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  1. I was in the middle of the sortie survival when the hotfix arrived. Didnt get the reward after finishing because of this.
  2. For the whole day I have been trying to play but whenever I try to login it always says "Login Failed. Please check you info." or something like that. After doing this multiple times throughout the day I decided to click on the "Forgot Password" at the login screen after reading on forums that changing the password helped. I follow the procedures that pop on my browser and successfully change my password. With fingers crossed and cheeks clenched I tried logging in... and BOOM I was able to get in-game! Woohoo! Just wanted to share. Some of you might wanna try if you were experiencing the same problem I was having. It might work for you or might not.
  3. when i reach the login screen and try to login i keep getting the "Login Failed. Check your Info." too.
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