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  1. OK I am sure this has been said 1000+ times, so DE can just ignore it again. But the fact is the paywall/MR wall/Slots wall is all intertwined to how these 2 features are broken. First I get it, DE has to sell Platinum; that is how they make money But, that being said what DE forgets is the people who buy platinum most are the people who will NEVER GRIND. These are the people who want the game so 5 min ago, and the MR walls that lock them out of trading for gear or mods keeps them from buying more platinum. So as the MR and TRADE WALLS work now they actually cost DE money. MR: OK, I get it new players should not have the best gear, but here is what should NEVER HAPPEN: sever or network error cost a player 24 hours a player passes 3 practice tests, only to fail the real on LOSE A DAY a player loses weeks to a test that is not how they play the game 24 hours from now I cant log in 12 hours from now I can, guess that will be 2 days+ lost to that glitch I could go on, my point is one of these 2 changes needs to happen to the MR TESTS no MR tests, you just get the rank or, if the tests stay no 24 hour wait, take the test as many times as it takes to pass *if the tests stay the timers need to be increased(not a lot like 30 sec or so); what DE, and players who say the tests are not hard forget is people play on consoles now. Marksmen tests suck with a controller IT JUST TAKES LONGER, and a few other aspects just take more time, so increasing the timers resolves that (if you get rid of the 24 hour wait for what is usually just bad luck events) Needed changes to earning MR XP: there needs to be a way to make this passive Look, I get it, DE put a lot of work in to all these weapons, and we should try most of them; but after 4 or 5 lev I know if I want it OR HATE IT, as the whole system works now YOU ARE FORCED AGAINST YOUR WILL to use CRAP. Once I started dedicating time to grind MR I am spending 1/3 of my play time HATING THE GAME. No player should HATE PLAYING because they are forced to use a bad weapon. This can even be a high lev thing. Say have a quest after War With In let us earn a "sigil" for passive MR XP that we ware like with the syndicates. That way from MR5+ it is play the game not forced to use low MR crap you hate just to rank, you could even make a % system where grinding the old way is faster, but I bet you more than half the players would prefer the "sigil". CHANGES TO TRADE; Just make an Auction House already: Look we already have the bazaar, just make and auction house in it. Don't force me to go to warframe.market let me do it all in game. LIST what I have at the Platinum I want to SELL it for, and let players come buy it or not. When I log in: it sold, or is still for sell. Heck DE can take X% of the sell Platinum price for using the thing. Again DE is losing money trying to control this rather than just let economics work. People want to SELL, people want to BUY, DE can tax all of that commerce!!! Again people will BUY MORE PLATINUM if they did this. And in an in game auction house there would be no need for this MR trade lock, DE just gives a clear warning the buyer could not use the goods yet; and for people trying make mule accounts the X% platinum tax makes that make money for DE. And before any one claims well people will leach and not buy plat; the people who would do that would never buy platinum regardless and now they spend it on slots and rank more and play more and sell more. Again this is money DE is losing right now by preventing them from selling their game time to people who have and buy play easily. NOW, for all of you who will complain because you are already MR10+ and what not, or did War With In before you did Pluto, or unlocked the star chart back when this was not like it is now. LOOK today a new player hits the MR 5 WALL about 2 to 4 months in and the next "progress" is MR 10, The way it is now is doing the MR 6 to 10 grind is just DE punishing players trying to get them to quit Warframe. Where if these minor changes were made; DE would make more money off this group even if the individual player never actually buys platinum (because of how they would contribute to the platinum economy). And the game as a whole wold have more life because it would allow new waves of players to come in and stay for a while rather than rage quit at the 4th 24 hour forced wait, or slot they cant buy because they can not sell a riven mod to some one that wants to buy it.
  2. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ANY FEEDBACK YOU MAY HAVE FOR THE BELOW. 1) Archwing and Kdrive launching could work the same as power activation, as there are a number of keys/buttons not in use when holding the power activation key/button. Opinion: Pulling up a radial menu for this isn’t the most attractive scenario. 2) Self damage could just knockout your shields and if you have no shields, it could take 25%+ of your current health. Giving the enemies an advantage is the goal, not outright instantly killing the player when a pixel got in the way, right? A mod like Cautious Shot could lessen that damage or do something entirely different, perhaps. 3) Add a “CONFIRM” prompt when hitting Y on the Appearance and Upgrade menus, so players don’t accidentally randomize or remove all cosmetics and mods. It’s sooo painful when this happens LOL 4) Gear menu similar to Monster Hunter World - Like MHW, Warframe has a large number of gear items that are usable in the field. MHW uses a radial/slider gear menu, which allows easy access to a variety of items, especially when considering controller analog stick inputs. Have you tried navigating a radial menu on the fly that has more than 12 items?? ^_^ 5) Being able to VIEW helmet and body cosmetics separately, including Prime accessories and Tennogen. Being able to clearly see what is available for purchase would be a pleasant change. “Can I get that ‘Graxx’ helmet to match the ‘Blade of the Lotus’ body?” The same could be said of deluxe skins. 6) Being able to BUY “deluxe bundle” cosmetics separately would be nice. The warframe deluxe cosmetics are available separately from the bundle but not things such as weapon skins. 7) Endless missions could benefit from incremental bosses or objectives that break the monotony. For instance, for Survival missions against Corpus, a group of Raknoids or Hyenas could spawn at the end of every 5 minutes. A similar idea could be implemented for Defense missions, every 5 waves, as well. The Disruption mission type is along these lines but could be further expanded. You have to protect various points, you’re facing debuffs, enemies may receive buffs, you may get buffs, there are boosts, and you have a target to take down for each key used. These systems can keep the mode a bit more interesting than other endless mission types, in their current form. 8) I know the goal is to keep people playing, but grind doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all; if it’s fun, people WILL play. Example: There could be much less grind to reach mission content, like Profit Taker. As things are currently, a player returns to Warframe, having to spend weeks leveling a faction, just to do the new boss battle with a group. While retaining the faction leveling grind, why not allow them to still play the factions story to completion? The rewards of doing so are still viable to rank up the faction and they are still able to tackle the new content in a reasonable timeframe. Grind shouldn’t wall-off new content. Empyrean actually addressed this aspect somewhat well. Although you need to have completed certain story segments, you’re not held back by the ship building process, just to be able to jump into combat with friends. You can even join any open crew session before your Railjack is built. 