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  1. Ivara 2nd ability: · Mods on weapons do not affect the speed of the projectile. · Decrease the energy cost from 5 energy per second (including when controlling projectile) to 2 energy per second. · Pressing the fire button will now have 3 different acceleration speed options. · Using this automatically has a punch-through of 1.0. · Make the doors open when projectile goes near them. · This ability can be cast on the move. Chroma: 1st ability: · Increase the range from 10m to 15m. · Make it do continuous damage (like beam weapons) instead of damage a second. · By holding the fire button, you will increase its range, damage and cone spread. · Increase range when adding range mod to be more noticeable. Nova · Increase damage to 500. · Instead of it inflicting slash damage it will proc impacted damage which will have a 100% stagger affect. If the particle hits the same enemy again it will knock them down. · The more enemies it hits the more the damage increases. · If you hold the ability it won`t seek out enemies but instead can be used for damage reduction however status procs will consume particles. Pressing the ability will revert it back to seeking out enemies. · Damage reduction will not disappear until all particles are gone. Frost 1st ability: · The enemy that it frozen will absorb the damage you inflict on it and will explode dealing the stored-up damage to any enemies in a 12m radius. · Increase projectile speed. Ash: 4th Ability: · When activating the ability, it will start instantly. · Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you. · If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies. · Enemies that are red can be killed by players. · There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at. · An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs. Interactive blade storm animation If you don`t want to be in the animation, it will act as normal however if you decide to be involved in the animation, you have a chance to gain bonus duration of slash ticks and 1% animation speed increase in the next use however, you have to be interactive within the animation. While in the animation; · You have to press the melee button in sink when his stabs enemies in the animation. · When doing so, there is an indicator showing the buffs and successful hits which will be converted into duration of slash ticks and animation speed increase. · The more successful hits you get the more animation speed you can get in the next use e.g. 10 successful hits = 10% animation speed. · The maximus slash duration bonus you can receive is 7 seconds. · If you jump out of bs you will lose the bonuses. · The bonuses slash tick duration will also include all weapon types. (even weapons that don’t have slash) · If you don`t interact with at least five animation cutscenes and get three successful hits, you will only deal half of bs damage. (2000 damage + no interaction = 1000 damage. Atlas 2nd ability · When aiming at the rock-wall with it becomes see-through. · If enemies are shooting at it, it will absorb the damage which increases the damage when using it against the enemies when deactivating the ability. · On deactivation it will shoot like a fast projectile instead of a slow roll. · Holding the ability will display a range indicator for aiming at enemies and on release will shoot the rock wall instantly. · If Atlas or allies stand near it, they will receive 30% status chance in a 15m radius. 50% status chance if shooting through rock-wall. · (Synergy) Using the 1st ability on it will make it explodes and drop glowing rubble, When picked up, it will produce a glowing aura (colour based on energy colour) around atlas which will make him and the team 30% resistance to elemental procs for 20 seconds. Valkyr: 1st ability REWORK: Valkyr pounces on enemies dealing damage with her claws, having a chance to open them up to finishers. · The claws deal 700 damage. · The claws use the cast combo window. (the more you use it the less energy it takes and the more damage it does) · You have to target an enemy to cast the ability. · Can be used in the air and on the move. · Holding the ability will launch you in the air. · Enemies will be dismembered when killed. · Visually the claws temporarily appear when the ability is cast. · (Synergy) 2nd ability can increase its cast speed by 30%. · (Synergy) 4th ability can increase its damage by 40%. Mirage: 2nd ability: · Increase duration to 30 seconds. · Glowing booby traps have a 100% chance to charm enemies when active which will set off the traps by them interacting with the traps. (this will make it useful and all tile sets) · it works on grineer sensor bars which procs radiation when enemies walk through it. Allies that walk through it will receive status immunity for 10 seconds. · Mirage and allies are not affected by explosive barrels. · It works on open crates and lockers to where it tethers enemies to it for 10 seconds · Dead bodies are now booby trap. · (Synergy) While using 3rd ability, cast in the light it will increase traps damage x2 and in the dark it will make enemies 20% vulnerable to damage. FIX: Enemies are able to set off alarms and are not affected by explosion when 2nd ability is