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  1. Adding these ideas could turn Lunaro, or Conclave as a whole, into the perfect Endgame. Add Corrupted-style armies to each team This would bring Hack-n-slash to PvP as it exists in PvE. This is a major complaint for those who enjoyed Hack-n-slash in PvE, only to have it absent in PvE As soon as you complete War Within, Lunaro is unlocked for play. Teshin should advertise Lunaro in addition to this, to bring notice to the game mode. This gives players time to understand the game itself and become skilled at it. In addition. Operators could be potentially enabled. Mods should be enabled, and match-making is done in accordance to Mod strength The strength of the armies on each side are measured in accordance to mod strength as well. Whether rivens are enabled is up to the Devs, but maybe they should be to bring variety. One of the major reasons Conclave isn't played is because of the rewards. Let's fix that Rewards should be credits, Endo, and Kuva. Especially Kuva, if rivens are enabled. If a Dev has read this, I thank them, regardless of whether these changes are added into the game. My last post didn't gain traction, likely because no one cared enough about Conclave to read it. If Lunaro indeed gets a rework, I hope these possible additions are at least considered.
  2. コンクレーブがつまらない(断言) いやーほならね、俺が、テンノが、わたくし、プレイヤーが面白くしてみろって話でしょ?(これについては後で触れます) いやまあ、分かってますよ。あくまで私の主観です。 でもそれだけにしては随分とまあ、数あるゲームモードのうちの一つでしかないとはいえ、 なぜここまでコンクレーブは寂れているのか? PvEのように、わらわら来る鈍足な敵じゃないから?でっかいボスじゃないから?違うわ。なんか違うわ。 HYENA PACK、ZANUKAとの戦闘はつまらなくないし、なんなら周りに雑魚が居ない方が駆け引きもしやすいし、楽しい。 じゃあ何なんだと聞かれたら私の答えはこれです。 「時間・空間的に展開、駆け引きが引き延ばされているから」 これに尽きますし、正直ここで話終わってもいいです。はい帰れ~! ・・・ 冗談です。 先程紹介した2つの敵は、隙あらば間合いを詰めてきて、 なおかつ自らの死をもってしてでも自分の攻撃を当てようと動きます。結果、 「戦闘展開、駆け引きの空間的圧縮と農密度化」が発生します。スリルと、映像としての動きやその楽しさの極致です。 そしてプレイヤーは間合いを詰められるのが不利と感じたら距離を取ろうとします。後ずさりや脇をすり抜けてそのまま跳んだり。 ではプレイヤーがプレイヤーに対してその行為をしたら? 鬱陶しいしつまらないだけです。 コンクレーブは基本的にいかに殺されず殺すかというシステムで、 殺されない事の重要性が殺す事の重要性とほぼ同等です。 自らの命を投げうってでも殺しに行くほど、「殺す」という行為の価値が無いとも捉えられます。 殺すための行動と同じくらい殺されないための行動が必要になり、そこに時間・空間的リソースが割かれます。 この時空間リソースとは何か?といったら、 WARFRAMEのパルクールのためだけに作られた だだっ広い空間におけるピョンピョンジャンプ行為 自分で書いていて恥ずかしいですが、こう形容する他ありません。 コンクレーブ地位が欲しくゲームを始め、いざ始まったら地位のためにオロを取れ、でも殺されたら取れないぞ。 じゃあ死なないようにしたら?相手を殺せないからオロを取れないぞ。 死なないように動き続けて撃つけど、相手も自分も弾が当たらないから誰も死なないぞ。 その結果、制限時間15分フルタイムまで試合時間が伸びた挙句、全員微量のオロを手にするか、もしくはオロ数ゼロ個! ガチャッ(回線を切る音) 時間的にも空間的にも楽しさが引き延ばされてスパイラルコンドーム並みの薄さ。 ゲームシステムに従ってどの方向に行動を誘導されてもつまらなさしか味わえない。 現状のコンクレーブは、つまらなさ製造機と言えるでしょう。 誰がやるかこんなもん ここからはコンクレーブを面白くする話になりますが、ここまで読んで「お話が長いよー」とダウンしてしまった人の為に休憩タイムを設けます。 まあ私も書き疲れて一服してるんですけどね、初見さん。 それじゃあ続けます。 対戦というのは、勝利が良い・理想であるといったことを前提として成立します。 しかし先に述べたように、勝ちに行く以前に負けてはならないシステムだと、 「逃げ」が出来るコンクレーブ空間設計ではそもそも対戦が始まらなかったり、希薄化してしまいます。閉じた空間の格ゲーとはちがうんですよね。 じゃあどうするか?自分から死にに行く理由を作ればいいんです。 「キルされたら1オロ!キルしたら2オロ!キルもデスもない人は0オロ!」 こうすれば、たとえ死んでも敵に立ち向かう理由が出来ますし、活発に殺しあうことで競技性も高まります。 しかしこういったシステムの改変はDigitalExtremes、運営だけの特権です。 プレイヤーが、プレイヤーだけで、プレイヤーの為に出来る事は・・・ 団子になって殴り合う ちょっとばかばかしく聞こえますが、真面目に聞いて下さい。ホラそこ帰らないで。冗談じゃないんだから。 プレイヤー全員が”ダガーやフィストのような短かいリーチの近接武器のみを装備していたとしたら? ジャンプ回避撃ちはできません。ブラインドファイアもできません。自分の攻撃が届く範囲は確実に敵の攻撃が届く範囲です。 こうなると、勝つために死地へと身を投じる事が必然となり、活発にキルとデスが膨れ上がり、オロがボロボロとドロップし、短時間で濃い試合になります。 「逃げ」をしたり、アビリティで一方的に攻撃しようとして下準備に時間を取られると、 その間に他の人はどんどん殴り合ってキルデスとオロを取り合うこととなるため、結局団子に飛びこんで殴り合うのがジャスティスとなります。 といってもアビリティ主体のWARFRAMEが使えないわけではなく、団子に向かってアビリティを一撃することで、 頑丈なWARFRAMEを自分の土俵に引きずり込んで平等に殴り合うことが出来ます。 こういった戦略性が殺されず、なおかつ正面から堂々と勝負競技をしているので、私はこれをアビューズ行為ではないと自信をもって主張します。 さてそういう訳で、私はコンクレーブのマッチング機能の仕様がどうなっているのかちゃんと調べてから、どうすれば短リーチ近接の人だけを集められるのか考えてきます。 散々偉そうなこと言いましたけどコンクレーブちゃんとやったことないですし、地位も一番下のやつなんですよ。なんかごめんよ?ごめんやで それでは、次のマッチングでお会いしましょーう またのー!
