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  1. People in lunaro can’t even unstable no more this bug has been going on for months. People who aren’t host can’t unstable only the host can which is annoying. PS4 Unstables are literally broken right now. the whole lunaro community in ps4 stopped playing because of this bug. DE fix this bug already it’s been months!
  2. The kuva bramma does too much damage, it is 1-shotting everybody in a large AOE. If you start a match where a single person has this weapon, they will steamroll the entire match. This is clearly a bug, someone put an extra couple of zeroes on the end of its damage. Please remove the zeroes!
  3. Where can I find zetki hull weave from? Anyone know and can help? 🙏
  4. In Conclave, Telos Boltace has a passive that allows it to rag doll opponents just like in PvE. Surprised it's still enabled. Loxyen made a detailed post on it in Conclave Feedback forum. But I believe it belongs here since it's obvious that such a game breaking feature is unintentional. Posting it here so DE can take notice. @Loxyen @Kontrollo
  5. I don't know what else to call four unrelated unresolved bugs, but here it is. 1. (Most recent) Reload while holstered mods and possibly other gold-rarity mods aren't working. Video shows I cannot enter Recruit Conditioning, which is the only instance in Conclave where this should occur. 2. I heard while in lobby from another player that shield break SFX isn't working. He's been streaming Conclave frequently, so I'll take his word for it. 3. Melee damage numbers are wildly off-kilter. Dual Keres, for example, can oneshot slide-attack in the air quickly enough to catch passerby Tenno with no counter. 4. Nova's "Antimatter Mine" augment's mines disappear shortly after cast. Nova's mines can also proc radiation on her if they are laid in a previous life, she dies, and then she walks within range of her old mine. They may also do damage (difficult to confirm). And there you have it. When you guys have time, we'd really appreciate having some of these looked at, as they do affect the gameplay experience of Conclave. The latter two are also very exploitable by players looking to circumvent the challenge that is Conclave, and can lead to reputation farming.
  6. *Rolls eye* *Another #*!%ing PvE rando* Haha I know feel. This time it’s coming from a long time PvP Vet and it’s mostly directed towards Conclave players and *only* conclave players. If you’ve been following the public forums, community groups etc, you know Conclave is brought up negatively quite often. If you’ve been closely observing them from a long time or you know, watched *Cough Cough* I’m Coofing Rio *Coof* *Coof* You know the reason my friend. If not, here’s a snippet from my doc on core issues Main reason for the anti-pvp sentiment was, removal of Raids and now recently, post Unimed unrest. You and I both know how both of it is BS “DE magically requiring #*!% ton resources to keep plug on PvP that it hurts PvE argument” and “Conclave players deserve no exclusivity/compensation! Give give give pvp rewards!” and well other variants of Unimed unrest arguments like how we all conspire to guard our rewards over everything else and yadda yadda yadda. I made a subreddit post on my views on Rewards Systems and stance on Unimed It’s a really long post so TL:DR is: Unimed link to Conclave Not Bad.Reward Exclusivity Not Bad.Person Talking about Unimed ≠ Conclave No Crucify.Focus on Actual Problem (Dysfunctional Reward stucture/system)Conclave could be fun for most, look links for more on that S#&$.Crucify Triplinster Now, there was one paragraph in there that was directed towards PvP players, here it is Now, lets get to the bottom of it. In the past I’ve been walking a fine line between completely vouching for removal of reward exclusivity and keeping current reward system with major tweaks. I’ve said several times before, I as a long time PvP player, care only about the game mode and not the rewards. Most PvP regulars I’ve been around with share the same sentiment. So that means whatever is beneficial for the mode, (Keep or removing exclusivity of rewards), we will vouch for. Now why do I keep talking about “Exclusivity” too damn much? Well, unless you’ve been living in a outer space. You know the WF