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  1. If some of you are familiar with Phantasy Star Online 2, then you would know it was possible for players to have Symbol Art, or basically quick-prompts that were assigned to particular actions that occurred (such as a rare drop spawning, being low on health/dying or even doing a super move known as a Photon Blast), which could act as extra spicy motivation for some players, since some peoplewould use fancy design ones that could be based on a meme, anime/video-game characters or something so neat that makes you want to copy it from your recently seen tab and use it for your own symbol arts. Of course some used rather inappropriate ones, but thats not the point i am trying to go across. Part of the reason im bringing this up is, it would probably be nice if we could take advantage of things like the gear wheel having a new section, to setup quick prompt messages for players to throw out during say near a rotation completion or during the extraction period where people could quick say if they want to keep going or extract now, usually with their own fancy way of stating it. Granted i know its not one of the most interesting or useful things, but i thought it be nice to start up a feedback about a feature i think not many people dove much into talking about, least based on whenever i glanced the feedback thread a bit. Some other games do use quick communication systems usually as simply as pressing a button and quick making it via the D-Pad, but in warframe`s case that might be a bit tricky without some fancy tweaks i guess. Thought it would certainly be better then opening the chat box to type out a message to say some simple things. Probably be easier to let us have a custom section for our own custom messages to quick send for those kind of situations i guess. But then maybe some people would abuse it for various forms of trolling, unless its locked to missions only.
  2. Hello there, So the past two weeks or so I've been non-stop grinding night wave to hit level 30. Unfortunately, that came into a complete stop when I got the "Good Friend" mission, the one where you help clem once a week. Thing is, I already helped him in the earlier in the week and recovery missions don't reset until you complete both recovery missions. So here are my suggestions either allow me to discard a mission that I cannot due to time constraints within the game or give me more than two options to pick from so that I can still progress and catch up. That's what I'd like to see for season 3. I am a tad upset that I couldn't get my rewards but hopefully, this does get fixed in the next season. Here's a clip of what I'm talking about https://streamable.com/uid8c Thank you for time and have a great day.
  3. Before I get right into it, here are some useful links for context and getting people up to speed with things. For info on the Hema Dilemma, refer to this vid. For info on the UEC Medallions, refer to this vid. What's the common link between the two? Gatekeeping by a minority of players that affects the majority. Now, before anyone goes all "It's not that hard to get Mutagen samples, just go to the Derelicts for a bit" , "UEC Meds have a low drop chance tho", or "Just play Conclave, dude", let me disarm you right here & now, because that's not the angle I'm going for, else we wouldn't be here. I'm coming from the angle of damning 99% of the playerbase(and many potential future players yet to try out the game) all "out of respect" for the 1% who went through grindy or less-played content. Steve even refused to change the drop chance of Mutagen Samples over of changing the base cost. Can that story of "I've heard positive feedback of clans working together to get Mutagen Samples" really apply to everyone, when single-member dojos are plentiful? I can understand not changing the initial value of it. DE is experimenting with different stuff as they go on, but the drop chance? Come on. Even Toroids got some love recently with Hotfix 25.7.4. Are you not going to honor the players who spent hours upon hours grinding for Toroids to rank up in Vox Solaris? See how this can quickly become a slippery slope? Not changing stuff because some players cleared it and now want the rest of us to suffer through as they did. I can smell the entitlement from here. And as for the UEC Medallions, it is not going to bring people back to the Conclave. If anything, it will probably make the mode even more dead and its content ignored, but it's alright, because at least the actual Conclave players can feel special with the exclusive loot they've painstakingly acquired. I've seen some players asking for a Conclave rework. That's all fine and good, but "universal" medallions should really be universal i.e meant to bypass usual methods of getting standing, else don't put the item into the game. Throw it back into the Void and give people something else for their grindy troubles. People are already voting with their time, too. Rebb did mention in this article that the Hema isn't that popular in terms of player acquisition. I guess for some people, acquiring these "badges of honor" isn't actually worth their time, eh? And if you think these two are isolated incidents, take a look at the new Lua Lens. An item