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  1. After I noticed that DE update huge patch for buffing firearm weapon, I came back to play warframe again and I can say that the game looks more enjoyable( Only Veterans ) of course... While my friends who're the new comer can't reach anything or get to the core game like some of my old friends did in the past( Old day is more enjoyable ). The worst is AOE weapon, imagine...entering the mission and what you cam see is explosive everywhere and It's happened every mission. and why they use it ? because It's the best weapon in the game when we're talking about the firearm. Some of you may say : "Because warframe is the fast place game you loser" oh reallly ? let me compare something to you... While some AOE firearm like most of explosive kuva weapons can kill steel path enemies with in 3-6 seconds and some top assault rifle take entire magazine and 8-12 seconds to kill 1 guy. Galvanized mods and Primary Arcanes made AOE firearm gain stack pretty fast. while first assault rifle stack effect run out before can kill the second guy. Best way to beat steel path or tough enemy is using AOE firearm ( Sniper still good ) while other firearm can't deal 25% damage of AOE firearm. IS THIS REALLY THE FAST PLACE GAME FOR YOU ? even in the normal mission, AOE firearm is still the best. and complete broke the "fun" of the game for other squad mates. I talking about this because I want to save the game, the enjoyable of the game and friendliness for new player. What I want DE to change is make other firearms great again like the old day where almost every weapon was good. Sorry for my bad english and my concern about stage of the game.
  2. I started playing with this mod and now I got to find a melee weapon to use it with. So far I just know of the sword Skiajati. Anyone know of special melee weapons that are interesting to use?
  3. Hi! I just wanted to ask, since we can no longer connect as 'partners' with Warframe, how can we add new Glyphs for us to use in game play? The main reason I ask is because it would be nice to add our own glyphs so we can put them on our ships and such. I'd pay plat for the option, just as it works for Clan emblems, or perhaps you could just make it possible to use Clan Emblems instead of glyphs for the side of the ship? That would be great too. I can understand why you might not want to have to deal with approving every glyph, so I figured making Clan Emblems possible to use as well as glyphs, since you have to approve those too, would make it easiest. Thank you for your consideration! Love the game. <3
  4. So, to start off I will say DE does a great job to make a fun F2P game that doesn't have that invasive of microtransactions. Its very rare to see games like that and for that I commend them with the biggest P.O.B that I can. But there is this little thing that's been confusing me on their reasoning. Now, I know there is a lot of entitled schmucks that cry and complain about not having a beta or closed beta badge. Because I used to be one of those people unfortunately. Then just sorta didn't care enough. But that's besides the point. The main point of this conversation is more so DE saying they don't want to give any exclusives, because I'm assuming people with cry and moan that "its not fare" blah blah blah. Though now that i think of it damned if you do damned if you don't situation. But anyways, They go the extra distance to make sure everything can be accessed by the average player relatively easily (aside from tutorials but thats a story for another day). But what I am not quite understanding is why have the founders exclusive weapons and not just make them a skin in that case? Because if we are talking technicalities of which I'm sure DE will use (or mods) to cover their own asses legally. Which lets be honest, we understand that it was a woopsy. But then why does the badge matter if for the most part they were promised the weapons? Whatever. But then they go and make an exclusive content creator badge not that long ago. So, now I dont know what their thought process for "exclusive acceptable" and "exclusive unacceptable". I mean after all the badge is merely cosmetic and provides no additional benefits. Unless the founders badge has some hidden stat that I really couldnt care less if it did have. Then my buddy brought up a point "well technically isnt tenno gen exclusive if you have the cash?". Noted I did call him out on being abit of a stretch but does in some way make sense. Now that "tenno gen" topic I see it as commission for community work and honestly dont really care that they do it because its kinda cool not every day you get to see that. Maybe even a tennogen frame "community built frame" type of thing. Though im sure that is a legal mess to deal with and will only remain a dream. Back to my point, am I the only one that is confused by their logic with this specific situation? I mean yea Im confused of the nerf/buff things as much as the next guy. But as the title stats its just a minor thing that sorta just popped into my head and provoked thought and was wondering if anyone else thought about that.