9) I realize that Riven mods are now deeply rooted in the meta and I may likely receive hate for saying this. DE is constantly rebalancing and nerfing rivens on MANY of the various weapons, thus NO BUIILD GOAL EVER FEELS SAFE. I believe that riven mods should remain in the game but should impact functionality or utility and not stats. Before you attack, please let me give a few examples. Imagine a riven mod that increases sprint speed for a duration whenever you proc status or crit. Imagine a riven mod that causes an explosive weapon’s radial damage to have a small radial disarm. OR what if they functioned more like Amalgam mods?? It’s true, even with something like the above ideas, some balance would still be needed “initially” BUT if these kind of rolls were specific to weapon architypes, it could mean more interesting and varied gameplay between people using the same weapon. Currently with rivens, most meta involves the damage/crit/etc rolls. BONUS: 10) A more cinematic camera angle option could be fun. 😊
  3. Good day DE, in this thread I would like to concisely express the infuriating issues with rivens, kuva and the quality of life changes that will benefit ALL Tenno alike. 1. Negative stats, most specifically: Neg damage, multishot, Crit chance and crit damage. The chances of getting 3 positives in your roll with any of those 4 negatives completely nullifies the entire use of the riven. From no angle can it be concluded that any weapon benefits from Neg damage, multishot,etc. In reference to Vile Acceleration/ Anemic Agility the only mods with neg damage but only a 15% decrease never 100%+ like in a riven. There is no “balance” in those neg stats because it nullifies any positive stat you get. There is no reason for it to be in the database and this issue has been overlooked since Rivens Release. Please this is an urgent issue because your company knows the riven market and it’s out of your jurisdiction but the rolling experience itself is unbearably frustrating knowing those 4 specific neg stats can magically appear. I won’t discuss the other neg stats as of now, they are fine. Secondly, Riven Capacity, beside it being ridiculously steep of 60 plat for 3x slots. The same price each for one as an entire warframe slot. Why isn’t +1 riven capacity added with mastery rank? If a mastery rank gate was added why not see it through all the way? The 3x Forma Bundle costs 35 platinum if I remember correctly and that same forma is required to fit that new riven mod into a weapon. The Riven slot bundle should/can be at least 45 platinum or close to a forma bundle. It shouldn’t reach to riot levels where the community says they are feeling cheated to forcibly buy a slot bundle/ dissolve or sell their wanted rivens. If +1 mod capacity and +1 load-out capacity is given upon mastery rank, there should be no issue adding +1 riven capacity to help with the ever growing demand. Considering riven mods are a common drop reward from sorties. Lastly, Kuva abundance, DE did a great job with adding kuva survival but the yields are so deplorable it’s not even funny. Without a resource booster, the player’s time invested is nowhere equal per kuva reward to roll a riven mod of 3.5k each after 10 rolls. Yielding only 200 kuva per capsule is bad resource economy and again forces players farming kuva to use boosters just to get a decent amount of kuva efficiently. Game modes like Arbitration or Nightwave almost feel less tedious to earn the 10k kuva from their store because the farm is more fun/beneficial. The community has been begging for this but not barking loud enough for it(enough) please increase kuva survival yields to 500 PER capsule or decrease the fixed 3.5k to 2.5k kuva or adding scaling rewards to kuva survival where the yields increase by 100 every 10/15 minutes so players have reason to stay longer in mission. The community has been too distracted with the current bugs with railjack and Kuva liches because they found something new to be upset about. If the Kuva Lich system can receive optimal quality of life changes upon such recent release. The Riven stats, Capacity and Kuva existing for far longer can be rectified and improved. Thank you and keep making this game awesome.
  4. How it would work: Whenever players go to polarize a mod slot, prompt them on whether they want to polarize the slot on either one or more configuration pages. Can still keep the cost for polarizing the same regardless of configuration pages altered in polarization Reasoning: I constantly find myself only making one build for my weapons after using Forma to change a mod slot's polarity, since the polarity for one configuration page directly effects the others (e.g. adding a Madurai polarity to a mod slot one one page causes the same mod slot on another page to be set to the same polarity). Each Warframe, weapon, and companion starts with 3 configuration pages for mods, with the ability to increase that count to 6 for 10 Platinum per slot. It seems ridiculous I have to deal with the limitations of having a mod slot take up one polarity for every configuration page in all the potential builds I can make if I use a Forma on it. Imagine being able to set one page using a large amount of Madurai polarity slots, while another primarily uses Naramon polarity slots . I'd actually want to use Forma for individual builds if I knew I had the option of setting the polarity for only one mod slot for one page along with the option to set the same mod polarity for the slot on multiple pages - like we do now. Even for people who do make more than one build using the current system, adding the option to only mod one slot per page would only be beneficial to those people who wish to utilize the most out of their mod capacity. As far as I can tell, I don't see any significant downsides to providing players the option to polarize a mod slot on only one configuration page.
  5. Shouldn't this section on the front page of the forums look like this? I'll even give you the switch logo free of charge (or for anyone else who wants to use these logos and likes consistancy) Or is it some sort of copyright /trademark issue with the switch logo or something?
  6. Sinceramente todo está perfecto, la línea de la historia, los warframes, la comunidad no es tóxica (menos uno que otro por hay que pues nada se le va la lenguilla un poco pero nada más) El sistema de tradeos, eso de poder estar en la otra punta de el mundo y seguir podiendo jugar con tus colegas... Que no sea un pay to win (Es decir, que lo puedas tener todo sin tener que pagar ni un céntimo) Es que no tengo mucho más que decir 11/10 👌ánimos y sigan con este hermoso trabajo!
