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  1. During Tridolon hunts, maxed Unairu Wisp has very buggy spawning on Hydrolyst specifically, almost never drops. While on Teralyst and Gantulyst it spawns quite consistently with every void blast, almost 100%. I even tried blasting Hydrolyst from various angles, but still nothing, no UW, probably 1 out of 12 blasts it actually spawned an UW somehow, literally in Hydrolyst's crotch.
  2. Holy cow, how did that even happen. 🤣 The game is completely broken with hundreds of bugs after "The Saint of Altra" update. How DE even manages to brake everything with every single update like that
  3. During Eidolon Hunts, RAM Leak occurs. usually the game should be using about ~1.2gb ram in POE, but this time after 2 times entering and exiting poe to cetus, ram leak hightened to ~2.5gb. and the whole game got very laggy and glitchy, extreme fps drops and freezes. Couldn't even ALT+TAB out properly, whole PC got hung up.
  4. Sure I'll try pointing out some. Not specifiaclly with this update it became pay2win Basically everything in-game you can get for platinum now. 1. Aura Forma now in market for 80p, 3xbundle for 150p 2. Eidolon Lenses also in market now for 80p 3. Why bother with Hydrolysts, when you can buy all the arcanes you want for platinum from other players. 4. Nelumbo Shawzin in market, instead they could have made it a rare drop or earnable in some interesting way. Only a matter of time until Umbra forma becomes tradable and finally in market to buy. not yet though... The only thing in game which is not pay2win s probably Tenno school focus... yet I played warframe for almost 4-5+ years now, (didn't really bother maxing MasteryRank), and seeing it getting more and more of a cashgrab after every year. Why bother with those disruption missions when you can buy Gauss and his weapon right of the bat, just like every other warframe, including Primes. Thank you 🙂
  5. Enemies spawn only near the Host, zero near the clients. At least in Disruption noticed this. Makes it hard being separated when no enemies come to you to drop the key for the conduit you are standing nearby. 🙃
  6. Found more bugs: 1. Objective waypoints are still broken: 2. Disruption bug out after 10th wave, cant put in the key into conduits anymore. 3. Warframe is now heavily Pay 2 Win, thanks DE, it was nice to play Warframe while it lasted, I guess I will soon quit Warframe as well... just like those youtubers did, and you know very well why. "Mainline" empty grinding content update, lmao
  7. I never had any diamonds on Iron Skin ever, even before the update, just metallic color. I was wondering how some other players having some weird chunks on their Iron Skin, when I do not.
  8. Same, I only managed to bypass that bug by avoiding certain axis, it's usually the red one, using only blue and green
  9. Okay, let me start: 1. Broken lighting in orbiter, everything is too bright. When turning off adaptive exposure, everything turns too dark. (This was still a major problem before the update as well) 2. Broken Wukong's Cloud Walker ability, something feels off, wonky. when Wukong exits cloud walker it shoots him off to the right side for some reason. 3. Something with melee feels worse and different. can't spin attack properly as if the key presses are unresponsive. When spin attacking straight into an enemy, the spin attack stops completely and just does normal attacks (even though I'm pressing CTRL+E).... (Did this with Ohma). That's it for now, will post more when I find more.
  10. Nice, already broke lighting and wukong's cloud walker movement with this update, yet again. Also something feels off and weird with melee, can't spin attack properly anymore. Thanks for the game braking bugs with every update 🙂 Appreciate it.
  11. Tried to glide, parkour through the map without touching the floor, but it seems it's impossible, because the objective waypoints are broken AF. https://imgur.com/a/gEQh7dA This confirms my very First claim in the First post:
  12. umm... You have to craft it. That's why it says 0/1, because you do not have it crafted, you just have 2 blueprints.
  13. Yep, same. Can't even play Hydrolyst captures properly, all the explosions make it get so bright that the adaptive exposure makes everything dark and barely visible... Here is a screenshot that I am sure is also related to the too-adaptive exposure system:
  14. Xonerix

    Saturn Pandora

    Haha, now that's a weird find 🤣 Never had this happen to me. but your screenshot speaks for itself. I hope DE sees this 🙂
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