  5. I'm not in favor or against, I just haven't seen this topic before so I'm curious.
  6. The gear wheel/gear in general is so close, but still so far... While the spiral design and hotkeys serve their purpose, the system could be vastly improved without changing much about the functionality and presentation. (how much work for Devs that would be, I couldn't even speculate) Suggestion: Dial-A-Tool 1st - Keep the existing "rotary-selection" for gear/vehicles and emotes - plus the the sub-gear interface IN a mission, while you're actively using the gear [see fishing/hunting usage in free roam]... If anything, add to other gear (like a Sim/Codex Scanner Swap or a drop trap key, as if bait, instead of having Sim Traps as a whole separate item) (also, bear in mind, those no simple way to hotkey baits and what not if you're farming hunts or fishing - not without redoing your gear wheel at least twice) 2nd - Make it so you can drag and drop or otherwise reorder stuff into different locations (vs replacing them one by one like an old CD/DVD rack you keep alphabetized when equipping from arsenal to your gear wheel) 3rd - I suggest categorizing -ALL- gear into various toolboxes and/or kits - so for everything a place and a place for everything A - Ex: All Specters in one, All Fishing Poles/Bait in another (not separate poles), Both Scanners/Traps in their own, Vehicles, Dragon Keys, Anti-Toxins, Health Kits and so on... (you should still be able to open these categories to look what you have, tag a favorite, assign a specific item vs category, etc... from the Arsenal > Gear interface) B - So with virtually everything tucked under a Category - even odd balls, like the Mining Lasers currently - you could then select gear after selecting a category... C - Thus "dialing up" your gear to deploy or utilize... 1 - So you would first select the main category from the first wheel, then the item you want in a secondary wheel (with possibly more) ...not a whole lot different (except for being seamless) from picking a fishing pole, then picking your bait once the fishing interface is up during a free roam mission ...you still needed two wheels to access your bait, unless you set up your gear wheel around fishing, using up a large portion of spots just for your tackle 2 - consider "Health Kits/Squad Deployables aka 'pizzas'/Stims" - Lets say all 20-somthing items are under one main category - "Medical" or whatever... ...to select a Large Squad Health Pizza you would "dial" Medical > Pizza > Health > Large ...to select a Calcify Stim you would "dial" Medical > Stim > Calc ...to select your K-Drive, Heavy Weapon, Archwing, Necramech, or Air Support you would "dial" Vehicle > whichever of those things... ...so each category would be somewhat different and each item a different sequence you would "dial" 3a - To maintain the "Hot Key" function of favorite items, simply make a favorites list... ...pushing Hotkey 1 would equip Favorite 1, Hotkey 2 equips Favorite 2... EZ PZ ...which could be a category or specific item ...this is more or less exactly how the hotkeys work now, except its the "top slots" of the rotary menu... 3b - HOWEVER! I propose this instead: a - making the favorites list a category: Favorites (or like, Bat-Belt) b - keeping a similar, hotkey 1 = SLOT 1, hotkey 2 = SLOT 2, and so on, up to the current 12 we have c - make each category, regardless of how many 'levels' deep, such as with the Large Squad Health Pizza Example, organized so 1 is 1, 2 is 2, so on - makes sense, right? lol d - players can order their toolkits to either "rotary dial" or "T12 dial" their equipment... EXAMPLE - Hotkey dial a Large Squad Health Pizza!! - I set my Medical category (with the stims, pizzas, and health kits in it - maybe some other stuff) set to spot 1... - Within the Medical category, I set my Health kits to 1 for solo use and Pizzas to 2 for Squad use... - Within Pizzas, I set Health toppings to 1; and then within Health, I set Large to 1, Medium to 2, etc... - So using only Hotkeys I press 1-2-1-1, which maybe/maybe not flicks thru the gear menu as fast as I can push them and boom, out pops the pizza... - To order a small, I press 1-2-1-3, since that's what I assigned it to... Of course, DE should have practical defaults but this is why an easy to reorder feature is crucial --- Now, if I used my mouse to rotary dial, I would have pressed my Gear Wheel Hotkey, I'd have just selected the appropriate wedge - 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st (rotary IS slower) EXAMPLE - Using Favorites as a Category!! - Running with the Large Squad Health