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Found 2,738 results

  1. I have scanned at least 6 Elite Arid Lancers and I am unable to progress from 2/3 scanned. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am unable to unlock Saturn without completing the quest.
  2. RockBrown


    Verification Code
  3. Vetiarz_Lord_Snake

    Excalibur bugs out Capture missions

    I love playing Excalibur and when I do I spam my second ability A LOT. but one time I slided + activated Radial Blind when I did an capture mission and by doing so I messed up the capture animation and cancel the whole "can't move because I am capturing the target." The video explains/show what I mean. me doing the bug: (want to note that this bug works on all capture mission, oh and that you keep spamming the Radial Blind animation + sound while you're capturing the target.) (bug at 0:46) )
  4. (PS4)freezeblade944

    Nidus Deluxe Suggestion

    Hey DE can all us Nidus mains get a option to toggle his ghost arms for his Deluxe Skin. Though they look amazing on the skin I feel like the arms turn some people off from the skin and a bet players like me who love the skin anyway would greatly appreciate the option. #HandsOffPhryke
  5. Phoenix Vanguards is recruiting! Sister clan to Phoenix Dynasty! Phoenix Dynasty is now expanding our community with our newest edition being Phoenix Vanguards. We a re looking to bring more players to have a more newb friendly, Fun, and Helpful community where no one will feel alone and have someone to help them out! This is the third clan to the Phoenix Family with well over 4k members in the family already! We are expanding to our third moon clan so more people can join the amazing community we have! This clan is for all mastery rank, for new and for old members coming back to the game. We want everyone to have a chance to join us! Rules We don't have many rules but the ones we do have we expect everyone to follow. 1) Treat other members with respect 2) No begging 3) No buying or selling in clan chat 4) No noob bashing 5) Be a good member of the community. You respresent us now not just yourself Discord Our discord has over 850+ members! Always active and always helpful! Random channels and all types of different people! OUR DISCORD link will be in the message of the day in the clan when you join Alliance Our Other Clans Phoenix Dynasty, Mastery Rank 7+, Brother Clan. Phoenix Dynasty Forum Post Phoenix Kings, Mastery Rank 5+, Sister Clan. Phoenix Kings Forum Post Please post your IGN, rank, region, and type of player: Casual or Competitive below if your interested in joining the Dynasty Family. Example: IGN: ImHeroic Rank: 24 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive. Reminder: Please leave your current clan before asking to join so we can send you the invite as soon as possible!
  6. -GAx-

