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Found 55 results

  1. Alaskan

    A Conclave casual's concerns

    This is not a big post about the finer nuances of Conclave and what needs to be changed or tweaked, but a smaller simpler one about what someone who never plays pvp, thinks about the experience. First, is the Conclave station in the orbiter, why doesn't it show current standing, or allow you to purchase the rewards from there without visiting Teshin in a relay? It's just an inconvenience. Next, why is Quick Steel not always available? When I touched it it felt so much easier to play than all the other modes, no more worrying about optimal weapon and frame choice, or having the right mods, everyone is on an even playing field except skill and experience. Last, what happened to all the other festive pvp events? Like the snowball fight and the currently seasonal bow only Eros match? A little bit of variety could be nice for what I understand as a very stagnated portion of the game. A lot of my frustrations with actually playing Conclave come from "mad cos bad", but I just don't see why quality of life can't be a thing for everyone.
  2. Yrsegor

    Clan emblem

    Hello. Can i upload clan emblem from the internet? Is there any copyrights to it? Or i can only paint it on my own?
  3. Hey there fellow Tenno! I'm primarily a PvE player, but I've been playing a bit of Conclave recently, and like all other players who play PvP for the first time in this game, I noticed several problems with this game mode. I have some ideas on how Conclave can be improved, some of them being a bit specific. I've tried to go over a lot of past threads. If I repeat something that's already been discussed, please tell me. First, let me start off by saying that I don't think that PvP is not possible in WF. The excellent movement system and the weird and wonderful weapons mean that Warframe has a lot of PvP potential. And I also have full faith in DE's ability to make good PvP, seeing as how they've co-developed Unreal Tournament, one of the greatest PvP games of all time, which is interestingly, what my ideas are inspired from. Semi-Classic Deathmatch: My idea of a new conclave is to model it after Unreal Tournament and Quake-style deathmatches. But there are a few minor differences. Each player starts out with a full loadout. You can choose one primary weapon from three: 1) Braton: mid-range bullet hose, 2) Burston: mid-long range precision shooter and 3) Strun: Short range but devastating. You can choose a secondary from Furis, Lato and Bronco, which have similar roles as the primaries. Haven't thought of the melee selection yet but I guess Fragor, a whip and maybe a mid-range melee like the Guandao would work? None of these will be have any option for modding.All other weapons would spawn on the map. One of the problems in balancing weapons is that there are just too many of them. More than 200 IIRC. The easiest solution to this IMO is to not have so many weapons in Conclave. I have selected some weapons as examples. DE can easily choose the weapons they want, with input from the community. This will allow for easier balancing too. The primaries I had in mind are:Corinth (Almost a one-shotter, but only works at short ranges and you need to be fairly accurate) Arca Plasmor (Deals less damage than the Corinth, but is a bit lenient on the accuracy) Ogris (Classic rocket launcher. Deals a lot of damage at short and mid ranges, but has travel time and self-damage) Synapse (Will have a mechanic unique to Conclave: it will drain HP. It will also have a longer time-to-kill than the aforementioned 3) Supra (Bullet hose. Short-mid range monster, but shots stray too far to be of any use at long range) Argonak (Great mid-range rifle. But maybe it's not exotic enough) Tiberon (Good for long ranges. Extremely dangerous in the hands of a skilled player) Daikyu (I'm choosing the daikyu to avoid the constant annoying sniping, thanks to its charge time) There can be similar lists for secondary and melee. These weapons will spawn at specific spawnpoints on the map. You will be able to swap your loadout's weapons with the stuff you get at these spawnpoints. Just in case anyone here doesn't know Quake mechanics (since I have talked to people who didn't know them), taking a weapon from a spawnpoint does not remove it for everyone. This is not a Battle Royale mode. When you die, you'll respawn. The first player to hit a certain score wins. To avoid players bullet-jumping all over the map, advanced movement will have a regenerating stamina bar. This includes: bullet jumping, aim-gliding, wall-running and wall-latching. Double jump and roll are not affected by stamina bar. To compensate for the extreme parkour, maps will be slightly bigger and more open. Energy and Health orbs will drop from players in addition to spawning on the map: Every player killed will drop a health orb and an energy orb. You can also pick up any weapon they drop but it will always have a half-magazine and one-third full ammo capacity, regardless of how much ammo the other player had left when they were killed. Rewards: One of the biggest problems facing Conclave is that there's no incentive to play it, even if you enjoy PvP. Sure, the sigils look amazing, but cosmetics can only tempt you so far. Conclave rewards need to be better. Fully-built forma, potatoes and kuva can be given out as rewards in exchange for standing. Each of these can have a high standing cost, so that they don't overshadow the conventional methods of farming these things. For example, you can get a fully-built forma for 50k standing. So you'll be able to get one or two forma (formas? formae?) a week, which is a lot less efficient than just getting random forma BPs from fissure missions. Potatoes can cost something outrageous like 150k standing. This ensures that people actually get rewarded for spending time in Conclave. Plus, these rewards will never become obsolete. As it stands right now, I feel like playing Conclave is a waste of time even if I want to play it. Visibility: I feel like Conclave also doesn't get as much exposure as it could. If it becomes a node on the star chart a la Arena and Index, more players would atleast notice it. It would also be a chance to introduce Teshin, so that players don't go "Huh? Who's this guy?" during I'd love to hear your feedback on these ideas.
  4. (XB1)DATURTLE343

