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  1. We are Cephalon Shy, a fun silly, sometimes indecorous clan that isn't all too serious. We are a pretty relaxed clan and we welcome all people regardless of your experience in Warframe. You may be here because you enjoy Shy's videos. Well this is her clan, and our doors have opened up to allow more members. Features · Complete clan tech, including the Ignis Wraith! · You get to talk with Shy for free!* Touching will cost though. · A lot of explicit content in clan chat usually involving Vauban (you have been warned). · We have a Steam Group! · A cool clan emblem! (2.0) · A very active community! · Constant chat games, jokes, conversations, etc. · We do game and glyph giveaways on our Discord! *Free for Patreon Supporters Rules · Do not be a jerk. Most important rule of them all. · Do not harass/bully other players in any form, be it sexually, racially, etc. We do not tolerate homophobes, racists, bigots, and their supporters. · Do not beg for free stuff! We are not a charity, we are a clan. · We have changed our "No Trading" policy to allow you to trade now in clan chat, but note there are several rules about trading. · Do not spam chat with caps. · Be somewhat active. We are fairly lax about this but please do tell us if you need to go for extended periods of time. We will kick players out if they have been inactive for 30+ days unannounced. · Gives us your unquestioning loyalty · Do not ask to be in Shy's videos. If she needs help, she will ask. · While the Cephalon is all-knowing, our operators only speak English. As such, all prospering operators must speak English somewhat fluently. Please speak only English in our clan chat unless you are doing otherwise for what you organic beings call "humor". · If you change your in game alias, tell Valafor, and the recruiter who invited you into the clan (Puurrfect). If we don't recognize you, we'll just kick you out. Please note, if we find that you break these rules, we can remove you without warning. Clan Etiquette While these aren't official rules, do follow these to make this clan the most pleasant one to be in. · When you see a fellow clan member, be sure to greet them with a bow! · If you see a clan member of a higher rank than you (anyone with the rank of Intelligent, Wise, Genius, Paragon, Oracle or Cephalon), greet them with a deep bow. How to Join Joining is very simple. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to join. 1. Please leave your current clan or turn down any other clan invitations before applying. 2. Send Valafor a private message on the forums or post on this thread with the following information. NEVER send CephalonShy, Valafor or Puurrfect your application in game via pm. That instantly means rejection and a permanent spot on the clan blacklist. Please type out your applications to the best of your ability and professionally. Your application is your first impression, and first impressions are lasting impressions. 4. Wait patiently and our Cephalon will process your application as soon as he can. Processing can take a day or two, but usually it will be done the day your application is turned in. If you fail to provide enough information or leave your current clan before submitting your application, your application will be considered incomplete and you will need to reapply. Q&A 1. Do I need to support Cephalon Suda in order to join? No. Your in-game syndicate does not affect your application. 2. What would be considered a proper application? Example of a properly done application. Example of an improper application. 3. Why was I kicked out of the clan? Most common reason was because you are inactive. Feel free to reappply if we still have openings. Otherwise, it is because you have broken the rules. We have zero-tolerance and reserve the right to remove you from our clan without warning. 4. Someone is harassing me! Tell Valafor or CephalonShy and we will get it sorted out. Feel free to PM either of us on the forums or in game. Providing screenshots will help us hasten the investigation. 5. Can I get a promotion- Don't ask. We will promote people based on their qualifications and if the need arises. 6. How else can I support the clan? Tell your friends to join us, subscribe to Quiette on Youtube (link to her Youtube channel right here), join our Steam Group, and if you have the cash, support Shy on Patreon. 7. What happened to Shy's channel? Shy got her channel terminated by the Google Copyright Bot. By law Shy is not allowed to make a new channel because she was a YouTube Partner. As such the new channel is run by a third-party to publish our videos on the channel. Our content will not change and everything will run as they did before. The only difference will be possibly slower uploads. We will like to thank all of our subscribers, the Cephalon Collective YouTubers, and all our supporters for staying with us through these hard times.