community (I differentiate them from WF playerbase) doesn’t really like PvP (and I mean, core mechanics PvP) being its own gamemode. Most of the negative sentiment now (specially post Unimed unrest) is coming because of the exclusive rewards system. Yeah I know why cater to snowflakes yadda yadda yadda I guess to them it feels like something mandatory. And yea I know how silly it sounds whine about a reward system rewarding for doing X task. Here’s my bit on it from the subreddit post just to let you know I understand it. I will also link a forum post on Rewards, where I tilted more towards keeping Reward system as is but majorly tweaking the effort to reward ratio to make it easier So now, I’m in a position where I think we should vouch for removal of exclusivity. And hear me out, why do I think it’s beneficial at all? Conclave will not feel “mandatory” to these people. It’ll be one less argument for being anti-pvp. The crazy bunch will be filtered out from the slightly sane bunch, and It’ll help negate the hive mind effect in the WF community. And maybe then, DE will feel less weight when doing anything PvP content related. There is nothing to lose if you just experiment with a game mode that isn’t linked to a sense of progression (and no, not progression for us, I mean what the WF community thinks is progression). There would be less weight in bashing DE for working on PvP. DE would just work on PvP if they feel like it, we’ll still be there providing feedback. And no one can force DE on what to do or not to do with their creative free time. If these barriers are broken, The Conclave Experiment might ascend into something more, maybe even a thing of its own. So these are my thoughts on this whole exclusivity thing. As you can see, I’ve tilted more towards removal of exclusivity but I still value the other side of keeping rewards but making them take less effort. So I want to here your thoughts. Should we all unite to vouch for removal of exclusivity? I think so, and maybe just give a badge or statraks to PvP players. Or not.
  7. As things are now, not only does The Conclave have a population problem with it being very hard to get a match in most game modes, but there is also a constant issue with the balancing, both from the aspect that people who want to play fair will have a hard time getting that, while it generally just takes too much time integrate new warframes and weapons as it's generally difficult to rebalance them in general. So my suggestions are to ditch this rebalance process altogether and instead have a "Freedom mode" where you basically just pvp with all of your gear and abilities available, and a "Restrictive mode" where no frame abilities are allowed with the weapons being randomly generated/picked across the stage. Any other existing game modes like 1vAll, Lunaro and etc should all be merged into a mixer for the Freedom/Restrictive matches, with the players basically having to vote for either of those gametypes instead of stages. The Restrictive mode is meant for players that only want to play balanced matches without any overwhelming advantage, so players will be limited to only use a selective pool of pvp approved weapons. One random set of main/sub/melee that spawns for all players at the start, but with the rest appearing in Halo/Unreal Tournament-like spawn points that any player can take at the leisure, with the spots cycling through different weapons each time they are picked out. While the "Freedom mode" is supposed to appeal to players who just want to go crazy and try anything out. EVERYTHING, not just including the latest Warframes/Weapons but also gear like Health/Energy Packs, Drones, Air Strikes and Clem + Operator Powers and Riven mods, shall be enabled. The only modifications that should be enforced, is that no invulnerability is allowed (abilities like Valki's 4 that does so, will be changed to give armor buffs instead). Otherwise everything is supposed to work exactly like in the main game, balance be damned. Any thoughts?
  8. DE recently added the Kuva Bramma to conclave and it turns out that it one shots ppl. Its the perfect time to farm that conclave standing that you always couldn't cause the PvP gods would destroy you. Claim your hard earned standing and get those mediocre skins and syandana.
