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  1. Swazdo-lah, surah! Welcome to my concept thread! This thread will be my way to write about my various Warframe concepts - which'll usually be weaponry. Though I have a few other concepts I want to play around with! Also, from now on, there'll be no more than two concepts per post! Three if there's a syndicate weapon, prime weapon, and uh, not-prime weapon. My latest concept is immediately below! Probably the most common subjects here are improvised guns and revolvers. If you want more, make sure to take a look at the Table of Contents. Latest Concept: Tenno SMART RIFLE Full Table Of Contents NOTE: Because the forums are being a butt, I will only be able to link to specific pages, not individual comments on some of these. This only occurs for concepts developed after the Vlcak. I apologize for the inconvenience. Buuuut, if that's too large a list, it comes with other smaller subsections. Like so: Warframes World WEAPONS Primary Note: These are divided by ammo pool. Rifle Shotgun Sniper pool Secondary Melee Alright, I admit it. There's not much here. Enemy Designs Other Concepts Concepts that don't really fit into any other slot - Art Dumps, characters, mission types, mods... Guest Hour Super Create Work done by or with friends, fans, and others! Out of respect for the bonds we've formed, this part will not be spoilered out. Thanks, guys! 1. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Mos Naganta (Tenno) By @Almighty_Jado! Check out his deviantart here! But more importantly, check out his thread at The Legion of Tau, here! It's a very interesting thread, full of enemy designs, weapons, and probably absolutely the best Sentient designs I've seen here. I've even contributed a bit! 2. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Fuselok lineart (Grineer) Art of my battle rifle / Dust 514 Rail Rifle hybrid, drawn by Modernmercenary. Who, as far as I know, does not have an account on these forums. Do the next best thing and check out his deviantart here! 3. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Fuselok 2 Electric Boogaloo (Grineer) By @Almighty_Jado. I... was genuinely surprised to see another drawing of the Fuselok. Except this time he made it do double-duty as a flamethrower! Not quite what I had in mind, but that does sound pretty dope. But seriously though check out his thread. 4. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Trokar by Unus (Grineer) Single-shot hand cannon designed by @Unus, drawn by me! Check out Unus' thread. It's... Okay, I was going to try to describe it, but I can't. There's such a massive amount of creative concepts that it's beyond description. Just go see it for yourself! 5. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Thrombocyst (Infested) Shouts out again to @Almighty_Jado for this one! I made a drawing of it, and Jado later expanded on it. 8. BONUS HOUR COLLAB CREATE: Vaculyst/Vorticibus enemy design with Almighty Jado (Sentient) Yet more shouts out to @Almighty_Jado - I made the Vaculyst design, and he made an enemy to go with it! 9. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Sancti Avakan by Almighty_Jado (New Loka/Tenno) ...How many shouts out to @Almighty_Jado am I gonna have to give? Probably a lot. 10. Picead Plasma Rifle by Unus! Shouts out again to @Unus. ART DUMP 1 This is what I call an Art Dump - it's a quick look at my vision for new guns in Warframe. Everything here has originally been posted in the thread, but they'll be reposted later with their own individual posts. But, if you're really curious as to what these do, you can just check them out on my deviantart. Until I make individual posts for all of them, anyway. Apologies for cutting out detailed stuff like the Trejek shotgun, Helica rifle, and Avakan - I just didn't want this to get too wall of texty. You'll see those SOON though. NOTE: As inspired by @Unus, I decided to re-organize this art thread! A lot of earlier comments are from before I heavily edited this thread.
  2. Me personally. As Rhino was my first Warframe that I really began clearing the starchart with, he'll always have a special place in my heart. But...I think his passive absolutely sucks, at least in its current state. Falling from a medium/decent or larger height causes a AoE shockwave wherever Rhino lands. I never liked it when it was added and looking at it today. The range is too low to be viable even if I wanted to use it seriously. I understand there are other similar mods that make this stronger, but that feels like a waste of mods. My idea for Rhino is to make Rhino Charge a passive ability rather than an active one, with its own meter and stuff. It could either exist alongside the current Rhino Charge or make room for a new ability. Not sure how to address his Charge augments currently. In trying to think of the theme of "Rhino" all I can think of is his charge and while it's certainly a good ability I feel like Rhino could be a serious force to be reckoned with if the "Charge" part of Rhino was something that is always active by being a passive. It'd be somewhat similar to Gauss but with more startup. As Rhino moves in a single direction his sprint speed slowly but then quickly ramps up. The faster Rhino goes the stronger this charge becomes, you can still turn with Rhino with some forgiveness for turning to not completely lose your buffs. But if Rhino has only just begun moving, he'll emit a weak Rhino charge that will stagger enemies he walks through/past with impact procs. As you get faster this upgrades to a knockdown (blast procs?) with a wider range And at your fastest you'd be using the current Rhino Charge, ragdolling enemies and become fast enough to keep up with other Warframes who typically need to bulletjump and dodgeroll to reach similar speeds. This is probably an awful idea since I quickly came up with it, but I thought it'd be interesting if Rhino was an untamable beast, someone who is hard to get close to without being hit with the capability of having an infinite charge so long as he has room to continue moving in.