  2. arborealkey

    Valkyr Graxx cosplay

    I made progress on the chest, all made out of foam. I made a pattern on myself with tape so the pieces would fit me perfectly. For the moment, the different parts are attached together with tape (and missing a fair amount of details). They will be articulated so I can move easily. UPDATE 1:back UPDATE 2: shoulders UPDATE3: base of the shins UPDATE 4: bottom part of the syandana UPDATE 5: I tried some of the pieces on (please ignore my ugly face) UPDATE 6: the spine UPDATE 7: base of the arms UPDATE 8: beginning of the head (yes, I use the Cheetah helmet on the Graxx skin IG because nothing makes sense) UPDATE 9: current state of the Due Volpi syandana UPDATE 10: syandana
  3. Last year, we ran the Dojo Remaster Contest to select Warframe’s first ever Featured Dojos! We were amazed by the submissions and delighted that the winning Clan Dojos could be showcased on the Star Chart for all Tenno to visit. The Dojo Remaster Contest demonstrated that there are so many talented Clans who deserve a chance to share their hard work! Show us your unique Clan Dojo and the exclusive Trophy and featured spot on the Star Chart could be yours! There will be three winners per Clan tier per platform (15 first place winners in total). PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon How to enter: Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) and/or a 3 minute video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art! You must include the following information with your submission: Clan name Clan tier Clan platform Your Clan role (must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions) Feature image of a section of your Dojo that you want to highlight (in addition to any other images or video you choose to include) Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time! Prizes: 1st place – Exclusive Gold contest trophy for your dojo + 5000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 2nd place – Exclusive Silver contest trophy for your dojo + 4000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 3rd place – Exclusive Bronze contest trophy for your dojo + 3000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! Need an example? Rules: One submission per Clan Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums Do not reserve spots in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Dojo Remaster contest winners are not eligible for the first run of the Featured Dojo contest. They are welcome to enter again in a future round! Best Practices for Winners: Nothing vulgar or offensive can be added to your Clan Dojo while it is featured on the Star Chart You cannot change your Clan tier while your Clan Dojo is featured on the Star Chart Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart Selecting Winners: After the contest closes, a group of Warframe Community Team members will take one week to review all submissions. Once the top submissions have been chosen, Community Team members will closely review and compare those submissions a second time to select the winners. We will look for creativity and quality. Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan! Winners will be announced on January 31 during our Prime Time live stream at FAQ: This contest starts now until January 24 @ 1:00PM ET! All players from PC, XB1, and PS4 can participate! The Nintendo Switch will be included in the next round!
  4. Mutalist Ospreys (and possibly other enemies) now can damage excavators from outside Cataclysm bubble. Not sure which version this got broken in, but it definitely makes doing excavations with Limbo trickier.
  5. So, what did ever happen to Warframe ability combos? I only remember the Mag/Excalibur and Volt/Ember combos, however, I feel as though all Warframes should have at least a few others that they should combo with. I know right off the bat people are gonna say "well DE's resources and they have other things they could work on", to which I respond that the concepts I have shouldn't be that hard to implement and this is only my ideas to which I would appreciate seeing if the opportunity ever arises (since y'know PriME TrAilErs ArEN't GeTtinG In The WaY). Warframe ability combos give more of an incentive to cooperate with your teammates for some awesome battle moments. They should definitely be noticeably stronger than the two abilities on their own, because otherwise, what would be the point? However, they shouldn't be massively overpowered. To combat that, I'd suggest a cooldown of maybe... 30 seconds between combos, or perhaps a combo opportunity mod that goes in the Exilus. A fair trade off of a mod slot for the opportunity to use ability combos. As to what these combos would be... let's get into that... ____________________________________________ Ash Combos - Atlas Combos - Banshee Combos - Baruuk Combos - Chroma Combos - Of course this isn't going to be a full list, but I think the idea of the ability to have more powerful team synergy would be a very nice and welcome addition to the game. If what's already proven to be possible is expanded upon, it'd be pretty cool. What do you think?