    Split-Screen On Console?

    So my little brother and I have played lots of games where when maybe one player isn't doing to good then someone with higher skill (such as me) could jump in and help them. I was wondering if maybe DE could add in a split screen function on warframe maybe similar to halo splitscreen or something. So maybe could we try and get DE to notice this page so I can help my brother beat the second dream.
  5. To test your skill for regaining the Clan knowledge , you must duel me to death in our Dojo . Your life will be hell ! be ready ! by the good guy TJ
  6. Vraaeel


    Como eu sei quanto desconto eu tenho na minha próxima compra de platina (devo ter ganho e não vi a quantidade), ou mesmo se tenho qualquer desconto?
  7. (PS4)Dubufu

    Zaws in conclave

    I understand that conclave is a massively unbalanced experience, leaving it dead for the most part. But lately it's been an absolute trash heap. I don't believe zaws should be allowed. Too much potential, whether it be from making the fastest dagger in the game that can track opponents, or making a zaw that can one shot people with a single air attack, it's simply just too much. I am personally guilty of using both, and frankly it's disgusting. I am not even a good player, they just dont take much effort to use at all, yet they are highly effective It's ruining conclave, or whatever is left of it. Zaws are way too powerful for conclave.
  8. BloodOfAngel_

    My affinity booster stopped working

    I bought a 3-day affinity booster on February 1st, 2019, and 2 days later I received a 3-day affinity booster reward from Sorties, and also that day received another5-hour affinity booster from the daily reward, and now I have total of 3days and 23 hours of affinity booster, but when I play Sedna, Hydron to level up my items, I receive 1x xp, when my friends receive the double of what I earned in that mission. How could I fix this, or could I at least receive a new booster, new player don't have enough platinum to buy one. Name in game - BloodOfAngel_
  9. Well I honestly would like to hear how many players are there who would simply quite game if "no opt out Stalker Mode" gets implemented. How many players would be happy? From my limited info I asked on Region chat, Clan, friends, irl I see that maybe MAYBE 5% of players that play the game would hate to see Stalker Mode, almost all answers to "would you like to Play/invade as Stalker" was possitive. Why very small number of PvE-only PvP-haters is such active and almost toxic group of people when they are nowhere else expect forums to be seen?
  10. TheWhitterMatter

    Need More Dueling Power in Dojo

    Friends and I have been talking for a while about how great it would be to turn the parkour room into a PVP room. This would be a fun edition and a great way for us to have pvp fun with other friends in the dojo. The current conclave sucks and feels meh to play, but pvp in the dojo keeps me and friends active all the time. I know DE has talked about adding a room to the Dojo where players can test out there weapon, similar to the simulacrum; so why not add it in this way? Many people ask me if there is pvp in Warframe and I always have to give an honest answer, "it could be better, but try it if you want". Anyone else think this could be fun?
  11. Lordl3ss

