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  1. "Steve also mentioned a new game mechanic, asking Tenno if they will be altruistic or greedy." Ha! Years later, since time when i just start playing this game, applause for you and thanks. It was only one first mission for new player, that never ever can be found later in entire game.
  2. Proto weapon skins? New Deluxe skin for Oberon with normal legs pls? Baruuk changes? When we can land big ship on a open world maps? Like in a Tennocon New stance for sparring? Deluxe skin for fist weapon? Like Tekko. Last devstream infested maps going to be open-world thing? New War when? Tenshin doubl Nikana when?
  3. Hello, Is that was new open-world map for infested? Like Orb Vallis? Or just random things on railjack missions? Pictures kinda epic.
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