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  1. Hey ho, wir suchen Member für unseren Clan. Wir haben ein schönes großes Dojo, alles erforscht (ja, auch die Ignis Wraith und das Drockendock) und sind in der internationalen Allianz Wrath of the Lotus. Egal ob Frühaufsteher oder Nachtschwärmer, es sind immer genug Spieler online. 🙂 Die meisten im Clan sind 18+ weshalb sich unsere Clanchat auch zivilisiert verhält. Unser großes buntes Dojo hat drei Etagen und alles ist leicht per Teleporter erreichbar. Natürlich haben wir auch ein Clanemblem. Unser Clan spielt ganz vorne mit, aber nicht verbissen. Durch unsere gute Mischung aus Anfängern und Fortgeschrittenen herrscht bei uns eine gute Stimmung. Wir haben eine PSN-Nachrichtengruppe. Dort kann sich jeder Member leicht austauschen und Partys starten wenn er möchte, Alle Spieler die Spaß an Warframe haben, einfach entspannt spielen möchten und bereit sind die Gemeinschaft auch mal zu unterstützen (z.B. bei einem Clanevent wo es darauf ankommt gemeinsam ein Ziel zu erreichen) sind willkommen. Jedes Clanmitglied kann selbstständig Freunde in unseren Clan einladen. Wir haben eine 30 Tage offline Regel. Wer sich abmeldet wird natürlich auch nach 30 Tage nicht gekickt oder wenn w/m/d wieder Bock auf Warframe hat dann eben wieder eingeladen. Egal ob Anfänger, Wiedereinsteiger oder Pro. Jeder MR ist bei uns Willkommen. Lasst uns gemeinsam Ressourcen farmen, Relikte öffenen etc. Wir sind mit Rat und Tat für Euch da. Unser Clan und die Allianz (mit Discord) sind sehr nett und hilfsbereit und verlangen keine wöchentlichen, monatlichen Credits, keine Partypflicht oder sonst irgendeinen Firlefanz. Respektloses Verhalten wird nicht toleriert. Bei Interesse einfach hier, ingame oder per PSN bei tSuNaMiLeTsGo, Dragonheart4982, IC-ShadowCat oder bei mir melden. Viele Grüße Six
  2. 유저가 클랜을 만들어 관리하게되면 클랜장이되고, 사람들을 가입받으면 클랜원 얼라이언스를 만들면 클랜 연합장/얼라장(얼라이언스 대표) 클랜을 가입받으면? 얼라원? 위엣 글은 그냥 뜬금없는 소리입니다... 1. 클랜의 도장은 클랜원이 모두가 방문할 수 있습니다 (클랜키보유) 2. 클랜 연합(얼라이언스)의 도장은 상대방의 클랜원이 초대를 해줘야 해당 클랜에 진입할 수 있습니다. 위 1.2는 팩트입니다. 여기서 말씀드릴건, 그냥 말로만, 채팅만 연합클랜, 얼라이언스가 아닌... 최소한의 얼라이언스 연합의 혜택이나 컨텐츠가 필요하다고 생각됩니다. 클랜원을 가입받기 힘들어서 클랜끼리 뭉쳐 인원이 늘어났다...? 이게 끝입니다. 1. 얼라이언스 대표 도장을 신설, 얼라이언스 대표와 각 클랜의 대표들이 얼라이언스를 관리&꾸미기가 가능한 도장이 필요합니다 -.얼라이언스 도장이 생기면 해당 얼라이언스에서 각 클랜의 도장을 방문할 수 있는 '얼라이언스 키'를 제작 할 수 있습니다. -. 얼라이언스 도장이 생긴다면, 얼라이언스 전용 퀘스트와 함선(Railjack)이 아닌 소형 전투함(Railship)을 타고 노드를 깨는 재미를 줄 수 있는 요소가 필요합니다. -. 모든 얼라이언스 퀘스트가 완료 되었을 경우, 소정의 상품을 지급(스태츄,포르마,슬롯 등) * 얼라이언스 퀘스트는 얼라이언스에 합류한 클랜의 클랜원들이 개별적으로 진행할 수 없고, 클랜원 최소 2인이상이 참여해야 가능한 미션. 2. 위에 해당하는 얼라이언스 퀘스트를 완료한 얼라이언스 구성원(클랜원)은 얼라이언스 연구소에서 상호간 클랜 도장을 방문할 수 있는 "얼라이언스 키"를 제작 할 수 있는 권한을 부여 -. 얼라이언스 키를 만들기 위한 재료는 Railship으로 노드 진행 시 특정 아이템을 획득. 해당 아이템을 모아서 제작. -. 얼라이언스 레일잭&레일쉽 연구에서만 제작 할 수 있는 레일잭의 전면포 혹은 포탑의 설계도와 파츠 획득. 그냥, 클랜 관련하여 거래소로만 사용하는 사람들이 대다수, 막상 다른 사람들이 방문해도 아주 잠시 보고 가는 것 말고는 아무것도 할게 없는 클랜 도장.. 도장에서 할 수 있는 컨텐츠들이 필요해보입니다. 추가로, 해당 클랜에 방문한 사람들의 ESC창에 해당클랜의 디자인이 좋으면 좋아요를 누를 수 있는 시스템도 만들어보는 건 어떨까 생각해봅니다.
