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  1. Just 5 minutes ago in game there was an announcement in Xbox that a new update is available log out now. So I logged out, logged back in and no update at patching area. Tried to login and now it says Login Failed Check your info. Tried to login to forums on Xbox one account and it said unable to sign you in from Xbox. That's why I'm typing this using my pc account. Tried restarting Xbox and checking Xbox for any game updates. None found. Unable to play now.
  2. Just an fyi after tons of tinkering with all the settings, I found out that if you go to controller binding and bind the left trigger to something else. Save then go back to the options to edit the buttons and then re-assign the right trigger to aim it works again. (only during session)
  3. Been playing on pc with my xbox controller since i started. Right after this update the left trigger does not work anymore. (Aiming or Gliding). I verified my controller was working by using it on my xbox so the left trigger is fully functional. Tried resetting keybindings to default, still same problem Tried changing mode from auto detect to xbox. still same problem.
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