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  1. Some targets are in separate places in the chain for the different beams, so when you have multishot on it some of them can be in 3rd and 2nd position in the different chains at times. Plus, if you're using a primed bane mod against them, it applied twice with certain damage types that have DoT effects on a status proc. like heat for example. The DoT effect of heat damage also functions differently from other damage types with a similar effect: slash and toxin will have a separate instance of damage for each active ticking status effect, heat combines all of the damage into one tick from
  2. That's your 34th screenshot in your screenshot folder. No idea what it's supposed to be of since you posted the file path on your PC instead of uploading the actual file so... thanks for not giving us anything much to work with.
  3. Mag's Polarize, Gara's Mass Vitrify. Technically Excalibur's Slash Dash and Rhino's Charge for the distance charged (but not the lateral reach of the ability.) Revenant's Reave would fit with these as well. I think Ember's Fire Blast may as well.
  4. You mean the large grey "0's," large grey health bar, coruscating energy field surrounding the mech, and all of it going away at the same time when it's over isn't enough of a tell?
  5. I suppose I'll have to be more fastidious about checking out each loot signature on my radar...
  6. While using archwing in any mode: starchart missions, railjack missions, or open world maps, I'm unable to board ships or pick up items with prompts like ayatan stars. Instead of the usual prompt in missions telling me to press 'E' which is the key I have it bound to, the game asks me to press the 'X' button on a controller that I don't even have plugged in. Why would the game ask for an impossible input from a device that isn't even available? I've found myself unable to pick up ayatan treasures in missions, and once I enter archwing mode in railjack missions, I'm stuck outside until t
  7. The forced AE is certainly annoying, the most recent occurences having been while playing with my friend who was using Vauban: Our screens turned blue like there was a filter being applied over them while standing inside an active Bastille. Which we thought was strange because it had never done that before, and because if a filter was going to be applied, we'd have thought it would have been the shade of his energy which was a yellow-gold color instead of a deep blue that made it impossible to differentiate enemies from the rest of the level geometry.
  8. Had an unhackable console by Reflector Control in a bounty last night when doing a bounty with a couple other friends. Had to ditch the mission after the 4th stage.
  9. What will happen to the orokin vaults, dragon keys, and orokin ciphers needed for Mirage's quest?
  10. Being limited to just one augment would terribly hamper a couple of my favorite builds... especially my Oberon.
  11. I have yet to use a single loadout slot for anything other than a couple warframe articula. It's so much easier to look for the parts to my loadout one at a time if I know what I want to do than to spend even more time looking through a list of pre-built things that i can't remember exactly what's in them trying to find what I want from that list.
  12. ... or you could just build a new one to sacrifice that you haven't put all of that effort into. If you're not using your current ones anymore, then you're not getting the value of the forma, potatoes, and exilus adapters on them anyway. The situation's the same, you don't get them back just because you're not using the warframe you put them on.
  13. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Railjack/Components Either Vidar mk3 with the +50% boost speed or the Lavan mk3 with +20% top speed modifiers from a speed perspective. Other engine modifiers are better for other situations, it really depends on what you're trying to do with your ship.
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