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  1. Comically large spoon, then the prime could be golden and hit harder... Need I say more?
  2. This one is kind of a joke Warframe, focusing on explosion and a “bit” of randomness. He had an exalted launcher (that he pulls from his vest like torso) that he launches his first 2 abilities from. He’s the definition of unfair and a dangerous to everyone including himself. He has the possibility of insane damage but also the possibility of exploding himself. The aesthetics for this Warframe would be similar to early 1900’s America themed based off of laborers or gangsters attire. Ascanio causes one to ask themselves 3 questions. Question 1: do you like gambling? Question 2: do you like gambling with your life? Question 3: explosions which isn’t a question but he did it anyways. Name: Ascanio, based off of Ascanio Sobrero a.k.a. Discoverer of nitroglycerin. Also Ascanio is a grand opera with 5 parts (hinting to the 5 magazine round of the Eruptive Persuader) Passive: each shot from Ascanio has a 20% chance of instantly reloading his gun. Ability 1: Unstable Shakers- Ascanio launches a pair of six sided dice towards enemies. The ability basically runs like Dice (the gambling game) and cumulatively gain power the more the ability goes for. The ability’s power temporarily goes up for the sum of the dice rolls. This will continue until the player reactivates the ability (causing the dice to explode dealing blast damage with whatever the bonus is), duration ends (dice will explode automatically), or they roll snake eyes. If they roll a 7 then the total ability power bonus doubles after adding 7(used to prevent no gain in the beginning. (This means if you had generated +20% bonus it would become +27% then become +54%). This also means that if the first roll is snake eyes no damage is dealt and energy is waisted. When a dice roll on 2 1’s then it is considered snake eyes which will stop the ability early and will not have the dice explode final damage. Ability 2: Hot stick- Ascanio launches a stick of dynamite with a randomized timer at an enemy. Enemies will pass it to their nearest ally after 1s which will increase the damage by 20%. Once the timer hits 0 the stick of dynamite explodes dealing blast damage amplified by the amount of hops. If the enemy is alone, they will not hop the dynamite until their ally gets close enough. If an enemy with the “Hot Stick” becomes confused or part of the players team in any way, they will still have it and will be passed along their allies(now the players team) potentially hurting them. Ability 3:Volatile Roulette- Ascanio place a dispenser on the ground which will give allies and him a random type damage bonus to weapons. The dispenser carries it’s own set of counters which increase by 1 for every use(this is visible to all players). The damage bonus will increase (a certain amount that is not decided yet) with every counter and also increase Ascanio’s own ability power with every counter. However, with each use the dispenser has a chance of breaking “misfires” in the final user’s face causing blast damage and Ascanio to lose his bonus. This means the higher the counter, the better the damage bonus but also bigger chance to main weaker allies. Ability 4:The Eruptive Persuader- Ascanio takes out his weapon of absolute randomness, an exalted launcher that fires random damage types. Whenever it is fired it will deal a random element (not physical ones). This ability has 5 shots(increases if it’s magazine is increased). If the element is blast, it will deal triple in damage and double the blast radius. Any damage bonus will add to the total damage but will not provide an exact type to prevent swaying of the results. Also keep in mind that an explosive shot could potentially cause Ascanio to kill himself in not careful. (Will figure out the actual stats later) open to better ability names (especially if they’re Italian) or better abilities in general but should be a gamble of course
  3. What would your thoughts be, if Banch sonar could take an augment that would aim towards the enemy weak spot, or if you think that would be too powerful, what idea along that concept might you suggest?. Also, back to the primary question, if it was a random chance to auto aim, what would seem like suitable odds of it happening?
  4. So, after several years now, and many Nightwave's, theres been one consistant thing between a lot of the nightwave missions for me. I have absolutely no problem doing the exploiter or Profit taker Missions, because i can literally just jump in and do it any time, Eidolons though, i have to wait for a certain time to do it in, and its only a 1 hour window which makes things much more annoying than they should be, its a huge inconvenience and tbh is the reason i end up skipping those challenges altogether. There is no beneficial reason to keep it like this when you could just as easily make it so that there is a way to enter and instanced version of the plains where it stays night, and you would just talk to Konzu and ask to "Wait till nighttime" or something to that effect. And i don't wanna hear any BS about people being able to farm the eidolons too much because theres no time limit on the Orb spiders and theres no issue there, and so what if Eidolons have arcanes and the exploiters don't, Scarlet Spear basically invalidates all of that anyway and is pretty much where i got all my arcanes thus far from because eidolon hunting is such a pain in the arse. I would love to want to do more eidolon stuff but this really is a major turn off, Consider changing it DE, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who feels this way.