  6. Here's the rub, I'm a 3D artist that wanna try my hand at a few designs for Tennogen. Buuuuut. Warframe Tennogen is not showing up in my Library- Tools section. Below is the proof. I've searched for an answer to no avail, and the only option of answer that I can come up with is that it's not showing up because, ONCE AGAIN, I am getting discriminated against just because I am in Turkey, and/or Tennogen is simply disabled for use from within Turkey since no one wants to deal with Turkish internet taxing laws or something. Other than that, this makes no sense. I've searched high and low, and it simply doesn't show up. If there is a super obscure solution to this that I do not know about, please let me know. P.S.: Tried connecting to Steam through VPN that rerouted me from United States as a test. Still didn't work. I am flabbergasted. [/img]
  7. Buenas, hace poco me hice a Garuda y la fui a probar un rato, cuando llegue al 30 y empecé a hacer la build de sus garras, la equipé con Sobrecarga de Asesinatos y mi Kavat estaba Recuperación del Cazador. El tema es q en la misión ninguno de esos mods servía, mataba con canalizado y no tenía el buff de velocidad y tampoco recuperaba salud mi Kavat. Pregunto si a alguien más le pasa... porque si sólo soy yo, prefiero mandar el ticket pronto.
  8. HawkOverHK

    Buff Prime Vigor?

    I was just thinking as I just got to day 200 and chose Primed Vigor the dual mod which gives 220% Shields and Health for the space of a normal Redirection or Vitality. thing is it costs 1 mod slot and gives lower amount then Vitality and Redirection with or without a forma.... Should it not give more as not a max Vitality gives (Rank 8 ) gives +360% health and takes only 10 space or 5 with forma same with redirection so tell me should Vigor and Primed Vigor be buffed? Yes or No?
  9. For some reason rain seems to be stacking when players re-enter Plains, causing fps to tank. This bug is making Eidolon and bounty runs impossible after 3rd entry. Would be nice if you could at least aknowledge this bug. And possibly issue a fix for it. Big portion of content is literally unplayable because of it. How it looks after a few entries:
  10. Hello! I don't think I have ever been able to control how I see my operator and he always seems to stand with his head slightly downwards making customisation hard, I only recently thought of it when I heard my brother mentioning something on the back of the operator and I tried to check? It might have worked but I didn't think about it but it's definitely bugging me now, though it would be worth reporting it at least!
  11. NiuKing

    Personajes prime

    Una pregunta los personas prime vienen con el reactor orokin instalados? es para saber si ahorrar o gastar
  12. I'm looking for fellow tenno MR 23+ to join my ghost clan, i plan to keep it ghost (no more than 10 members). This is more-so me trying to recruit fellow warframe addicts who are friendly, Quality over Quantity. 80% of research is done as the clan is rank 7 currently and the rest will be completed within the next few days. have done some heavy dojo decorating as of today which will be completed in the next 24 hours, aswell as a Clan emblem has been made. If interested post a reply here or message me in game asking for an invite i'm almost always in game. MY IGN is the same as this name.
  13. Hey salut gang, je me demandais si nous pouvions supprimer un compte pour recommencer à zéro et m'être de l'ordre dans tout sa un peut ? si nous pouvions merci de me l'écrire sa serais très apprécier ! merci et bonne game à vous tous (sur ordinateur)
  14. Hola Comunidad Warframe y Miembros de Digital Extremes me comunico con ustedes para debatir esta idea y ver si se puede hacer posible. Llevo ya poco mas de un año jugando y hoy 6/1/2019 me he despertado tras soñar con un nuevo tipo de infestado y con el juego warframe, quizás muchas horas de juego, el tema es que me pareció muy interesante, considerando que los únicos 2 infestados verdaderamente difíciles y solo por así decirlo son Phorid y Lephantis, se me ocurrió agregar no un jefe o semi jefe, sino una unidad especial tipo capitán o encuentro fortuito en ciertos tipos de nodos/alertas/misiones los cuales se encuentren infestados. No en defensas, ni en deserciones. En las supervivencias lo dejo a consideración de votación. Este nuevo infestado tiene una mecánica similar al orbe madre, pero siempre basándonos en que los infestados son vulnerables al daño fuego, cerca de su fase final este se divide en 2, una por la cabeza de