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  1. General Accessibility: I dove deep into railjack recently, and I love it. I love the potential that it has to expand the underlying game and connect what are currently islands of content with poor world-immersion. After playing off other people's railjacks and quickly hopping up to the highest level content for the best gear, I tried bringing my over-level-ed railjack to some of the most basic missions and had it absolutely handed to me by the weakest enemies. Since then I've learned essentially everything about railjack there is to know, and I would have no problem completing these missions n
  2. They need to devote at least one person to purely ability design/enemy ability design. Seems like everyone works on it at different random times and no one really mainly does this type of thing. Scott is spread all over the place. I think the dream would be if they hired someone who has worked on Mobas. We'd really start to see some top tier kits in terms of intuitive interactions and not cookie-cut useless stuff that DE can't seem to help but keep throwing at players. But ultimately I agree, never use Hydroid because his kit really sucks. This is the case for a lot of frames though.
  3. After watching Tennocon, I've seen a lot of praise for DE reining in their ambitions and only presenting content that is within reach. An infested tileset not only addresses the great neglect and lack of visual coherence that the infested have suffered from over the years, but it also expands on the Warframe universe's lore and possibilities in a meaningful way. This new open-world area iterates on the past two, finally incorporating tileset-like gameplay via the shifting underground tunnels. For the first time in a long time, I am genuinely excited for Warframe's future. But while I was
  4. So making the huge assumption that they just ripped of the Orokin, how did we ever win the old war? If there was a technology mastered that just disabled the very powers that make us so formidable?
  5. So these slapped together backpacks are super expensive.... sure... let's assume they are. Why are the corpus throwing these units at us just to stp us in interception missions? Your points is completely inadequate. Think it out more. As for nullifiers failing to be effective against other enemies... they can block all projectiles in a large AOE I'd say that's pretty useful against other factions.
  6. I was quite excited for the new nullifiers... that is- until I played against them. They are another chapter in DE's lazy enemy development effort. Just re-textured units with minimal visual changes besides the new low-quality almost low-poly "coolant tank" add-ons. General Problems: The new nullifiers have a lazy design and are about the worst solution to "press 4 to win" that DE could have come up with. Instead of creating superman-crewmen DE should have focused on AOE damage abilities as a whole, and started a community discussion on how essential flat AOE damage abilities are. Do we n
  7. I'm both excited and dissapointed. I'm excited for Nova Prime, but her design could still use a good deal of improvement. I highly suggest removing the "scarred" chest area that both her low poly preview and the normal Nova share. She is the prime version so it seems fitting that her design would be a bit more "intact". I think it would be more visually satisfying as well. If it is still possible I suggest giving her golden decorations on her lower legs and chest. Just my opinion on how to improve her design... Her head seems a bit big too... perhaps scrunching the neck and shrinking the
  8. Limbo has one of the most interesting kits to date (in my opinion). His game-play is enjoyable and unique, but there are a few tweaks that could greatly improve and "polish" Limbo's Banish. - Allow Limbo to pick up items dropped by enemies killed while banished, but do not banish the items themselves... due to team logistics. - Force all enemy units to be susceptible to the fall-down animation resulting from banish (Seekers seem to be mostly immune). - Allow Limbo to automatically banish data masses when he carries them and un-banish them when he drops them (perhaps for a small a
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