  5. Element Progenitor Warframe* Impact Baruuk • Gauss • Grendel • Rhino • Sevagoth • Wukong • Zephyr Heat Chroma • Ember • Inaros • Nezha • Protea • Vauban • Wisp Cold Frost • Gara • Hildryn • Revenant • Titania • Trinity Electricity Banshee • Excalibur • Limbo • Nova • Valkyr • Volt Toxin Atlas • Ivara • Khora • Nekros • Nidus • Oberon • Saryn Magnetic Harrow • Hydroid • Lavos • Mag • Mesa • Xaku • Yareli Radiation Ash • Equinox • Garuda • Loki • Mirage • Nyx • Octavia I seriously just wish we were given the option at least to have Slash/Puncture/Gas/Viral/Blast/Corrosive as progenitors as well. Impact (Baruuk • Rhino • Wukong • Zephyr) Slash (Garuda - Excalibur - Equinox - Valkyr) Puncture (Atlas - Revenant- Gara - Khora) Heat (Chroma • Ember • Nezha • Protea ) Cold (Frost • Titania • Trinity) Electricity (Banshee • Volt - Mirage) Toxin (Ivara • Nidus • Saryn) Magnetic (Harrow • Hydroid • Mag • Yareli) Radiation (Loki • Oberon • Nyx • Octavia) Viral (Limbo - Xaku - Nekros) Corrosive (Sevagoth - Mesa - Ash - Vauban) Gas (Grendel - Lavos - Wisp - Inaros) Blast (Gauss- Nova - Hildryn) *There Should be a Tip or icon/info in the List of warframes, when equipping them to indicate their Progenitor status for Lich/Sisters *Maybe A symbol in their Image itself, in the top right corner when selecting a warframe https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich/Progenitor Maybe a Codex Section that shows the Progenitor status of ever warframe, or something?
  6. It’s that time of year again Tenno: Tennotober is back! This year marks Warframe’s second year of Tennotober - where artists, both new and experienced, create inky illustrations based on a month full of Warframe-related prompts! How to participate: Complete one Warframe ink drawing a day for all of October based on the official 2021 Tennotober drawing prompts. Share your illustrations with fellow Tenno in this thread! Whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re newer to drawing, please feel free to participate. Tennotober is a great way to improve your skills and participate in Warframe’s amazing fanart community. Once you have posted in the megathread, please continue to edit your post to add more illustrations throughout the month instead of creating new comments. Mark each illustration as "spoiler" to separate each day! For those that participate in this event consistently (at least 5 or more eligible drawings), keep an eye out for a very special Tennotober treat in your Warframe in-game inbox later in 2021! Warframe Tennotober Guidelines: Illustrations must be drawn with ink. Digital ink is allowed. Feel free to get fancy with hand drawings or just use a ballpoint pen - whatever is best for you! Illustrations must be Warframe-related and appropriate for the community forums. Submissions that do not follow these rules will be removed. We have a hashtag! We encourage you to use hashtags #Tennotober and #Tennotober2021 on social media to share with fellow Tenno! We’ll be showcasing select work on our Streams and Social Media! This month, Warframe is also participating in The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation's Quest to Conquer Cancer. To celebrate this, we encourage you to use pink ink in your art pieces during the week of the 11th in support of this incredible cause. This megathread will be open October 1st to November 1st. Happy Tennotober!
