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    DOGGIE Oh soo adorable Lol at blake well shes like a cat ofc she would not like ruby's and yang's dog :P
  2. ss4chris


    Jeanne... why you so dense... >.> and Pyrra.. take your own advice. >.<
  3. ss4chris


    I.. care not for lesson.
  4. has yet to see a loki do that on my team.
  5. waht would be one of the best set ups for loki?
  6. hmm i guess my friend needs some work then because i just dont see loki good based on watching him.
  7. he has paris bow. he accidentally modded his invisivility away. i don't know his pistol.
  8. Compared to Nyx, Mag, Trinity, Rhino, and Frost where would you rate Loki in defense missions? my friend thinks hes on par with the above. I disagreed. I want your thoughts please and thanks :D
  9. Its fine where it is. If you dont have plat to spend then i guess it sucks to be you sorry.
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