Pizza Example, sequence included above, I could just as easily use my "Favorites Belt" to select the appropriate pizza... - Let's say I set my Favorites Belt to 1st Category - Hot Slot 2 (remember, I set my Medical to slot 1, 1st category, in the above example - we're going to use that sequence again) - Within my Favorites Belt, I set Large Squad Health Pizza to 1, and set the sub-category for Squad Health Pizzas of all sizes to slot 2 - ...Cause with Favorites, I can assign whatever I want to wherever I want, right? - So now! I can dial, all with the same uber-simple system, a Large Squad Health Pizza 3 different ways: - The above 1-2-1-1 using the Medical Category - Simply push 2-1 for Favorites > Large Squad Health Pizza - Push 2-2-1 for Favorites > Squad Health Pizza > Large - or just as easily hit 2 for a medium... 3c - A blend... Where its assumed your top "first/main wheel" selections ARE your favorites, and you can simply stick a specific item or bookmark to a category wherever you wish on at least the first gear wheel opened upon pressing the gear wheel hotkey or entering the gear wheel editor through your arsenal menu... You could even allow more than 12 items on the "main wheel" just like you do now which can only be manually dialed up on the rotary menu (basically, if any menu has more than 12 items in it, you would have to allow for it to be manually selected with the gear wheel, otherwise, you could navigate the whole thing with existing keybinds)... 4 - the same could be done with emotes, categories like dancing, martial arts, communication, event, etc NOTES!! - Dragon Keys -should- have an activation menu (0-4 active keys) every time you go to ready up for a mission which has them no differently than relics whether this system or anything like it is implemented or not. - You -could- do the same for any similar gear, thus removing the requirement for a lot of "gear assignment" entirely such as Apothics, Antitoxins, Pherliac Pods, etc - Going to Earth? Pick an Apothic... Doing an Earth Sabotage - Pick an Anti-Toxin too... Now you no longer have to clog your gear/remember to select one - Or allow players to pick IN-mission, where various mission specific keys and what have you are kept... - Do all these different kinds of keys which affect niche drops sounds a bit clunky? Perhaps it is and needs to be revisited altogether... - OR have a subset of categories that do not appear on your mission gear wheel for things like Apothics and what have you, which allow you to toggle which are active and/or "equipped" and they just apply when you do a mission involving them... Loosely Related Gear Suggestions: - Specters - For added control over your specters -maybe make them "carry" that gold ball (looks like a Harry Potter Snitch/Pokeball) and when you tell them to "hold position" - they drop it, allowing you to pick up and place it where you want them to stand or carry it back to them and allowing you to choose "Follow" again... -and/or have them respond to your map markers - Load-Out Pods/Care Packages: Expensive Deployables with long cooldown timers which allow you to swap out your loadout or companion - perhaps simply reviving them... - One option is you pre-select "swaps" for your equipment slots... A primary to replace your primary, a melee to replace you melee, a companion to replace your companions - Another is their more like the Equipment Menu itself that could be deployed with a number of pre-selected loadouts - your warframe steps in, the loadout contained steps out... - Both - Rail Jack strafing runs and bombing sorties --- why not call in some indirect fire support from your Rail Jack (expensive consumable with a long mission cooldown timer) - GRENADES! Maybe change some secondary weapons to gear selections - like throwing knives, bomblets, mines, traps, etc - Go nuts... Vauban is just the Exalted mine guy now (and still the ultimate Specter - willing to do any mission for you, micro-managing his traps with ease!) Also, there is absolutely no reason why Gear can't be modded - after all, K-Drives, Archwings, etc all have mods - More Visors/Scanners - And maybe change them from a piece of gear which you equip like a weapon, make them toggled modes which just run if turned on... - Like X-ray goggles which shows the level semi-translucent and your enemies nearly invisible simply for finding secret rooms and lockers; or ignoring enemies and sprinting from A to B... - Night Vision - something that makes JUST darker areas brighter (I know you have the light mechanics factored in already, Devs!) - Sometimes adjusting brightness/contrast