  7. I am serious, I love Warframe for how it looks. I just have nothing fun to do. Last update I've played was new galva mods and arcanes for firearms. It was a band aid to power up already few powerful guns to the point of melee. At least this was achieved -- old powerful guns are now powerful enough for any content.. But right arter all tests I still had nothing to do. I've logged in once more to farm Nidus Prime. Same old BORING grind (I think I've fallen asleep during some Mars disruptions). I didn't even bother with generic single target shotgun and pistol. Logged out till it coocked and tried a little - Nice looking Nidus with right improvements. But then again - what else to do? Just learnt that Mirulina has her blades working good on other frames, even a bit cheesy on Limbo - wanted to log in, get her and try it out. But what for? I just don't feel those random generated maps with randomly spawning stupid paper hordes of enemies, most fractions being ANNOYING as hell (hello bubbles) with time gating objectives or speed running with 99% trash rewards and RNG - any fun And I never ever feel that it matters what I do whenever I play not solo. I can just do nothing or other 3 members can go afk and I still gonna go the job, there is no well thought duo/trio/quadro team challenge. Every mission is just a randomly generated mess where you can do everything and it has very little point
  8. When I shoot tornadoes using weapons like Trumna or Rubico, they redirect the damage to the enemies affected by the tornado at full strength (big numers, orange crits) But when I use Stahlta or Acceltra, the redirected damage is much lower then their regular attacks and there are no crits at all Why? Builds are similar: Galvanized mods, Viral dmg, ~70% crit chance
  9. I mean come on. Xata’s whisper. 1. Who DOESN’T like more damage? 2. The status affect is pretty useful. 3. Extremely affective against sentients, you don’t need umbra when you have this. Grasp of Lohk. 1. Disarms enemies. 2. Staggers enemies on each shot. 3. Even more damage. 4. Satisfying scaling with enemy level. 5. Good synergy with the void beam. The Lost (Accuse) 1. Conveets enemies to your side. 2. More damage. 3. Good crowd control. 4. Stops enemies from attacking you. The Lost (Gaze) 1. Freezes enemies. Good to take out high priority targets. 2. Can completely strip enemies of armor and shields. The Lost (Deny). 1. Wipes sentient adaptations. 2. Very good damage (increased with second ability). 3. Suspends enemies midair. The Vast Untime. 1. Releases shrapnel. Good crowd control and okay damage. 2. 75% dodge chance (add that with the passive). Extremely hard to hit. 3. Freezes the duration of other abilities (highly useful). It seems like Xaku can do nearly everything…
  10. You're in a date and are trying to convince your partner that you are pretty nice by saying something Warframe related. What would you say? I'll start. I always find Dargyns for those new comers who don't have Archwings. I have the gore option disabled.
  11. Nyx and Rhino Prime Vault was opened august 10th and novembre 10th it will complete 3 months. This means, if there are no delays, that the next Prime Vault will open within about one month, at least, I hope so. DE announced that they are planning to change the way Prime Vaults works, but they are still working on it and probably we will still have the same Prime Vault system in november. Which warframe would you like to see on the next Prime Vault ? As a Nintendo Switch player, I would really like to have Mag Prime on it, but Ash Prime and Vauban Prime would be nice too.
  12. Here is a I wrote for DE. I hope you like it. I also hope it someone from DE sees this and enjoys it, I hope I spelled everything right. ---- Thank you, DE, for making a great game I love Even though my skill isn’t very above You have helped me through hard times Yes, it’s true By giving me a place, I can escape to With quests to get through And fun customizations out the wazoo. With special annual events So fun fun There is so much to do I main Frost Prime He’s the frame I go to To get me safely through the missions I do He’s the Frame I match well with to Steel Path I go Enemies beware I’m coming for you So many NPCs with creative stories and personalities. Zuud, Eudico, Rell, Grandmother and Son Let’s all have fun And we can’t forget Ordis and Clem They are also good so let’s party as well with them. DE you’ve made a wonderful world to play in With Devstreams and contests it’s all great Warframe’s too fun to rate This game is a place I like to be Remember Ninjas Play Free @[DE]Rebecca
  13. Фильтр чата на исключение по сути не работает, поясню на примере торгового чата. Выбирая в фильтре слова которые я НЕ хочу видеть (и соответственно предложения с ними) например "продам" они все равно проходят. В то же время как слова которые я хочу видеть например "куплю" работают безупречно, я вижу ТОЛЬКО предложения со словом "куплю". Скажете - ну так и фильтруй по "плюсовым" словам, в чем проблема?! Но вот например в рекрутинг чате это не получится, что-бы исключить надоедливых клановых рекрутеров по словам "приглашаю", "набор", "клан", "{ }" и так далее, ибо раньше я их мог закинуть в черный список, а с его нынешними 100 слотами уже по второму кругу пошел их туда закидывать, ибо их значительно больше 100 человек, и эти товарищи действительно раздражают там своим спамом. Возможно данная проблема существует только в русских чатах, не проверял на английском. Ну и если данный баг известен, прошу прощения за потраченные пиксели.