  3. playing is getting extremly annoying and I'm starting to get more and more... extreme towards newer players..... this game has some problems in my opinion, and i want to know if i am the only one who thinks that some of these ideas for DE could work out well i am addressing farming, leveling, and conclave in general this isn't a new content idea but something, i think would fix some obstacles for up coming (or even already existing) rewards and content please make an elite abi (similar to EOS) without revive burdens.... i don't even care if there are revives at all, i dont think stuff like that makes the game easier or harder... the only thing it does, is that you need to go through another loading screen after waiting for the next arbi.... i just dont want to get potentially one shot... rdm 1shots=/=hard content please replace rewards with place holders that give you rewards depending on the rota you reached ON ALL ENDURANCE MISSIONS (EOS/Kuwa/Arbi/ect...) only after you left. So if you play A, A, B, C (you left after C, the 4th rotation) you get 4 times something from the C table please hold back affinity if you dont reach a certain rota (+ something to cancel out all those 0% dmg limbo's, maybe an activity meter), so leveling gets less brain dead and tedious. ppl shouldn't be able to join just for 5 min... players should be able to join EVERY ROTA, and with my prior idea of reward place holders it shouldn't be that big of a deal, you still get rewarded for playtime and please give us a 50% loot,affinity bonus if you leave solo/the last.... so ppl get encouraged to play longer and you don't need to leave because everyone else left and there is a minimum of enemies and affinity please let conclave sigils give extra affinity, like every other syndicate sigil too, at least while doing conclave.(would be great if it would count in pve too tho) let us stay in a conclave queue even during missions, so you are just a host migration away from it after finishing a mission. So you are not frozen solid while wasting time in the waiting room. And maybe do some pvp event, waiting 30 min for 1 player that rage quites after the first death is stupid (btw if anyone wants to do the conclave dailys with me, HIT ME UP!) i am at 3k h in mission now and I've seen many players getting burned out way before that mark ._. i think my suggestions would affect newer players and some older players in a positive way (i am not talking for the 1% who really have everything, and have no interests in endurance runs) wouldn't everyone appreciate it? DE, please don't understand this as a decimation of playtime. Everything i mentioned is no content cut. there is more then enough stuff players can invest playtime in, even if they don't want to admit it. Players get burned out before "they have done everything". Like in most of my posts I ask you to consider trying out some ideas as weekend events/tests. And don't even comment "use recruit chat" or whatever community you think of... i tried, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, i don't want to do that before every mission, thats even more ridiculous Mandarin Chinese my bad sorry, I'm German I hope this reaches someone Have a nice day edit: i took away the playtime part, because everyone seems to stop reading at that point... I still love this game, and I'm not tired or annoyed of this game as a whole, but of some mechanics
  4. Excubrent ninjas is my clans name. Ghost lvl 2 Really could use some grinding warriors. Who is willing to enjoy themselfs and rise to the challenge weather its 1v1 or 150,000 salvage grind. I need slackers. I need dedicated ninjas. I need anyone and everyone willing to face the extremities of whats to come. And build a monumental memory of beauty. "Tenno..... The eyes of xhalia are fixed on you... " Ordis. "......Tenno?.... Tenno!.... Oh.... My... What was that? " (Explosion sonic blast wave ) "Tenno look... Mars, satern, earis, earth.....,mercury. Nothing but dust. Luckely jupiter and the rest only fragmented. "Xhalia!! Xhalia!!!!! Thats it I reme...." A seconed shock wave erupted through the cosmos destroying ordis. 1 red 1 purple and 1 yellow sun orbiting in the sky......? Please tell me what u think
  5. 私の言いたいことは、上に書いているとおりです。 運営がここを読んでいるかどうかも怪しいですが、読んでいることを期待して。 このゲームのPVPは、実力が全てです。 実力に天と地ほどの差がある人同士がマッチングする現状は異常です。 コンクレーブを多くの人が楽しめる事を願って。
  6. So at first I was going to just make this a list of weapons I think should be nerfed or removed those being (Staticor, Telos Boltace, Snipetron, and Arca Titron.) But I decided maybe not, Instead I wanna try to get some feed back from DE or someone, on who specifically handles Conclave balancing and what exactly is their design philosophy and intended purpose to what they add and don't add, and also why its a good thing to listen to the community and sometimes bad (especially in the conclave niche) but mostly good. I'd like to first start off with the sheer unbalance of it all at the moment and how this breeds a toxic environment. Example: a person with a nidus+telos boltace combo would be almost impossible to beat especially if they learned how to be very good at a not so hard to use weapon and frame, this regrettably from my experience this will feed their ego and will absolutely get to their head, especially when the victim has no possible way to counter it with their loadouts or refuses to use meta/cheese things due to some made up honour. Most shrug it off but for those that don't it just ends up being a toxic fest of laughing at eachother or seeing who's better in a "1v1 me bro" situation this in my opinion is one of the primary reasons its important to keep balance in conclave it will both make it "fair" and more enjoyable for the overall conclave player and at that