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  1. Coaction Drift doesn't show the correct numbers (as they pertain to you), and there's a bug that increases the aura's affect whenever you move it.

    For example, if you have Steel Charge on, in the details it says you have +69% melee damage. The way the mod works is it increases the power of your aura by 15%, and then increases the power of everyone's aura on you by another 15%. Your teammates would all receive +69% melee damage, but you would receive +79.35% melee damage, which is the relevant stat (note: the amount gets multiplied by 1.15 twice, not just 1.3). On top of this, if you move the Coaction Drift around in the build, it increases the auras stat shown by another 15%, in this case to 78%, then 87%, etc. This is a big deal when trying to calculate numbers for Warframe abilities, like Bladestorm's damage being increased by Steel Charge.

    *Also, Mesa's Peacemaker's initial bonus damage is only 150%, not 200%, and the crit chance is 25%, not 50%.

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