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Found 51 results

  1. So you know how we can craft our own Secondarys(Kitguns), Melees(Zaws), and Companions(Moas)? I would love it if DE(Digital Extremes) could add in an open-world Free Roam(along with a friendly area(i dont know what to call it), like Cetus) to Mars(someone mentioned this in my clan chat(Odin DVA), along with the ability to make our own Primary Kitguns. Sound like a good/decent idea?(P.S. Digital Extremes, hmu if you think this should be a thing) Upvote if this would be a great idea; Downvote if this would be a horrible idea Also, should the population in the friendly area(cuz i dont know what type of area it would be called) be Grineer(like a small Steel Meridian-like village), or Corpus(like Fortuna, but slightly different, and isn't controlled by Nef Anyo, and is basically Solaris United's secret headquarters)? (DE Only): mlgilluminatislayer@gmail.com --> email that I use for almost everything.
  2. The riven system as everyone knows is super broken and farming for kuva is a real pain. My suggestion is that when dissolving a riven mod a player should get some of the endo and the kuva they have put into it. So lets say someone has put 50,000 kuva into one riven, if they dissolve it, they should get back 25,000. I think that it could be a fair system for some of the people who have re-rolled a riven 70+ times and have still gotten nothing. Another suggestion could be a player could reset the roll amount back to 0 by using platinum. That might work because, their are players on the game with 5,000+ platinum and they would probably careless if they put in 10-20 platinum to reset the riven they want to roll. I might add more to this, but let me know what you think. Thanks for reading! 🙂
  3. Right now the only auras with 18 capacity are Power Donation and Steel Charge, this renders full Umbral builds very short in variation. With the addition of aura formas I think it would be nice to give us different aura options to our umbral builds. This also would make aura formas more useful.
  4. Alright, so i'm going to try to sum of all of warframes issues in this single conversation so DE can take notice of this. If this doesn't get noticed well then oh well, worth trying. The more we put this out there the more they're forced to look at it. So let's make this informational. WARNING, this will be LOOOOONG Warframe is a great game, and we all can agree to that but warframe isn't perfect. Nothing is perfect. As such we've got an incredible game play base right here, but no guidance, were lost. But here is something we need to nail down NOW. What are we tenno? No seriously what are we? Reaper Hunter and many new players, veterans, and tons of us feel this. But were lost beyond reason. Will warframe be a story driven game? if so make events, make quests, make story missions, make more night wave stuff *more on that later trust me*, give us consequences, give us CHOICE THAT MATTERS like how we did with Tubemen of Regor. It definitely feels like warframe got a ton of story behind it and yet, why does it not feel story driven? Long story short, warframe's that cool kid with an identity crisis, does it want to have challenge or welcome newer players? does it want complexity in it's system or remove complexity, we can't figure that out. Does it want to be the new grinding game or not? because it certainly feels like that. In one of LOR's new videos he put warframe like this. Warframe feels like legos, just a bunch of toys to play with. Warframe is actually one massive toy box. DE you NEED to figure out what your game is and quickly, it's year 6 and were jumping erratically from genre to genre. I get it, you want diversity in game play and that's fine, but you can at least stick to a core theme. Now lets move onto another Theme Warframe is trying so desperately to pin down hard, Difficulty. You've tried to create difficulty DE, we can honestly see that but unlike your story telling you just can't seem to wrap your head around the idea of difficulty. You've repeatedly used "immunity fazes" and "Bullet Sponge" for literally every boss excluding poor Mr Sgt. Kela De Thaym is the most modern version of this as she uses an untouchable faze where you don't actually fight her and have to instead go for target practice before killing her. Do it wrong and you get nuked. That's not difficult that's unfair. The oldest example of immunity I can think back to is Vor's orokin shield bubble. For bullet sponges i'm sure were all aware of the bullet sponge that is the Wolf of Saturn Six and how much sheer damage he can take, *again more night wave eventually be patient*. Now something that I think you did well was the orb mother, although that's heavily debatable. Having an enemy only being able to be damaged by status isn't immunity, just almost perfect damage resistance and it really did feel different. However that is my opinion. But enemies such as the bursa, nullifier, comba, and other annoying corpus units, those are all fine. (but please kill the sapping osprey that's just not fair to us as players ever if they go above lvl 80). But those enemies are perfect, the same goes for the nox. If you want challenge we've given you many many many many many different suggestions, even Rahetalius showed us this as enemies have certain weaknesses. And I believe that's the way you should be making this game go if you want difficulty. Switching onto a fix for difficulty and a desperately needed thing in general, we need better enemy AI and enemy abilities. Some enemies walk in circles, others watch their friends get chopped in half by invisible forces and all they do is go "oh.... that guy's dead... should I press the alarm oooor?" of course they should press the alarm. That's bordering into stealth which is another issue so i'll dive more into that. but we not only need better AI, we need better enemies in general. Rahetalius showed off several units from PD2, so here's an idea for the shield lancer. one of which being the shield guy. Make it so that shield lancers spawn and move in units, form walls, and push forward in a wall formation. They can block all incoming bullets unless they have a punch through of 2 or more, OR you can use grenades/splash to blow/melt them down. Make them block corridors and provide cover for enemies behind them. Next lets move to the corpus, how can you make a better AI and enemy out of a dumb unit. I don't know, how about make it so enemies hide behind bursa shields, or use electrical enemies as bait. Give railgun moas the accuracy of atleast a ballista cause god knows they need it and make the railguns have a trail that lingers dealing damage to the warframes. This means players would have to avoid these lasers in order to not take damage, but they're still manageable. make ospries able to fly higher up into the air to avoid melee combat forcing us to gun them down. These are all ideas that I came up with in 10ish minutes, I'm sure you could search the forums for much better and viable ideas than this. But making stuff like eidolons and bosses have immunity frames is pointless because once we get to a certain point, if they become vulnerable we flatten them. That's not difficulty. make us fear things and learn new things if you want warframe to be difficult. Revamp enemies and give them new AI. Difficulty by level scaling makes no sense whatsoever. It needs to be fixed now. Please dear god as soon as enemies hit lvl 80 or higher were practically forced to use certain warframes and weapons. If you want the game to have an endgame where we had before, then make it that way. The days of old T4 towers were crushed by the *useless* radiant relics *which I'll jump into later*. The reason T4 towers worked was because we stayed to conserve keys, and had incentive to stay and get the most out of that single key. prime part lists were everywhere and it felt oh so rewarding. That's the only reason we put up with enemy scaling before. But there's no reason for it now. Enemy scaling makes enemies go crazy strong and In LOR's newest video He spent about 3 hours in the mission. I know hour 1 goes from 50-100. and hour 2 goes to 100-400 then hour 3 goes from 400-... 1500!? not only does enemy toughness, damage, and everything increase faster and faster, but the enemy levels raise faster and faster too which in turns means the game is screaming at you LEAVE. This formula makes no sense and needs to be reworked because after lvl 120. Only certain frames and weapons can be brought no matter the riven or build. This is not difficulty, make enemy level scaling liner and not curved at the very least. Next we move onto fashion, the joking theme of warframe. And yes this is worth talking about. We all poke fun that fashion frame is end game but we seriously need to consider what were doing without time. Some of us literally spend 10 hours customizing characters and care more about showing of them playing the game itself. that would be fine if that's a side thing. But DE has now had such a huge focus onto this customization that they're suffering for it. they're adding so much tennogen it bleeds our wallets, they make so many deluxe skins it's hard to count. In the last year they've creates Inaros, Nidus, Nezha, Vauban, Octavia, Mesa, Limbo, and Atlas. That is a lot of deluxe skins that all came with their own weapon skins and some cosmetic syandanas. And this is on top of the tennogen skins which most of us use anyways cause the majority look better than whatever the deluxe skins turn out to be. Wherever you stand, you've hated at least 1 deluxe skin they've made. This can be Valkyr's gag, Nova's balls, Volts... Volt, Nezha's