  3. How exactly is this mode supposed to work? Normally survival has reward rotations every 5 minutes, something smaller like endo relics or credits- which conjunction survival's drop tables seem to suggest: https://www.thegamer.com/warframe-conjunction-survival-rewards-tips-tricks/ However my clan and i just got done with our third conjunction survival, and the only thing that happened at the 5 minute marks were the Thrax attacking, although the 20 minute marks did reward us weapon parts and blueprints. Is there some kind of major discrepancy here?
  4. the new survivals fantastic! its just survival, you dont have to jump through hoops or chase a bunny or play connect four every 30 seconds. every 5 min enemies spawn that drop relevant currency that you can simply farm farm how? play it more. . .at your leisure, 5 minutes to endless I guess, whatever floats your boat. difficulty? pretty much 4 different difficulties depending on your speed that all scale rewards competently! I literally had a moment of shock after 15ish minutes in the harder SP mode that I was just enjoying being able to just play the game and get rewarded for it, I'm getting thrax, steel essence, arcanes. I enjoy the classic warframe survival gameplay, I can jump in for 5 minutes to an hour and it all feels relevant, solo or with friends. was crazy to not have DE get in their own way for once and let me just play warframe. props on this content, it's very enjoyable and my friends and I are enjoying just playing warframe, thank you! and enjoy your holiday break!
  5. I have around 20 shards, 6 tauforged and have not put them on any frames yet. Maybe I do not run Steel Path endurance, so i do not see where they would fit. Or maybe I just play too many frames to decide on a few. Some of my played frames have outdated builds, I admit. I am looking for inspiration. Thanks.
  6. Desde las 1:58 p.m (Colombia) no eh podido acceder al juego, al ingresar mi contraseña simplemente me aparece "Error al iniciar sesión. Comprueba los datos" ya intenté cambiando la contraseña y sigue dando el mismo error.
  7. Stairs no longer hold us back. I'd like to see Inaros players climb stairs (impossible)
  8. No really. Why? That panel got shoved to the side on the little Liset expansion a while back, I get faster matchmaking as a DPS in FFXIV than in Conclave and correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't most new weapons not being added to Conclave? Besides, the Conclave community already showed that is not welcoming to any new player, since: "If I had to suffer through this, so must everyone else" Why don't we just let Conclave die and be replaced for something better and more enjoyable?
  9. EDIT: there's an alternative way to buy the parts out on zariman lady. This will remove the long tail issue, but then the block seems to be the lua thrax plasm itself. Let's say we buy 2 of them using 200 plasm and grind 2 other out. we still need 125 plasm to build her, so in total 325 plasm. However, plasm is drop rate is quite fixed - 20 minute run will yield 30 plasm without booster. This mean 3.61 hours. Still grindy, but the time cost is fixed. ----- I am a long time warframe player, currently LR1. I love this game and is even fine with the recent AOE nerfs, but have to speak it out this time. I have all the frames. I've done most of the frame farming (only buys khora) and knows the grind process, but Voruna is at another level. From public data, Voruna has a drop rate of 12.24% for BP and 8.16% for parts, but they share in the same Rotation C reward pool. The problem is: it is rotation C of a survival mission, which takes 20 minutes to trigger once. An ideal case computation shows (100 / (12.24+8.16*3) + 100 / (12.24+8.16*2) + 100 / (12.24+8.16*1) + 100 / (12.24)) * 20min / 60 hour/minute = 6.43 hours to get it in expectation. Looking at the video below, khora is the longest one to farm before (since Ash's farming is fixed) and takes 5 hours in expectation so far. Now Voruna is takes longest time to farm, unsurprisingly. And RNG is involved, likely someone would grind 15 hours and still not collecting all the parts. To make things worse, the mission isn't really fun - it is just survival with a few small tweaks. Most of the time I'm just camping. And I heard there would be 9 hours of grind to gather the materials? To my knowledge, warframe parts are never tradable. Please DE, make them tradable or increase to rotation A / B, don't waste player's time and make them angry. Or just make the grind to be 1% chance in C rotation, showing everyone buying in the market is the "correct" way 😟. Similar lengthy grind happens on Aeolak and Hespar, at least they are tradable. At this point, I'll completely skip this frame, waiting the grind to be fixed or, if not happening, buy it out eventually. Really farming the plat is much faster than this grind.