  7. In the previous quest there have been a lot of interesting content, but it feels the walk through the quest have made things more common. What i feel like their should be more invert unexpected, unpredictable changes. Somethings that brings us more different view towards what is happening and what is really happening. Like trying to hide the true objective of the main content. Have more then one objective and more sub-objectives towards the basic point. Having more to do and having multiple mysteries makes things more scattered and hard to figure out that's what people are looking for. After all the fun of the mystery is not knowing whats going to happen. Knowing where your going is no fun at all.
  8. First let me tell you how I enjoy Railjack. I start a solo mission and back up my ship called "Cardboard Box" and finish off any enemies that follow me. I park Cardboard box in a corner of the sector and proceed to hijack a Grinear ship that I use to do the mission. Why, you ask? 2 main reasons. 1. Because after the mission I like to do a lot of material farming and most people don't. 2. I like the Grinear ship a whole lot better than that Carnival cruise ship made from cardboard we have to start the mission with. I know a lot of work went into making the Railjack ship so I'm not recommending a overhaul just because I don't find patching holes and refueling weapons while navigating 3 floors fun. I suggest that you develop new ships!! Imagine if there was only 1 warframe. That's what Railjack feels like right now! The Grinear ships could feature extremely well armored hulls that never breach except for when the ship's health reaches zero, then KABOOM!!! Mission Failed. Corpus Ships could feature Super powerful shields that use a type of fuel to replenish, but still operate like warframe shields. Each ship should still have a forgery that doesn't need to be constantly used to replenish key elements like hull health for Grinear ships and shield replenishment fuel for corpus ships. Maybe like 4 times a mission on the average. There should also be at least 4 turrets to be used at the same time (for a full crew to have fun at the same time) with different configurations per ship. Some ships could be all front facing turrets, others could be one turret on each side and one in the front and one tail gunner turret!! Not only would having multiple ships to choose from with multiple abilities (like warframes) open up new possibilities for missions but a lot more people would have more fun choosing the style of play in space!! You could group different ideas from the community in different ships!!! There could even be an unlimited range, Archwing support stat that varies from ship to ship! A ship its self could be weak and fragile but it makes your Archwings super strong!!! Another element about warframes that's missing from the current and only ship we have right now, is the ability to struggle a bit but still go solo! Sure! I found a way to do it, but my method was never intended. Currently, It's just stupid to try to use the Railjack to solo a mission. TY for listening!! Please ask in a reply if you don't understand something I said.
  9. So, every time I think "I'm going to mod my kavat today" and I go a few rounds leveling and slapping formas, I'm instantly hit with "How do I mod this cat?". Half of the slots are taken up by mandatory mods (Health link, armour link, pack leader, cat skills.) which got me thinking.. Is there any reason why Companions and Pets can't just.. have their abilities be passive triggers? Like, why do we need the mod slots for them? They take up anywhere from 2/3 mod slots, and those mod slots would allow for infinitely more viable companion builds in general. I'm sure my opinion will be disregarded, since loot vacuum should be a passive but it ain't, but I feel like just making some of these mandatory mods passives and just removing said mod cards from the game. Some of these set bonuses are genuinely quite good, but I'm finding it damn near impossible to actually make a build without having to sacrifice mandatory mods or Quality of Life stuff (Loot vacuum, for example, in a loot driven game.) Also, why doesn't the Hunter Set Bonus apply to Venari? And if it does, why doesn't the Set Bonus scale for each mod on Venari? Is there any good reason as to why, or is it because "You can do 600 damage with her tag, maybe a bit more if it crits."? Anyway, how would one fit something like Viral on a pet without having to sacrifice a QoL thing, or a "make your pet take more than one level 60 bombard rocket before dying"? While dual stats are a nice gesture, there isn't really any room for that stuff when you need stuff like Bite and Maul to make your pet do any damage (which, again, leaves you with barely any slots after Health/Armour/BleedoutDelay/PetSkills/LifeStealLink).
  10. Concept is simple really, Warframe Market Currently has Hide Own Blueprints Only I Would love to see and think would think it would help players if we can Hide BP or Items we already Mastered Option In Market Over view Problem: I'm part way through beating my way through BPs in the market for Mastery Level There is a lot and I don't like all the weapons so once they are mastered I sell the dislikes to save slots. Fine and dandy until I take a break then eventually go back at it and greeted with pages of BPs I don't own since only ever bought 1 bp of the item Item is sold because well I didn't like it and didn't need it to craft another item HOW CAN I CHECK? Memorize it against all equipment in your profile. Or Click on one of the many items - Which show you item details but no indication if you mastered it - Hover over the purchase item / BP then it will give you the stats and small icon if you mastered it Primary weapons alone in the Market take up 69 different items.... A option that cuts that down to a smaller amount easier for leveling and focuses on new items. TLDR: Remove Mastered Items in Market Show what items and BP you need to focus on and get for mastery level instead of pages of items
  11. After it was revealed that companions will be getting a overhaul I was pretty excited for it, especially the removal of stasis system, but when it was revealed that your pets can inherit traits from their parents through breeding I was starting to get concerned since I know anything with stats will always have RNG in it just like rivens etc. My question is, what will happen with our pre-made pets, especially those who we put in so much formas and potatoes into, will they get random traits as well. I hope its not the case cause I have a Sahasa Kubrow which I put a lot of love into and I was wondering can we choose which traits our pre-made will get, because I don't want my pet ruined with a trait that I never wanted.