active. Loki: 1st ability: · After cast, it`s immune to damage for five seconds while absorbing damage however, the five seconds of immunity doesn’t start until it gets attacked. Depending on the damage stored it will be converted into health for more survivability. · Holding the ability will make the decoy mobile within a 10m radius which can be increased by range mods. · When shooting, enemies will be affected by an impact proc making them stagger. · There is a 50% chance of it to proc blast damage knocking enemies down, if this happens, enemies within a 30m radius will prioritise the decoy as a dangerous threat increasing threat levels for seven seconds. (threat levels higher than interception and defence targets) · It will use whatever primary or secondary weapon Loki is currently using. Nyx 4th ability: · Make her move at the same speed as jogging. · It pulls aggro from enemies and are hermitized into moving closer to nyx in a 50m radius. · You can use weapons inside it to add status effects to the absorption damage, but you can`t shoot enemies through it. · Whatever enemy is shooting at nyx will be affected by the explosion no matter the distance. Enemies in close damage range will take damage and enemies outside that will receive a knockdown and the status affects from weapons. · (Synergy) You can cast other abilities while using 4th ability. · (Synergy) If you use the 2nd ability, when deactivating the 4th ability, the debuff will spread to enemies the survive the blast. Titania: 1st ability: · Increase ability radius from 5m to 10m. · Instead of them rag dolling, make them just hover in the air. · Enemies affected are vulnerable to damage. · Killing enemies will drop a (50) health orb . When picked up, it will send out a 15m wave of health regeneration giving her and allies 10 health a second for 5 seconds. Synergy: if you use the 2nd ability on an enemy affected by the 1st ability, they have a 75% chance to drop energy orbs. It can also move the hovering enemy. Nekros: 1st ability: · An enemy affected by this will be susceptible to critical and status damage. · Enemy effected can deal no damage to you or allies. · Enemies affected by this will visually be transparent that’s shown as an indicator by chosen energy colour. · Using this will cause a small ragdoll. Mesa: 1st ability: · When converting damage, it has seven extra shots instead of one. · Killing enemies with headshots will increase the damage and will increase extra shots by two. (10 max) · The extra shots can be increased by power strength. · The indicator will show up as a damage bar that will fill up. Semi-auto weapons will consume ten shots however, auto weapons will drain the damage bar. · (Synergy) The damage you stack up will increase the reflection damage on you 3rd ability as long as you have some charges left. Trinity: 1st ability: · This ability gives trinity and allies armour instead of health. · This ability can be cast multiple times. · Trinity and allies will have 7 second to shoot enemy to receive armour. · Within the timer, you can stack up armour, receiving 10 armour with each shot. · For automatic guns, every 5 shots will give 10 armour. · Killing an enemy gives 50 armour and killing an enemy in one shot gives 500 armour. · The duration of allies keeping the bonus armour is the same as the duration of the ability. · (Synergy) If trinity shoots the enemy while using the 3rd or the 4th ability, it will increase her survivability.
  2. As everyone knows, the biggest complaint about Warframe is high level content. and Warframe is trying to combat that, by applying nerfs to weapons/ frames in order to make missions more difficult, however I feel as these types of changes are leading to a more negative community, everyone just seems to be complaining these days. In my honest opinion, Warframe is lacking in the need for teamwork... We have all these different frames, but you see frames like saryn doing all the work all the time... Infact there is no need for half the frames, because if it doesnt do AOE its not worth it... The same for weapons, there is no question as to why guns like arca plasmor, catchmoon, ignis wraith are constantly being used, we all know its for AOE, there are plenty "harder hitting" weapons, but enemies are not getting smarter, all that happens is they get a bit of increased armor and more spawns.... Which means that AOE is the way of the game... Sure there are some places where a hard hitting accurate weapon are great, (Eidelon's) but its hidden behind using an amp to deplete its shields first. Which is kind of useless, because by the time you have a decent amp, you no longer need to kill Eidelons... Frames like Trinity providing health and shield support are useless, since everyone leaves missions before enemies even come close to level 100... And I do not blame them. There is no point in me doing level 15 ESO, because the rewards do not scale but the enemies do, so its just smarter for me to go in for 4 waves and leave... We are all striving to find the best gun, melee that can kill level 160's in 3 shots, but land up playing against level 50 enemies or lower 99.99% of the time.. If even... The game is currently build around the idea of grind... With no worry about skill, modding, or need for