  14. Hi I wrote a poem for DE and would like to know how I can get it to the staff or someone if that's at all possible.
  15. There were a few items I wanted to get last month and it would have been my first time ever buying stuff from the store. I had wanted to get the Grineer weapons t-shirt but I guess its gone ?
  16. Before a full rework mentioned here: I would like to present you (the devs) with a much simpler way to fix and make Nekros' gameplay more interesting and meaningful: Soul Punch: Add TRUE DAMAGE to the first enemy hit, the other enemies hit by the soul projectile will get IMPACT DMG. Soul punching shadows will kill them. Terrify: Casting the ability a second time on enemies already afflicted by it will KNOCKDOWN said enemies. Add more armor and SHIELD strip being able to 100% reduce enemies' defenses at 250% > warframe ability strenght. When facing enemies who innately have no defenses (armor/shields) they will be affected by a DMG BUFF. Desecrate: Warframe ability strenght will affect loot re rolling chance. Caps at 90% loot re roll chance when you have 250% > strenght. Despoil will fit at exilus slot. Shadows of the Dead: Shadows' attacks will now ignore enemies' defences (armor/shields) hitting directly the health pool (NOT TRUE DMG). Shadows' health decay will be reduced from 30 seconds lifespan to 60 seconds minimum lifespan. No changes to sound, sfx or effects. Just some buffs and tweaks and implementation of what already exists in the game. Should not be too hard and it will benefit and balance Nekros to the current state of the game.
  17. My ideas for atmospheric Railjack missions are pretty simple and are very similar to what we already have so I want to presents them in a simple manner. Phase 1: So you jump into the space proxima of your selected planet. Cy would say somthing like "Grineer blockade ahead, time to tear down the gates" Before being able to proceed to your main objective you will have to take down a priority target in the planets orbit before proceeding to the atmosphere/main objective. Similar to high level Corpus proxima missions. Phase 2: Once the priority target has been disabled Cy will then tell you to align with the planets atmosphere entry vector (Basically you just fly towards and objective marker) Then an animation of entering the planets atmosphere would play (an animation similar to the void translation animation) and Cy would say somthing like "You might want to grab somthing" There you will arrive at your main objective, but rather than taking place on a capital ship it would take place on a Grineer/Corpus base on the surface. Basically your standard exterminate, defense, ect. P.S I'm not exactly sure whatever happened to the idea that we would be able to board our Railjack from the plains/orb vallis but if atmospheric Railjack missions where to become a thing, ideally the feature would make a great addition and further tie Railjack I to the rest of the game.
  18. The title. You know that cryopod in our railjack that spits lovecraftian incomprehensible speech? My idea is based on that. Name: (Couldn’t think of one). Sex: Male. Health: 350 (750 at rank 30). Armor: 500 (850 at rank 30). Shields: 110 (350 at rank 30). Energy: 135 (325 at rank 30). Sprint speed: 0.85. Aura Porality: Naramon. Exilus Polarity: None. Base Poralities: Naramon and Madurai. Mastery Rank: 0. Passive: Every time a ally is damaged enemies within 10 meters of (warframe name) are rendered weaker to damage. 1. Gaze of Insanity. Enemies that gaze upon (Warframe Name) are petrified in fear for 3 seconds. Afterwards they start brutally trying to kill each other, ignoring (warframe name) and his allies. 50 energy cost. Duration affects the duration of the petrification, how long they try to kill each other and how long the gaze will be in effect. Range has no affect. Strength increases the damage and speed of which the enemies try to kill each other (also scales with enemy level). Efficiency is the same. 2. Call Of The Servants. A maximum of 3 enemies within 15 meters will transform into ruthless servants and will permanently fight for (warframe name) for the duration of the mission until death. Enemies within the area of affect will be staggered each enemy staggered has a 5% chance to get the effects of Gaze Of Insanity. 75 energy cost. Strength affects the damage the servants do and the enemies’ chance of receiving the affects of Gaze Of Insanity. Duration has no affect. Range increases the range of the area of affect. Efficiency is the same. 3. Imprisonment into Confusion. 