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  1. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord : Any MR : Beautiful Dojo : Dry Dock Ready We're a Mountain Clan with 200+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social We're very relaxed about activity level though if you fit in well, any questions just get in touch Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : 35+ Clans : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interested in joining our alliance feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it 🙂 Contact : Message me in game, via PSN or on here and you should get a reply fairly rapidly
  2. The Casual Killers are recruiting...well, any clan pretty much except Moon clans. We're an alliance of 2 clans currently. I started the alliance because I was tired of crazy requirements from other alliances. Casuals need a home too. Most of us have our 1-3k+ hours in game and aren't on everyday. Want some people to join up and jack some rails together? Run relics? Long casual sensual conversation in alliance chat? Help when you need it, and the opportunity to help other when they need it? (To be left alone and do your own thing even) Each clan will be given moderator privileges, and it will be expected for everyone to act like adults and police their own. Pretty simple. No online requirements. I will not be checking this post. Message one of the following people with your clan name on PS4 if you want an invite: excat_56 Janemba88 M-E-K-1 mgdawg
  3. Hi, I am looking for tenno to join our clan, as well as other clans to join our alliance. We are primarily an EU based clan on PC. Primed Outlaws is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan, we have an alliance discord which I will link below (please do feel free to join and scope us out). For clan members, we are looking for MR5+ players who are fun, social, friendly and most of all ACTIVE. The clan operates a 30 day offline kick rule. We have full research (including the coveted Ignis Wraith blueprint), as well as a structured clan member setup with opportunities to move up the guild ranks always open for discussion. If you are interested in joining the clan or are a fellow clan leader wishing to partner up, my discord is LtCain#1803. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss / request an invite. Clan alliance discord link: https://discord.gg/ZFyezwV
  4. Greetings, fellow Tennos To introduce myself; my name is Axle, leader of the warframe clan Fever Clan. I discovered this game back in 2015 and have been playing it ever since as much as i can with whatever time available. I Joined this guild roughly a month ago (at the time of writing this), I am trying to establish as many players as I can to join us on warframe One thing right away: We are not trying to aim to be one of the big or competitive guilds - rather we would like to gather players that want to be in our multi-gaming clan and are interested in warframe. To be part of our guild you have to be in the clan, by the way! While that might drive some of you off, let me tell you that this is not a problem, if you'd like to be part of a bigger community and find some friends for different kinds of games. Our goals are to have a consistent, somewhat casual player base. We welcome both new players and veterans, so keep that in mind. We do have a bunch of veteran players, and we all are helping out as much as we can. Another reason why I keep mentioning "casual", is that most of us are having jobs or study along with it (plus playing more than just this one game) - which means, we might not have time to be online every day We also want to make it possible to have regular game nights on the weekends to hang out and some events with prizes now and then, just like the other game-sections in Fever. As already mentioned, we're not all necessarily active daily. That additionally to the fact, that right now we have about 20+ people regularly active just from our clan. So please be aware of that if you join - I would be sad to see someone leave out of disappointment, because they were expecting much more than we can offer right now. This guild was recently just built up from scratch! Now, about what our clan has to offer: We are a nearly 10 year old multi-gaming clan with a lot of active members and several gaming sections. Our members come from all over the world, though a lot of them come from the US (So be prepared to find more american players on WoW for example). Our gaming sections range from MOBAs (League of Legends, Smite and Heroes of the Storm, etc) to MMOs like World of Warcraft and FPS like Overwatch and CS:GO; but also games like Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and StarCaft 2. We do have quite a bunch of other games in our repertoire though, so it's