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  1. TYPE: [In-game] DESCRIPTION: [Taro enemies spawning in Veil Proxima instead of their respective Orm enemies. Only Orm Gox and Orm Crewship spawn properly] VISUAL: [ ] REPRODUCTION: [Happens in any corpus Veil proxima mission] EXPECTED RESULT: [Orm Weaver, Orm Basilisk and Orm Harpi should spawn instead of their Taro equivalent] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100% reproduction rate]
  2. Hi, I'd like for normal (non-elite) outriders spawn in grineer railjack mission to be increased. The problem is the avionics "Ordnance Velocity" and "Turret Velocity" are both dropped by Kosma/Gyre/Exo outriders with drop chances ranging from 0.1305% to 0.2025% (15% mod drop chance and 0.87%-1.35% in respective droptable) but the outriders are really hard to find. First of all, theres like 1 to 2 mission in each proxima where normal outriders can spawn instead of elites and elites dont drop the mods. Second, I can't say I remember the spawn rate before the corpus update but I can fin
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