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  1. With the introduction to Kahl, we know Grineer can use our weapons. Is it too far fetched to think those that steal them can use them? Pressing X on the enemy that took the weapon would make you perform a parazon kill.
  2. Self-damage is a really bad idea. There's a reason it got removed. 75% of your hp in 1 shot? It sounds horrible! This will only make shield gating abusing even more dominant and armor even more useless. And yes, I know it won't be 75% if you don't aim close to you, but with how Warframe plays, with players moving around like parkour athletes on steroids inside tight spaces with moving doors, objects, pets and other players running in front of you all the time, even 25% per shot is too punishing. It wasn't working back then and it won't work now. There are other ways to lower the usage stats of aoe weapons without making them unusable: - Lower the range even more(nothing should have more than 5m of aoe) - Move some of the aoe damage to the initial hit from the projectile, so people will start aiming more - Remove firestorm and primed firestorm from the game - Limit the aoe to line of sight only Both self-damage and self-stagger do not belong in Warframe. The beauty of this game is that you have a variety of warframes and weapons to choose from, With self-damage you make a whole category of weapons completely unusable for frames that rely on health and armor to survive. Let us keep the choice of how to play the game. That was always Warframe's strong point. Having fun in a game is important. We are not just a bunch of numbers on a paper.
  3. Why not make fashion for weapon effects as well? I mean, create effects for all these explosions, projectiles and other effects the weapons do, when they shoot. Games like Path of Exile and many others have a systems like this, and they are wildly popular systems too.. I would personally be buying all the different effects. Some of the bow arrows for example have stuff like this, but I mean the real weapon explosions etc. I am absolutely certain people would be buying that stuff... How hard would it be to make? I dont know, but this is just an idea. It would be a fun way to make the game more enjoyable, without always having to listen to us cry, not being happy about any changes.. Let US put the effects on our guns, so we can also be happy about it as well.. Everyone knows fashion is the real endgame, when Warframe doesnt have a normal endgame ^^ I will put one example below. This is the same skill, with 2 different effects on them:
  4. So i just seen the dev stream and... im looking forward to Revenant prime and phantasma prime but tatsu? Not so much. I think long nikanas are probably the worst weapon type in the game and the one horrible stance mod doesn't help out. i can't imagine it being good without some kind of rework.
  5. Now that all platforms are basically getting updates at the same time, I think several areas of the forums should be cleaned up. [Platform] Release notes should be consolidated. and the actual Release notes should have a General section that applies to all platforms and if there are any specific issues they can be in a section of the same. So Main Body Introducing Bob our 234 warframe.... comes with the following new signature weapons....a spitball and a straw to launch it with.. CHanges nerfed xyz buffed mno Fixes General - blah blah PC Specific - fixed xyz XBOX - nothing specific PS - fix controller blah balh And the bug reports should be consolidated to a single group. currently I have to browse PC, xbox, ps, etc to see if a bug has been reported, then report it on my platform if not. And presumably your developers need to read 5 different forums with a pile of duplicate issues. would be much better (and now that tags are enforced) To have one section. A [platformX] user could report a bug, and a [platformY] could respond to that SAME post and say yes- it happens on platformY too.
  6. I know a lot of players will disagree, but I don't think Dragon Keys are supposed to act as buffs for our Warframes. I absolutely hate that Warframes that can't take a hit from high level enemies have to abuse the key + Augur and/or Brief Respite to be viable. The problem comes from the fact that shield gating is tied to whether we have our maximum amount of shields up or not before losing all of it. I thought about a couple of approach angles as suggestions to solve the issue if any dev sees the problem as I do: Change Decaying Dragon Keys so that they do not affect our max shield values or the max overshield values, but rather make it seem like our shield is damaged from the start and never let it or the overshield to charge above the 25%. This way we would never have the max amount of overshield time when we equip the Decaying Dragon Key. Another approach I thought about would be to calculate shield gating time with mods and with overshield like this: { base shield gating time * (((+ shield % from mods equipped)/100) + ((% of overshield you have)/100) from the 1200 maximum (higher for harrow of course)) } or with some kind of other formula that makes naturally shield based Warframes benefit more from shield gating than those Warframes that have high base health and armor values Buff Augur mods and Brief Respite since without shield gating there's almost no time to utilize them without interruption on high levels And I would definitely put some kind of indicator either on the healthbar or on the status effect layout to indicate that we are currently in the "shield gating state" per say.
  7. Ludonarrative dissonance is the conflict between a video game's narrative told through the story and the narrative told through the gameplay. And prison break mission is suffering heavily from this . Let me explain. Wolf of Saturn Six can manage to escape from a grineer prison with maximum security and done that with literally breaking the prison's walls. He can nail a corpus to a wall with his hammer like nothing, he can go toe to toe with all mighty warframes , even manage to not get controled by by a mind control device combining the tech of corpus and sentient and get the controll of the device to controll other hybirds of the corpus. But in this mission bunch of every day grineer with grakatas and two corpus with supras can manage to kill it while warframes cound't ? I mean DE did you started hiring writers from disney or netflix to broke the lore that heavily ? I know entrati girl said Wolf is heavily damaged but considering the fighting style and the things he was doing with his hammer he doesn't look injured. At least you can give him a new heavily damaged model with diffrent animations so maybe this scenario might be hold its own. But with the current state script is crumbling. Please fix that issue as soon as posible. Majority of the community is caring for the lore and still to this day not even spoiling to new comers. So mistakes like this might damage the community .
