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  1. I am pretty new and want a good semi automatic rifle as a primary any suggestions?
  2. Yesterday I found a riven for the dual cestra. + 88,8 ice + 95 critical damage + 146,4 critical damage probability So I was thinking if the secura version were worth the price.
  3. normalmente el disparo secundario que es la explosión radial de la Stahlta funcionaba correctamente sin embargo ayer me dejo de funcionar, he estado probando con diferentes warframes o quitando los mods pero no hay explosion radial ni tampoco el daño en área , pregunte en chat si era un nerf pero les funciona normalmente. Ayuda a resolver este problema.
  4. Hello, Ever since today's hotfix, I noticed the Stahlta's alt fire is no longer making a shockwave on my end. I tried several things to fix it, including unequipping it, removing all mods, restarting the game, but nothing seems to work. I also noticed all base values indicate 0. Does anyone else have this issue? You can see the stats can be improved, but I assume that +x% of 0 is still 0, and that's why the radial attack is currently a regular shot that costs 20 ammo.
  5. Hello, I am really new in riven trading and can someone help me with price of this one? Simulor Ignides Heat 113% Status duration 114.5% Is it even worth selling this? or i should re-roll this one
  6. The other day I decided to clean the dust off of my Mutalist Cernos and build it for regular use. However, right off the bat I was met with a few, um... for lack of a better word. issues. Or I guess you could call them inconsistencies. They're not exactly game-breaking, but it does raise some questions as to how this weapon even works and whether or not the following mechanics I am about to explain were intentional or not. This is going to be a rather long post but I'll try my best to keep it concise, so bear with me please. See this Mutalist Cernos here? It has 5 base Toxin damage, as hi
  7. Hi, Like title says I have seen this cool yellowish 'lightning' effect sometimes when im on teams [& also on alot of youtube vids], it arcs off the environment to my wep when I attack & looks really nice. Only prob is I dont know what is doing it or how to make it permanent. Does anyone know what this effect is & how to enable it permanently pls? Im not using any electric element weps either so I dont think its anything to do with my weps elements. Last time I saw it was earlier today, I was using a Sepfahn Zaw with Nezha Prime on a void fissure mission in a full team [sry don
  8. So before i started having this problem, I had joined a public squad in ov. Then host migration happened, nad my connection to the host was lost. When i checked the level of my fluctus, it showed unranked eventhough it had ranked up to 4 in the mission. After that, my fluctus's rank kept resetting to unranked whenever i extracted. Although my fluctus levels up fine if i use it in archwing missions and bounties. Is this a bug or do i need to install a gravimag or something?
  9. I am making a weapon skin right now, and some questions occured to me. For instance can I just do it all by myself using 3dmax and texture from zbrush then render it? From the alt skins others made, I guess they are using models provided by DE. I am not so sure about the meapons skins though. Will DE offer a bone for you? If you happen to know anything related to it, please tell me. It will be appreciated.
  10. As title suggests, looking for best way to pop necramechs since Octavia doesn't work too well anymore.
  11. Hi everyone,just a newb question. How do i calculate my critical dmg? My hirudo with its riven have a crit multiplier of 9.8X,so if i have 508% crit chance (blood rush+sacsteel+fullgladiators), does it count like this?> tier5crit X critmulti X basedmg =(5)X(9.8)X(130)
  12. Hi, i came back to game from a long break, I started again and i am wandering, wich weapons are good now from mastery 5 and up? And if you can, please leave a build for a weapon. I am looking for primary, secondery and melee. Thanks!
  13. I've been repeatedly doing Ur on Uranus. I've gotten 12 akarius, 2 pherliac pods, and still no acceltra. Am I doing something wrong? Did they change something? Videos I have watched said the Akarius and Acceltra have an equal drop chance from infested demo units.
  14. My Kuva Lich is currently in an "enraged" state of anger and level 5 so the enemies in my kuva lich's controlled territory are lvl 90-110 enemies. But, I've done 10 missions straight and killed many thralls and he has yet to spawn. Prior to this, I already killed him 5 times and I also have the requiem mods needed + need to find the order of the mods to kill him. But, why isn't he spawning in any of the territory matches run through? There's an image attached that may help. Thanks!