    What I would change on Khora

    I've been using Khora for a little over 2 months now. She is one of my most enjoyed Warframes to use, mostly because of her kit, a 2nd Companion in the form of Venari (Fetch still doesn't work on it btw), and her movement speed that scales with Ability Strength (as a melee player this is important to me, personally). Yes, her current state is already flows well with the game, possibly "OP" if modded well (can't get enough of one shotting stuff on ESO with Accumulating Whipclaw), and here is a small list of "changes" I would make on Khora, because why not :p. • Notify us if Venari dies, like other Kavats and Kubrows, Warframe is a game about getting swarmed, thats the heart of it. So far, the only way to notice if Venari has gone into the afterlife is if you take your eyes off your reticle to look at your bottom right...which in most cases is a lethal action to perform. Considering how her new Augment "Venari Bodyguard" now relies even more on Venari staying alive, I'd figure adding a little message like "Venari has died" slightly above our reticle would help Khora users greatly. •Whipclaw's travel angle be a little more vertical, Whipclaw's "inconsistency" is being whipped at a...45°(?) angle to the right. This allows for a lot of "missed" whips when standing to the left of a surface. Sure, the "stay away from walls" tactic can apply, but reminder that Warframe is a game about you getting swarmed, and positioning is almost never on the top of your head. I would swap her whipping angle to even a 30° angle, this small angle change is already enough to prevent "missing" whips. • Improve Venari, and Companion AI in general, its just an utter pain in the arse to say, mark a target for healing, and that Venari who's a little too close to be teleported, run around in circles (not even attacking enemies, because it's in Heal stance) and just...die itself. •Buff her miniskirt, you did it on Mesa Prime, you can do it on Rhino. ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ TL;DR: Venari Death Notification, "vertical-ise" Whipclaw's Angle, Improve Companion AI, Buff Her "Load" Would love for feedback in the comments, cheers.
  7. Usually when I finish the treasure hunt mission the ayatan either doesn't show up in the end mission rewards screen or just disappears from my inventory all together, I even checked my ayatan tab in the mod machine thing but still nothing. I'm not sure if its lag or not but just in case I'm gonna post this to see if anyone else has the same problem
  8. ・主な商品 ※以下全てランク3での価格です。 ※ランク0のアルケインは、1個あたり下記ランク3の価格の10分の1でお求め頂くことができます。 アルケイン エナージャイズ 2400p 再入荷! アルケイン グレイス 1900p 即日完売御礼! ランク0:5個 在庫あり アルケイン バリア 200p アルケイン アラクネ 30p  アルケイン フューリー 200p アルケイン アヴェンジャー 120p アウケイン イージス 220p アルケイン プレシジョン 170p アルケイン レイジ 90p アルケイン アウェイクニング 50p  アルケイン ガーディアン 400p 再入荷! (即日完売御礼) アルケイン アクセラレーション 90p アルケイン ベロシティ 170p アルケイン ストライク 90p アルケイン トリッカリー 40p アルケイン ナリファイア 95p アルケイン モーメンタム 40p アルケイン テンポ 40p そのほかのアルケインをご希望の場合はこちらのページでお問い合わせください。 アルケインの価格を一部変更いたしました。(1/21) アルケインの在庫数を一部反映いたしました。(1/22) ・注文方法  BYECKEN 宛に、フレンド申請のメッセージを、ご注文内容を添えてご送信ください。  また、同様のご注文内容を、こちらのページでもご送信ください。  毎日21:00~24:00にはログインしておりますので、その時間帯でしたら対応しやすいです。
  9. So I noticed this bug after talking to anyone in the back room of Fortuna in operator mode and then switching back into your warframe (Umbra specifically) you leave a husk of your warframe on the ground. It seemed to only be after talking to someone in the back room in operator form if you just constantly switch in and out of your Excal Umbra without talking to anyone this does not seem to happen. Small bug but thought I would report.
  10. Shady Angels Knights Somos una familia con metas fijadas en crecer tanto como clan como con miembros interesados en formar parte de nosotros. Buscamos jugadores amigables y sociables con los que hablar de cualquier cosa y pasarnos buenos memes. Contamos con Dojo ultra personalizable a tu gusto y con los Laborstorios al 99%, nuestro server de discord nos ayuda a mejorar las relaciones entre miembros ademas de ver como aportar al clan y las reglas del mismo!.Tenemos 2 tipos de eventos, los Réquiem que son eventos con una frecuencia de cada 15 días y los Dominus que pasan cada 45 días pero estos llevan recompensas mucho mas grandes que los anteriores al igual que sus competencias..para hacer eso mas interesante 😉 En nuestro server de discord publicamos noticias y anuncios de los eventos que hacemos, nos pasamos builds y los rangos altos del clan somos jugadores experimentados por lo que damos consejos de farm y como ser mas efectivo en el juego, pero siempre nos fijamos más en la diversión. 😉 Interesados comenten en este post o in game: Elidox , Xion_163 , Bosnerau,ZerMX y Piggie o únanse a nuestro server de discord y hablen con alguno de los miembros antes mencionados para entrar. n.n7 Server: Únete a la familia!!
  11. This list wasn't by me but it is very helpful in my search for kuria. I've completed my kuria search thanks to it, so just want to share it with fellow Tenno here. So far only the latest kuria location change haven't been updated, the rest are correct iirc. EDIT: 27/08/2018 ----> Fellow Tenno @Blockorz has found the new location of Kurai 5-3, it's just a few meters from its old location and can be seen here: Thank you so much for the effort, way to go Tenno!
  12. Tarnesh

