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  1. Tanchanicuta's & SilentMashiko's links result in a "Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable."
  2. How will your system prevent possible "stat padding" of a possible group of people trading the same riven back and forth at an exorbitant amount of plat to boost the average?
  3. Jarjar approves of the Syandana. Issa beau-tiful
  4. Previous thread says "Full Nightwave Details are here", but this thread provides almost no info on the rewards list or what they will cost.
  5. Doesn't remove players with trash networks like mine. Win 10, 1050, dsl256
  6. What determines when boosters and rare resources gain a +1? I'm at 6x for resources, but I'm shy of 1000 days. Is there a formula you're willing to share? Credits (10k + Day*50) and Oxium (100 + Day/2) were easy to figure out. I'm seeing a 5 hour on day 71 and 98, but a 4 hour on day 42 and a 33 hour on day 990. There's no consistency to that -- I'm also not intuitive when it comes to maths.
  7. Looks like Claptrap weapons are coming to Warframe. "cool"
  8. Is there a way to make it so all the clips don't autoplay immediately?
  9. @[DE]Danielle Rebecca Ford makes the car model Pryus.
  10. 1) can't use mouse to click "OK" when "Session Unavailable." error pops up. Have to alt+f4. 2) When host, Transferring between Umbra Excal and operator is fine. When not host, Transferring between the two results in stacks of Transference Static as well as the camera whipping around.
  11. Bug: Forever stuck in loading if there's a host migrate while in Onslaught.
  12. How long will this promotion run? Will it be 6 months like last year's?
  13. There's Low Duration EV. There's High Dur Bless. High range Link. Not sure what you meant by removal of build choice from Trinity.
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