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  1. You are sure this about start again assasination mission on earth multiple time? I thinked Lavelion was in mind about that we killing Vor on mercury, and then again on Ceres, and later in Void... But how Vor come to void and when? What happend after mercury assasination mission?
  2. Maybe devices that will force on us operator mode? If corpus have nullifiers, for grinner DE can add enemies that will had 1 charge of placeable device that will force out our operator from warframe in some range around device. And this deivce will offcourse be destroyable...
  3. And you took Nekros only for insta-revive on his '1' skill, that was beatiful times... You guys really wanna feel fear in Warframe? Add Stalker Mode to public use... Yea, that will be enought, nothing more scary than 28mr player going for you head in 3h void fissure survi.
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