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  1. Actually the reason I posted was because the guy I was responding to was excited about the idea of hirudo prime because he got a riven for hirudo. And I just wanted to temper his expectations. But you are right getting a prime variant that is weaker than the regular variant deflates the excitement a bit. Atleast that's how I felt when I got Pandero Prime.
  2. Oh, I wasn't responding to you. But to the guy immediatedly above my post.
  3. Hirudo will be stronger than Hirudo Prime if you have a riven, because the riven disposition is lower for the Prime variant. Therefore you already have the best numerical version of Hirudo.
  4. You do realize that all new weapons have the lowest riven disposition right? :)
  5. I can't tell if your CinemaSins reference is good or bad since CinemaSins is infamous for just being wrong about a lot of things. On the other hand warframe lore is bad. Why would you assume a boss is alive after a murderous psycho warframe shows up to kill him? A warframe that is infamous for being good at killing? Why wouldn't we kill him? No, seriously why wouldn't we kill someone who sent kidnapping murder robots after us?
  6. Claiming to be certified when no such certification exists is unethical. But nothing is really gonna be done about it. As long as he doesn't circumvent the trading protections to scam someone, DE won't take action. - I bet a lot of kids fall for this, which is fine. It is a teachable moment, as they say. Selling something that commonly has a 5plat value for 50plat is just good business, as long as you're honest about it. The worth of an item is something the buyer and seller have to agree on, after all.
  7. To be fair Conclave is dead because it's bad content for multiple reasons. Not because it's not soloable. Raids is a much better example. 8 Players had to do unintuitive puzzle objectives while perfectly coordinating with each other. Like the grineer raid needed people to jump and stay on platforms in a certain order and if a single person jumped on the wrong platform at the wrong time the whole puzzle reset. The infested raid was bad too. Despite having done it multiple times, I still have no idea what was going on there. However despite all of this there was still an active minorit
  8. As a very jaded ex-mmo player I am glad warframe is a solo game. Now I no longer have to be frustated when actual rotting brainfungus players can't grasp simple gameplay mechanics like moving out of fire or read the quest log to find where defias bandits spawns. Whenever such a person happens to get into a play session with me, I can quite comfortable abort the mission and set it to SOLO. That way I know the mission will succeed and it will happen inside 5 minutes instead of 20 (yes some players can in fact be so bad they turn 5 minute survivals into 20 minutes). I have spent 15 years
  9. I did play for fun once. But I had too much fun so DE removed Gian Point. YES I ADMIT IT! IT WAS ME. I WAS THE REASON GIAN POINT WAS REMOVED. BOO ME. Now I infuriate forum posters by playing in a way they don't like.
  10. Your medal is in the mail for your honorary endeavour to valiantly cut down internet posts, that is portraying the glorious warframe game in a negative light. Truly you are an example to us all, and you have been invited to be knighted by the internet queen. I bow to your magnificence. And the bards will sing your legend for 1000 years.
  11. I think the current strains and groupings of the infection have too seperate domains to ever really be in conflict. Helminth is in charge of repairing and maintaining our warframes, and he gets whatever ressource he wants in exchange. So he doesn't really have any opportunities to interact with any foreign infestation like Deimos or the various space infestation hives. I guess you could write a plot out of him just superficially working together with the Tenno to obtain more powers (I think it's implied that he also grows in power with each new and unique warframe you subsume into him). The
  12. I was gonna post a funny image, but I'm old and dumb. Please disregard.
  13. There are a lot of coulds, ifs and buts. I can only deal with what is currently there. To take your Halo example. The individual Flood member doesn't have any personality and motives beyond what the Gravemind gives them. It's not the teeny tiny little Flood podling that decides "hey maybe we shouldn't kill Master Chief right now". It's the Gravemind that decided that. And the Gravemind decided that because it had an agenda. Could you write a Hivemind personality into the Infested? Sure, you can write anything. It's all imaginary to begin with. But then it just becomes another faction w
  14. The Infested and the Corrupted are weaker to write strong characters for because- Well they don't have character. The Infested are basically just space zombies. And the Corrupted are similar. They don't have an agenda. They're like forces of nature. You can't really write a storm to be an antagonist. You don't have some Infested Ancient try to stab another Infested Ancient in the back for a power struggle for example, like Corpus. That's why stories involving the Infested are centered around the people deeply involved in the repercussions of it. Like how terrible it is to become infested
  15. Well, there are a lot of problems with warframe lore. Maybe the real lore was the friends we murdered along the way.
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