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  1. Hello and welcome to another devstream overview (1st stream of 2023) Game News Cosmetics MISC
  2. The Archon Shard system has some outstanding issues that have become increasingly apparent as the weeks roll by. It's certainly not an exhaustive list, but: The acquisition of Tau Shards is completely RNG-based. There is no way to get them aside from getting lucky, and the odds are against you. You may go months without seeing one. The acquisition of Tau Shards takes a very long time. Even with average luck, it will take on average 25-75 weeks to get 5 Tau Shards of the desired type for just one frame. For comparison, regular Shards take only take 2.5-7.5 weeks and offer 2/3rds the stats. Not all Shard colors are equally valuable. Some players will find more use from some colors over others. Shards will experience drop dilution if new Shards are added. Each new Archon and colored Shard DE might add in the future will add an extra week to the rotations. Shards are incompatible with configs. While you can quickly and conveniently change your builds using configs, you cannot have different Shards for different configs. Shards are destroyed when the Warframe they are installed on is destroyed. This can happen when selling a Warframe or feeding it to Helminth, and while rare there are already posts about this happening. Shards are finite content. A Warframe can only hold a finite number of Shards, and there are a finite number of Warframes. You will eventually run out of places you'll want to put your Shards, and will eventually run out of places you can put your Shards. Broadly speaking, these issues fall into one of two categories: usage and acquisition. The above issues can be addressed by focusing on those two areas. Usage Addressing config incompatibility, potential loss of Shards, and their finite nature is conceptually simple and can be done with one change: separate Shards from Warframes. If Shards could be equipped in a slot like Mods or Arcanes then they would work with configs, wouldn't be lost when the Warframe is destroyed, and you could have multiple per Warframe - meaning you could always find somewhere to put your Shards even if you only ever played a single Warframe. Separating Shards from Warframes isn't a very big change. Instead of installing a Shard into a Warframe directly, Shards could instead be bundled together and then installed on a Warframe as a group. You could make as many of these bundled Shards as you wanted and could equip them on your configs however you like. These bundled Shards would still be locked to a specific Warframe type, like an Augment or Legacy Arcane Helmet, so there would be no practical difference with the current Shards unless you kept multiple copies of each Warframe - in which case good for you, now you won't need duplicates for your duplicates. There are several actions that could be performed on these bundled Shards: Start a new bundle for a Warframe type using 1 Shard. Add 1 Shard to an existing bundle. Remove 1 Shard from an existing bundle for some resource cost. Break a bundle apart entirely for some resource cost. Acquisition Addressing the Shard color inconsistencies and potential for dilution is simple: allow players to pay some resource to cycle a Shard from one color to the next. Players will get the colors they want eventually anyways, so why not let them put in some additional effort to get where they want to be sooner? Addressing the long, RNG-only nature of acquiring Tau Shards is also simple: allow players to upgrade Shards into Tau Shards. The most straight-forward way to do this is by combining Shards into Tau Shards. With a 2:1 conversion rate and the ability to cycle colors, the difference in Tau Shard acquisition rates would be narrowed dramatically and you would be guaranteed access to Tau Shards - even if you don't get the lucky drop. Including the regular Shards acquired from Kahl's Garrison content, acquisition rates go from: 5 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the most lucky 25 weeks for 5 Tau Shards with average luck Infinite weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the least lucky - they will never drop To: 3.33 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the most lucky 4.55 weeks for 5 Tau Shards with average luck 5 weeks for 5 Tau Shards for the least lucky Even without ever getting a Tau Shard from the weekly Hunt RNG, you would still be guaranteed a minimum level of forward progress. This also cuts the overall time it takes to acquire a set of Tau Shards to about 1/6th. Tau Shards only represent a 50% increase in effectiveness, yet they currently take 900% longer to acquire. Tau Shards simply aren't powerful enough to warrant spending 10x longer to acquire them. With a 2:1 conversion rate, that 50% power increase instead takes 82% longer which is much more reasonable. And if you can combine Shards to make Tau Shards, why not let you do the opposite and break Tau Shards into Shards? Altogether, these could be supported by adding three more actions that can be performed on Shards: Cycle a Shard of one color to the next for some resource cost (Crimson → Azure → Amber → Crimson). Combine 2 Shards into 1 Tau Shard for some resource cost. Separate 1 Tau Shard into 2 Shards for some resource cost. But if you can create a Tau Shard using two Shards and vice-versa, are Tau Shards even necessary? Implementation - Archon Crystals The above features and improvements can be