to grind for to make your Focus grind slightly faster. Why not just buff focus gains across all lenses? Oh, that's right, because vets have probably maxed out most if not all the Focus trees, so it is only fair that everyone else should walk the same glass shard path. Hence, here's today's motto: "If it was painful for me, it should be as painful for thee." At this rate, DE will probably need make a choice on who to please: the new players, or the entitled vets? If you don't want to make that choice, I suggest really reconsidering how you guys go about making future tweaks. There is nothing wrong with listening to player feedback and improving accessibility of loot when initial methods/drop chances were too straining. Sure, some players will make noise about it, but they'll calm down eventually once newer stuff comes out. Meanwhile, future players who looked up the history of it will THANK you for it. It shows that the feedback system works, and that DE is listening. In addition, I know that the entitled ones are the loud minority in the pool of actual veterans, including the one user who posted that "I don't care if I'm the only & last..." tweet. I'm MR21 with about ~1600 hours in Warframe, and while I don't consider myself a vet and play at a moderate pace, I would be glad to give feedback if I know my experience and voice will pave the way for future players to have an easier time with the game. Some of these may even be my friends whom I've introduced the game to. But for now, I've sold my Hema BP, Lua Lenses are of no interest to me, and I'm still not going back to the Conclave. Cheers.
  4. Just going to keep it short, had a few thoughts about a few additions to test room and stats to melee. For melee, wonder its possible to have stats...like reach meters, charge speed, and charge multiplier actually show in the stats when your modding . As for simulacrum can DE add things to test room, like those sortie conditions, void buff, and nightmare debuffs etc.
  5. Mobile gaming has become a part of the gaming community around the world,and people like me wander if mobile versions of pc games like warframe for example can be developed and optimized for mobile devices.
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tMaeKlnajHInhiLdJu0-jqjUSbZM9bwd email me mabrahannte19@gmail.com and message me on my email.i could send 5 picture that i loss all my kuva you guy need to fix all my loss kuva for real it happen twice trust me not happy for real you dont unstand i bin doing kuva survial when people 2 people me and my friend loss all my kuva you guys need pay me what i loss in the game im sick of tire of of your bug never bin touch in the first place
  7. Hope this makes it to the DE Support, My clan and some of my discord server members brought up the Idea to add nametags to the users (like discord, for examlpe #5341) which is unique to every user, to add eachother. This would open possibilites to choose the Username you like, because it would make it possible for Multiple people to have the same username, because players would be added to your friendlist through their tag (mentioned above.) The younger generations and joining players are gonna have a hard time getting their Username, since almost everything is gonna be taken, even if you have a pretty unique name. As an alternative it would also help people get their usual username here, if you would add the option to have letters like È or ó in your username. Adding random numbers after your name is worse than everything else, hope you get the point. Would you rather be named (example) Lightníng or Lightning102390123819823? Me, my clan, and many discord members are excited to know about your opinion about this, and the arguments that speak for or against this. Sincerely, SiIverHawk (That is usually named Kirito but everything similar to that was already taken even back then when I created this account).
  8. My sustain build is centered around my kubrow, i heal it and it heals me, but when it get killed because the AI is dumb i cant continue because i'll lost the main source of sustain in game and i ended up dying, let us revive our pets the same way we can revive squadmates in arbitrations, like a mini grave where it dies
  9. _Nobody_

    Eidolon Hunts

    Can people who are not prepared for anything 3x3 and higher stop joining these sessions? And can hosts take it upon themselves to check peoples profiles before they join? They are clearly not ready and waist valuable time in game and real life. I am not a pro, I only have 100 cap of each but, Example - I played with a chroma who had 200 Terry caps. And about 25-40 each of Garry and Harry. He said in confidence that of those 200 caps, 195 of them was from solo. Uhhh congrats? That literally tells me you have no idea how to work with a team. He was getting mad at me for a lure not being charged for Garry. Mind you, I am playing Trin. Which I took the first two shields of Terry, dropped off 2 lures, then picked up 5. How is this on Trin players? I dropped a Lure for him to get to fast charge and he couldn't understand why. Please, I don't like being toxic but joining something you are not ready for is unfair for real life people like yourselves and ourselves. Start with Tridolon and work your way up.