  15. So... I'm new to the game (Mr5) and I'm currently building rhino, I wanted to ask what would be a good melee damage dealer weapon to Excalibur
  16. I'm using Deadly Efficiency, Archgun Ace, Critical Focus, and other mods, but I can't see the buff timers when I'm using a Necramech equipped with an Archgun that has those mods. Are they working, even if the buff timers aren't displayed?
  17. So I've been asked many times, how I made 700 Million credit in few days Index has its own Secret If you follow these Rules, you can Score 6 Rounds in less than 15 minutes 1- Allow the credits to pile up on floor, Let the enemies to pick up the points, then kill them, they drop bonus points. Example: If enemy has 20 Points, upon kill they drop 30, next enemy will also drop 50% bonus points. Same rule that applies to you when carrying points, it applies to them also. 2- Camp near their base so they don't score. Technically th
  18. So why does breaking a riven open not award Xp to the mastery rank? Even thought I broke a riven yesterday and the Xp to middle master didn't change still 27,879. What does this 5,000 Xp goes towards. If nothing it should be removed then.
  19. Hello tennos ! May you know it or not, but quassus do not have dammage falloff on the projectiles emitted from its heavy attack, but they seem to have critical chance falloff instead. if you dont believe it, just put a maxed true steel on an empty quassus resulting in a 102% crit chance on heavy attacks, then stand ~30 meters away from a large target such as a jugulus, then "fire" a heavy attack and you will notice some hits are blank instead of yellow, which should not happen since you have more than 100% crit chance. actually, this mechanic is even more noticeable if you build it wi
  20. I have a rifle riven mod and my task is to: Complete a survival mission with level 30+ enemies without killing anyone or using health consumables. I have completed this numerous of times but it persists to not unlock. Yes I have the mod on the gun. Yes I'm using the weapon No I haven't killed anyone bc at the end to show results it always says i have 0 kills. And No I haven't used any health consumables. I haven't used the health orbs dropped and I don't have any health consumables in my gear slot I took off all consumables just in case. I know I haven't been us
  21. First and foremost... good morning. I have some questions, in order to create a build for a heavy strike weapon. 1. Is it true that scythes and double hand nikanas produce bleeding on heavy strike with 100% chance? 2. If so... maybe might it be a good idea to put Condition Overload to a Pennant? Even when it's status chance is only 10%, with a 100% chance of bleeding... wouln't it be 120% more dmg to our strikes? 3. Does Condition Overload effects apply with the same strike that we apply the status proc on an enemy? Or does it apply on the next strike? (after we blee
  22. What are some of your favourite primary weapons. Not ones that are good, my loadout doesn't even use the primary 99% of the time, but somethings thats fun to use. I kinda just keep my primary slot open for a fun weapon when im running easy missions and i just want to mess around. What primary weapons are the most fun to use.
  23. Recently I've noticed a number of threads charging ridiculous amounts of platinum for ignis wraith blueprints. Enough said about that... ...there are many ways to get the ignis wraith for completely free! Please do not spend your hard earned platinum on ignis wraiths. Reddit Ignis Wraith Giveaway If you're on PC then you can use this thread to get ignis wraiths for completely free, by messaging one of the people listed in the link below... https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/i34b1i/free_ignis_wraith_supply_center/ Warframe Market Ignis wraiths can go as c
  24. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone recommends any video to learn modding and understand it, how mods work etc. Or it could be a forum post whatever helps.
  25. Hi, I've been playing Warframe for a few months on a mac - I used bootcamp to install windows on it, and so far everything's been running fine. I finally got around to completing the Deadlock Protocol, but I'm unable to make my Xoris explode. I can throw it by pressing down on the E key, but it won't explode when I press on that key again when it's in mid-air. I've tried different stances, no stances and customizing key bindings but nothing works, and I can't finish the quest. Any ideas on what I could do to fix it?
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