best to check out our forums on your own and dig around a little bit; and get in touch with the players! We offer a well thought-out ranking- and job system besides all of this. You can choose to forever be an enlisted member or not take on any of the jobs we got (May that be part of the recruiting and greeting team or maybe the streaming department; we got a bunch of different ones) and just be a gamer. Or you can decide to help out the clan and work your way up in the ranks and even become an officer and above - which means more responsibilities, of course, but also the opportunity to lead even a whole gaming department, for example, and make a difference. As for events, that's different of course from section to section. But generally we all try to make tournaments, game nights and coaching-sessions happen. A great example is our Heroes of the Storm section, which just recently got re-structured to the better by a bunch of very dedicated people. As communication platforms - aside from our forum - we got our own Discord server, which is open for all members 24/7 with a lot of different channels for all kinds of games. May it be some conflict with another member (which we prefer to resolve privately between the involved parties, instead of spreading it out) or help in games; Our officers are also around at any time to help you guys out with whatever problem you might have. Also, a thing I personally would like to address: Things aren't set in stone in this clan (which is what I really like). If you put some effort and dedication into something that interests you, people are gonna see that and will support you! Most of our members are 20+, but anyone applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older and have a working headset and mic. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about - we will just go through the rules and some other stuff in detail and help you get started in our forum and community. Register here Submit application Interviews are conducted on our Discord server. If you hop into the Interview Room and Interview Room 2-channel, one of us from the Applications Team will be there soon and do the interview. Just keep in mind that we might be busy and/or in games as well right now, so you might have to show some patience. When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following: Fever Member Referral Referrer: Axle
  5. Indonesia Warframe merupakan salah satu clan Warframe lokal dari Indonesia yang lebih dikenal dengan nama singkatannya, yaitu INAWF. Tujuan didirikannya clan lokal ini yaitu sebagai wadah untuk menampung serta tempat berkumpulnya player Warframe tanah air agar lebih mudah mendapatkan teman main satu bahasa, mengingat beberapa tahun lalu sangat sulit untuk mencari sesama player Indonesia di Warframe. INAWF terus berkembang secara perlahan & seiring berjalannya waktu, clan ini tumbuh menjadi salah satu clan lokal besar, Pada saat yang bersamaan, komunitas/playerbase Warframe di Indonesia juga ikut tumbuh & berkembang. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari berdirinya berbagai macam clan Indonesia baru dengan tier/ukuran yang bervariasi, mulai dari Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, hingga Moon clan, serta dengan terbentuknya Aliansi Indonesia. Mungkin ada yang belum mengetahui keberadaan clan ini, padahal sebelumnya sudah pernah berjumpa dengan kami baik itu di Relay, Lobby, bahkan mungkin salah satu dari kami pernah main 1 Squad denganmu Informasi Clan Syarat Bergabung Slot Anggota Pembangunan Dojo Fasilitas Penunjang Cara Mendaftar Kami Tunggu Kehadiranmu di Indonesia Warframe !
  6. ⚡ Odin Network - Rank 10 - Moon Clan open recruitment ⚡ About Us We are a group of people who strive to have good connections with each other not only through gaming but through everyday personal connections. We are a multi-game community with one of the most active voice chat discord in warframe. Unlike many other clans were only 1 or 2 people get on per day our voice chats are always filled with people. Why should you join us? We have 100% Research which allows us to focus on more of a community aspect then a endless farming of the Hema for example. Out dojo was designed by expert craftsmen who spent days upon days designing and building the design, focusing on comfort, compression, and over aesthetics. Our staff are well trained and are selected by a select few so only the most professional players and members become staff. (About 1%) We are an international clan allowing members to join from many places around the world. Leadership based in many places in the world including… (These languages are supported, but we mainly speak English) We are run by our members who donate via patreon! (https://www.patreon.com/OdinNetwork) Israel ✡ (Hebrew) Canada🍁 (English) Russia ® (Russian) America 🎺 (English) Upon with many more smaller groups! Requirements to join! Active and friendly. Ability to show respect. Participation in discord. Participation in clan events. MR 2+ (We believe everyone active, and respectful is welcome) Inactivity Limits: 14 Day offline time If you are interested in joining us please leave a reply below this post! Ingame name: Discord name: Mastery rank: Languages are spoken: Where are you from: (Optional) You may also go and follow our social media links more information of our website! Warframe Forum Group : https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/1140-odin-network/ (Secure Connection) Website : https://www.odinnetwork.com/ (Secure connection) Twitter : https://twitter.com/OdinNetwork/ (Secure connection) Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwx6pbqiR_X47NH7MN4IbaQ (Secure Connection) Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/OdinNetwork (How we collect funds for clan) Join our discord everyone is welcome! https://discord.gg/vBDHMA2
  7. PIRATES? NO! SPACE PIRATES! AHOY SAILOR! The names -Moose- . Captain of clan Squid Beard! Are you in need of something a little extra for a clan? How about pirates? No no no, not what you’re thinking, we’re better. What's better than just your normal everyday pirate? Space Pirates… and many other nautical apparatuses! Let me give you a few reasons why you’d might consider joining some of THE FINEST Space Pirates in the whole galaxy! Squid Beard is a great, expansive, and never ending project and family. We have much to offer any young or old tenno, as we have no mastery rank required! This list would include: A massive and expansive 2 story dojo. Multiple dueling rooms, gardens for being existential, and The Atrocity Room. All labs with 100% completed research. (including Kuva Trading) A Dry Dock for Railjack, including two enormous observatories attached; for contemplating the never ending universe! A custom in-house designed emblem. (see below) Our own personal Clan discord with music bots and many others for our own events and hangouts on the daily. We’re part of a large alliance, known as The Halls of R'lyeh, also with a large discord full of giveaways and events! And most importantly: Ẁ̶̢̳̞̟͈̻̦̗̭̳̋͊̋̐̀̆͆̇̀͘͘O̶̧̢͚̗̞̖̓̚R̶͕̲̻͇̘̜̼̘͕͋̔̾͗̀̈́̚͝S̴̺͛̐̈́̋̌̀͐̓͒̕͘H̷̛̬̦̥͙͕͚͉̠̪̞͙̲̩̠̎̌̈́̓͌̉̐͘͝ͅȊ̴̧̺̠̱̻̤̜̼̻̠͈̫̐̓̅̒̍̊̊̓̍̾͜͝͝P̸̡͖̲̓͐̈́̐̔̒̿̒́͆̋́̚ͅĮ̶̜̞͉̞͚̜̘̠̭̒̅ͅŅ̸̢̛̛̳̲̪̫͖͊̎̉̐̈́̀̃̋̈́̔̎͜͠G̴̨̢̪̣̻͔͓̱̠̓͂̄͛̓͋̔͗͘̕͝ ̵̠̱̫̙͂̍͂͋T̵̛̥͖̂͋̾͂̍̍̔H̵̨̢̨͈̰̪͌̓͠E̶̯̲̾̈͆̈́͛́̓ ̸̢̦̝̻͈̹͗̉̿́̈́́̾̋̂͂̆̄̓͘͠Ơ̷̢̥̬͇̠̻̠̖̻̞̺̣͇̄̀̈́̀̇Ȕ̷͔̤̪͖̊̈̌̿̀̓͗̊̍̋T̶̼̬̪͎̜͖̜͈̾Ȩ̷̫̟̞̞̩̳̣̄͐̃R̶̬̬̤͉̞̓ ̵̬̠̳̟͙̾͋̿̎͂̽̀̀̈́Ģ̷̧̻͔̜̫͖̦̳̖̣͙̟̹̅̂̍̑̌̂̾̀Ö̴̡͍̳̖͇̦̰̥͈͉̲̩͓̜̽̊̆͛͆D̸̛̥̉̂̋̈́̌̿͒́͐͛́͜͝S̵̠̣̝̭͇̞̰̬̻̬̏͗͌͆́͆̊̓̀̕ Our Emblem Clan Ranks and Officers All of our ranks are thought out and have specific purposes. Here they are from highest to lowest along with our officers and their tasks: Cthulhu ~ -Moose- (Myself, responsible for any and all clan leader shenanigans) Cap'n Morgan ~ MortTrevari (Our second in command, everything I can do he can. Also designer of our wonderful emblem!) Kraken ~ Heibel66 (Helper of things when others are away, also that OSU guy heh) Davy Jones ~ LostIsles (Our main recruiter and co-founder of the clan) Scalawag ~ Dojo architect(s), responsible for starting new projects and research. Currently, we are looking for sailors to fill this rank! **(more info below)*** Peg Leg ~ The rank for the loyal sailors! Peg Legs are helpful to the clan and alliance. They’re also able to recruit should the need arise. Cabin Boy ~ This rank is an automatic promotion after two weeks in the clan. Any ranks above are to be earned. Poop Deck ~ Our initiate rank. Pretty simple. Keelhauled ~ The vacation rank. If you’re going to be away longer than our 20 day kick limit, just give notice in the discord or in game and you’ll be free from being kicked. PROMOTIONS As stated, promotions are earned in the clan. The more loyal or helpful one tends to be, the more myself or the officers will notice and consider one for promotion. ***We are currently seeking 2 or 3 members with some extra creativity for the Scalawag role to help update and re-design the dojo! We’re aiming to make the place feel more like it should be, our clan home!*** HEEDING THE CALL If you feel compelled to be apart of the finest space pirates in the solar system, feel free to reach out to us! Be it on the forum here, discord, or in game. Myself or one of our officers will get back to you! SEE YOU SOON, SAILOR. ~ Moose CONTACT INFO: Discord & IGN: moose#0666 | -Moose- MortTrevari#2608 | MortTrevari Heibel#4303 | Heibel66 GrapeRush#2735 | LostIsles