  8. I'm on the latest iOS version and for a few weeks I haven't received any notification anymore. Before this I used to get them twice. Now nothing... Pls have a look as double is better than nothing at all.
  9. This is going to be a direct conversation about the recent backlash DE has gotten about their game changes and also a challenge against this video right here. Just to be clear because folks can be slow everything I put in “quotations” are things he says in his vid word for word. The Simple fact is yes Warframe is getting review bombed and it’s very excessive. Several things have been much more deserving of this within warframe and yet have not caused such an EXCESSIVE amount of negative reviews which I will explain later. So the points made in this video were the following • “Players who have played the game for the last 2-3 years with the aoe meta are unhappy with the compete 180 by DE” Aoe has been an issue DE has been trying to mitigate since the change from Self Damage to Self Stagger. Trying to say they did a whole 180 is incorrect. They had to remove the fundamental flaw that Self Damage caused, it was a significantly bigger and immediate issue compared to the foreseeable Aoe meta abundance that would come later on and was made worse through the Primary and Secondary Buffs in the years. No.2 Players being used to the consistent Aoe play is the exact problem whether you chose to accept that or not. Causing players to be more wary of their surroundings and to focus the use of Aoe on more hordes of enemies instead of having the ability to explode a single alone butcher “just because you can” is what DE thinks is what’s best and I honestly agree with the decision the same applies to Wukong you just can’t expect your clone to do all the work without a single thought in my eyes. • ”We think the Review Bombers are just noob brainless Wukong mains” Now this stigma does exist but considering how dependent you guys are on the Aoe meta and see absolutely no other method of play in the slightest to the point you have chosen to REVIEW BOMB is not helping the stigma at all. Especially considering the fact Aoe is almost just as affective as it was pre-nerf the only direct nerf that isn’t associated with player decision like the use of their ammo consumption would be the nerf of Primed Firestorm and Fulmination of 22% and Celestial now taking self stagger (which can simply be prevented if you have Sure footed in your load out) Aoe is now just a player conscience method of play and no nerfs in damage fire rate or innate radius have been made. No.2 The dependency on Aoe to get through content is a problem to put it simply. Players have been able to zarr wu-clone their way through the game and sp with no repercussions and the change is bringing up an intense backlash of players who simply aren’t good enough for any other type of play (I’m not saying everyone but clearly a large majority) despite Aoe not even being “gone/over” as much as they desperately attempt to say it is. However just to put a nail on the coffin I’m going to say this MR means *NOTHING* and yes you can reach high content with Aoe alone don’t let that number fool you these high MR players are just as brain dead as the low MR ones no matter how much their playtime tells you using players “play time” instead of their usage stats is a wrong measurement when talking about the issue and “who to take seriously”. Infact to play devils advocate I actually used Wukong and Zarr/Bramma a lot especially for SP interception when everyone essentially already completed it or wasn’t bothered anymore so I couldn’t Lobby with anyone. What was I supposed to do? Use a sniper? PLS 😂 but I kid you not nothing significant has changed in my style of play when I recently did it again all it takes is a bit of conscience play. Players who rely on it being piss easy for every little thing aren’t essentially playing sorry. •“Most of the people who watch Twitch or YT videos or in Subforums Twitch are the minority talking about Twitch numbers ect” This is what broke the camel’s back for me because Warframe is a MMO looter shooter with currently no rewarding nor invested nor balanced PvP not only that but it’s a high investment long term game. This isn’t Genshin Fortnite or any of those games you desperately want it to be *as of now*. To say Warframe doesn’t receive high viewer count on YouTube for its type of game is wrong because it does and it can be very entertaining with new Tubers like coolkid369 becoming more popular. No.2 now this is what really bugs me to say we call you guys brainless Wukong mains ect but to turn around and say we are just loud and angry redditors or in the subforums is insane. Especially considering that in my personal experience on *multiple* occasions, if you agree with DE even in the *slightest* on things you get called a boot licker by these type of people. •“If DE only listened to these people” this is what not only broke the camel’s back but shot it’s hoof because not only did he NOT read what they were saying but also if there’s one thing about the warframe community is that it’s polarising as ever hell with sides having completely different opinions and most of the time incoherent and not concise. A chunk of the player base just simply don’t know what they’re talking about. I kid you not I was in a thread that suggested there should be ABSOLUTELY no way to stop self stagger and Prime Sure Footed shouldn’t exist despite the mod investment endo credits and time gate for you to even use it. Infact here’s the thread : Legit players saying The Wukong Nerf is RACIST as an argument (I honestly thought this was a straight up lie at first but no.. it’s REAL 😂) o.0 both sides of the spectrum are crazy and you expect me as someone who sees these things not tolerate you guys let alone DE who is kinda forced to be listen to the whole community when this is y’all takes? Now for things I agree with •“DE’s Leftist Authoritarian Stance” (idk why he put it like that but… okay) (This quote has nothing to do with the games economics or politics but more so an idiom to exaggerate his point of the “We know what’s best we do what we want” mindset DE has and) I kid you not this is the only thing I personally agree with as I’ve seen this with my own eyes especially during the Prime Resurgence Plat Issue. I was forefront calling DE out saying they shouldn’t be cheating players out of what they promised especially after they attempted their “it’s too late to change” garbage I was the one of the most disgusted ppl by that response which you can