implemented by retiring Tau Shards and adding new Archon Crystals. Crystals would be formed using Shards, be tied to a Warframe type like an Augment or Legacy Arcane Helmet, and be equipped in a new Archon Crystal slot unlocked by visiting Helminth after installing the Archon Shard Crystal Orbiter Segment. Preparing a Warframe to accept an Archon Crystal would have a one-time cost in place of the current one-time cost you'll need to pay when you migrate Shards to a new Prime Warframe. The slot for Archon Crystals would just go with your Arcanes. Crystals could be manipulated in several ways: Forge a Crystal for a Warframe type using 1 Shard. Starts with 1 stat picked depending on the color of the Shard being used. Add a stat to a Crystal using 1 Shard (up to 5 stats total). The pool of stats that can be picked depends on the color of the Shard being used. Upgrade a stat by +50% using 1 Shard of the same color (once per stat). Replace a stat with a different stat within the same color. Remove a stat for a cost, refunding 1 Shard of that color (or 2 Shards if the stat has been upgraded). Shatter the Crystal for a cost, refunding all Shards. Tau Shards are redundant in this system and can be retired since the same results can be achieved by upgrading a stat in situ. This is the same end result as if you removed a Shard, upgraded it to Tau using additional Shards, and then reinstalled it - just with fewer clicks. Because Tau Shards are now redundant, installed Tau Shards can be refunded as two Shards of the same color, installed Shards can be returned, and any Warframe with an Archon Shard already installed can have the slot unlocked automatically. To tell them apart, Crystals can have different icons depending on the number of stats, and could reflect the overall colors and upgrade status: Crystals with upgraded stats still have the appearance of Tau Shards in the two related Ephemera. The additional color cycling option can also be added. This would cost the same kinds of resources as removing Shards or shattering Crystals. Cycling could alternatively be done using a crafting recipe in the Foundry. These options can also be accessed with a shortcut built into the Arsenal menu where Crystals are selected. So far the mockups have featured the Lotus as the one to manage Archon Crystals. This is for a few reasons. The first is that it'd be cool to finally have a way to visit the Lotus ingame. Players have been asking for something like that since there's been a Lotus, and this would add a practical use to her throne room. The second is that it just makes more sense: It just seems more fitting that she would manage this instead of some wall goo. In this case the player would be able to visit the Lotus at her throne room and her Tau Forge on Lua (or wherever), and the resource required to destructively modify Crystals or cycle Shards would be Narmer Isoplasts instead of Bile. Isoplasts are already used for crafting Archon weapons and the Sentient Warframe, so using them to manipulate Archon Shards seems more fitting. This has the dual role of reducing the Bile costs and adding a reason to continue playing Narmer content, which is currently a ghost town. Helminth still has a role as the one to prepare our Warframes to accept Crystals, which also preserves a reason to have the current Archon Shard Crystal Orbiter Segment. Alternatively, all of these features can be added to Helminth instead of the Lotus. This would be quicker to do and require less effort, though it would be far less cool. There is also the option that all of this is done later, and only a 2:1 conversion method for turning Shards into Tau Shards is initially implemented. This would alleviate the most vocal concerns with the Archon Shard system's feelings of unfairness and excessive slowness, and could be done with a simple reusable blueprint sold by Chipper. Archon Crystals could always be implemented later as a standalone QoL improvement, at which point the blueprint could be refunded and crafted Tau Shards could be turned into Shards as before. TL;DR: Bundling Shards into an equippable item instead of installing them on individual Warframes would be good: Works with configs. Always have somewhere to put your Shards, even if you only play few frames. You can have as many on your frame as you want. Won't lose your Shards if you accidentally sell your frame or feed it to Helminth. Making Tau Shards accessible by combining Shards would also be good: Guaranteed Tau Shard progression, even if you get unlucky. Won't take half a year per frame. Always have a use for Shards to use for upgrading. Both together can be achieved with Archon Crystals. Use 1 Shard to make 1 Crystal with 1 stat, which goes on the frame it's built for. Nova Crystals go on Novas, Titania Crystals go on Titania, etc. Add 1 Shard to add 1 stat, up to 5 total. Add 1 Shard to upgrade 1 stat to +50%. There are no more Tau Shards, you just use Shards. 20% Tau Shard drop becomes a 20% chance for an extra Shard, which does the same thing. Can remove stats one at a time for a refund. Can break the whole Crystal all at once for a refund. Same features we have now. Same results as a 2:1 conversion rate for Shards into Tau Shards, just simpler. Plus some nice new features: Cycle the color of a Shard (Crimson → Azure → Amber → Crimson). Visit the Lotus at her Tau Forge on Lua. 2:1 conversion of Shards to Tau Shards can be implemented in the meantime as a stop-gap. Thanks to @(XBOX)DragonMan 2700 for hashing this out with me.