understanding about any of the games mechanics... We all discuss how some status types are better against some enemies, and so on, but the last time I changed my loadout was months ago, because I am just not finding content, that requires me to go through that effort... My ignis wraith with a very plain Radiation/Crit build, Can take me though to level 5 ESO before it even begins to start struggling, I then switch over to a secondry and I am good for the next 3 (If there is a decent saryn/volt, I dont even need to shoot, half the time I cant even shoot before the enemies are destroyed) (Also, why are secondaries more OP than primaries - Those primed Crit mods on Secondries are to blame) Now sure, you can tell me that if I find the content so easy, why don't I just stay in the level for longer and let the scaling difficulty give me what I am looking for, and all I can say is, it is not worth it... Warframe has given nobody any reason to stay in a mission for longer than 15 minutes, and even if I decide to do so, most people will leave, because its not worth their time... The amount of examples I can give for this is uncanny, Look at cryoptic runs... Might as well start the mission over and over again as I will never get more cryoptic for staying in longer, infact, the longer I play, the less the cannisters srop which means I am actually punished for playing longer. ESO Runs... (we only go there for focus or weapon ranking, and with the right build you have maxed out your focus for the day in 8 waves, or ranked up your weapon in 4 waves) Index Runs (we run for money, but because the mission is point based and not time, we land up getting punished for staying in longer, since enemies become harder to kill)... Any other resource Run... Arbitration, (okay maybe their once per hour rule entices people to stay in longer, I'll give it that, but we are still not earning considerably more)... Sure Warframe is a grind game, but the grind should be rewarding, the grind should be fun, and the grind should bring me closer together with people, not push us apart... Right now it feels as if we are being punished... Until the day that warframe actually makes it worth it to use different weapons, use different mods, use different gameplay styles (Melee,Gun,Ability), All I see is all of us moving over to the next best weapon, until they nerf that, getting more and more agitated with how everything that we work so hard for gets taken away. Instead of just giving us something to actually challenge us and keep us focused on becoming the best... If Warframe can bring us content that rewards us for going that extra mile, for going that extra level, for getting into teams before a mission, and for modding correctly, then i might start considering paying for things in warframe again, but until then I wont spend a cent, because its just not worth it...
  3. Warframe has been dropping in and out of steams top 10 since Destiny 2 went free to play. This update didn’t bring players back. I’m worried this update did more harm then good.. Lets hope the new war and Empyrean are Great… But how long can the player basic wait. And will the wait be worth it. ? https://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  4. Hey DE who sees this! I am 19 years old and have been in a very happy relationship with my high school sweetheart for about 3 years. We plan on getting married and beginning our entire life together on March 13th, 2020 and was hoping to get your guys' blessing on it just for good luck. She plans on being a wedding photographer for her career and I am hoping to be a 3D Modeler and make things for games and such. We are putting everything we have into schooling for her and I will just be self taught and a stay at home husband who tends bees and takes care of the kids whenever we have them. Hopefully this reaches your computer screen and it gives you, the DE and/or audience, a big smile! Sincerely, Hayden
  5. Приветсвую. Можно ли как то увеличить фпс при загрузке миссий? На корабле и на миссиях у меня 144 фпс. При загрузке оч не приятно лагает! Может есть какой то конфиг где можно снять ограничение? Версия стим!
  6. DEV NOTE: Because so much is changing by design with THE OLD BLOOD, we want to be clear on how we’re handling your feedback. The majority of week 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to feedback. We want to combine feedback and stats together to iterate. To be a part of the feedback conversation please be constructive and clear (expand the spoilers below for a guide on how to write feedback), and most importantly, patient. There’s nothing wrong with first reactions - but relearning takes time. We are especially interested in feedback from players who have taken time to understand The Old Blood. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread will be used to house your feedback on the Melee Phase 2: TECHNIQUES changes from The Old Blood: Update 26. If you would like to read up on all the Melee stat changes and provide feedback, please visit the dedicated Melee Phase 2: STATS Feedback Megathread. Melee PHASE 2: TECHNIQUES Expand the spoilers below for the full list of changes in Melee Phase 2: Techniques: Need to report a bug? Visit the THE OLD BLOOD Bug Report Megathread.
