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  1. Have all of you Limbo haters ever thought about just playing Limbo yourself? If you can't beat them, join them. JOIN THE RIFTSIDE
  2. The Amp blueprints and part blueprints are locked behind standing but the material farm is RNG. I remember not making amps because I couldn't find some obscure part like Seram Beetles. (Who would imagine you'd get a beetle from fishing?) That you could only get during the night cycle and with bait if I recall correctly. I just decided to say #*!% all that. Then they released Thumpers
  3. You think effort is bad until you reach WoW BFA where you do your weekly battlefront to get a RNG item that may or may not Corrupted with random corrupt mods. Wait what was I talking about again? I forget, but the important take away is that WoW is bad
  4. What? like some sort of dream inside a dream inside a dream? A Third Dream if you will?
  5. I think there should be a mix of both RNG based rewards and effort based rewards. Apply some intelligent thinking and plan out what should be effort based and RNG based. For example the grind for the necramech should be effort based, but the grind for the vault archgun should be RNG based. The reason being that the necramech is an entirely new system that possibly is required in future content. Virtually everyone should have a necramech. Meanwhile the archgun is optional. You don't NEED this archgun to do anything. Similarly the necramech mods can be divided into RNG or effort. You
  6. It's just RNGJesus being mad at you. 10% chance for a mod drop
  7. It would have been cool if the necramech was modular Lets face it, if Necramech is here to stay we have to be able to fashionframemech them.
  8. That's a console exclusive problem and it's not the intended behaviour of the mechs. I know it's frustrating right now but it will be fixed.
  9. Necramech does pick up energy orbs. Proteas Dispensary is good with Necramech because you can drop it and go into mech
  10. No, I got the joke. It was just unoriginal and low energy. If I wanted jokes from the 1950's I wouldn't have murdered my dad.
  11. You really shouldn't take it seriously when anyone says something mean to you over the internet. I don't want to be the guy that keeps repeating the old saying, but I'll do it anyway. Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
  12. I absolutely agree with this. The Helminth system was supposed to be a ressource dump. A place you can dump your surplus of ressources. Instead it's turned into another grind (Like all the people who has to farm RJ ressources or cryotic just to get something out of the other ressources they have plenty of) The Helminth system is already time gated behind subsuming warframes, the extra grind is unnecessary and detracts from the whole thing. The removal of appetites would result in the system as it should be.
  13. And what issue would that be? Please explain.
  14. I agree it's not a bad gun. It's not Dual Decurion level of bad. But it still leaves something to be desired, since you had to worker harder to get it than the Mausolon. The large delay after using the secondary is also really unsatisfying.
  15. I can attest that it does proc radiation. But I'd say even if it was the best of the archguns statwise I'd still feel disappointed because it's supposedly a flamethrower, except it's not.
  16. From the list of mods I've posted, it should be self evident that it has a potato, and what MR I am. I need to forma it to fill out all the mod space. And given that I am unimpressed by it now, I'm not gonna bother.
  17. Primed Rubedo-Barrel Dual Rounds Automatic Trigger Magma Chamber Combusiton Rounds It was just something I slapped on quick, Just to see how it performed.
  18. To everyone who has bothered to farm the Cortege, I ask you. Was the grind worth it? I personally don't think it was. Spending hours to grind this Archgun version of the Gaze Primary Kitgun has left me with a sense of disappointment. It's somehow an arguably worse version of the Larkspur. I mean the description says flamethrower, but it functions like a beam weapon and not even a cool beam weapon. The damage is unimpressive. The secondary fire leaves you useless for a solid 3 seconds. It's just... Why was this behind a grind wall? For days I wondered "what could it be?" and it tu
  19. You're just mad that you can't handle axi survivals and so you put your blame on the invis Ivara Prime afk farming. Meanwhile, Loki Mains will vote kick people every 4 minutes before a survival relic open. You think we wont? Remember when we Switch Teleported people away from extraction so they missed out on rewards?
  20. Not only is Death the best status effect but also the only way to progress. Enemies won't drop loot just by being CC'd after all. CC is just a utility to make killing enemies easier. And honestly. I don't want to sit for 2 hours needlessly going over every detail of a Corpus extermination, like some sort of warframe witcher. Ignis Wraith go BRRRRRRRRR.
  21. You talking about the second dream stuff? Well that is old news. The new news are Necramechs. For the Necremperor!
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