see here: However Calling out what’s wrong and having a genuine opinion/stance whilst other in the community will try and say “no you’re just wrong” with no explanation is why DE gets away with it so much. the polarising player base allows DE to make decisions on our behalf because clearly as a whole “we don’t know what we want” everything is controversial. Want raids? one side yes the other no. Want PvP one side yes the other side no. Want a rework? Yes the other side no. Do You Like Warframe? “yEs” “nO” and pages and pages of conflict it’s ridiculous. I’m not saying the rework is perfect NO especially considering the nerf to Arcane Merciless and Ammo regeneration weps being nerfed too much imo like there’s no need for my kitgun to now have 9 magazine? Or why my clone can’t also pick up ammo that it comes across and share our Vacuum range? Changes like that. But still the Aoe ammo and Wukong changes/nerfs were a good start to a problem in the meta that used to reward afk/non-interactive play. Review Bombing Warframe is the worst thing you can do especially about a change that WAS NOT THAT BAD? I can think of several things that could have been Review Bombed about but this??? •Prime Resurgence •Railjack •Atlas Prime Mod Drop Chance booster Loot Frame Nerf •Chat Moderators •DE just simply doing wtf they want like Dormi-zones instead adding/bringing back things the players want like •Raids •New Features to Converted Lich/Sisters (Reb legit just said NO) •Companion changes •3rd Orb Mother •Eidolon UI changes •Host Migration ect are things I can name on the top of my head but I digress. So to conclude is Warframe getting Review Bombed Yes but for the wrong reason Anyways Thankyou for listening to my Ted Talk
  10. No Golden Hand spawned early in the mission, had to cap the target so they didn't run, finished the hand and then no candidate spawned. Yes I used the right crown. Yes I qualified for rank 1. I hit all 3 ranks. This is not anything that can be pinned on me, save it. I'd wager this is due to the nerfs put in place on enemy spawns after a target cap so that people couldn't farm oxium easily years ago. It screwed up a lot of stuff then, and it's still doing it. It's already an almost unbearably annoying and frustrating process just to get a candidate to spawn with a weapon you want. I'm 100% not running anything slower than capture. We should not still be putting up with this layer cake of grind and RNG on top of buggy tedium with the system out this long. This is 100% why I never finished these weapons and why I hope this system gets shelved for good. I just wasted a whole run without even a shot at a weapon I don't have yet because heaven forbid people a couple years ago could farm oxium in a way you didn't intend, but still required effort. Oh, and I got a Mortuus Shoulder Guard, which is still literally a reward of literally nothing, since it gets auto cleared from your inventory and you don't even get credits for it. You still have a reward of 0 in these crappy drop tables because you can't stand the idea of putting one-off items in a vendor for people to buy. It's insane.
  11. What the title says. You took a stat away from it without any real meaningful change. I know this is kinda short and i was gonna add stuff but i'm gonna stay on topic instead of being clickbaity for other complaints i have.
  12. tl;dr This will be a larger post since I want to go on a few tangents. For this reason, here's a quick summary of what I'm proposing. Explanation for why to follow. Disconnect Melee Weapon Block from Aim and Glide. Turn them into their own separate mechanics which don't automatically trigger each other unprompted. Make Melee Weapon Autoblock interruptible by all other actions in the game. Move, shoot, cast, etc. - every action. Allow Melee Weapon Autoblock to trigger even when not holding a melee weapon (potentially only when holding Primary/Secondary weapon). If no melee weapon is equipped, Warframe would block with arms in a small cone. That's it. What is Autoblock? Firstly, a Block is an action of every melee weapon, used to block incoming damage. As of Melee 3.0, all damage is negated, but only in a cone in front of the player. This used to be accessed only by fully equipping a Melee weapon and holding the Aim/Block key. As of Melee 3.0, blocking was made automatic after the use of Quick Melee, which "sort of but not really" equips the Warframe's melee weapon. This is a problem for two reasons. The first and more technical reason is that Melee Weapon Block (which is what Autoblock is) is in fact an extension of the Aim state. Triggering block - both manually and automatically - in fact triggers Aim. Because Glide is part of Aim (hence, "aimglide"), this also has the effect of triggering Glide if the Block activates in the air. Additionally, Block currently overrides player inputs, as the player is locked in the Aim/Block mode. What this means is that if Autoblock triggers in the air (such as if the player blocks a shot while jumping), that player is locked into a Glide until they stop taking damage or hit the ground... or fall out of bounds. The second reason is one of convenience. For Autoblock to trigger, the melee weapon needs to be "sort of but not really" equipped via triggering Quick Melee. However, Quick Melee immediately launches into a melee attack during which the Warframe can't block. It's thus difficult ranging on impossible to react to incoming damage via Melee block, especially with a slower weapon. Either the player needs to be psychic and trigger the Quick Melee animation early in order to have the weapon equipped in time, or the player eats unnecessary damage in the process. Both of these, I think, require a solution. What am I actually proposing? Firstly, the entire Aim system needs to be revamped, and its distinct components pulled into their own systems. This is something I believe should be done regardless of any other melee system changes, in fact. Let players Aim without Gliding, Glide without Aiming and Block without doing either of those. Aim can stay on the Aim key by default, Glide can move to a long hold of Jump (similar to Sprint/Roll) and Block can to its own independent system. With a melee weapon fully equipped (long hold Quick Melee), Aim would be entirely unavailable, and the Aim/Block key (or a dedicated Block key) would block, instead. Secondly, Block needs to be interruptible. Right now, Blocking an attack in the air can lock the player's controls for extended periods of time. This needs to change. The player needs to be able to override the