  12. The syndicates have been around since 2014 and it`s a game mode that I play a lot of, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t play warframe that much. I think it`s about time that the six syndicates should get some improvements. Here are some ideas I have for the syndicates; Missions Syndicate Items At tennocon, DE said that they were going to add some new items to the main six syndicates. When it comes to new items, there hasn’t been any besides warframe mods so here are some things I would like to see; I would like to see a syndicate that is based around the operators only where there are operator exclusive missions and using a regalia on them in random missions to gain standing. Operator reward offerings: I think that there should not be a cap tied to your mastery rank of how much standing you get in a day. If people want to keep on getting standing, they should be able to do so. I like that the syndicates have been in quests, steel meridian have been involved in a tactical alert and the arbiters have their own game mode However, steel meridian and the arbiters haven’t had their own quests yet and I would like to see more of the syndicates in the game.
  13. Jadous


    Hey I know there are a hundred threads about focus but I think the current focus schools should give us more passive effects and less operator oriented gameplay. No one likes operators outside of eidelon hunting let's be real here. So it's annoying to have to exit my Warframe and remember that I'm actually playing as a kid instead of a cool Warframe. A few examples would be small effects, stats buffs, or something like for example the "Phoenix talons" skill seems like the best out of the others. And the gradually loss of combo meter skill (instead of losing it all). I think we need many skills of this manner which are interactive and passive without being forced to use operator mode. Edit: guess I'm the only one who is not that fond of operator which makes this my opinion.
  14. Kuva Liches 2.0 Rework Ideas Kuva Liches start as Larvlings that gain the strength of the Warframe that kills them, and become super soldiers that return from the dead until the correct sequence of Requiem mods are used to sever their immortality. A quote from the Kuch Lich at Tennocon 2019, "Your voltage ran through me. My organs fried. My mind shattered...Killed me over and over and still I grew stronger." However, the current design of the Kuch Lich system creates a Kuva Lich that does not return from the dead because it nevers dies. Whenever the incorrect requiem mods are used on it, the Lich counterattacks and kills the player's Warframe. This system does not follow the theme of immortal Liches returning from the dead and adapting to their enemies, nor does it bridge the different aspects and gameplay of Warframe (a goal Steve talked about at Tennocon 2019). Instead, it has become another island of content grind that the Tenno play while ignoring the rest of the game. Interaction with the Kuva Lich is mostly limited to Lich missions because little progress can be made outside these missions, so the Tenno must go out of their way to defeat their personal enemy. These Liches fail to act like vengeful archenemies because interactions with them feel empty due to their lack of influence on gameplay and consequences. Their effect on gameplay is limited to petty amounts of resource theft and a single death from an incorrect Requiem mod. These results have little significance both inside and outside of Lich missions. The hunt for Thralls is equally repetitive to the actual fight against the Lich, where the player uses brute force to wear down a tanky enemy that stands still and fights back with more brute force (which is a fight that is very similar to the Wolf of Saturn Six). There is more variety in the Lich’s appearance and personality than the strategy to combat them.However, the initial concept of the Kuva Lich still holds merit, and with adjustments, it can be a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here are some suggestions that I think will enhance the Kuva Lich experience. 1. Kuva Lich Design Currently: Kuva Liches do not die when attacked with the incorrect Requiem mod and will kill the Warframe in return in order to level up. The Lich starts with all 4 abilities from the progenitor Warframe. Reworked: A) Kuva Liches do not level up when they kill the Tenno but when they die. When the player kills their Lich with the wrong Requiem mod, their Lich will die only to glow and revive with a new found strength. When the Lich spawns for the first time, it starts with only one copied Warframe ability from the progenitor Warframe. With each subsequent death and level up, the Lich increases its stats and gains another stolen Warframe ability from the Warframe that deals the killing blow (this Warframe may be different from the progenitor Warframe). This results in a Lich that may hold abilities from a variety of Warframes that have dealt the final killing blow. B) The killing blow involves using the parazon to stab the Lich with a Requiem mod equipped. When the correct mod is used, the Warframe will stab the Lich and execute the Lich like how a Thrall is executed, but the Lich will stand back up to fight until all 3 correct mods are used. When the incorrect mod is used, the Warframe will stab the Lich, but unaffected by the incorrect Requiem mod, the Lich will grab the Warframe’s throat. Then the Warframe kicks the Lich away and performs a Special Execution to kill the Lich (similarly to Mortal Kombat Fatalities). After the execution, the Lich’s body will glow and regenerate as it did when it was first born, granting it a level up and new ability. These special executions are great aesthetic details that add more personality to the fight against the Lich, show off the Warframes' unique abilities, and stays consistent with the Lich remembering how the player "fried it's organs". Special Execution Examples: - Frost freeze blasts the Lich into solid ice and punches the Lich in the face causing the top half of his body to shatter into pieces and his lower half falls back lifeless. - Volt expels lightning out of his hand (possibly shouting, “Unlimited Power!”) and lifts the Lich into the air and slams it into the ground. - Mag uses her magnetic powers to lift the Lich and crush its body into a ball and lets it falls to the ground. - Wisp teleports in front of the Lich and kicks him to the ground, then opens a Sol gate point blank and melts the Lich’s face off. - Nidus uses Virulence to impale the Lich and hold it in the air, then unleashes his maggots who crawl into the Lich and eat him inside out until the Lich’s head explodes with puss. C) Each time the Lich is killed by the player, their appearance develops further showing scars and other signs of injuries to reflect their history dying to the Tenno and regenerating. Scar Examples: - If the Lich is killed with Heat/Radiation damage or Wisp’s special execution , the Lich will regenerate with burn scars on their face or a cooling system on their helmet. - If the Lich is killed with Toxin/Viral/Gas damage or Nidus’ special execution, the Lich will regenerate with the Nox helmet. The purpose of these changes are to create a more immersive experience with the Kuva Lich conflict and develop more unique characteristics for each Kuva Lich. 2. Kuva Lich Interactions and Connections Currently: Liches and Thralls are only encountered in Lich missions and that limits Murmur gain and Lich progression to those missions. Kuva Liches will steal small amounts of mission rewards on planets within Lich territory. Reworked: Kuva Liches will send Assassination squads of Thralls to kill the Tenno in regular missions (and the number of Thralls increase with the Lich level). These Thralls can be executed for Murmur gain allowing Lich progression outside of the previously designated missions. There is a greater chance of Assassination Thralls spawning on planets under Lich territory. The Lich missions within its territory can still be played as a faster method of Murmur gain and for a possible Lich encounter. Lich mission have a greater enemy spawn rate because fighting in enemy territory should yield greater numbers of enemies and more aggressive combat. In Spy missions, there is a 15% chance of gaining Murmur when perfectly cracking a vault. These changes allow for Murmur gain outside of Lich missions and reduce the need to grind the same missions, thus preventing player