  10. We need some Aliens from other worlds. Missions outside the origin system. We need Special Raids that take 16 ppl split into 4 people squads. Many games employ set ups like this for special events or bosses etc?! This would be perfect because warframe needs new bosses. Bullet Sponges aren’t good bosses. It’s lame and people get bored quick. Instead you need to rely on ppl learning the mechanics of a fight so they can possibly kill the boss quicker or the battle take longer based on experience and skill. on top of this, warframe used to actually have events. The last holiday event was lame to say the least. DE are you phoning it in or what?! I’ve playing this game since it came out on PlayStation. I truly am a fan and I miss the days when we had events and something to look forward to. Like when the acolytes used to be a random event etc?! We need new special mods and items only earn able during those events period! That would be the best to bring players back in who have left out of extreme boredom and lack of creativity. As De you have been copy pasting and reskinning only events and only missions and just adjusting levels for a while now. That’s phoning it in. also please bring back Ash’s original blade storm. Compared to other powers it’s not that great but frankly Ash sucks now and he was my absolute favorite. Yes I realize I crashed your game on PlayStation twice due to me using my OP Ash and one hitting the sortie boss that was level 120 . At the time no one had done it. However you have raised damage caps since then soo?’ Please fix it!
  11. Hi Tenno, I used to maintain a Google Sheet to track of the stream times across different time zones so people would know what time the stream was starting for their time. I've now moved it to a website which is easier for me to maintain and (i think) easier to access. Each week I update the site with the stream schedule for the week after a DE staff member has posted it here on the forums - the forums are still the source of truth regarding the streams. If this is something you'd use please bookmark the website: https://warframestreams.lol This thread is a central location for user feedback and announcements. Below is a screenshot of the website when viewed from the GMT time zone. The Devstream is currently listed as my guess/assumption, and so it is (unconfirmed) until a DE staff member has posted it here on the forums. Let me know what you think, cheers all.
  12. Firstly I've been enjoying Grendel since his launch, and would consider myself a Main for him, i have found many playstyles and builds to enjoy and he is one of the few frames i consistently came back to. with that said after seeing the embarrassment that was Grendel's "Rework" which I'm pretty sure No One Asked for, Grendel lost so much that he doesn't even feel like a frame worth playing and considering his still hard as nails obtaining method. you missed the point of Grendel Entirely his Meatball is his ult because its his Primary mobility tool. his 3 is more a filler ability leaving space for helminth, he's fine where he is no one asked for a rework for Grendel, WE Asked For a Yareli Rework. capping his gut at a pathetic 5 enemies means he can't do what he was built for which was enemy displacement. changing his toxic proc to viral actually removes elemental synergies from his kit. I argue he is better where he is than where he would be post rework. Please DE Don't do this, as a longtime fane this would kill my big reason for sticking around. if this goes live I'm dropping Warframe and I'm taking a big chuck of the community with me. do not Soil our good will with things like this no one asked for without some kind of community Direct imput.
