? Sure. Is it needed/necessary? Nope. Anways, not saying that your contribution to WF is inferior to what founders payed. It's just a difference in time and content that was out. That is it. If founders found it worth to infest in the game at that state back then, they will surely think it is to put that money in the game right now. Something I believe in my case. None of my plat purchases (or fast amount of Tennogen purchases which are def worth it, props to all the creators) made me feel guilty or feel like I shouldn't have.
  15. His kind is Orokin, he says it in a way as it were a question that someone might ask, and he, somewhat indirectly, gives andswer to the question (Humans destroying the new place that the sentients were supposed to find just like they did to earth)