5 random enemies within 20 meters will get dragged into random fissures and disappear. In extermination or Defense they will be counted as kills. Once the duration ends the enemies will come out of the portal as allies who each give (warframe name) and his allies random buffs and will attack enemies. However, as allies they will have 50% reduced armor and 25% reduced health. (50% reduced shields for corpus). The allies will evaporate at the end of the abilities duration. Strength reduces Defense reduction of the allies and the efficiency/strength of the given buffs. Duration increases the duration of which the allies last and the buffs given. (Buffs will remain until the duration has run out even if the allies are killed/evaporated. For example, if the ally dies in 15 seconds and the buff runs out in 30 seconds, once the ally dies the buff will remain for the 15 seconds it has left). Range increases the range of which the fissures can manifest. efficiency remains unchanged. 4. Incomprehension. (Warframe name) releases a projection of himself, twice as large and with an additional 30% ability strength and a additional 50% armor and health. Certain enemies will try to run away and the others will attempt to shoot (warframe name) but in their fear 80% of their shots or attacks will miss (warframe name). On cast, releases a damaging area of affect that roots enemies within 5 meters to the ground. When the projection is killed it has no affect on (warframe name). Energy cost: 100. Strength increases armor and health increase and the damage of the area of affect. Duration increases how long the projection lasts. Range increases the range of the damaging area of affect. Efficiency remains the same… so what do you think? review? Thoughts? Advice?
  19. Passive: +200% critical hit chance on headshot against enemies that are futher than 25 meters away. Collect 20% additional sniper ammo. Base stats: 85 health 100 armour 150 shields 200 energy 1st Ability: Situational Awareness Gain 5/10/15/30% movement speed and 10/15/20/40% evasion chance whilst moving or 20/25/30/50% reload speed and 30/40/50/70% bonus headshot damage when standing still. Cost: 25 energy for activation and an additional 4 per second. 2nd Ability: Tactical Retreat Swap places with the next enemy you hit with your primary weapon within 15/20/25/40 meters. Following the swap, the enemy suffers a guaranteed radiation proc for 2/4/6/10 seconds whilst Ocula remains invisible for the same amount of time. Cost: 50 energy 3rd Ability: Customized Munitions Reload Oculas equipped primary or secondary with a set of specialized rounds. Specialized Rounds deal 50/65/80/100% elemental bonus damage matching the weakness of whatever target is hit. This works as an instant reload. Amount of empowered shots is equal to 20% of the weapons max carried ammo and doesn't neccessarily respond to actual magazine sizes (otherwise, it'd be kinda pointless on bows). Cost: 75 energy 4th Ability: Headcount Headshots provide a stack of Headcount, increasing critical chance and reload speed by 2/3/4/5%. Stacks last for 6/7/8/10 seconds before decaying, with the duration being refreshed by each new stack. Once Ocula reaches 10 stacks, the Headcount is considered complete. A complete headcount grants the 10 stack buff at twice its strength for 10/15/20/30 seconds. The ability key can be pressed again to end the headcount early, in which case Ocula only gains the current buff strength for 10 seconds. Energy cost: 15 energy to cast, 2 energy /s per active stack. The buff from either completing or cancelling headcount only runs through its duration and does not cost additional energy (all stacks are also used up upon completion and stop costing energy).
  20. So I had an idea for kuva litches. I have a litch that I like his name but dont like his weapon. I was thinking of maybe adding a system for switching out the current weapon of a converted litch by destroying their old weapon and giving them the new one. Thus adding to the customization for them. It would have to not be ranked at all pulled from one set of hands to the other.
  21. Recently been leveling amps. In the mission complete screen it doesn't have a section for Operator Kills. I am unsure if there are sections for archgun, archmelee, and necramech. These breakdown of kills can help players see what they are primarily using amongst other things.
