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  1. Could make it similar to Nekros' Shadows of the Dead, where recasting it while it's active restores the minion's health.
  2. I would much rather not drag a nullifier bubble around with me... I like using abilities! /s
  3. So don't use it, problem solved.
  4. You lose 10 seconds for each point scored against you, even if you were winning and the time limit left was low, just a few points against your team would be enough to force an end to the match.
  5. Still no visible timer for the Profit-Taker's 4th phase during the boss fight. We have no idea how much time we have left to try to finish the fight in so there's nothing obvious to show what exactly it is that causes the mission to fail.
  6. Works just fine for me, maybe take yours back to the shop if it's still under warranty.
  7. Still noticing a missing texture in the docking area of Maroo's Bazaar, right down the center. Can't remember if it's also missing in the relays.
  8. Well color me impressed! I am quite amazed at the level of detail and care being put into this project!
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