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  1. Pessoal é a primeira vez que compro platina nesse jogo. Tem como alguém me confirmar se o e-mail que me enviaram com o boleto é verdadeiro? Antes quando eu tentei no site dizia que tinha sido cancelado.
  2. DEVAR GREY Contribution to slow... SHARD BLACK is so easy to farm ... one Eidolon run bring 1-400 pirments
  3. I did some tests with a macro to determine the real fire rate of burst fire weapons, because their mechanics have changed since the last time I did this. Here are the results: As you can see, I managed to fire all burst weapons at least slightly faster than indicated. Ballistica & Rakta Ballistica (not in Conclave yet) are completely off the charts because their UI value is probably meant for the burst rate instead. Notable outliers in red & orange: Burston Prime and Kraken can be fired significantly faster than what the UI would make us believe. Paracyst (not in Conclave yet) and Tiberon are noticably faster as well. After doing these tests I did a round of Annihilation with the Burston Prime, and it does feel a bit strong, but not as much as I'd thought it would. It's not really that great a weapon without a macro, either. Still, I think damage values may have been balanced around the UI values and not the effective fire rate of these weapons. Note that because I took average times in my test setup (see below), it may be possible to achieve a slightly higher fire rate still. Values as CSV: Test setup:
  4. With the constant updates Conclave is receiving, it is hard to keep track of all the changes & all the differences it has to PvE, so here's a simple but (hopefully) comprehensive guide to all the Conclave differences / quirks to get you into the game. Know that this may not cover all the points, just most of the obvious (or not so obvious) changes. *This guide is directed towards newer players who are unfamiliar to Conclave and are looking to get into it. It does not however, include guides on what to do (playstyles, meta etc.), but just general information on what you should know about Conclave that differs from the standard game. Google Document Link : here Updated as of : The War Within Note : This guide covers the Regular Conclave mechanics (Lunaro is not included!) Contents : 1) General / Matchmaking 2) Affectors 3) Warframe differences 4) Parkour / Maneuvers 5) Weapons 6) Bow (Flight speeds) 7) Melee 8) Energy & Health orbs 9) Ammo Pickups 10) Misc. 1) General / Matchmaking : 1. You DO NOT require Conclave Sigils to gain Standing in Conclave. 2. Players that are ranked 2 and below in the Conclave Syndicate have an option in the Conclave tab called Recruit Conditioning, enabling this pairs you with players who are also rank 2 and below the Conclave Syndicate. They are essentially, new players. 3. Ascending above rank 3 automatically removes Recruit Conditioning, and there is no turning back. So be mindful of that and make sure to purchase some mods from Teshin before continuing further to help you along your way. 4. Challenges do not count towards the Daily Standing limit. 5. There are a maximum of two Daily Challenges per game mode, click on the Challenge and it will direct you to the associated game mode. (Credits : Roboplus) 6. You have to complete all the weekly Challenges to get the weekly reward (not just one of them). Completing the weekly Challenge will reward you with 100,000 credits, 50,000 Standing, 10x Rare resource of a kind, and a Stance mod (Yes, Vengeful Revenant included). (Credits : Roboplus) 7. The AFK-timer in Conclave is significantly shorter, which is 120 seconds. If you are idle for more than 60 seconds, you are automatically kicked out from public matches. 8. You can play alone to explore maps, practice parkour in "Friends only" mode or any other private matchmaking mode. Kills & deaths in private matches are not counted in your profile stats. 9. Falling into voids (Teleport volumes) are fatal. 10. Credits in Conclave is proportional to the Standing you gain in the match, giving 6x the amount of credits per standing. 11. Upon reaching 2:30 / Player reaching 20 kills / Team capturing 4 cephalons, triggers a condition named "Energy Surge", which doubles the energy restored upon pickup (50 energy), and increases energy regeneration of frames to 1.5 per second from 1.0 per second. This condition will persist once activated until the match ends. 2) Affectors : These are special 'events' that happen randomly (like alerts), games played while an Affector is active gives double Standing (This also includes the Standing gained from Challenges. i.e. if you have a 3000 reward Challenge done in that round ,it will reward 6000 instead, alongside the Standing earned in that game) & mission rewards (mods & credits). If you are already in a game, an icon in the top middle section will appear if any Affectors are currently active. There are 5 types of Affectors : 1. Energy Flux : Energy orbs respawns twice as fast (every 30 seconds) and restores double energy (50 energy per pickup). Frames also regenerate energy at double the rate, (2.00 energy / second) This also multiplies with the Energy Surge in game to restore 100 energy or regenerate 3.00 energy per second. 