    Loose chamber on Hek

    Anyone know why I can't see my Loose Chamber (nor Loaded capacity) conclave mod for my Hek? I can see Kill Switch and Soft hands just fine, and equip them, but Loose chamber and Loaded Capacity don't even show up in my list of mods. If I equip my KM1-Strun instead, they both show (and equip) just fine. Two screenshots so you can see I'm not imagining things, one MK1-Strun and one Hek: Hope anyone can shed some light, whenever I ask in chat they just keep spamming the same question "are you in the conclave arsenal screen? it's a conclave only mod". 😟
  12. Conclave maps could be used in maps of the solar system, since they are not widely used. just that, thanks. ✌️
  13. yomisala21

    PvP with PvE arsenal

    There should be an option for this, conclave fights with the pve arsenal, like the in dojo room fights This is just an ideea
  14. 9-Breaker

    A Whole New World In Itself

    Good day everyone, I hope you're doing well in health and in life. This is my first post to contribute an idea...or rather, a change in thinking if you will. This relates to Warframe of course. Things to Address: 1. PVP rework of the U.I. (User Interface) SPECIFICALLY. (By far, to me...the most integral part of pvp being a YES or a NO.) - *Handle with care* - It is to be different from PVE. 2. Several PVP System Convergence (Not sure if its a coined term but I'd call this system emergence theory..and it sounds cool) to daily PVP Standings. (PVE Standing is a different sector, you see where I'm going with this?) - This is to give value to the sector and open a new door. It's worth a shot. 3. Warframe MMR Learder Boards: To incorporate several pre-exsisting system into "Rank system" to further perpetuate the value of PVP side of Warframe. (K-Drive Race, Ludoplex, Lunaro, Various existing pvp modes. To be linked with point 2.~ Idea reserved to be expanded on in Warframe World) 4. U.I Rework of Personal Profile of Players: To show PVE / PVP database in a "engaging manner" / Show Activity through graphs of various types: ~To be expanded on / K/D Ratio along with W/L Ratio of PVE and PVP. PVP rework of the U.I of the third (Until number 3) kind: - Visualization is to turn PVP into a "Lobby Compartment like design" to give players FWEEDOMM of choice to fight on which favorite map they desire and earn standings. (~Idea to be expanded on with professionals) (Referencing Sudden Attack/Gunbound U.I for starts) -->This action expands on the value of several U.I theme that's already there to be which is to be expanded on.(~To be discuss and expanded on) (Basically: System Convergence Theory or Fact?) -Now to some nitty gritty: -->Map battle expansion (Ver.1) RULES: Melee/Primary/Secondary only/ Free for All (To tie in dark sector revival or homage) ~To be expanded on MMR System TYPE: One man Army / Battle Royale / Team Fortress / First person perhaps? / etc.~ To be expanded on. [ And to be clear...57 Warframes as of date today, is not a small number. It's time to innovate] MODE: Solo/Double Trouble/Triple Madness/Quadruple wuple. (Brah..) - During when entering entering the PVP of Warframe. (Solo and Team RANK MMR to be discussed on leader boards) -->Team Bot Battle's PVP : Normal / Die Hard / Digital Extreme -->Open Voice Initiation. Increase interactivity by placing open voice chat option into PVP for both team and for all. (To be integrated into PVE on larger crowds) *This point serve as another segway for another time* - Interaction theory of games Chat Channels: PVP only (Trust me, just do it. It will play a vital part down the line) - To incentivise PVP into public and private rooms and encourage to earn standings of PVP. This leads to content diversion towards PVP rewards. U.I Rework of Personal Profile: There's alot to discuss on this, and by alot let me give you a taste: GIF format integration into profile picture (Rewards of PVP when earned) = Captura video option into profile background + Comment and commend system + Theme U.I -->This segways again into fashion frame monthly contest idea and reward system by the community and for the community. i.e: Highest commendation leader board (to be rewarded with limited edition sigils and all) or Most voted frame to be cool. (This is to incentivise the purchase of skins that can bring actual Value) (~But this is another matter for another time) -->Implementation of personal profile option such as Facebook. (or Vice versa) into Profile. Perhaps a link or the U.I itself IN personal profile system of Warframe. (To add more interaction into community, simple by paper, but to be proven once implemented and to be monitored) ~ This is highly debatable and I wish to see both good and bad of this from your side. Your move Warframe community if you want this OPTION or not. (~To be swayed into Facebook In Warframe.) --> Achievement Medals on Personal Profile. This is to be shown in chat to further incentivise profile viewing and interaction + Commend and comment + Monthly Contest of Best profile presentation. (To be given once per player) ~(Segwayed into Personal profile customization, tbc) --> To showcase Sigils and Regalia Earned to viewer. ~(New Idea emerged: Segway to sound reskins, Firing sound mechanic or effects of weapons to furthur increase value of purchase if bought. Application of futuristic weapon skins AK-47 / M4A1 / TRG, etc To be linked with PVP reward system.) [To be discussed in sound design] Also, pay VERY close attention to the words used for this particular expansion point. My future hopes of Warframe is to innovate and incorporate values of purchased items into several "SECTORS". PVP in particular. Tell me if its a crazy make this system worthy into a Tenno Con E-Sport some time in the future? Who know's, we are the masters of our fate. (EDGE LORD 100%) I Impart some idea's to Digital Extreme based on my experience of playing warframe for too long. (Grinding does change a person) You have a choice to listen to us (or not) and to make it this farrr..*fade away effects* thus we give back in some sort of collective idea for the future of the company. This is to further perpetuate our symbiosis between player/buyer/consumer and developer. As for you players out here, ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you on making this far. I do hope you have a pleasant trip. Let us all push this idea forward and hope to get a feedback. Follow the rules of compromization and accept the outcome what it may be. I'd like to apologize for any use of language or mistakes made before hand when typing this out. I do hope my style of writing this does not offend anyone in anyway. I'm still new at this and will learn slowly to give the best constructive feedback I can give. Bonus side notes: These are the thoughts in my head due to overthinking sometimes: Core concept here is the retention of players after PVE grind is done. Shift attention to and show the worth of PVP aspects. (A formula developed on a whim, not sure if its related to something so here it is: Retention = Content + Community Feedback + Services provided + VALUE) - May this serve a blueprint. (Problem is HOW? I solve it through Visualization) On a first side note: The mechanics of the motion might get revised in EXTREME cases but the Plan A of it is to build upon the foundation. Second side note: How to shift players direction completely on a new scale but in the same game. An...INnovation if you will. Third side note: All mention idea's are subjected to melee 3.0 / Pet 2.0 / or whatever point O's. Edit: December 17 2018 ~Updated test to fit the community better.
  15. (XB1)merrick 555 666

