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  1. IGN: F4NB0Y MR: 18 close to 19 Country: Germany Language: English,German, a bit Spanish Current Clan: clanless , back in days i was in some casual clans Started Playing in early 2014 Discord ID: ChefPaul#5698 About me: I started playing Warfame in early 2k14 with some freinds of mine, had a long break from Warframe [nearly 3 years] cuz I was tryharding in other Games ^^ and Reallife XD. I started playing again nearly three months ago and now i wanna now what I can achive in Warframe with an aktiv clan and ppl. they know what they do and can actually say me what mistakes i do and help me to erase them. I want to make the experience playing with a strong community and tryhard together cuz why not. In real life im a chef in a one michlin star restaurant so most of the time im playing in the night and at my weekend. My spartime I spend on playing Games or hanging out with some friends, also I am into Animals so i own a bunch of pets o.O . Respectfully, F4NB0Y
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