la araña y otro por su parte trasera o "cola de la araña" la cual ambas tienen unos tentáculos en formas de colmillos o garras. En dicha fase la araña infestada dividida va a variar cada cierto tiempo de tipo de daño al cual es mas débil y el daño fuego que reciba se reducirá un 92%. (me detengo la descripción de esta parte aquí solo para continuar mas adelante.) La araña solo puede aparecer en naves, y va a aparecer cuando la puerta de alguna habitación sea pequeña, esta araña con su tela infestada va a sellar dicha entrada impidiéndonos el paso hacia nuestro destino. Esta tela siempre va a tener una resistencia al daño fuego de un 87,7% y vida modificada según el nivel de la zona y cantidad de warframes que hayan entrado a la misión(por mas que algún warframe salga de la habitación bloqueada por alguna razón y sin romper la tela de araña, esta tela siempre va a tener dicha composición). Como pueden prever si entra 1 solo warframe con armas y equipo avanzado, va a poder romper la tela, pero la idea es que el matar a esta araña va a resultar mas fácil en comparación por eso va a tener una buena cantidad de vida o mejor dicho la araña va a tratar de impedir que la rompamos. Si nos centramos solo en la tela y reducimos un 10% de la vida de esta e ignoramos a la araña, esta araña ganara aumentos temporales, estos van ganando cargas hasta un máximo de 3, los cuales potencian su velocidad y daño. Dichos aumentos duran 45 segundos la 1° carga siendo un 12% de velocidad y daño; 2° carga dura 30 segundos 21% en velocidad y daño; 3° carga dura 20 segundos 30% velocidad y daño; si por algún motivo alguno de nosotros deja de centrarse en la araña y continua atacando a la tela que bloquea nuestro paso este aumento se reinicia manteniendo el aumento como si fuese permanente. En vez de reducir las cargas de golpe (razón de que cada carga tenga un tiempo de duración diferente) están van restándose las cargas (o sea si esta en la 3° carga, al pasar los 20 segundos, el aumento se reduce a la carga 2° con sus efectos y tiempo de duración y así hasta no tener mas cargas). Ahora a lo importante, se habrán preguntado alguno/a que ocurre en misiones de captura o rescate bueno dicha araña va a atrapar a nuestro objetivo o rehén. En el caso del rehén lo va a dejar detrás de la tela de araña para impedirnos el avance pero sin dañarlo a menos que algún warframe al pelear contra la araña sea derribado tras perder toda su vida. El daño hacia el rehén se va a dividir dependiendo de la cantidad de warframes en la habitación pero nunca va a ser mayor al 50% dándonos 2 chances si estamos solos en la misión. (por ejemplo si son 4 en la habitación y caen el daño hacia el rehén sera de 25% de su salud por derribo y el rehén no podrá restaurarse la salud ni ser restaurada por habilidades de warframes, hasta matar a la araña). La famosa araña el cual le dejo a Digital Extremes el decidir su nombre, tendrá 5 fases: 1° fase: Sera como matar a cualquier otro infestado, esta araña estará completa y la encontraremos con vida roja, carne infestada, (tendrá mucha vida, modificada por el nivel y cantidad de warframes) solo que nos atacara a distancia saltando de pared a pared disparando toxina y proyectiles como los pequeños drones infestados. Tendrá también una habilidad la cual, como todos esperan, sera dejarnos inmóviles por 5 segundos con su tela de araña, mientras estemos inmóviles podremos atacar con nuestras armas, pero no podremos usar habilidades de warframes. Esta habilidad la podrá volver a usar cada 35 segundos y nos dañara (un 3% de nuestra vida máxima de warframe sin contar modificadores). Obviamente la araña en esta fase ira variando de objetivos para no derribar de entrada solo a un jugador, de todas formas si algún jugador esta por debajo del 35% de vida máxima modificada la araña ira concentrando sus ataques en este. 2° fase: La araña cae al suelo y se retuerce (mientras se le caen partes no muy importantes de su cuerpo), al pararse empieza a gritar y a temblar, llamando a un par de oleadas de infestados mientras la araña se vuelve inmune y no puede atacar, preparándose para robarnos/mutar nuestra armadura. En esta fase la araña toma para mutar un 85% de la armadura modificada de todos los warframes que hayan entrado a la misión (si entraste con un warframe como valkyr y modificaste su armadura la araña tendrá el 85% de tu armadura total) supongamos que entran 4 warframes los cuales tienen mucha armadura y está modificada, la araña tendrá el 85% del total de la suma de la armadura de los 4 warframes. Pero esta