Block action by moving, attacking, casting abilities - pretty much anything else the player can do. Broadly speaking, this is done in order to reimagine block not as an action taking not by hitting a button at a prompt, but rather by deliberately NOT hitting a button. Specifically speaking, it's done in order to support giving Autoblock wider availability. Finally, Autoblock needs to be available to the player in every state they could be in, rather than just with a melee weapon equipped. We can pull our melee weapon instantly with no draw animation, it makes sense we'd be able to block instantly, too. Exceptions can of course be made, such as preventing the player from blocking with an Archgun equipped if this is seen as necessary. After all, Melee weapon attacks are not available with the Archgun (outside of bugged player states, hello Lich Thralls), so it makes sense that Melee Block wouldn't either. However - all situations which permit Quick Melee should also permit Autoblock. In other words, exactly what I listed in the tl;dr section. What does this accomplish? Firstly, it gives new life to a mostly forgotten system. As it stands now, Melee Block is only really practical when melee is fully equipped, and there are very few situations where that's a practical thing to do - outside of melee enthusiast players. The only time most players interact with Block is accidentally, whenever they get locked into a forced Glide after using their Quick Melee. Switching to Melee just to block a single rocket, then switching back to firearms is simply too cumbersome to be practical - either because of draw animations or attack animations. And yet, the core mechanic itself has the potential to be a lot of fun - if we had faster access to it. I see this as finally finishing the transition to Melee 3.0, and finally realising its central paradigm - that players should have access to their melee weapons without having to equip and unequip them. This simply follows that. Secondly, it adds complexity to combat by giving players a proper defensive tool. Warframe may have once had "cover shooter" roots, but that ship has long since sailed. We have a very complex offensive system of guns, alternate fire modes, melee combos, etc. We don't have anything comparable for defence, outside of a few outliers. Mostly, our defence is either "kill everything before it can shoot back" or "cheese EHP until passive sustain exceeds incoming DPS". I guess there's also Shield Gate cheesing, but that's still fairly passive. Blocking gives players an active tool to prevent incoming damage, and a fairly complex one at that. Blocking players need to consider positioning, angle of attack and enemy distribution. More than that, they now also need to consider weapon block angle, more so than just raw DPS. And yes, I'm aware that this also "accomplishes" some amount of power creep. While I'm typically against more of that, my reasoning here is this: I'm fine with screwing with balance a little bit if it gives players more to actually DO in moment-to-moment gameplay. The sort of power creep I'd look into mitigating is the passive kind - the kind where you just slap together a build and don't even think about it past that point. For instance, my Inaros Prime is functionally unkillable not because I'm a good player, but because I've piled on so much EHP and healing that he heals faster than he takes damage. It quite literally doesn't matter what I do - he's not going to die. That's bad power creep, because it takes gameplay out of the game. I've no reason to defend myself. Having to block damage in order to not die, by contrast, adds gameplay to the game. Even if it also adds a bit of power creep, I think it's a good trade. Why do I think this will work? Whenever I've suggested this in the past, people have been uncomfortable with the "auto" part of Autoblock. Often, they see the system as too automated, too disruptive. Both the notion that the game will block for us and that we might end up blocking when we don't want to are cited concerns. Given how Autoblock works NOW, these are reasonable concerns. This is why I opened with proposed changes to Autoblock FIRST, before anything else is done. However, I personally believe the automation isn't as "automatic" as it might seem. While Autoblock will trigger on its own, it will only do so when the player isn't mashing keys. Crucially, the player would need to stop attacking, possibly stop moving and wait. It is, in fact, an active choice in a game where we're almost always moving. Furthermore, I have a couple of examples. First and most memorable is Bungie's Oni. I'll admit that it's been a few... decades since I've played that game, but it had this exact mechanic. To block, the player would need to face the enemy and not press any keys. Protagonist Konoko would block attacks on her own. Trust me when I say - this was far from an automated process. In Oni as in any other third-person fighting game, the player is encouraged to attack and move all of the time. However, being too trigger-happy about this would lead to getting hit, interrupted out of one's attacks and taking unnecessary damage. Actually playing properly required a certain level of discipline in NOT attacking unless an opening presented itself. Second and more recent is actually Monster Hunter: Rise (aka "Fantasy Warframe"). I've been playing that for quite a while recently, and a particular weapon caught my attention - a "Bowgun" (essentially a firearm) equipped with a shield. The weapon will passively block monster attacks from the front, requiring me to do nothing more complex than face towards the attack with a fairly generous block arc. However, if I even THINK about attacking, then my block state disappears and I take monster attacks full-force to the face. Considering most Bowgun attacks have a split second of attack recovery before the character stands up and can block again, this very quickly forced me to adopt quite a bit of discipline. I only shoot when I know I can get shots off and I stop shooting when I have reason to believe it's about to lunge. Now, neither game is Warframe - all joking aside. I'm not arguing that what worked in those games will work here. The reason I bring them up is as an example that the core concept feels quite satisfying to use when it does work. I'm not speaking off the cuff - I've played similar systems before. They're fun. I'm convinced it could work here and help add just a bit more interactivity to Warframe combat. We already have Autoblock in the game. Might as well actually use it.
