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  1. I'm unable to shake hands with my clanmates too.
  2. It's going to be a blast! Twitch: Terranovapony Ingame: terranovaX
  3. It's also a lifesaver for a Nekros. Other times you can have it constantly hitting the reload key. Sort of like the function from TF2 which autoreloads when you're not shooting.
  4. So DE, where is update 16? We were told that there would be no more fixes until the update.
  5. Will Frost ever see any love? Other frames have unique Prime buffs and he still suffers as a one trick pony. Most of his other abilities struggle to even keep up in mid-late game. This shows that Snowglobe was never the problem, his other abilities just lack any proper use! Avalance has poor range, freeze is 'okay' and icewaves slow is mediocre.
  6. Base damage mods that add raw damage should be removed. To make any weapong good or viable, it is a MUST. Let the weapons gain power as they level up. For instance: Soma does 12 damage at base. and a fully ranked serration would bring it up to a 31. In order to apply this damage at the end. Increase the damage of the weapon by 15% every 3 levels. At rank 20, it has the equivalent of a level 10 Serration. This would free up more slots on our weapons for better things, clip size, ammo mutations, etc. Because right now, maximized builds only require damage mods. On top of that, lets talk about multishot. It makes sense to be a mod, but wouldn't that be something better fitted for a focus system?
  7. It's been famous since the release, Syndicate rep. It's a very hard thing to get and takes quite some time to rank up. Is there going to be ways to gain rep faster or any notable changes to the system? And will we see any expansions upon the rewards and opportunities within the syndicates?
  8. While I have noticed this problem, there is another concern in which I wish to bring up. Many times while trying to group up with people on my friends list to go into the void, Multiple times they get a "failed to join session". After 4 or 5 tries, they eventually get into the lobby. Is this a bug as well or simply connectivity issues?
  9. Wow, that's crazy! Even with nightmare mode only, that's about 2000+ missions! Somebody should check on them and see if they are okay
  10. DE, Curses for making me choose one weapon! I enjoyed using multiple weapons throughout Warframe, but Reaper Prime takes the cake for it's amazing good looks and the feel of the weapon. Look how Sexy that scythe is -w-
  11. I would have to agree on this subject. I have yet to test out the new Frost, part of me dosen't want too. Just the way the information was put really sickened me. I will give some test to see how good it works, but I don't think even power strength mods are going to help at all. It seems we will see what happens.
  12. What's better than shooting Grineer? The answer is obvious, drinking rum while shooting sentient mobile exploding pumpkin heads and pretending to be a space pirate! Yarr! (Warning: Drinking while playing Warframe is highly unadvised. Side effects include rage, projectile vomit, living Grineer, and in rare cases, death by the stalker. You have been warned) IGN: TerraNovaX
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