  7. DEV NOTE: Because so much is changing by design with THE OLD BLOOD, we want to be clear on how we’re handling your feedback. The majority of week 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to feedback. We want to combine feedback and stats together to iterate. To be a part of the feedback conversation please be constructive and clear (expand the spoilers below for a guide on how to write feedback), and most importantly, patient. There’s nothing wrong with first reactions - but relearning takes time. We are especially interested in feedback from players who have taken time to understand The Old Blood. Thank you! This thread will be used to house your feedback on the newest Warframe from The Old Blood: Update 26: GRENDEL and his Signature Weapon the MASSETER. We will also be using this to collect your feedback on Grendel's acquiring method! Expand the spoilers below to read the full details about Grendel and his Masseter: NEW WARFRAME: GRENDEL'S ABILITIES NEW WARFRAME: ACQUIRING GRENDEL NEW SIGNATURE WEAPON: MASSETER Need to report a bug? Visit the The Old Blood Bug Reporting Megathread.
  8. So I've noticed a new toxic habit in public games where players are refusing to remove their liches from play for some strange reasons. Despite players using common courtesy to request said stab attempts, players continue to threaten entire teams with banning and reports. I find this highly unresonable despite every effort to kindly help them find a more efficient method of Lich Hunting. This ultinately affects a Lich Hunter's progress and is the slowest method of murmur farms I have ever tested. Please. Let's be resonable and think about the players here. We all want to defeat our lichs but we can only do so together in cooperation. This is not a thread for harrassing or insults. So I appreciate it if everyone keeps this civil. The Nemesis system we have would be so much smoother if everyone thought more about teamwork rather than individual rewards.
  9. Hi to everyone Who reads me. I made this thread to make a place where players can discuss melee 3.0 as It Is now (update 26.0.7), and propose some changes to It. To me, the new melee system isn't as satisfying as It used to, here's why and what i would change. -Condition overload Before update 26: a great mod that could output scaling damage and help with killing heavy units, while not having much of an effect on lower level enemies. After update 26: Just a strange, better copy of pressure point, that makes builds even less varied and doesn't scale as much anymore, which makes even sub-lv 100 elite units more annoying to kill. This reduces long survival runs (lv200+ armored enemies) to a magus lockdown spam and a 4x corrosive projection team. I would consider swinging my melee around much more fun than this. My fix: So, the old way CO scaled could bring up to a 1152x damage multiplier with all 15 statuses of the game being accounted for. This Is overpowered, so yes It has to be adjusted in some way but DE's nerf hammer has been to hard. I would bump up the % from +60% to +100% but locking the max statuses to 5-7, so the total damage bonus would be 32x/64x/128x which Is still ~40/~20/~10 times less than It used to. -Blood Rush Before update 26: +165% crit chance that stacks with combo multiplier and applied to modded crit chance. Because of the old way combo worked, It was difficult to get past 3x so the max bonus you would get (reasonably, excluding very long runs with thousands of enemies you could mantain combo with) was about 500% of modded crit chance. After update 26: +60% crit chance per combo multiplier, up to +660% at 12x combo counter, which Is reached rather easily now. However, this applied only to base crit chance so, it's a nerf. My fix: Give blood rush a slight buff to +75% or even +90% and/or increase max combo counter to 15x. -Heavy attacs & combo counter After update 26: Combo counter multiplier only applies to heavy attacs, however Just a single heavy attack drains all the previously gained combo. This Is annoying, especially now that holding e makes you perform a heavy attack. It happens to me often that i get my combo counter reset because of this and no i'm not using a macro for my melee key. My fix: Make heavy attacks drain only a percentage of the combo (50%, for example) rounded up. So for example if i perform a heavy attack at 8x combo It Will consume 4x combo, if i use It at 2x or 3x It will get me back to no combo multiplier. More powerful heavy attack, more combo drain: seems reasonable to me. -Recent crit change mod buffs crit change mods got buffed in the latest hotfix, and that's very welcome. However rivens with +critical chance didn't get any change, so ended up being nerfed in comparison, and +critical chance on a melee riven has turned up a lot less useful than before, also because of the Blood rush changes. My fix: Buff +critical chance rivens % accordingly. -Exalted melees After update 26: All melees got buffed stats because of the melee system changes, except from exhalted melee weapons. This in turn made them less powerful in comparison. I think that if i have to spend energy for an ability, It should give me some sort of benefit over using a normal melee (considering also that abilities don't do damage to some important types of enemies e.g arbitration drones,...). Talking as a wukong player, iron staff's damage change Is very noticeable, and not worth using anymore