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  1. Come on DE! Do it! I have faith in you! Atleast give us ETA that better than week)
  2. Infested weapons daily special for Hok please!
  3. When bird eidolon will come out? And will it be part of Venus expansion with Vlad frame? When you gonna show Garuda? Is she gonna keep her amazing nose? Coz there was difference between two pictures you show of her, probably. And please can u create new stance for Kogake and etc? Or atleast show this kinda close combat with new melee 3.0
  4. Thank you! Great skin and those moving eyes animations very spooky and funny. And syandana just wow. I wish you guys can give same love to his ghostly hands someday or atleast fingers animation, they realy need some moves for more creepy effect.
  5. "Vlad" doesn't look like vampyr sci-fi incarnation for me, nor his abilities strongly give that vibe, but he is look badass and cool. And when he come out, it would be insta buy for me! Though his armor...can it be optional? And chance to wear it in other warframes?
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