  13. ¡Holi! El equipo de desarrollo está al tanto sobre los problemas de conectividad que hay en estos momentos en Warframe y están investigando el motivo en estos momentos. Esto incluye los inicios de sesión, emparejamiento, etc. Actualizaremos esta publicación con más información cuando la tengamos. Gracias por tu comprensión, tenno. 🦋~ ACTUALIZACIÓN - 7:22 p. m. ET Holi, tenno. Parece ser que los problemas de red ya se han resuelto. Gracias por tu paciencia. 👾~
  14. With Lua's Prey, we received reworks/revisits to Grendel and Yareli, two frames that were widely received as bad or underwhelming. Whether these changes are enough to sway public opinion regarding these frames is unclear, but reworks of any capacity are generally something the community likes and wants more of (see any discussion about Hydroid, Inaros, or Valkyr), which is why we as a community should do our best to show DE that we want more of them. DE keeps track of the frames we play, and makes decisions based on those statistics. We've been told before by the developers that reworks haven't influenced player statistics enough to be worth spending developer resources on, so let's do our best to change that: For those of you who have Grendel or Yareli and want to see more Warframe reworks in the future, I encourage you to play them somewhat regularly in order to increase those usage rates. You don't need to main them, but if you're doing a low level non-SP void fissure, odds are that your frame choice isn't going to matter very much, so there's no harm in playing them for a mission or two.
  15. Since Disruptions appeared I was hoping that all rotations would be changed the same way. Why not do it now? Look how well it works with Disruptions: you need lith and meso relics - you go to Mars for neo and axi - Sedna/Lua and some in between and if you need an item from rotation C - you just stay longer and farm it, if you need A or B u leave early. AABC AABC is an old and outdated system and has to go (maybe many years ago it was good, but for the 4+ years I play - I never understood why is it even that way), every rotation after wave 20, minute 20, etc should remain C for as long as tenno stay.
  16. Respected Developers, I am the player of WARFRAME who would like to give suggestion/idea about warframe 'SEVAGOTH'.After some updates you will introduce 'SEVAGOTH PRIME' ; And would like to give a idea about it .How about this instead of Creating SEVAGOTH PRIME why don't you about 'SEVAGOTH' into evolutionary warframe which will evolve into 'SEVAGOTH PRIME' after completing the requirements/challenges/mission you will set .And that Warframe will become Stronger with more energy after it turned into a 'PRIME'. I also have another suggestion just like every WARFRAME have its signature weapon as EPITAPH is SEVAGOTH'S Signature weapon can you also make a schtye a meelee weapon which will suit his style . As i see SEVAGOTH the things come into my mind are Grim reaper,royalty and etc Respected Developers, if you like my idea please be sure to tell me how is my idea and make changes. Thanking you Diablopendragon
  17. Small suggestion. Accessability suggestion. I want a mod that turns Semi and Burst weapons instead Auto and Burst-Auto trigger-type weapons. Why? Because my hand hurts. The new Incarnon weapons are great, but I remember why I stick to either hold-and-release triggers like bows, or auto-fire weapons. I hate clicking constantly, trying to get kills, only to end a day of Warframe with my hand feeling like I murdered it. The only change is it would make weapons in Semi and/or Burst allow the user to HOLD the trigger instead of having to tap it like crazy. Even Reddit thinks we could use something like this. Some of us players love the game, but our bodies do not. I'm even open to there being penalties, as long as it's a choice I get to make as a player, I'm going to go for comfort of my hand and wrist over "because it's how it's always been". (11-30-22) EDIT: There was a minor change to (SOME) Semi-Auto weapons, in today's patch, 33.2.0. Some Semi-Auto Weapons had their RoF to bring them down to "human" levels of usable and that allowed the devs to tweak them to hit harder and be MORE usable. This does NOT solve issues like my own where I suffer from repetitive motions, as the weapons DO require a lot of button presses, they'll just require LESS clicks now. Better, but not Best. Still would prefer a toggle, or a mod, or ANYTHING, but at least they're realizing that there was no HUMAN way to click a mouse to be fully effective with a modded Semi-Auto weapon as they previously were modded. Feel free to add your thoughts and feeling in the thread as well.
  18. I would like more maps added into conclave please. Conclave is really fun. I want more maps though!
  19. Please remove 100% blocking from conclave. Also please remove autoblocking from conclave. Trying to shoot at people that just have a melee equipped and it doing 0 damage to them stalls games and is really unbalanced. I understand why they implementedit for pve and it got added into conclave because of that. However 100% block does not belong in conclave where the majority of players are trying to shoot at 1 another. After the upcoming fixes that DE Pablo announced recently this will be 1 of the biggest issues left to fix.