  10. Can we have ayatan stars in the drop table? like a pack of 3 or 4? I get so many sculptures but ayatan stars are so rare to drop especially ember star, i know that you can craft ember stars but is only one at time and it costs vitus essence and other ayatan cyan star so is not worth it right now
  11. Yes, I think Ordis is useless. I like Ordis but right now our Ship Cephalon is not really doing much - well, other than talk and provide some comedy relief here and there - so I would like to suggest some things that might make him more.. involved let's say. For my first suggestion I would like Ordis to manage our Foundry better. Right now Ordis simply notifies us when we can claim something from the foundry, but what if he also could let us make Projects that we can then see a tracker for during missions? Let's say I would like to build some items but don't have the materials for it, or not all of them. Maybe some of these items use a bunch of the same components but also require some stuff that is exclusive to one or two. My problem: I am one of those players that tend to forget what and how much I need for XYZ Blueprint while playing for a longer period of time.. so to combat that I would like to see a project system similar to what "The Division 2" has, where we can simply pick and choose blueprints and track them as we play. That way you don't have to go back to the foundry every time you finished a mission to see if you have finally enough materials to build something, or Alt+Tab out of the game to check some spreadsheet or document you made to keep track of things. Super annoying if you ask me.. What I imagine this system to be like, since I don't want an exact replica of what "The Division 2" does: Let players pick and choose Blueprints at the foundry and make them a project, meaning that project's progress will now be tracked during missions (I was thinking of a similar tracker to the Nightwave notifications to avoid screen clutter). Let Ordis automatically start building once we completed gathering all components for a project (notification happens). If a player does not have any blueprints that they might wanna make a project, an option to track "Ressources" would be neat to have as well. Let's say you don't have any Oxium, so you would make that a farming priority the next time you play. In the foundry should therefore be a tab for ressources as well where we can set a target number for XYZ ressource that we want to acquire. Ordis should also be able to notify us when a supply of a certain ressource is about to run out. Players should be able to set a target for when that happens as well (If Oxium < 500 = notification). Oh and credits should be included here as well! You might wanna call it a "credit fund" that always gets a percentage of whatever we get from a mission. That way you have a credit pool exclusive to the foundry and a pool to pay taxes when trading with other players. For players like me, that tend to get bored once there is nothing to do anymore but return after ~6 months or whatever, a letter from Ordis should be sent to our inbox containing a summary of what projects we completed the last time we were online, an overview of our current ressource supply and how far we are off from any target we may have set (if you want to get real nerdy about this: maybe even have a diagram showing how much time we would need, based on the data gathered over time, gathering all the materials to complete any unfinished projects). I would also like to have an option for Prime Weapons/Warframes that will automatically be sold for Ducats once it is built as part of a project - If we so choose in the projects tab (maybe together with a limit of how much we want to keep). And the most important of all: Add a pop-up warning or an actually noticeable visual thingy to items we already mastered. Something like: "Warning! The item you are about to built has been mastered already and is not used in any other blueprints as a component. Do you want to build this item anyway?" and of course: "The item you are about to build has already been mastered but it may be required to build XYZ Blueprint (obvioulsy only the Blueprints of stuff that hasn't been mastered should be listed here). Do you want to build this item anyway?" Let us have commands we can give Ordis This could be an addition to the Gear and Emote Wheel maybe? I was thinking of having some commands that allows us to: Change the music during missions (except for quests) using the Somachord. Send a letter to players who are currently offline (including attachments such as either a