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  1. hi there, i think it would be a very convenient change to add roles to the official warframe discord so people can subscribe for those and can get pinged when something is posted there. good things i think were (separate) roles for posts in #warframe-news-feed, #warframe-news, #announcements, #de-livestreams, #giveaways thanks for your consideration cheers :)
  2. still no fix for the last wreckage in default weapon view not showing. you still have to select the zetki filter to see all zetki wreckage parts
  3. so rare crates in the veil still contain basically nothing at all? such rewarding, much wow
  4. still no change for rare containers in veil proxima giving just "nothing"? and if you think that 300dirac + 1 bracoid is a good drop for a rare container there, then i don't know what you are smoking :P
  5. you forgot to update the official drop table website 😉
  6. thx for the hotfix!! but no fix that clients in slingshots get reverted to normal weapons instead of archweapons? (when not shooting into a crewship of course :P )
  7. ship upgrades do not show the correct stats in the ui in the example the shield array wreckages (according to stats) only have different shield-strenghts, but according to description also recharge rate (and other stuff?) is/should be different
  8. in the avionics upgrade screen, when hovering over a avionic/mod to upgrade, it only tells you the next levels effect but the new cost is not displayed
  9. yes, pustrel economy feels like an abysmal chore. you need thousands upon thousands of those and get em in 2 maybe low 3 digit numbers...
  10. the railjack research screen shows only a "1 owned" in the tooltips for items that have been purchased in current screen, if you exit out of research screen and enter again, the tooltips do not find your purchased items.
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