  3. With the recent Sisters of Parvos Update I’ve been playing through the game and after some consideration I believe that some changes are needed for the mentioned mechanics in the title: Treasurers, Granum Crowns, and trapped Solaris. First thing is the Granum Crowns. With the recent update there has been an obvious surge in usage for Granum Crowns stemming from them being necessary to start Sisters. That being said, the Crowns themselves are fine as is, their usage and acquisition however needs to change. That being said, Crowns being used to free captive Solaris is a huge waste and a conflict of usage. Before, the use of Crowns to free captive Solaris made sense because after farming the Granum Void of all its loot there was no valid use for crowns other than payment for freedom, however with it being necessary to use crowns to farm for Sisters with appropriate weapons/elements, crowns have new continued usage while the mechanic to free Solaris now falls to the wayside. Now I know people are gonna say “so what, it’s not like it matters” well it matters to me and I do hate see parts of the game become obsolete or fall out of use. So I propose that Granum Crowns should no longer be used to free Captive Solaris beyond those already in the void, instead credits should be used as payment or have guards/eximus units drop keys for their bindings. Also from a story standpoint it makes little sense for the corpus to use important relics like the Granum Crowns as keys to a persons Jail Cell, them being debt slaves, paying credits seems more sensible. Also, with how currently the type of crown changes the amount of standing a player gets, I would suggest that the amount of standing and credits needed to free the Solaris should be based on what planet the mission is on so that as a way to farm standing more standing is rewarded for higher missions as opposed to running very low level missions for the same amount of standing as a high level mission. Lastly in relation the Treasurers also kind of need to be looked at because while their ridiculous stats are manageable in regular missions, bringing those insane stats into steel path or a Sister of Parvos mission makes them almost invincible. I know people are gonna say “well you just need better set mods/loadouts” but considering that the treasurers have 99% damage reduction and an immunity to any mechanic that bypasses shields, having that plus increased health/armor/shields from steel path or a sister mission is just an insanely ridiculous mechanic. Edit: I forgot to add a reason why the Granum crowns to free Solaris needs to change because you find captive Solaris on the same map as where you get crowns and if you spend the crown you just get then there is no gain. On top of that many times maps can have more than one Solaris and once I found 6 of them on one map. Which means I would have to farm for crowns ignoring the Solaris in those missions just to do one mission where I can free all of them. Yes I know it’s an optional extra thing to do but really they’re meant to be saved so why can’t we save them. As a mechanic it’s just not feasible to waste crowns of Solaris which means no one will do so, which then means it’s a mechanic that goes to waste. I’m just suggesting that changing it would only benefit the game and make missions more engaging. If we could save Solaris without needing crowns than players would stop to rescue them more which adds more rewards and content to a mission.