also because of the range changes (got nerfed aswell) My fix: Give exhalted melees the base damage buffs normal melees received. -Melee weapons range Before update 26: Primed reach gave a % bonus range to a weapon, boosting weapons with an already good range much more than weapons with a short range After update 26: Primed reach now gives a fixed range bonus. While a very welcome change that makes short range melees more usable, i think the bonus range Is too low. I'm talking as a player that uses polearms a lot, their max range now Is about 6m, which Is considerably less than before (12m polearms) My fix: Increase all melee base range (especially longer range ones) by +1m and make primed reach add +5m instead of +3m. This makes polearms have a max range of ~9m instead of 12m or 6m, which Is, in my opinion, not too short nor too long to be overpowered. Also, riven range stats should receive a slight buff accordingly to the primed reach buff. TL:DR melee before update 26 was unbalanced (e.g shorter range weapons not being helped by primed reach) & spin to win, now it's more balanced but got too much of a nerf and doesn't scale well, here i proposed some ideas to fix that, i hope someone at DE sees this and takes It into consideration, that means applying the changes or don't do so but give a reason why, and at least consider the problems 🙂 Other opinions/ideas about melee 3.0 are very welcome 😄 p.s Sorry for my not-so-good english
  10. Hi everyone, it's again me. I want this reworks to my favorite warframes, and each of you can help me 🙂 Oh, hi everyone again. I'm thinking about ash ultimate skill(4), we all know, that it is influenced by the mod on the combo counter and attack speed in melee weapon. We know, if we add this modification in our melee weapon, our melee weapon will become useless. My favorite warframe - ash, and I think, that DE can add in his panel "Ash Clone", in which we can insert these modes (combo duration and attack speed) and only these modes without sacrificing melee weapons. Again, I'm sorry for my bad English, best wishes.
  11. Just as I mentioned in the title, I believe that automatic heavy attacks upon a standard attack's press needs removed, or changed to a toggle. I very well could be in the wrong about this, but.. here is my experience as follows: I started up the game after this update first launched. I had a blast with the new system, with combos being streamlined to only a couple presses of buttons, all of which were easily accessible to my fingers and easily quantifiable in my brain. This, coupled with just a single button to execute a heavy attack, felt like a good change-- I had my heavy attack button out of the way, since I personally like to build up my combo counter and only execute heavy attacks on large targets, or a very large group of enemies. Fast forward to today, when I booted up the game. I began playing.. pressing E to execute my attacks and-- I performed a heavy attack, seemingly without holding it. I tested and figured out, "Oh, if I hold E it'll do a heavy attack again. Alright." so I just figured it was easy as not holding E. Wrong. As it turns out, heavy attacks- somehow- appear to execute automatically and randomly, completely mitigating the combo counter that I spend time to bring up. Playing with melee was frustrating and like Russian roulette, because it appears that automatic heavy attacks are completely random. I'd have a bout where I'd have zero automatic heavy attacks. Then, my next string of attacks, are nothing but automatic heavy attacks. "Why don't you just block-cancel it so the heavy attacks don't happen automatically?" Some may suggest to me, and here's what it is.. I tried. It does indeed work- it doesn't do automatic heavy attacks. The issue with this? Simply holding block and hitting your melee button- without a forward input- is very ineffective and often slow in such a fast-paced game. The moment you add a forward input? It turns into a distance closing attack. While it's a moderately exclusive issue-- I don't have the best PC. I can average standard Warframe gameplay between 15-45FPS, depending on the action, and this works for me. However, when I am forced to block cancel every single attack just to avoid an automatic heavy attack, and moving while executing a block cancel attack pingpongs me all over the place? It's demoralizing, frustrating, and somewhat nausea-inducing. If this change could be reverted, or have a toggle added to it, it would take the 'random chance' that seems to persist with these automatic heavy attacks. It is very off-putting to me when I can't use melee, without spending my hard-earned combo counter prematurely, or without sending myself flying across the battlefield, completely missing droves of enemies. I'm sure that others experience this same issue, and it's something I'd appreciate if changed. Thanks for reading. TL;DR -- Automatic heavy attacks are frustrating because of their seemingly unpredictable execution, and that the way around them is either an inefficient or nauseating endeavour.
  12. So whenever i start up the game for the first time the in game resolution changes from the original 1920x1080 to a lower resoulution. So i always have to go to settings (where the display resolution still says 1920x1080) and change it once and change it back to 1920x1080 to fix it. This has started to happen everytime i start the game since the old blood update.
