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  1. One of the big issue is that they always react with Kneejerks... It is never truly thought out until they already nerf it. And then we have useless abilities that they refuse to rework to make them a viable option for frames. Helminth is just another meta machine. you pick 3 options and that is it. Most abilities that you can subsume are kinda worthless and would have been good if they reworked it to be on par with the other abilities that frames have. One of the frames that has the best kit allround is Nidus. Why? Because the choice of replacing an ability in his kit is hard. A tra
  2. True, no benefits from there besides cosmetics. Though Endgame of WF is FashionFrame :)
  3. No need to worry about that IF they would implement DLSS and RTX. As you would only be able to use it if you had a card that supports it.
  4. I would love to see the number of players actually playing the game mode on a daily basis. I don't see a reason to remove it OR keep it really. They can do either and I wouldn't care but the stuff in there? Well... wasted content if you ask me. Then again, not really an issue with just Conclave... there are many things in this game that is a gimmick and barely played at all. So much stuff you could scrap and almost no one but a couple people would truly care. Removing them makes the game smaller, less chances at bugs on certain things (bigger game with more code = more chances at b
  5. Updated everything, verified cache and a boat load of other stuff (reboots included) and nothing works for me. It still crashing upon loggin.
  6. Heavy attacks should do something special, not just big damage numbers: Heavy blade/weapons should slam the ground and create a damaging shockwave. Longswords do something like exalted blade from excal and send out a wave? Polearms: Idk, I barely use them and don't know what woiuld be awesome to see on it, maybe instead of a "charged attack" it goes into a whirling mode with extended range. Scythes have lifesteal on it? Gunblades already have a nice gimmick to their charged attacks. Pretty much what i can think of right NOW. But it is just a suggestion for possibi
  7. Idk, you can still keep the "old way" of playing as it is and make this the side/main way of things. it looks a lot of fun to do the open world stuff as the currently parkour does support this play heavily. But the old can stay for more concetrated stuff; farming mods/resources and mission types.
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