burnout. Liches will only steal mission rewards (at a much greater percentage than before) from the rival player when it kills its rival Warframe (and steals an even greater percentage if it kills the Warframe multiple times). If the Lich deals the killing blow to its rival Warframe, it will perform its own execution on the Warframe and place a Kuva Collar on the defeated Warframe. The Kuva Collar is an ugly collar that will be placed around a defeated Warframe’s neck and be a symbol of shame and defeat. It can only be removed when the Lich is defeated. Other Warframes in the Arsenal will be unaffected by the collar. The collar will provide a single random debuff to the Warframe. Kuva Collar Debuff Examples: The Warframe takes 25% more damage from the Grineer. The Warframe will be targeted and attacked more aggressively by the Grineer (even if there are other Tenno in the squad). The Warframe has -25% sprinting speed. No effect except for looking ugly and ruining your Fashion frame. These changes connect the Kuva Lich content to other islands of content and bridges them together. They also create a more significant and personal consequence to losing to your Lich. 3. Kuva Lich Boss Fight Currently: The Kuva Lich fight has 3 phases in his health bar where he behaves exactly the same throughout the fight. The only way to fight the Lich is with brute force and high damage. The Lich will sometimes grab and throw a Warframe. Reworked: The Lich spawns right in front of its rival Warframe, and if the targeted player runs away and reaches a certain distance, the Lich teleports to him (like a Flameblade or Warden) and performs a knockback slam. The Lich will prioritize attacking its personal enemy over his squad mates (like the Stalker). When the Lich initially spawns, it falls from the air and performs a superhero landing that creates a shockwave and knockback. Liches often spawn a long distance away from the rival Warframe, so this teleporting ability can bring the Lich to the player and reduce backtracking through the mission. The Lich will no longer grab the Warframe and throw them as an attack. Instead, the Lich has its own parazon, which it uses to stab the Warframe and hold it in the air while draining the Warframe's energy. During this short period, the player being held can use his Operator to attack the Lich with a Void Blast and free their Warframe. Having more energy will make the Lich take longer to drain the Warframe. If the operator is too late, the Warframe will be drained of all its energy and receive a Lich mark for the duration of the mission. If 3 Lich marks are accumulated, the Lich will execute the Warframe and instantly kill the player. Having this counterplay with the operator in the Lich fight makes the fight more interactive and enjoyable. If the operator is within range of the Lich while the Lich is fighting and not draining a Warframe, the Lich will grab the operator and throw them into the ground (like they do currently with Warframes) and send the operator back into the Warframe. Kuva Liches have weak points on their armor that can be targeted (similarly to Sargas Ruk, Lech Kril, and the Ambulas). If these weak points are destroyed, the Lich will be debuffed and become easier to defeat. This avoids the same problem as with the Wolf of Saturn Six where the boss was much too tanky and the fight was too long. Debuff Examples: A shining light is located on 3 parts of the Lich’s armor, and when they are shot and destroyed, the Lich’s chest piece or helmet will fall off and the Lich loses a great amount of armor stats or headshots will deal 10 times more damage. The Lich has a tubing mechanism (like Lech Kril) on its back, and when they are destroyed, the Lich becomes vulnerable to status damage. Converted Kuva Liches can be summoned as a Lich Specter using a specter gear item. If summoned during a fight with another Kuva Lich, the converted Lich will grapple the enemy Lich and hold them still to create opportunities of vulnerability where the Lich will have a reduced armor stat and the player can attack freely. If the enemy Lich stabs the Warframe with the Lich parazon to drain its energy, the converted Lich can attack the enemy Lich and free the Warframe. This gives converted Liches more functions and establishes another strategy to combating the Kuva Lich. A favorite Converted Lich can be equipped in the Arsenal to designate which Lich to summon, and the Lich can be customized with color palettes and possibly special Lich mods. Kuva Lich behavior will change during the boss fight depending on how much health it has. The 3 health bars will also indict the phase of the boss fight. Phase 1: The Kuva Lich spawns with his entourage of Thralls and uses his stolen Warframe abilities to attack the Tenno. Phase 2: The Kuva Lich begins using super moves to attack the Tenno. These super moves are telegraphed by red highlighted areas to indict where the Lich will attack. The supermoves deals massive amounts of damage so the players must move to dodge the attack. During the charge up of the super move, the Lich will be invincible. Super Move Examples: The Lich raises its arm and charges a ball of energy above its head, then throws the ball into the ground and causes a great explosion of electric energy. The Lich targets a wide cone in front of it and creates a great vacuum of energy that sucks in the players that are caught in the area of effect and brings them towards the Lich, then the Lich unleashes a series of attacks with an energy blade and deals a great amount of radiation damage. Phase 3: The Kuva Lich summons a group of special Thralls with increased stats and drains energy from these Thralls. During this time, the Lich has greatly increased damage, armor, and speed until these Thralls are executed. Another purpose of these Thralls is to encourage squadmates to assist in defeating a Lich because this phase spawns more Thralls that provide Murmur and will benefit them. The Lich will also use new advanced fighting techniques. Advanced Fighting Technique Examples: The Lich turns invisible and when in range of enemy Warframes, stabs them from behind with the Lich parazon and instantly gives them a Lich mark. The Lich summons a group of grineer units and disguises his appearance to match them, then when the disguised Lich approaches a Warframe, it slams the ground and knocks down and damages Warframes, but also reveals his true identity. Brute force (which is the current and only strategy), destroying weak points, and summoning converted Lich Specters are different strategies to defeating the Kuva Lich, and having this variety makes the fight fresh and interesting. The counterplay strategies allow players to combat the Lich even if they do not have an optimal weapon set up with Rivens and maxed out forma polarizations. The brute force strategy is what forces players to use the “meta” weapons, such as the Catchmoon, which had such a high usage rate that it had to be nerfed. 4. Kuva Lich Relay Assault (A new idea) Previously, Sargas Ruk attacked a Tenno Relay, and the Tenno fought to defend it and drive him out. As a new mission event, the Kuva Liches attack a Tenno Relay, and the Tenno will once again fight to protect their Relay. However, this time, the 4 Kuva Liches of the 4 squad members will team up for a giant 4 vs 4 boss fight inside the Relay. The Liches will bring an army of Thralls that can be defeated for Murmur and assist in Lich Progression. However, the Tenno will not fight alone because Tenno operatives, such as the Rescue/Defense Agent, Syndicate Agents (from Red Veil, Steel Meridian, .etc), and Clem will fight alongside the players as NPC allies. The Kuva Liches and Thralls vs the Tenno and Relay allies will be an invasion event tracked as a Construction Status mission like the Fomorian Sabotage and Razorback Armada, and its progress will be measured by the number of Kuva Liches defeated. Entry to this mission will require an active Kuva Lich and a special key that can be built with Kuva as one of its crafting materials. Entry into this special mission can require a key built from a freely provided reusable blueprint with Kuva as one of its resources. This event has the Kuva Liches taking the initiative and bringing the fight to the Tenno rather than the Tenno finding and hunting them. It also provides a boost in Murmur gain in a mission with limited availability. This culminating showdown shows that the Kuva Liches can team up and fight just like the Tenno.
