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  1. Effects to minimum (10), noticed relatively recently, a couple of days ago everything was ok. Is it new normal?
  2. Its been a while since Gauss's release but his alt helmet has still not appeared in the Nightwave Cred offerings. I have checked every week of Nightwave Season 2 since his release going into week 2 of Nightwave Intermission. Still no helmet. When Wisp was released her Gaoth Helmet appeared shortly after in the Cred offerings. Can this be looked into? Thanks.
  3. I don't mean the secondary buffs aspect of Mesa's passive, instead I'm referring to the "gain 50 health when a melee weapon is not equipped" part of it. Here's what you can do: Either make it so that mods like vitality and gladiator resolve can actually affect it, so that it can become something to actually seek out to gain, or get rid of it. Because 50 health makes absolutely NO difference in late game, or even in early game really, and I feel that it needs a bit of work done on it to make it either at least decent, or not something you have to think about.
  4. Yo! Remy here. Just wanted to clear up some things and offer some solutions to the gripes players have with this update. As of right now I have umbralfied my Grendel and killed 6 liches and on my way to number 7. My Kuva weapons earned in order. 1 - KKracken 2 - KQuartakk 3- KChaukkur 4 - KBrakk 5 - KSeer 6 - KShieldag 7 - Soon to be my KDrakgoon As of right now I only need 30 forma but have invested 15 already. I have 18 forma BPs anyway and will take a break soon from Lich Hunting. Overall I wanted to go over some misconceptions in this current patch and how a player can craft a solution to these issues. Most of the topics I'll be talking about today stems from public outrage via posts and video content that I've seen personally. So without further ado let's do this. *Myth Number 1:This game is turning P2W.* So it's not a secret that DE runs a free game who makes their money off of cosmetics and prime accessories, but that's not where all their money comes off of. A good portion of their profits stem from players just buying Plat to mess with ingame, due to the flexibility of plat and how it enhances the game. Hell most people buy the bundles because the plat value is insanely high. Smart players will even wait for a discount daily drop before opting in to buy a very large sum of plat for a very miniscule amount of cash. Even now we have a market dedicated to plat collection which anyone and everyone can get into with enough patience and knowledge. So the main problem players have here is the one time only purchasable Requim Lich Hunter pack, which includes ONLY 1 of each new Requim mods designed to kill liches, and a plethora of cosmetics, which have been deemed as "fluff" to make the package more enticing "bait worthy" or "pricey". Now the myth here is that somehow DE doesn't provide these easy to buy packages when new content comes out. DE has always put out such packages and this Requim Pack only has limited usage. A 1 time only purchase means that this cannot be abused unless a player has multiple alt accounts which even then is walled off by making sure the purchase is a large one. Thusly the cosmetics seem to be more of a "safety feature" than rather "fluff" to up the price of the package. The 1 time only feature makes sure that players aren't making too easy or too quick to defeat their lich as they are suppose to be threatening and annoying ingame as a nemesis feature. So it makes sense that we have to work for it. I really doubt that this Req pack is meant to become the latest and greastest cash grab for their company. Its just a plat pack they released with the latest content. With every new drop of content, in the exact same manner, they've always done and they even went out of their way to make it a 1 time only purchase. Why is this surprising as a new content deal? *Myth Number 2:Too much RNG* So they reused the relic system and implimented it in a way that seems more grindy. What if I were to tell you it is not that grindy? Keep in mind everything you do in this game takes RNG. Mods, loot, tilesets, weapon parts, frame parts, rivens, event spawns, relics, reward tables, buffs and debuffs, hell even our weapons shoot out randomly enough that it should be second nature at this point to expect it! Point is this is a lootershooter. If you don't like the mechanics you're free to just stop playing the game to opt out of RNG entirely but if you play the game you're accepting some level of RNG in the process anyways. Adding an additional relic system and Lich spawning is nothing new here so the outrage doesn't make sense. *Myth Number 3:Requim Relics are too hard to farm* This was a complaint before the recent hotfix that made collecting Req relics much easier. Just farming for