  4. I had joined onto the twitch drops from this week a day late so I would have understood if I missed one but I don't seem to have. Yet today I got the same as what I got yesterday, that being the Grineer Articula and Not the Grineer Armour pet toy. I'd prefer to have all of them than 2 of the same, I quite like the orbiter decoration aspect of the game. If there is anyway to help fix this that would be great. Thank you!
  5. After putting my Mesa into the helminth a week or two ago I left it be and now that I wanted to use her ability I found that it says that I don’t have it unlocked. Is this a bug or am I did I actually imagine me putting it into the helminth.
  6. El final de Onda Nocturna: Intermedio 3 ¡Saludos Soñadores! En TennoCon 2021 anunciamos que Onda Nocturna: Intermedio 3 llegaba a su fin el 28 de julio a las 2 pm ET. Cuando haya concluido Onda Nocturna: Intermedio 3, habrá una transición a «Onda nocturna: La elección de Nora». Esto trae de vuelta algunas de las recompensas favoritas de Nora, pero también presenta el nuevo glifo exclusivo de Yareli en acción y el Efímero de Forma de Onda por primera vez. Puedes empezar con «Onda nocturna: La elección de Nora» a partir del 4 de agosto a las 2 pm ET. ¡La protección doble continúa! Las recompensas de Intermedio a veces son una repetición de la serie anterior de Onda Nocturna, y aunque los jugadores más nuevos pueden deleitarse con algunos de estos nuevos elementos, ¡queríamos agregar una forma de que aún sea gratificante para los Soñadores que regresan! Logramos esto al otorgar una recompensa de 50 créditos en lugar de un componente anterior. Esto no se aplica a componentes como ranuras para warframe o componentes consumibles (como una Forma), sino más bien a componentes únicos de propiedad, como los cosméticos anteriores de Onda Nocturna. ¿Próximos cambios? Como lo mencionamos en nuestra publicación anterior, cambiamos nuestro enfoque en Onda Nocturna para desarrollar «La Nueva Guerra» y más allá en Warframe. Onda Nocturna es un camino regular y confiable donde los tenno de todos los niveles de experiencia pueden obtener recompensas. ¡Juega y obtén cosas geniales! Continuar con «Onda nocturna: La elección de Nora» nos permitirá asegurarnos de darle a «La Nueva Guerra» la atención que se merece. Nuestro objetivo de tener un lanzamiento simultáneo en todas las plataformas sigue siendo el mismo.
  7. Minął już prawie tydzień a ja nie dostałem żadnej nagrody za oglądanie transmisji tennoconu 2021 na twich. Oczywiście moje konto warframe jest połączone z kontem twich i np. W zeszłym roku wszystko było w porządku. Sprawdzałem też skrzynkę na twichu i mam tam tylko nagrode z pistoleto - ostrzem a powinien być też loki prime gdyż ogłądałem prawie cały tennocon 2021 od 18.30(czasu polskiego), a w temacie samego pistoleto - ostrza to jak odbieram nagrodę to w grze jej nie dostaję.
  8. And I didn't realize how mind numbing the early grind and unlocking the star chart is for the second time around. I think I did the star chart on ps4 and never looked at another spy mission again.
  9. LLevo una semana donde me presenta errores con las escuelas del operador donde no me deja desvincular habilidades teniendo todos los requisitos 1'000.000 afinidad y fragmento de eidolon y tampoco me deja activar otra escuela y me dice error y hice tridolon y las recomensas tampoco me las dieron por todo lado me da error
  10. Hey , my name is Kareem and I am from Egypt , I play warframe with firewall problems , I can't forwarding the ports numbers for some reasons, my country firewall prevent access to warframe ports , and I can't play with my friends and invite players or even see my friend list. I hope you have a solution for that , because warframe is boring without friends to play with . I play on ps4 , and my friends keep telling me to use VPN I don't know if I should do that .