  3. Today in the dev stream they announce "shard pity", where if you don't get a tau shard in an archon hunt then your chance next week for tau will increase, and so on, until you get tau. I don't know about you, but I'd take a crimson over a blue. So now the case will arise when I have a high % for tau and want to get crimson with it, which will have me skipping weeks of archon hunts waiting for a chance at crimson tau. Then if it doesn't drop, waiting more weeks for another chance... Resulting in fewer archon shards, fewer archon hunts and fewer hours enjoying this wonderful content. My bad idea: DE, perhaps you could give us a toggle to apply the drop chance increase to a weeks hunt or to turn off shard pity for that week, dropping tau chance to zero, but still letting it accumulate for future hunts. This way we could focus on getting the tau shards we want without having to skip weeks of content. A better idea:
  4. As some people already noticed, the pity system for tauforged shards revealed in todays Devstream will inevitably lead to skipping certain weeks to keep the pity bonus high for your desired shard color. This is obviously counter-intuitive in many ways, DE surely wants their players to engage in every weeks hunt. While it unfortunately seems like we wont get an upgrade system for tauforged shards anytime now, there should at least be a way to change the color of your shards.
  5. Welcome to the second edition of my thread. Thank you for 20.4K views! Latest post Previous thread Something else Contents: Pets 2.0 Part 1: Here Comes the Birds Part 2: Creating Gods Part 3: The Stuff of Legends Part 4: T.A.I.L.S Part 5: Quests and Consequences Bonus addition: Mood Collars and Food Bonus addition: Pet control system Trials. The Vault of Orryphus Part 1 - The people that inherited Mars Part 2 - The Trial and attunement quest Part 3 - (WIP) Hahn Abi Expeditions The Path of Vindication Deliverance of Marineris The Trial The Second Gravidus Dilemma Rail Synova Terminus Proxima Part 1 - Some background and attunement quest Part 2 - The Trial The Path of Judgement Trial Vendor Miniature trail events Man in the Wall incursions (at the bottom of the post) Ascended Liches (at the bottom of the post) Rewards for Miniature - Trial events The final part of the Syndicate revision system: the Syndicate war What does the Solar Rail War look like to you? - potential implementations of a War event. Armistice and finale A lot of art that I most likely won't be able to provide in more than basic sketches. What changes I would make to the elemental system The Technocyte Schism: Ire of the Saffron Emperor - Current series Part 1 - A Dilemma Unfolds Part 2 - Enemies of the same flesh Part 3 - Night Waves under Torn Skies Part 4 - The Cauldron Bubbles, a quest introducing Raven, the leader of the Exilus Part 5 - Iliad's Bane - The Depths of Menes Part 6 - The Lasting Sin of Kathman - A tie in quest for @keikogi's Warframe, Persphone. Part 7 - Five Blights, Five Nights Part 8 - Blades in the Dark - Prelude Side ideas / one offs Transforming Rivens into a traditional RPG power up system. Lich Murmur Changes (part of the rework). A mainline update - The Omen of Eudoxus Warframe / Weapon trees for evolving Warframes and weapons beyond what they are now. Loka - a look into a period of time during The Fall where decadent despots brought us into the dark age we find ourselves in. Origin System, Revised. - Improving mission connection and adding random events. Other odds and ends that are more minor. Plains expansion Beyond the Eidolon-Moh - A boss heavy expedition module. Tranq upgrades Making bad/unpopular missions better Dojos as social hubs Relays as social hubs Slaystorm - Endless Exterminate Botany system (Skip to Horticulture) Overhaul to planetary resources, resource tiers. Sentinel Rework Plague Star Season 2 Ghoul Purge Season 2 Buried Depths Season 2: A tale of two businessmen Setting the scene: key Grineer, Corpus and Orokin infrastructure and installations Other great threads to browse/follow: Due to study / leisure balance, expect submission time to be slower. Special Thanks For commenting, either with constructive critique or morale boosting praise. I will be giving each of you potatoes so check your inboxes. I would also like to mention u/yarl5000, u/FTC_Publik and u/ArseneArsenic. They have either inspired, or have had their words used directly in my posts. The final part of the Syndicate revision for instance would not exist if it weren't for this exchange. You also will get potatoes. Lastly, I would like to thank DE for making a wonderful fiction to imagine in. I may have a few disagreements with the current direction, but I am still writing in your fictional universe. Keep on going. Prove me wrong and win me back. Give me feedback! Thanks. T.