or the built in flashlight just don't cut it - you either have crazy glare or flattened color palettes (I play 45 Brightness, 65 Contrast) - Maybe just have the Codex scanner fulfill this function (the green filter ALMOST does it naturally) - Sunglasses - something that makes JUST brighter areas darker... - The Simaris Scanner could fulfill this function (the orange filter ALMOST does it naturally) - Thermal - something that highlights traps, area of effect conditions, spawning doors vs sealed, invisible enemies, etc - stuff that shows "hidden" gameplay mechanics - Select Tracking Assignments from your Codex... - It would be cool if we could set visual cues for seeking specific enemies, resources, or even mission objectives and map markers similar to tracking a simaris target or a free roam hunt - Even basic pointers and/or map/UI blips and cues would be really neat - Targeting - Like a sniper scope you could use for any weapon, or binoculars... Maybe even simply give people the option to play first person? - Situational Awareness - A visor mode which incorporates your mission details, like runtime, loot collected, enemies slain, likelihood of a special spawn into your normal HUD - Target Data - Like the simaris scanner, but why not make this an "Inspect Player" function, which allows you to see all the "Link Look in Chat" and "Link Config in Chat" buttons on someone - Or if an NPC, your player stats on it - how many killed, what drops from it and in what frequency, etc - [edit] Oh! And an Echolocator - renders the game in a dark grey scale and turns up the volume - add lil volume equalizes, pings from noise sources, and pointers - boom: play via the sounds of Warframe! Useful in hunt missions or locating hidden caches and what have you. - A deployable Ludoplex to challenge your friends to Frame Fighter in the middle of a Defense farm while Specter Vauban Prime does your Mission Objective for you!! JK lol - A towel - because you should always bring one Thanks for reading! -V
  7. Not a bad haul at all. Probably one of the best right now IMO idk.
  8. Okay.. kinda bad timing since someone just posted a "Why does no one play X frame" recently, but Protea, in my opinion, is a god tier frame. Not gonna discuss her a lot here, she's been here for quite a while, but her turrets deal a hecking ton of damage, and you can deploy them three times. She has insane survivability with her 4 as your cheat death ability, dispenser as constant health orb generator (also ammo and energy!) and her 1 gives a crapton of shield, alongside great cc and respectable damage. I'm basically cruising through steel path with her right now, with the exception of a few missions like Excavation. Why don't I see her often? Is it because she can't spawn a clone that does all your job for you or turn into a cloud that moves faster than Razorwing Blitz Titania? Okay just kidding there, but really, people should play Protea more, she's amazing at pretty much everything: CC, damage, support, survivability.
  9. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you if you have ever had to report someone for insulting you all the time, and if so how did you know if they have taken action? Thank you!
  10. DE : We gave Kuva Liches and Sisters a DPS based DR mechanic to prevent players one shotting them Players : Okay, Proceeds to use Banshee and abuse the multiplicative stacking of Sonar which basically made the DR a non issue allowing players to one shot them. What will DE do? Nerf Banshee Sonar multiplicative stacking or tune the damage DR to be much harsher for Sonar? Speculate. We all know DE is gonna something about this. This thread is purely talking about Boss TTK (time to kill). If you want to talk about X cheese tactic that does not have to do with TTK for example invinsibility or immortality against the bosses, this is not the place. Video Proof from Reddit : Quoting the update page to show that they don't want these bosses to be one shotted :
  11. I want the Wolf to be added to the start chart and I want him to be returned to his original super-tanky-bullet-spongy self the star char in any form. If DE wants to stick it behind Steel Path or Railjack, I can live with that. Now it's time for speculation: what will Nora's Choice contain as regard content? Will it be text based lore and activities like we have for Sorties? Will it be a new series of Nightwave Intermission with a different wrapper? Or something else? What DE revealed so far: In the "End of Nightwave Intermission 3" post, DE mentioned Duplicate Protection and focusing on The New War. So keep that in mind.
