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  1. ss4chris

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I never found trials to be rewarding/ worth doing I hope it comes back and re-worked to where its worth while for the majority to play.
  2. what happened to the design council?
  3. ss4chris

    Hotfix 18.4.7

  4. ss4chris

    Hotfix 18.4.7

    can the weapon be crafted via market or clan?
  5. ss4chris

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    question: Is 2016 the year archwing gets some love and strong look at/ major overhaul is it just going to be entirely neglected with small changes to mission types here and there?
  6. ss4chris

    Hotfix 18.1.4 [Spoilers!]

    lol nerf.. its not even that strong.
  7. ss4chris

    Hotfix 18.1.4 [Spoilers!]

    why is the alert so b uggy. the enemies arent spawning accurately.
  8. ss4chris

    Hotfix 18.1.1 [Spoilers!]

    why... >.<
  9. ss4chris

    Nikana Stances - The Choice

    Tranquil Is the best.
  10. ss4chris

    So With Duration Changes

    so what frame abilities do FE not benefit anymore? thanks for the info so far
  11. ss4chris

    So With Duration Changes

    for mesa's 2nd and 3rd ability? How about her Ulti?
  12. ss4chris

    So With Duration Changes

    examples? plz.
  13. ss4chris

    So With Duration Changes

    whats the most optimal way to mod warframes now? is fleeting just plain useless now?
  14. ss4chris

    Welp All Mesa Haters

    Its the same thing as your minus the redirection with my explanation for not having it. also I was tinkering with narrow minded.
  15. ss4chris

    Welp All Mesa Haters

    sadly you're not quoting you're just fitting in what you want and adding fuel to the fire and being immature. instigating. i need to sleep lets see what quality of posts ill read later today if this thread is still here.