theoretical point the one player complaining would actually be (for lack of a better term) a scrub that needs to invest a bit more time in learning conclave, instead of most complaints today that have legitimate reasons. Secondly, the question of weapon/frame balance and what is the intention behind it, Ideally I wouldn't want DE staff to be forced to figure out conclave and balance it from their own experience, because like many a fighting game for example, the player base will far exceed developers expectations I'm also not naive and say DE should just listen to the "pros" or the 2 Conclave YouTuber that exist" so in that sense I'm not entirely sure how we could keep Conclave at a consistent balance between balanced and op (I'll give a little anecdotal personal thing tho, the Daikyu I personally think its not op if you were told it one shots, alot of people would say its op but its charge rate, travel time, and small hitbox requires the user to have some ability with aiming same goes for the Opticor even though its hitscan and does alot more damage) this is just a fear I and maybe others have, nerf something the majority of casual players complained about in one match? Or listen to the consistent players with actual time and hopes to see Conclave be somewhat popularised and balanced but the majority voice (casual players) will be better heard. Lastly, yes nerf the weapons listed above but not to obsolete, yes this is another wishful pipe dream post of 'how to fix conclave' I just want the toxicity and unbalance to end ;-; sowwy. I just want feedback or a stable update of Conclave for 5 months TL;DR I talk outta my oro
  7. Playing PS4 Conclave regularly noticed the Staticor being unusually powerful compared to other secondaries in the game mode, I'll describe the ways I think its unbalanced and others might agree I personally dont have any issue with the Staticor's damage output, my main gripe with it is its large AoE explosion (something that isn't helped by P2P latency and ghost range) from my experience this weapon being used a both a crutch and counter is annoying. A lobby would become nothing but Staticor spam to counter someone elses Staticor spam and the game would just become a 1 to 1 Kill/Death match that's no fun to play, and all the colourful AoE hurts my eyes. It's hard to describe the Staticor and make it sound worthy of some sort of nerf in text, but hopefully the other real conclave players on the forum can see how the Staticor has issues especially in a lobby full of Staticor users. (Brief way I'd personally nerf Staticor, cut down the AoE and add self damage to the explosion, dont touch damage values.) EDIT: Just found out it auto releases when you just jump into someone, never mind just remove it from PvP I gave Staticor users too much credit thinking they actually had to try to release it point blank nope its Automatic gg Nidus users
  8. AVISO: POST LONGO. Ao longo do tempo em que joguei Warframe acumulei algumas ideias para o jogo, então para melhor entendimento as organizei em um único texto mais completo com o auxilio do meu irmão que é game designer. OBS: As ideias expressas são fruto da minha opinião, portanto números podem não estar totalmente balanceados, afinal o mais importante são as modificações sugeridas. Imagem 1: Warframe cape. No vídeo " Aquele que desiste”, um dos títulos abordados na série “Conversa Tenno” feito pelo canal Mozetas, produtor brasileiro de conteúdo parceiro da empresa Digital Extremes, inicia-se uma discussão com base na situação atual do jogo. Eu, Seriguela, participei da discussão nos comentários do vídeo e citei alguns aspectos que o jogo nunca explorou completamente para fornecer uma jogatina mais prolongada e convidativa, no caso, sobre uma releitura do “Jogador vs Jogador” englobando o universo de Warframe. Apesar de existir o Conclave, o modo não satisfaz os jogadores e a má experiência obtida provoca um repulsão por conteúdos com esse enfoque. Porém, isso tudo ocorre, pois, os jogadores possuem dificuldade em imaginar como poderia ser executado um modo PVP dentro de Warframe. Uma alternativa para reparar essa má visão, seria demonstrar como esse tipo de conteúdo pode enriquecer a experiência do jogador de forma divertida. Por meio de alterações nas mecânicas de gameplay e como o “farm” acontece em Warframe. Desta forma, tornando a progressão mais dinâmica e imprevisível. Na discussão abordada na série de vídeos, ficou evidente que existem mecânicas atrasadas para o progresso dos novatos no descobrimento do jogo. Imagem 2, Foundry. PROBLEMAS ATUAIS: MUDANÇAS RECOMENDADAS: PVP Imagem 4, Conclave. Seria preciso um esforço criativo e técnico que eu tenho certeza que a Digital Extremes possui, para então acrescentar uma interação mais forte dos jogadores no universo, algo que o sistema atual "Conclave e duelo" não conseguem proporcionar com qualidade, pois jogadores que gostam dessa modalidade de jogo tendem a debandar para outros jogos. PROBLEMAS ATUAIS: SISTEMA DE DANO PROGRESSÃO MODOS DE JOGO PVP PVP EM MUNDO ABERTO COMENTÁRIO Se você chegou até aqui muito obrigado! Você é um ninja de verdade! Esse foi meu primeiro post na comunidade, caso tenha erros de gramatica e pontuação peço desculpas, tentei organizá-lo e melhorá-lo ao máximo... 😆 Foi muito gratificante escrever esse post pois gostaria que o futuro de Warframe continuasse a crescer e que a comunidade se torne cada vez maior. IMPORTANTE: Eu gostaria, se possível conseguir apoio na tradução do post para inglês, assim seria possível compartilhar no fórum original e aumentar as chances da DE ver minha opinião e de quem mais quiser contribuir com o post. Se você gostou deixe sua reação e/ou comentário. Muito obrigado novamente e... "Cheers and stay tuned!" Créditos