  11. Por cuanto platino vendo la busrton prime más sus partes
  12. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing warlords: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** FOLLOW ME *** Instagram (@Povo.844) DeviantArt (@Povo844) Artstation (@Povo844) Discord (@Paulvo#7045) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nezha Prime Glyph - Povo844 Death at Will - Owner: Gabriel Herrera Neon Light Empire - Owner: Voljaras Swarzeblade Clan - Warlord: Michael Yanz Golden Harbingers - Owner: Strouff99 yoRHa Initiative Parttime Hero Dragon - Owner: Malicore LOrdre des Arcanes - Owner: Atsushii Shrouded - Owner: Relentless_Adapt Guardians of Lohk - Owner: Asterlohk Will of the Iron Lotus - Owner: Zodd Hunhow Acolytes Clan - Warlord: Ives Jessy La lance et le Bouclier Clan - Warlord: Narwaiin Jacklestar - Owner: Jacklestar Wraith of a God Clan - Warlord: er474 New Scoria Clan - Warlord: Mercy 99 Ronin (Redesign/ Revamp) - Owner: Michael Gods of the Orokin Clan - Warlords: Aaron, Blade and Anthony Doom Slayer Roman - Owner: ThatDoomGuy Ex Nihilo Resurgemus Alliance - Warlord: Rappy-Prime Orokin Acies - Owner: Victor Macklin Guardians of Nexus - Owner: Tracie Ordan Karris - Owner: Chris Moore Children of Clem - Owner: Jeremy Warden Wolf - Owner: Warden Menphina Raven - Owner: Vahsrin Tree of 7 Elements - Owner: Swagmiku Golden Tenno - Owner: James Conte Children of the Galaxy - Warlord: TheGreatKing Arsonistic - Owner: Miguel CE Mikany Magic - Owner: Shin Mel N Synthwave - Owner: Ribben The 4 Horsemen - Owner: Weedle 442nd Mech Brigade - Owner: Bcom The Orokin Vault - Warlord: CoYoFroYo Lethal Reunion Clan - Warlord: LK-4T4 Cephalon Prometheus Clan - Warlord: lakshan Old Wolves of the Void Clan - Warlord: plasmite13 Seraphim Sol Clan - Warlord: Apocalypto Space Ninja Clan - Warlord: GOOBER__LORD Amethyst Spirits Clan - Warlord: Spot Legion of Knights Clan - Warlord: SOULFEEDER45 Vileblood Predators Clan - Warlord: Gaute Pure Instinct Clan - Warlord: iSnowyXD DeathsMinions Clan - Warlord: JoshuaVargas The Wizard Coalition Clan - Warlord: Woodrow2021 B3WB Clan - Warlord: Wolf-2458 Task Force Dagger Patch - Owner: Ethan Riley Warframe Community Discord Glyph Contest Entry Ruin's of Atonement Clan - Warlord: Kikuko_Senpai Team Exodus Clan - Warlord: DarkS0laris Summer Court Clan - Warlord: Nebryose Voidlight Armaments Clan - Warlord: Dracovision The VoidExiled Clan - Warlord: Atlantic575 The Nidus Syndicate Clan - Warlord: lCB2019l Vengeful Vipers Clan - Warlord: WalkingBio Shadow Morningstars Clan - Warlord: DMC4_Dante13 Sanguine Seraphim Clan - Warlord: Ragnarok Justicars of Sol Clan - Warlord: babygoestoChin F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES Clan - Warlord: Anastasia Galaxy Brawlers Alliance - Warlord: DarkenPrime Ophidian Clan - Warlord: xNakshx Black Sky Alliance - Warlord: Anonymys Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 (Alternative Option) Umbruh Clan - Warlord: expelled_angel Crimson Shadow Knights Clan - Warlord: Synchro122 (Alternative Option) The Ashen Knights Clan - Warlord: Sethrox100 Trigger Warning Clan - Warlord: Whitewasher2 Rageing Tennoids Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Tactica Imperialis Clan- Warlord: Agent M3tallion Venatores of Mars - Warlord: Raidershogunate Team Rose Family - Owner: Winelover213 Moth Airlines Clan - Warlord: DamagingMoth47 Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Inquiry Method: In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me through any way convenient for you: Discord: Paulvo#7045 Email: paulvo.844@gmail.com Instagram: povo.844 Forum Message To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since our potential project will be an art commission project that takes real work hours to complete, my payment method is Paypal. It is beneficial to note that you commission me for the project, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