  9. Warframe has evolved so much over the last 7 years that I have played it on and off. However we all know about the elephant in the room that is the Conclave and pvp. DE has been very diligent with their updates, progressing the game and community farther than anyone anticipated. This has been a long process of feedback, being transparent, and great communication with the community through Twitter, twitch, and events. In fact I'd go as far to say that DE is one of the most progressive when it comes to updating and balancing their game. Where does it stop? AT PVP. PVP (conclave) has never progressed and therefore continues to shrink and that is a major problem for branching out to new players. Why should they add PVP now? Look at any online competitive game and you will see the player base excels higher and faster than any pve online game. Fortnite when it first was beta had a secondary mode which took the world by storm called battle royal. That's right... It was just a secondary mode to their PVE focused game play. This game has 8.3 concurrent players every month with an all time high of 78 million in August. Regardless of half being 8 yr Olds that's impressive and why the game continues to pull in revenue and in turn the devs bring in more as well. Apex legends another battle royal mode that took advantage of the publicity and popularity and it has ramped up more than warframe could ever dream. (I haven't even played Apex legends im just looking at the statistics.) Warframe in the last few months has had a monthly high of 47k users. Apex legends has a Weekly average of 8-10 million users. Before we jump on the bandwagon to warframe royal let's look at some different online competitive pvp statistics. League of legends very popular moba game with 27 million weekly players and 80 million a month. World of War raft CLASSIC this is just the old school vanilla Wow version and in August had a peak of 12 million users and has kept its concurrent player base thus far. Player base for warframe has been declining since 2016 like a a dependable stock. In November 2018 warframe had a monthly base of 61k (peak of 131k). In fact if you look at the steam charts you can see that warframe player base peaked in end of 2017 to early 2019. However since August 2019 warframe has been steadily declining per month. What use to be a plus minus of 10k users from month to month has grown to 20k to 30k. The month of October showers a player base of 34k. Now just because the player base is declining that doesn't directly correlate with pvp, however... Warframe end game content is lacking both replay ability and competitiveness. Generally it is very hard to create pve content that has this replay ability. Pvp is the easiest route for warframe to Boom its player base in the online gaming industry. Pvp advantages -End game content -competitive -bring in much larger player base Pvp disadvantages -balancing with pve (add different system like w0w with pvp resistance and dmg) -the strain on pve content on start up (focusing on pvp will take away from pve as it needs to be taken seriously and not thrown together for another conclave) I see warframe dwindling down to a player base of 20k in late 2020 if no additional changes are made for end game content.
  10. This is what we need fixed. thank you
  11. I like how weapons in Warframe are designed and balanced. In destiny 2, you can use lord of wolves to gain free kills in close range. Here in Warframe, you can give you free kills in any distance! Just use this new kuva weapon and you can kill other players, sounds good right? Please stop saying things like "conclave is dead", this gamemode exists and I do not think because of few play it can be the reason of not fixing it. I remember both two-handed nikana came with very "PVE" damage in conclave, and tatsu released in march 2019. I am very interested in the reasons why this mistake has been made multiple times.
  12. Dear DE, I'm trying to use Tactical Reload mod in my Kuva Chakkhurr, i cant use it in my kuva Chakkhurr but i can use it in other weapons, please let us use it in all weapons I really need it no harm in that. Thanks. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Tactical_Reload
  13. Melee weapons really need some buffs, so far they can only block every bullet in the front, and only telos boltace can cause ragdoll that is long enough for someone to die 10 times. Also, compared to guns, guns (snipetron to be specific) can basically one-shot every frame under the 2nd zoom except those who has overshields and no mobility mods, just move the crosshair to their head and shoot. See? EASY. But when it comes to melee (dual keres), you need to do a slide attack to one-shot someone, which requires you to hold W and press ctrl + e. Oh dear, this sound so much HARDER than just move your mouse and press LMB. Oh, and the flying hammer thing, you need to charge it to one-shot someone, you need to hold E, now this is the move that require some hardcore skills, hold your E isn't that simple. I believe melee need buff so that they can one-shot every frame, using any melee, under any circumstances, at any range, require no aim at all, and only with a single press. Oh, they also need the ablity to reflect bullet from any directions so that we can avoid getting killed by those skillless snipers which only require a headshot to kill (if not reflected) TL:DR version We should be able to kill every other player in conclave when we press E. This is better than current melee system, the current one is not so efficient, so I think this buff can make it even easier. Oh, any potential fixes for shawzin problems in conclave public hosts?