screenshot, link to a build, forum/wiki entry, warframe market, custom made challenges which could be interesting not only among friends or clan members but also for content creators and their community) Set reminders that will also go into the inbox. Example: I only have a limited time to play the game but a lot I want to do. So I can use a command to make notes that Ordis will send to my inbox later, where I can then check off stuff from my to-do list or be reminded of something I want to have completed in a set timeframe (Example: "Open 200x of XYZ relic by the end of October" or a reminder to finally finish decorating the Dojo/Orbiter). A command that allows us to prank players in our friend list once or twice per day. This could be something like having Ordis send a Death Threat (or a challenge even!) similar to what the Syndicates and Stalker do to us but have the enemy sapwning during the missions be a customized Specter, specifically designed to assassinate the friend we sent the Death Threat to (because that's how friends should be treated, obvioulsy 😈). Couple this with rewards and we have some lightweight PvP shenanigans type of thing that could lead to some funny experiences IMO. A command to automatically change decorations for the Orbiter based on a theme at a specific date or time (Halloween, Christmas, etc). Although this probably requires some sort of loadout thing but for decorations.. Okay writing all of this down took me way longer than I expected lol.. Let me know what you guys think or if you have any other suggestions to make Ordis more interesting. Cheers!
  12. Ok so I just finished my 410th ESO run(zone 8 rot C) and yes I counted..coz I was expecting to get the Blazing Step ephemera everytime I started the runs and as usual it disappointed me, well I am not complaining or this is not a crybaby post..personally I am a fan of warframe grind system yes I enjoy the grinds..I think the harder to get something gives the more satisfaction after getting it finally.Anyway coming to the actual point I wanna highlight...The foot cosmetics 'ephemeras'.... Well DE pretty much said that not everyone can have these as these are supposed to be elite rewards so u gotta get lucky with the drops..for my case I dint find any difficulty while grinding these ephemeras : Freezing, Shocking, Seeding, Smoking, Bleeding, Eidolon and Fae path...but the blazing step ephemera has now become the only one reason for me to do ESO everyday everytime...I have nothing else to get from eso rather than this...also I maxed my all focus schools...Today one MR 21 guy from squad said that he got the blazing step after 4 eso runs...well one MR 9 guy said that he got it after 2nd run and here I dint get it yet after 400+ runs ..I mean this can not be fair..The grind should be somehow balanced for all the players...It feels bad and I am just not only narrating what happened but I wanna suggest what should happen to make this feel less grindy and balanced .. This is my request to DE..I want you to consider just this particular ephemera and make this available by some other ways possible please..Maybe u can do this : make this a guaranteed drop after 20 or 24 zones in ESO or make it purchasable from the arbiter hexis trader for 20 vitus or even more maybe or maybe like this "Do ESO 8 zones 20 times and then we will get a guaranteed resource in inbox message which resource will be needed to buy the ephemera from some trader" I mean there are so many ways u can put this...As a completionist I love to collect everything in the game..This is the only ephemera that I am missing out right now...and after hearing such things like " I got in 4 runs..I got in 2 runs" it just kills the excitement to grind it...whereas I am at my 410th run with no BLAZING STEP... PLEASE DE CONSIDER THIS PARTICULAR EPHEMERA AND MAKE IT AVAILBLE THORUGH OTHER WAYS. (From a Warframe fan since more than 1 year and a grind lover)
  13. Just want to first say this is my favorite game I’ve ever played. I couldn’t believe it was free when I started out. Now it’s apparent. The platinum/ credit system is great besides one thing... The prices on everything is unbelievably high. I like that we can earn most things for free, but the things we can’t are just ridiculously expensive. Color options $5 per set, $11 skins, $5 helmets, $1 slots, etc. Then there’s rushing costs which are at least $2 and can be very tempting! I spend at least $20 a week which obviously is my choice/fault. I just wish they would lower the prices for platinum. $1 per 75 platinum would be plenty and still add up fast. Please consider.