armadura nunca podrá ser menor a la de tres bombardero Grineer del mismo nivel (armadura de aleación 1500). Para así representar un reto. Cuando se pone de pie la araña se vuelve pesada y tiene 2 habilidades extra: Dar cargas similares a las del juggernaut pero no tan lejos. La podrá utilizar cada 25 segundos Empezar a producir pequeñas copias 2 de ella pero con vida roja, carne infestada, las cuales se mueven mas rápido y nos atacaran con toxina y proyectiles (estas arañas pequeñas tendrán poca vida y un porcentaje del daño 35% y armadura 10% de su madre o lo que consideren los de digital extremes). La podrá utilizar cada 12 segundos. Después de eso la araña seguirá atacándonos con su tela e intentara darnos algún que otro mordisco para dañarlos, de a ratos esta se sacudirá para saltar sobre la posición de alguno/a de nosotros. 3° fase: La araña se le rompe la coraza externa la cual representa a la armadura y se ve mucho mas vulnerable, grita se retuerce y tiembla, llamando así a otras 2 oleadas de infestados. En esta fase la araña en vez de mutar su armadura nos robara los escudos totales modificados, o sea lo convertirá en algo similar al modo pesadilla sin escudos. Después de el escudo solo tendrá la carne infestada. Si utilizamos habilidades de warframes similares de recarga de escudos o que nos den sobre capacidad de escudo, la araña los absorberá, restaurando así los suyos. La araña no puede tener un escudo menor a 2500. Durante esta pelea, la araña se vuelve mucho mas rápida que en la 1° fase tanto en movimiento como en ataques, podrá saltar, treparse a las paredes atacar de lejos, todo, reflejando así su desesperación debido a que se esta por morir. Gana 1 habilidad extra: La de Succión de vida, cuando la utiliza salta sobre un warframe, tiene 100% de éxito a menos que sea interrumpida o se cambie con el operador, daña un 20% de la vida total del warframe y restaura un 10% de los escudos totales máximos que la araña tenga y un 15% de su vida. Antes de saltar la araña se va a sacudir mientras marca con un aura verde y naranja al objetivo, esta aura, es visible por los otros jugadores pero no por el objetivo mismo. La puede utilizar cada 15 segundos. También podrá atacar con las otras habilidades ya antes mencionadas, pero la habilidad que se verá reducida en daño sera la de carga de juggernaut debido a que ya no cuenta con la armadura. Las crías tendrán un porcentaje del escudo total de la madre 10%, pero sin armadura y mantendrán el mismo daño. 4° fase: La araña tras caer pierde de sus piernas separándose en la cabeza y la cola ambas partes serán similares a los infestados pequeños que se arrastran, es aquí donde entra la mecánica similar al orbe madre con cambio de vulnerabilidad a un cierto tipo de daño aparte del de fuego. Los warframe recuperan sus escudos, como todos sus beneficios hacia estos. La única habilidad que podrá usar sera la tela de araña, pero esta durara 8 segundos en vez de 5. Mantendrá el mismo tiempo de utilización 35 segundos debido a que ahora son 2 cabezas las que pueden utilizar esta habilidad. Durante esto la araña ira variando sus ataques de a distancia y cuerpo a cuerpo, siempre midiendo la proximidad de los warframes a estas, mientras se desplazan. 5° fase: La cabeza o culo que matemos primero explota, (si no matamos a ambas solo explota una mientras que la otra sigue), dejando 4 pequeñas pulgas cabezonas de color verde con patitas. Si ambas cabezas explotan empezaran a entrar infestados a la habitación como si fuese un mapa normal, a pesar de que las 8 pulgas estén aun vivas. Estas pulgas podrán trepar paredes, pero no muy alto, y se moverán mas rápido que las partes que acabamos de explotar, casi tan rápido como las crías, pero no lo suficiente. tendrán una resistencia al fuego de 20% también armadura y escudos 13% de lo que antes absorbieron. No tendrán habilidades. Las pulgas irán detrás del warframe/operador que hizo explotar la parte de la araña a menos que algún otro warframe/operador se acerque demasiado. Estas trataran de derribar al warframe similar a los G3 (3 Grustrag). Si lo logran, el resto irá en busca de los otros warframes. Durante esta fase y aunque las pulgas sigan vivas, la resistencia al fuego de la tela que bloquea la entrada baja a un 20% pero esta sigue dando el aumento con sus 3 cargas a las pulgas. Luego de matar a la araña la misión seguirá su curso natural. Digamos que es un infestado algo duro y quizás hasta utilizable como jefe. Me gustaría que opinen así como agreguen mas ideas si les interesa. Ariel Tournier / Nacodo.