beefy body, Ember's controversy and design, or Limbo's "nose". All this time could've been spent towards creating at least lets say 5-8 new weapons with new stances and animations. That would be actual content. The desire for "fashion frame" *which i do love too by the way* has led DE to creating "content" in the form of skins to hope that it will satisfy the players. They've released more deluxe skins than the primes or warframes of last year. This is valuable modeling time being taken up to design skins. We have enough customization for now, just focus on what you need to focus on. Like the new player experience! The new player experience, sooo does this need work? Ok so in reality yes this does need some work but not too much really. The players just need guides. and NO not those guides, they suck. My idea is give the orbiter tons of new voice lines from ordis and lotus pre-Apostasy nudging the layer what to do. like try this on, after the completion of vor's prize, have ordis talk to you. "Hello operator, may I shout at you give you some advice. The origin system is in desperate need of assistance, if you progress through the planets you'll become eligible for more advanced missions. Who knows, you may find something terrifying Interesting as you travel through the system. Like new weapons and warframes" That really would say hey dude, go through the starchart. Ok but that may not be enough you say, alright hell then MAKE ORDIS THE GUIDE! ehem by that I mean ordis is the perfect candidate to tell you all about the game. Hello operator, what can I do for you (Chit Chat) (I need help) "Well that's amazing, i'm honored you came to me for assistance, what do you need help with" (How do I mod my weapons) (How does status work) (How does critical work) (How do I mod my warframe) (How do i get more warframes) (How do I progress to other planets) etc etc. (Factions) (Grineer) (Corpus) (Infested) Stuff like that would make the new player experience feel much more organized and nude players in the right directions while giving them an accessible guide and a wealth of information. Warframe quests need to come out more, and yes we want them. Look I get it you can't make these incredible amazing quests. But were not asking you to make much out of them at all. Some obviously should have gotten more respect like Revenant, but lets toss that aside for now. You said that you wanted to do quests for every frame but don't have the time. Well then don't procrastinate on them, work harder, don't rework pointless things *arbitrations* and focus on what's important. We're fine with waiting for you to develop quests for warframes, Mirage's quest line probably wasn't that hard to create but it was really really cool. Some quests really had cool little bits like Octavia's Anthem's boss fight, The Myconians, and Harrow's horror styled feel. Now yes these take time, but you don't need to make new tiles for all of these or even make them that difficult to create. Limbo and Mirage proved that. We love that stuff and it's difficult to make but were fine waiting, and YOU should be too DE. Becuase you can';t treat warframes like toys, ironic yes but let me explain myself. The previous frames have been less then ok. Warframe styles have been deviating further and furtner from the vanilla appearance of what warframe is and that's not that big of an issue. But were starting to get uncreative, sloppy, and overall uninspired with the warframes. We need good quests, and you need time to brew up ideas for future warframes. Quests are a nice way to do both at once and were fine waiting for this stuff. I get it as well you love your warframes like children, they're people you made, but again don't treat them with toys, make your characters with more respect and time to craft them to perfection. And don't think I don't know why you NEED 4 warframes a year released. You can work real hard to make 4 warframes a year with quests sure, lets say only 2 of the 4 need quests but at least give us some quests. I know you need 4 warframes so that the primes don't catch up. Look you need the quests just as much as we do. We both miss them and want them back, nothing bad comes from this IF you do this right. DE's Ambition will eventually kill the game, they do not trust us. yes this is a very VERY bold claim on my part. However lets look at what warframe has had in the past. PoE and fortuna, ok those are good and i'll jump into those later but good for now. We've had Archwing? what's Archwing again, oh right the thing nobody plays even after 2 reworks, a lot of wasted time due to an ambition project. ummm Lunaro was... soccer? right? yeah lunaro took awhile to make and a curve ball, a mistake indeed but it can be very easily fixed, again i'll go into conclave later on. I'm not telling DE to not be ambition, but too much will kill you. This is DE's Achilles heel, they're straining it too much and soon it'll snap. You can only make so many mistake after blank shots of content for so long before we leave the game. You always want to top yourself and that's great... in most cases. You think that if you cannot keep providing different and new things as well as new impressive things, we'll leave you. No we've supported you so far for a reason, because we love you and the game. Trust us more *getting even deeper into this after* and let us help you. We can wait while you refine and add to current systems. New mods for archwing and other game modes are there just give us a reason to go there. I really do hate to take something from AGGP as a sexual term and use it but hey, it works here. "It's not about the size, but how you use it" yes funny hahaha ok shut up now. Were all very impressed with all these new and large impressive curve balls you throw at us. But if it's killing you, stop. You're literally gutting yourself with a knife with how ambitious you're being. You're a child who gets a B, then wants to do better. So the next test they get a B+. Then an A+. but then you want more, and ask if there's an A+++++ available. Or if S is a real grade NO. stop it, just take what you have right now, we won't leave you. Just trust us and calm down DE. otherwise the dead systems you keep adding in will shatter this game apart and so much useless content will be in the game that there's no reason to stick around. That's when we leave you! so wake up and start refining while adding whats needed to keep us entertained. it wasn't hard in update 8.0-15.0 so do it again. So DE really doesn't trust us, or should I say for this topic, they don't listen unless we make a scene and i'm sick of it. Only veterans really see this, no offense to new players but this is a vet exclusive issue, so you can skip over this for now if you'd like. We have asked and told you over and over and over to fix so many things. I know i've posted about channeling before and that was really ignored, tons of us did. we were pretty vocal about channeling being removed for M3.0 and yet it felt as if that was 100% ignored. Until M3.0 dropped I was terrified that my playstyle would go up in flames, the play style I enjoyed for almost a year now. It's not efficient nor effective but it's FUN. I've posted plenty of different ways and even showed you historical proof of how exactly to fix channeling via mods. fixing channeling by mods, that's stupid right? no not really. Because I remember before condition overload was a thing, crit was king. and it was always king. Status was next to useless aside from the ability to strip armor. now we try to overload on status. I was ignored and i'm sure plenty of you have been in the past too. Rahetalius even pointed this out as DE turned a blind eye to Chat mods and Guides of the Lotus for nearly 4 years. Why, who the HELL knows why. But DE always says they're listening, and maybe they are, they're just cherry picking and then sweeping the rest under the rug. Speaking of channeling, that's a topic I'll hop into riiiight now. and yes I know it's not gone but it still was pushed under the rug. Melee has seriously been confusing recently and it's in an amazing spot right now. However channeling is the underrated type of damage. Now DE i have NOT, let me repeat I have NOT ignored the arcanes from the zaws and the 60% efficiency passive in the zenurik tree. It's not viable though. if you want channeling to be a viable source of fighting, you need to consider either the mods, the channeling multiplier and base damage. The reason for this being, it does not increase your damage to the point where it can compete with a condition overload or critical build. Infact channeling zaws cannot even compete against critical melee builds without the blood rush mod on. Even without blood rush the critical still comes out on top which should not be a thing at all. Now amny people really dont see this as an issue but let m say this, channeling is a very unique mechanic as it drains energy by hit. This means if you buff channeling, smaller weapons will benefit more from this. This drives players away from these massive polearms and other massive AoE weapons. This build cannot work with a zenistar, orthos, pole zaw, galatine, or any large weapons. Instead it would be incredible for something like daggers, tonfa, dual swords, swords, claws, and other weapon types. Plus every type of damage in the game ha some special quirk to it which annoys me because channeling doesn't get that treatment. Seriously channeling itself needs a whole revamp or you need to make some crazy mods. I'd suggest the ladder. Critical) Massive critical damage multiplier Channeling) Small damage multiplier and drains energy Status) Overload Impact) Stagger/Stun