thralls has given us 3 to 4 relics per lich run which is huge! There are several reasons why and to understand this we need to know our options for getting the right combinations to getting that Lich kill. So we can farm relics normally via Kuva Flood/Kuva Siphon. Floods have a 100% chance to drop a Req Relic and siphons have a 50% chance to drop one. You can do 1 flood and/or 5 siphons per hour then they reset. Another way is killing thralls which have a 5% drop rate to drop either a small amount of kuva or a Req relic. This is how I get my 3 to 4 req relics per run. A third option is trading one for one with other players. You can literally go into trade chat offer up your extra req mods for the one you need to kill your active lich at the time. So just like prime parts we have many options to get the right mods for the lich hitjob we are seeking to do. All this while we are passively farming kuva, which was one of the most annoying resources to farm and we need absolute truckfuls to progress, and other loot. Hell I take advantage of the massively high levels so I can level up one or two pieces of gear. Players even report that floods and siphons make excellent affinity farms with how long the missions take and high spawn rate with higher levels. All in all the one exception here compared to normal relics is that once you get your foot in the door from your very first lich hunt so to speak you may never have to do anymore kuva floods or siphons ever again so long as you are smart with the relics given to you throughout your hunting process. So the recent changes actually make these new relics easier to farm compared to normal relics. Players have even figured out that doing flawless relics instead of radiant still gives out the same chances and saves half your void traces in the process. There is no way this is grindier than the systems we have in place already and once you get started you would have to put effort into messing up. Like a lot of effort to mess up this cycle. *Myth Number 4:I don't want a lich stealing my loot!* Alright so then don't spawn one. The new addition to allow a larvaling to bleedout or mercy killing it to opt into nemesis mode is just great. Many players were crying about how they will involuntarily get forced into a lich hunt. This may not be the case as from my larvaling spawns the larvaling always spawns around 200 meters away from you with a bright red marker and several voicelines on a comms channel. What baffles me is that somehow throughout all these reds flags people are complaining that they somehow still managed to run towards the red marker not heed the audio cues and still accidentally mercy kill the one weird looking grineer unit with the name Kuva Larvaling! There is no excuse here as to opting in or out that is unless you lose all control and just opt into it. Just keep in mind once you mercy kill a larvaling you have just dedicated yourself through a journey an ardious process that can be rewarding for you and lasts only as long as you give it. *Myth Number 5:Not worth the effort.* So this one surprised me. The Kuva Weapons are contenders for best in slot easily when maxed out with the proper builds. Whatever happened to the "any weapon can be OP" saying players used to have? I have 6 Kuva weapons and I can honestly tell you they are insane. Whether you choose to keep them under level 40 or max them out for that sweet MR gain its up to you, but from my experience, my KQuartakk was dealing with lvl 100s with half a proper build after putting a brand new forma on it. Meaning a level 1 KQuartakk with 2 forma on it and minimal mods was killing lvl 100s decently. Honestly man what are you complaining about? *Myth Number 6: This requires too much forma!* Okay got me there. Then agaaaaiin! One of the first things taught to us as newer players is that you need forma. You need a lot of forma. A LOT of forma. To forget this easy lesson is easy and to think people find this difficult is just confusing. We were all advised to stock up on forma. The game releases new frames and weapons all the time so maybe you should save some forma. Relics drop forma all the time. Forma can be purchased via plat. And there's so many options for forma it is ridiculous to say you don't have enough. Do I get impatient waiting for forma to be forged? You can bet your sweet tuchus! But forma comes and goes and eventually I'll have enough for all the Kuva weapons just in time like with anything in this game. Collecting forma should have been second nature from the getgo but if you're a screw up with forma like me you could bide your time with the few that you have, use plat, or maybe finally fix a big flaw in the gameplay you haven't look into yet? *Myth Number 7:This is too grindy* So as mentioned before the grind is really minscule once you get started. Here are some