  6. Swazdo-lah, surah! Welcome to my concept thread! This thread will be my way to write about my various Warframe concepts - which'll usually be weaponry. Though I have a few other concepts I want to play around with! Also, from now on, there'll be no more than two concepts per post! Three if there's a syndicate weapon, prime weapon, and uh, not-prime weapon. My latest concept is immediately below! Probably the most common subjects here are improvised guns and revolvers. If you want more, make sure to take a look at the Table of Contents. Latest Concept: Grineer AUTOSHOTGUN PISTOL Full Table Of Contents NOTE: Because the forums are being a butt, I will only be able to link to specific pages, not individual comments on some of these. This only occurs for concepts developed after the Vlcak. I apologize for the inconvenience. Buuuut, if that's too large a list, it comes with other smaller subsections. Like so: Warframes World WEAPONS Primary Note: These are divided by ammo pool. Rifle Shotgun Sniper pool Secondary Melee Alright, I admit it. There's not much here. Enemy Designs Other Concepts Concepts that don't really fit into any other slot - Art Dumps, characters, mission types, mods... Guest Hour Super Create Work done by or with friends, fans, and others! Out of respect for the bonds we've formed, this part will not be spoilered out. Thanks, guys! 1. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Mos Naganta (Tenno) By @Almighty_Jado! Check out his deviantart here! But more importantly, check out his thread at The Legion of Tau, here! It's a very interesting thread, full of enemy designs, weapons, and probably absolutely the best Sentient designs I've seen here. I've even contributed a bit! 2. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Fuselok lineart (Grineer) Art of my battle rifle / Dust 514 Rail Rifle hybrid, drawn by Modernmercenary. Who, as far as I know, does not have an account on these forums. Do the next best thing and check out his deviantart here! 3. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Fuselok 2 Electric Boogaloo (Grineer) By @Almighty_Jado. I... was genuinely surprised to see another drawing of the Fuselok. Except this time he made it do double-duty as a flamethrower! Not quite what I had in mind, but that does sound pretty dope. But seriously though check out his thread. 4. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Trokar by Unus (Grineer) Single-shot hand cannon designed by @Unus, drawn by me! Check out Unus' thread. It's... Okay, I was going to try to describe it, but I can't. There's such a massive amount of creative concepts that it's beyond description. Just go see it for yourself! 5. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Thrombocyst (Infested) Shouts out again to @Almighty_Jado for this one! I made a drawing of it, and Jado later expanded on it. 8. BONUS HOUR COLLAB CREATE: Vaculyst/Vorticibus enemy design with Almighty Jado (Sentient) Yet more shouts out to @Almighty_Jado - I made the Vaculyst design, and he made an enemy to go with it! 9. GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Sancti Avakan by Almighty_Jado (New Loka/Tenno) ...How many shouts out to @Almighty_Jado am I gonna have to give? Probably a lot. 10. Picead Plasma Rifle by Unus! Shouts out again to @Unus. ART DUMP 1 This is what I call an Art Dump - it's a quick look at my vision for new guns in Warframe. Everything here has originally been posted in the thread, but they'll be reposted later with their own individual posts. But, if you're really curious as to what these do, you can just check them out on my deviantart. Until I make individual posts for all of them, anyway. Apologies for cutting out detailed stuff like the Trejek shotgun, Helica rifle, and Avakan - I just didn't want this to get too wall of texty. You'll see those SOON though. NOTE: As inspired by @Unus, I decided to re-organize this art thread! A lot of earlier comments are from before I heavily edited this thread.
  7. This is likely one of those ideas that will have resistance because there has been so much development put into players doing the mining directly. But, I think I have and idea for a mining bot that still is worth while. Not an AFIAK concept for auto mining. But, a mining bot that you can deploy from the gear wheel, and has to be protected while it seeks out and mines. If destroyed some percent of the mining goods will be lost. Mining bots also could be upgraded in a variety of ways. To be tougher, faster, mines quicker, more efficient, etc. etc. Not to mention various appearance options and skins.