  13. Если ищете команду или игрока для совместного прохождения игры, то оставьте в данной теме сообщение по форме. ФОРМА СООБЩЕНИЯ 1. Цель поиска Пример: Открытие реликвий, поход по конкретным миссиям, походы на боссов, просто совместная игра. 2. Требования к игроку \ Пожелания Пример: Определенный ранг, наличие конкретного снаряжения или фреймов, нет требований. 3. О себе (Пункт по желанию) Пример: Ранг, часовой пояс, наличие определенных фреймов\снаряжения и прочее. 4. Контакты Примечание: ЛС (на форуме), чат в игре, Discord и т.п. Обсуждения в данной теме запрещены! Только объявления о поиске.
  14. DEV NOTE: Because so much is changing by design with THE OLD BLOOD, we want to be clear on how we’re handling your feedback. The majority of week 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to feedback. We want to combine feedback and stats together to iterate. To be a part of the feedback conversation please be constructive and clear (expand the spoilers below for a guide on how to write feedback), and most importantly, patient. There’s nothing wrong with first reactions - but relearning takes time. We are especially interested in feedback from players who have taken time to understand The Old Blood. Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread will be used to house your feedback on the Melee Phase 2: STATS changes from The Old Blood: Update 26. If you would like to read up on all the Melee Phase 2: TECHNIQUES changes and provide feedback, please visit the dedicated Melee Phase 2: TECNIQUES Feedback Megathread. Expand the spoilers below for the full list of stat changes from Melee Phase 2: Need to report a bug? Visit the THE OLD BLOOD Bug Report Megathread.
  15. Se suponía que nosotros matábamos al lich una y otra vez para que reviva más fuerte con cada muerte (inmortalidad) y la única manera de darle una muerte permanente es con los requiem incluso en la demo de la tennocon lo decían entonces PORQUE nunca tengo la opción de matarlo y a pesar de que somo mas fuertes pues como no tienes los requiem te mueres no tiene ningún sentido, que la opción de fallar una ejecución solo se active cuando tengamos los 3 mods requiem que nos piden equipados e intentemos matarlo permanentemente ahí si tiene sentido que no lo matemos, fallemos y nos mate ya que no sabemos el orden aun, además que la única vez que lo matamos se muere para siempre entonces todo eso de la inmortalidad es una mentira realmente espero que cambien como esta ahora, porque la gente lo unico que esta haciendo es pasar de sus lich cuando invaden dándoles 0 importancia porque no aporta nada pelear contra el si vas a perder hagas lo que hagas Y POR FAVOR QUITENLE EL LIMITE DE LVL A LOS LICH ADEMAS QUE GANEN MÁS DAÑO Y VIDA POR NIVEL ES QUE NO ES UN DESAFÍO BAJARLES LOS ESCUDOS Y LA VIDA
  16. Given the Corpus Spy missions When going to hack any of the objectives, the hack prompt does not get fulfilled and allows for unlimited hacks. I was on Jupiter, doing the Almathea story area I thought that the objective just would not complete. Little did I notice that the objective had completed, but it was allowing for unlimited hacks. I force closed the game, so I would not be receiving any of the rewards from this. This can potentially be exploited for XP and resources and DE should look into this as soon as possible. Also, recommend that DE puts out a system wide announcement about this just in case newer users do this and get their accounts banned. Thank you.
  17. DEV NOTE: Because so much is changing by design with THE OLD BLOOD, we want to be clear on how we’re handling your feedback. The majority of week 1-2 Hotfixes will speak to feedback. We want to combine feedback and stats together to iterate. To be a part of the feedback conversation please be constructive and clear (expand the spoilers below for a guide on how to write feedback), and most importantly, patient. There’s nothing wrong with first reactions - but relearning takes time. We are especially interested in feedback from players who have taken time to understand The Old Blood. Thank you! This thread will be used to house your feedback on Vauban and Ember’s revisiting from The Old Blood: Update 26. EMBER REVISITED Expand the spoilers below for the full list of changes for Ember: VAUBAN REVISITED Expand the spoilers below for the full list of changes for Vauban: Need to report a bug? Visit the THE OLD BLOOD Bug Report Megathread.
  18. Kattrendy

    Gear wheel

    So it happened a couple times already. Sometimes after certain hotfixes my game settings reset (Except for controls thank god) and some items are removed from my gear wheel. They're not completely deleted from my inventory, just lose their allocation on my gear wheel.
  19. Anyone ells having major bugs such as no HUD display or can't damage outside the cave transferring from deck 12 and at times the exploiter orb mother sreenks down to half the size of the tenno?