  12. So after seeing this video I have been thinking DE should add a mentor system to the game. https://youtu.be/iutAnzTT9W0 I think it would be a good Way to help with some of the aimlessness new player feel once they complete the tutorial. Add incentives for Both mentor and student and You would make it much easier for new players to get a handle on some of the more complicated aspects of the game. EDIT: Let me be clear I have been playing the game for a few years and have a decently high MR (29 but I am too lazy to level more stuff for mastery ATM) so this is more coming form a position of reasonable experience of the game.
  13. With the addition of galvanised mod and the melee nerf, i think melee exalted weapon should be buff. Exalted primary and secondary weapons can equip galvanised mods, but exalted melee weapons are still forbiden to use mods like blood rush, weeping wound and mechanic with augment mod like infused smit, shock troopers or venom dose still does not apply to thoses exalted melee weapons. To this day regular melee weapons are still far better in dps and average damage outcome than exalted melee, furthemore thoses exalted weapons are generaly coming from utimate abilities and come with a high energy drain. In theses conditions, why bother ourselves with using thoses abilities when normal melee is far superioir in damage and does not cost energy to use. i think it is time to put thoses melee exalted weapon above regular weapon at their rightfull place as ultimates abilities.
  14. Ok so I´ve had this idea on my mind for a while because I´ve been noticing a lot of people don´t use specters at all. What if the players are able to upload to some sort of "blueprint" on their specters or mod configs to help other players. This sort of system is already used in some games but the ones I'm gonna show here are Robocraft and Forza Horizon. First Robocraft. In this game you have to build your own robot to use in game with building blocks and different weapon systems and propulsion systems. But the interesting thing is you can actually upload your design to a "Factory" as it is called in game for a little fee (using the non premium currency) and then other players can use your design for themselves and make any adjustments they see fit for their playstyle. If you want to use someone else´s design you also have to pay a little fee and a percentage of this fee is given to the player who originally uploaded the design. This can be viewed as "renting" a design of robot from another player. Now Forza. In Forza as you probably know you can upgrade and tune your cars however you like. But since the tuning options are quite immersive and complex you can opt out of that and search for a player uploaded tune or set of upgrades + tune. This costs a few credits (non premium currency) and you can use it for how long you like. These fees start adding up and sent to the player for every X amount of players that use their uploaded tune. This also applies for visual customization like different designs for your car. Furthermore if your design or tune gets a lot of downloads you get a title that reflects your activity and help within the community. Now I´m guessing you can see where I´m going with all of this. Since there aren´t that many instances where specters are very useful (I personally use them in defenses, survivals and excavations) and, to me at least, they are quite helpful in these situations if used correctly, then why not let people share and download their different specter builds? (The one I use the most is a wisp with an Ignis Wraith). Furthermore this idea can not only be implemented to specters but also to mod configs for weapons, warframes, archwings and so on. Obviously you wont be able to apply the mod config if you do not have the mods to do so. For the specter idea I had in mind letting people use whichever "blueprint" regardless if you have the resources to build it. But charge a bigger fee if the blueprint has very rare to get weapons, mods or even warframes. Also If you think that this is already in the game as the ability to share mod configs I´m with you on that one. But what I´m saying is to reward people who share a lot of mod configs via a hub or something like that. This can help beginner players who don't understand very well how mods work (It was really hard for me to wrap my head around the system at first and now that I can help other players who are just beginning I understand how complex the system is to understand correctly) or more experienced players who don´t want to put the effort into trying different combinations in the simulacrum for hours at a time, just to get that extra 10% damage. Anyway this post is already long as it is so I´m gonna leave it up for discussion between the players and, of course, DE.