  14. We all know how annoying it is to sell/ dissolve duplicate mods and the game has been out for so long that it should have some feature that solves this and similar problems. I was thinking about something along the lines of "Ordis helping you clean up your junk"... I wouldn't mind if it was a Foundry segment with a relatively low drop chance, I just feel like something like this is a must at this point. The core features I can think of are: - Sell or dissolve duplicate mods as soon as they are acquired (Could be set to work for all Common/Rare... etc. , with the exception list that can be edited at all times) - Mousing over a mod and pressing a single hotkey (say +) to upgrade it by a level or another hotkey (say *) to max it out if you have enough endo/credits (if you own several copies, only one mod would be affected by these) - Also something similar to the first thing i have mentioned, except for the inventory: say to sell the excess frame parts you no longer need, etc. Anyway, make sure to let me know what you think and add some suggestions or ideas you have!
  15. So I was flying around in an arching mission using my larkspur and thought, "this makes me feel like I'm busting ghosts". Discuss.
  16. As of now config b, and c are limited to the forma slots you've forma'd too on A. Not much for testing out new builds as when you do forma A config "or default", the other two configurations are hindered, sometimes nearly broken because of build A. So people are either forced to purchase a new warframe, or forma the slots for the new build, losing the ability to keep the first good solid build because the first build is for onslaught, and now they want to ediolon hunt, and can't really utilize another build cause now they're stuck with a few v slots they cant use on build B or Build C. I believe that a forma'd slot should be open throughout each configuration, aside from aura's or Umbra mods. So for an example.. lets say you used 4 forma's to gain several V slot polarities on that warframe on configuration A.. it was a power build without any noticeable duration on the build whatsoever, now On config B and C, you're stuck having to use those 4 V slots throughout each other new build, limiting you to test other configurations or possible helpful builds cause now when you place a - polarity on a V slot, you increase the mod count, rather that halving it. And if you forma that slot to another polarity, you screw up the first build as now that one V slot, which could had been a Intensify or blind rage, to now a D slot for Narrow minded or armored agility, screwing up the first build because the second variation of mods for a specific load out for a skill is null and void cause you need a different polarity on the second configuration. Hence why the current system is very limited to new builds or "build friendly" without building another warframe, and forma'ing it to that specific build. Sure this helps the warframe economy by selling more warframes, weapons, and mods for specific builds, but doesn't leave much to testing or breaking the shell of the "meta" and thinking out of the box. Now what I thought about was upon how many times a person had forma'd a weapon, or warframe, those forma'd slots would have (this idea came to me when you brought out aura forma's that allowed any aura to be slotted in that aura slot and it gave double the face value of that mod card) a small opaque circle in the top right of the mod slot denoting that whatever mod was placed on that slot was halved regardless of what polarity it has. Again Aura and Umbra mods don't apply to this unless they used an aura or umbra forma on that warframe or weapon. Now one would think by making each forma be open on anything though all config that needs a forma to switch a polarity, or add more polarities, people would delve into hybrid builds more often and spend more money making new builds on one warframe than several warframes. Just an idea. I've ran into several potential builds i could of used on different warframes, but ran into the issue of hindering the second build cause of the mod capacity was already consumed cause i couldn't utilize the slot with a different polarity.
  17. INTRO I want to preface this by firstly saying I am a veteran by no definition. I picked this game up last September, MR9, just unlocked Sedna, only on my 250th login. This is all just opinions, bit of hearsay, and to be taken with a grain of salt. But I just gotta get it off my chest. Also, lots of reading. Feel free to skip to whatever relevant section you want. PROBLEMS THE WHY THE COMMUNITY TL;DR I love this game, but as time goes on I'm noticing more and more problems that all draw back to my feeling that DE isn't listening to the community as they say they are. And I personally feel that this connection to the community is what is required for the game to thrive in the future. There's so much knowledge and love here that is being trodden on rather than utilized. I'm sorry for my rambling. Just know all of this is my personal feelings, in no way indicative of the wider community, and all out of my own love for the game and desire for it to be better. Thank you.