  13. So this is my first time posting and I hope this is the right area to post, but I was wondering if there is anything in the future for the companion app that will let you pick a warframe put mods on and equip weapons so when you log in it’s ready to go and you can jump right into a mission. I travel a lot for work and I love this game so I have accounts on all the systems PC, PS5, XBOX and switch because those are what’s available to me at certain times, and I think it would be awesome If we had the option to pre-equip frames, mods, and weapons from the app to better utilize our time on the systems, you know pre plan our session before we get online. Anyways I was just curious if it is/will ever be something to think about for the future
  14. This is an amusing and slightly interesting thought experiment where we take every weapon and make it as strong as a Zarr or Bramma. Hehe, here we go: Primaries! Sniper Rifles, Rifles, Spearguns, Classic Bows and Crossbows: huge blast cones of like 60° added to each shot/arrow, so that just firing in a general direction will kill anything in that cone. Can walk into a room and fire 4-5 wide shots and everything dies (except eximus) Auto-Rifles and Arm Cannons and Auto-Crossbows: so strong every bullet can kill and also has a small cone of damage of it's own, maybe 10°, so we can run into a room and spray bullets wildly and everything but eximus dies even without any headshots. Shotguns and Auto-shotguns: widen blast cone to be huge enough so that one shot can kill all enemies in a like a 60° arc, with about 20x the distance, so we can run into a room and fire 4 or 5 cones of damage and kill everything Triggered Grenades (Penta): no longer require activation, the grenades instantly detonate when in range of enemies, with 20x-30x the range and so much damage that everything but eximus dies. Yes, we just change them into regular grenade launchers, because screw it, nobody has time to shoot and then detonate Beam Weapons: such scathing intensity that everything they touch instantly vaporizes, so we walk into a room and swing the beam around in huge sweeps and everything caught in them disintegrates... eximus require some prolonged and focused scorching. Vermisplicer is different and instead gains unlimited chaining and enough range so that holding it down will burn enemies out across an entire room in an unstoppable wave of chained death. Saw Launchers (Miter/Panthera): blades grow exponentially upon release, travel 5x faster and further, anything caught in them except eximus is instantly shredded alive, 2-3 spread shots will clear a room Synoid: each shot travels out, then expands like a sun and kills everything in a sphere around it to a distance of like 40 meters, bonus points for blinding everyone. Secondaries! Throwing Knives/Stars: now home in on enemies and do such incredible damage that every knife kills something. Each throw now sends out 5 knives minimum, so every throw kills 5 enemies. So you just run through a room throwing knives continuously and everything dies as you go Pistols, Hand-cannons and Crossbows: also have huge cones of damage added to each shot and infinite punch-through, so firing into a crowd a few times kills everything Auto-Pistols: each shot has a small invisible sphere of damage around it, effectively making each bullet 3-5x bigger, and they do 7-10x the damage of current, allowing you to mow the lawn Hand Shotguns: same as the regular shotguns, these gain enormous cones of damage in both pellet spread and the pellets themselves and 20-30x the range, and a single pellet can kill anything. Beam Guns: unlimited chaining of targets for all beam guns, range increased so that holding down the beam for a few seconds kills an entire room, except for the spectra & gammacor, which instead operate like the primary beam guns and are lasers of insta-death that can be waved across rooms Claws: stick to any surface encountered and after one second explode in a sphere of destruction 20-25 meters wide. Throwing 4-5 of them around a room will a second or two later turn it into an inferno. Bonus points for making it white out everyone's screens Kompressa: every bubble now instantly kills anything it encounters except the ol' eximus Staticor: revert and then buff to the old room clearing capability, kills everything in a huge radius. Rocket/Grenade Launchers:(angstrum/kulstar): now act exactly like their big cousins, weighted for massive radial damage to the order of 30-40 meters and certain death for everyone in that radius, bonus points for adding FX that blind everyone like their cousins Dart Guns: all rounds now home in on enemies at random all around the player and do so much damage that 1-2 darts will kill anything except eximus, they become a hornet swarm of death, killing everything around them as they go There's some weird ones I'm skipping IK Melee! Glaives: bigger death radius and now no longer operate on heavy attack, but simply explode when reaching the zenith of their trajectory or encounter an enemy All Other Melee: gain +15 range (for a total of over 20) and do enough damage that 1-2 swings of anything will kill everything, and heavy attacks insta-kill eximus. Melee becomes a giant circle of certain and abrupt death around any Tenno (like never before, and for all mr fodder weapons too). Balance pass complete. Next up: buff all enemies. Heh, while this was a fun and silly experiment, I actually think there's something to seriously consider in there regarding the throwing knives, claws and primary/secondary beam weapons that act like lasers, and maybe even the dart gun idea too because right now they're just pistols by another name. Saw launchers are also in a bad state but I don't think the offered solution here is the best.