  14. xpost from the conclave subforum It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes that it was being added and the other new Kuva weapons aren't added in, so presumably this is just another bug like Pennant. Here it is in action: https://youtu.be/62GVUqM1t9k That's a time to kill (ttk) of zero - it's instant, unavoidable (7m blast radius), and simply not counterable if the player is decent enough at parkour and bow accuracy. If you plan to fix this, please take a look at these as well:
  15. AVISO: POST LONGO. Ao longo do tempo em que joguei Warframe acumulei algumas ideias para o jogo, então para melhor entendimento as organizei em um único texto mais completo com o auxilio do meu irmão que é game designer. OBS: As ideias expressas são fruto da minha opinião, portanto números podem não estar totalmente balanceados, afinal o mais importante são as modificações sugeridas. Imagem 1: Warframe cape. No vídeo " Aquele que desiste”, um dos títulos abordados na série “Conversa Tenno” feito pelo canal Mozetas, produtor brasileiro de conteúdo parceiro da empresa Digital Extremes, inicia-se uma discussão com base na situação atual do jogo. Eu, Seriguela, participei da discussão nos comentários do vídeo e citei alguns aspectos que o jogo nunca explorou completamente para fornecer uma jogatina mais prolongada e convidativa, no caso, sobre uma releitura do “Jogador vs Jogador” englobando o universo de Warframe. Apesar de existir o Conclave, o modo não satisfaz os jogadores e a má experiência obtida provoca um repulsão por conteúdos com esse enfoque. Porém, isso tudo ocorre, pois, os jogadores possuem dificuldade em imaginar como poderia ser executado um modo PVP dentro de Warframe. Uma alternativa para reparar essa má visão, seria demonstrar como esse tipo de conteúdo pode enriquecer a experiência do jogador de forma divertida. Por meio de alterações nas mecânicas de gameplay e como o “farm” acontece em Warframe. Desta forma, tornando a progressão mais dinâmica e imprevisível. Na discussão abordada na série de vídeos, ficou evidente que existem mecânicas atrasadas para o progresso dos novatos no descobrimento do jogo. Imagem 2, Foundry. PROBLEMAS ATUAIS: MUDANÇAS RECOMENDADAS: PVP Imagem 4, Conclave. Seria preciso um esforço criativo e técnico que eu tenho certeza que a Digital Extremes possui, para então acrescentar uma interação mais forte dos jogadores no universo, algo que o sistema atual "Conclave e duelo" não conseguem proporcionar com qualidade, pois jogadores que gostam dessa modalidade de jogo tendem a debandar para outros jogos. PROBLEMAS ATUAIS: SISTEMA DE DANO PROGRESSÃO MODOS DE JOGO PVP PVP EM MUNDO ABERTO COMENTÁRIO Se você chegou até aqui muito obrigado! Você é um ninja de verdade! Esse foi meu primeiro post na comunidade, caso tenha erros de gramatica e pontuação peço desculpas, tentei organizá-lo e melhorá-lo ao máximo... 😆 Foi muito gratificante escrever esse post pois gostaria que o futuro de Warframe continuasse a crescer e que a comunidade se torne cada vez maior. IMPORTANTE: Eu gostaria, se possível conseguir apoio na tradução do post para inglês, assim seria possível compartilhar no fórum original e aumentar as chances da DE ver minha opinião e de quem mais quiser contribuir com o post. Se você gostou deixe sua reação e/ou comentário. Muito obrigado novamente e... "Cheers and stay tuned!" Créditos
  16. Hi! I'm looking to play more conclave, simple as that. I'm reaching out here to look for like-minded individuals that really just want to spend more time nailing their friends to the wall with a well placed arrow. Ideally, I'd like to schedule something regular like conclave over coffee on a Sunday morning. For now, though, please feel free to post here if you, too, want to play more conclave or reach out to me through PM on the forums or in-game. I'm not going to criticize you for weapon choices, I'm not looking to boost and I'm not here to put you down because you suck unless it's to put you down into your grave with a sweet sweet headshot heh. I am looking for a good time and I love a movement based PvP system which Warframe certainly has. I'm happy to 1v1 and happy to play pubs or privates. I have my NSW hooked up to LAN with NAT type "A" (as defined by Nintendo in the internet settings menu) when docked and my bandwidth is only limited by the NSW hardware so I'd be happy to host and minimize pings for everyone if that's something you care about. Reach out and let's play! Join me and others across platforms on the Conclave Discord server: https://discord.gg/0o35sDMUR9RSWTWz Come hang-out, chit-chat and head-shot with us!