  15. On Saint of Altra (Update 25.7) released on August 9, 2019, [DE]Rebecca has posted about Cold Status Effects and somehow I've found posts that this change also affected Limbo in terms of pausing status duration. I noticed this when I was defending the railjack from Ramsled teams when I was playing Limbo (Yes, that Limbo that banishes and freezes enemies) and I have a Slash/Gas Status Zaw that applies both Bleed and AoE Toxin effect and noticed that some of the DoT Status has been expired. I did not play Warframe during this update and other players are telling me that this got changed months ago. So I went to the Simulacrum to test and made a conclusion that it did change. Here is a GIF demonstration of a Bleed Status Expiring. I was immediately sad when I found out about a Status Effect being expired during Stasis. Stasis used to stop the status duration which is niche but pretty creative mechanic. If you've watched Triburos' Riftbound video where he gets to bleed procs, the foundation has been created that the status effects during stasis will last indefinitely until Stasis runs out or the affected target dies. While the video was years old, it was still prevalent until the update happened. It was a good survivability tool and the fact that it has taken away kind gimped Limbo's survivability against higher leveled mobs... since Status Duration is pretty decent against higher leveled enemies especially with Life Strike (This still works, just not effectively indefinite). I've also noticed that the post [DE]Rebecca posted above has never mentioned once about Limbo. It mentioned about "Freeze" effects such as Atlas' Petrifying Gaze and Gara's Mass Vitrify. Frost's Freeze and Avalanche and Limbo's Stasis is implicitly mentioned since they are indeed "Freeze" effects. There are other posts that mentioned about Limbo's Stasis Change. ... So I have a question to Digital Extremes. Time heals all wounds... except when you're frozen in time. Is it intended for Status Effects to expire when a target is frozen? Is it intended that Freeze Effect pauses the duration of a Status Effect? This is a question that [DE]Tweep did not seem to understand: The change was that Freeze Effects no longer prevents other Status Effects to be applied. The question is whether or not a Freeze Effect supposed to pause the duration of a Status Effect. I'm asking for an intention here because the first statement was never the case for Limbo's Stasis. I also want to make sure because I'm also starting to think that [DE]Rebecca is also confused about the difference between a Cold Status Effect (Which is actually chill by the way) and an actual Freeze Status. If it is intended to pause the duration of a Status Effect, then not only this change doesn't make sense but also Limbo players are not going to be happy. You might as well swap one of the Limbo's tip into something else since all other Warframe CC also does this. If it is NOT intended to pause the duration of a Status Effect, then this may be a bug. A side effect of the change listed by [DE]Rebecca that Freeze no longer prevents other Status Effects to be applied. I'm about to assume it is intended after reading this closely but I want to know DE's stance on this because ironically this actually detriments Limbo's survivability against higher leveled enemies. Again, Limbo's Stasis did not prevent Status Effects to be applied. Don't get me wrong, Limbo will be fine after the changes. But I think it is unfortunate that this change botches one of Limbo's creative ways to use his abilities. I SERIOUSLY think all Freeze Abilities (not just Limbo's Stasis exclusively) should allow all Status Effects to be Applied and SHOULD be able to halt the duration of the Status Effects until Freeze expires. What do you guys think? What do DE members think? P.S. Also please fix Cryotra's Visual Beam, my poor MOA misses it a lot. Also [DE]Rebecca, you might want to clarify the difference between a Cold Status Effect (Should be a chill, y'know the status effect that slow enemies) and an actual ability that Freezes enemies (Such as Frost's 1 and 4).
  16. Jadous

    Buff companions

    Kubrows and kavats only viable on inaros with link mods. Simply because they are too squishy otherwise with buggy/stupid AI. Only 3 sentinels are above trash tier in their usefulness/utility.(damage is a joke btw). And moas are ok. In my opinion the game has evolved alot over the years and companions have many useless abilities now that we have many ways to generate energy, resources, etc (basically everything sentinels and pets used to do but better). Kavats and moas are clearly the best in terms of usefulness while kubrows and sentinels are garbage in comparison. A good solution would be to overhaul the companion and sentinel stats and their mods to make them a big part of the game not just some mr fodder. Share your suggestions below .
