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  1. What if it is a drop from whoever hunts us? I've been wondering that.
  2. So i have to do antoher 3 wages to actually see that completed? couse i made it just before the patch and is still missing.
  3. Seems like baro is coming with something new... And they leaked it.
  4. You know... Something that can work is changing the reward system for sorties ( 3 stages, 1 sure reward and 2 possible rewards) and also give them a linear lore connection and turn them more RPG or raid Working. IDK if is the best place, but I just thought about it.
  5. U 24.2.6: UI is still glitching after the download cache optimization, making imposible to browse wares from any vendor.
  6. Oh, thank you for remembering our closed beta days :') you're important to me too.
  7. Ammm nope, actually is getting worse and throwing the Warframe while doing tricks, still while charging jumps.
  8. Well, let's try... Hoping to reach 5th place or enter the tables.
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