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  1. I'm hoping for tonfas to be good, i find their stances absolutely horrible, so that's my little dream, same thing for greatswords (i'm not saying that the weapons are weak, but i think that the stances are bad).
  2. 1) Do not care to be honest, it's a terrible mode, whatever happens to it, i couldn't care less. 2) Yes, it is fair, using UniMeds would of been a very slow process, totally fair, but the WF community is pretty dumb when it comes to this, sadly, since some of them suffered through maxing the conclave ranks, they think everyone else should suffer as well, which is so stupid, i have no words for those people.
  3. I agree so much, as soon as i saw those horrible pieces on her, it saddened me to no end, her prime is amazingly gorgeous apart from the said horrible looking pieces.
  4. Honestly? This is fun but the grind is too much. I would suggest to either double the pearls rewarded or half the mission time.
  5. I doubt DE doesn't want some amazing concepts in game, i think they simply can't bring them to life due to copyright shenanigans or something. EDIT: Been proven wrong. Decent concept though.
  6. Still waiting for Tethra's Doom 😞
  7. Rift Sigil? Why not the Tehra's Doom Quantum Sigil? It's been years.
  8. Any hopes for Wisp to come out before the next Devstream? 😞
  9. Can't powers like Wisp's 1 (Ivara's 1, etc etc) have a gear weel of their own when held? I think it would make things way easier.
  10. More than reduce Nora's transmissions, can we fully mute her? She's tiring to listen to.
  11. I have a feeling that this nightwave is setting up the release of the gas city.
  12. Will there be a bundle for all the accessories? Or they are separate only?
  13. The fact that the cloth piece on her legs is attached to the knee makes me cry, i will probably never use her prime looks.
  14. The Velorum Prime Sigil doesn't look prime at all, it actually looks like plastic, instead of metallic, like the Rift Walker Sigil.
  15. Anyone else thinks that Garuda was better off as a deluxe skin for Valkyr? She feels so uninspired, like DE saw her concept art and said; ''we need to have this in game'' just because she looks amazing.
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