  8. I have recently started playing warfare on my PS5 with a mouse and keyboard and first the keys in the UI wouldn't change to keyboard buttons and then there isn't a keyboard options in the menu to customize controls but that's all fine, what's most annoying me is that when I play and I open the gear wheel (pressing q) I cannot choose stuff (I move my mouse around and nothing happens) can someone please help since its really annoying and slowing me down.
  9. Anathema of Dawn Rekrutacja: OTWARTA Tenno, już czas aby stanąć w szeregi armii śmierci, aby walczyć dla naszego cesarza i polować na tych którzy są przeciwko naszej sprawie ponieważ piszemy nowy rozdział swojej historii. Zapraszamy wszystkich którzy chcą stać się jej częścią. Oferujemy: ● Dojo urządzone w klimacie Dark Souls III. Wyposażone w pełni, 100% badań. ● Dużą społeczność (230 graczy w klanie oraz 410 graczy na naszym publicznym serwerze Discord), która gra regularnie 24/7. Jacyś nocni markowie? Gramy również nocki! ● Eventy klanowe, na których można wygrać platynę liczoną w tysiącach! ● Możliwość chodzenia na kilkugodzinne runy np. na Steel Path / Arbitraż / Relikty. ● Sojusz - Platinum Association, którego jesteśmy klanem założycielskim. ● Społeczność trejderów, wiele osób w klanie zajmuje się handlem na bardzo dużą skalę, zapraszamy tych którzy chcą się podszkolić jak efektywniej zarabiać platynę. ● Jedno z najefektowniejszych Dojo w grze, ponieważ nasz klan zajął 3 miejsce w Star Chart Dojo Showcase - Summer 2022 Wymagamy: ● Dołączenia do serwera klanowego Discord, ale bez żadnych restrykcji typu obowiązkowe przebywanie na kanale głosowym podczas rozgrywki. Wbijaj na Discord bo chcesz z nami spędzić czas a nie dlatego bo takie są zasady! 💀 To wszystko! Nie wymagamy minimalnej Mistrzowskiej Rangi, minimalnego wieku czy innych śmiesznych standardów xD Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany zapraszam do kontaktu Discord: choobie#9208 DSSDLizzy1#0735 💀
  10. just a small suggestion that id like to request currently, lavos's subsume vial rush is unaffected by casting speed was hoping that DE could change it so that the animation speed is affected by casting speed
  11. Companions for warframes were introduced around a decade ago with the introduction of sentinels in update 7.0. The following year, kubrows were added, beginning an expansion of the available pets that would continue to receive updates, mods, and new companions until the modern day. Over the years as power crept up and enemy damage increased, our weapons and mods also did- but companions and their survivability did not. The sweeper weapon for the carrier sentinel, for example, has remained unchanged for about ten years, and despite mods like primed regen, the parazon finisher hard reset, link sets, and pet gimmicks that involve coming back to life, none of this means anything if they're immediately killed again, with only seconds of usable uptime. Archon hunts and the steel path have thrown this into contrast. DE has added modes with dangerous burst damage enemies, that starts out at a level that kills even the most survival modded companions quickly. High level, dedicated tenno can handle these just fine, but to most players (judging by the mastery rank breakdowns via pablo's stats last year) these things are still a challenge. But even for those high level tenno, the one thing they can't do is keep their pets alive. Primed regen is blown through in a few minutes of fighting. Djin and vulvaphyla precepts are constantly on downtime. The state of pets in 2023's "endgame" content is a meme. This hasn't been a new thing. People have been suggesting pet reworks for years, but DE hasn't listened- and this is the result. AI for terrain-restricted companions/summons/etc. hasn't been updated in years either, and is so much of a meme that it deserves it's own thread, so we're not going to talk about it here. So what is the solution? Well several have been suggested over the years Simply more power: -Mods/Precept gimmicks that actually scale to enemy level. This is very simple, and more than a few warframes could benefit from this too. -Primed/stronger mods. Again, very simple. Sourced from high level content should be the tools to play that high level content. Yet companions only have mods from 2014. Enemies not targeting companions: -Aggro reducing mods/abilities. Things that let warframes shoulder more of the aggro burden. Seems sensible, but pets are often killed by AoE damage or death beam abilities that ignore this. -Companions not taking damage until their owner is sufficiently weak. Might not work with all builds, but a unique idea. Personally, i'm a fan of introducing more revival and subsequent temporary invuln-focused ability mods, in addition to scaling stats up to modern content. Some pets already have this, but a system that lets players be punished with companion death for standing around and getting shot, while still not losing the utility of a companion that is constantly in a death state in high level content seems to me to be the balance that good game design calls for, but that's just me. Fortunately, most of the star chart content in this game is easy enough for most people to flatten with the power we have, and not worry about any of this. But then the steel path was introduced. And then archon hunts. If the direction of the game is going to shift to content that makes 2014-era kit unusable, well, we should probably do something about that yeah? What do you think?