  8. Notice: we now have an alliance, Birbs of Prey, mostly for little clans that don't want to lose their efforts but believe in what we are doing! Feel free to message me about both! Note: The Warlord of any clan applying will need to answer the survey mentioned in the main part of the ad, unless a member or ally can vouch for the clan. Hey, Fellow Tenno! The Mischievous Chickens clan is a pro-LGBTQ+ rights, pro-Civil Rights, pro-Feminism, (and generally supportive of leftist values,) refuge for those who are exhausted from dealing with the toxic and often hateful status quo behavior of most gaming environments. Rather than suffer through the constant harassment or vitriol in other groups, we have joined together to have a place to ourselves to retreat to. We strive to cultivate a welcoming and supportive community within both the clan and the alliance. To join Mischievous Chickens or Birbs of Prey, contact SpicyDinosaur on the forums or through one of the methods at the bottom of the post. The clan is a Rank 10 Mountain Clan with all research complete and Ignis Wraith blueprints available upon request. Our goal of a friendly, welcoming environment requires vetting anyone applying. Note that we are not in this to change the game or do battle with the toxic elements in gaming. The clan is simply a safe space for fellow Leftists. We have a survey for our applicants. If there are any questions regarding said survey, reading the full ad may answers these prior to or help with the application process. However, it is generally not a long or problematic process! If you want to be an ally to the clan to see what it is like this can be accommodated; the survey is still required. If you are a friend or family member of a clan member and they can vouch for you, you can skip the survey. If you have any questions at any point re: parts of this post, the survey, the interview, etc., do not hesitate to message me. The survey does require a Google sign-in. However, no one is capable of seeing what account is answering the survey. This limits applications to one per account and prevents spam, which is its entire purpose. Feel free to request the survey at any time feel free to contact me and I will provide a link. Also see contact info at the bottom of the page for more options by which to reach me. We don't expect applicants/members/allies to be 100% perfect or never mess up, but a general awareness of yourself and others, and a desire to learn, including acknowledging suffering you might not even be able to see from your "vantage point," if you are in such a position, is essential. It goes without saying that TERFs, SWERFs, Tankies, and Truscum need not apply, as their policy is that of hate. The size of the clan is robust, still allowing familiarity and camaraderie while having enough members on to actively participate in things with. We don’t intend to go higher in clan levels but this plan may be altered at a later date, depending on how many members we have. We accept all MRs and even the greenest newbie that is looking for a clan such as ours. (Note that we do allow minors into our ranks, and actively strive to make early gaming experiences both as exciting and welcoming as possible.) We are looking for people with similar, but not identical mindsets. The clan is built in a way that allows members to not get lost in the crowd, and get help or group with others easily even while we grow in numbers. Addressing a rather common question asked regarding the clan: How often are politics discussed in your clan, and is it expected on a regular basis? Politics, etc aren't actually a usual topic of discussion as many of us just want to play peacefully. I know I prefer not to think about the issues while gaming, as they can be stressful for me personally. Most importantly: You will never be required to engage in any discourse you do not feel comfortable with, nor is voice chat ever a requirement! Mischievous Chickens Clan Page Birbs of Prey Alliance Page Our Discord SpicyDinosaur, Inglourious Henno (Co-Warlord) of the Mischievous Chickens Mischievous Chickens Clan Emblem Birbs of Prey Alliance Emblem FURTHER CONTACT INFO: These Forums: SpicyDinosaur Discord: SpicyDinosaur#2019 Within Warframe: SpicyDinosaur .
  9. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord : Any MR : Beautiful Dojo : Dry Dock Ready We're a Mountain Clan with 150+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social We're very relaxed about activity level though if you fit in well, any questions just get in touch Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : 30+ Clans : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interested in joining our alliance feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it 🙂 Contact : Message me in game, via PSN or on here and you should get a reply fairly rapidly 😎
  10. We are a laid-back Alliance we don't require tax or resources unless de put something in the game that's Alliance related for us to work on slash do.