    Constant kicks and freezing

    I am enjoying the game but I cant always play as my progress is halted since it wont let me so me do missions on my own or with friends. It freezes on the loading screen so all I see is black then kicks me from the game or I have to close and restart then try again only to have the same result nine times out of ten.
  16. At first I just killed the big Plaines beast and when I tried going back to Cetus I couldn't. I tried almost everything I restarted the game, tried leaving my squad but that wouldn't work. All this cetus problems started when the newest hotfix of January 19th, 2019.I need help to get back to Cetus so reply if anyone finds a solution.
  17. weeaboopotato

    Conclave rework idea

    When it comes to conclave the only real problem is the mobility and how laggy it gets when a group of players are together. We need to add the stamina bar back but only for conclave or rework the movement system for conclave and to make it lore wise lets just say theres a space magic shield around each map that restricts movement. Limiting the movement to double jumps and aim glides. Also in conclave instead of simple stat boost mods for warframes make each mod for pvp warframes literally augments that dont make your warframe better but changes how the abilities work in that way it can also be used for PvE. Also when it comes to ingame dojo duels add a parry system to make it more interesting
  18. PMR25


    first apologize for my writing format im working on it but i need to get this out as i have many times before... 1. for the purposes of melee what mods/arcanes/ keep my combo counter going as i continue to fine tune my builds that's a recurring problem especially when enemies are high like 70+ when i'd actually really need it 2. i've recently discovered the no speed or little speed method the context is after using no speed mods and just using base speed i ramp up my crit counter way faster than with them at one point i have considered channeling for melee even tho it's mainly for war frames b/c when i was a speed man it made sense but now not so much with little to no speed 3. status what works on all factions the context being you can use use one stat type like corrosive for ex on all factions but no matter how many times i think ik i don't as either the status will fall off or just won't work and i do know of enemy amour but im just asking what the setups that work against everyone Grin/Corp/Inf/Corr 4. when it comes to crit chance or crit dmg do you want a higher from both or is there like a sweet spot context on this is i usually got for highest crit in combo with highest multiplier so like ex 93.2 crit chance and 7.8x multiplier so using that i will still go down and i don't understand why that happens or why my weapon becomes mudd against high lvl enemies 5. if i don't slide to win and just wanna swing my melee around can i still do as much dmg as if i slide since many builds i see using the fabled "spin to win" but i've never been a fan and i can only assume there are others so im asking what do i do or how do i do it the context BTW is that i use Atterax the spin to win king but i don't spin so im swinging it around like i would any other whip 6. are there any good mods from conclave worth doing conclave for since ik it's not very popular with the community but i've seen mods that pique my interest or just are curious about and potentially i would use them if even in low tier so im asking is it even worth it or should i just trade for the mods i want ?
  19. Hi Can you help me and give some tips about earning fast platinum, way how to do it and best placec to drop items
  20. Do you think that you would play Lunaro, a balanced Conclave or some form of PvP game mode if (let's say) the platinum grofit is exactly identical to other current forms of platinum farming? My idea is not for DE to give away plat, but instead give us arcanes, mods etc. to trade with other players. Is there a specific reward that would make you want to play PvP more than platinum?
  21. VenomousValentine