2. Showdown : Secondary weapons' damage are doubled 3. Martial Law : Melee weapons' damage are doubled 4. Potency : Abilities' damage are doubled 5. Overpowered : Combines all four modes (Energy Flux, Showdown, Martial Law and Potency) 2.1) Status Effects : 1. Heat Status duration is 4 seconds in Conclave, usually 3 in PvE. 2. Freeze Status reduces overall Mobility by 50% in Conclave from 4 seconds. 3. Radiation Status duration is 6 seconds in Conclave instead of 3 seconds. 4. Corrosive Status is now 6 seconds in Conclave instead of 3 seconds. 4.1 Corrosive procs reduces Armor by 25%, effect does not stack with multiple procs. 5. Magnetic Status duration is 6 seconds in Conclave instead of 3 seconds. 5.1 Magnetic Status only removes Energy above 50% of your total in Conclave. 5.2 Magnetic Status HUD corruption FX is removed in Conclave. 6. Staggers don't force an uninterruptable animation, it disables jump and slows run speed for 2 seconds in Conclave. 3) Warframe differences : 1. Shields have a 5 second timer before recharging after it is damaged, receiving further fire during this time does not reset the timer. However, if you are hit after regeneration has kicked in, the timer is reset to 5 seconds. 2. Shields have a regeneration rate of (10 + (0.05 * Max Shields)) per second. i.e. (Limbo with 100 shields will regenerate shields at 15 per second) 3. Health, Shield and armor values of Warframes differ from their PvE counterparts, their relative EHP difference is still there, but the difference between both high and low ends are not as significant compared to PvE. Frames' base EHP range from 245~320 EHP. For a more comprehensive breakdown, take a look at Kontrollo's post here. 4. Energy is capped at 100 energy base for all warframes 5. Frames have an innate 1.00 energy regen per second, increases to 1.50 during Energy Surge. 6. Warframe health types are comprised of : Ferrite armor, Shields and Flesh (instead of Alloy armor) 7. All frames have innate Handspring, so you recover faster from knockdowns 8. All frames have innate 4 second immunity after first Stagger or Knockdown, the immunity is exclusive to the specific conditions, meaning you can be Staggered, and then knocked down in the space of 4 seconds. 9. Dodge rolling only reduces damage from environmental damage (Fire, Electric floors etc.) by 75%, but does not reduce damage received from gunfire. There is a mod (Armored Evade) that can do so at the cost of mobility. Rolling & dodging does not prevent knockdowns (Update: Lunaro 3) 10. Channeled ultimates require 100 energy to cast, even if activation energy is below 100. 4) Parkour : 1. The velocity of your parkour abilities depend on Mobility, this includes : Bullet Jump, Rolling distance, dodging distance and slide distance. Distance Reference here 2. Jumping height, wall hopping distance, sprint speed, are independent of Mobility. 3. Wall latching lasts 6 seconds, reset upon touching solid ground, you do not have to wait for it to recover, touch ground, and you immediately have 6s wall latch again. 5) Weapons in general : 1. Although most weapons have their damage stats changed in Conclave, nearly all of them function mechanically identical to their PvE counterparts. (Meaning accuracy, shot spread, rate of fire, reload speed are the same) The exceptions to this rule are melee weapons, which has significant changes to their PvE counterparts, listed below. 2. Most AoE weapons have a very harsh falloff with distance, and have their AoE range reduced. Exception to this rule is the Staticor, which deals the same damage regardless of where you are from the point of impact {the AoE range however, is reduced (having ~3m range)}. However, direct body hits deal more damage and is independent of AoE. 3. Headshot damage. Instead of having Critical chance & damage, only headshots deal bonus damage. AoE weapons like the Castanas, Ogris, Penta etc. do not have headshot bonuses and cannot use headshot specific mods. For comprehensive stats of weapons in Conclave, look here (stats are written in csv for easy exporting to Excel spreadsheets). 6) Bows : Base charged arrow flight speeds are faster than their PvE counterparts : Dread : 100 m/s Mk-1 Paris : 114.75 (115) m/s Paris/Cernos : 150 m/s Paris Prime : 180 m/s Daikyu : 202.5 m/s 7) Melee system : 1. Charged, slide, jump slam, and directional aerial attacks do not have their own damage, but instead deals the same base damage 2. There are no Slam attacks on quick melee, meaning no AoE damage nor knockdowns. The exception to this rule are Fist type weapons only, with a 2m knockdown radius. 3. 'Pause' combos get a stagger on the attack input before the 'pause' while the attack following the 'pause' gets 2x damage. (Credits to Nazrethim) 4. Slide attacks no longer staggers opponents. Fist and Sparring weapons are an exception and does stagger or knockdown enemies hit. 5. Jat kittag slam radius is 5m instead of 10m 6. Glaive type weapons' explosion on channeling has 1m radius instead of 5m, this does not deal bonus damage. 