  15. So void storms currently are worse void fissures. After people get their Sevagoths and tenet melee weapons, theres little incentive to play them since they take longer than a normal mission. I've thought of a way to incentivize people to keep playing them. Give void storms a higher chance for relics to give you rarer items. Make it so that voidstorms have an innate boost to the chance of relics giving you the rarer items they posses. So, if you have a radiant relic and play a voidstorm, its almost garanteed that you get the rarest item in that relic. This way, void fissures remain the fastest way to crack relics open (and possibly, to balance it out, make them give more void traces than storms so that players still have a good incentive to play them) and void storms become the place you go when you want better items from your relics. I know some players like them a lot, but this would save them from becoming ultimately forgotten content. People don't need a temporary incentive to play certain content, there should be something that continuously makes them want to play it. Look at eidolon hunts, people still like it and play it for arcanes. Look at PT, people farm it for credits, which is something that we always need. I think something like this could be great for the game.
  16. I find this very odd but I have not seen a Harrow player in a very long time. I almost feel like they vanished. I cannot recall the last missions where I saw a Harrow. Which I find alittle odd considering he is said to be an alright Warframe with a pretty cool theme. Even for Warframes I feel are not very popular I see then once and awhile, yet not with Harrow. Why is that?
  17. Merciless has 12 stacks, with a 4sec duration means it takes 48 seconds to fully decay. while Deadhead takes 3x24 = 72secs to fully decay and Dexterity takes a whopping 6x20 = 120secs to fully decay I thought the point of these Gun Arcanes, was to help Guns to Compete with Melee? Why then, is the Easiest one to maintain and keep active triggered off Melee Kills -not Guns kills at all? If the best one, is based on melee, then its not helping guns to Stand on their Own. I suggest, that these relative durations be reversed. with Dexterity (given the incredible ease of stacking Melee kills) being the shortest duration Deadhead with is precision kill rewards being the longest, and Merciless being in the middle
  18. Доброго времени суток, народ как Вам идея добавить "Резню в святилище" с бафами\дебафами как на сбои и миссиях кошмара.
  19. Hallo Tenno, Wir, einige einsame Tenno haben uns vor einigen Jahren zusammengeschlossen um unter dem Pseudonym "Snowy Owls" eine Gemeinschaft zu bilden. Spieler mit dem "Snowy-Owl" Clan-Emblem auf ihren Schultern werden überall gerne gesehen. Ob Anfänger oder Pro, Solo-Spieler oder Team-Player, bei uns ist jeder Tenno willkommen der ein Zuhause sucht. Wir bieten: + Nette Mitglieder, die bei Fragen gerne helfen. / Angenehme Spielatmosphäre + Ausgewogene Mischung zwischen langjährigen Warframe Veteranen und noch unerfahrenen Tenno. + Ausgebautes und strukturiertes Dojo. (Nach einer kleinen Führung sollte sich jeder schnell zurecht finden.) + Clan-Forschungen vollständig abgeschlossen. + Clan-Logo hochgeladen und von DE implementiert. + Ungefähr 150 bis 200 Mitglieder. + Discord für Gruppenfindung und geselliges Beisammensein vorhanden. + Deutschsprachige Mitglieder. Wir erwarten: + Respektvoller Umgang mit anderen Tenno. + Du solltest aktiver Spieler sein. (Inaktivität von 30 Tagen wird geduldet.) + Discord Aktivität wünschenswert. + Mindestalter: 17. Gradivus Dilemma: Platz 9 (Schatten-Clan) Cicero Krise: Platz 86 (Sturm-Clan) Tethra's Doom: Platz 9 (Sturm-Clan) Breeding Grounds: Platz 51 (Berg-Clan) Operation Cryotic Front: Platz 38 (Berg-Clan) Gate Crash: Platz 16 (Berg-Clan) Mutalist Incursions: Platz 23 (Berg-Clan) Eyes Of Blight: Platz 7 (Berg-Clan) Operation False Profit: Platz 20 (Berg-Clan) Operation Shadow Debt: Platz 12 (Berg Clan) Operation Rathuum: Platz 11 (Berg-Clan) Operation The Pacifism Defect: Platz 23 (Berg-Clan) Operation Ambulas Reborn: Platz 26 (Berg-Clan) Operation Feindliche Verschmelzung: Platz 68 (Berg-Clan) Spring 2020 Featured Dojo Contest: Platz 2 Geweihte Flamme - Ausdauer: Platz 31 (Berg-Clan) Operation: Orphix Gift: Platz 96 (Berg-Clan) Falls du dich angesprochen fühlst und mit uns gemeinsam etwas aufbauen möchtest sind deine Kontaktmöglichkeiten: Hinterlasse eine Nachricht im Channel #bewerbung auf unserem Discord: https://discord.gg/hFhTBfF Antwort auf diesen Beitrag
