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  1. I wouldn't mind a Kuva Twin Krokur... The vanilla weapons are pretty, but they're lackluster from a stats perspective.
  2. It hasn't been made yet, and the primary purpose of the Leverian is to impart lore about the warframe in the exhibit... Seems to me that warframes that already benefit from having a proper quest will likely be on the tail end of the long list of those still needing a Leverian entry. And everyone's currently stuck at home right now, so they don't exactly have access to the needed facilities and equipment to make them in a timely manner if at all.
  3. I'm guessing you just took it for granted that they would know what your plans were even though you never told them.
  4. Would have preferred if the selection made was of an actual theme for the next community designed warframe rather than just whatever happened to stick together after getting thrown in a blender.
  5. I don't think Cy and Ordis would be very happy sharing the same body.
  6. The DEv's have fallen into a bit of a hole recently where they're trying to please as many players as possible at quickly as possible. so they've begun reaching further out instead of deeper in. Since The Sacrifice, and perhaps even before; DE has tried to make efforts to both appeal to newer players while also pleasing veterans with each content update. While they could make it easier on themselves in the short and long terms by alternating such content releases and giving each one the dedicated attention it needs, they've grown accustomed too much to trying everything at once and their ambition is starting to bite back. They haven't gotten the balance right, trying to find the right amount of time and effort needed for new players to still get cool things while also providing enough of a challenge for players that are already at the top of the game and won't be leaving anytime soon. I'm not sad to say that I've avoided new content for the first few days or even weeks for the last while as I wait for things to get patched. But to know that this has become the norm really should be worrisome. It's become most apparent since Railjack content was introduced, as a new game mode that was intended to be available in one sense or another to everyone, where before it was always intended for the more dedicated and experienced players. And while I personally see nothing wrong with trying to get more people into the game, it seemed to me like it was always the extant playerbase that helped bring in and keep new arrivals to Warframe. Trying to take the community's hand off that particular wheel and steer it themselves, I feel like DE has taken something away from themselves more than anything else, and that is a certain security in the knowledge that the players they have now intend to stay... It just seems as though someone somewhere has decided to make a decision for themselves alone instead of in the best interest of the game and it's players and DEv's.
  7. Trying to be optimistic here, but standing isn't useful for anything outside of the event once it has passed (i.e. plague star.) But event credits exist as entities in your inventory and can at least be redeemed for standard credits afterwards as with the various nightwave creds.
  8. I disagree, as I see this as nothing but a detriment to everyone involved. Players will be forced to buy riven that do not have the stats they want, and will be forced as well into selling rivens at lower prices then they would like because they don't have desirable stats. It does nothing but add time required toward desired ends which could be spent more profitably by everyone involved. I actually agree with this one for the most part, decreasing time required for players to get what they're working towards without keeping it as the slot machine it is. Beyond that, I would advise against any further changes until after the first few have been implemented and their effectiveness examined. Otherwise you end up with a convoluted system that could be less effective than the previous, and you now have too many steps involved in accomplishing your goal that it's impossible to know for certain where trouble may have arisen from.
  9. It's been seven years for me, I'm still figuring it out... ... again.
  10. I keep my vanilla frames even when I get the prime version. For fashionframe, different builds, lenses and auras. Keeps some variety in the game, and lets me pick a frame and playstyle while still earning the focus affinity I'm looking for at the time.
  11. I have a question that I found a few days ago on the forums here and had me scratching my head: While shotgun weapons' damage fall-off range benefits from Terminal Velocity regardless of whether they are hitscan or not, the Baza and its Prime cannot equip this mod at all. Why not?
  12. Baza is hitscan, so there are no actual projectiles to increase the speed of. The damage falloff just limits the weapons' effective range and since it's not a shotgun, it's not already categorized as a weapon that can use terminal velocity. I'll admit it does seem like an oversight on the DEv's part, but the weapon doesn't seem to be used often enough for fans of it to have brought the issue up yet.
  13. Super stoked to see what comes of this, haven't seen the likes of this since Nova, and she was wonderfully game-changing. I would totally be down for a second warframe with an ice motif, for fire we have Ember and Nezha, ice only has Frost. Make her a bit more mobility and debuff focused instead of Frost's defensive style, maybe even creating false images in the ice to confuse enemies briefly.
  14. The long and short of it is, that it's actually Nintendo's fault that things can't work out the way you want them to.
  15. FLSH_BNG

    Nerf Bramma

    You can get one for yourself too...
  16. To start at least, when your shield is depleted entirely you'll have to wait four seconds before it begins to recharge, so there's a fair bit of time to take the damage you're looking to before they start to regenerate.
  17. I used zephyr with turbulence active to ignore enemy fire, then used movement mods to keep pace with relative ease. Third time was the charm. Her reduced fall speed was a huge help when following the orbs with vertical movement.
  18. I can certainly agree that pustrels have flooded the PoE mining tables, and while copernics don't seem to have done so to the same extent in the OV, it's still a little off-putting to have something no longer needed in such small quantities pop up as frequently as they do. I think that after a player has built their Railjack, that the chances of these resources dropping from mining should significantly decrease, and instead if players still wanted to obtain them in quantity outside of RJ missions, then they might be moved to loot drops from eximus units on earth and venus in the same way that carbides and cubic diodes are for europa and ceres.
  19. Let's not forget that there are rivens being traded that have been re-rolled several times before changing hands and getting re-rolled again.
  20. It's literally the first line in the patch notes.
  21. The only thing that comes to mind is asking whether or not you had an affinity booster active during your previous missions.
  22. So you're enjoying Nidus enough to want more, eh?
  23. Not all weapons can do a dual build, they just don't have the base stats for it. Generally, crit builds multiply raw damage against targets to finish them off quickly through most difficulty levels. Status builds are developed to inflict the particular damage type's debuffs against targets to make them easier to wipe out, generally for more difficult content or to facilitate certain innate abilities present in specific warframes or weapons. These, at least, are my reasons for using the different weapon builds, and often I'll bring at least one weapon along built each way for most missions, especially for high-level and endurance missions.
  24. It would be made by cannibalizing parts from sentient fighters, like the Cyanex and Battacor, etc.
  25. Never even knew you could 'sprint' as a cloud. I was going fast enough as it was just popping up behind enemies with a pointy stick.
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