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  1. How does that have anything to do with the fact that the 5 forma sink is artificially invented without a single value for the investment? Are you happy cramming nearly 75 forma into 15 random weapons? Yes? Go nuts! Forma each one of them by 5 additional ones. What is justifying the forma requirement and the time invested into maxing these weapons? 1000 exp per weapon? I respect DE and their work too much to continue elaborating on this point. I simply cannot find anything to counteract the negative impact this approach/system brought on the balance of investment (time, resources, money) and the reward, as compared to any other WF weapon.
  2. C'mon, guys. Please, do something about grinding murmurs. It gets old after managing to do the first Lich... Also, the forma sink and forced repetition to level the weapon to the max is a bit too much. Sorry for the negativity. I was just hoping that these two aspects wouldn't get ignored...
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