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  1. Firstly, the bottom of the corn core bends backwards while standing still, making it so whenever you transition from moving to standing still it looks like the back is folding in on itself and you now gain a weird mini tail. No idea if this is intentional or not, but it looks wonky and disturbing and makes no sense. It can clearly walk and move fine with the core positioned like normal on the voidrig so there is no reason for it to break its back every time it stands strait. Picture of standing still idle: "back bending inwards" Tailbone: "bottom of corn bending out
  2. Agreed. Not only does the quick switching with melee make this mode irrelevant, but the weapon type as well. This mode would have made more sense with weapons like machete or single sword not a weapon type thats already designed for high range.
  3. Nightwave Nitain farming is about as easy as old Nitain farming is, The end total result over a month of doing either is about the same amount. People just think its better cuz you get a large an instant rather than over a period of time, when in fact the average time is the same. New system is not new player friendly, most new players wont understand or be able to do most of the challenges, which are kinda required to get the currency to use on the shop. As somebody who introduced and ran a new player through both systems the alert system was much easier for the newer player to understand
  4. Kinda wish nightwaves would be scrapped. They didnt fix the problem just changed it. Only thing nightwaves did was extend the period in time in which you could obtain an item and extend the period of time until that item comes back. In essence its no different than the old alert system except now you have to wait longer for the stuff you don't want to go away until it finally cycles to something you do want. Nightwave cosmetics would do better in the market Nightwave mods would make better rewards to be placed in current mission types to incentivize playing more diversely Nightwave stori
  5. Personally think fashion has gotten too ridiculous as is with with ephemeras, I personally don't like super immersion breaking stuff like flying pink flaming rhinos covered in tentacles Most common frame fashions: -Default prime look -Pink af glitter queen -That dude that chose one of each color cuz he loves em all Plz dont give fashion more tools to make these already prevalent monstrosities more power o-o
  6. Although I agree there should be more, for the OP there is a machete skin that Baro brings thats two folding claw blades
  7. I dont think anybody who owned one of these 3 would mind so long as you kept the original as an optional skin
  8. As the name suggests, there is something off about the FX for it. For one it almost looks like most of the FX for it is missing all together. Secondly for being a heavy weapon or a big flamethrower the actual flame part is incredibly weak. For comparison ill post normal perspective and side view perspectives of the Cortege FX with the Lega AMP FX. CortegeFX: LegaPrismFX: Both POV perspectives:
  9. Time for some mech questions - Could Mechs get dual energy, probably something all us customization freaks want. - With Mechs possibly coming to normal missions, it puts them in a side grade position to warframes. Is it possible if they become popular enough that we could get mechs as a new form of yearly content. - Will all mechs be Entrati designed or will we get some with other factions in mind. From the look of the design the cob center is control part so whats on the outside of the cob shouldn't matter if my guess is right. - Continuing off the last question, It would make sense i
  10. With the Helminth system I thought as a way to allow Archwing and Necramechs usage in normal missions is to create a helminth ability that allows you to access each one. This way both these systems can have more use through normal gameplay as well as avoiding power creep by essentially locking a warframe into 3 abilities it can use at a time.
  11. How many here are planning on switching abilities more to make a warframe cooler design wise rather than pure stats? For me I wanna switch out Zephyr's 1 with Gauss' Thermal Sunder. As my Zephyr is AOE based I can do even more area lockdown. On top of that as a wind based warframe it makes sense to be able to control the temperature of the air which with the upcoming deluxe skin the sound design for Sunder will match as well. What kinda cool sorta "fashion" ability changing are you guys planning?
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