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  1. Nihillian

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3

    This skin is just mouth droppingly beautifull... I can't stop jawing at it when I play as Nidus 😮
  2. Nihillian

    For what purpose does Umbra exist?

    Here is the problem with that as well: There has been no indication that sentient minded warframes were no longer needed or thought of. Ballas explained that the reason why Tenno can control the warframes is not due to our abilities persé but because we can "heal" their broken minds/memories. And thus fight along the warframes and not just use them as puppets alone. Everything so far is speculation except for a couple things: The original warframes were made from Dax soldiers that were the best, wether they were willing to undergo the transformation or not, they were used. The Orokin were unable to control them and destroyed both their mind and body in trying. Rhino P's Codex suggests that a Tenno (randomly, accidently or otherwise) connected with him and calmed his mind and was able to control the body. Umbra, wether a name for a type of frame or the name of the Dax that was used to make him, was tormented and transformed not because the main purpose was for him to bne used by the Tenno but as a punishment for spying/betraying Ballas. They were, seemingly, also friends with each other. The next thing is in between speculation and fact: In TSD our warframe is pulling/breaking Hunhows fragment/sword, seemingly on his own without our help. The reason why it Strongly suggests that the warframe showed sentients was due to us not yet being able to use transference without the help of the chair/machine until TWW were our character specifically said that he/she no longer needed it. It also showed us that both the Stalker, Hunhow and US were baffled by what was happening. Our warframe, not controlled by us, was doing this out of his/her own will. Was it self defence? Was it for our protection? We don't know but, with all the info we got from The Sacrifice it suggests that it did to protect us. A couple questions I have, of which one I am curious about since the discussion is (of which some may have already been answered by codex or otherwise) Why is there a normal version and a Prime? Why is the Prime special, except for it's better statisical benefit? Is it because a Tenno was more proficient with his/her abilities that the Warframe provided and thus the Orokin decorated that one specifically for them? Is it because it was made by the Orokin themselfs and not a replicate that the Tenno made? Is it because the blueprints for these warframes were lost and had to be recreated by us/Ordis to look like their original? Is a Prime the original or a perfected version? Why, when you start playing the game for the first time, is it that you start out as a warframe (besides gameplay reasons) in a cryopod?
  3. Nihillian

    For what purpose does Umbra exist?

    I don't think Umbra was any kind of warframe 2.0 or a precursor or anything. Ballas clearly stated that he made the Dax into a Warframe because the Dax knew of Ballas' plans to betray the orokin to the Sentients. This betrayal led to Lotus/Natah comming to us, infiltrating the Orokin and making the Tenno betray the Orokin but she didn't complete the last task of killing the Tenno afterwards. It was a revenge thing and it was DURING the Orokin/sentient war WITH the Tenno already being used to control the warframes and fight the Sentients. This is implied because Ballas tells the Dax that he will be turned and used by the "devils" which refers to the Tenno.
  4. Nihillian

    Stalker is a warframe but different.

    It is not the grammer, but the construction of his sentenses that make it hard to see what he says. Anyways, what he means to say is that Stalker is like Umbra, except that he infected himself with the helminth virus to become a warframe (I think) to avenge the Orokin.
  5. Nihillian

    Game crashing upon login

    Alright so I saw this post and thought I'd give it a try. Thing is, I don't have the Razer SDK Core COmponents but I do have Razer SDK Core Components. I deleted that and it fixed the issue. I guess the update is conflicting somewhere with Razer lighting and stuff, seeing as removing the razer stuff fixes it.
  6. Nihillian

    Warframe crashing after latest patch.

    Updated everything, verified cache and a boat load of other stuff (reboots included) and nothing works for me. It still crashing upon loggin.
  7. This kinda feels out of the blue. And comparing a 40 bucks DLC to free content is kinda unfair ain't it? Doesn't matter though, will play both and once I am bored with one I go to the other. On-topic: Any confirmation of DE that they read/seen our problems with log in?
  8. Nihillian

    we truly want the trials back

    Sure, if it is good this time. I liked the concept (ofcourse, who doesn't like raids in MMO's) but it really wasn't good. The way to get arcanes now is much better, imo, I do wish to see larger parties back for fun times. Maybe they can do that with the Open world aspects of the game where there are more parties at once once the worlds get bigger.
  9. I am unable to login since the update, it crashes immediately when I have entered my password and I go into the orbiter. Verified cache, updated drivers, the usual stuff that you do. Nada.
  10. Nihillian

    game crashes when starts in update 23.1.0

    same here, when I start up I can log in and then when I get the message upon loggin it crashes instantly. My friend is able to log in without issues, idk why I can't.
  11. Nihillian

    Warframe's first impression is pay-to-win

    Blueprints for weapons and warframes should be displayed first and Plat last... Thing is, that would be in an ideal world. To make money in an FPP MMO you need to advertise premium currency/items, the way they do it is the standard: look at all the shinies! buy em with plat! Or.... make em yourself, but BUY THEM! The time gating is also a standard, al be it oldschool, methode of attracting the purchase. But honestly, the game has good rep. THey can, IMO, afford to do it differntly. What they should definately do, though, is show weapons/warframe BP's according to your MR. To show what a player can get at their new level, to let them get excited about all the new stuff they can get now that they have ranked up. It also gives them direction on what to do, giving you a sense of progression. Progression that isn't just made by you but also told by the game itself.
  12. Nihillian

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    As said in the mega post on the first page, making Melee and firearms combo smoothly should be a thing and a high priority: Combo's shouldn't be exclusively melee but also intergrate firearms in there as well, this will make firearms as much part of the combo as the melee weapon itself.It would make the game incrfedibly dynamic! Just think about it, couple swings, blast blast with a side arm and the continue the melee chain for added damage. Now that would give you style points. Being able to lift up enemies in the air and do proper air combo's would be insane for both CC and gameplay
  13. Nihillian

    Share how you going 2 look in Fortuna....

    No worries, ALL dex skins and weapons are offered each year with each aniversary 🙂
  14. Nihillian

    Share how you going 2 look in Fortuna....

    Hopefully with Chroma Prime? Or Nidus with his deluxe skin otherwise.... or maybe... just Maybe with Umbra just because I like his sleek look and my undyin love for Excalibur
  15. Nihillian

    What do you expect to see in the Melee rework?

    Heavy attacks should do something special, not just big damage numbers: Heavy blade/weapons should slam the ground and create a damaging shockwave. Longswords do something like exalted blade from excal and send out a wave? Polearms: Idk, I barely use them and don't know what woiuld be awesome to see on it, maybe instead of a "charged attack" it goes into a whirling mode with extended range. Scythes have lifesteal on it? Gunblades already have a nice gimmick to their charged attacks. Pretty much what i can think of right NOW. But it is just a suggestion for possibilities that they can do with it. Charged attacks shouldn't be generic more damage slow charge attacks, this game is not made for it, it should be something truly usefull. (I actually kinda like the Ground slamming and shockwave trhing that a heavy weapon would have)