  9. Obvious bait but still. That would be amusing for like 5 minutes.
  10. (英語のフォーラムに投稿してしまっていたので、こちらに上げ直しました) コンクレーブがつまらない(断言) いやーほならね、俺が、テンノが、わたくし、プレイヤーが面白くしてみろって話でしょ?(これについては後で触れます) いやまあ、分かってますよ。あくまで私の主観です。 でもそれだけにしては随分とまあ、数あるゲームモードのうちの一つでしかないとはいえ、 なぜここまでコンクレーブは寂れているのか? PvEのように、わらわら来る鈍足な敵じゃないから?でっかいボスじゃないから?違うわ。なんか違うわ。 HYENA PACK、ZANUKAとの戦闘はつまらなくないし、なんなら周りに雑魚が居ない方が駆け引きもしやすいし、楽しい。 じゃあ何なんだと聞かれたら私の答えはこれです。 「時間・空間的に展開、駆け引きが引き延ばされているから」 これに尽きますし、正直ここで話終わってもいいです。はい帰れ~! ・・・ 冗談です。 先程紹介した2つの敵は、隙あらば間合いを詰めてきて、 なおかつ自らの死をもってしてでも自分の攻撃を当てようと動きます。結果、 「戦闘展開、駆け引きの空間的圧縮と農密度化」が発生します。スリルと、映像としての動きやその楽しさの極致です。 そしてプレイヤーは間合いを詰められるのが不利と感じたら距離を取ろうとします。後ずさりや脇をすり抜けてそのまま跳んだり。 ではプレイヤーがプレイヤーに対してその行為をしたら? 鬱陶しいしつまらないだけです。 コンクレーブは基本的にいかに殺されず殺すかというシステムで、 殺されない事の重要性が殺す事の重要性とほぼ同等です。 自らの命を投げうってでも殺しに行くほど、「殺す」という行為の価値が無いとも捉えられます。 殺すための行動と同じくらい殺されないための行動が必要になり、そこに時間・空間的リソースが割かれます。 この時空間リソースとは何か?といったら、 WARFRAMEのパルクールのためだけに作られた だだっ広い空間におけるピョンピョンジャンプ行為 自分で書いていて恥ずかしいですが、こう形容する他ありません。 コンクレーブ地位が欲しくゲームを始め、いざ始まったら地位のためにオロを取れ、でも殺されたら取れないぞ。 じゃあ死なないようにしたら?相手を殺せないからオロを取れないぞ。 死なないように動き続けて撃つけど、相手も自分も弾が当たらないから誰も死なないぞ。 その結果、制限時間15分フルタイムまで試合時間が伸びた挙句、全員微量のオロを手にするか、もしくはオロ数ゼロ個! ガチャッ(回線を切る音) 時間的にも空間的にも楽しさが引き延ばされてスパイラルコンドーム並みの薄さ。 ゲームシステムに従ってどの方向に行動を誘導されてもつまらなさしか味わえない。 現状のコンクレーブは、つまらなさ製造機と言えるでしょう。 誰がやるかこんなもん ここからはコンクレーブを面白くする話になりますが、ここまで読んで「お話が長いよー」とダウンしてしまった人の為に休憩タイムを設けます。 まあ私も書き疲れて一服してるんですけどね、初見さん。 それじゃあ続けます。 対戦というのは、勝利が良い・理想であるといったことを前提として成立します。 しかし先に述べたように、勝ちに行く以前に負けてはならないシステムだと、 「逃げ」が出来るコンクレーブ空間設計ではそもそも対戦が始まらなかったり、希薄化してしまいます。閉じた空間の格ゲーとはちがうんですよね。 じゃあどうするか?自分から死にに行く理由を作ればいいんです。 「キルされたら1オロ!キルしたら2オロ!キルもデスもない人は0オロ!」 こうすれば、たとえ死んでも敵に立ち向かう理由が出来ますし、活発に殺しあうことで競技性も高まります。 しかしこういったシステムの改変はDigitalExtremes、運営だけの特権です。 プレイヤーが、プレイヤーだけで、プレイヤーの為に出来る事は・・・ 団子になって殴り合う ちょっとばかばかしく聞こえますが、真面目に聞いて下さい。ホラそこ帰らないで。冗談じゃないんだから。 プレイヤー全員が”ダガーやフィストのような短かいリーチの近接武器のみを装備していたとしたら? ジャンプ回避撃ちはできません。ブラインドファイアもできません。自分の攻撃が届く範囲は確実に敵の攻撃が届く範囲です。 こうなると、勝つために死地へと身を投じる事が必然となり、活発にキルとデスが膨れ上がり、オロがボロボロとドロップし、短時間で濃い試合になります。 「逃げ」をしたり、アビリティで一方的に攻撃しようとして下準備に時間を取られると、 その間に他の人はどんどん殴り合ってキルデスとオロを取り合うこととなるため、結局団子に飛びこんで殴り合うのがジャスティスとなります。 といってもアビリティ主体のWARFRAMEが使えないわけではなく、団子に向かってアビリティを一撃することで、 頑丈なWARFRAMEを自分の土俵に引きずり込んで平等に殴り合うことが出来ます。 こういった戦略性が殺されず、なおかつ正面から堂々と勝負競技をしているので、私はこれをアビューズ行為ではないと自信をもって主張します。 さてそういう訳で、私はコンクレーブのマッチング機能の仕様がどうなっているのかちゃんと調べてから、どうすれば短リーチ近接の人だけを集められるのか考えてきます。 散々偉そうなこと言いましたけどコンクレーブちゃんとやったことないですし、地位も一番下のやつなんですよ。なんかごめんよ?ごめんやで それでは、次のマッチングでお会いしましょーう またのー!
