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  1. Any chance for a Sentient color pallet? With the increase in Sentient cosmetics as well as the style now being allowed use in tennogen it would be nice to have one so we could create more accurate looks. Like currently the peachy orange color on Sentient metallics exists in no color pallet.
  2. I would have assumed Railjack would come before NewWar simply because of the Sentient Railjack enemies
  3. Any chance for a fix on Ambient Occlusion being perma grayed out?
  4. No point in finding more bugs if you have less time to fix them
  5. Because its easier to fix bugs in house instead of pushing hotfixes to thousands of people.
  6. Basically, if it dosnt come out tomorrow its probably better for them to hold it back until next week.
  7. Um, they constantly upgrade their engine code, you should keep more updated. It has nothing to do with code.
  8. Its not that the bugs cant be fixed, its that the development cycle for DE is very bad and they need to get in some professional management. Rush to get out update, rush to fix bugs, unable to fix bugs because they have to ignore them to rush to put out the next update. They wont put out or fix bugs because they are pulling an EA right now worrying about quantity over quality.
  9. Still no fix for the new Fortuna amp Braces being backwards and Fortuna Scaffolds being sideways Also still no fix for Sunsets on the plains being where the sun rises and sun rises being where the sun sets
  10. Second this, just release it after if this is whats holding it back.
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