    Fortuna Elevator infinite loading

    In the past 5 missions Ive done in Orb Vallis, 3 times when I was returning through the elevator I got completely stuck there forever. I can move around, jump, shoot, reload etc. But I cant get out. When I press ESC (to bring up the menu), nothing happens. I was forced to manually close the game window everytime. One of those times I just left it running for a while to see if it unbugs perhaps, but even after like 20 minutes, nothing changed. Edit: I also checked my inventory after restarting the game, and it seems that I correctly received all the rewards from the mission (Orb fight - I checked and I got all the toroids and bonds). Edit2: Happened two more times... so now its five times in a row... doesnt matter if I was the original host or not, everyone leaves the party and I stay in the elevator forever. Edit3: Now I also got stuck in the elevator when entering Orb Vallis (thats new). I tried running different mission than Phase 4 orb fight - to see if its only that mission, or if it happens in general. It seems to be happening regardless of the mission. Edit4: Keeps happening 100% of the time when I leave Orb Vallis. Most of the time people leave and I get stuck in elevator. But two times someone got stuck in the elevator with me. They were able to press ESC and leave the group which kicked me and gave me some "unexpected connection issues" effectively unbugging me.
  13. League of Shadows is an alliance with competent leaders who are active in Warframe and willing to take on the challenge of delivering a unique Warframe experience for all clans and their members. Although most of our members may be casual, we have a core group of hardcore veteran players with a competitive spirit who is always available for kuva survival, eidolon hunting, dark sectors and void runs. We strive to have active, engaged clans, all sizes of a clan are welcome. We are here to unite and organize small and mid-tier clans into a more significant, formidable force in the Warframe community. We aim to support and guide new players. We honour sportsmanship and skill. We challenge each other in battle. We exceed expectations. We grow stronger. We endure and progress. Our strength is in our unity and coordination. We welcome anyone who wishes to join the League. Alliance Emblem: Excellent the community of players from around the world to group up with for missions Alliance logo designed by Tory Asher and Alliance emblem designed by TRSS Discord voice and text chat server with active players as well as random giveaways on the server NO useless mandatory meetings, NO begging for your credits, Warlord Gatherings are fun and optional EVENTS for Tenno to battle it out or fashion the frame to win PLAT and prime items Organized and beautiful website to display important alliance information and links Steam group or discord to perform clan activity checks, post event details, and have discussions Assistance with recruiting active players into your clan as needed Our choice for voice communication is Discord. Click the icon below to learn more. Apply on our website so that we have all of your clan information: Hop on our server to introduce yourself and stay connected to everyone in the alliance: After you have completed all steps, leave a brief reply here with your clan name and size, and we will process your application within 24 hours. If you seek any help, please contact us on discord channel. NOTE: By applying through our website, you agree to the rules and expectations listed on the application form.
  14. Штормовой клан Old World Ghosts ищет активных игроков для совместной игры. Клан основан в 2014 году. Мы входим в состав альянса CARDINALS. В нашем клане Вы найдете: ежедневные рейды, различные ивенты, взаимопомощь в игре, уникальное додзе со всеми исследованными чертежами. Статистика клана: Количество участников: 60 человек из 100 Средний онлайн: 10 человек Рекорд онлайна: 68 человек (16.12.2017) Возможно исключение из клана неактивных игроков (От 7 до 15 дней) для замены на новобранцев по заявке указанной ниже. Рейды клана (На данный момент неактуально): РТ клана ежедневно в 19.00 по МСК (Закон Воздаяния/Кошмар, Вердикт Джордаса). Discord на рейдах обязателен. Закон Воздаяния (Кошмар) Вердикт Джордаса: Карта додзё клана: Правила клана: * 1.1 Вести себя адекватно в чате клана/альянса/Discord'e. * 2.1 Запрещается любое затрагивание родных. * 2.2 Запрещается Оскорбления игроков. * 2.3 Запрещается Капс (пр. "ПРИВЕТ") * 2.4 Запрещается Попрошайничество. * 2.5 Запрещается Торговля. (Обмен разрешен) * 3.1 Сообщать верховенству клана о своем неактиве более чем на 15 дней. Руководители клана: REWER. (Александр) - Создатель npu3pak_GT (Андрей) - Создатель -CS.OWG-Sora (Иван) - Заместитель