  15. Hello everyone. Garuda is the first Warframe with an exalted weapon which is not activated by an ability, but by not equipping a melee weapon. I was thinking if not other Warframes could have one, too. It could be used like a normal weapon and also as a "stat stick" for abilities. As an example, i would suggest Atlas. He has a ability - Landslide - which uses melee mods from his equipped melee weapon to make Landslide stronger. If he had a exalted weapon like Garuda's Talons (E.g. Atlas' Fists), he wouldn't need a weapon that is only there for mods. This could give players the option to use a melee weapon with any mods and still have other melee mods for Landslide. As a bonus, they could use Atlas' exalted weapon as a melee weapon by not equipping melee weapons, similar to Garuda. The only downside on this would be that, there will not be any Rivens for those exalted weapons, but in my opinion it would be fine. This problem could be solved by making the weapons decent in combat. Not every weapon needs a Riven to be good in combat. To be clear: I don't mean that every exalted weapon should be used as a normal weapon. So no Valkyr's Talons as a melee weapon like Garuda's Talons. Those should stay as a ability, in my opinion. For other exalted weapons i would suggest: Khora's whip Gara's (glass)sword (Have you other ideas?)
  16. Se los resumo así, Ya sea Lotus, Natah o Margulis ella no es la mala de la historia, tanto Lotus o Natah o Margulis que para mi son la misma y al mismo tiempo no, vean el concepto de la TRINIDAD y van a entender porque lo digo y al igual que Stalker, son victimas tanto de los Orokin como de los Concientes, pero la que esta detrás de todo que incluso manipulo a un Orokin osea a Ballas para acabar con ellos desde adentro usando sus propias armas que eran los Tenno es la Madre de Lotus que incluso se la llega a ver en el trailer de La Nueva Guerra. Y con respecto a Stalker, Stalker es un soldado Dax al igual que Umbra fiel a sus principios y por ende leal a sus mentirosos señores Orokin pero como dije una victima mas de las manipulaciones de Madre por medio de Hunhow y por ser el soldado leal que es mas la suma de que esta siendo manipulado es que no entiende por que los Tenno que tambien son victimas de Madre hicieron lo que hicieron y les da caza, pero cuando Stalker al fin sea libre por medio de Lotus y los Tenno así como Umbra ahora es libre, uno de los mejores aliados que vamos a tener para lo que se viene de seguro va a ser él y no nos olvidemos de Los Acólitos, victimas tambien de las mentiras de Madre y los experimentos Orokin como tantos Warframes victimas de esos experimentos hemos encontrado.
  17. So between me and another player suffering the same bug. him at 26/30 and myself at 28/30 caves and with us both having the same map info and having both explored the map cave systems several times going in and out of each entrance I have come to the conclusion the achievement / challenge is bugged. In the sense that I believe somehow if you join another players game the caves were somehow bugged for the joining players, perhaps during a bounty join which is mainly what I was doing. I am curious how many other players have experienced this as I have seem some other forum posts mention similar issues too. I have attached a copy of my map to this post. EDIT: added another picture into the link showing my challenge status, note that all 30 caves / all entrances have been explored and showing also.
  18. the kavat gets bigger on screen while being near it and crouching. My frame who is also supposed to be behind the kavat gets put infront of her.
  19. InflatableFunTimeFrame

    New PC Discord Server

    Hey everyone, I just made a new discord server and am looking for more people to populate it. The other servers I've joined have been rather impersonal, with admins that have seemed to stop paying attention, but with this one its not so! Your more than welcome too join with your friends, and I plan on updating my server with new stuff as often as I can currently we have began to compile guide sections for frame and weapon builds, have various Warframe related channels such as fashion-frame and the like, as well as a few off topic meme channels. I plan on making a community here that is welcoming to the vet as well as the new player in equal measure, with the opportunity for vet players to actually mentor new players with a specific role I have made so new players can ping vets with questions or ask for help (this function of the discord is informal, if your an experienced player that does not want to be pinged, I have prepared a separate roll that will let you enjoy all of the features of the discord without having to be aprt of the mentor ship program 😁). So come on down to Frame Town and enjoy the weather and hospitality, because its not going to change any time soon. 😉 Best Regards, The Leader of the Orokin Council at Frame Town p.s. We also have corgis