lock / +- damage Puncture) Less damage dealt and can bypass some armor / +- damage Slash) Bleed, dismemberment, and ignores shields / +- damage Fire) DPS and stun lock / +- damage Cold) Slow and dismemberment / +- damage Toxin) DPS and ignores shields / +- damage Electricity) Chain damage and stunlock / +- damage Viral) Cuts HP in 1/2 / +- damage Radiation) Chaos effect / +- damage Magnetic) reduces 75% of shields temporarily / +- damage Gas) AOE toxin damage / +- damage Blast) AOE damage and knockdown and erases corpse / +- damage Currosive) 25% Armor strip / +- damage Void Damage) Amps cause bullet attraction True Damage) Ignores armor and shields Tau Damage) Decent Increased damage to sentient Next we have Archwing, yes this game mode. Archwing needs some serious love and I doubt Rail jack will change people's opinion. It will STILL be a tool to traverse the plains as people don't care for archwing at all. They've already farmed mods from normal missions, so why do it all over again, learn new controls, and use a system that's completely isolated from the base game. There is no connection to the base game other than open world movement freedom. my suggestion, more archwings, more weapons, more mods that DONT come from razorbacks and fomorians, and more mission nodes and mission types. That means there will by default be more interest in Archwing, but if you really want to make people do it, then make it worth it. Make tellurium or some other currency something you can only get in archwing. because I know that's what you tried to do, then failed. People go to Uranus to farm tellurium and not space where they should go. Another suggestion, make some mods drop from these missions that help normal mission nodes, and make some archwing mods drop from people down on the surface. Twist the worlds together and force them to interact with each other. Nightwave has honest to god gone too far, but it's got potential. To be 100% honest, I love nightwave but I do see that it really does hurt the game if done wrong. For starts, we don't want to run with friends if we don't have too, yes I'm all for partying with people but if you gate an EVENT behind friend lists, that's a bit too far. I don't like solo players but they can do what they want, I don't care. Enjoy the game your way. And that's the issue, they cannot enjoy the game their way. Especially because so many people don't have the ability to get on every day. Yes you could just friend a random and ditch them after the mission's over but come on that's not what you intended so remove it outright. it's a hastle and annoying. Next I've heard Tactical and DK talking down about prestige for Nightwave and I can 100% see why. yeah the nightwave prestige sucks, I'd say increase the creds you earn from every rank and get better rewards. my idea, put in forma packs, mod packs, other stuff people want. This means that content creator and players alike can farm forma without waiting for 1 every day. It also means that you would want to prestige for that endless source of credits. Next, you've never had issues with event mods before right? so make MORE augment mods and put them in the shop instead. note I said MORE, not MOVE. Lastly, I want to say the wolf has been really nice and hated towards me. Everyone hates and loves him. Some people have gone all this time without seeing the guy, do you know why DE? because not everyone can sit on the computer for 5 hours a day. Just seeing him got one of my team mates hyperventilating. And he dropped nothing. SPEAKING OF, drop chance discussion time! Drop Chances are Garbage. Now the relics will come right after this but hear me out on this. The drop chances of the wolf giving parts are stupid. I believe you said you would be more transparent and oh boy you were. you put it right out there that the wolf only has a 2% chance to drop the wolf mask I want so so badly. But i can't get it. Not to mention the fact that unlike stalker who drops the whole blueprint, the wolf will drop parts and the bp. And all of them had a lower chance at dropping then the despair. That's not in any way fair because at best everyone can find him once at very least. That's 1 out of so many chances needed. Sure luck is 100% a factor and some people have farmed 13 wolf sledges off the guy. But others haven't. Due to time and low drop chance they simply cannot get this event weapon. And were all in agreement that it was one of if not the only thing everyone agreed they wanted from this event. yet it cost more than a lanka riven even 6 weeks into the event? that's not alright. Violet wolf wolf wolf we've heard this all before, say something new. Alright Content creators are now losing it and are complaining over drop chance. And I 100% support them in complaining about this, do you know why? A long time ago when primes could be farmed from keys. I spent 6 months farming for nova prime systems. Day in Day out I farmed that derelict survival for hours on end. I got nothing and ended up buying it out of despair. That's not good enough, alright then how about Slicing feathers, less than .5% chance on all ghouls for this stance. Vengeful Revenant, .4% chance from a sentient, which only 3 spawn every 20 min! it's a rare mod with a rare chance for rare mods, on a rare enemy. Now here's the REAL kicker alright. This is the nail in the coffin, and i'm not the only one who's gone through this for some mods. Sovereign Outcast, I love tonfa alright, so i HAD to have this mod. I farmed kuva survivals for 2 years, and I only just got it. Only now after 2 years. But that's not all, no no no, Condition Overload i recently got my hands on. Oh yeah 2 and a half years of farming and I got it traded to me out of PITY. These drop chances are time gates in themselves, make them drop from more common enemies, or increase the drop chances significantly. The Radiant failures have not only killed our replacement endgame, but are nightmares when you think about the vault. Every single time a new prime is released, new primes enter the vault. The relics are vaulted alongside the warframe they belong to. And i get it vaulting is necessary, but for the love of god, this hurts so much. With every new prime we have to go out and farm different locations searching for these relics. Some people even a week after Equinox didn't know where to get the Axi K5 relic because it refused to drop, which sort off ties into the drop chances but lets just ignore that for now again. This has made inventories a mess and has us juggling entire archives inside of our minds when trading to barro or other players. "wait was this something that I can give away, was this vaulted, do I have replacement relics, do i care for this, when will this be unvaulted?" these questions swarm my mind every time I trade to barro and i'm not alone in this. Go to barro and try to trade with the guy, sell everything you need in 30 seconds, because that's the most amount of time it took when he was first released. Not only have relics made it seem like a tornado rolled through our inventories, but they murdered the endgame us veterans created *again sorry new players just need to use this term* and took out the 1-3 hour survivals we used to do. This was because 1 key could give us 20 prime parts with the right setup. But that's broken, why would they let you do that? look at your defense and interception missions, now imagine you had to choose only one of those rewards. We now have that EXACT same system, but now we can waste time tracer farming that almost never works. My friend has some stupid luck, where I've got none to speak of. If i farm with him, every time we go trace farming he comes out with 2 or 3 rare items out of the 6 relics we use. He never even needs to radiant. Plenty of youtubers have spoken out about this, how rad sharing makes almost no difference. That slight control is nice, but it seriously hurts. This is literally just a hybrid of the old defense selection rewards, and the endless rewards, but with added grind. And that's what replaced the chill sessions of 4 friends sitting in a call talking about life and the new events and updates. To make matters worse it's easier to leech off of a rad share than a key share. The white knights of warframe are an issue here. Yes hypocritical as some of my posts have been white knight-ish, but hear me out. This is not an issue on DE's side of things. This is our issue that we need to resolve ourselves because DE cannot do this for us. It's not code to manipulate, we fix this. People will complain and yell at whoever even looks at DE wrong. LOR and Rahetalius I believe are the leaders of this topic due to their ability to not care about what others say. The white knights deflect actual criticism and complaints and say but they're better than another company. To this, just fking stop. You don't get how the community is supposed to teach the game devs and the devs help us. We tell them what needs to be fixed. and Just because they're great does not excuse their mistakes so stop trying to get in the way of people who want to make the game better. Warframe isn't the perfect fantasy you think it is and it's got some SERIOUS core flaws. The base game play is amazing as I've said in the past but "if you cannot admit your favorite game has issues, then you've no right to talk about other games"- LOR. You're the ones hurting the game and you need to understand were trying to help. We give feedback and DE will respond. if they listen and trust us but I've already covered that. The useless mods of the game need to have some purpose. And I know just what to do with them. This isn't me being all full of myself and instead I