HiiroTsurugi (Александр) - Заместитель -CS.OWG-kyoking (Владислав) - Офицер --6yprep-- (Роман) - Офицер Jericho-11 (Ирина) - Офицер Иерархия клана: Illusive Man - Создатель клана. Максимум на звании: 2 человека Ghost - Заместитель. Назначается Создателем клана. Максимум на звании: 2 человека Fiction - Офицеры клана. Присваивается по усмотрению Создателя/Заместителя. Максимум на звании: 5 человек Ghost Squad - Присваивается за смену ника с клановым тегом (( -CS.OWG- или -OWG- )). Пример: -CS.OWG-Rewer Максимум на звании: - Shade - Присваивается игрокам прошедшим испытательный срок и достигшим 20 ранг мастерства. Максимум на звании: - Spirit - Присваивается игрокам прошедшим испытательный срок и достигшим 10 ранг мастерства. Максимум на звании: - Shadow - Присваивается при вступлении в клан. (Испытательный срок 7 дней) Максимум на звании: - Спектр(Отпуск!) - Выдается Создателем/Заместителем при длительном отпуске. (От 15 дней) Требования для новобранцев: Возраст: 18+ Ранг мастерства: 10+ Адекватность Вы можете оставить заявку на форуме или написать верховенству клана в игре. Форма для подачи заявки:
  15. The card reads: Title: Gravité Tek (FRENCH) Desc1: Slam attacks in the Marked Zone pull all enemies within 6m. (ENGLISH) Desc2: Marque une zone de 6m toutes les 45s infligeant 100 Dégâts/s aux ennemies. (FRENCH) Desc1 needs to be translated to something like: "Les frappes au sol dans la zone marqué tirent tous les ennemis dans un rayon de 6m." (FRENCH)
  16. Anti League Society is a small Dutch clan, we started out with only 3 members who build up the dojo. We already knew each other for a while from our gaming community The Salty Squad, but after a while the 3 of us got bored with all the other games, so we tried Warframe and where hooked. We couldn’t find any active Dutch clan that’s why we started our own. Since we are looking for active Dutch players, let me continue the rest in Dutch. Informatie over Anti League Society: Momenteel zijn wij een shadow clan. geliefd worden wij niet groter, mocht er toch genoeg animo zijn en actieve leden dan zullen wij zeker de volgende stap zetten. Wij vinden het belangrijk dat leden elkaar helpen, dat er een vriendelijke sfeer hangt tussen clan genoten. Om te verkomen dat mensen enkel in de clan joinen om research blueprints op te halen zonder bijdragen. Zullen wij hier wel enige toezicht op houden. Activiteit en clan status: (07-11-2018) Momenteel hebben wij 28/30 leden.Wij werken niet met een minimale of maximale leeftijd, maar verwachten wel dat elk lid zich volwassen gedraagt. Mastery Rank varieert van MR1 tot levelcap. Wij gebruiken Discord als ons vaste communicatie programma. Iedereen is welkom om hier te joinen, dit is niet enkel voor WF maar elke game die je kan verzinnen. Wij zijn opzoek naar actieve leden of dit nou solo of met elkaar is, dat is niet van belang. Maar wij verwachten wel dat je minimaal 1x in de 30 dagen online bent. Mocht dit niet het geval zijn dan zal je uit de clan verwijdert worden. Wil je toch graag weer lid worden, spring dan even in de discord of stuur 1 van de leaders een bericht. De clan is er voornamelijk om elkaar te helpen met vragen of hulp bij missies te krijgen, of als je graag mee wil doen met dagelijkse runs (sorties), raids en farms dan is het een aanrader om daar langs te komen. Stel gerust vragen etc in de ingame clan chat als je geen headset/mic hebt of het liever solo speelt. Alle ervaren spelers, zeker diegene in de discord zitten, zijn enthousiast om je ergens een handje mee te helpen. Binnen de clan zijn we ook heel relaxt met het traden van items wanneer nodig. (Dit word ook wederzijds verwacht) Research labs zijn 94% compleet (07-11-2018) Research 168/178 We hebben dagelijks nieuwe research aanstaan om alles 100% compleet te krijgen. DE heeft aangegeven dat een Dojo rework/update komt, daarom zijn wij de dojo volledig aan het herbouwen om zo vast ruimte te krijgen voor de nieuwe creaties van DE. Eisen & verwachtingen: Er zijn maar weinig eisen, gedraag je normaal en het komt helemaal goed, Be a male genital and get kicked lijkt me een duidelijk moto. Voor de rest verwachten we dat iedereen zich volwassen gedraagt en mocht er wel een clan issue zijn dan de warlord of een general aanspreken Je bent niet verplicht dagelijks online te zijn, maar verwachten wel dat je minimaal 1x in de 30+ dagen online komt. Mocht je toch langer afwezig zijn zonder het te vermelden dan is er kans dat je plek word overgenomen door een ander. Dus mocht je voor een lange periode bv geen tijd om te game geef dat door en dan kunnen we daar rekening mee houden. Hebben wij jou interesse gepiekt, stuur onze Warlord Kleurtje of Squidyboy1985 een ingame bericht. See you soon Tenno. Founding Warlord The_Imperial_Nugget
  17. (PS4)Vexx757

