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  1. I was actually on top of the onaly extractor at that point to see if the extraction icon was hidden. But it really seemed like there was no extraction. Was a bit weird. First i was a bit hesitant to do that mission, but it was the only one for an hour and so i just went with it. Next time im not gonna go solo though ^^ When i checked my inventory yesterday i somehow had the items from the relics of that mission, that was pretty nice.
  2. I was using nidus and the enemys were dead before they could attack the excavator, the problem was when i had to get those energy cells the excavator was unprotected, its true that a defensive frame whould have helped a lot. Obviously i prioritized the ancients and nullifiers whenever possible, but there were almost always 4-5 on top of eachother, protecting each others shield generator at the top. So it took too much time to deal with them just for 1 energy cell, by then the excavator was already dead. Again, a defensive frame would have helped. Problem is, i currently dont have a good build defensive frame. So i think its sad that just because i dont have that i cant do that mission. It was the only axi relic mission at that time, i would have needed to wait an hour for new ones. Still, i opened 2 relics, but no extraction point showed up. So thats kinda the thing that frustrated me the most. I was doing it solo because i didnt want a team that would want to run 20+ excavators, ofc its completely doable in a team. Just wanted to open one relic.
  3. Sry, didnt know how to properly write it. I meant that the extraction point didnt show up.
  4. The title say it all. You cant keep the excavators alive and almost no energy cell guys spawn. And even when they spawn, there are like 10 ancient healers and nullifiers that keep them safe. I opened 2 axi relics but the extraction prompt never showed up. You are forced to leave and loose all your loot. Garbage mission in rifts...
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