  12. When it comes to warframes we got many soldiers (of course), some animal inspired Like chroma, voruna or khora, Elements Like Frost and ember and even multiple Ninjas, but yet i Wonder why there is no plant inspired frame or a Tech scifi frame. What do u think will the next frames be Like?
  13. Tenet Lenz bow because kuva Lich don't have the bow and the sisters and maybe Archwing Tenet weapons
  14. Do we know if and when they are going to add the ability to use your account from one platform on a different platform (ie, using a ps4 account on pc)?
  15. For me, as I know it is for alot of players also, Warframe is a love/hate relationship. When I first started playing I really enjoyed it, sinking many hours into it. Then it soon got repetitive & boring so I stopped playing for several months, only picking it up again when a friend told me he was playing so I came on to join him. Since then I have been on & off, and as of late mostly off. I came back a couple days ago when I ran out of games to play, to which I saw the Voruna update and checked out the grind for that. I have to say I am impressed that DE actually put safety measures in place for people (like myself) who are very unlucky with drops. I think they went a little overboard though, and it shows how this game seems to be one extreme or the other. Not only can you buy with Plasm what doesn't drop, the weapon parts are tradeable. It is nice to see such safety measures, but I wish it would be implemented more throughout the entire game. I saw there was also a new Tenet melee, so I tried some Railjack for Holokeys, and the grind for that is still terrible!! I remember people telling DE that upping the amount that drops makes no difference when they don't seem to drop. I also decided to try for some of the new Primes. That area has always been a big hatred for me personally as it is based on too much RNG luck. You have to hope you get the Relics you want, to then hope you get the part dropping from the Relics. A game shouldn't be about hope. It is demoralising. And with Aya now being in the pool to dilute Relic Packs makes it that much slightly worse. I feel a safety measure for new Primes could be put in place, and my idea for it is... You still have to get the Relics needed, so still an element of RNG, but if you don't get lucky with drops you can then take a Relic to Varzia at Maroo's where she will open it for you and you spend Void Traces to pick the part you want. Maybe 150 for Bronze Tier, 300 for Silver Tier and 500 for Gold Tier.
  16. or a at least a parody of that concept? themes include architecture, hardlight constructs, and design. any bright ideas on how we can capture the creativity behind green lanterns while still limited to the game's technology.
  17. From a gameplay perspective Caliban's concylists work as sentient fodder to take aggro , deal some damage and buff you ( if your built as a summoner they are pretty powerful though ) than they " self desctruct " after their timer runs out. I guess they hate the grieneer that much that they would rather commit unalive. they also act freely of caliban , they still operate if your down or dead until they despawn , they cannot go 40 meters away from Caliban unless you are in operator than they will fallow the operator , they are friendly to all tenno and natural mobs. so if I'm not mistaken sentients can no longer be created by any means , all sentients that are fought are thousands of years old ( not counting Caliban himself which you build ) even when fighting archons thy are described as raising the dead. So is Caliban a exception and can create them from scratch ( the ability is called lethal progeny , which means deadly creation ) or does he ressurect them like archons as a glorified necromancer , would make sense why they die after the timer runs out. Caliban is also described as a king so they could be his loyal guards from back from the old war and for gameplay purposes they despawn but it could be implied their always there. that's my ideas what's all yours ?