  20. When was like your peak warframe enjoyment? The best moment you can remeber. Mines was my eidolon hunt with my "completed" Titania (before archon shards). Then the scarlet spear, Im hoping I can add Duvuri to this list cause it looks sooooo good. #bringbackscarletspear
  21. It's just I thought I had. There's so many frames in the game that have more or less been left in the past. It's sad to see that as the game goes on it seems some frames are forgotten about. Frames like Chroma, Loki, Hydroid, Inaros, and Frost are just a few that I've heard people say they want a rework for (I'd say equinox deserves one too, but I'm biased). I've noticed that recently most big updates ship with a rework/tweak/update of some kind for one warframe along with the major content. It got me thinking, with how many frames need a rework, what if DE used the resources they usually put towards making a new update and dedicated an entire update to just frame reworks? I for one think it's a great idea as the content for said theoretical update would be the new builds/interactions the frames have, but I don't know how DE thinks the community would respond to such an update. how well do you think an update like this would do compared normal ones?
  22. https://twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1548395517721251840?t=WHa23_NgY8lexFFDpBMnUA&s=19 So we got the concept art of the wolf frame. Now it may not be the final design* though but looking at it has me wondering what abilities should we expect. Initial design thoughts have me thinking that this frame will probably not transform into a werewolf or a wolf. The enormous head piece might have a tranform function but probably similar to nidus and less like sevagoth. The large wolf pieces however has me thinking we will be focusing on summon wolf spirits either as temporary pets or projectiles or both. Honestly if this is the case I am hoping they go with a reverse voltron situation. Where each ability summons a companion that performs a different function either for a short duration or permanent pets. Making ... lets call her: Medeina (Lithuanian wolf deity), a full on summoner frame. But what are your thoughts based on the frames visual design? *I'm anticipating the 3d model to have additional tweaks to the final concept.
  23. This bug is extremely common and prevalent when using Operator/Drifter Transference into my Warframe. Most likely happens when the Operator/Drifter is being knocked down, then I press Transference and/or use a melee attack to switch back into Warframe. When controlling my Warframe in this bugged state, I cannot fire my weapons and cannot use any abilities. The Warframe model is usually locked to face one direction until I aim-down sights, or parkour with rolling, bullet jump, slide, and aim glide. I can access the Gear wheel but cannot use most of the gear inside. This bug cannot be fixed by: Falling into a out-of-bounds pit or zone. Typing /unstuck in chat (because sometimes the chat box is inaccessible when this bug occurs) Opening ESC menu. Being revived by allies or companion. It can be reset by: Bleeding out, dying, then spending a revive. Host migration. Please fix soon, I happen to like using the Star Child at times to combo with my Frame.
  24. Ok. So anyone who plays nekros in any meaningful way knows that this ability is one of the worst in the game. Sure - with the augment, you can increase your survivability. But thats kinda it, and it ends up costing you a RIDICULOUS amount of energy. I feel they need to adjust this ability. Step 1. adjust the energy economy of this ability. Make the base cost of this ability be 30 energy plus 10 energy per summon you are ACTIVELY calling up. That would put your upfront cost for this ability when getting max shadows at the standard 100 energy while allowing nekros to use his SotD to refresh their health for 30 energy. Given how quickly their health decays, this is a MUCH needed change that would put his energy economy in a reasonably healthy place ASSUMING you DO NOT increase the decay. Step 2. A classic necro ability is to make bodies go boom. And something nekros needs is both a way to deal more damage on demand with his abilities, and a way to end his SotD early to resummon. Now when playing him at high lvl your shadows begin to fall behind the horde of enemies so it becomes needed to get new stronger shadows. What i'm suggesting is the ability to hold down your shadow summoning button and have that trigger a corpse explosion dealing a % of the units' remaining life as damage (based on strength) in a radius (based on range) at a cost of 5 energy per shadow, knocking down any enemy units in blast radius (to give nekros the time to resummon) Step 3. this one would just be nice, but with the other changes, wouldn't be needed. allow your shadows to be healed by gloom Step 4. enjoy.