  11. Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven - The Inferno Alliance (TIA) We are an alliance with a community building goal in mind. Join us as clan or we can take you as an individual! Fun and friendly alliance. Not too big to feel like a massive government; not too small to feel like a kindergarten 😉 We always have community building activities/events such as alliance contests, fashion frame prizes, mini game bots, giveaways and lots more! and we are building a community and a true alliance. Our goal is to create a friendly, respectful, and active community in this alliance to help each other out and prepare for when the Dark Sectors and Solar Rails are back for a strong impact! One of our clans Vicious Violence has just won the Featured Dojo Contest! Will you and your clan join us to build this community and grow together? More details on events we are doing very often are as follows: Obstacle course POE run races Kavat/Kubrow fashion (themed: ex: for holidays, best flame-looking pet, most badass...) Fashion frame (themed: ex: idem as pet fashion, stalker themed, element themed...) Orbiter fashion Hunts Operator fashion Best "Captura" And, many more. We have a dedicated feedback/ideas thread on our discord to encourage ideas and feedback on the alliance. We do have a discord server set up and we have 3 requirements to join the alliance, reach out to discuss. We have a structure of alliance staff that cooperate together to keep the alliance healthy, active and fun! We also have various bots on our Discord server that can price check stuff and keep you updated about alerts, invasions, sorties, etc and sub you to alerts and POE cycles! And ofc a music bot 😉 We will help each clan and clan mates to grow whether it being resource farming, leveling, or simply build sharing, we will be there to help you! And all alliance members will be treated equally and fairly as we are building a great and friendly community. The alliance has an alliance emblem and our very own streamer; the path to WF partnership has already begun! Check them out: dezsaras: https://www.twitch.tv/dezsaras Alliance emblem The direct link to our discord is https://discord.gg/6uuh2Sn You can join as a guest and tell us if you wanna join the alliance as a clan or as an individual 🙂 To have your clan join our alliance or you wanna join as a single member, please either post here or PM in-game any of the following people: Alex.88, Kiri, _fur, Kimi For faster response, you can also DM on Discord if we are not in game at the time, Alex.88#8501 Kiri#9337 , fur#2037, Mehrankimi#2891 Have questions? ask away!
  12. Seeking a laid back alliance to run mission, voice chat etc
  13. Hi Titans of Theia is a small clan and we are looking to join a big alliance in PS4. My PSN is Timortias. Looking forward to paying with you
  14. Just started this game on Switch and looking to make a clan. As I can see there are not many clans around. Who is interested? What is your gamertag?
  15. looking to form an alliance with another smaller casual clan. more friends, more fun, without more research cost in the future.
  16. The Lichless Operative A World Without Grind An Alliance founded under one purpose: To make the system a better place by helping fellow Tenno rid of their miserable grindfests LICHES! Are you: Unhappy with the Lich system? Regret ever getting a Lich? Think the grind is ridiculous? Hate those leeches for stealing your hard earned bounty? Does the idea of shoving an Ogris so far up a Lich's kuvahole where even Wisp's Sol Gate doesn't reach sound inspiring to you? Or do you just like beating the Void Devil out of Liches for fun? Then apply today! Any clan is welcome! All you need is a deep disdain for liches! (and bullS#&$ grind mechanics!) Just Leave your Clan's name below and share with us your disdain for Liches, and you'll be invited! No taxes! No hidden costs! Hunt with us, today!
  17. A year ago I Raskalnickoff was looking for a clan to join, there were a few mentions of christian clans, but they all lead to dead ends until I found the Faithgaiming discord. Which you can join https://discord.gg/HGQVeU8 I got a few of my mates back into the game and resurrected our old Topless ghost clan. Now Soulivium has arrived with his ghost clan "Heralds of the Sanctuary" So we are making an Alliance. If there is anybody else keen on joining in, then hit us up on the discord, or try a ingame friend request. I wont be checking up if you belong in our clan/alliance, but if you want a rule of thumb: I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit; one holy catholic Church, the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins; the resurrection of the body; and the life everlasting. Amen
  18. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord - No MR Requirement : Beautiful Dojo We're a Mountain Clan with 100+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : ~30 Clans : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interested in joining our alliance feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it 🙂 Contact : Message me here, in game or via PSN and you should get a reply fairly rapidly 😎
  19. {Lotus Did Nothing Wrong} is RECRUITING and looking for ALLIANCES! R10 GHOST CLAN We do have a Discord if interested! Dry Dock Ready! We prefer players who are active, and are mature adults!!! No Mastery level requirement but we prefer if you are a continuous player! We are still new/fresh although 98% of research (Except dojo colors) is done!
