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  1. I just finished the newest section which is about economy and resource changes. I plan to do two more, one about general quality of life improvements, and one that clearly a bunch of new mission types that could work as dynamic alerts.
  2. I don't think what I aim to improve on here is depth. I'm not exactly sure what that even means in terms of open world areas. What I would hope to see, through these suggestions is the creation of something that feels much more alive, in order to allow players to- like you say- "go and enjoy the zones mostly for hoots and toots while making steady progress". At the moment I find both areas relatively barren in terms of environmental immersion and interaction. I think I'd get bored rather quickly on the plains or Orb Vallis without at least some general goal in mind because the rewarding activities available are very limited, repetitive, and simple. I think you do make a good point, though, about being required to do content that isn't really enjoyable. I plan to add a final section to this post in a bit that suggests some reforms to the economy and reward system which I think would address some of the issues around how isolated and forcibly repetitive the open world content is. As far as boss fights go, I think the Eidolons are some of the best. The scale, the complexity, and the pacing are all pretty great in my opinion. From what I've seen of the Orb fights, they offer a similar appeal. The phase changes are appropriate for a something of that magnitude, and they only teleport if you don't do the fight right. It seems like you have a false dilemma going here. There are a bunch of different aspects of the game that could be added to or improved, and DE is working on multiple facets at once, all the time. Given where Warframe is, we don't have to pick and choose. Open world content deserves to be as interesting and interactive as I suggest, and I simply hope that DE will see my suggestions when they are willing to update open world content. It's not a matter of what deserves to be first on the chopping block. I'm not saying this needs to happen now.
  3. I've updated the post so that there is a TLDR for every section before the actual content.
  4. I'm not quite sure what your main issue is. You correlate a lack of increased average players with DE releasing landscape content, but I think there are a variety of issues with the game that could prevent lots of players from playing more frequently or staying interested, including how hard it is to get into Warframe. While DE is addressing some of the issues, I think its a pretty weak argument to say that it's specifically because they've been releasing landscapes. Importantly though, I think your interpretation of the data (I'm assuming you're looking at steam charts) significantly misrepresents what happened. DE publicized the coming release of the PoE, and low and behold average player numbers soared. During the time between said publicity and the actual release their average player numbers had already started to tank (I would argue in part due to the new player experience). However, since the whole PoE tease and release, the game has seen consistently much higher numbers of average players. The average player number has actually never dropped below pre-PoE tease levels since then, so pretty clearly average consistent players have also increased if we compare between the two eras. I would say that's a success, and as you've pointed out what other major content has been added since then to keep those numbers higher than before besides PoE and Fortuna? Even if your analysis was valid, you blame open world areas and content for... what exactly? What is inherently tied to open world areas that has been holding back the game? You say these things are hard resets, but that's more related to the economy, reputation setup and rewards- not fundamental to open-world areas. As a result you suggest they just abandon open world content instead of fixing your specific issues with said content- content that has been invested in to the point where DE clearly won't just "stop doing it", especially since they seem happy with the results of PoE and Fortuna- doesn't seem like constructive criticism. If you want system reworks? It's true they've been lagging on that front, but as the game becomes more developed and complex I think its fair to anticipate slower reworks of already established systems. More story content? That's always in the works. Boss fights? PoE and Fortuna have some of the better ones. More mods and weapons and Warframes? They've been delivering. Warframe reworks? DE has always been bad at keeping up with those when they're needed. Ultimately, landscaped areas add more diversity to the game, and offer a new alternative to tileset-randomized-corridor-world. Landscapes need some serious changes in terms of content density, how well they work with existing mobility, and adding more randomized content, but I don't see how adding lore elements and new enemies to a new location instead of just reskinning the same randomized algorithm rooms is what's limiting the game. If anything it seems like a vehicle for content and missions that has more potential, and could have more polish than tile-sets.
  5. I'm glad you like it! Put a lot of thought into these ideas and the post as a whole. Considering you're the only response, you're probably right. I added spoilers, but I think bullets might get in the way of trying to convey the large systematic relationships I suggest. Maybe I'll do a TLDR of each paragraph. I split up each section into smaller paragraphs, and have a TLDR summary for the first section. I'm wondering if I should put a spoiler inside each section spoiler for the TLDR bullet points? They take up quite a bit of vertical space. I could maybe add them after the actual paragraphs instead?
  6. I posted something similar in level design a while back, but this is a more extensive, edited version that I think reaches beyond the scope of just level design. Fortuna and PoE are a great addition to Warframe, and clearly the first steps towards DE's future approach to level design and world-building. I have suggestions for how to improve both areas with features that will allow for more enjoyable and immersive open-world experiences. The recent rework did a lot to make the plains prettier and update the economy and mission mechanics, but when I play Orb Vallis and the Plains, neither feels immersive or "living" enough. Whenever I play on these maps, some part of me longs to have more reasons to explore the landscape and interact with these beautiful environments. What I suggest would take a lot of development time and resources, but these open world areas justify the investment, as they are the next and newest iteration of Warframe- this type of content is what Warframe is heading towards. As such, these areas should be as awe-inspiring, interactive, dynamic, and enjoyable as possible within reason. I'm not a performance expert, so it's possible that some of these suggestions simply aren't viable from a performance standpoint, but I try not to suggest simply making things prettier and more processor-intensive, that isn't really the goal anyway. TLDR: I suggest a lot of features that would improve player interaction with the open-world environments, give players reasons to explore and enjoy these environments, ramp up the immersive-ness by creating more vibrant ecosystems, and add to the verticality and vertical content of the maps to better mesh with Warframe's mobility system, as well as more specialized enemies and activities that would offer a more specific reward alternatives to farming thumpers. Much of the content proposed would have randomized elements, encouraging exploration and reducing monotony to some level. I also suggest expanding on plant-type resources and adding multiple ways to farm said resources as well as multiple ways to farm gems/minerals and fish parts. Some of the sections focus more heavily on PoE for simplicity, but the implication is that very similar mechanics could be implemented in Orb Vallis. Towards the end of my suggestions I get into changes for enemies on both maps- changes for the Corpus which I think should eventually be applied to all Corpus levels. Wildlife: Fishing: Terrain: Caves: Orokin: Presence: Factions: Economy: WiP: Ropalolyst for plains of eidolon, as well as underwater eidolon (underwater combat for night off the coast) (higher chances of certain arcanes for each) or could replace gauntulyst and hydrolyst. Orbiter calldown for ship access on map between bounties and dynamic missions in areas without enemies. Elite commander in charge of enemy bases. Stealth takeover options extra rewarding or easier commander fight. Way to trigger a nearby dynamic alert like talking to Konzu via a gear item or using liset to intercept communications. Way to scale open world levels without taking a bounty, give bounty rewards at end of mission without having to return to Cetus or ship, revert map to free roam otherwise Ending mission to Orbiter should save progress just as extracting to Cetus does Give PoE a bounty system and have enemy flyers leave you more alone otherwise Shouldn't take any time to start a new bounty (gear item to communicate with Konzu or an option in the menu or option after a bounty is completed). Conservation mission where you save animals from enemy labs/camps. Prime modular weapons and modular pistols for Cetus and modular Zaws for Fortuna. Combat underwater
  7. The head for Ash Enenros is much too big for his body. Also, the ponytail seems a big chunky/flabby. Otherwise, beautiful skin. Also, maybe consider a shared name for all your infested skins and helmets like Faven did with Graxx? Better branding and less effort.
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