  25. The Archon Shard system has some outstanding issues that have become increasingly apparent as the weeks roll by. It's certainly not an exhaustive list, but: The acquisition of Tau Shards is completely RNG-based. There is no way to get them aside from getting lucky, and the odds are against you. You may go months without seeing one. The acquisition of Tau Shards takes a very long time. Even with average luck, it will take on average 25-75 weeks to get 5 Tau Shards of the desired type for just one frame. For comparison, regular Shards take only take 2.5-7.5 weeks and offer 2/3rds the stats. Not all Shard colors are equally valuable. Some players will find more use from some colors over others. Shards will experience drop dilution if new Shards are added. Each new Archon and colored Shard DE might add in the future will add an extra week to the rotations. Shards are incompatible with configs. While you can quickly and conveniently change your builds using configs, you cannot have different Shards for different configs. Shards are destroyed when the Warframe they are installed on is destroyed. This can happen when selling a Warframe or feeding it to Helminth, and while rare there are already posts about this happening. Shards are finite content. A Warframe can only hold a finite number of Shards, and there are a finite number of Warframes. You will eventually run out of places you'll want to put your Shards, and will eventually run out of places you can put your Shards. Broadly speaking, these issues fall into one of two categories: usage and acquisition. The above issues can be addressed by focusing on those two areas. Usage Addressing config incompatibility, potential loss of Shards, and their finite nature is conceptually simple and can be done with one change: separate Shards from Warframes. If Shards could be equipped in a slot like Mods or Arcanes then they would work with configs, wouldn't be lost when the Warframe is destroyed, and you could have multiple per Warframe - meaning you could always find somewhere to put your Shards even if you only ever played a single Warframe. Separating Shards from Warframes isn't a very big change. Instead of installing a Shard into a Warframe directly, Shards could instead be bundled together and then installed on a Warframe as a group. You could make as many of these bundled Shards as you wanted and could equip them on your configs however you like. These bundled Shards would still be locked to a specific Warframe type, like an Augment or Legacy Arcane Helmet, so there would be no practical difference with the current Shards unless you kept multiple copies of each Warframe - in which case good for you, now you won't need duplicates for your duplicates. There are several actions that could be performed on these bundled Shards: Start a new bundle for a Warframe type using 1 Shard. Add 1 Shard to an existing bundle. Remove 1 Shard from an existing bundle for some resource cost. Break a bundle apart entirely for some resource cost. Acquisition Addressing the Shard color inconsistencies and potential for dilution is simple: allow players to pay some resource to cycle a Shard from one color to the next. Players will get the colors they want eventually anyways, so why not let them put in some additional effort to get where they want to be sooner? Addressing the long, RNG-only nature of acquiring Tau Shards is also simple: allow players to upgrade Shards into Tau Shards. The most straight-forward way to do this is by combining Shards into Tau Shards. With a 2:1 conversion rate and the ability to cycle colors, the difference in Tau Shard acquisition rates would be narrowed dramatically and you would be guaranteed access to Tau Shards - even if you don't get the lucky drop. Including the regular Shards acquired from Kahl's Garrison content, acquisition rates go from: 5 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the most lucky 25 weeks for 5 Tau Shards with average luck Infinite weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the least lucky - they will never drop To: 3.33 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the most lucky 4.55 weeks for 5 Tau Shards with average luck 5 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the least lucky Even without ever getting a Tau Shard from the weekly Hunt RNG, you would still be guaranteed a minimum level of forward progress. This also cuts the overall time it takes to acquire a set of Tau Shards to about 1/6th. Tau Shards only represent a 50% increase in effectiveness, yet they currently take 900% longer to acquire. Tau Shards simply aren't powerful enough to warrant spending 10x longer to acquire them. With a 2:1 conversion rate, that 50% power increase instead takes 82% longer which is much more reasonable. And if you can combine Shards to make Tau Shards, why not let you do the opposite and break Tau Shards into Shards? Altogether, these could be supported by adding three more actions that can be performed on Shards: Cycle a Shard of one color to the next for some resource cost (Crimson → Azure → Amber → Crimson). Combine 2 Shards into 1 Tau Shard for some resource cost. Separate 1 Tau Shard into 2 Shards for some resource cost. But if you can create a Tau Shard using two Shards and vice-versa, are Tau Shards even necessary? Implementation - Archon Crystals The above features and improvements can be implemented by retiring Tau Shards and adding new Archon Crystals. Crystals would be formed