  20. Every few days (or weeks) I remember that it even exists, that I blew so many intrinsics on it and that I have yet to hire a single new crew member to replace the ones I already have. So I get my hopes up and take a trip to Fortuna to check in with Ticker, find some combination of exorbitantly priced crew with ridiculous tax penalties, horrible stats or worthless bonus effects and then disappointingly return to my orbiter to begin the process all over again the next time I remember.
  21. There really should be a way to gain standing with the Conclave outside of public PVP matches, as next to no one is playing Conclave except with their squad/friends. This makes it next to impossible to rank up in the Conclave and locks most people out of the entirety of Teshin's rewards, many of which are not available anywhere else. I do hope DE will address this issue in a future update.
  22. So about a year ago, I made a post on the Warframe subreddit joking about the insane detailing that Warframe ability icons have gotten over the years. And then I left for a few months, came back, and realized I could make a nice little concept out of this. So, I ended up taking the vintage, ageless ability icons of the three Starter Frames and conceptualizing what their ability icons might have looked like if they were released anytime after 2019. I referenced a few assets from game-icons.net, and then edited them to try and imitate the current ability icon artstyle that's seen on more recent frames like Revenant, Baruuk, Xaku, Wisp, and even more recently reworked frames like Wukong and Ember. Let me know what you think :)
  23. Description: It's a Warframe that is all about ragdolling enemies in apoclyptic proportions. Stats: Health: 125 (375 at rank 30) Energy: 150 (225 at rank 30) Armor: 225 Shield: 100(300 at rank 30) Sprint Speed: 1.0 Lore: Jeetz was once just one of the many faceless warframes that existed in the Orokin war. But after finding a passion in grasping and throwing things and making them bounce around in neckbreaking speeds, Jeetz decided to customize his build to maximize these traits. Having some help from some local scientists, Jeetz got implanted with a voidpowered shockwave manipulator on his right arm, that could help him grasp and throw anything regardless of size, while also afflicting some contagious "Vibe Plague" that would periodically blast around anyone afflicted with it. Using these powers to the fullest Jeetz became known as the only man to have thrown an entire Grineer Galleeon ship into the sun, with his bare hands. Apearance: Think Eva 02, but with the body proportions closer to a human muscular man, and a over sized right arm which has more of a steampunk aesthetic. He also weilds a pair of starshaped shades that will cover most of his face like a semi transparent visor, whilst also having a robot goatee under his chin. Abilities: Passive: Any enemy that is ragdolled under the pressence of Jeetz, will have their shields and armor reduced to 10% of their default stat, for the duration that they are ragdolled (stats will return to normal the moment they stand up). One: Yank and Yeet: Yank is a long range grapple ability where Jeetz open up his mechanical hand and pulls enemies with a void pulse with a quick tap of the ability button. All enemies caught by Yank will pile up into a ball that Jeetz can use like a meat shield. Tap the ability button a second time and the warframe will perform the move Yeet, where he will throw them wherever you aim, scattering them about as they ragdoll with a shockwave upon impact. Damage could multiply depending on amount of enemies yeeted. 