simple tips to make it easier on you. The grind is not bad once you become efficient with it. Just like with any grind impatience is the enemy Req relics can be farmed by murmur farm aka killing thralls. Once you get your first lich you'll get a couple of relics and evem if you don't get the mod you want you can either savr it for another lich or trade it via another player for the exact one you need. Farming Thralls is easy and I recommend survival, interception, and defense missions as the higher spawn rate, smaller, and longer mission time allow for many more thralls than short missions. The addition to the longer missions is that thralls come to you rather than you running to the thralls so this saves time and effort. Missions you want to avoid murmur farming are exterminate, rescue, and capture. These missions are super short which don't allow for spawning, with lower spawn rates, and the thralls usually spawn away from the player, thus dragging you to go and find it which quickly becomes tedious and boring. Thralls have even a higher chance to glitch out from these types of spawns as well. Lastly if your lich appears, stab it. Literally stab it! Why? Well there arr many advantages you can take by doing so. You can expetiment with the current mods you have on right now which greatly helps in guessing the third murmur in your lich's sequence. If you guessed correctly you can cut your thrall farms by large sums easily. So test out your current mods and switch out wrong ones in between each mission. If you managed to kill a lich early you just got a big headstart saved a ton of time and resources. Stabbing a lich makes it go away. This makes missions smoother quicker and less stressful on everyone. And no you do not want to keep a lich around to spawn more thralls. It does spawn more but they are more of a bother than anything. They prolong missions above the thrall time limit which is the first 5 minutes of a mission, they attack and slam players more than spawn thralls which is a big waste because everyone is dying to long animations instead of collecting thralls. Overall having a lich ingame is not fun and its more efficient murmur farming without. That Lich can burn so much of your time as well as there's a player who might need help killing one. Down the lich stab em move on. Efficiency is key here. Last tip do not do any of this solo. You're best off spawning a larvaling on Saturn, Cassini or Sedna, Adaro on solo though so keep that on mind. Otherwise always farm with a full team always kill with a full team. It's better for everyone in turn since murmurs effect the whole party and lichs end up being a big enough pain that it makes things worst. Here are some topics I didn't go over because these complaints are wrong per say they are just subjective and is more towards what kind of players these are. 1 - "This is all so boring!" Okay cool! That's on you man. Warframe has always been a grindy lootshooter MMO and if that's not your cup of tea, then no one will force you to drink it. But if you want those rewards you gotta earn it. lootshooter? MMO? See concepts here. Respect the nature of the game. 2 - "None of this is rewarding or memorable." Once again! All you brother/sister. Some may not like the whole fantasy pret3nd thing going on but for many we find it rather enticing. The lore, the personas, the jokes, the stories, Oh! Some of us are in it for the experience of the journey rather than the destination. Why? Because the end goal is short lived whereas the story of someone's experience can last up to years. If you don't enjoy it no one is at fault maybeø8 you should do something else and I don't mean quit just maybe Lich Hunting is not your style of Warframe. 3 - "This is all so easy." Hey pal! I'd like to see you stuck in a corner with a lich breathing down your...Okay almost went off on a tangent there. Anyways joking aside, the difficult can vary between different player levels. It is commonly known that the skill gaps between players are vast and complex. If you find it all too easy, then good for you! So...why are you telling me this? Go do an endurance run or something. Idk man hunt the lich solo? Yeah maybe I'll leave you to your insane tridolon 3×8 per night or something but its difficult to a very large portion of the playerbase. We get it you can't hang with the losers and the weaker tenno but hey man we're trying to have fun in our own way and its challenging to us so please have some consideration. Anyways that was a little essay on the myths of the Old Blood update. Please comment like and subscribe...oh wait. I don't have a Youtube channel... anyways please voixe out your opinions and let me know if I missed anything. This was to help the community shed some light on the situation at hand and probably even help a couple of people out in the process.