want DE to realize that the mods they've added a long time ago serve no purpose and are never utilized. So what if you add an exilus slot to weapons, or in this case a "modular" slot. This slot would allow you to put one extra mod into the weapon that you're using. Tell me you wouldn't build to your play style more if you had access to these mods available to you. Modular Mods would be all the less effective and useless mods of the game that nobody uses. For example lets say you really need that little bit of extra slash to make your weapon a slasher, Sawtooth clip Modular would do just that. It requires more forma but you get that small buff. Not only would this be a way to now reuse old mods, but also a way to explore new content and increase build variety slightly. Melee Modular (Melee Prowess) (Shattering Impact) (Enduring Affliction) (Dispatch Overdrive) (Guardian Derision) (Lasting Sting) Secondary Modular (Slip Magazine) (Reflex Draw) (Targeting Subsystem) (Perpetual Agony) (Trick Mag) (Tainted Clip) (Strafing Slide) (Supress) (Lethal Momentum) (Hawk Eye) (Spry Sights) Primary Modular (Sawtooth Clip) (Rupture) (Combustion Beam) (Fire Storm) (Tactical Reload) (Twitch) (Hush) (Ammo drum) (Agile Aim) (Stabilizer) (Guided Ordinance) (Magazine Warp) Alright so i don't personally agree with this 100%, but crafting times are a tiny bit too long. Don't get me wrong i've got time to wait but this is something people talk about so i'm putting this on here regardless. Weapon crafting Is perfectly fine by me. 12 hours is cool and i've got no issues with it. However for warframes, people are incredibly irritated by this because it takes so damn long to craft a warframe. I have two ways to fix this. One is an option many people have already talked about, Cut warframe crafting days down to 24 or 36 hours. Simply chopping off half that wait time would keep players entertained. Time gates aren't fun for anyone involved. Some people have a ton of time like me and we can play the game for several hours at a time. These are the players with these concerns, again i don't care but this issue is still here. So halving the time is definitely an option to come to a compromise. or the other option is something I personally would support and I haven't seen anyone talk about this. Make this another reward item, Foundry Cores. Reuse the picture for fusion cores and have it as a new resource. If you have a Foundry Core, the current time of an item is cut by 50% of the remaining time. These Foundry Cores will be rewards for Earth missions *That don't have a 1% chance of dropping*. This will only teach players where to get foundry cores, but also bring people to earth for things other than nightmares and relics. If not foundry cores, at least make an option to rush items for 150,000 credits or extra resources or something. this would calm down the players who dislike the wait while also creating a compromise to the game. New Missions are needed within the warframe universe. Personally this is a complaint i've had for awhile. But why can't we do survivals on some planets? Simply put we need more mission nodes within the warframe universe. Not only would this allow you to create more missions for us to run, but make new areas for us to explore. Maybe have extra mission nodes pop up via mastery lock up to MR 10. after MR 10 is unlocked you can go to special higher level missions on previous planets that you couldn't access before. Now this also means we need more special missions within the warframe universe. By that I mean stop giving us endless missions and give us more side missions for us to play around with and make them rewarding. We only ever run survival, excavation, defense, and a select few others. Some planets just don't have anywhere near enough nodes to compete with other planets. See Saturn? Yeah look at Saturn's nodes then Mercury. I may not be right on this but I think we would benefit from more missions to run. The leeches of warframe. Aright so were all very familiar with leeches from relics and keys right now, they eat up our radiants without working for anything themselves. If there's no new relics in the mission they they leave. I personally cannot come up with anything to prevent leeches for anything other than fissures so sorry. But ths is an issue that DE needs to find fixes too. I have a suggestion for relics. Coming from KresTias, he said that show that a player has relics, but not what relic or what tier of refinement. This way people cannot simply join and leave, they will have to stay and play through the mission. Again talking about leeches is a difficult subject and I really don't have much in the way of suggestion. but as rahetalius said, we can offer you suggestions, but we bring issues to you and it's not our job to fix them for you. that's DE's job not ours. Simply saying this is an issue, fix it, should be enough. Saying that if you don't make suggestions *which I honestly try to anyways* that you don't have the right to bring up the issue, thats stupid because DE is the one that should be coming up with these solutions by default. Alright so onto a massive issue in warframe again, A ton of warframes need reworks. Now many people will be unhappy and i'm sure some people will just go and say well get better with the warframe and it'll be fine. Buuuut no i'll be including all warframes with 2 or more useless abilities. All abilities should serve a purpose to the frames utility. To start with to show i'm not biased here, I play banshee a lot. a good chunk of my warframe time has been on banshee and I love her to bits. But i need to say that her abilities need a slight tweak. Her Sonic Boom can be used as a cc yes that's fine. But other than that it serves no purpose and to be perfectly honest why would you push them away when other frames have a far better version. Inaros can blind, Harrow can completely stop enemies in a much larger area, and these frames have a reason to have that ability. Inaros can finisher and Harrow needs good aim for his abilities. Banshee, all she can do is boop enemies away. I'm not saying to change sonor, or soundquake or silence, they're all great, but sonic boom needs a bit of love. Now that i've pointed the finger at my favorite frame, i'm hoping i've got your trust and attention. One more justification before I go into the list. Valkyr needs a rework, her hysteria needs a tiny bit of work in terms of it's stats and the interactions with nullifiers. She fails when nullifiers of any kind are involved. Her ripline also is literally never used so maybe make ripline a medium sized aoe chain shot that drags not one, but atleast 5 enemies to her. While in hysteria she can grab up to 8 people. Everyone hit by the grapple will take extra damage from hysteria. Next her paralysis needs to do true damage. Lets he frank her ability sucks aside from doing finishers. and it should also not eat 33% of her current shields either. With the release of hildy, if you make this ability true damage, you could actually have a warframe synergy and make this ability a viable damage option. Now onto the list because I don't want to make this topic a massive list of improvements, i'll do that on my own time. The following frames have at least two abilities that are either useless, or are hardly ever used. I'm sorry i wish i could make text smaller guys Banshee's sonic boom needs to strip armor baseline or have some extra quirk. Valkyr's ripline needs to be aoe and combine with abilities, her Paralysis should not eat her shields, and Hysteria needs to work with other abilities. Chroma's scream needs to do something more, other ability colors needs more viability as ice is the most used chroma, and effigy needs to not debuff you so much or not be so useless and follow you by default. Ember's Fireball and World on Fire need work as well as an increase to survivability in any way. Mirage's eclipse should have a lingering effect if you switch from light to dark forms to keep damage giving her survivability. Revenant needs a rework badly as he just isn't an eidolon or sentient frame. He looks like one but just isn't. Nyx needs to have a better spot in the game overall in terms of survivability and how her minions will work. I won't dive too deep into nyx as i'll make a seperate post for that eventually. Titanya just doesn't fit the meta enough right now and can be shot down with a single stray bullet. Vauban hahaha, yeah vauban, mad respect for the train. Zephyr needs to have some sort of specialty. She's the new hydroid, by that I mean her projectile is a worse version of hydroids old rain, her ultimate prevents team mates from killing the enemies like the old hydroid and worse she's no control over them, and zephyr has a way to make herself untargetable to enemies like hydroid's puddle. Lastly Octavia, and no not in the normal sense, but her mandachord needs to not be a small loop, and we need much more freedom on that, more on that in a seperate post next week or something. But her music just is lack luster and i've got some good ideas for the octavia music mains. Hooray were of that nightmare of a massive topic. Next up we've got the market. I've never had an issue with this but newer players struggle with this. the market needs new UI. and not a massive overhaul, just change it so that the blueprints are more obvious. First up a suggestion from Stormcrown, make it so the drop down menu is just on the side by default. don't make it drop down, make it visible always by default so players know what they're looking for. Next up make it more obvious blueprints can be bought. Next, move the stupid small blueprint button to the top of the screen and