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  1. Wow, this one's pretty bad. I have submitted the support ticket with pretty much the same explanation, so it's basically copy paste. Ticket ID: #1983620 I have joined a railjack crew, and then we all went to Saturn Boss mission. In the middle of the mission there was a Host migtation and I was left alone with other player's railjack, so I parked it far away from enemies and went on Archwing. Next, I Hijacked enemy crewship and went for the objective, to kill the boss, I was swarmed with enemy ships all over me, but when I neared the Asteroid where I had to go in person. Almost every single enemy ship smashed straight to the wall themselves, completing the required 90/90 kills. After that I parked my hijacked crewship near the entrance, and flew in. Went to kill the boss on foot, gathered a lot of resources from the containers. But guess what? After killing the Boss, no objectives were showing anymore apart the broken: "Disable the Shipkiller platform" . So I backtracked my way out (because no waypoints were showing) flew back to space in archwing and back to my hijacked crewship. Then I just destroyed this last crewship's reactor. (because it was still showing 5/6 crewships destroyed). After that it still shows to "DIsable the Shipkiller Platform"??? So I thought maybe by returning to the Railjack this objective will sort itself out, but I was wrong, nothing happens, nowhere to go, all enemies killed, empty space. and mission still not completed after a WHOPPING 1 HOUR... So, I hope you can return my hard earned rewards and the other rewards for theoretically "completing" the mission. Because I had to abort... https://imgur.com/a/C5DX70e Also, some other bizarre screenshots with probably now pretty common bugs and glitches: Falling off map: Amazing😕
  2. Just got a game Crash while trying to board an enemy crew-ship. I was the host. Everything was going fine for the first 3 missions, until we started the 4th, me boarding enemy crewships as usual, and on the ~3rd Crewship boarding attempt, right after pressing X, suddenly I get a crash... The crash code I got is: WAR-2584754 sorry to the guys that were with me 😕
  3. Yep, exactly same thing happened to me as well. I think it has something to to do with high ping if the Host has bad internet connection
  4. So yeah. after several hours of struggling, I can say that railjack is Pretty much Unplayable now... ~6/9 railjack missions failed because: 1. Glitching loading screens, that only ALT+F4 helps; 2. Got stuck in an enemy crewship, the door to their reactor didn't open, as well as couldn't exit either; 3, Completely unresponsive Black screen when going back to Dojo after failed mission and the Host immediately starting a new mission while it still shows that we are flying through the void (Had to ALT+F4 again); 4. When the clients have high ping (in my case) being a gunner is useless, as the bullets don't even register the hits correctly... wtf; 5. Not getting resources to craft omni tool ammo while in mission...; 6, Fires and Seals that we have to repair glitch out as well, and they become irreparable / inextinguishable.
  5. Got stuck in an Infinite loading loop while trying to join someone's railjack. This happened when a player invite me to join his squad, then I accepted and got into a weird loading loop, showing the normal loading screen with your liset, then black screen, then the normal loading screen, then black screen... and so on and on, until I Alt+F4.
  6. Same. Did probably over 12 missions, solo, friends only, public on Sedna sabotage, exterminate, capture, rescue... All i get is just light flickering and nothing else, no kuva guardian monologue. But i tried with my friend, him being the host and it somehow spawned my larvling.
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