  5. As the title says... Before the update, Pavlov was a "nice and easy" way to farm some Endo, as the 400 Endo drop came fairly often. Ever since the update it had been replaced with Failsave (got it 46 times already...) which is frankly unecessary as you only need this mod once and it sells it for only 15 endo 😞 So please swap the Endo with the Failsave. The drop chance for Bloodrush is also broken. It took me a couple of months to accumulate 50 of them and since the update I'm up to 80 (o_O)
  6. I've been helping a player to get Ivara's chassis, so we went to do spy missions in Pavlov (Lua). The problem: whenever we got to vault C, the floor was already broken (you're supposed to go to the past and knock something down from the ceiling for it to break). Also a wall that's supposed to break with an explosive container near the end (ice path) doesn't even have to because it's already broken when you get there. The void rift at the end of the same vault is already open even before hacking the last terminal as well. The node was controlled by a lich on my account, though the mission was hosted by another player (i don't know if they also have a lich). We were both limbo (mine primed) and otherwise it was a pretty normal mission, no other weird stuff happened.
  7. Immortal Exiles - Rank 10 - Mountain clan open recruitment again. We are cozy, laid back and semi-competitive clan, one of most active mountain clan in pc platform, we are forever mountain because we believe in quality not in quantities, max 300 members is best for interact each other and help each others. Our focus is to grow as a strong warframe community and striving to be one of most active clan. We have all dojo lab items researched. very friendly and helpful members, huge number veteran players from most of all the busiest time zone. Our Dojo and all rooms are awesome, huge and beautiful decorated with nice colors. We are part of the huge and very active V alliance. We are an International clan, Members from around the globe, we are open for all players no matter what country or cultures, Always 30 to 60 members online in 24/7 hrs. We have a very organized discord server, with warframe alerts, cetus day/night alerts, price checks, builds, warframe news and update ect; 1) Mastery Rank 6 or above. 2) Discord required, (mic optional) 3) Participant in clan events 4) Be active. 1. 7 days for members are mastery rank from 0 - 6. 2. 10 days for all members with clan less than one month or clan rank below Deadly Ninja. 3. 14 days for those with clan more than 1 months or clan rank Deadly Ninja. 4. 21 days for clan rank Fearless leader and above ranks. 5. You can leave a vacation note in discord if you have a real life need. 6. Maximum additional total day can be allowed is 21 days when submit a vacation note. 30 days for high clan rank members. If you interested to join with us leave a reply below this post with your: 1) In-game name: 2) Mastery Rank: 3) Region: 4) Type of Player: Or send me a friend request with a note in game to -IE-DragonZero- Or you can apply online here: ImmortalExiles.clanwebsite.com/recruitment We are not following this recruiting applications anymore since new Clan forum started by DE. Clan forum links: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/350-immortal-exiles/
  8. While fighting thralls attempting to figure out the requiems needed providing my Kuva Lich, I finally got the correct order. On my attempts to kill her I've had 4 failures due to the game “freezing up” in an animation. the first link is about 3 minutes of videos showing and explaining the animation and the image afterwards in the 2nd link shows that I do have the mods in the correct order. It freezes the only option for me is to force quit the game with alt+F4 and relog in the last 2 it shows me at as Excalibur which I was playing as Inaros and I'm unable to move or pull up anything other than using the T command to pull up chat. https://imgur.com/a/iAJc2JO https://imgur.com/a/AWw6GGS
  9. Se suponía que nosotros matábamos al lich una y otra vez para que reviva más fuerte con cada muerte (inmortalidad) y la única manera de darle una muerte permanente es con los requiem incluso en la demo de la tennocon lo decían entonces PORQUE nunca tengo la opción de matarlo y a pesar de que somo mas fuertes pues como no tienes los requiem te mueres no tiene ningún sentido, que la opción de fallar una ejecución solo se active cuando tengamos los 3 mods requiem que nos piden equipados e intentemos matarlo permanentemente ahí si tiene sentido que no lo matemos, fallemos y nos mate ya que no sabemos el orden aun, además que la única vez que lo matamos se muere para siempre entonces todo eso de la inmortalidad es una mentira realmente espero que cambien como esta ahora, porque la gente lo unico que esta haciendo es pasar de sus lich cuando invaden dándoles 0 importancia porque no aporta nada pelear contra el si vas a perder hagas lo que hagas Y POR FAVOR QUITENLE EL LIMITE DE LVL A LOS LICH ADEMAS QUE GANEN MÁS DAÑO Y VIDA POR NIVEL ES QUE NO ES UN DESAFÍO BAJARLES LOS ESCUDOS Y LA VIDA
  10. So i presume we will need to hire npc for the rail jack ship or ship bay. Can we just use our converted lich to fill that role. It be hilarious if we can converse with them. Especially the one with a quirks.