  17. So after the Kuva LICH system was added in the game I feel like they really need to add the ability to make multiple forma or even reduce the craft time from 24hrs to 12hrs. Having the option to make multiple items of the same type would help alot of people in the game that feels like we are getting force to buy forma in the market. And if this was posted already disregard the the TOPIC thanks.
  18. Hi guys! I'm an MR 21 player, I have 538 hours on this game according to in-game statistics, and I still play FOR FUN! This is why; I love the level design. I like the attention to detail and the multitude of secret rooms splayed all over the place and being able to stumble across them is a joy for a player like me because it feels like the game was designed to be explored and enjoyed! Hunting caches, playing stealth, or just plain goofing around in solo missions is fun because I still find stuff I didn't know before. I love the open worlds. I like Fortuna more because of K-Drives and the general atmosphere, but I also just love them for all the mini activities you can do. Fishing is fun, mining is fun, hunting is reeeally fun, especially with the Business talking about the animals and the description of each critter. The tracking and the fact that the Business really sounds passionate about it is great. When you want to stop doing that, there's always the enemy encampments all over the place with their own little layouts and the big menacing bosses patrolling them. It's great. I love the Jupiter rework. By far the most fun map to traverse with all the new sights and the wide open space to really utilize all the frame's mobility. I like Gauss too. He's slowly one-upping my previous main, Nezha, because of his speed and his damage resistance. He's not as good as tanking in higher levels but for just playing around he's great. I like the Cephalon fragments and the Codex entries, and the little sub-codex entries within the codex entries in the lore fragments. Neat touch. Kuva Fortress is AMAZING. So tightly detailed with multiple objectives per mission. The quest to sneak around in the Kuva Fortress gave me some real Dishonoured vibes. Stealthing inside some industrialized fortress, utilizing its architectural details for your own benefit is superb. My point is that all these micro details applied to a macro-environment composed of the actual levels in the game is fantastic. Also WEAPON VARIETY! I love the weapons being so gosh darned varied, with all these unique firing modes and reload animations and sounds and ouh, it's just so good. I'm still leveling MR and discovering new weapons that I just love using instead of the damage numbers or stats is still amazing. I'm sure there's more things I enjoy about the game that I haven't listed, and by now you'll understand that I'm a player with an appreciative eye for detail. However, that eye comes with drawbacks, because you start to notice little cracks or unseen potential. From this point onward it'll be a bit spoilery. I'll try to note the spoiler beforehand but please read at your own risk if you haven't completed the main series of quests. Nitpick: Why do frames need life support? The Operator quests have established that the Warframes are basically spoiler metal and flesh puppets /spoiler, so why do they need to breathe? Even in Infested missions where the air is filled with spores but the Frames are immune to the infestation anyway? In Archwing missions I suppose there's some life support pack attached to the Archwing, but if that is the case and we can already take Archguns on the field, why don't we have life support packs on us at all times, like our enemies do? It's a story inconsistency. Slightly bigger Nitpick: spoiler Why are we doing missions with the Lotus gone? /spoiler all our capture targets are going to who? Our spy data is for what? Why are all our defense objectives cryopods? And if they are something we have to defend why do we extract whenever we want, if extraction was already available? The main story sequence is amazing and well written so why is the gameplay fluff text so superficial? I do know that there is this 'cause' we keep working with, all those rescue targets and people like Maroo and the Relays are all Tenno oriented, but we don't ever see our missions accomplishing anything, besides unlocking new missions to do. Real issue: Kuva Liches only have two personalities? They have quirks that just add a line or two to an already existing personality that's shared by every Lich by gender. I've killed about 8 so far and they all say the same lines except a difference in voice pitch and a few of them having a fear of Kubrows. I liked this one Lich, she was big, imposing, masked, had a Kuva Shildeg, and I wanted to keep her, except for the fact that she had the same personality of the last two or three Liches I killed. Even the Lich I currently have converted, my first Lich, has the same personality this one did. I don't know why anyone would convert a Lich. They only show up after you die once, if it's programmed some other way it really isn't working that way, and they stay for so little a time they may as well not have shown up at all. And, there's no way to interact with them otherwise. Biggest issue: Stop giving us new frames. I know I've said I like Gauss and he's a fairly new frame, but seriously, stop. With so many close together they don't feel too unique, and I have every frame except for like 3 and I don't even use 70% of them, and even then the frames I do use serve a specific purpose. Like Saryn on Sanctuary Onslaught, even though my playstyle is a run-and-gun Gauss/Nezha. There are so many inconsistencies and forgotten quirks and traits in the game, like a series of strings that aren't tied together, that should be fixed to give the game a more solid core, rather than adding more content that's going to end up as more loose strings. he Lich system is pretty bad. I still play it for fun, but only on Solo, and because I appreciate the little sounds when Thralls appear and the challenge of using low ranked weapons in a high level mission. I don't play pub because people rush or exploit the system for murmurs, the Liches themselves are boring because they're all the same, and the only good things about it is how the Liches look, the new Mercy animations, and the Kuva weapons. Railjack is far better but also suffers from a lot of issues. But I'm not the only one talking about that. What's the purpose of the Quills? Farm Eidolons to craft better amps to be better at farming Eidolons? Maybe for the Quill arcanes? People just use Energize these days, and that's because energy generation for certain frames is pretty abhorrent. I loved Ember before the rework, she was my first main. I love her even more after the rework, because she's so fun to play. But I can't actually play her like a flame berserker she feels she's designed for because she's so energy hungry. Round up the base gameplay. Steve talks about how he wants to make everything connected, and I love that idea. I can't wait for that idea, and I know that you guys at DE are aware of some of these inconsistencies. Bring us that. Make everything connect. Make us feel like we're having an impact in the world. Because when I go onto missions and actually look around, see the beauty of where I am and all the little secret rooms and details and tidbits I encounter, but then hear a glitchy Lotus tell me some vague reason for why I'm here, knowing that my efforts here are only going to be registered in resources or credits for myself and that I will never see what the 'cause' is.. It makes me a little sad. It feels like there's two halves of development. One putting genuine art and fun into the game, and the second tying it all together crudely to make it economic; to reel in new players as quick as possible and cater to an audience that doesn't appreciate what you guys can do. You guys have always been a frontier for game development. People very often compare other games to yours, with yours being the better example. So why is this connectivity not implemented yet? Why would you have the perfect stage to show what a game of this magnitude and style can achieve, but resort to doing things you've done dozens of times over, with new frames and models and some filler animations and cosmetics. You guys have always pushed the game to the next step, but that step hasn't been taken in a while. Empyrean was the closest to the next step, but everyone knows it's incomplete. I'll love what it is when it actually is finished, but that doesn't mean it's the only step you guys can take. Like Steve has said, Empyrean is not an expansion, but a tool to connect the elements of the game already present. I'd like to see that mentality adapted to more elements of the game rather than just the next big thing.
