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  1. Hahahahaha. Are you serious? So the target demographic for these cosmetics are...new players?
  2. relax, they are aware of that. they're giving him a revamp.
  3. That was long awaited! Thank you devs!
  4. Is Vitreospina one of the fishes you caught?? The spinal is obtained by cutting that fish.
  5. Corpus dude just retreats once the timer hits 00:00, but the data uploaded is only 17/20. Unsure if this is a bug or not, but it happened 3 times to me during the "Anomaly Retrieval" bounty mission.
  6. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Data uploaded does not complete to 20/20. This mission is found in bounty mission "Anomaly retrieval". EXPECTED RESULT: Data uploaded completes to 20/20 after Corpus dude retreats OBSERVED RESULT: Data uploaded completes to only 17/20. Corpus dude then retreats REPRODUCTION: Play the Anomaly Retrieval bounty, incredibly easy to reproduce REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/3 times this happened.
  7. Permanently stuck in fishing position, unable to move or attack; Tried /unstuck, nothing works. Tried to suicide, but I'm using my Inaros with arcane grace+guardian, i can't die. I was fishing; Spear was thrown and then an infestation mob hit me and i got stucked in this position ever since then. https://imgur.com/a/i0MXRFi Please send help, i need to extract....
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