  20. Can't make new imprints or take an old one. Could you fix it?
  21. ArttHuman

    my operator realistic portrait

    third illustration like drawing i did of my operator
  22. VIDEO DOJO DISTRICT 12: PIANTA DOJO: (Ovviamente tutta la struttura è ben connessa da numerosi teleport) District 12 - YOU TUBE CHANNEL GMV D12: LA NOSTRA ALLEANZA: siamo capi dell'alleanza PLZ Uninstall che attualmente conta 40 clan al suo interno (tutti attivi, chi non è attivo si elimina)! Cosa fornisce? Stemma alleanza - Server vocale su Discord con Canali privati per i clan membri - Gruppo Telegram per comunicazioni fra Warlord - Forum alleanza - organizzazione di eventi a premi e raid durante la settimana. Cerchiamo di fornire tutti gli aiuti possibili ai nuovi, sostenendo coloro che possiedono un piccolo clan e sperando che con il tempo possa migliorare ed espandersi! Cosa è assolutamente vietato? convincere un membro alleanza ad entrare nel proprio clan, mancare di rispetto ai compagni, proporre una vendita di un oggetto senza averne specificato il prezzo (questo serve ad evitare frodi verso i più inesperti) VUOI FARNE PARTE CON IL TUO CLAN? Fai la richiesta a -IlKenpachi- in game, nei commenti di quest post, oppure sulla sezione di reclutamento nel SITO ALLEANZA --->
  23. PMacDanceDude92

    Vox Solarius Bug

    Hey I have a particular bug in which I can't continue the fortuna quest vox solarius. This happened after I did the mission for Thursby but for some reason it didn't register it and now I'm stuck not being able to access fortuna in its entirety. Please let me know if I'm the only one with this issue. This happened on PC by the way.
  24. I think there should be a new weapon added cause of male 3.0, and I have a great idea for one. The Halberd/ rifle. its a polearm with a very long spear/spike and a battle-axe combined with a rifle and I think it would fit in very nicely with Warframe. who Elise agrees? the battle axe part would add a little bit of slash. the spear/spike head would add puncture. it would be heavy but lighter then a normal battle axe. (maybe) add 2or 3 new stances for it, one with powerful swings for the axe head to make it a bit more fantasy, one for thrust for the spear and one that combined both axe attacks with spear attacks + something fancy cause we are space ninjas. it would have low to mid impact. it would be a high status weapon. It would have a alt mode to turns it into a rifle. (feel free to help me make this idea come to life. don't be hatful please just give ideas.) [BASE STATS] BLADE MODE ATTACK SPEED 0.780 CRITCAL CHANCE 15.0% CRITICAL MULTIPLIER 1.3X DAMAGE BLOCK 75.0% LEAP ATTACK 100.0 SPIN ATTACK 210.0 STATUS 35% WALL ATTACK 160.0 SLASH 40.0 IMPACT 20.0 PUNCTURE 100.0 RIFLE MODE ACCURACY 21.0 FIRE RATE 2.56 CRITCAL CHANCE 35.0% CRITCAL MULTIPLIER 3 .3X STATUS 15% NOISE ALARMING MAGAZINE 8 TRIGGER SEMI PUNCH THROUGH 2.0 SLASH 30.0 IMPACT 21.0 PUNCTURE 150.0 I would base the design on the corpus, I think it would look cool as an plasma axe/spear it would be as big and long as the GUANDAO
  25. In June 2018, we announced plans to change Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs. We have officially set a timeline for these changes! Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, DirectX 10 capable graphics cards, and 4GB of RAM in mid February 2019. We want to move away from operating systems that Microsoft and hardware vendors no longer support and focus on software that improves Warframe’s development potential. Updating our Minimum Supported Specs will keep player experiences safe and stable on operating systems that are up-to-date, secure, and supported by the companies that make them. We explained in detail when we announced our plans - please click here if you’d like to know more! We’ll let you know in this thread when the changes are live - stay tuned!