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  1. just happend in my cell on sortie 3 (alad v assassination). on the way to alad v we (one other client and me) passed the door normally, killed allan d and ran back. luckily host and 1 other client weren't fast enough, so the two could trigger extraction timer, while we 2 stared at the door.
  2. so, @[DE]Rebecca, to accomodate those players who own already alot of the arcane blueprints, how about changing the blueprint-costs at the same time to, for example, credits only? so the players owning blueprint to not feel kinda shafted? that way players who want to own the BP for collecting purposes could just keep them, and the others don't have the crafting malus compared to just buying the arcane for standing...
  3. personally not sold on the changes from wisp to gems in the building costs... wisps you could dedicatedly and reliably farm, gems is rng behind rng... really not sure about this... on the other hand, i really hope that already bought arcane blueprints from cetus/fortuna will be converted to the respective arcanes after all... stockpiled several of those so i can easily see which ones i still need to buy...
  4. hey @[DE]Danielle could you please please please also add the new war teaser image that was shown to the wallpaper folder? i'm asking for a friend who might or might not want to use that as a desktop background 😉
  5. helios fix didnt make it in? 😞 muh scanneringz!
  6. Firefox Prime Access, Safari Prime Access, and so on also available?
  7. call the alerts "tending the vegetable garden"... so we can take care of all our potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, and so on there
  8. @[DE]Danielle btw, apparently you are not DE staff, as your posts do not show on latest staff replies 😉 seems like the forum was just too slow maybe, now it shows. welcome back to DE 😉
  9. i watched from pre-show watching the crowd till guardiancon stream and didnt get the ashP drop either 😞
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