enlarge it then resign it. Make it say "Buy the blueprint of "weapon name" for 25,000 credits. / Blueprint for the "weapon name" is only available in the clan dojo. Now out of the market, make it so players in the arsenal won't see just the platinum tags. next to the platinum number show the credit cost. If a player clicks on it make it so that it says "buy item for platinum, or blueprint for credits." something like that automatically stops the idea of a pay to win. This is something we would love. Now why not point the gun back at the community again. Now sorry about that but were not completely innocent here. The community itself is at fault and this time i'm not talking about the white knights, I mean ALL of us. yes I said ALL of us. We have very vocal people who immediately go quiet. The youtubers have pointed this out so so so much i need to put this here or it'll look stupid otherwise. This may also be why Warframe has an identity crisis. What do we exactly want? No really do we want a challenge or do we want an easy life. "Do you want to be demigods or have a challenge" a well said line from... i forgot and I can't look him up right now. But a youtuber did say that. And here lies the issue we yell and scream in fury at the slight mention of a nerf, but then struggle to not get anything buffed. And i know exactly why this happens. Every time one side gets buffed, the people who like the buff don't speak up as much as they should. The same is true to nerfs. We don't talk much at all. Were a community and we should all be saying what we think, it's our duty to give feedback so we can enjoy the game. DE sees a community that violently and dramatically shifts from one extreme to the other. And I don't blame them for seeing that but let me compare the warframe community to something real quick. And stick with me on this. Warframe is America. We have people who don't care but should care. We have people who don't vote but don't. aka We have people who ignore nerfs and buffs when they shouldn't. We have people who don't speak out and voice their opinions on changes when they should. If you like it say so, if you don't say so. Otherwise DE will listen and change it in a way you dislike. You are one in a million sure, but you're voice still matters and will matter if you stack on top of each other enough. VOICE YOUR OPINIONS ALWAYS because that's why we have this idea of two extremes, but do it with respect please. Now that I've successfully shot the communtiy, lets mvoe onto the youtubers. or to be precise, the partners. Warframe's partnership policy hahaha... fk me. Were all well aware that warframes policy is easily flexible to DEsires. If AGGP wants to be a partner even though he violates rules so be it. I don't like him but that's besides the point. He breaks the warframe partnership policy and is openly disrespectful to those that oppose him. Yet someone like Ashisogi tenno is completely ignored even though he meets the requirements? that's awfully strange don't you agree. In Fact on Ashisogi's channel he points out that quite a few never met the requirements to begin with and yet they're partners. And as much hate i'll get for saying this, Skillup should not be partnered either. He can support it sure that's perfectly fine, but in no way is he a partner. He doesn't stream or show warframe content daily. he's a reviewer and a damn good one at that, but that doesn't make him the exception to the rules. Next we have the issue of Rev's ban and yeah i'm angry about it but whatever. the point is Mogamu threatened another warframe channel because he was bigger and more popular and that's what I want to focus on. DE do you support this guy? really? I don't care if he was the biggest youtuber, just because logan paul's a great youtuber doesn't mean he can show a dead body on the internet. Popular people should not be exempt from the rules. At the moment your partners are literally at war with one another. Calm them down and work this out soon or you're game will collapse in on itself. the content creators need you, and you need them. That doesn't sound true until you see that most of them have warframe exclusive content or pretty close to warframe exclusive. Fix the partnership issue or the game crumbles from lack of community figures. Alright lets point the finger back to DE again for doing stupid stuff. Removing content that shouldn't have been removed to begin with. For starters i'll start with raids since that's what everyone's most familiar with including the newer players. Raids have long since been the way to collect arcanes, but why were they removed. Yes they were complex, yes they were confusing, yes they required you to actually work together, but why remove them? because they took too much maintenance? that's not a good enough reason as you can just hire a few more people to help with bug fixes. *more on that later* You've got the money to do it now. And i heard that you procrastinate on content so while you have fun, you could be working. This isn't me being a slave driver, but more me just saying do your job. You can have fun afterwards. This may also help you not to overwork yourselves to the breaking point right before releases. I swear I see some gray hair on some of you guys now from stress so make it easier for yourselves and don't sit on the wait. Anyways i'm getting off track so back to trials. You removed a massive chunk of content that seriously hurt the community? how you ask, well dozens of clans were formed for the sole purpose of going after trials and farming them for arcanes. What you did was akin to killing clans. Now on an even more serious matter, poor poor Zanagoth. What you did was akin to gutting your best supporter of raids in cold blood just becuase... you didn't feel like maintaining it. That just hurts. Next up we've got the legendary dark sector conflicts ahahaha. Yeah anyone remember that amazing starwars tug of war pvp gamemode. the only pvp game mode people actually played? they removed it. I don't remember 100% why but the solar rail conflicts haven't been added back yet and those were really really fun, in my opinion more fun than any endless mission I ever ran. Speaking of Endless missions. Why don't people actually run Endless Runs anymore? Doing anything like an hour run is a myth at this point in the game. We only ever do it for fun now. At most we run 40 min into a survival and then we leave. Unless the nightwave tells us to, we don't go very far. The reason for that is it just isn't worth it. Here's a concept we've been hounding you about for so so so long. Make rewards scale. You know those kuva survivals, yeah here would be a small sample of scaling rewards. Every kuva harvester you complete, you get 20 extra kuva for every consecutive kuva harvester that completes. Why? because then if you complete 10 kuva capsules you're getting 300 kuva every harvester. If you go for an hour you can get 700 every harvester. That would make people want to stay in these missions. Or how about in normal survivals and defences, start doubling he rewards. oh, you got 250 endo last time, have 500 this time. ok take 1000 now, have 2000 at the 1 hour 30 min mark. This would make people sit and stay in missions. Hell even credits would be welcome at that point because you would be getting 20-30k credits every rotation. Not much sure but it's certainly much more interesting than 2,500 credits. Make it worth our time to stay. This would not only make people have a replacement endgame *not a true endgame but still fun and a challenge* but would also bring cc frames back into the loop that little bit more. There's also the issue of the endless mission tilesets. If you really wanted to make the tiles not get boring, then make more tiles for those planets. It shouldn't be too difficult if you take the time to do it and work on it. I'm not saying it can be done instantly, but the more tiles we get the less chance we have to become bored of the same tileset we run around in. But more on the tiles later. Scaling rewards would be an amazing addition to the game. But you've got so much to juggle right now that it's hard for you to manage everything. Oh yeah management. I'll be blunt, DE you've got too much on your plate. Archwing, Reworks, Warframes, Primes, Tilesets, Sentient, Sanctuary, Syndicates, Quests, Open World, Conclave, Frame Fighter, Lunaro, Music, Events, Sorties, Arbitrations, Alerts, Nightwave, Lore, Animations, Railjack, Eidolons, Clans, and so much more. There's so so much that you've got and you cannot CANNOT do it all. You need help, increase your staff, because there's so much you need to be adding and fixing that you yourself cannot do it with the size you're at. Even an extra 10 people would make a huge difference probably, If you keep intending on creating these long periods of content droughts, either get them to finish it quicker, or make some people o drop tiny bits like weapons, stances, and more. Don't do anything else unique right now because you need to handle what you've got. everything from Archwing to Animations need work. Speaking of animations. The primed animations need to be put on hold or completely stopped. It's very kind of you to want to try and make an animation for us for every prime but you just can't and I think you've realized this. Hydroids hasn't come out yet and none of the newer primes came with them either. So just scrap the idea of primed animations because they're eating away at what you really need to animate, the New War and other quests. That manpower for 20 seconds of a clip can be put to better use in making more stances and idle animations for warframes. I haven't heard anyone talk