    Wukong: The rework I would give him

    Wukong: Passive: The more enemies he kills the longer the range on his melee weapons. · You will have 5 seconds to kill an enemy before it resets. · All abilities can be cast on the move. 1st ability · Increases the range of the ability cast to 20m with a 10m radius when knocking enemies down which can both be increased by range mods. · Holding the ability will cause a 360 swipe to knock multiple enemies down which will also do damage. · You can only cast the ability if you target an enemy. · Pressing the ability will not ragdoll enemies but instead will either damage them or knock them down. · It also can open enemies up to finishers. 3rd ability REWORK Wukong plucks hairs off his back to produce two clones of himself that will fight with him for a short duration. Upon death the clones will multiple itself all together spawning four clones. · It will either use the melee weapon that you have equipped, or it will use primal fury however If you cast it while using guns, the clones will fight with melee weapon. · Clones can use whatever stance you have in your melee weapon and stance from 4th ability. · The clone’s survivability is based on wukong`s health shields and armour. · The damage the clones do to enemies will depend on power strength and melee mods. · (Synergy) You can increase it survivability by using the 2nd ability before you cast the 3rd ability. The invulnerability phase on the clone will only work once. · (Synergy) The clones range attacks will be the 1st ability. There is no limit on reach. 4th ability · Decrease the attack speed of the first two swings in the stance. OR give him a completely new stance. · When blocking enemy damage, it will store up the damage and then can be released by preforming a slam attack. · (Synergy) The stored-up damage from blocking can also be used to boost the damage and the striping chance of the 1st ability. Using 1st ability on a surface or an enemy can bring you closer to it. Fix: When preforming the animation, you can`t see the staff. (this has been like this ever since he was released) Fix: Make the growing range of the melee weapon noticeable and effective. With these changes Wukong now has cc, survivability, support and better damage dealing.
  18. Saudações Tennos! O Clã Warriors Of Lotus - Brazil está recrutando: Lema: Mais que um clã somos uma família. Sobre nós: Somos um clã tempestade, cujo o objetivo é ensinar os novatos e aprimorar as habilidades dos veteranos! Possuímos Dojo Completo com todas as pesquisas e decorado. Nosso Brasão: Temos vagas para o cargo de Moderador de chat e discord. Requisitos: Ser ativo Não temos restrição de maestria. Ter 15 anos ou mais Ter headset Ser participativo(ajudar o clã em eventos, e pesquisas, interagir com demais membros e etc.) Usar app Discord *Obs: Interessados deverão deixar o nick aqui no tópico ou se preferir podem me enviar uma mensagem pessoal aqui mesmo no tópico ou através do discord: 0RI0N7#3329(são zeros invés de O) Sintam-se à vontade para juntar-se à nós, mais que um clã, somos uma família.
  19. kingfreddys