  17. Fellow Tenno, As we all know Conclave is broken in certain regards. Complaints on this topic have been numerous and the response by DE has been minimal. The best thing we can do as a community is to try and describe the problem as accurately as possible, and this is my goal with this post. What defines 'imba' in Conclave? Here's an attempt to unravel this mystery: Let's start with the basics: Conclave is a game of killing and being killed. Or more precisely, killing the other guy and not being killed ourselves. What keeps us alive? Unlike many other games, in Warframe the player's most important defensive tool is speed and manoeuvre. Shields and health play a relatively minor role. They won't keep you alive for more than a second if you aren't protecting yourself with speed. Why speed helps us stay alive is self-explanatory. It makes it much, much harder for the other guy to hit us. This brings us to the first culprit; Weapons or abilities that take away speed: Abilities like Slash Dash and Petrify, or weapons like Glaxion; these are generally considered powerful, too powerful. Why? Because they take away an enemy's primary line of defense; his speed. Without speed an enemy simply becomes a sitting duck and any form of follow-up attack has a very high chance of killing him. Perhaps effects like Impair and Freeze are fundamentally too powerful in a game in which the players rely so much on speed to stay alive. Perhaps not. However, one other trait that all these abilities and weapons share brings me to the second culprit; Weapons or abilities that make speed irrelevant: The abilities that I just named don't just take away the target's speed, but also have certain traits which make them specifically effective against speedy targets. Slash Dash has a form of auto-targeting, Petrify is AoE and Glaxion is a beam-weapon. More weapons and abilities would fit into this category. Wolf Sledge's throwing ability, the melee spinning move, Mesa's Regulators, Mag's Crush, to name a few. These constitute perhaps the most broken category of weapons and abilities, because their traits don't take away the target's speed, but make it almost irrelevant! This is usually due to them being AoE attacks, having large hitboxes or featuring a form of auto-aiming. One of the most important skills to have in Conclave is accuracy, and these weapons and moves require it in low quantities, while still yielding high rewards. Though both categories require serious rework, I believe the second category of weapons and abilities is fundamentally problematic in Conclave. A PvP scenario should always seek to reward those with the most skill. When we get headshot by someone that is using a bow, we understand that the person firing the bow deserves the kill, because it was a difficult shot. It makes no sense that a person who uses an ability or weapon that requires little to no aiming should reap the same reward. So what is imbalanced in Conclave? Weapons and abilities that 1). require little skill to use, 2). take away the opponent's ability to use their skill (speed/manoeuvre) and 3). yield very high rewards. Players who are caught by these sorts of abilities and weapons will very quickly come to the (correct) conclusion that they are at a large disadvantage if they do not use the same tricks; thus we arrive at the negative spiral that currently defines Conclave. Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts.
  18. Hi Devs, All dual swords (Dual keres, Nami Skyla, etc...) are currently bugged, doing damage far beyond what could possibly be considered balanced. The telos boltace ragdoll effect is also far too long and often propels players out of the map, such that it takes almost an entire minute to respawn. Slam attacks on many melee weapon are also 1-shotting players at maximum health & shields. Please either tweak the numbers or disable these weapons in conclave until they can be rebalanced, thanks!