  11. Will there ever be another Quick Steel or a Conclave mode with Premade equipment? Or will the rewards from the quick steel ever come back or be introduced to the regular teshin shop?
  12. Yaknow, I just kinda randomly had an idea pop into my head that I felt deserved to be shared. This has probably been said before at some point but, the dojo creation in this game is really pretty sound and it may be relatively easy to create a bunch of different tileset maps that are large and open, and working on creating a map making system for the game. The system could honestly be set up similarly to how Halo did it where there is a file-share system. And maybe in the future a curator system that makes rotations on featured amazing, or highly rated, user generated maps and maybe even game-types. And then a private system for custom player dictated matches where the host can pick and/or completely modify the game modes. I feel like, if a system like that got implemented in a sound enough infrastructure where either Star-Chart missions dedicated to the player acquiring the maps to edit; Or even making the maps just another grind-less addition to the existing content in the game, it would immediately begin with a rush of dojo editors immediately losing allot of time in their lives. Soon thereafter that a tremendous spike in the growth of player engagement with the conclave and the map creator and perhaps even the game as a whole. But I don't think grinding for the ability to be creative is a positive model so I would argue making it just an addition that's totally optional to the player and easy to jump into. Well, that's the gist of it anyway. I dunno, as a past avid Halo forger I can imagine a world where that would really evolve this game in a particularly meaningful way. Since the dojo creation I feel is already pretty solid. 🤔
  13. The melee weapon [katana] is broken since new melee attack upgraded, when we use right button combo, the dash can't stop, it's like wearing a pair of skates... That make the weapom totally unable to control. It's been 2 month since the bug appears, I didn't see any fix for this. I really want to know if you have already noticed this problem, and can you tell me when this bug can be fixed. Really love this game, and really like the PVP mode, but this problem is driving me crazy these days. Please fix it, please do it quick.. Thank you all for this. By the way, I suggest melee attack 3.0 to make some improve. Separate the melee attack from gun play little away, I mean, when we change weapon to melee, do not change to guns when pressing the left button, and do not aim when we pressing right button, that makes we can't use the melee weapon as we need. That makes the players can not arm any guns if they want to play melee. I suggest to make it back to old version of changing weapons(hold F to switch melee and guns), but retain the fast melee attack movements in this new version, so we can still use some melee attack combo when holding guns, but when the fast melee attack finished, switch back to guns, do not stay in the melee mode---------Only keep the melee mode if we change to it voluntarily. And when we voluntarily change to melee weapon, do not change to guns unless we press "F"
  14. This post was previously made on the "General Discussion" Forums, and due to several recommendations from commenters, I'm re-posting it here so it's in a more relevant sub. Hello, I don't post here much, and this is more of a fun fantastical idea than anything I ever expect to see implemented in Warframe in its lifetime, but I have been mulling it over in my head and I figure it's something worth at least throwing out there into the void. Okay, so we know Conclave isn't exactly, well, played... and there's a lot of reasons for that, right? Right! Well, do I have a neat little idea for you! It's called "Corpus VS Grineer"! See, there's so many issues with Conclave and I personally believe that the very nature of Warframes themselves prevents Warframe VS Warframe combat from ever being fun for anybody but the best 1% of players, so I figure we scrap it altogether and make the struggle one where you play as Corpus or Grineer in a struggle against one another. You could hold onto the current conclave game-modes and easily interconnect many of the existing conclave maps with those of the PvE tile-sets already existing within the game, and you could also recycle a large portion of the enemy designs already in the game. No, you don't have to make new frames, or even a mod-system, because having isolated PVP rewards that only applied to PVP, while maintaining an open-season, bring-literally-anything style of conclave just doesn't work, you have to flip the script. You would have an isolated PVP system, where you were given by the game all of the options of what you can play, while the rewards would be derived from invasions. It could be as simple as: Corpus Units Grineer Units Unit Role Prodman Flameblade Melee, Fast but Low-Health Crewman Lancer Base Unit, Reliable but not Special Sniper Crewman Ballista Long-range Sniper Tech Heavy Gunner/Bombard Heavy Unit, Slow but Tanky and Powerful Attack Drone Hellion Base Unit, but Capable of Vertical Play and getting up in spots where no one else can. And that's it, having predetermined classes would solve the balance and movement issues present with letting players bring in their warframes. All of a sudden DE can just set the balance and make tweaks as necessary without having to worry about "Oh gosh, now we released a new weapon that kicks a** thanks to power-creep. Guess PVP will just be even more broken now" because you will be playing set characters with set weapons and damage numbers. "Nuenu," you ask, "But what about rewards? What about netcode? What about hit registration? What about player count? What about DE staff not having the time for this? What about the fact that nobody asked for this? What about Infested, huh?