  11. I was a Redeemer player, amazing melee, keeping pressed E while running, two powerfull shots, while combo counter was going up, perfect, now, doesn't work anymore, for shots, you must stop walking and press E, if you press E while runing, you slash the weapon, bah, ok, trying with the heavy attack, only 1 shot, slower than before, and it doesn't make the combo counter stack up, i'm really very disapointed. You changed and ruined my almost 3k hours played in just 1 day, and i won't say nothing about the nerf to maiming strike and W+Ctrl+E playing. 😡
  12. Busqueda de Kuva Larving Este objetivo grineer es quién indica el objetivo Kuva Lich el cual sera unico por cada jugador, se lo puede encontrar realizando misiones en Sedna - Adaro. AL revisar informacion en los foros y test personal, se puede encontrar a los Kuva Larving en Missiones de Facción Grineer, Exterminio sigue siendo una buena opcion. KUVA LARVING Video Captura Objetivo Kuva Lich Una vez que se haya encontrado al objetivo se procede a realizar misiones en donde exista influencia, (Territorio controlado por Zobaru Obb) se los puede distinguir por un charco rojo sobre el sector, al darle click aparece una opcion del Territorio LIch, ya que estan varios sectores tambien variara las misiones, pueden ser sabotages, rescates, espionajes, exterminios, supervivencias, etc. Dado que entraran en escuadron, el objetivo puede ser el que tengas pero esto dependera de que tan llena tengas la barra de tu objetivo lich, este aumenta cada vez que lo encuentras en las misiones, la secuencia que se necesita para matarlo se lo obtiene a partir de los MODS REQUIEM; siendo estos LOHK, XATA, JAHU, VOME, KRA, NETRA, FASS, RIS. Localizacion de sectores para realizarlo Por casualidad me aparecio desde el inicio en Sedna, a ustedes puede que les pase lo mismo, en cualquier caso revisen el mapa estelar y veran unas manchas en algun planeta. ingresen al sector que aparesca un chargo rojo. INICIANDO SIN MODS Si acabas de obtener tu objetivo lich lo mejor es que mates a los grineer que aparecen como sintesis (Esclavo Dezobaru Obb) y cuando tengan una mancha roja presionas X, cada vez que hasga esto se va cargando un sigilo como del sindicato de meridiano (Murmullo Requiem), cada vez que completes uno de estas tendrás una oportunidad para colocar los REQUIEM MODS mencionados anteriormente. Luego repites esto varias veces hasta completar todo el Murmullo Requiem que se muetra al darle el golpe final al Esclavo de Zobaru, la carga beneficiarà solo al que lo mata. Tambien al matar esclavos hay la probabilidad que suelte reliquias Requiem, ademas sin no posees todos los mods puedes optar por no suicidarte y dejarlo alli, de igual manera seguira generando mas esclavos; priorizen matar Grineer de esta manera tambien se generan esclavos. ZOBARU OBB - LICH DE KUVA Todos los objetivos tienen difernetes debilidades, Resitencias, Inmunidades. Deberas equipar tus armas con lo necesario para poder bajarles la vida. Conforme avanzas el estado de la barra va cambiando - Indiferente - Molesto -Irritado -Enfurecido ARMAS En General se debe llevar Viral para la Faccion Grineer, aqui les muestro la build de