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  1. When I was running through some Exterminates in the Void using Saryn's Miasma, I constantly ran into, what I thought was, the bug where there was only one guy left that didn't spawn yet.

    So of course, I just ran around hoping they would finally spawn, but then I ran into him.

    Naturally, I just shrugged it off, killed them, and went on my merrily way.


    However, I constantly kept running into this same glitch over and over again. I noticed that there were a few things that were different from them and a normal enemy:

    -They would be stuck in a particular animation (Ex. 1, they were stuck turning, Ex. 2, they stayed in that particular position)

    -They didn't bother to try shooting

    -Things wouldn't automatically target them (Nova's Null Star as seen in Ex. 2, sentinels wouldn't shoot them)

    -No health/shield/name bar

    -Would not show up in Codex Scanners

    -One hit kill

    -Occurs when using "Nuke" abilities (as stated in the title)


    Ex. 1



    Ex. 2


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