  18. From me watching the duviri paradox trailer, I assumed that we will be able to play as an older version of the operator if this is the case, I think that the operator should get some improvements to show the idea of with age comes experience. Firstly, the operators should have better mobility than what we currently have. Here are some improvements; · Sprint Speed: The operators should be able to run faster than the current speed they are at even with the passive of 30% sprint speed from the naramon tree is still slow. The operators should at least get an extra 50% running speed to make them more usable. Also, if anyone knows how much sprint speed they have without any passives or arcanes please let me know. · Jump hight: Operators should either be able to do a double jump or holding the button should make them jump higher to make them unable to get to higher platforms. · Wall Run: I would like to see them be able to perform parkour moves. Even though void dashing gets you to where you want to be faster sometimes it`s uncontrollable and it`s not fun but seeing the operator performing a wall run would be fun to watch and another alternative to get around places. · Dodging: For fun`s same, this something I would like to see. Since they have been affected by the void, visually, they should perform a side-step (like hildryn) and for dodging backwards, they should perform a backwards handspring. · Knockdown Recovery: Since they don`t have that much of survivability, this would be a very useful mechanic to add plus it would be fun to watch. · Fly Kick/Slide Kick: Fly kicking is one of the most underused manoeuvres in warframe. Because warframes are powerful, a fly kick is underpowered but since operators are not as powerful as them, I think this move would be fitting for them. When they fly kick an enemy, they should receive a small ragdoll also, they should be able to do a slide kick (like in ninja gaiden) where the enemy should receive a knockdown. (combined with the slide we currently have) · Edge Grab: Although operators can perform this, It`s not reliable. The only thing I’ll say is it needs to be more consistent for it to be useable. · Chimera Prologue Dash: This feature in the prologue was fun, I`m hoping that we get this dash after we complete the new war quest. In the environment, there can be dash points where operators can dash to. (like in the amazing spider-man games web dash) If they added an operator game mode where it`s about stealth, this dash ability would be a perfect fit. · Enemy Vaulting: Warframe can do this already however, performing this is not reliable an unnoticeable. Operators being able to do this makes them more versatile in getting an advantage on enemies. As for how it works, if the operator jumps onto an enemy, it will automatically vault them up into the air, holding the jump button will make them vault over them getting behind them. · Zipline: Watching them do this is fun however, once again, it`s doesn’t happen all the time which makes it unreliable. This needs a fix that makes it more consistent and when operators are on a zipline the should move faster and when jumping off, the should get a jump boost. Secondly since operators have void abilities, I think operators should be able to use melee weapons. This is something that I and other people have wanted to see happen. So, I’m going to talk about what I would like out of this when this happens. Also there are some problems when using the operators plus somethings that could improve them as well so there needs to be some QOL/bugs/changes/improvements for them. · There is a delay between pressing the button and operator crouching. · Companion mods like animal instinct should work while in operator form not just warframes. · Two arcanes can be installed on amps. · Include a b c slots for amps to give option to change amps, colours, equip arcanes and lenses. · Operators can ride on K-drives. · Have the option to individually activate/deactivate focus tree abilities you want without disconnecting other abilities. · In kuva missions, when you use void blast, you are in 1st person perspective and you can`t control you operator properly. · You can change operator visuals, focus trees and amps while in the simulacrum. · Add an in-depth face customisation (nose length, eye width etc) and separate body sliders to change the length, width and height of the operators. · Add different voices for operators (from different ethnicities) and have a slider to manipulate the sound to make it unique to your operator. · Sentinel are invulnerable while you`re in operator mode. · If you have vacuum mod on your sentinel or companion and you are in your operator form, the operator should be able to pick up items. · You should be able to use operators in the relays.