7. Stance damage multipliers are different from PvE, they do not have bonus damage multipliers. (Credits to Nazrethim) 8. As of The Silver Grove : Hotfix 3, blocking angle is now reduced to 45 degrees to each side from the center of your crosshair (90 degrees total, previously was 180 degrees) 9. Energy cost for Channeled blocking is 10 damage per point of Energy, meaning you have ~1000 effective health at 100 Energy. 8) Energy & Health orbs : 1. Initial Energy orb spawns 30 seconds into the match, while Health orbs are spawned readily when the match begins. 2. As of Update : The Index Preview, Energy orbs now spawn based on player count. 1 for 2-3 players, 2 for 4-6 and all for 7-8. They are also marked on the minimap. 3. Energy orbs respawn every 60 seconds after pickup, and restores 25 energy on pickup 4. Upon triggering the Energy Surge condition, energy restored upon pickup is doubled to 50 energy. (Refer to General for Energy Surge's explanation) 5. Health orbs respawn every 20 seconds after pickup, and restores 30 health on pickup 9) Ammo pickups There are no specific ammo type pickups, however, each weapon gains differing amounts of ammo upon pickup. Ammo pickups respawn 30 seconds after being picked up. LMGs / Assault rifles / Crossbows : 60 ammo per pickup Shotguns : 10 ammo per pickup Sniper rifles / bows / grenade launchers : 5 ammo per pickup Secondaries (all types) : 40 ammo per pickup 10) Misc : 1. You cannot chat (written or voice) with the opposing team in Team Annihilation or CTC modes, nor can they see waypoints placed by your teammates & you. 2. Many Frames have their ability effects changed, and a few weapons with 'special' mechanics are changed but it is too numerous to name them all, if you have questions about specific frames or weapons, ask about them below! If there's anything I missed, feel free to correct me below! P.S : If you like Conclave and wish to seek advice from Conclave regulars, visit this forum thread here, and join the community Conclave Discord server! Edits :
  5. 스파링류, 도검채찍류 하향 요청하는 바입니다. 근접전중 1:1, 대다수 싸움 근접전에서 OP 무기인 스파링과 도검채찍류 스파링은 공격판정이 지나치게 넓고 그에 맞지않는 데미지를 보유하며 차징 어택에 한방에 죽는경우가 대다수입니다. 스파링류중 오벡스엔 크로마 백스아머, 발키르 히스테리아를 뚫고 원펀치로 제압해버립니다. 또한 점프한 상대방을 말도 안되는 판정으로 넉다운과 동시에 즉사까지 만들어버립니다. 도검채찍은 앞서 말했듯 스파링류와 공격판정이 더 길고 게임상 약 7m 가량 상대방을 제압시키며 총싸움에서 안맞는지역까지 끌어오기도 합니다. 아무리 PVP라 그래도 이건 도를 넘어 근접에 대한 사거리가 깁니다. PVE에 프라임드 리치 낀 느낌보다는 아니지만 근접계의 깡패로 보이고있습니다. 이 무기들 매우좋기하다만 너무 학살에 이릅니다. 게임에 하나하나 밸런스를 갖추며 즐거운 게임을 만들기위해 이 글을 써봅니다..
  6. 가드율이 전보다 올라있더군요. 에너지 최대시 가드율 증가 모드인 임페네트러블오펜스까지 끼면 근접무기나 폭발무기, 스킬공격이 아닌 이상 뭘 막아도 데미지가 전혀 안들어올 정도입니다. 예전부터 피해도 죽는 한방무기 고수들한테서 살아남으려고 가드 특화 빌드 써왔었는데 이건 아닌 것 같아 피드백 남겨요.ㅠ
  7. So, I'm pretty much sick of Channeling causing problems, breaking weapons that deal good damage and making low damage weapons even more useless by draining ridiculous amounts of energy. So I came up with these suggestions: Suggestion A: Change Channeling from Energy to Stamina. Stamina would be capped at 100 and zero recharge. Players will start with 100 stamina when the match starts and 50 when they respawn after death. Ammo Boxes can be collected with the melee weapon equiped to regain Stamina at 50 per ammo box. Weapons will be on 3 Channeling groups: - Non-channeling weapons: Weapons that feature higher channeling cost (6 to 10) and lower channeling multiplier (1.1x to 1.3x) , but deal high natural damage. - Average weapon: Weapons that feature the standard cost (5) and standard channeling multiplier (1.5x) and deal average damage when not channeling - Channeling weapon: Weapons that feature lower channeling cost (1 to 3) and higher multiplier (1.8x to 2.2x) but deal poor damage while unchanneled. Suggestion B: Set channeling cost to 0 and channeling damage multiplier to 1x and disable channel block, so Channeling becomes a cosmetic effect and weapons can be balanced properly without a super damage boost on demand to consider.
  8. Доброго времени Тенно Вступление: Наш клан собирает команду для игры на конклаве. Вам надоело фармить толпы мобов или вам просто нравится ПвП? Тогда мы приглашаем вас в наш клан. Наша цель это выжимание максимальных возможностей из геймплея игры. Описание: 1. В нашем додзе есть необходимые лаборатории. 2. По возможности помогаем с конклав модами, оружием, варфреймами. 3. Постоянно играем в конклав.. 4. Объясняем основы и проводим обучение игроков. 5. Мы нацелены на будущие турниры в конклаве. 6. Свободный график. Мы не требуем постоянного онлайна. Состоим в альянсе REVOCS Corp. Требования: 1. Адекватное восприятие критики и чужого мнения. 2. Желательно иметь микрофон. По случаю пользуемся Discord или Skype. 3. Желание развиваться и улучшать свои умения игры. 5. Минимум 1-4 ранг. Как с нами связаться: Личное сообщение на форуме или в игре. Discord: https://discord.gg/0121TWQUmbcuqd5nu Группа VK: https://vk.com/wconclave С уважением NNKanell
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