about this but I do see it as a problem I need to tell you directly due to you having already far far too much to do. *EDIT* On a more recent note, Rahetalius has suggested an option I did not cover. I'm an idiot lol. DE can have a completely different studio handle prime trailers, this means prime trailers are taken off the backs of DE and they can focus on animations for warframes, enemies, and bosses ingame. This also frees up time for railjack and other areas that require more animation work. This would be an amazing idea, but only IF DE wants to spend the money to have a different studio produce their primed trailer. It's not a bad thing DE, just different. It can work. But in the end that's up to you. So what exactly do we do with Earth? That's the question that i think everyone has at the back of their minds. Earth is the most useless planet we've got but the best tiles are there. The same happened to PoE as it looks fabulous now but there's nothing happening there. it can't even be used for neurode farming because the moon has sentient that drop those. Earth has little to no point but we all want to go there. Seriously it's like a tradition to make incredible Earth locations but they're useless. .Baseline earth looks beautiful, but we can get more resources and xp from the moon. .PoE is now gorgeous but there's no reason to go there aside from the ghouls which most of us ignore anyways. In terms of eidolons we go there for those but that's about it. .Ironwake... yeah anyone remember ironwake? neither do I. I remember BluntFort though, that's the location I remember. The area is a colony and gathering but nothings there for us to do. Not even any steel meridian unique missions. Like there's a community there, but no community at the same time. Kinda like Dojos. Clans have long since been abandoned by DE and the new clan "rework" doesn't count. The new decoration style for the clans certainly is fun ad you can make some kick ass looking clans, but that's not a clan mission or a community. Dojos are only ever used for collecting blueprints and occasionally talking to friends unless you're in one of the major clans. As far as i'm concerned before trials were removed, there were only three reasons for clans to exist. Riven Clans, Trial Clans, and Research Clans. there are also some clans that are actual communities but lets be honest the majority of the community isn't in those clans. The Clans once actually held a place in my heart as I remember fighting for Ice during the solar rail conflicts. *i'm not ice but I was one of their supporters* and I fought my damndest to give them whatever they wanted because I had fun that way. My clan was actually about to start a solar rail war, but then the update crushed that dream and after that clans became organizations formed of people only concerned about themselves. The newest addition only allowed you to customize the clans,not actually "build" the clans into something unique. I'm sure all PC users from back then remember Ice, The Dragons of the West, The Dagons of the East, and the rest. I've actually got a suggestion for the clans, make every single node able to be fought over. the clans will compete by whoever gets the most points by the end of the timer gets the mission node. After the node is taken it gets a 24 hour immunity. Nodes controlled by a clan will be able to harvest a small % of the resources dropped from that mission for their clan. I'd also like to say every time a fissure is spawned on the clan's tile, every member gets a forma blueprint or something. Next every mission node will be a miniature dark sector mission. The clans can pick from several randomized buffs to give the mission and the players can decide which they want like the old rail conflicts. 3% melee xp boost vs 3% primary xp boost. 2% warframe xp boost vs 2% extra rare resource drop chance. This system not only would change where people farm missions consistently but brings clans back into the fold of the game. How the point system would work would be the two clans fight in an invasion style, people pick that side and they give points after completing the "invasion". Invasions would give the most points but you could also get points by simply running the base mission for that clan, smaller amount of points but it's not an invasion. Alright guys it's everyone's favorite topic CONCLAVE 😄 No really this goes here too. Conclave as many of the other topics here has been left to rot by DE because nobody plays it. Even lunaro despite it being a legitimate tactical sport with a learning curve *I learned this the hard way*. Lunaro can be fun if you learn it and i'll be the first to say it. But the issue is no matter how fun it is it will NOT reward us. But there is a way to reward us for doing conclave. Mr Train said a while ago that if you were to add the conclave mods and stances into the game, there would be SO much new content for us to run though. Now not everyone is a fan of PvP and I know that. But the thing is you don't actually need to try that hard for conclave. I reached max rank with conclave by simply doing the challenges, fi you focus on those then you can reach max rank in about a week if you really work at it. You don't even need to get to max rank for the stances, just rank 2 I think. Think about how much build variety would be in the game if all the conclave stances, mods, and augments, were to be added into the game. This would at the very least bring a few extra players to conclave just by simply allowing conclave mods to work with normal games. I know Tactical Potato would appreciate being able to do a stupid conclave only hold my beer video where he fights lvl 100 enemies with only conclave stuff. That'd be funny to watch. It's a huge missed opportunity and there's no reason not to open conclave up to the game. If there is then tell us. Because as you've learned from Archwing, Lunaro, Conclave, PoE, Fortuna, not many people like having isolated parts of the game where they need to relearn everything they knew. The graphics trap from the past. No not nezha *yet* I honestly think De has fallen into this trap, a warning that people from the past told them about. This relates to earth, but also Europa, Eris, PoE, Vallis, and other tilesets. But primarily earth and PoE. DE has been focusing on making warframe look prettier rather than fixing issues and revamping systems. I do realize they've got seperate teams and some are better with tilesets, but they can also be put to work elsewhere. Companies from the past said that DE would focus too much on looking good rather than the playstyle, which is finally starting to happen, but it can still be turned around. Think about it tactical potato even showed that cosmetic and area revamps are starting to outnumber actual content drops in the video "Warframe 2018 update breakdown". They need to stop focusing on making things look good and start fixing the games issues more. That's not me saying just stop everything and fix it damnit, it means focus on it less. Looking good and tennogen content is nice and I'll take it, but it's not really content and that's what you should be putting a bit more effort on. In fact recently, they also added the new particles for melee and dual colors. Pattern? sort of, they're still making content, but please focus more on the actual content now. Even tiles count more as content rather than warframe effects and skins. Nezha the Tarp. Tarp Trap. Alright so this is OBVIOUSLY a sensitive topic in the sense of well, Chat Mods and Chat Bots kick everything about nezha being a trap, and even if you have trap in the same sentence with a warframes name. I don't get why this has been so frowned upon simply because that's what people see Nezha is. This isn't being offensive in literally any way, or at least it shouldn't be. the slang term for trap is a feminine boy, that's it. I don't see too much criticism on someone like Astolfo, or any other anime traps. it's not even homophobic or anything, VRTrapman has no issues and thinks of himself as a guy, yet he trolls people with a female voice he trained himself to do for content. Yet he's still a guy, confidant he's a guy, and that's that. It's simply a choice of clothing. Regardless i'm going on a rant. The idea of Nezha being a trap is a joke of the warframe community. A community which is 18+ and deals with pretty heavy topics like genocide and murder. We even joke about pretty boy rhino, *censored*(Hydroid), and other things. if you want a really depressing topic, Umbra committed Filicide. So why is this the thing we take issue with? This is connected to the chat moderators which i'm unsure if they're even still part of the program, I know some of the hated ones left but not entirely sure if the other two are still there whoever they are. But I also think DE themselves aren't supportive of this simply because they've turned a blind eye to this as rahetalius mentioned in his video about chat mods. So again, of all the topics we have in an 18+ game, why is nezha being a trap the thing we take offense to. It doesn't violate any rules from what i've seen and the community seems fine with it except for white knights and of course tha chat mods *who themselves don't seem to be the best of people*. We've made art, jokes, and all sorts of memes about Miku Nezha. However even then, it's not like were all obsessed over this because there are some of us who make the default nezha look cool and badass. Not to mention some of us make Baruuk look like the girl from "We are No.1" with the alt helmet or emperor palpatine. This really shouldn't be an issue and yes I know this is a sort of "global" issue that everyone talks