  19. Recently I have played the game maybe an hour in a week. No interest at all in doing that crappy chore that is Nightwave only to get umbra forma (why force players to do pointless and boring stuff?) or farming kuva to put on some rivens DE will probably nerf in some near future. Above all, I am definitely tired of a game that gives me no challenge and no interesting content since a long, long, long time. So, after 3000 hours and at mr27 I have decided to leave WF and play something else. I hope DE will read this feedback as this is the main feeling of a consistent portion of long time players (And yes, I am sure of that). Goodbye.
  20. So Ive been doing 4x3/5x3s for about 3 weeks to a month now and Im trying to push up to 6, while doing this Ive been learning all the rolls but am struggling with chroma a bit. Id like if there was a way to test dmg, wisp spawns and things of that nature with a practice eidolon so I dont have to wait an hour to gain some extra experience. so in summary does anyone think that at some point they add eidolons to the simulacrum and is anyone else feeling the same way? o/
  21. so ive been playing for a while, and its really bothering me that i have to check the profile every time to get new weapons i havent mastered yet. so ive been thinking, a new search filter in the shopm arsenal and dojo shops (tennolab for example) that has a filter named ''not mastered'' this filter only shows weapons that havent been ranked to 30 ever. weapons that dont show up are mastered weapons. this filter also could apply to frames. this would make grinding mastery a lot more convienent, please let me know in the comments what your opinion us, Royal Greetings, JellyBeansTasty, a musical enemy slayer
  22. So i tried to download the latest booster pack on ps4 but whenever i try to download it the screen just refreshes and the download promt stays there.When i go to the psn website it says I've already downloaded it but i haven't gotten anything from it and if i look it up on the store it still says download.
  23. There are people that say that the marking mechanics of Ash`s Blade Storm is effective and is better than the old version however I don`t agree with this. Well this time I want proof of what you believe. This is an opportunity for people that think this to prove me wrong. Challenge; Show me a video of you as Ash and a team completing a defence mission up to wave 5 and at least reach 2nd place when it comes to getting the most kills. The point of this challenge is to prove me wrong about Ash`s 4th ability marking mechanics and that it is better that the old version in every way NOT INCLUDING DAMAGE. Rules; · The person doing the recording must be playing Ash. · The person using Ash must show his build before the mission starts. · The Ash player can be any mastery rank but the other 3 players must me mastery rank 18+. Make sure you show their mastery ranks are also shown in the video also. · The other players must choose to play as Saryn, Equinox or Ember no other frame. · The location must be at Hydron. · When mission is complete make sure you show you and the teams most kills. · Ash and allies can use any means to gain energy. · Only Ash and allies are killing no NPC`S. · No weapons only warframe abilities can be used to kill enemies. · Only these abilities can be used to kill enemies; Ash – 4th ability. (can use 2nd ability) Saryn – 1st & 4th ability. (can use 2nd ability for healing) Equinox – 4th ability. (DON`T USE 3RD ABILITY) Ember - 4th ability (can use 2nd to increase damage) · Saryn, Equinox & Ember MUST be killing non-stop in the video. For those that like the marking mechanic, I ask this, if DE decides that damaging warframes like Mesa, Saryn, Equinox, Banchee got the marking mechanic the same as Ash would you like them even more and why? I will watch the video and will confirm if all rules are met (other people can watch also) and if Ash reaches 2nd place with the most kills, I will accept defeat. If this post gets deleted then I will assume that DE (or mod) doesn’t want me to prove my point about Ash`s blade storm`s marking mechanics being bad and is deliberately ignoring how bad it is. This is you chance to prove that Ash`s bs is good, I don`t want excuses, the only two thing I should be seeing in the comment section is either your video proving me wrong about blade storms performance or people that agree that his blade storm has issues and coming up with solutions or answering the question that I asked. Saying anything other than that will make you look bad.
  24. Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know that a friend of mine lost 20 Arcanes for an unknown reason.When that happen he decided to quit the game because of this so I was wondering can you guys fix the problem for Him and I just want to see him stop playing this game.His Xbox Username:KingToneNation
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