    Can we as players encourage DE to care more about conclave? Think about it. Would you care as much about content drought if you could just play a legitimate pvp system with actual ranking, Incentive, and updating rewards? If they just put 10% of their effort into conclave each update it would be great. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it would draw in more new players, give vets something to do instead of complain, and just add a whole new element to the game. Can we please as a community who wants to see the game stop stagnating encourage this. Please like this thread if you agree.
  22. Présentation rapide • Nom : Wings Of Night • Leader : LzMemphis • Taille : Montagne • Rang : 10 • Membres : 210 • Alliance : Artemis Arrow ( 11 clans FR ) Wings Of Night WoN est un clan crée en 2015, fêtant actuellement sa 4ème année sur Warframe. A la base un clan d'amis uniquement, à hauteur d'une dizaine de personnes, il a été ouvert au grand public et passé en Tempête Janvier 2017. Le clan est dans l'état d'esprit suivant : End-game et haut level le tout avec du fou rire, parce que je pense et on prouve qu'on peut rire et être au top d'un jeu. Une grosse ambiance Discord, du sel, du taunt, des gifs à la con et des tops classements, pas de compromis entre l'ambiance ou le niveau chez nous, on fait les deux. Par conséquent, j'lead un clan Montagne de 210 membres. Le dojo est évidemment full, très organisé et décoré. Les rewards des events clans précédents, notamment les armes uniques, sont disponibles. Quand une nouvelle recherche sort, elle est instantanément finie le jour de sa sortie. On fonctionne sous Discord, ou l'activité y est obligatoire pour plusieurs raisons : → il fait aussi office de forum grâce au salons textuels : organisation de sessions, absences, planning, builds... → le vocal est rendu obligatoire pour les sorties, raids, chasses ou events et scores ou un minimum de communication rend la chose confortable → mes membres ont envie de connaître leurs camarades de clan, et pas de constater des loups solitaires Le clan est lead d'une Alliance nommée Artemis Arrow. Cette alliance très sélective n'a pas pour but d'entasser tout les français en masse de gelée informe. Les clans recrutés sont calqués sur nos conditions : Maturité, Activité et Level. Elle est donc à notre image une alliance intègre, pas une vitrine géante cachant des joueurs fantômes et des loups solitaires. La liste : → Tennocraty → DU5K → Blood Skills → Nirvania → Okubyou Ninjas → Dystopia Project → Enderghost → Tenno Killer → The Alpha Dragon → Clan Opium WoN est aussi multigaming. Nos joueurs sont présents en détente sur divers jeux classiques : LoL, Overwatch, CS-GO, Rocket League, WoW... ( Prochainement Anthem et Lost Ark ) 3h de farm Warframe / 1h d'air frais sur un petit multi détente = pas de joueurs dégoûtés du jeu par un overfarm en 3 mois ! Recrutement Quelques places sont encore disponibles, et de temps en temps, une s'en libère due à une inactivité où un PC qui lâche. 4 règles principales ( de petites en découlent ) caractérisent notre clan et son recrutement : Un minimum de maturité et savoir-vivre. Âge de 16 ans minimum demandé, et palier 5 minimum. Activité ! Nos règles strictes à ce propos garantissent les 210 vrais joueurs, et pas un chiffre vitrine comme d'autres clans ! Maintenant va falloir suivre : +20 jours d'inactivité = kick du clan Si l'absence est prévenue sur Discord, possibilité d'avoir 60 jours d'absence maximum. Au delà, kick. Si y'a un raison valable, possibilité de repostuler plus tard sans recrutement ! Comme dit précédemment, avoir le Discord est obligatoire ( y vocal ne l'est pas par contre ) ! Aucune contribution n'est demandée. Taxe de 0% dans le dojo, pas de ressources demandées pour les recherches. La seule réelle contribution demandée est la participation aux events comportant le classement des clans ! Contact Pour contacter Wings Of Night, beaucoup de moyens : - LzMemphis sur Steam - LzMemphis à ajouter en jeu avec une note précisant que c'est pour un recrutement - LzMemphis#1183 , @Thomv974#6774 , @Xialaurux #Bouffe-Tout où Black-Born#0706 à ajouter et contacter sur Discord - A la suite de ce sujet si vous le désirez Pour contacter Tennocraty : - toyoyo14#5560 sur Discord - toyoyo14 sur Warframe - A la suite de ce sujet si vous le désirez
  23. (XB1)alchemPyro

