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  1. after leaving deimos where i did the new vault missions the hotfix was already deployed. went to foundry to cancel the bonewidow part, but when clicking cancel and ok nothing happened. tried it several times. so i closed the game and updated. but now when i try to cancel it tells me i get the scrap back, not the tink. now i tink, is this ui problem, and in fact i get back tink, or would some dev have to tinker with it, because i would indeed only get the scrap back? :tinking:
  2. any chance of extending nightwave tiers to a standard of 999 or something like that (or removing the cap all together)? we are at cap since last week and not even at the last glassmaker stage this "cap reached" issue seems to pop up at every single nighwave season so far
  3. most definately not fixed yet, happened again immediately for me during mech fight...
  4. hi there, in the last several tries at disruption when it came up in arbitration (after 28.3, not sure if already happening before), some enemies bugged out from time to time. uncommonly but several times per match. playing solo as mesa, some enemies (sometimes normal, sometimes the demo unit) could not be shot by peacemaker, as if under the influence of a arbi drone. yet there none anywhere near. they were still killable by normal weapons though. so far i have not found a specific way to repo that bug, nor a way to unbug the enemies (didn't try yet leading them near an act
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