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  1. also on another note: the mote amp is HORRIBLE... really ANY other amp will bring it from "excruciating" to "actually usefull" status. which primary and secondary fire is best for you of course is highly dependent on your taste and playstyle. sadly you can't just test em out before building, but maybe look at some comparison of the different amp components and just pick one you fancy, because really: mote is anus.
  2. god thank you!!!! that was so aggravating while trying to spacefarm!!!!!!! finally a more relaxed shanty-appreciation-tour unlocked :)
  3. STILL no fix for the map breaking 100% of the time and constantly, as reported here
  4. STILL no fix for the map breaking 100% of the time and constantly, as reported here
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The "Prefer Overlay Map" option is now even more broken, now it gets completely removed instead of just resetting to minimap regularly. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: this was introduced in hotfix .4 and as of hotfix .6 is still the case. a) have "prefer overlay map" option enabled in options b) start railjack mission (while not affected by the old bug since cetus update where it resets to minimap.) c) press L to go into tactical menu and esc out of it again d) now the map is broken/removed. the triangle for the self-marker is there, but no map,
  6. fffffff.... with this hotfix: repeating a mission node after completing it breaks the mission, the main mission objective wont spawn/trigger, making the mission incompletable, and you'll have to forfeit the rewards -.- also, still overlay-map option is still in the broken state of hotfix 4. not the usual resets that happen since cetus update, but now the map and markers get completely removed everytime you use the L menu. pressing m twice will fix it, but very annoying...
  7. either this hotfix has broken alot of things, or i was just very lucky before a) overlay map was broken since cetus update back then, constantly resetting to normal minimap. now it is even more broken, not showing ANY map... have to press m twice to get normal map back. see screenshot and how only the self marker is shown, no ship, no crewmates. many times when enter slingshot/other objectives or whatever it again resets like this. also in normal starchart missions all the time. only when returning to fortuna from valis the old broken behaviour of resetting to minimap was still present.
  8. Regarding Crew Hiring/Buying/Dismissing: when i am at ticker in fortuna, and decide that i want to dismiss one of the earlier credit-bought crewmembers to buy one of the resource-bound crewmembers (so i don't have to buy a new crew member slot), i can not do that, but would have to hop over multiple useless loading screens and menus if would be nice if i could manage my crew at ticker too, or even better: bring railjack configuration into the arsenal, maybe as a button in the vehicles tab? that would make it even more accessible without the current hassle to get there.
  9. Regarding Crew member Selection: in the equip-crew-member screen all the liches are only listed with icon/name and if selected only show their model. if you equip them, in the screen showing your current 3 crewmembers, it also shows - weapon-name - weapon-icon - weapon element and element-strenght - a details-hover with lich resistances/progenitor etc it would be great to have all those infos also shown in the equip screen so you do not have to know all your lich stats by name (maybe in a hover where bought crew have their current skill-points displayed?)
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Lich gets stuck on Box. Is Lich Cat Incarnate but too dummy thicc to open box and go in? Or #NoFancyHatsAllowed? i have a lich on 3rd crew slot, and in most (not sure if every, but every time i checked) missions the lich gets stuck on that box. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: afaik: have lich in 3rd crew slot. star mission in solo mode. new kids on on the block. EXPECTED RESULT: freedom OBSERVED RESULT: pityful REPRODUCTION RATE: maybe even 100%
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: arcane revives are not available in railjack mission VISUAL: --- REPRODUCTION: have 2 arcanes equipped, so you'd have 6 in mission revives. start a railjack mission (solo, venus proxima) go in archwing and die. for example by flying against the door of a crewship a bit to fast apparently. you'll see that you only have 4 revives. EXPECTED RESULT: have 6 available revives OBSERVED RESULT: only 4 available revives REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 of 2 missions where i died in archwing this happened. once it even removed the whole hud. and i could
  12. TYPE: In-Game, DESCRIPTION: After starting the second venus proxima mission (falling glory, defense) for the first time (in solo mode), i first did the extra (derelict?) objective, then went into the defense phase and did 2 rotations (10 waves), then chose extract. after being teleported back to RJ and flying around (and finding another yellow objective marker where i couldnt enter some smaller external structure), i decided to go on and chose the 3rd venus proxima mission for some breakfast (bacon shield ring, like onion rings :D ), and now i am stuck in an eternal loading screen.
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