    Conclave Bonus XP Days?

    So as many people know, Conclave has its faults. To be brutally honest its almost been abandoned at this point due to those faults. After setting my sights on Conclave's cosmetics (because I'm a sucker for the Braton), I started to grind standing for it. This proved to be rather difficult as very few people were actually playing it; and the people that were playing were either noobs that had no idea what Conclave even was, or vicious "meta" players that would only use easy kill weapon/tactics. Overall its not a hospitable environment. Quite frankly its amazing Teshin is still in business. But I'm not here to give a solution, but rather a "treatment". Put simply: Encourage people to play with bonus standing days. Perhaps every weekend the standing earned per Conclave match could be tripled and possibly have a chance at giving better rewards per match (like rare stance mods). This would encourage players to. at least temporarily, return to the Conclave. With an increase in players, the feedback quantity and quality would also improve. With enough time and players, perhaps Conclave could be revived into what Uncle Teshin always dreamed it could be! Thoughts?
  24. PVPではレートシステムが必須だと考えます。 理由としては、PVPでは武器やframの差よりも、プレーヤースキルの差が非常に大きいと感じるからです。 レートシステムがない現状では、conclaveを始めたばかりの人と、上級者がマッチングする場合が非常に多いように感じます。この状況では、上級者とマッチングした初心者は、conclaveを楽しむことが出来ずにやめてしまいます。そして上級者も、マッチングしない、対戦相手が少ない、という事で次第に離れて行ってしまいます。このような悪循環を防ぐためにもレートシステムは必要だと考えます。 レートシステムがあれば、実力の差が減り、誰にでも勝てるチャンスが出てきます。勝つことが出来れば、PVPの楽しさも感じられ、conclaveプレイヤーが次第に増え、conclave全体も活発になるはずです。更には、今までに定着しなかったプレイヤーも、warframの魅力を感じることが出来る、と考えています。 多くの人がwarframを楽しめますように。
  25. Подскажите как отключить свечение в настройках. Отключить его нельзя так как вкладка темная. Помогите.