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Rewards: Obviously DE could do whatever they wanted, but what if, I tells ya, what if they just made the rewards invasion rewards. Easy as pie, win 3 games and you get double the rewards from just running the invasion. For the weapon parts, win 1 or 2 games and that's enough. All of a sudden, you've created a huge incentive for players who like PVP to play. If that's not enough, add some form of player rewards. Win a game? You can reroll your daily login reward (for something equivalent), or you can choose between some orokin cells or an argon crystal. Don't add more new stuff to grind, just add more interesting and fun ways to grind the stuff we already have. Netcode and Hit Registration: Oh lord, I don't know. If DE has the resources to make Conclave happen in the first place, and they've hired outside 3rd parties once (albeit to handle chat moderation, nothing on this scale), they can do it again. As it is, they already have an alright system in place, and I imagine that less frantic/mobile/ability-spammy things like Grineer and Corpus would be much easier to bring to a desired level. Player Count: Introducing rewards people give a crap about and fixing a lot of the glaring issues with the Conclave is likely more than enough to create a strong boost of players now. People don't play Conclave because there's no reason to do so, since the rewards are isolated to stay in the Conclave, and it's not fun since the majority of Conclave Vets are so insane they'll smack you in two faster than you can say "German words are really long." Something more balanced and casual would fix those problems. DE Doesn't Have Time for This: Sure they do. They made Conclave in the first place, and most all of the resources they'd need (outside of improved net-code and getting the players actually INSIDE the grineer/corpus) are there. They have the models, the maps, the guns, the numbers. Things would need to be retooled, sure, but if DE hired a 3rd party to handle a lot of the code-based issues, then I have strong doubts that DE would have to spend an unrealistic amount of time on something like this. Nobody Asked for This: Nobody asked for Lunaro, and nobody asked for Plains of Eidolon, but one was a success, and one was not. People complain about the game having bad/no real PVP all the time. If something like this was actually created, and the rewards were good, then maybe it would be a success, and maybe it wouldn't. What About Infested? Make them PVE content, with the same rewards as before but you're forced to play as the side they are fighting in whatever invasion it might be they're in. At a very minimum, if DE wanted to experiment with players playing as grineer and corpus, they could dip their toes in by having players play against Infested in PVE. You could even get creative, letting players take the reigns of a Nightwatch squad tasked with clearing Infested on a blacked-out Grineer ship intended to be refurbished and put back into circulation. You could let your hearts go wild with it, honestly. Isn't this just creating more content, instead of fixing the PVP we already have? Yeah, but in my honest opinion, there's no way to save it without a massive overhaul. My insane and highly impractical/unlikely idea is what I'd rather see in the Conclaves place, or at least alongside it. At a minimum, it could be an alternative way to make invasions less horrifically painful to farm out by giving the players extra options. Other Concerns Expressed in the Previous Post: "I want to play Warframes, because the game is called Warframe" Sure, but after 1000's of hours, I'm sure many players would be more than happy to have leisure time shooting each other as the very same enemies they've taken time to slaughter. Also, enjoy your unbalanced conclave while we all enjoy our balanced, refreshing mode. The entire point of my argument for something like this is that Warframes are meant to be overpowered, and since they are all overpowered in different ways it's fundamentally impossible to balance them (+ the literal 100's of weapons) for PVP. That's the whole point of this suggestion. Warframes don't work, I say try something new. "We don't really develop emotional ties to the enemy factions" Sure, but we develop ties to the head members of the factions. I imagine the players would be more motivated to try out the gamemode if they had something as simple as Vay Hek yelling "Don't let these Corpus dogs win! Kill them!" Or maybe Nef Anyo saying "Give unto the void, a Grineer sacrifice!" Maybe I'm crazy, but that sounds pretty neat to me. "Nobody Joins Warframe for the PVP" Sure, but most people aren't drawn to Warframe for the quests, either, but things like the Second Dream and The Sacrifice are spectacular. Just because it's not a draw doesn't mean people won't be interested in playing it. Also, people don't play PVP because of its current state, so it's kind of a moot point. "You're downplaying the difficulty of actually making this happen, it will require lots of work that we can't foresee behind our gaming keyboards" I'm sure that people said the same thing to optimists when Plains of Eidolon was first announced, and now we have something as good as Fortuna. DE, when they want to, can make even crazier ideas turn into something special. One commenter mentioned having to make new animations and all of that, but Grineer and Corpus already have animations, even if they aren't designed for our use, it certainly can't be very difficult to just use those or remake them. DE doesn't have to create any new designs of any sort, because everything I have suggested is already in the game, so... I mean, you may have to retool numbers on guns for the sake of balance, but all the resources are right there. "I don't want to play a reskinned CS:GO/Quake/Destiny 2 PVP/ Generic 3rd Person Shooter" Sure, but there's so many twists DE can make on this. A class-based, Grineer VS Corpus shooter where you actually use the Grineer and Corpus abilities against one another would be extremely fun. Even without extra twists or extremely inspired game-play designs, there's nothing wrong with a fun, well-designed PVP Mode that players of all ranks can easily enjoy. If you disagree, look at a game like Tetris. It's as simple as a game gets, make lines out of a bunch of falling tetrominos, but it remains relevant today. Maybe that's a bad example, but it's the first one I thought of. TL;DR I'm a crazy MR26 wretch that thinks that DE should make a Star Wars Battlefront-esque Grineer Vs Corpus PVP mode.