using Shards, be tied to a Warframe type like an Augment or Legacy Arcane Helmet, and be equipped in a new Archon Crystal slot unlocked by visiting Helminth after installing the Archon Shard Crystal Orbiter Segment. Preparing a Warframe to accept an Archon Crystal would have a one-time cost in place of the current one-time cost you'll need to pay when you migrate Shards to a new Prime Warframe. The slot for Archon Crystals would just go with your Arcanes. Crystals could be manipulated in several ways: Forge a Crystal for a Warframe type using 1 Shard. Starts with 1 stat picked depending on the color of the Shard being used. Add a stat to a Crystal using 1 Shard (up to 5 stats total). The pool of stats that can be picked depends on the color of the Shard being used. Upgrade a stat by +50% using 1 Shard of the same color (once per stat). Replace a stat with a different stat within the same color. Remove a stat for a cost, refunding 1 Shard of that color (or 2 Shards if the stat has been upgraded). Shatter the Crystal for a cost, refunding all Shards. Tau Shards are redundant in this system and can be retired since the same results can be achieved by upgrading a stat in situ. This is the same end result as if you removed a Shard, upgraded it to Tau using additional Shards, and then reinstalled it - just with fewer clicks. Because Tau Shards are now redundant, installed Tau Shards can be refunded as two Shards of the same color, installed Shards can be returned, and any Warframe with an Archon Shard already installed can have the slot unlocked automatically. To tell them apart, Crystals can have different icons depending on the number of stats, and could reflect the overall colors and upgrade status: Crystals with upgraded stats still have the appearance of Tau Shards in the two related Ephemera. The additional color cycling option can also be added. This would cost the same kinds of resources as removing Shards or shattering Crystals. Cycling could alternatively be done using a crafting recipe in the Foundry. These options can also be accessed with a shortcut built into the Arsenal menu where Crystals are selected. So far the mockups have featured the Lotus as the one to manage Archon Crystals. This is for a few reasons. The first is that it'd be cool to finally have a way to visit the Lotus ingame. Players have been asking for something like that since there's been a Lotus, and this would add a practical use to her throne room. The second is that it just makes more sense: It just seems more fitting that she would manage this instead of some wall goo. In this case the player would be able to visit the Lotus at her throne room and her Tau Forge on Lua (or wherever), and the resource required to destructively modify Crystals or cycle Shards would be Narmer Isoplasts instead of Bile. Isoplasts are already used for crafting Archon weapons and the Sentient Warframe, so using them to manipulate Archon Shards seems more fitting. This has the dual role of reducing the Bile costs and adding a reason to continue playing Narmer content, which is currently a ghost town. Helminth still has a role as the one to prepare our Warframes to accept Crystals, which also preserves a reason to have the current Archon Shard Crystal Orbiter Segment. Alternatively, all of these features can be added to Helminth instead of the Lotus. This would be quicker to do and require less effort, though it would be far less cool. There is also the option that all of this is done later, and only a 2:1 conversion method for turning Shards into Tau Shards is initially implemented. This would alleviate the most vocal concerns with the Archon Shard system's feelings of unfairness and excessive slowness, and could be done with a simple reusable blueprint sold by Chipper. Archon Crystals could always be implemented later as a standalone QoL improvement, at which point the blueprint could be refunded and crafted Tau Shards could be turned into Shards as before. TL;DR: Bundling Shards into an equippable item instead of installing them on individual Warframes would be good: Works with configs. Always have somewhere to put your Shards, even if you only play few frames. You can have as many on your frame as you want. Won't lose your Shards if you accidentally sell your frame or feed it to Helminth. Making Tau Shards accessible by combining Shards would also be good: Guaranteed Tau Shard progression, even if you get unlucky. Won't take half a year per frame. Always have a use for Shards to use for upgrading. Both together can be achieved with Archon Crystals. Use 1 Shard to make 1 Crystal with 1 stat, which goes on the frame it's built for. Nova Crystals go on Novas, Titania Crystals go on Titania, etc. Add 1 Shard to add 1 stat, up to 5 total. Add 1 Shard to upgrade 1 stat to +50%. There are no more Tau Shards, you just use Shards. 20% Tau Shard drop becomes a 20% chance for an extra Shard, which does the same thing. Can remove stats one at a time for a refund. Can break the whole Crystal all at once for a refund. Same features we have now. Same results as a 2:1 conversion rate for Shards into Tau Shards, just simpler. Plus some nice new features: Cycle the color of a Shard (Crimson → Azure → Amber → Crimson). Visit the Lotus at her Tau Forge on Lua. 2:1 conversion of Shards to Tau Shards can be implemented in the meantime as a stop-gap. Thanks to @(XBOX)DragonMan 2700 for hashing this out with me.
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