about, but in this game where we make these jokes about customization it shouldn't matter at all. The Riven Mod Mafia Market is a tiny bit overpriced, but overall rivens are a double edged sword. Well apparently there are clans for riven mods. I already knew that before but some clans have become devout believers that they can monopolize the best riven mods and scan people out of 10k+ plat because their riven mods are god tier. I've run into these players a few times myself and it really needs to stop. The only mod that could ever be worth 10k plat is Primed Chamber and not some lanka riven. At best lanka rivens will go for 2.5k and that's it. Rivens are the only randomized loot we've got in the game and because of that we all love them and hate them. They can make super powerful weapons into god killers and god killers into reality breakers. But also turn mediocre weapons into mass weapons of destruction. This slightly pushes towards power creep, and DE does need to find a way to balance rivens without them shattering the game. However there's a second part to this, the Mafia Market. They attempt to, and often succeed, scamming players out of platinum because the laws that define the price of rivens fluctuates so dramatically. The idea to stop this, put a platinum cap to at least 5k platinum. Another way to lower the prices is to inflate the riven market. Add more places to purchase rivens. You did this with arbitrations, make riven mods available for 20 vitus essence or something, make them available somewhere. Mission replayable content, or being able to run the same mission over and over, and have them feel different. Warframe has always suffered because their maps are randomly generated by a pattern picking what tiles to place in what spots. Well here's the fix for it. As Reaper Hunter and several other players have suggested, make a Mission Modifier. Make radiation hazards, coolant leaks, distortions, portals, increased enemy armor, corpus/grineer/infested surprise attacks. Make higher level missions have a random modifier to them, this makes it more likely players will run the mission more and get less bored. Or for something like earth, Floods, elevated water levels, sharkwing tiles, burning forests, rainy weather, mist *from the halloween event*. There are so many different things. Another concept, Mission Randomizers, not modifiers, randomizers. Lotus occasionally tells us players that the mission has changed, kill everyone, or sabotage the ship, or to rescue a hostage. Increase the chance for this to happen. Another concept is to make more tiles like I had said before which will make the missions feel less familiar. Lets also say to add more enemies, and no not special bosses or unique occasional tough enemies like comba and the others. A normal mass produced unit, there are plenty of concepts for the enemies. We need more different enemies, that can spawn on normal missions. Terra and Tusk are nice, but they spawn exclusively in specific areas. Basically different but still basic enemies that don't require a lot of work to create. Let go of the solo concept. It's only hurting the game at this point. I'll be 100% honest, I solo sometimes and I don't like saying this, but overall this is a TEAM game. a game based around the number 4 it seems. We work together to kill enough in survival and other missions. Creating content to be complex enough for multiple people to solve is impossible if you want to make content a solo player can create too. I'm going to get hit for this but it IS an issue. DE needs to realize i they want to make a solo game, or a multiplayer game. This isn't me looking down on solo players alright, they're fine. But this is a team game, and DE is trying to create content for us all. Multiplayer and Singleplayer do not mix together easily and because DE is trying to create something a single person can do alone is what's dumbing down alot of our content. Trials required at least 4 people. You wanted to rework clans so that the entire clan can do special missions. Thermia fractures are impossible to do solo. You show so often that you want people to interact and come together. But then for railjack you say you want this to be able to be done by a single person? How? That's not how this system works, multiplayer and single player don't connect. If you let go of this idea, you can start to get creative with your concepts. I know i'm going to get hate for this even though it is a fact and DE built this game around co op. But hey I started to see DE talking about this and it's an issue. They're trying to expand their target audience. Now yes after all this I'm going to have someone say Hypocrite you said to remove the friends or clanmate nightwave, yes I did. I said to take that out because lots of people do not have the time to do what they want. People have different timezones, and that the issue is you have to do them with friends... Friends being the keyword, you can team with randoms, friends, and recruits. Of these three players, you will almost always be with randoms and recruits. You can have fun with them talk with them but when you narrow it down to friends and clanmates when tons of people are in different timezones it becomes difficult to do what they want us to do. Solo and friend missions need to stop being focused on. As life of Rio, LOR said, "People can't come up with universal ideas for everybody." So stop trying to target solos too. What DE should do. This is a difficult topic because were into a second content drought. But I think what we need, is Veteran Content and Enemy Revamp and Continues Events and finally the most importantly, A Claim and Direction. the other bit's i've already gone over but lets talk about warframes claim. Ever since the second dream, DE has thrown curveballs. These curveballs are a nice twist, but there's an issue. Your curveballs are now taking a 90 degree turn and hitting the audience before flying away on a flying saucer and goes out of the park. In all seriousness, PoE, Fortuna, Lunaro, and all of these things. They're not yours. What made warframe warframe, was Warframe itself. You had continues content, events over and over, exclusive items, quests, a close knit community, and most of all, A space ninja looter shooter. In the old days you managed to create content so often and so quickly that continues content wasn't an issuebecausee every time we finished with something, another thing came our way. But now you're creating open worlds, making us have space battles, and everything else. To newer players they see warframe as this incredible game of intense variety, but to us "veterans" we see a game that's now lost it's roots and spends more time creating new systems then adding to their pile of weapons and fun. The cinematic quests are still the warframe we love, with mystery and love built into them with incredible animations and unknown elements to them with amazing rewards at the end. We love those because they're these epic moments we talked about for months. Hell for the second dream we talked about it for a year. Destiny has it's claim in the space looter shooter raid type game where you have complex raids to tougher and tougher bosses. Diablo has it's claim in a top down looting game where you build gear up over and over to take on ever increasing enemies. In warframe we had never ending unique content. But we lost that. Warframe's new claim and standout trait isn't what it's heart is, but what you're making now. Warframe's turned into this mess of genre after genre with unfinished half baked ideas like the Sanctuary, Archwing, and Open Worlds. These areas you can't possibly work with because of your staff number. In conclusion DE, you're both exactly what you were back then, but also different. I honestly thought i'd lose interest in warframe because the community got so toxic after exposure from people like Markiplier and other massive youtubers showing it off. But no, i'm starting to lose interest because the community wants you to become more diverse than you can handle and you're willingly going along with it. I'm not the oldest player on the block, and I'll readily admit to that. But I remember when I played for 30 hours straight because there was nothing more i'd rather do than play this game on repeat. There was so much overflowing content that i couldn't sift through it all. As for your direction, that mixes with your claim, Your direction has split off into these areas, and you have to cut that off and stop working on it because people aren't interested in it. Archwing / Lunaro and Conclave / Raids / Open Worlds / Arcade Games / Events / Story / Cinematic Trailers / Warframes / Railjack / Mission Types / Clans / Endgame / Fashion /Tiles This is what you are now, What you were before lies below. Events / Story / Cinematic Trailers / Warframes / Mission Types / Clans / Fashion / Tiles That's much much more manageable that this. I've told you all of the pressing issues on your game and I hope this gets to you. Not everything is on your side and I honest to god love your game to death, i'm around $800 dollars invested into you and I hope i'm not stopping. I take back what I said, Warframe isn't having an identity crisis, You're having a creative crisis right now. You can't decide what to do next, what the community wants, and how to fix things. Keep working at it DE, love you 💗 and I'm with you to the end. This is what the community wants, and what you should want DE, Drive, Love, A Claim, and Direction. Stand up for yourself more as well, you listen to the community a tad too much. To anyone who actually read all this hats off to you and I'll add anything I missed.
