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  1. It was called "zorencoptering" for a reason. Also, Dual Keres weren't in the game at the time.
  2. Meanwhile I've been sitting on my War BP since about a week after it released because I can't get the BP for a second Broken War and don't want to use the quest-given one. OP, it's mostly down to your personal luck with RNG. I went six years without getting a Despair drop and then got three in the span of about two weeks. Same deal with Brakk. Meanwhile, while people talk about Hate being hard to get, I got my drop about a month after Update 8.0. It's purely dependent on which ones you have good or bad luck with.
  3. Warframe would be long dead if it wasn't for people consistently criticizing stupid decisions. People like you who think that criticism ought to be verboten are the ones who functionally hate the game, since you don't want it to improve or grow.
  4. Mesa gives you more control over where your damage output goes, as well as concentrating that damage onto a much smaller pool of targets. She also has a better ass.
  5. One player doesn't want to kill their lich. Three people do. Why should the one player take priority over the other three? When I want to do something at odds with normal gameplay, I go solo. I don't drop into pub matches trying to unveil a riven with highly specific conditions that won't mesh with how the other three people want to play and then whine when they don't cater to my desires. The fix needs to come from DE, but as it currently stands if you play lich missions in public knowing that you don't intend to attempt your lich, you are griefing. Not to mention that it's always faster to attempt guesses than to grind out all three mods worth of murmurs. Every first guess has a 12.5% chance of automatically giving you the first mod in the sequence and it improves from there, so unless you're tremendously unlucky you'll usually get the first one before you get enough murmurs to unlock any of them. This additionally benefits you because the second and third unlocks require more murmurs, but if you guess the first/second your progress is transferred to the next one over as a % of completion, not hard number of murmurs, saving you more time. Quite a few people have killed liches purely with guesses, no unlocks at all. So when you don't attempt your own lich, not only are you deliberately griefing the rest of the squad, you're doing so in a way which delays your own progress. Good job, you played yourself. Also, only a "tiny minority" of people are geared enough for level 100 enemies? Is this a return of the "people who complete sorties are an elite 1%" belated April Fool's joke? You can kill low-100 enemies with nearly any weapon or damage frame with a potato and five or six mods.
  6. I've played WF for six years and like it quite a lot. I have a deep and abiding distrust of Bungie because of my experiences with their customer service and the godawful games they made after Halo 3. The Old Blood was boring and frustrating enough to push me to download and try Destiny 2 to get my fix.
  7. If all of your builds were vehicles for hybrid slide builds, maybe. That one specific setup got nerfed, but melee as a whole is stronger and smoother than ever before. I'm using weapons I haven't touched since the first year or two of open beta and don't feel like I'm gimping myself.
  8. Because flawed games can still be enjoyable and we can hope that they improve.
  9. Nerf the S#&$ out of all of them. That's the only way you're going to rein in nuke builds, but nobody wants to hear that. They all somehow want more challenging content without losing any power when DE have already repeatedly proven unwilling to make standard content that goes much above lv100 enemies.
  10. Wrong. Powercreep is the reason it's difficult to create an endgame that is challenging rather than tedious. If we can do absurd amounts of damage to anything that doesn't have status immunity, invincibility phases, high DR, and long spans of RNG grind both to access it and to get the rewards from it, there are two outcomes: a) "endgame" content isn't any of those things and is trivially burned through, upon which everyone complains about having nothing to do, or b) it is some or all of those things, in which case people complain about grind and 90% of the equipment in the game being pointless because it doesn't affect anything that matters.
  11. Honestly, I've tested three builds. One is a corr/heat one identical to the one I posted except with three 60/60s (since you need to weight heat as much as you can when paired with viral, but not when paired with corr). The other is a crit/heat build with PPP instead of CO, VE+ME, and TS instead of a third ele mod. The only real difference is that the crit one tends to fall off a little sooner against anything affected by procs (but later against proc-immune enemies for obvious reasons). Corr/heat is a little bit better against grineer/corrupted, but I'm lazy so I prefer viral/heat since there's not really any functional difference outside of highly specific situations against armor-heavy enemies (very high level grineer/corrupted, no 4x CP) and the corrosive procs are somewhat wasted against corpus/infested. If you're doing sim testing, the corr/heat build will have a slight edge, but we all know that sim != mission, and realistic enemy mixes in real missions with no invincibility tend to favor a build with broader applications. My real recommendation for pushing the DPS higher is a Warcry valk build combined with Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired. I'm thinking about seeing if I can fit the new Reflex Guard into that to give it even more reliability. The only real danger at that point is carpal tunnel syndrome.
  12. That's what I'm using most at the moment. It melts, no riven required. If you have a riven that can act as an improvement for any of those slots, it just becomes better. Doesn't even need combo counter to work well, but once you build up to redcrits it is even nastier. I've found that a lot of people are underestimating the new fire proc -- it's already really strong, and you can combo it with viral without innate elemental damage. Probably the best thing for this build would be a riven that could replace Molten Impact with >90% heat and a SC/CD/combo buff.
  13. No. I've played enough BDO to recognize a Value Pack-style ripoff when I smell one. And this wouldn't even give you the P2W benefits, just the dubious time-limited cosmetics access.
