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  1. Any updates on Nef Anyo or Phorid boss fight reworks?
  2. According to The 'official' drop tables rotation A isn't supposed to have 50 endo: Please update drop tables. Thanks.
  3. Why make two topics saying the same thing? @[DE]Marcus lock?
  4. IRL peeps made it to MR5 before quitting, but this was before The Second Dream.
  5. Stealth scanning is broken. Prior to 25.7, I was able to scan enemies 5m in front of them (while using Hushed Invisibility) and they wouldn't become alerted. Now they are alerted as soon if I slightly "miss" the scan from ~15m away.
  6. When (or will) the http://content.warframe.com/MobileExport/Manifest/ExportManifest.json be updated again? It's been since about mid-June. If not, what is the reasoning behind the decision? Thanks.
  7. Could someone please update the http://content.warframe.com/MobileExport/Manifest/ExportManifest.json ? It's been almost 2 months now.
  8. "No use of Photoshop" So, MSPaint and other photo editing software is allowed. I'm too poor to afford Photoshop anyway. I'm well beyond student status to get that discount.
  9. DE has chat logs as well. They stated as such when someone did the "birthday" troll.
  10. When you get the chance, could you update the MobileExport.json ? It's been almost a month since it was updated. Had to go to external sites to grab the Wave 21 partner glyph images.
  11. Tanchanicuta's & SilentMashiko's links result in a "Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable."
  12. How will your system prevent possible "stat padding" of a possible group of people trading the same riven back and forth at an exorbitant amount of plat to boost the average?
  13. Jarjar approves of the Syandana. Issa beau-tiful
  14. Previous thread says "Full Nightwave Details are here", but this thread provides almost no info on the rewards list or what they will cost.
  15. Doesn't remove players with trash networks like mine. Win 10, 1050, dsl256
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