  15. I saw in Duviri Paradox gameplay demo that Drifter had facial hair and a new hairstyle, I'm assuming that since is already made it will make into the game, but will other hairstyles be made too? majority of the hairs may look good in operatos but look so goofy in adults, especially one that shouldn't have the time to care about fashion.
  16. I personally think that converted Liches and Sisters have been very much neglected by DE to the point that they even use the wrong weapon on railjack… (A bug)… But it really doesn’t have to be this way and I feel like an update on what they can do and an update on the Dojo Crimson Branch could bring new life to them. New possible Converted Lich and Sister features. • Resource Hunter - like you can with resource Drones ask your Converted Ally and Crew to farm specific Nodes you’ve completed in railjack and after 4 - 24 hours (depending on Node and Rotation) randomly receive ANY reward on the Nodes Drop Table. • Drawback & Balance - Converted Ally and crew Will take damage and could possibly fail depending on Node lvl (so only lvl 5 converts and a good Railjack can realistically farm Orphix or Veil nodes for example) during a mission failure 0% RJ or Convert Health, your convert will need up to a 12- 24 hour recovery to full health before another use. (Won’t include Void Fissures or Confrontations… obviously… but might include Veil Anomalies) New Features to Crimson Branch • Customizable Liches and Sisters - Now your Converted lich or Sister will able to exchange their cosmetics with all those Liches and Sisters you vanquished or other Converted Allies. Like Certain Helmets, Masks, Syandanas Energy Colour ,Lich appendages or Sister Outfits. ( You can even add any ephemera you own or even Quirks like “Booldhound” of vanquished or Converted Liches and Sisters but those WONT be tradable and Names won’t be changeable). • Lich and Sister Training - Being able to change Resistances with an investment of 10k kuva (Liches) and 10 Holokeys (Sisters) per stat and change their Immunity with a Requiem Ultimatum. • Being able to add a 20% buff to either Strength Duration or Range to their Abilities Like stats of Elite Crewman. • With Rank 10 command intrinsics you can command Liches to forge and Sisters to Pilot and Both Teleport to you when facing RJ bosses (or something else). • Drawback & Balance - as said before only the Innate Looks Quirks Ephemeras Names and Weapon % will be tradable. Customised looks (outfits and masks ect) are personal imo and will not be tradeable to prevent completely crashing current Lich trading and to incentivise players to farm for themselves to unlock a variety of customisation. So more farming of Liches and Sisters, even if it’s for just the weps leads to more customisation. Resistances can only be changed with lvl 3 Converts, being able to gain/change up to *3* resistances and only lvl 5’s being able to gain/change a *single* immunity. Weakness Will not be able to be changed no matter what as a drawback. (*These stats won’t be tradeable*) Training Converted Ally Abilities will also depend on their level, so with each lvl you can invest a 20% increase in either Range Strength or Duration up to 5x a 100% buff in total. (*These stats also WONT be tradable*) And As said Before only Rank 10 intrinsics can you train Liches to Forge specific RJ resources when they’re low or Train Sisters to Pilot Destroy Priority Targets and for both to instantly teleport to you when about to confront •RJ bosses •Orphix •Assassination •Sentient Anomalies when called (this feature will most likely only be available if playing solo) • Also a Method to get rid of them Sometimes it’s fun and all but you gotta let them go and being forced to trade to get rid of them is annoying please fix this Customisation is what this games all about and I feel like these changes will bring much needed love to these forgotten about aspects of the game. Not all the kinks are worked out Ofc and the Times, Numbers, Stats and Resource Investments should be down to the professionals (Development Team) at the end of the day. Don’t care for comments like “ThErEs nO pOinT” or “wAsTe oF tImE” since DE clearly have the time and should atleast do the things the player base like me ASK for. Anyways thanks for Listening to my ted talk Edit: Asked @[DE]Rebecca in a livestream and she straight up said “No” lmfao RIP I guess
  17. In this topic I will talk about why I think the game has too much unnecessary content So, for me the strength of this game is the large amount of content it has, but I think that what gives strength to the game is also what weakens it, like missions or game modes that are no needed for game sustainability This is a list of what i think is obviously necessary for the game vs what is not necessary (just adding a few things) Necessary: Frames mode: main mode of the game Archwing mode: a mode which allows you to combat in space or aquatic environments, it encourages variety which is great Operator mode: a mode which for me lacks identity, but has the potential to create more variety K-drive mode: mode which allows you to race in different environments, it's great because it doesn't include shootings Unnecessary Railjack mode: mode similar to archwing mode, unnecessary because archwing mode could do the same job Necramech mode: mode similar to frames mode, unnecessary because it does the same as frames mode Operator combat mode: mode similar to frames mode, unnecessary because it collides with frames mode I know that sounds ungrateful, but I really don't understand why creating content that only clashes with existing content, and it's not that these content that I mention are bad, it's just that you could have obtained the same results with the things that are already in the game I dare to say that all this content only affects the maintenance of the game, because in the end it seems that the developers are working for 1 result for the price of 3, I have also see that there are games that have the same impact as WF without needing so much content like Destiny 2 for example , and I'm not trying to make a nonsense toxic comment for attention, but i think that the game could have a better sustainability with less content.