  19. Primed Ivara cannot equip [Power of Three] Mod which Ivara(not Primed) can.
  20. Primed Ivara cannot equip [Power of Three] Mod which Ivara(not Primed) can.
  21. As you can see in the topic btw NOT primed Ivara can
  22. This thread has the sole purpose of showcasing DE how broken this weapon is in the hope to push a fix through asap! Please keep your discussions about the melee rework and other balancing points as well as other discussions e.g. about a pvp mode in a pve advertised game away from this thread! Same goes for nonconstructive comments! Thank you for your understanding! Hi this is a quick compilation of everything wrong with Telos Boltace in Conclave since the Old Blood Update and the included Melee 3.0 system. While this is most likely a thing on every platform, I tagged PC, because my experience and footage is solely based on the PC platform. If you experience other bugs/glitches/etc. with Telos Boltace in Conclave, feel free to list them here as well. Just mention which platform you are using if its not visible in your name Tag. What makes Telos Boltace broken is its passive "Stormpath". It can apply two separated AOE effects on the Spin-Attack. The first effect is a pull which also damages and once activated it gives you an 8 second time frame in which you can activate the second effect with another spin-attack. The second effect will overwrite the first effect and used to be a knockdown, which got changed into a rag-doll effect with the Old Blood Update. Once the second effect got activated a 6 second cooldown will take effect. If the 8sec cooldown of the first effect or the 6sec cooldown of the second effect run out you can apply the first effect again. Both effects have a spherical 8m radius with no need for line of sight. 1rst Stormpath effect - Pull+Dmg: Once activated this effect has a ca.1.7 second duration in which it is active. That means during that time frame it is pulling and dealing damage to everyone within its 8m range. If players enter the 8m radius from outside, while the effect is still active, they also gonna be affected by the effect as soon as they enter the max-range: Here a quick gif to proof its spherical 8m shape: 2nd Stormpath effect - Ragdoll: From testing the second effect, the ragdoll effect of Stormpath, does apply to everyone within the 8m radius. An instantaneous effect on activation, no activation duration similar to the first effect recognized: The intensity of the ragdoll effect is depending on a couple factors. As far as I can say these most prominent ones are momentum (can be inherit - slingshot effect, Vector angles seem to have an effect aswell - reeling effect), the map surface (depending if there are walls to bounce off or a saving ground that will 'catch' you soon): Once applied the Warframe is locked into the ragdoll effect aswell as a stand up animation after landing. Inconsistencies and Problems: The following points make Telos Boltace's AOE effects rather unpredictable and exploitable at the same time. The AOE effects have no 'Line of Sight' requirement, which can be exploited easily and cause clusterf*cks and confusion on top: 1rst effect: The damage ticks do not work consistent. Sometimes they are dealing 0 damage and sometimes the 'normal' damage, that is in the sum far too strong.The damage numbers are also hard to track due to the fountain effect in which they appear. The pull effect seems to bug out and/or causes weird phenomena depending on the ping difference and/or data loss: 2nd effect: While the ragdoll effect is applied, you sometimes can shoot and sometimes not. Here a quick gif to proof that you can shoot in the ragdoll state: The ragdoll state and the following stand up animation render the opponent completely defenseless for quite the long time. Even with the cooldowns that Stormpath has this mechanic can easily be exploited to simply harass others the whole match long as the following gif gives a quick insight: Game Breaking Bugs and Glitches: The following points should not be possible at all in the game! The Ragdoll state can glitch people through the ground as you can see in the following gif: As long as the ragdoll state is applied it will make you ignore the death level that is supposed to kill you for the next respawn. Here a quick gif as proof: This can cause two cases: You fall on the ground below the death level and survive there as long as you don't touch it or won't get shot or fall off further. You fall out of map boundaries which takes ca. 30 seconds until you respawn. (from ragdoll proc until the hard landing animation ends on respawn) The following gifs and video showcase the 1. case: The following gifs and videos showcase the 2. case: EDIT: Desyncing which seems to be caused by the ragdoll effect of Stormpath I sadly wasn't able to get a proper testing on this done so far, but I will share what I experienced and recorded until now and explain my short theory about it. It seems like melee animations and maybe other animations negate or delay the ragdoll effect. If that happens something seems to break and you start to desync. As far as I experienced that phenomenon, sudden teleports and random deaths were the major perceptible impacts on the gameplay. I got these cases recorded in the following gifs: (Note that I also had cases in which I successfully negated the ragdoll effect with e.g. a melee animation and no teleport, death, or other delayed phenomena took effect at all.) How to approach the problem - Suggestions: As clearly shown in the upper compilation, Telos Boltace's Stormpath is a game breaking mechanic in Conclave. The aoe range along with its two separately apply able effects alone make the weapon an unbalanced and unfair piece, that has no place in a supposed competitive setting! Considering the grave impact on game-play that these effects cause and their high and easy to realize exploit potential make me come up with the following two conclusions: Remove Telos Boltace from Conclave until it will be reintroduced in a balanced and fixed state! Remove the Stormpath AOE effects from Telos Boltace! Please note that I do NOT encourage players to use Telos Boltace until the listed issues have been fixed! Neither do I use nor exploit it myself for my own advantage! The lobbies in the shown footage in which I used it myself were all private lobbies to gather visible proof. Much thanks to the partaking players!
