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  1. I have a series of changes feedback which can help improve overall game flow for warframe in general. The complete write up is located at (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1254243-improvement-password-less-login-on-trusted-devices/ ). The simplified version of this post is as follows... PC Only - Make the overall login experience better match consoles. The consoles do not beat a dead horse by constantly asking for username and password when you start the console nor does this occur when you start the game. Add account health script on login - Help catch unusual activity ea
  2. The "/Unstuck" command does not work. I have tried it several times. This also introduces another problem... The fact that all existing warframe puzzles completely lack any form of introduction. I thought this was the proper way to do the puzzle because when I normally get to this room another tenno has already finished the puzzle. So i figured the proper destination was to go right for the treasure room itself.
  3. I can agree that the twitch drops could use some improvements because I miss a lot of the drops due to work. As for a few ideas/suggestions... Change the title of this thread. The title is way too long and confusing. I would suggest a title along the lines of "Suggestion: Improving Twitch Drops for International users". Find a few streamers to fill in the gap between 8PM ET to 10AM ET. I have noticed that there is no twitch 2.0 drops in this 14 hour gap. Add more Warframe International streams? Introduce some in-game mechanics tied to this? I believe some hints could b
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Void Treasure Rooms are a Trap. VISUAL: See video on first post ( https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1240777-suggestion-revisit-old-puzzles/ ) REPRODUCTION: Reproduce the path in the video. All it takes is making it before the timer runs out. EXPECTED RESULT: To not be stuck in the treasure room. OBSERVED RESULT: I was permanently trapped in the treasure room and the "/unstuck" command did not help since I was in a "valid" location. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% as long as you make it before the timer runs out. Just as a note, The bug is not platform specific becau
  5. There are four main questions I have, and they are ranked of course... will we get Cross-play or Cross-Progression? Any chance of performing a major rework on the log-in process on the PC Edition of Warframe? The Console versions show exactly what users would expect when trying to launch a game using a pre-verified marketplaces like Epic Games Store, Steam, and Discord. Any chance to improve account security during trades? This could be better Integration with the warframe mobile app, a secondary pin/passcode. Any chance of adding in-game event log of major in-game act
  6. There is three main locations that work to level the mechs... Planes of Eidolon Orb Vallis Cambion Drift all you haft to do is load up a map, and slay as many enemies as you can.
  7. There is not a lot DE can do without a video. The general steps to help DE is to get a video using the following steps... Play Warframe Bug happens Immediately use the built-in xbox capture tools to record last 5+ minutes - see: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/make-and-play-game-clips-on-xbox-one-38095b0f-72fe-5a41-7071-abc4b91db2c1 upload capture to one drive download capture on desktop pc upload the capture to youtube. post a link to the video here.
  8. I believe that warframe could be improved by bringing a few features from the console edition of warframe to the PC edition of warframe. I have a larger thread covering the changes located here ( https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1254243-improvement-password-less-login-on-trusted-devices/ ). The PC only changes are about adding some of the convenience console players enjoy that pc players are left out on. As for the All-platform changes, These are mostly about adding some in-game methods to fix issues that are a direct result of the convenience these features provide console players.
  9. This is more of a convenience change to match how a lot of other games handle game installations from market places. Also, there is a few other changes that are required to improve security with the ease of access introduced by automatic logins. The added security will help all platforms since this will help users with preventing drastic losses caused by casual account access. Change 1: Add Account linking between Warframe Account and Marketplace Account. Change 2: Add Automatic Login when launching from Supported Marketplace launcher. Change 3: Add Account Health auto
  10. I believe including some information on what your graphics settings are set to may be important here. Lowering the graphics setting has the chance to make effects like the energy pulsing effect less noticeable.
  11. I think the drop rate is good as it is now. The suggestion I have is to complete story-line quests in the codex.
  12. I have a few Questions all revolving around Cross-platform issues... Will the forums get a centralized Warframe Account? It is really annoying to haft to sign on and off of the forum to create threads on Xbox forum when I normally sign into the forum on my pc Account. I am asking this because I also have regular access to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch as well. Any Updates on Cross-platform Progression? I would personally be happy if this works a lot like real-time account migration. Any Updates on Cross-platform Play? Will there be any more Cross-platform
  13. I can see how this would be an issue. I would suggest the idea of adding a dialog confirming your decision to exit warframe entirely.
  14. The console manufacturers have changed their tunes a bit in the past five years, so there is a possibility to get this feature. Just read the Wikipedia page (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-platform_play ). A short rundown with articles from this are as follows... Epic Games - They have their own Online Services system that is free for developers to use. Just look at https://dev.epicgames.com/en-US/services Microsoft - The top individuals for the Xbox Team is open to Cross-play and has been since around 2017. The blog at VG24/7 has an article over this ( https://www.vg24
  15. I Agree that more options display options would be nice. Also, This option should have some localization options as per what is shown on Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_separator ). The exact Options that would be needed are as follows... Luckily for the programmer these options require very little work to implement... No Decimal Separator ( 100000) Comma/Space Decimal Separator ( 100 000,00) Period/Comma Decimal Separator ( 100.000,00) Comma/Period Decimal Separator ( 100,000.00) This sounds a lot more like a localization issue.
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