  18. While watching Devstream, we got to see Joe Mad's concept of the upcomming wolf frame. I really liked the design and my creativity to draw came back, so i went and made a fanart of it. I certainly aint a skilled artist by any means, and i havent been able to draw for a long time, so im pretty rusty, but i did had fun drawing it, and that counts right? Considering im lacking alot of talent of many wonderful artists out there, i had to take some liberties, like with the helmet design and with some details, and tried to cute-ify things a bit. Not sure of the results tho. Also fun fact, this is technicly my first warframe fanart (And first frame in terms of design), so i basicly have no experience in doing such art but hey, it was fun to give it a shot. Check the spolier tag for the link of the art (Having it in the spoiler tag to keep the post clean upon loading) Got any suggestions on what frame i sould draw next? (I am also happy to draw the backsides for the dumptruck enthusiasts out there, cause lets be honest, butts are awesome)
  19. (Image : Satsuki-Hyphen) Pouic les Tennos ! L'équipe est de retour ! Rejoignez-nous le vendredi 27 janvier à 14h HE (20h FR) via twitch.tv/warframe pour le premier Devstream de 2023 ! Nous sommes de retour sur notre sofa après les vacances pour vous présenter notre prochaine mise à jour pour Warframe : La Dernière Volonté de Citrine ! Nous passerons en revue tout ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre dans cette mise à jour, y compris un aperçu de l'état d'avancement du développement de Duviri. Regardez pour gagner un Drop Twitch qui sera un Sac de récompenses Riven ! Rendez-vous sur twitch.tv/warframe le vendredi 27 janvier à 14h HE, ou 20h FR !
  20. I uhh... I wanted to bump this thread because myself and others came up with a great frame and I think collectively, we have come up with the next big hypeframe. Please DE... Give us Widow... I am DESPERATE to see this community frame and we'd still be taking ideas if it wasn't archived... There is a clear desire for this frame, or some take on this frame, and I hope you'll give us blessings!
  21. So i have been workshopping this concept for some time now, since around mid 2022 and I think i finally have a concept for the abilities Insect based warframe Swarm is a Warframe based in the world of insects, her abilities each represent a breed of insect. Her appearance also reflects this as she looks to be comprised of interlocking chitin plates. With many more insect features as well, such as facial mandibles, numerous eyes and serrated forearms. Passive ability : Revival Colony When an ally or companion is downed, insects converge on them and will begin reviving them mo matter where on the map they are located or how far they are from Swarm. (Cooldown 120 seconds.) Ability 1 : Silk Barrier Swarm deploys a layer of spider silk either on the floor, between walls or in a doorway, this silk when installed vertically prevents ebemies from passing through and procs them with a toxin status effect, whem layed flat on the ground it only slows enemies down and inflicts the same toxin effect. Ability 2 : Camponotus siphon Swarm sends out a colony of Worker ants that siphon energy from the environment and passively provide it to Swarm and her allies. Ability 3 : Bulwark Beetle This ability increases Swarm's armor drastically but reduces speed by channeling the strength of the Hercules beetle. Ability 4 : Raptorial Blades Swarm summons her exalted weapons, a dual blade resembling giant mantis mandibles.
  22. Disclaimer: The following fan concept mentions major story spoilers. If you don't want the surprise ruined for you, go play through The Second Dream and The War Within, then come back here once you have. Seriously, go do it. They're amazing quests. Okay? Okay. Are all the new players gone? Good, then let's do this! 😀 SUPERHERO WARFRAME CONCEPT - NEPHILIM SUMMARY & STATS Nephilim is a defense-oriented Warframe specializing in dealing heavy melee strikes. His Syandana "wings" grant him the unique ability to get up close and personal with airborne enemies, something as-of-yet unexplored outside of Archmelee. Health: High Shields: Below Average Armor: Above Average Energy Capacity: Average Sprint Speed: Low ABILITIES Passive: Haymaker: Nephilim unleashes a devastating punch powerful enough to send foes flying. Deals double damage to targets that are immune to knockback. Changes from single target to a short frontal cone and deals Radiation damage when empowered by Sigil Stare. Cost: 25 Energy A fairly simple melee range Ability. Synergising with Sigil Stare and Ascension, Haymaker ragdolls targets it hits. Empowered range and radius is comparable to the wide melee swing of a Staff. Sigil Stare: (TAP) Nephilim emits a powerful beam of light from his chest, dealing Radiation damage to enemies in a line. This also empowers Nephilim's melee attacks and abilities, dealing additional Radiation damage for a short time. (HOLD) Nephilim overcharges the beam, allowing him to use it while moving. Maintaining this Ability will not empower his melee attacks. Cost: (TAP) 50 Energy (HOLD) + 10/s A costly hitscan attack with innate Punch Through, Sigil Stare is meant to be used in situations where using Ascension