  18. Hello DE, This is a follow up on a support ticket 2743084, in which [DE]Liane asked me to post here. I realize this the 13th post on this topic, but that's what I was told to do, so here it goes... After purchasing the Vayas Prime accessory pack during the Prime Resurgence, I noticed two of the separate accessories are in the wrong accessory sections while editing the Operator. The Vayas Prime Diadem, which covers the eyes is in the Face Accessories section and the Vayas Prime Mask, which covers the mouth, is in the Eye Accessories section. My original intent to combine the Vayas Prime Mask and the Umbra Blindfold now won't work. That said, please don't misunderstand, I'm not asking for a Regal Aya refund, I like the accessories and want to keep them, but I want them to work properly with the other accessories as well. Could you please switch these items to the their correct sections, or add a copy to the correct section (for those who like it this way)? PS: I've added a screenshot showing the Vayas Prime Mask among the various eye covers and glasses as proof.
  19. Hi, I found an older video and it looks interesting, does anyone know if this is in the works or has been abandoned ? and then this one, originally it was supposed to be playable but they stopped talking about it too, I'll be glad for any info I will be glad if as many people as possible comment :)
  20. So I've decided to experience Warframe again through watching my buddy play through it because as someone who's kinda end game, I wanted to see the new player experience again to ground myself bc I noticed I've sorta gotten disconnected from the average player experience. In doing so I noticed something that I've heard mention of before but kinda gave little credence to in the past: Flawed Mods, even later in the game, can be very useful. They allow more build variety and efficiency. I made sure, despite not giving him too much advice bc learning stuff by himself is what he likes, that I told him not to sell those due to never being able to get them again. I find it a little frustrating that I even have to do that. Why should a player suffer even slightly because they aren't being watched by a late-game player? Considering many people likely sold them way back when without realizing their potential (I certainly did because they felt like clutter which I don't like) and many will do so in the future, I propose Simaris be given them for 25k or 50k standing each. He houses all the one-time items: the items you can't get again. Considering you can't trade these flawed mods, I suggest he be given them. It's frustrating to miss out on something because you weren't aware something was good when you were new. This is often the sentiment which people hold that causes DE to add something to Simaris. Giving an option to get them again would be a good idea. Edit: For those who don't realize, many of the flawed mods give more than their normal counterparts at the respective polarity costs. These pictures show that. Please go check them all out! Flawed Mods are useful. Stretch, Flow, Streamline, Intensify, Serration, Redirection, Steel Fiber, Continuity and more follow this. Flawed Vitality, Pressure Point, Equilibrium, and a couple others do not follow this. They're directly, at all polarity costs, equal to or worse than their normal counterparts. Such mods have no purpose being added to Simaris other than for the players who can't seem to get the normal one (like equilibrium).
  21. Title says it all, the companion app hasn't yet been updated to Veilbreaker.
  22. Content: Press CTRL + F and type content title. Out of the fractions I think the infested are going to be the most interesting to see. So, before DE even start on developing this I’m going to give my two senses on what I would like to see from this system. The head of the infested Firstly, if you have noticed there is some sort of higher up, a boss, someone that is pulling the strings. We have the Grinner queens and Parvos so based on that logic dictates that there will be one for the infested, I don`t want something lame like the Lephantis being the boss I want a new character so let`s give it a name… There should be a build up for Harbinger by having its own quest which is possible since the Grinner queens were introduced in the war within quest and Parvos was introduced in the deadlock protocol quest so Harbinger should have one too, for some examples of introductions, this could have been a rejected failed experiment spawned from the orokin creating warframes, it could be someone from the mycona colony (from the glast gambit quest) that has a love for the infested and ends up becoming the hive leader that can communicate with the infested or when Nidus was created he reproduce life, a spawn of Nidus (give some lore to him). This is something that should be a thing and makes sense for it to happen. Creating a lich The creation of an infested lich could have the process of phagogenesis. Phagogenesis - The ability to self-reproduce by devouring other organisms. When consumed, the next offspring will contain the genes and abilities from the consumed organism. If anyone has watched hunter x hunter you know where I’m going with this. The process can be similar to this: The infested lich you go after is a brood mother, when defeated, interacting with it will show a short cinematic where it opens its chest and jaws come out trying to devour you, you try to break free and there is a QTE which gives you the option of difficulty. If you break free of it, it takes a bite out of you (normal difficulty), if you do nothing it will grab you inside and then spits you out (hard difficulty) however the difficulty does not affect the rewards you get. Instead of it disappearing it mutates into a charger and escapes with ludicrous speed. The process is the brood mother giving birth of the infested lich and then dying after since it has served its purpose. This can be shown as the introduction of the infested liches. After completing the mission and viewing your lich it will visually have some body part from the warframe you used to capture it, it could be the arms, legs or body of the warframe mixed with infested parts with the warframe`s helmet imbedded in its chest or on a part of its body it also could have animal traits since it has consumed them as well. We have seen this in terms of their abilities but not in visual form so this would be interesting to see if this gets implemented. Infested liches design This is the part I’m excited for the most there is so much you can do this them visually. For the first time ever (actually 2nd time), they can be humanoid enemies, it makes sense since we are getting guns from them. The potential of this is endless… However, they all don`t have to be humanoid they can be other shapes but most of them should be humanoid. If it`s a humanoid enemy it can hold the gun, if it`s non-humanoid then the weapon can be fused onto a part of its body. Nidus Connection I`d like them to be some sort of connection to Nidus somehow when using him to hunt for the lich whether it`s big or small. It could be from some of the infested not attacking him due to him being an apex predator or in a cutscene a lich mentions him by name and tries to talk to him like when Baro sees Inaros. Strengths and weaknesses I strongly believe this should be a big part of the gameplay, some of them could have something to do with what they have experienced in their past lives. Here are some examples of strengths and weakness they could possess and why they have them: Strengths Weaknesses Personality/dialog These infested have evolved to the point where they are able to communicate and comprehend different languages. The dialog between them and you should be interesting, they could talk about how they were once weak and now they are strong, they could talk about what they were before becoming infested or they can just talk about devouring you. The point is their dialog needs to be scary, sadistic and insane. Since they are corrupt physically and mentally, their personality can be all over the place, they could be sadistic, psychotic, have an inferiority complex or have split personalities or one even could have their mind go back to their human mind before their transformation. Murma Section The environment can have hazards in them however doing a parazon finisher can give you a temporary buff and/or immunity to the environmental hazards. However, Nidus is immune to most of the hazards or can receive buffs from it instead. Final Confrontation The location of the final confrontation can either be on random maps or it can be on Demos. These infested lichs need to different to other bosses when it comes to their fighting behaviour. Different behaviours I also think dealing with these bosses need to be mostly melee focus but not the way you`re thinking. It`s not you putting damage and speed mods to take them down, instead it`s all about timing and combo combinations for example you can`t pull of the same combo multiple times, different combos will be what deals damage to them, you have to actually use the dodge, side doges and backflips to avoid attacks and even a fly-kick to stun it, we have them but barely use them in normal gameplay. Visually when on the last third health bar they can evolve and look even worse than before. Some boss fights could be similar to Doom gameplay where you have to mix defeating them with guns and melee. They need to be interactive and not all about dealing a lot of damage to it, defeating them is based on skill not what mods you have. In my opinion the Darksiders series is an example of having the most interactive boss battles due to locking-on to enemies, camara angel, cutscenes, epic music, being immersive and sick combat. Here are two examples of boss battles. I hope these pics will be inspiring to make the infested liches. Weapons This one is a hard one for me, there is a 50/50 chance that these weapons are all going to be ugly due to them being infested, I don`t like asymmetrical objects and I don`t use ugly weapons I don`t care if it kills level 10,000 enemies in one hit if it`s ugly I’m not touching it so I hope most if not all of the weapons look pleasing to my tastes. That being said I`m glad that I finale get weapons that I can use for Nidus, visually they can have an infested glow similar to the kuva weapons and I hope they have some interesting mechanics to them. Here are some weapons I would like to see for rewards. Since they are infested weapons, they also could take advantage of the incarnon system but instead of you having to press the secondary fire mode to get the incarnon form, the second form is available to you as a skin so just in case you don`t like the way the weapon looks visually, you can just use the incarnon skin plus it also gives it room to have a secondary fire as well. There are two different looking skins so you will have other visual options to choose from. Rewards One type of reward you can receive are two parasites; one for your warframe and one for your operator that latches onto their arm (nothing visually too distracting) that gives you a buff which the process it done from helminth. The buff can be from invigoration and other buffs, nothing too big but something that`s useful. Maybe it could last a week or be something that can be switched out. Just imagine having them fighting at your side? That would be sick as heck! Also, it could make sense to have a reward where a strain giving your warframe the ability to move on its own like echoes of umbra. Improvements to the whole lich system If you want to know how I would improve the lich system you can look at this post here, imagine these ideas for the infested liches. If my ideas were to be implemented I believe the (infested) lich system as a whole will be better than ever.
  23. I thought: if a separate quest and special missions were created for the character from the New War for Kahl, then maybe it's worth doing the same for Veso? Quest and missions.
  24. A lot of the issues with the recent Veil breaker update, Ammo changes, Khal mission grievances, Archon damage attenuation as well as killing them in one-shot, sound like they would benefit from having a larger group to test and see what needs to be improved. DE could get a rough draft of the balance, send it out to the players and receive feedback through an in-game reporting system. It would take a lot of stress off of DE's back, assist them in making changes, prevent a lot of player backlash and help the players feel that the development team is listening to them. Right now there's a pretty significant lack of communication between the player-base and the balance team. I don't feel that the Shedu deserves a fire rate 8 times worse than before, nor does the Bubonico deserve a 6 second recharge for a full alt-fire volley. These could have been avoided, backlash averted. You're only one company with finite resources...but the millions of players? We have the time to test what you put out, we have the experience to understand what feels good and what does not, we love the game and wish to see it flourish. Let us help you.
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