  15. I was wondering if you could let me know what you think about my harrow build and what you recommend I should remove \ get etc. here is a clip of my 3 builds. Let me know what you think, thanks https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aress/video/74340111
  16. Can somone tell me how i activite de warframe market for ps4
  17. Ни для кого не секрет, что ПВП в Warframe давно никого не интересует, что в него никто не играет и что всем пофиг на Тешина. Хотя я считаю из ПВП в Warframe можно сделать что-то похлеще Овервотча. Вот что можно сделать: 1)Нужно дать игрокам стимул играть. И тут уже не помогут очки синдиката. Предлагаю сделать по типу Босов: выйграл раунд - получил награду. А список наград можно сделать болшой: от 150 оксиума до какой нибудь эфемеры. 2)Нужно добавить возможность играть 8 на 8. Никто не играет в ПВП не только потому, что незачем, но ещё и потому что скучно. Я считаю, что если Warface тянет 16 игроков, то и Warframe сможет. В качестве оптимизации предлагаю следущее: делаем побочный квест, где к нам обращается Тешин. Он рассказывает о древнем цефалон, с помощью которого Орокин хотели обучать Даксов, сталкивая их между собой, но не давая нанести реальный ущерб друг другу. По ходу квеста нужно будет отсканировать части цефалона в Бездне, Руинах Орокин, Луе и ещё что-нибудь сделать. В итоге получаем, что конклав находится внутри цефалона, а значит карты можно делать минимально детализованными (по типу спекулянтума). 3) Добавить новые режимы. Надоедает играть в истребление и захват цефалона(лунаро так вообще г@вно). Верните хотя бы уничтожение монорельса, сделав ядро неуязвимым для способностей. А ещё лучше добавьте ПВП Индекс, где ставка будет 100 000, а выйгрыш 500 000. Вот за чем все потянутся. Реализовать просто: берём карту индекса, вставляем правила конклав и возможность голосовать за эвакуацию или продолжение боя сразу всем игрокам. 4)Поправить баланс. Во-первых я бы уменьшил скорость передвижения всех фреймов на 30%(примерно), а в компенсацию: + 30% к здоровью. Это перестанет отпугивать игроков, которые не могут уследить за быстрыми Тенно. Во-вторых добавьте бонусы для луков: у них снаряды летят медленней, поэтому увеличить бы им урон. И в третьих, можно добавить моды для конклава (хотя бы в синдикат к Тешину) которые будут лишь немного повышать характеристики.
  18. Are these good stats for a Tatsu riven or should i re roll any help will be appreciated 😁 https://imgur.com/84F1CtV
  19. Se que es algo raro que lo pregunte a estas alturas pero... ¿Qué fue lo que pasó con esos modos de juego? Conclave es el PvP del juego y nadie (o casi nadie) veo jugando ahí. Me es totalmente imposible conseguir reputación para Tenshin. Lunaro es un juego deportivo sin violencia extrema. Para mi es divertido y competitivo, se parece mucho al balonmano y me da una pena que esté tan abandonado... ¿A qué se debe el abandono de estos modos de juego? Podeís opinar y dar vuestro punto de vista del por qué.
  20. Before you pull out the pitch forks and torches, just know that this is just my opinion and yours will vary from mine, feel free to voice your opinion after going through this. I'm just going to straight out ask this question here, Do we really need a conclave game mode in warframe ? Does it help in core gameplay aspect in anyway?(PvE) Conclave has been around warframe as the PvP side of it and its just slowly dying from my point of view. Back then before they introduced a separate system to balance weapons for PvP use, we used PvE weapons and mods in conclave and it was really fun back then with all sorts of crazy builds and what not moreover it was fun with friends, now its just too mainstream with all the balance that is around also less fun but somewhat interesting with the PvP only mods. I also used to enjoy Lunaro when it first came out, but then as time passed i had no other incentive to play it other than keep the Syandana lit. The following are my thoughts on a list of changes that i think conclave might need. The Problem: The main problem is that most of the conclave rewards are useful for PvP only and some of the rewards such as Excalibur, Mag and Volt are next to useless since they can be farmed easily or bought (in the case of volt). The Syandana I dont mind playing the missions for as well as some of the conclave weapon skins are nice. Players don't see any real use in PvP since the game is primarily focused on PvE, and the rewards from Conclave (other than the Syandana, the weapon skins and few others) see no use in PvP or benefit the player in anyway. Standing that is gained is mostly useful for the skins, the armor sets or the syandana in my opinion or even sigils (unless you are one of those collectors collecting all the mods in the game). The fact that only certain weapons are allowed in the conclave for balancing purposes bothers me, since it would be fun to have all the weapons available in PvE to be used in conclave and interesting as well. There is no fun element or even a tad bit craziness in Conclave anymore. Once again the PvE mods made it all the more fun and crazy which was key to its liveliness. Lunaro is fun (call me delusional) but its hard to find people who want to play the game mode since they feel its a waste of time or its not rewarding. The Solution (Annihilation, Team Annihilation, Cephalon Capture) : First off we can completely get rid of the PvP mods and bring back the PvE mods for use in conclave. I know this is a very drastic change and not an easy one but if this was ever to be implemented it would need another set of changes to made to rewards and other aspects which are listed below. Its chaos but it is a beautiful and fun form of chaos. It will be broken and i prefer it'd stay like how it used to be before the balancing came in The rewards can be something like nightwave but with a little addition to how to get them. A total list of rewards being cosmetics and certain rare PvE mods (eg. dual stat mods such as elemental damage + status chance, other than nightmare mode mods) and every week 7 rewards are available and they keep rotating every week. As for how to claim these rewards is rewarding players with conclave tokens based on their position in the team or in total which can then later then be used to purchase said rewards. Meaning players will return and play each week to get the rewards that they need. Conclave events would also be appreciated with their own set of rewards and adjustments for reaching a certain number of points (I did enjoy those when they were out) If you are worried about new players getting trashed then you could put a filter that they can choose if they want matchmaking with everyone or with MR 1-12 or 13-27 (something on these lines the MR margin can