  23. Overview Other than the game being primarily PvE orientated and Conclave being basically abandoned. The main reason conclave failed (and still fails) is a simple one: Complexity. Let's face it. Every new weapon, every new frame adds just another thing that needs to be balanced as it interacts with all the other elements. When you take the infinite complexity of mod loadouts and full frame/weapon loadouts, the whole problem grows exponentially with every new item/frame. That of course is an unbearable workload for the developers, which I'm guessing is why the Conclave is virtually abandoned. You can't simply add such an immense variance and expect things to work. Conclave just collapses under its own weight. You can't apply PvE logic to PvP. It's as simple as that. NPCs don't care about balance, and they don't mind if the players one-shot 100s of them from 200m away, but that would be unacceptable in Conclave, of course. PvP is meant to be simple. The more complexity, the harder is it to manage and for players to grasp. Limitless loadouts, equipment, abilities classes and the likes make sense in PvE, but not in PvP. If you analyze other hero/class based PvP games like Palladins, Overwatch, even their old ancestor Team Fortress. You'll see they have something in common. Variance comes with the class, primarily. Yes, each and everyone of them can have their own wiggle room, but each class has a role. Even if you're allowed to change some items, or some abilities or add your own tweaks and modifications to their statistics the primary role remains, even after tweaks. Now, here, if every Warframe can equip every item, every mod, without restrictions, there isn't much reason to use any but the strongest class and item loadout. There is no such things as weaknesses or counters or roles. Soon, PvP becomes pointless. Problems Another big problem is Progression: Veterans have mods, weapons and warframes other people don't. Today, I played Conclave, no big deal. I joined. Had my pimped out Warframe, my optimized loadout and I was thrown against a pair of rank 1s with unlevelled Bratons and Excaliburs. And there I was with my ignis, my invisible, damage-reflecting Octavia, burning them to a crisp before they could even react, while shrugging off their bullets like they were insect bites. They eventually left, only to be replaced by another couple of level newbies I would again burned to cinders while they just couldn't do anything. That is simply unacceptable. That was probably one of their first experiences with PvP. Would you play PvP again if someone with vastly superior gear and experience could easily face 3v1 odds and win? That brings me to the second biggest problem: Mobility. No one have I ever encountered PvP shooter game with such an insane 3D mobility and speed. Not even the old Quake, which already required lightning-fast reflexes and ludicrous accuracy. Even the best of the best would have problems tracking people in Warframe. The end result is that people descend into melee spam or using AoE weapons such as the Ignis or the Arca Plasmor because there is simply no way to consistently track and hit people with projectile or hit-scan weapons. Heck, even with AoE weapons it's no easy feat, and I not bad at that (for example, I got to master in Overwatch and enjoyed playing sniper in TF2). Suggested Solution No one likes to hear this. No one. But there's only one way to fix this mess: Limits and restrictions. Conclave needs a complete restart, and it needs to be a limited and small restart. Mods should go straight out of the window. That is simply impossible to balance. Not with such class and weapon variety. There isn't even a point in trying. It's just a waste of time and resources. Don't get me wrong. Mods work in PvE (and even so, only very few of the thousand we have) because you don't really have to balance them. It doesn't really matter if they are useless or overpowered, but that's a luxury you can't have in PvP. Warframes should be unrestricted and fully leveled up, independently of what you own or your progression. Everyone should have an even starting ground, both veterans and newcomers. Still, the starting number of should be limited to just a few. At least, until more can be fully balanced. Warframes should be tied to specific weapon loadouts. Just like every other class based PvP shooter. That gives Warframes a role and a purpose, making them unique. More weapons with the same thematic could be eventually balanced to add more variance. Mobility needs to be toned down. Like