  13. Completei o contrato de matar 100 inimigos com necramech e não recebi os pontos de recompensa
  14. Hey Guys, I had a rework idea for Valkyr. I just want to get the community's thoughts on this and maybe pick some brains in the process...Stats (Max Rank):Health: 475Shield: 200Armor: 825Energy: 275Sprint Speed: 1.15Passive- Cat-like Reflexes: Valkyr's parkour is enhanced so that bullet jumps are faster and cover a significantly increased distance, especially the upward bullet jump. Knockdown recovery is faster, and long drops have no touchdown delay.1st: Deep Claw: Pounce at an enemy and sink long, sharp claws into them, stunning them and delivering a slash status. Press and hold to launch into a 6 hit combo and slash said enemy repeatedly before knocking them back. Every subsequent scratch will impart a separate, stacking slash status, causing enemies to bleed profusely. Every enemy that looks at their bleeding comrade will be terrified. - Damage: 350 + 3% total enemy hp per hit- Range: 30m2nd: Brutal Roar: Sound out a mighty roar that intimidates enemies and increases the agility and resilience of allies, spurning them to action. Enemies within earshot will have their accuracy sharply lowered and allies will gain increased attack speed and a damage reduction that reduces in effectiveness with every ally that is affected. - Accuracy reduction: -85% - Attack speed Increase: +30%- Damage Reduction: 85% (per ally affected: 75/70/65%) Capped at 90/85/80/75% per ally affected- Range: 45m- Duration: 13.6 seconds3rd: Tail Spin: Summon a large, long and ethereal tail and quadrupedally spin around with great swiftness, slamming the tail into all enemies in range. Inflicts knockdown. Leaves behind a circular well of void energy that slow enemies by up to 85% while standing on it, doing damage over time before exploding on a quick delay time of 4 seconds. Using Brutal Roar while standing in the well will cause the roar to send out a wave of energy pulled straight from the well, slowing everything in a cone going forward by up to 85%. This weakens the accuracy debuff proportionate to the strength of the slow.-Tail damage: 850- Slow Strength: 55%-Explosion Damage: 1250 +8% total enemy hp -Brutal Roar Wave Range: 45m and 135 degrees -Brutal Roar Wave Duration: 15.6 secondsWell duration: 10 secondsTail Spin Range: 20m4th: Vicious Mangle: A set of claws on the hands and feet that deeply lacerate enemies with frightening ferocity and swiftness.-Weapon stance would be great if it had forced slash statuses in multiple places in the combos. ---Using Deep Claw while this is active will mark that enemy permanently and when Vicious Mangle is deactivated, all marked enemies will transfer 6% of their total hp to Felinis and all allies in affinity range. (The enemy only loses 6% total hp but all allied warframes receive 6% of that enemy's total hp as health)Slash: 245Crit Chance: 30%Crit Multiplier: 2.2xStatus Chance: 35%Attack Speed: 1.25********If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Constructive Criticism welcome and appreciated. Leave your thoughts and opinions on it if you feel so inclined!********
  15. Also, YAY we can finally see events in the point of view of generic Crewmen and Lancers! Hope this is a thing going forward. I've love to play as a Scorpion or Manic. Still, I feel like it'd be better if you were accompanied by a squad of AI controlled Lancers and Ballistas so it's not just one generic Lancer mowing down all the Sentients, even if weaker ones. Although with S#&$ going down like that you'd think they'd deploy a few Liches
  16. maximum duration of the auction. 4 days, [Only Ps4] Link: https://ps4.warframe.market/profile/diverelrey25/auctions Good Luck !!