  20. Hi everyone, look at this: Atlas first skill can do 350 Impact damage as a melee strike with a 200% critical damage multiplier, a 5% critical chance, and a 5% status chance. Range - 2(first punch) 4(second punch) 8(third punch) m, 15m(dash) Khora's Khora cracks her whip toward the aiming reticle, creating an explosion up to 5 / 7 / 8 / 10 meters away in a 3 / 4 / 4 / 5 meters radius area around the first object or entity hit. All enemies within the explosion receive 200 / 225 / 250 / 300 base damage, with 200% critical multiplier, 25 critical chance and 20 status chance. Range - 10 m. Khora and Atlas have good first ability, but Khora's skill much more powerful then the Atlas. I think Atlas needs a buff, because their mechanics are the same, really, DE can do this, right? I like this warframe and I don't want to be forgotten about it. Help promote the topic, thank you for your attention, and I'm sorry for my bad English.
  21. Hello, I need someone with good leadership abilities and recruiters to inherit my dojo. I'll still be in the clan as a kind of host for the dojo as I've invested a lot into it. I already tried recruiting and trying to be a leader but it turns out I'm not really good at it so I would like some help please. The name translates to "single color" in Japanese. My clan motto is that despite everyone having their differences and preferences, all blood is colored red and is therefore a color we all share and will bleed together for each other. No matter what differences you have as an individual, the clan can be the color we share. Clan rank is 10 with all lab research and most colors unlocked with the exception of ignis wraith. It is GHOST tier and only has 5 players including myself. The dojo is fully built but with very little decoration and incomplete coloring (I'm still coloring it but it's pretty tedious and I'm a little lazy with it). I placed some essential platforms but hoped to have the clan actually decorate it for me so I wouldn't feel selfish and treat the entire dojo as personal property. Your mastery rank DOES NOT matter. I can personally give all information about the game that anyone could ever need. I can also personally level or carry anyone when I'm not busy. If you are interested and would like to discuss it with me, please contact me through discord (Rupika#2143) or ingame. I'm really forgetful and I apologize if I don't reply to this forum post.
  22. Hello DE, Liches being tradeable now also can include ephemeras. Previous to this, only skin packs were able to be gifted but this is one of, if not, the first time appearance items have been allowed to be traded in the game. I cannot see which of my liches have ephemeras in the UI, some of these are highly sought after and can impact plat or trade value in the trade chat. Although we can see the effect, adding a simple text or icon of some kind would make navigation of this a lot easier. In the future, some players may have 50 or 100 liches. This would make navigation and searching MUCH easier for them so that these liches can be easily found and even easily identifiable in a long list of liches. Thank you, Jazoom
  23. Hekkatos

    Lich fight UI bug

    was fighting my Lich to test mods. got my first one and proceeded to second round. attempted to kill again and he didn't kill me so I must have guessed right twice. however I didn't get a confirmation of my second mod. instead the first one popped up again and remained stuck on my screen. it removed my entire UI and he ended up killing me because I couldn't see my health or buffs. had to finish the whole rest of the mission like this. thank God for small mercies it was back to normal on loading into the orbiter. how many hotfixes do you need? *during the fight* *at extraction*
  24. Like how the hell is this Possible?! I was doing vega toroid farm after done doing bounty mission in orb vallis soloing upon hours. After i was done farming i was heading out to fortuna and the game chrash as i was viewing my map while using the archwing. Like for god sake!! I am okay if i still got he reward from the farm that i was doing before the game chrash. But NOOOO!! it didnt give back any of my vega toroid!!!! Is this some kind of joke? I waste my time for the grind and only to find out the time that i have wasted was on NOTHING. If it was a few minute it wont be a bother BUT it was after a HOUR of GRIND. This really make me mad for god sake. WHY is this HAPPENING!!
  25. This is the 4th time this happend to me today. Getting random 1 shots from Kuva Liches that can't happen. As you can see in the video below, my Rhino is build on Strength and duration. Ironskin was full, so was Shield, also charged with overshield, and full life. When fighting the lich, it teleported itself out of line of sight, and then i got nuked by another impossible 1 hit. Just impossible. As you can also see, R3 Arcane Guardian was active, alongside with one of Harrow's whatever they do-buffs. Are you going to fix this? Because i lost the fun in playing Warframe for now, getting those 1 hits kills it for me.
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