las armas que utilizo, pueden llevar las mismas u otras diferentes. En lo personal recomiendo usar armas que tengan muchisima cadencia de fuego con las debilidades el Zobaru Obb, yo uso la Imperator, como Arma Pesada, Aqui les muestro mi build, esto ya es decision de cada uno, ustedes pueden hacerla mucho mejor. Primaria Secundaria Melee Riven ArchiA rma Mientras tengas a tu objetivo, en las misiones te van a robar recursos, pero no hay problema, en cuanto hayas encontrado la sequencia recuperaras todos los recursos. Avanze en la Barra Hay que estar atentos porque se completa la secuencia de mod requiem necesario en el orden que va apareciendo Luego con suerte lo completas y te da la opcion de Convertir o Matar, si lo conviertes te ayudara en las misiones y si lo matas te dara el arma que tiene. Logro Conversion / Asesinar Para conseguir estos logros el objetivo debe ser rango 5, es decir, llenar la barra al maximo Al conocer los tres mods se procede a convertirlo o matarlo. Al terminar la mision recuperas todo lo que te hayan robado antes. Y aparecera este mensaje Y ahora se consumio uno de los 3 intentos en los mods utilizados. Estadisticas Base Bueno hasta aqui esta Guia, espero les haya servido y tengan un Buen Dia. Les Saluda Limpo015 IMPORTANTE Lista de Warframes y tipos de daño elemental luego de matar al Kuva Larving., Tomado de Reddit, Creditos a NooblyUser y la comunidad de Reddit en Ingles https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dq2jno/kuva_weapon_element_not_rng_your_help_needed/ Lista de Armas generadas y estdisticas obtenidas de algunos usuarios, puden ayudar añadiendo sus estadisticas tambien, de esta manera se puede obtener mas informacion para generar las mejores estadisticas. Obtenidad del foro de Warframe en Ingels. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DFqQaxNwoOuzB4vuMIgnqVvVRK1K9fh1BWTwkJB7v0E/edit#gid=0 Prcentajes de Bonus de Daño Daño -------------Rareza +20% - 40% ------ 75.9% +40% - 60% ------ 22.11% +60% ------ 2.01% Estadisticas Finales La Variante en las armas es solo el bono de daño de estado adicional que le da el warframe, de acuerdo a lo que busque el jugador, el resto dee stadisticas se mantienen. PD: Cuando estuve en el segundo mod Requiem el Zobaru Obb se puso bien tanque PD2: Habia Leido que para tener un nuevo objetivo hay que esperar 24h, pero esto no es cierto, pude conseguir un nuevo objetivo cuando fui a Adaro -Sedna PD3: Convertirlo o Matarlo? Para decidirlo un tip puede ser mirar el porcentaje de daño elemental del arma, ya que use un Volt para matarlo, es la razon de que tenga 55% de electricidad, pueden probar con otros warframes para corroborar, este es mi segundo objetivo, en el primero me dio 20% electricidad y fui con Inaros en el mismo Sector, lo converti, pero al actual lo mate
  13. Hello, The Kuva Lich status doesn't disappear when I try a new Mod on my Lich's and it fails or not. After that the hole mission i play without HUD because this status is there, always.
  14. After obtaining the neuroptics for Limbo, the quest log won't update. It doesn't tell me to go anywhere, kill someone. Nothing. Does anybody have an idea why this is happening?
