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  1. KettleTicket

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes in February!

    Doesn't remove players with trash networks like mine. Win 10, 1050, dsl256
  2. KettleTicket

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    What determines when boosters and rare resources gain a +1? I'm at 6x for resources, but I'm shy of 1000 days. Is there a formula you're willing to share? Credits (10k + Day*50) and Oxium (100 + Day/2) were easy to figure out. I'm seeing a 5 hour on day 71 and 98, but a 4 hour on day 42 and a 33 hour on day 990. There's no consistency to that -- I'm also not intuitive when it comes to maths.
  3. KettleTicket

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Looks like Claptrap weapons are coming to Warframe. "cool"
  4. KettleTicket

    Warframe Prime Time #220: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    When will the "TwitchPrimeMeleeDongle" loot be added?
  5. KettleTicket

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2

    you can never have enough forma.
  6. KettleTicket

    Devstream #116 Overview

    Is there a way to make it so all the clips don't autoplay immediately?
  7. KettleTicket


    @[DE]Danielle Rebecca Ford makes the car model Pryus.
  8. KettleTicket

    [PC Update 23.5: Mask of the Revenant] Bug Report Megathread

    You can spam the "Touch" interaction to bypass all the running around.
  9. KettleTicket

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    1) can't use mouse to click "OK" when "Session Unavailable." error pops up. Have to alt+f4. 2) When host, Transferring between Umbra Excal and operator is fine. When not host, Transferring between the two results in stacks of Transference Static as well as the camera whipping around.
  10. KettleTicket

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    Bug: Forever stuck in loading if there's a host migrate while in Onslaught.
  11. KettleTicket

    Free Prime with Twitch Prime is Back!

    How long will this promotion run? Will it be 6 months like last year's?
  12. KettleTicket

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.8 +

    There's Low Duration EV. There's High Dur Bless. High range Link. Not sure what you meant by removal of build choice from Trinity.
  13. KettleTicket

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    Any news on Phorid/Nef Anyo boss fight overhauls?
  14. it's over. they just need to update the forum overview box.
  15. Recap of pre-release opinion: Flat-gain is not beneficial for marathon runs. Extracting at ~24 minutes was "ideal". That opinion was based on the long-standing tower timer. With this latest update for tower spawning every 90s, just going by the numbers, it is always beneficial to run endless survival (with a perfect group). Per-second Kuva gain never drops below 2.2. Standard Kuva missions are about 2/sec. Per-rotation Kuva gain fluctuates between 600/rot and 700/rot. The median is 650/rot, when extrapolated to Rotation 1800.