    gear item missing

    I have some of my gear item gone missing like my archwing,K-drive,fishing hooks,cutters,archwing deployer and etc.Any idea what's going on? Also I can no longer get the K-drive and the archwing deployer since you can only get it once. Here: this happen some day ago.
  20. 下記のPrime品を販売。 取引希望の際はLily9071へフレンド申請を一言添えてお願いします、ゲーム内で連絡が取れた順に取引を行っています。 常時ゲームにログインしている訳ではないので確認次第此方からご連絡いたします。 ※値段は手探りでやっているのでマーケット等を見ながら随時変更していきたいと思います。 Warframe 部位 在庫 値段 BANSHEE レシピ 2 25 BANSHEE ニューロテック 2 15 CHROMA レシピ 2 10 CHROMA シャーシー 3 10 HYDROID     レシピ 2   12 HYDROID     シャーシ 5 10 HYDROID    ニューロテック 1  15 HYDROID     システム 1  70 LIMBO レシピ 1 15 LIMBO システム 4 10 LIMBO シャーシー 1 30 LIMBO ニューロテック 2 55 MAG      システム 2 15 MAG      シャーシ 2 10 MAG      ニューロテック 2 20 MAG      レシピ 1 50 MIRAGE システム 1 15 MIRAGE シャーシー 3 10 MIRAGE ニューロテック 4 5 NEKROS レシピ 1 60 NEKROS シャーシー 1 15 NOVA レシピ 3 20 NOVA システム 1 20 NOVA ニューロテック 1 20 OBERON レシピ 2 10 OBERON システム 1 30 OBERON シャーシー 2 10 OBERON ニューロテック 3 30 ZEPHYR レシピ 1 20 ZEPHYR シャーシー 3 10 ZEPHYR ニューロテック 2 5 ASH シャーシー 1 15 プライマリー 部位 在庫値段 Boar レシーバー 1 10 Braton レシピ 1 5 Braton ストック 2 5 Burston ストック 2 10 Burston バレル 2 10 Burston レシーバー 1 5 Rubico ストック 1 10 Rubico バレル 1 10 Soma レシーバー 1 10 Tiberon レシピ 1 15 Tiberon バレル 1 20 Tiberon レシーバー 1 5 セカンダリ 部位 在庫 値段 Ballistica レシーバー 1 5 Bronco バレル 1 10 Bronco レシーバー 1 5 Lex バレル 1 5 Pyrana レシーバー 1 10 近接 部位 在庫 値段 Ankyros レシピ 1 10 Destreza レシピ 2 5 Fang レシピ 1 2 Gram レシピ 1 20 Gram ブレード 1 10 Orthos ハンドル 1 8 センチネル 部位 在庫 値段 Helios レシピ 1 5 Helios システム 1 10
  21. 𝕋 𝕙 𝕖 𝔹 ℝ 𝔼 𝔼 𝔻 𝔼 ℝ 𝕊 ℚ 𝕌 𝔸 𝔻 𝕚 𝕤 𝕝 𝕠 𝕠 𝕜 𝕚 𝕟 𝕘 𝕗 𝕠 𝕣 𝕟 𝕖 𝕨 𝕞 𝕖 𝕞 𝕓 𝕖 𝕣 𝕤 𝕒 𝕟 𝕕 𝕪 𝕠 𝕦 𝕞 𝕚 𝕘 𝕙 𝕥 𝕓 𝕖 𝕛 𝕦 𝕤 𝕥 𝕨 𝕙 𝕠 𝕨 𝕖 𝕟 𝕖 𝕖 𝕕 . We are interconnected Kubrow and Kavat breeders that sports about 60 members on our server, give or take. We are just beginning to blossom! I would genuinely say we are the best at helping new breeders looking for an income or just casual breeding, ♥ From there you can decide how far you want to go into the world of buying and selling. There will be people the whole way acting as a support group, each with their own advice from experience! We can get people started, we can provide another place to sell wares if you are willing to invest time in the group and be patient, or we can serve as an alternate potential place for purchases. ♥ Our Discord server is so supportive and helpful, something I know I've never felt in other places where membership was extremely large. We try to keep a laid back atmosphere and support those getting to know breeding especially. We don't own you, after all, you are free to come and go, as you please. The only thing we do take seriously, naturally, is people trying to prey on or scam members. This has yet to happen. ♥ There are no real requirements other than not being a jerk. 