a lot. Enough to make people of every skill range have a chance at hitting something. Combat rolls and dodging should remain key features with some limitations, but stuff that can be used for mid-air mobility or quick changes of direction or massive traverses like double jumping, bullet jumping, aim-gliding, wall bouncing, wall riding/latching should be restricted and limited. The new Conclave should first release with a limited starting roster. More Warframes and weapons can be added once balance is achieved. The key is to assign functional roles and release new Warframes over time. I'm still undecided if abilities should be balanced around energy or should be instantly usable without limit but with a cooldown. Of course, one should be able to swap Warframes in between respawns (I mean to any available, not just those we have in a loadout slot). The classic Warframes are the best for the job because they have a clear theme associated with them. Rhino is clearly a bruiser/tank type, while Loki and Ash are assassin types, Excalibur is centered around melee/CQC combat, Trinity was designed as support, Ember and Volt as damage dealers, etc. Now, all they need is a functional weapon loadout based around their strengths and weaknesses. All those limitations will simplify PvP, making it manageable and much easier to rebalance, not to mention they'll give each Warframe a sense of purpose, role and uniqueness. ------ Compiled Community suggestions Independent servers (no P2P connections). Server browser. Better promotion/advertisement (I didn't even knew Conclave existed until the War Within) and better integration with the main game. Better rewards and incentives. Loading screen and lobby tips and tricks. Training mode and shooting gallery with fast moving erratic targets and all guns unlocked. Some conclave stuff usable in PvE (I heavily, heavily, heavily disagree on this one). Archwing PvP. Operator PvP. Grineer vs Corpus PvP (Controlling grunts, not Warframes). Interception gamemode for PvP. Hold the lantern 1vsall PvP mode. Inspired by the Halloween event. 1 item (Can be a lantern, Cephalon or whatever) in the middle of the map. You earn victory points per second by holding on to it, but everyone can see your position at any moment and killing the carrier earns bonus points. ------
  24. Please delete this it wasn't ever meant to be feedback. It was meant to be discussion about pvp content just like people talk about riven, updates, warframe, ect.... So if this was being treated as feedback then something was done wrong because i never meant this to happen and i wasn't notified it was moved... If this is staff way to avoid problem i will save you the time and delete it, i will re-write and do a better job to post it were it properly belongs.
  25. A while back, Tactical Potato covered a game called Breach. I was thinking, maybe this kind of pvp experience is suited for Warframe. Its 4v1 but the players can't directly harm each other. Four players play a squad while another player is like an invader that can take control of mobs, tile set traps, etc. For Warframe, we can have a squad of 4 frames that choose to do a "Conclave Mission". Its opt-out so people that don't want to get invaded, can choose not to. "Conclave Missions" have the same objective as star chart missions like exterminate, mobile defense, etc but a fifth player can join in as a "Void Stalker" in the form of their Operator. The squad's objective is to complete the mission. The Void Stalker's objective is to make sure the squad does not complete the mission. The player controlling the Void Stalker can use Transference to posses and directly control the regular mobs of the tile set. Among other things, the Void Stalker can use void powers (maybe connected to the focus schools) to buff enemy mobs or debuff the player squad. They can also use their void powers to create tile set hazards like radiation pockets or magnetic anomalies. Maybe even lock doors temporarily. I dunno the lore for this. Maybe the Void Stalker is an operator possessed by "The Man in the Wall." I dunno what the rewards are. I was thinking it might just be fun. People like to troll with frames like with Limbo or Loki switch teleporting people or Nova worm holing people so I thought why not make trolling an actual game mode. It also adds a layer of difficulty to the enemy mobs because instead of fighting dumb AI, you'll now be fighting an Eximus Heavy Gunner or Juggernaut that's controlled by a person.
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