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  1. Best update ever imao. BEST!!!! Thank you DE. This update almost complete my wet dream about this game. Now RJ feels like rly something that i can play long and it's feel fun, it's good mix between old systems and new. Though Kuva Liches kinda out of place and dying too fast, i was surprised how my lich was alive only first minute and others AI members that supposed to be weaker than him, be with me until the end of the mission. Now we need romance options :3 Well and i wonder if you guys can do something similar to old ground missions, like expand them similar to RJ missions, smal
  2. Yeah and helmet different from concept, those green sad eyes just gone man.
  3. Can u check pls map in orb v, last time no markers for caves...maybe i just push something wrong, but i have hard time find those damn caves
  4. I like them both, since we don't have angel frame (or werewolf couch cough), reminds me of Rahxephon a little, though kinda sad they not comming in the same time with Revenant deluxe skin, would be fashion explosion hehe. Besides we already have sentient with angel wings and same type syandanas. And neon is cool.
  5. RJ is very big ship for big crew, i know we gonna one day have AI crew, but can Scott-san do something abou lisets? They feels kinda strange since u can't control them as a ships. Maybe some kinda solo mod for one person, less armored as RJ but more speed-ish, like for low level missions?
  6. RJ speed itself feels very slow even with top engine and etc. And RJ need exploration mode, where u can explore and find new interesting things.
  7. Since u mention "season of love" can we have option to romance queenpins?????❤️
  8. Looks like Nekros twin brother. I have question, is he gonna have custom rolling-fliping like Protea? Or since new warframe kinda ghost-ish maybe like Tiel from Mortal Shell?
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