  19. I would like to ask why "account transfer" is not a thing or would it be supported in "near future?". I've been playing the game since release on Playstation 4 and I'm currently in the process of switching over to PC. The issue is that there seems no possible way to transfer data, I have over 1,500 hours in the game over the span of a few years and losing it all seems to be a waste.I could understand there being issues with Tennogen items since on PC real world currency is used however on Console it's platinum, a simple resolution to that is a prompt saying that you have to buy these items. Digital Extremes is one of the few game companies that has my respect, I have supported them over the years and I would still like to do so but only on PC. Being able to left off where I was on Playstation but over here on PC would be highly appreciated as I have friends on PC that also play Warframe.I'm sure this is a feature that many people would want to be added to the game, but in a way that it doesn't ruin said market on either place. Being able to switch from Console to PC but there's either a one time thing or make it re-doable in a few months to wait for content to be on same time period .However if there's no way around this or no plan to support this feature then I must say that this is where I must say good bye. Thanks DE, for being one of the few companies that actually cares about gaming.
  20. So I've noticed that once a booster is bought they start immediately, which isn't necessarily bad. What does become a bit of a bummer is how the countdown still goes while a player is offline. Not every player can milk out the hours of the boosters, playing non-stop. I'm not aware of there being a 'toggle' for boosters but I'm curious to see if this could be implemented. The hours a booster is active for should be while the player is active and online. I'm not sure how the inner clock mechanics work in the game but it would be nice to have boosters purchased feel well worth the value.
  21. I've been making bug reports for the past couple of days and I've been recording videos for the majority of them in order to prove that the bug exists as well has how to attempt to replicate the bug. I've been using Streamable for this, but unlike YouTube videos, I can't embed the video directly onto the post (I don't want people to have to click on the link just to watch a video; they should just be able to see it directly onto the post itself.) If we could have a way to embed these videos onto the forum post like we can with YouTube videos, then that would be great.
  22. Tenho muitas sugestões no jogo, mas guardo e geralmente não comento, mas quero fazer uma sobre o rail jack... Esse novo modo de jogo é sem dúvida maravilhoso, e tem um potencial de ser algo cada vez maior, uma coisa que me incomoda quando jogo é o tamanho da nave de tripulação inimiga, ela é muito grande por dentro e pequena por fora, ja percebi isso no rail jack mas a nave de tripulação inimiga é desproporcional demais... Outra ideia que eu tive é colocar limite nas "classes" de tripulação, assim cada tenno só poderá usar 2 classes, pois fica muito injusto quando um tenno coloca tudo no máximo, assim ficando muito fácil. Outra ideia é que quando reparar as fissuras da nave ficar a marca do reparo, e ter a função de pagar no dojo uma pequena quantia de créditos ou recurso para fazer o reparo geral dela, pensem também em colocar um sistema de combustível, em que os jogadores tenham que voltar ao dojo para reabastecer (depois de 3 ou 4 missões) para depois voltar ao jogo, percebi que tem naves de tripulação na planície parecida com as do rail jack, seria com poder pilotar elas mesmo com movimentação limitada (veículos funcionais são muito divertidos)... Eu jogo esse jogo a 4 anos ou mais, e sempre busco lógica no jogo, sempre vejo cada parte e tento inserir a lógica ali, e algumas vezes esse pouquinho de lógica faz o jogo ficar ainda mais divertido e da mais animação de jogar, é uma sugestão razoavelmente pequena, já que tenho muitas, uma delas é um conclave de rail jack, mas de que não fique uma coisa injusta igual o conclave normal. Obrigado pelo amor ao jogo e espero que continue crescendo cada vez mais.😀
  23. I was crew on 5 railjack missions today. Four aborted, 3 at the end of searching the sentient outpost at the start of the mission. I can only assume this represents abort farming, if the desired item is not found, the mission is aborted. I must say I am really pissed off. I put in the time and effort to help and loose everything. Must be a way to prevent this behavior. I have not experienced the same thing elsewhere in rialjack. Zekace
  24. Affinity Boosters · Make it affect syndicate standing. · Make them affect affinity from completing riven. Credit Booster · This affects nightwave credits. Resource Boosters · Make it affect kuva reward from sorties and medallions from syndicates. · Make them affect the resources from extractors. Drop Chance Boosters · Make them increase the chance you get a rare resource from extractors. Mod Boosters · Make them increase the drop chance of rare mods. All Boosters · Whether you buy a booster or receive it as a reward (sortie, login) you will be sent an inbox giving you the option to activate it. · When you logoff, the countdown stops until you log back in.
  25. So, stats are random and during your playthrough you will probably encounter 100s of useless weapons with crappy random stats. In order to not be overwhelmed by it, I marked best stats on certain weapons by wasting some amount of credits on them. Currently this is the only way to distinguish them. But what should I do now, when for example I marked Lavan Carcinox with 55% FR and found 59.6% FR Carcinox. Obviously I would craft the 2nd but I will be unable to get rid of the 1st one since I wasted some materials on that. Can DE fix this issue?
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