  20. Hello there, im the leader of a ghost clan (The Tombstone Barber) and I'm looking to join an alliance. Most of the research is finished and there are 5 members so far. Thank you for your time.
  21. We are a ghost clan, my buddy and I started this clan a while ago, and it's been the two of us forever. We are both MR27, and have played the game since launch on xb1. We both deeply enjoy and love the game, and talked about expanding our clan to other people. We will remain a ghost clan however as we don't want costs to get too high for making things. We are looking for players which will help to make things with us, that farm with us, play along side us, and in general just chat with us. We prefer adults, as we do curse, and make crued jokes sometimes. We have gotten it all the way to rank 10 on our own. We are focusing currently on colors, as everything else is built. I myself play during the week, and my friend gets on sometimes during the week, but mostly on the weekend. Our clan name is Alpha Order, also any other small clans that need an alliance we made 1 of those too called The Black Council, and we are also looking to expand that too with other small ghost or shadow clans. We have an image already designed for the alliance, and clan as well. If your interested please reply to this thread or message me on xbox live Onawa Nootau. We are happy to have 8 other like minded players.
  22. Trash Brigade is a Multigaming Community that strives to be a hub for gamers to socialize and teamup. Whether that be casually or competatively. So if you are interested in playing with some peeps/helping out or have any questions check us out! Discord: https://discord.me/trashbrigade
  23. Twisted Casuals : Age 21+ : Rank 10 : Mountain Clan : Discord - No MR Requirement : Beautiful Dojo We're a Mountain Clan with 100+ members, full research (minus ignis wraith but we have blueprints to give out) We're not looking for a huge amount of players - we're looking for quality over quantity. There's 3 things we look for in players >Age 21+ >Active >Social Futureheadz Alliance : Age 18+ : Discord Any clans who are 18+ and are interested in joining our alliance feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it 🙂 Contact : Message me here, in game or via PSN and you should get a reply fairly rapidly 😎
  24. WILD is a gaming group based on Discord. We all play a variety of games (Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, Apex, WoW, etc.). Most of us are in the EST and CST time zones across NA. All 18+ members are welcome to join us. While most members are new, we do have some experienced players within the community. We are looking for members who match our style: Having fun, playing as a team, and most importantly of all, keeping a positive attitude. All Mastery Ranks are welcome to join. Our clan is called 'We Immortal' and we are a Rank 9 Shadow Clan. Our Dojo is in progress and we would like to build our clan membership as we continue to work on Dojo rooms and research. The research rooms are completed and most of it is done. Now if you're already in a Clan and still wish to join our community, whether it be in Warframe or another game, you are still welcome to join! We also have an Alliance called W.I.L.D and we are accepting other Clans to join us! We offer a large friendly community that get together almost everyday in every one of our games. We hope to see you soon! Our only rules are: Respect each other. Respect WILD. Respect our discord. If you’re interested, join our discord: https://discord.gg/VhXFDVj And/Or add CoffeeCake_ on Warfame
  25. Hi all, Garden of Solace is a chill clan that is hoping to grow into a community, we currently have 100+ members and are looking to grow with people that are interested in making this clan become a community, whether that is just participating in activities or just chatting. we dont have any requirements for the clan and we have a good few knowledgeable members to help out those who are still getting started. We also recently joined an alliance that is also growing. Our discord server is currently housing just Warframe but we do plan on expanding to more games in the future, that being said there are channels for Warframe players and players from other games, it is also the easiest way to get in contact with me in case you need to ask some questions or want to be apart of our growing community. (Discord link will be provided once you join the clan or get in contact with me) (We also have a few custom emotes for those who enjoy them). The officers we have in the clan are also very friendly and approachable if you have questions about anything or need general help I know this is something people look for and im glad i can say we do have a dojo that has decorations (we are not pros tho so its all still underway) Our dojo has a few rooms decorated and heres a few of them Hide contents To get into contact or if you wish you know more information, or just want to join us contact RoseeGamer ingame or via discord @ RoseGamer#1128 (Discord will be easier since RoseGamer is always active on it and messages will not be sent if they are not online) If you made it this far through the post and are interested in joining us there are ways of contact above. Thank you and have a nice day :D
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