be changed by DE according to what they think is best). Introduce private lobbies where people who want to play with their friends (but remove rewarding the conclave creds when they do so). The Solution for Lunaro: Lunaro is indeed a fun game mode but most people dont come back to it since its either boring or has no use of playing. Making the game mode more rewarding for players would be great! If the conclave token system is used then the Lunaro as a game mode played less frequently can provide more tokens per match compared to other game modes Introduction of more Lunaro maps is also a welcome change but in the current system of what the conclave is, the whole new maps thing is next to useless. There can also be timed exclusive Lunaro events with their own set of rewards similar to other conclave events. What about those who currently have any rank or max rank with Teshin in Conlave: Thats one of the questions i asked myself while writing this and in my opinion if the other changes above were implemented (in my wildest dreams) then players who have had any rank with the current standing system in Conclave will need to rewarded accordingly. meaning if you were at Rank 1 you get a compensation reward and Rank 2 you get another reward along with the Rank 1 rewards and so on all the way upto Rank 5 with . The question is what could this reward be ? I still really dont know A legendary core would be a quick fix but this would be bad for those who went and worked all the way up to gain the max rank at conclave. So some kind of exclusive cosmetic can be awarded to those who went above and beyond all the way to the maximum rank in conclave ( PLEASE NO EMBLEMS). A badge on the profile is too much to ask I believe so an exclusive armor bundle (given at one rank, not each piece at one rank) or a syandana or warframe skin (a new Conclave exclusive based), weapon skin (also new and not already included in the game) or something along these lines (NOT A SIGIL PLEASE) that instill a sense of appreciation to those who have a certain rank in the conclave system. These are some of the things running on my mind regarding making conclave amazing again although I dont mind coming to conclave and making my Celestia Syandana glow (its not a difficult task like most people say). P.S i would also like to listen to your thoughts if you are reading this regardless of whether they are for or against my views. Cheers Tenno.
  21. I don't know if a post like this has been made before but I LOVE conclave, but it is practically dead. I am max rank in conclave and got the syandan that becomes active with completed conclave bounties, I no longer use it because nobody does conclave as offten anymore. So can we please get bots in conclave to make it so we can complete bounties to activate the syandan or just make it permanently active. Bots would also make it possible to gather the conclave weapon skins as well. I just really miss conclave and using my conclave syandan and this would definitely make conclave more accessible for people like me who enjoy it, or if not that can we please get another to gather standing for conclave, since I highly doubt very many people are even gett any of the conclave offerings available. Anyone else feel the same about this?
  22. I like 2D fighter games: MK, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Eternal Champions, Clay Fighters, Primal Rage, really the only version of PVP I play. So when I heard the news about a Warframe 2D fighter mini-game I was ecstatic and had high hopes for the game mode and still do. Obviously I understand this mini-game was introduced as a gag as the DE team was primarily focused on balancing PoE, but this mini-game has so much potential to offer but in order to do so DE needs to address a couple of things on this mini-mode I feel holds it back: First and foremost FIX the buggy combat. This is obvious and for all I know might be the most difficult but the buggy combat makes this mini game semi-unplayable for anything other than a gimmick or gag. Warframe has lots of great animations that bring me to the next improvement. INTEGRATE the melee weapons and melee stances. Warframe has lots of melee weapons with many unique stances and combos; that will give players over 2080 customization options... and that's just between stances and warframes. This would make frame fighter one of the most customizable 2d fighting games currently available apart from M.U.G.E.N and Fighter maker series. INTEGRATE frame fighter with the rest of the game and by that I mean integrate into frame fighter into conclave. Seriously Conclave is PvP focused and frame fighter is PvP. Right now Frame fighter is separated from the rest of game and I understand this was intentional however I believe this separation also harms it - this where the phrase "the out of sight, out of mind" comes to play. Frame fighter is designed to play with another person, no other person then you can't play frame fighter. If frame fighter were added to the conclave, I feel it will get more players to try the game mode more frequently. ADD NPC/AI matches. Now I know I just stated that frame fighter is designed to play with another player but there is something to be said about playing & practicing against an AI/NPC opponent. It builds confidence to try the game mode and fight against other players because some folks are super serious about their that W/L stats. SIDENOTE: adding a 1v1 NPC/AI matches, this is something that honestly should be added to Lunaro too. Lunaro is not player friendly for newer players as it requires at least 6 players. Tutorial mode is great but if no one queues up then no one's going to play. Seriously I have queued up from time to time (XBOX console) but rarely match up with folks. Luckily the other conclave modes of Rathuum and the Index that allows folks to use as "pseudo conclave practice," personally I wish that Rathuum and Index were also selectable in the conclave menu (after unlocking the node in the star chart of course). These 4 things would be key to greatly improving Frame Fighter and a lesser extent a good addition to Conclave. I believe Frame Fighter has lots of potential, heck if done right I will buy it from the plat store! I mean I already buy $80 prime packs for what is mostly cosmetic items.
  23. I wanted to take my Mastery Rank test to proceed to Mastery Rank Eight and so i equipped my favorite secondary: The Atomos. When i joined in to complete the test i found I could not damage the red orb to start the obstacle course. I tried switching to my Primary but that was disabled. I hope that this issue can be revolved, I had to quit because there was nothing else i could do.
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