25 energy consumption (additional 3 energy per sec the longer you Yank), Strength: 100 / 225 / 250 / 350 ( impact and blast damage), Range: 25 / 40 / 60 / 75 m (range of throw) 10 / 25 / 45 / 60 (range of grab) 6m ( radial pull ) 90° (angle), Duration: N/A (can hold enemies indefinitely until they either die or are thrown, Yank doesnt work on bosses). Two: Vibe Plague. Infusing both hands with a contagious shockwave pulse, all of your weapons will now afflict a special type of pulse that will periodically blast infected enemies repeatedly, ragdolling them across the field every 2 seconds. This pulse is also spread by touch, so any enemy that touch a plagued target will also be vibed. Pulse duration only last per enemy, though a previously plagued enemy can be afflicted once again if you either hit them with the vibe, or if they touch someone that is vibing. 50 energy consumption, Strength: 100/ 225 / 250 / 350 ( blast damage ) , Range: 3m (size of blast), Duration: 10 / 15 / 20 / 30s ( duration of pulse ) Three: Maximizer. Super charging his vibe pulsing energies to the max, Jeetz generates a pulsating barrier that will buff the projectile speed (counting the yeet throw), bullet jump strength and the distance thrown when ragdolled for *everyone* inside the barrier. 50 energy cost , Strength: N/A Range 6 / 7 / 8 / 10m (barrier radius) Duration: 10 / 15 / 20 / 30s Four: Blast Floor: Jeetz will launch himself down and spank the ground with his massive right hand, generating a wide floor of vibing shockwaves that will immedietatly launch anyone in contact of it diagonally upwards but in a random direction. Can cast an indefinite amount of floors so long there is enough energy, enemies will be perpetually ragdolled and blasted off so long as they come in contact with the floor. Allies that stands on the Blast Floor will also be able to jump 10% higher than normal. 100 energy cost, Strength: 100/ 225 / 250 / 350 ( blast damage ) , Range: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 m (radius), Duration 10 / 15 / 20 / 30s ( per floor) Other traits: Enemies that are Yanked while Jeetz is utilizing the Vibe Plague, will also be infected. Edit: Jeetz may also be able to use his right arm as a one handed melee Exalted Weapon. Using it to punch, slap or even grab single enemies to either smash them into the ground, or perform Yeet with zero energy costs. This Exalted Weapon could also be modable for extra frame mods.
  24. So, I'm really not sure if it's just me or others out there are experiencing this, but it says holokeys have a general drop chance of 37.5%. Why is it then that I can spend 10+hours grinding for these keys only to get a total of 17 only?? Honestly getting really fed up with these drop chances... I've seen players saying they were able to get all 4 weapons from Parvos in a day, yet I spend over 10 hours to barely get anything? Oddly enough, my bf was playing and in one day he got 38... I just got a promotion at work so I'm working ridiculous hours; on my time off, I'd like to be able to play this game and feel like I could still make progression. This new update has literally been nothing but a waste of time for me, and it's quite sad... I live an hour away from DE so I'm a proud supporter of this Canadian game (probably spent about $1000 on this game in the past year). I'm tired of running all these Veil and Pluto Proxima Void Storms with minimal return... Talk about Carpal Tunnel??? I even had a player comment on how he's never run the mission so many times with 0 holokeys and said my bad RNG is rubbing off on others... Is anybody else having this issue??
  25. Надеюсь, разработчики образумятся и поменяют это. Это выглядит ужасно. Я был уверен, что легендарное звание заслуживает красивого значка. Это определенно не должна быть бронза, какая бы политика рангов не была в этой игре. Это абсурд. Почему не платиновая линейка? Алмазная? Другие любые варианты, которые люди предлагают. Почему бронзовый? Далее серебро, далее золото. Неприятно иметь легендарный титул в таком виде. 7 лет игры ради этого?
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