  15. -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/community/partners#partnerIndex <<<------------------------- Echa un vistazo a la lista completa de los Socios de Warframe, que incluye a creadores de contenido en YouTube, Mixer y Twitch. !Lista Completa de la mayoria de Glifos que puedes conseguir, Asociados a Warframe! !streamlabs, streamelements suscripciones con twitch, youtube, patreon, mixer... !si encuentran algun error, diferente o simplemente no existe, pueden comentarlo para editar el post! >>> Puedes activar los codigos desde la Tienda en el juego ó desde la pagina de Warframe <<< -------------------------------->>> https://www.warframe.com/es/promocode <<<--------------------------------- NOTA: >>> Algunos Asociados, pueden estar "Inactivos ó su Glifo retirado del Juego <<< >>> Los siguientes Codigos solo pueden activarse una vez! Algunos codigos son Temporales y solo funcionan cada cierto tiempo <<< NOTA: >>> Introducir demasiadas veces un codigo invalido puede bloquear vuestra IP en la pagina <<< >>> si esto sucede se arregla a los pocos minutos, solo os bloquea el acceso a la pagina de Warframe, no afecta al juego <<< >>>>> Glyphs Partners (Waves)(Rondas) <<<<< >>>>> Partners Codigos Globales <<<<< >>>>> Comunidad Warframe <<<<<
  16. Looking at Vauban rework with his 3rd and 4th ability combined and Ember still having some of the mechanics of world of fire in her new 4th ability got me thinking, why don` Ash get the same thing with his bs excepted; · When activating the ability, it will start instantly. · Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. · If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies. · Enemies that are red can be killed by players. · There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at. · An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs. For ppl that want to do two things at once can still do so but with a benefit of a faster activation time plus holding the ability and for ppl that like the animation can press the ability and be in the animation instantly however being in the animation will require you to be interactive. Interactive blade storm animation When you are in the animation, you have a chance to gain bonus duration of slash ticks and 1% animation speed increase in the next use however, you have to be interactive within the animation. While in the animation; · You have to press the melee button in sink when his stabs enemies in the animation. · When doing so, there is an indicator showing the buffs and successful hits which will be converted into duration of slash ticks and animation speed increase. · The more successful hits you get the more animation speed you can get in the next use e.g. 10 successful hits = 10% animation speed. · The maximus slash duration bonus you can receive is 7 seconds. · If you jump out of bs you will lose the bonuses. · The bonuses slash tick duration will also include all weapon types. (even weapons that don’t have slash) · If you don`t interact with at least five animation cutscenes and get three successful hits, you will only deal half of bs damage (2000 damage + no interaction = 1000 damage) and will do no slash ticks when animation os done. This will keep player from being afk. I would like to see future reworks do the same thing when it comes to combining abilities. (obviously if the ability is good)
  17. crejahd

    the war within

    i am stuck in the mountan pass through. i cant move or anything my opetrator is not showing
  18. So I was re watching the cinematic intro from tennocon 2019 this year and I had a question. a question many of us has had. why are the cloths that the operator in the video has on not in the game? Those would be pretty cool to have. https://youtu.be/9O-yCnQKYhM
  19. As featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale. Hi, I am Paul. I am an enthusiastic Clan Emblem Designer wanting to add value to all the clans out there, established or fresh, in terms of their organization's identity. I have been extra honored to be able to work with a few clans so far and building up my hi-quality emblem portfolio in the past recent months, and I am trying to expand my service out there. Enough about me, please let me know how I can help YOUR clan become a more outstanding one with your desired identity. Now before any false scamming accusations arise, please let me share with you my past client list, my works and finally how my business operates: Real Clans Client List (Updated Frequently): Rageing Tennoids Warlord: MrPotatoHead357. Crimson Shadow Knights Warlord: Synchro122. The Ashen Knights Warlord: Sethrox100. The Valley of Kings Warlord: RoachApproacH2O. Ophidian Warlord: xNakshx. Status: Emblem