  14. Jesus #*!%ing christ OP, I genuinely never thought I'd see someone call for a return to Parkour 1.0 and the stamina bar. That system was awful and anyone who was paying the slightest attention back then knows it. Literally the only good thing was the wallrunning animation. It's also a relic of a very different game, when Warframe was a stealth shooter, which it most blatantly isn't any more. Part of me would like to see it move back in that direction, but not if the cost is turning the movement system back into the hot mess it used to be. Zorencoptering was janky as all get-out and it was still preferable to Parkour 1.0.
  15. This person knows what's up. That said, from what I've seen pure crit is best at shredding trash now that most hybrid builds are dropping PPP for CO. You just can't keep combo or status up consistently enough against weak enemies for BR/CO to scale. Doubly so when running a Volt or Valkyr melee build, and triply so against status-immune enemies.
  16. No, they're minor annoyances. The RMT mod packs were predatory. Setting void trace and kuva reward rates abysmally low while continually introducing more content that requires them in order to sell more resource boosters is predatory.
  17. This is basically what I've been calling for, but I'd disagree with the notion that what they did doesn't solve anything. It solves the absolute bullS#&$ of dumping five forma and a potato into a weapon only to get a better version two days later.
  18. The only good thing I have to say for the grind is that at least they're making us grind five different mission types on different tilesets to get trash rewards (the real reward is getting the annoying red crap off of everything) instead of grinding the same mission over and over to get trash rewards. Not that that's saying much.
  19. If you weren't using optimal melee builds before, it will feel stronger. If you were, you'd be posting "Whaaaa they nerfed hybrid slide combo builds" thread #36478.
  20. Funny, I was cleaning house with a no-forma Jat Kittag earlier. Even daggers feel usable now. Also, I'm genuinely shocked that you think it's more difficult to build combo post-patch. The only problem I run into is everything dying too fast to stack it up much. The only thing that took a hit was MS+BR+WW+CO+Berserker spin hybrid builds. That and CL, anyways.
  21. Pretty much all the toxic behavior I see in Conclave is from people new to it getting mad about everyone else using meta loadouts.
  22. Which? Very few other things come to mind, mainly the Fae Path ephemera. If you're talking about hitscan weapons that only have fake tracer effects and not real projectiles, those don't carry energy color at all.
  23. I don't remember where I first heard about this, but I tested it and now it bugs the hell out of me. Quatz applies only primary energy color to its projectiles and reload explosion burst effect, and only secondary energy color to its muzzle flash and reload explosion shrapnel effect. Here are two sets of examples using pure white as primary + pure black as secondary and vice-versa: I know it's not a massive balance problem or something, but it's really annoying because the Quatz is a lot of fun to use. Anyone know of other weapons that need a similar visual pass to fix dual-channel energy/emissive not being applied correctly?
  24. Ember Rework: Hot-take (get it?): On the whole, she feels much improved. However, there are a couple points that really make her painful to play in the current state. 1. Immolation feels really bad because it quickly escalates out of control and sucks up all of your energy with no good way to dial things back. The mechanic is fitting and Ember needs DR, but the functional energy drain is far too high. This comes about because once the meter buildup starts to accelerate, it quickly reaches a state where it rebuilds so fast that you're forced to either toggle it off (i.e. stop using your defensive ability with little control over when you do so), waste all your energy letting it sit at 90%, or waste all your energy spamming Fire Blast constantly. I've been running a max efficiency build with Arcane Energize + focus tree energy regen spam + the 4 augment + Primed Flow and she still takes way too much energy -- and that's on relatively low level (20-40) missions where everything actually dies to a cast or two of Inferno. I see a couple ways forward: a) Hard cap the peak meter build speed for the Immolation meter when Ember isn't actively casting Fireball or Inferno to a much lower rate. b) Have Fire Blast reset the meter build speed on cast. Personally I think the latter makes the most sense and gives the player a reasonable amount of control over meter build. I'm sorry, but having to toggle your defensive ability off frequently to keep it on is counter-intuitive and finicky. 2. Fire Blast being Line-of-Effect makes it frustrating and not very useful. Why is an AoE fireburst that fills the area around you with flames stopped by: thin railings, grated stairways, windows, doorways, &c.? If it's not possible to allow it to propagate through all connected spaces within the AoE without going through walls from a technical perspective, it's better to let it go through walls than to not let it go through open doorways and small decorative bits full of holes. 3. Inferno being directional is strange, annoying to manage, and at odds with Ember's general motif. Why do you need to look right at the people you want to set on fire? For a frame that's all about indiscriminate arson, that's oddly specific, and in a sense even more so than how Personal Space on Fire felt before this rework. It also makes range pretty much pointless, since you're only going to be able to effect a relatively small slice of the area around you at any given time anyways.This is especially jarring on more compact tiles, where enemies that are at the edge of your range and occluded by multiple walls will be hit, but enemies that are literally hitting you in the back at melee range will be ignored.
  25. You tried to make an argument as to why it was nerfed. If you didn't want to stand behind that, why did you say it?
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