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  1. The forward move attack sequences should always have more forward mobility than the stationary attack sequences. All stationary attack sequences should have almost no forward movement. At the moment this isn't always the case, many stances have more mobility in their stationary attack sequences. There should either be a different attack sequence for sprinting while attacking (or just holding shift regardless of if the player is sprinting) and moving forward while attacking, or heavy attacks should be moved back to holding down the melee attack button, freeing up a button for an attack sequence of just gap-closers. The current blocking-gap-closer is not sufficient for closing distance between the player and enemies in an efficient and not vulnerable way. The ground slam heavy attack would be performed when this gap-closer button is used while in the air. If DE ends up adding a sprinting attack sequence, it should should have high forward mobility attacks, and perhaps either the sprinting attack sequence or the forward movement attack sequence could have auto targeting. Bug: Some weapons like the Kronen Prime with Gemini Cross and Valkyr Prime's Talons perform a charged attack upon holding down the melee attack button. The normal heavy attack button still works as well.
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