  17. Subasta de duración máxima de 4 días, Termina el sábado 24 de julio a las 16:28 Hora chilena Link de la subasta: https://ps4.warframe.market/profile/diverelrey25/auctions Buena Suerte a Todos!!
  18. Wir suchen auch eine Deutschsprachige Alli, die primär aus älteren Spielern besteht (wir sind 25+, meist älter). Kurzversion - Geist Clan hat noch Platz für aktive Ü25 Mitglieder die aktiv und regelmäßig spielen - Wir würden euch gerne kennen lernen (und ihr uns) um zu schauen ob es passt. Niemand muss bleiben wenn er sich nicht wohl fühlt - HS sollte vorhanden sein und keine scheu es zu nutzen - Gruppe für Clan Party - Discord ebenso vorhanden und solltet ihr auch nutzen **Wer Interesse daran hat (es können auch WF interessierte rein schauen) - es ist ein neutraler Server mit hilfreichen Sachen, vor allem für Anfänger könnte es interessant sein, aber auch für jene die gerne auf dem laufenden sind. Einladcode: https://discord.gg/tGJzqMZ Clan Bereich für Mitglieder ist ebenfalls dabei.** - Eigenes Clan Emblem - Dojo fertig gebaut, alles erforscht - Bei Interesse, bitte per PSN oder Discord anschreiben (eXe#5681) Etwas Ausführlicher Über mich: Ich bin Ü40 und habe jetzt 1000+ Stunden in WF verbracht. Es ist zu meinem Lieblingsspiel geworden und verbringe so viel Zeit darin wie möglich. Ich habe die letzten Jahre fast ausschließlich Neverwinter gespielt, aber die immer schlechtere Entwicklung des Spiels brachten mich dazu mir was neues zu suchen. Ein paar Worte zum Clan: Da ich zum einen in keinem Clan so richtig passte und meine Clan Suche auch erfolglos blieb, habe ich was eigenes gestartet. Dojo fertig gebaut und Forschung durch. Das ist nicht der - komm her, hier gibts alles, ich weiß es am besten - Clan, sondern einer wo hoffentlich sich Spieler zusammen finden die gut miteinander auskommen. Discord vorhanden (auch für andere die Discord mögen, Einladcode: tGJzqMZ). Da WF doch recht komplex ist, empfand ich es als gute Idee da etwas Hilfe darüber zu offerieren (und ja, es gibt auch andere aber ich habe das ganze etwas anders aufgezogen). PSN Clangruppe (quasi Nachrichten/Party Gruppe) für gemeinsame Party. Ich würde ich es begrüßen wenn sich ältere Spiele hier zusammen finden. Ich habe nichts gegen etwas jüngere und würde diese nicht grundsätzlich ausschließen, aber der Wortschatz und Themen sind da oft sehr unterschiedlich. Ihr solltet Spaß am Spiel haben und auch untereinander helfen (es geht nicht darum das Spiel für andere zu spielen, aber wenn ein Boss zu schwer ist, dann bitte helfen). Kein „betteln“, beleidigen usw.. Man soll Spaß haben und sich wohl fühlen. Wer immer Solo unterwegs sein möchte, brauch kein Clan. Sollten fragen offen sein, dann schickt mir eine PN, am besten über Discord (eXe#5681) oder PSN. Keine anonyme FAs, die bleiben erfolglos. Solltet ihr es bis hierher geschafft haben zu lesen und Interesse haben, schreibt mich an.