Officially Online. UnKnown Origin Warlord: Viox_IV. Trigger Warning Warlord: Whitewasher2. Black Sky (Alliance) Warlord: Anonymys. Nothing to see here Warlord: sb1125. Umbruh Warlord: expelled_angel. Venatores of Mars Warlord: Raidershogunate. Venatores of Mars' Alliance Warlord: Raidershogunate. Tactica Imperialis Warlord: Agent M3tallion. Galaxy Brawlers - Alliance Warlord: DarkenPrime. Works Overview: Works Usage: Clan: Rageing Tennoids. Clan: Crimson Shadow Knights. Clan: The Ashen Knights. Clan: The Valley of Kings. Clan: Ophidian. Clan: UnKnown Origin. Clan: Trigger Warning. Alliance: Black Sky (home of Clan: Unknown Origin). Clan: Nothing to see here. Clan: Umbruh. Clan: Venatores of Mars. -------- Now that you have seen some of my recent works, please let me go over how my business operates. In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask you of a few things: 1. Since I have my job in real life, the best way to reach me is through my email: paulvo(dot)844(at)gmail(dot)com 2. Whether it be through email or audio communication, I will try to get to know your ideas, preferences, etc. in terms of what you want for your emblem and from that we will move on to the deadline setting and payment discussion before I embark on the design process. I hope through this post to establish an initial trust from you. Your clan deserves the most outstanding and unique emblems, and I will work my butt off to make sure that it has one. Thank you for your time. Hope I can serve you and your clan soon! 🙂
  20. I'm trying to check some mods informations but, when I click on the links in the chat, this happens: This is my settings for the interface: And there's another bug that is happening to me since I started to play Warframe again... Quest goal icons stay on my screen even when completed: Thanks for any help :D
  21. Salut, quel warframe a le pouvoir de l'invisibilité la plus longue, qui dure longtemps ? svp
  22. Whenever I go into into an archwing in the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Valis I am stuck in the archwing and unable to get out or anything. I normally end up flying into water or getting shot down by missiles. "E" just doesen't work for me. And whenever I try to get out of a Dargyn. I just stop getting out half way. And just stuck in there. And now my K-Drive is acting weird where I just get kicked off or sent through the map. I don't know if anyone else is having trouble with this.
  23. It’s called glaxion acrimag +162.6% damage -105.4% recoil
  24. So the Exploiter Orb mission is really buggy, which has been the main reason I've been putting off getting my remaining part for Hildryn (just need the chassis), and today I tried my luck and was greeted by having to try to do the entire fight without gaining any information. During the intro scene when Mommy Exploiter comes down into deck 12, the HUD disappears for a while during her little bit of monologue, though usually you get it back soon after. I did not. I could not see my health, ammo, energy, damage, nothing. I was fighting with the HUD permanently off. I tried turning it on and off again in my settings, but that did not change it. I have several images to show different parts of the battle. I was hoping that perhaps after getting to Phase 2 it would load back, but alas that did not happen. I should mention in this picture you do not see the heat bar because I got off one of her parts. When it is time to throw thermia at her to warm her up again, you do get to see that bar, but that is it. This was to show that if you pick up things like Oberon parts and blueprints, then that will show up. Normal pickups like polymer bundles and energy are not shown. I should also mention that I got no indication of picking up mods except for the sound you get for picking them up. That's all the information I can think of right now, but if there are questions for more information, please contact me. I am available most of the time, so I will most likely respond rather quickly. Okay, so bl1te commented a possible cause of the bug from his own personal experience, so I decided to test it out. I just did another run to test it, and he was indeed correct. When Exploiter Orb comes into Deck 12, if you press escape and enter the menu while the HUD has been obscured, it will stay obscured. Hopefully this will help with figuring out where in the code to go.
  25. Hi, my squad screen when the host or anyone votes in my squad for the mission is bugged. I can't see the vote and the person has to revote for me to see it. Sometimes it starts without me confirming leading me to not put a relic or get ready for sortie or something. Can someone help me ?
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