  22. So this week I finally got the radiation tenet agendus I was looking for. I have been waiting for this for weeks to show. During which time I have completed quite a few liches/sisters , fissures and void storms. And after getting it I felt it was such a waste of time , I would rather have bought a lich/sister for plat if it was available. So I thought to myself , fool why aren't the tenet weapons from Perrin tradable. I really could not find an answer other than " cause DE wants us to do void storms to get holokeys". To which I thought , if they were tradable , and since the stats are random , won't people just do more void storms so they can trade them away and people that would like to avoid void storms just buy it instead ? I mean once I have all the weapons with the ideal stats (which I now do), I won't be bothering with them again (unless they rework it to be more enjoyable). But if I could trade them , I may keep a 50% weapon handy for trade later (like i do for liches and sisters) Players get what they want (weapons or plat) , DE gets player counts on a regular basis for a mission type (and more plat sales for weapon slots). Do you feel there is validity in making them tradable ? Let me know your thoughts.
  23. One of my first drawings after buying a new tablet. I uploaded it on WF reddit some time ago and forgot to put it here. Pictured: Chroma's Sentry playing cards with Sevagoth's Shadow in Personal quarters
  25. Welcome to the second edition of my thread. Unfortunately the previous one is locked and just in time for my vacation too. Edit: the first thread is now unlocked for some reason. I will be posting here from now on regardless, but hey it'll make it easier to cross reference if it comes to it. Latest post Previous thread Something else Contents: Finalization of the pets revised system Part 1: Here Comes the Birds Part 2: Creating Gods Part 3: The Stuff of Legends Part 4: T.A.I.L.S Part 5: Quests and Consequences Bonus addition: Mood Collars and Food Bonus addition: Pet control system Trials. The Vault of Orryphus Part 1 - The people that inherited Mars Part 2 - The Trial and attunement quest Part 3 - (WIP) Hahn Abi Expeditions The Path of Vindication Deliverance of Marineris The Trial The Second Gravidus Dilemma Rail Synova Terminus Proxima Part 1 - Some background and attunement quest Part 2 - The Trial The Path of Judgement Miniature trail events Man in the Wall incursions (at the bottom of the post) Ascended Liches (at the bottom of the post) Rewards for Miniature - Trial events The final part of the Syndicate revision system: the Syndicate war What does the Solar Rail War look like to you? - potential implementations of a War event. Armistice and finale A lot of art that I most likely won't be able to provide in more than basic sketches. What changes I would make to the elemental system The Technocyte Schism: Ire of the Saffron Emperor Part 1 - A Dilemma Unfolds Part 2 - Enemies of the same flesh Side ideas / one offs Transforming Rivens into a traditional RPG power up system. Lich Murmur Changes (part of the rework). A mainline update - The Omen of Eudoxus Warframe / Weapon trees for evolving Warframes and weapons beyond what they are now. Loka - a look into a period of time during The Fall where decadent despots brought us into the dark age we find ourselves in. Origin System, Revised. - Improving mission connection and adding random events. The Lasting Sin of Kathman - A tie in quest for @keikogi's Warframe, Persphone. Other odds and ends that are more minor. Plains expansion Beyound the Eidolon-Moh - A boss heavy expedition module. Tranq upgrades Making bad/unpopular missions better Dojos as social hubs Relays as social hubs Slaystorm - Endless Exterminate Botany system (Skip to Horticulture) Overhaul to planetary resources, resource tiers. Sentinel Rework Plague Star Season 2 Ghoul Purge Season 2 Buried Depths Season 2: A tale of two businessmen Due to study / leisure balance, expect submission time to be slower. Special Thanks @BulletBoi @nerfinator6 @Loza03 @(PS4)IIFrost_GhostII @Dreddeth @RevanGarcia @exturkconner @keikogi @(XBOX)Fluffywolf36 @Gaz_TTV @L1fewater @fo3nixz @FoxFX @cephalon_corgi @413X For commenting, either with constructive critique or morale boosting praise. I will be giving each of you potatoes so check your inboxes. I would also like to mention u/yarl5000, u/FTC_Publik and u/ArseneArsenic. They have either inspired, or have had their words used directly in my posts. The final part of the Syndicate revision for instance would not exist if it weren't for this exchange. You also will get potatoes. Edit: Hey, I caught you scrolling. Now that I have your attention, I would like to know how I can make this thread better. If the layout and formatting of my text is off putting, let me know. If it's okay, let me know that too. I am a stubborn soul, so I would probably post on into the void at any chance I get when the fancy takes me, but it would be nice to know how far people get before I lose their attention. Thanks. T.
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