😉 Are you a member of other breeder discords? Okay! We don't have any feelings either way and have no problem with those who also frequent other breeder discords. Even if you leave the server, then return, there are no hard feelings. Feeling overwhelmed by entering the business of breeding? There are so many of us that can help you. I have my guides, and another member is working on a different aspect for her own guides, (which I am quite excited about.) These not only took a great deal of love and effort, but I learned even more writing my guides and checking for sources, etc. ♥ While we can point you to places in various guides to help, we more often provide assistance personally. I am invested with great hope, as is AyaHoneycomb, our Matron of the Squad, in this welcoming community, and want to see it blossom and grow to its full potential. So stop by, just click the picture of our temperamental mascot below to join the Discord! Take time to chat, set up a pet shop, advertise some specific wares, teach others or ask questions of your own. Show us that picture of your recent and very first Kubrow or Kavat you've bred! Anything that helps you, helps all of us! ♥ Get to know the others in a more intimate group than those with so many members you won't interact with 95% of them.
  22. With the mention of a possible Arch-Weapon Riven introduction as mentioned in dev-stream #122 I think it would be better to introduce this into an Arch-Wing based mission over ground based missions. It was mentioned that this may arise in Arbitrations which is fine by all means, but then the arbitration should be an Archwing Arbitration with the same drops, but with the exception of a Arch-weapon Riven. Best described as: You cant win a F1 Grand Prix using a Motor Bike, therefore you cant win an Archwing Riven without using your Archwing. As its stands for now there is a lack of people wanting to do Archwing based missions, I believe this is partially the case as there is only few senarios where it is important to focus on upgrading your gear. Just a few senario's that come to mind are: Eidolon Hunting on the planes of Eidolon (although this is only relevant to the Archwing not the weapons) XP farming on Salacia. (As its very difficult to gather a squad so often you have to solo this) Taking on the Jordas Golem. (As its very difficult to gather a squad so often you have to solo this) For the most part people seem to avoid these missions or commonly in recruit chat people ask for help to be "Carried" through these kinds of missions as they don't want to put the work in to evolve their Archwing gear as there is little incentive to do so. An alternative suggestion: Introduce Archwing bounties tiers 1,2, & 3 (like normal) All bounties are focused on using your archwings Item drops are Archwing focused to improve their gear as well as the usual stuff Kuva, lenses, or maybe even Nitain? as a bit of a draw card along with the Arch-weapon Riven of course! I am looking forward to what is coming in 2019 with the mention of more Archwing interaction. I am a lover of Archwing based missions, and hope to see much more interaction with them moving forward.
  23. Red_Creed

    i didnt get my reward

    after i played for one hour on kuva survival i didnt get my rewards i dont know what happened i tried to log out and re log but nothing happened i had like 15600 kuva ,can you please help?