would otherwise be difficult or inefficient, such as tight corridors with large clusters of enemies. Its dual usage also presents a situational dilemma: Do you save your Energy for more sustained damage output? Or do you spend more to kill enemies at a safe distance here and now? Unity: Nephilim's very presence inspires allies within range, restoring a portion of their Health and Shields. In return, Nephilim's own Health and Shields are also restored for the total amount. Cost: 75 Energy A supportive Ability with a relatively short radius, Unity works better the more teammates and companions there are within range. Health and Shield totals across all affected allies are added up and restored to Nephilim. Tennovengers, assemble! Ascension: Nephilim takes to the skies with his Exalted Gauntlets at the ready! During this state, Nephilim is able to fly freely through the air at increased speeds. His melee attacks, including Slam attacks, will also lock onto and chase airborne targets. Cost: 25 Energy + 2.5/s Ever encountered that Slam bug that sends you flying to the other side of the room into a wall? For Nephilim, that's a feature, not a bug. ;) Nephilim's Syandana isn't just a fancy cape for a proper superhero, it also doubles as a pair of angelic "wings" that grants him the rare gift of flight, as well as summoning his Exalted Weapon. Hordes of annoying Dargyn circling above you like pesky Condroc? Enemies pelting you with shots from a high platform? Have the sudden urge to punch Lephantis in the face? All three of them? Ascension is the answer to all the problems you never knew you had until now! NAME AND DESIGN ORIGINS Themes: Superhero, Muscular, Angelic Nephilim's name comes directly from the Hebrew word נְפִילִים nephilim, a group of angel-human hybrids in the Old Testament. They were often described as giants, fallen angels, renowned warriors, or "heroes of old," depending on the translation. For Nephilim's design, I imagined him as one of the first Warframes created by the Orokin, his heroism fittingly serving as the basis of the more romanticized parts of their mythos, despite the bloody reality of their history. With that vision in mind, I went with a more basal approach to his design — which is to say, I don't have much experience designing around Warframe's unique character aesthetic. 😅 Despite this, I wanted to incorporate the different translations of his biblical namesake into various aspects of the design, albeit with a superhero twist. The halo around his head partially evokes the stylised hairdos of heroes like Superman and various anime protagonists, while the built-in Syandana doubles as both the outline of a cape and angelic wings at rest, folding out and revealing energy "feathers" during Ascension. (I'll probably draw that up in the future.) The face — if you can even call it that — takes inspiration from various heroic masks, cowls, head accessories. The human muscular system also served as a major basis for the design, fitting in line with both the techno-organic nature of Warframes and the often exaggerated musculature seen in comic books. Nephilim's abilities also mirror many superhero powers and tropes: Super strength, flight, heat "vision", inspiring others, and even changing into their alter egos in secret. Damage types were taken into consideration when coming up with his abilities. I ultimately decided to go with Radiation for his Sigil Stare and its melee enhancements, given its usage on Orokin tilesets by Laser Plates and Death Orbs as beams of light, as well as its common usage in media as either the source of a hero's powers or their greatest weakness. Side note — some of you may have noticed the Orokin handwriting on the image above. Perhaps it might hold some significance? 😉 Questions? Comments? Concerns? Criticisms? Please let me know what you guys think of this concept! I worked hard to bring it to life as best I could with what little time I've had lately. Maybe I'll update the concept art with some proper linework and color in the future? We'll see. And hey, if nothing else, I hope it serves as an inspiration for others looking to design their own concepts in the future, just as Nephilim might inspire those around him should be ever be lucky enough to find his way into the game. 🦸‍♂️ Until then, take care and happy hunting, Tenno!
  23. Hi Tenno, I used to maintain a Google Sheet to track of the stream times across different time zones so people would know what time the stream was starting for their time. I've now moved it to a website which is easier for me to maintain and (i think) easier to access. Each week I update the site with the stream schedule for the week after a DE staff member has posted it here on the forums - the forums are still the source of truth regarding the streams. If this is something you'd use please bookmark the website: https://warframestreams.lol This thread is a central location for user feedback and announcements. Below is a screenshot of the website when viewed from the GMT time zone. The Devstream is currently listed as my guess/assumption, and so it is (unconfirmed) until a DE staff member has posted it here on the forums. Let me know what you think, cheers all.
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