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  1. i like rev's kit after the enthrall cap raise. 1,2 and 4 are nice but his reave feels useless as a 3 ability. if it could give overshields or make more thralls when a thrall was struck or something else then it'd be nicer. but i'd just hit 2 to restore shields by not taking damage and find some health orbs or something. not wasting too much energy on that 3 ability. Thanks, can't wait for what's to come guys. Hopefully chroma prime gets a kit overhaul when he graces us with his presence
  2. Love the design, sad that those are the only reworks to what could be an even crazier frame. We whall see I suppose
  3. Love the Saryn rework. Don't listen to the haters and uneducated. This was a buff not a nerf. And she's never had cc nor needed it. SHed is a great decoy while you dodge and melt crowds of enemies. Just breathe deep and let the poison do its thing...
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