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  1. One of the big issue is that they always react with Kneejerks... It is never truly thought out until they already nerf it. And then we have useless abilities that they refuse to rework to make them a viable option for frames. Helminth is just another meta machine. you pick 3 options and that is it. Most abilities that you can subsume are kinda worthless and would have been good if they reworked it to be on par with the other abilities that frames have. One of the frames that has the best kit allround is Nidus. Why? Because the choice of replacing an ability in his kit is hard. A tra
  2. True, no benefits from there besides cosmetics. Though Endgame of WF is FashionFrame :)
  3. No need to worry about that IF they would implement DLSS and RTX. As you would only be able to use it if you had a card that supports it.
  4. I would love to see the number of players actually playing the game mode on a daily basis. I don't see a reason to remove it OR keep it really. They can do either and I wouldn't care but the stuff in there? Well... wasted content if you ask me. Then again, not really an issue with just Conclave... there are many things in this game that is a gimmick and barely played at all. So much stuff you could scrap and almost no one but a couple people would truly care. Removing them makes the game smaller, less chances at bugs on certain things (bigger game with more code = more chances at b
  5. Having the same issue. It happens on any frame and any mission type. Happens when you walk sideways and back wards. Always after shooting. Just bumping this thread so it can be fixed. Been a long time since this bug came.
  6. Been using Umbra as well and can confirm, No umbra pet while in Mech :/
  7. I just run in there solo, get my archwing, pull out the tranq and search around the map. Easily get a load of different types of animals
  8. done enough T3 vault runs to build several mechs and the weapon for 10 people... only ever gotten 2 mods. That is it. All of that was with mod drop chance booster and me as nekros with a friend of mine. The mods are rare mostly because of how long it takes to get to the point of killing 1/2/3.
  9. Sorry if it was already there but to add another visual bug: Whenever you go about modding the necramech on 2590x1080 the HUD for it is stretched instead of adjusted for the Ultrawide screen. This will always happen when you try to upgrade the necramech or your equiped necramech weapon/Arquebex. If you try to upgrade the same weapon in either the heavy weapon slot or Tenno loadout for archwing it acts as normal. Happens in both Necralisk Hub and Orbiter.
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