  19. hi im a play on ps4 and i did witch the tenocon on the 17 juil and did not get the loki drop and the gunblad on twitch if there is anything i can do i am hare (help)
  20. ¥目前10級風暴氏族,可以收100人,收滿人才會開放建造下一階段!¥ 氏族名稱:First dream 1.研發建造:目前為100%,等待遊戲繼續更新出新東西才能繼續建造;顏料、銳捷號也已完成。 2.收人條件:基本上不限制,但禮貌是重點,邀請隊伍一定要事先說明理由,不得隨意亂邀請!!常上線最好。 3.上線時間:平日晚上上線人數比較多,週末就不一定了。 4.群組相關:First Dream 氏族 5.歡迎新手或回鍋玩家一起加入,可以私訊我,或在底下留言留上PSN。 6.氏族道場尚未建設完畢,積極建設中,熱情招募道場建築師,發揮想像力盡情建設,材料有專人貢獻免煩惱!! 7.氏族也在積極招募聯盟,歡迎氏族一起來聯盟,壯大交易市場! 8.無論新手、老手、還是回鍋玩家,只要有任務需求,都可以在氏族/聯盟頻道發文,不要不要不要直接邀請,至少請先問過,感謝配合。 9.氏族/聯盟頻道,可以任意發文發問,也可以喊交易物品,價錢買賣雙方決定即可。 ##加入氏族後,第一件事,請製作氏族鑰匙,製作完成即可進入氏族道場!## ##通訊-氏族-進入氏族,第一次點選,即可拿到鑰匙藍圖。##
  21. During TennoLive, it was revealed that cross play and cross save are actively being worked on (as well as WF on mobiles which still blows my mind). However, how are multiple accounts on different platforms being handled then? I have an old but 2000+ hrs OC account I can't use which is why I now also use a PSN account to play the game. When cross save comes, is there going to be an option to unite all of those accounts into one or do I just have some tough luck regarding my PC account?
  22. TENNOCON 2021: los drops de la armadura y diseño de espada Tannukai ¿Estuviste viendo Tennolive 2021 con nosotros? Esperamos que hayas disfrutado de los primeros avances de «La Nueva Guerra» y del conflicto que se avecina. Durante el evento, esperábamos darte una experiencia interactiva donde habíamos preparado un Repetidor e íbamos a compartir una serie de escenas con todos los tenno en tiempo real en cada una de sus plataformas. Como regalo por participar, todo aquel que se uniera al Repetidor durante la experiencia en vivo iba a recibir la armadura Tannukai y el diseño de espada Tannukai. Por desgracia... sufrimos varios problemas de red debido a la cantidad de jugadores que intentaban unirse a la diversión. No pudimos remediar los problemas con el poco tiempo que teníamos disponible. Sabemos que no todos pudieron ver la demostración interactiva y conseguir el regalo que queríamos dar. Por eso, enviamos los componentes ya mencionados por medio de un mensaje de bandeja de entrada dentro del juego a cualquiera que haya entrado al juego el 17 de julio después de las 9 a. m. (ET) y durante la TennoCon. Pedimos disculpas a aquellos que no pudieron vivir la experiencia en directo. Los scripts se completaron en el siguiente orden: • Completado en Nintendo Switch. (18:44 ET) • Completado en XBOX (18:51 ET) • Completado en PlayStation (18:56 ET) • Completado en PC (19:46 ET) Un recordatorio: Ten en cuenta que 👉para recibir bien tus drops debes de tener bien vinculadas tus cuentas de Twitch y Warframe👈 Antes de reportar cualquier error por favor vuelve a vincular tus cuentas. Sigue las siguientes instrucciones para vincular bien tus cuentas: ENLACE 👈👀✨
  23. When do I get the warframe and weapon drops for watching the twitch broadcast? I watched the entire show and have not received them yet.
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