  5. Buena tarde, quiero pasar mi savegame de PC a nintendo Switch pero no me aparece habilitado la opcion, que puedo hacer? o es que fue solo por tiempo limitado?
  6. Our clan is having a problem with someone placing a sign or memorial item saying something like "I hate -insert name-". I think adding a way to log who places something. Or seeing who placed a item would be a great way to 1 give credit and 2 stop things like this from happening in other clans. In a sense to prevent dojo "griefing"
  7. I submitted a request three days ago.But still no reply. How long do I have to wait? I don't want to miss PLEAGUE STAR.Please give me a reply. Thank you.
  8. Some friends of mine and I was trying to test the idea of color psychology while trying to do the base parkour room, but it wasn't allowing us to do this. We feel like just being able to place the polychrome machine in the room so we can change the color to see how it effects parkour skills.
  9. Hello, First and foremost, English is not my native language so I apologize in advance for errors or lack of form. As I underline in the title, the MODS Archwings / GUN and Melee are relatively difficult to obtain for some, asking again and again to practice the same mission over and over again. The loot table for these missions has not changed since 2016. Gradually, DE, you integrate deeper Archwing in the universe of Warframe (And "soon" in Empyrean). It may be time to make some mods more accessible or find a new way to acquire them. Especially since some are part of Standard Builds of our weapons. I'll take the example of: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dual_Rounds To aquire it is a real wound! This is an example among many others. And this does not encourage new players to enjoy the archwing since they have to farm for hours to have a basic build for their archwing and weapons. So it would be time to do something on this side, the integration of the archwing our "daily" player warframe becoming more and more ubiquitous. Besides, why not put an end to the separation of the loot tables Normal and Archwing, which would be a solution to start breaking one of its boundaries while helping new players to enjoy archwing content. I was talking about putting archwing mods in classic mission loot tables and warframe / weapon mods in archwing missions. There is good and bad in what I propose, but an improvement of these tables would not hurt given the limited mission / biome available. What do you think?
  10. I, know that Kuva is a rare resource and that's fine and all, but the grind for getting the Kuva for one roll is kind of absurd and tedious. What I mean to say is that let's say your grinding to roll one riven and the riven is at 3500 for the next rolls, okay. So, I make my way to Taveuni (Kuva Survival Mission) and I bring my Nekros, Smeeta Kavat, and I have a resource booster enabled. So each time I complete a Kuva Harvester I get 400 Kuva without the smeeta proc. That means that if I want to roll the riven which is at 3500 I would need to complete 9 Kuva Harvesters which is about 9-10 minutes with out the Smeeta proc.The point is that when grinding for Kuva it should be worth grinding for. Spending one hour in a Kuva Survival would get someone around 17k-19k. That would be around 5-6 rolls on a 3500 riven. What I'm suggesting is that DE could double the amount that its already at so if you get 200 with out a booster you would get 400. If you have a resource booster you could get 800. Then if someone has resource booster and a Smeeta proc it would be 1600. I know that DE has been mainly focus on the newer players on Warframe, but I think that the veterans on the game should get noticed too. Thanks for reading 🙂 Please comment if you agree.
  11. Recently I have had my gameplay ruined by the mastery rank 9 test. I have had my gameplay for days on end blocked by a wall that i just cant pass due to my extreme lack of experience with stealth killing because i never found a situation(up until this test) for its use. Its infuriating to have a game stop you from having fun in this way. It has tortured me for nearly a week and I really wish i could have a way to skip past it and get to the gameplay I like and also be able to see the future of this game and how it progresses. Be it by plat or by other means(like maybe a system that registers how much trys you took and offers you a way to grind a sorta pass to the next mastery rank). I have seen other forum posts about this problem and I wish to address this with a proposed solution. I can not stress enough how much I and others would appreciate this if anyone from DE sees this and decides to so something. Edit: Thanks for the tips i must have been over stressed the first few times but i have succeded with the test.
  12. One Quality of Life change that would help immensely is the ability to copy/paste configurations for weapons and warframes. Most times, my weapons are setup with configs that differ by only a couple mods (Magnetic, Corrosive and Gas being the most common example). Every time I setup a new weapon, I find myself wishing I could copy configs instead of having to set all the mods for each one. I found that I can drag config tabs to rearrange them, but I can't copy them. Maybe add Ctrl-drag for copying? I'm new (relatively). I've been playing for about two months and have never enjoyed an MMO as much as Warframe. What DE is doing with this game seems exactly what I could have wished for in a game. The thought that seems to go into every detail continues to amaze. Has the little ability to copy configs already been considered? If not, could you put in on your list of QoL items to add? I couldn't be the only Tenno to wish for this. Am I? Thanks, Angry.Rabbit https://imgur.com/8OvSvwk
  13. Since theres a lack of a discord feedback forum I'll post this here. I really like seeing updates and patch notes come out on discord as it is really convenient. But I think all four platforms being on the same channel is unnecessary, why not giving them their own individual channels? I hardly think most people own and play on all the platforms so I think it's a no brainer.
  14. Please put the roadmap on the foruns too, maybe on anouncements tab just to have a easier time to see what we can expect for the near future. I'd be okay with a print from devstream
  15. Since Smartphone hardware is literally getting so ridiculously powerful to the point that they are equivalent or a little behind the PS4 and Xbox One vanilla, Does this mean that Warframe (with Bluetooth controller support) could be played on mobile devices? Even though the Nintendo Switch is a dedicated Gaming device, it is proven that smartphones (hardware wise) has surpassed the handheld years ago in CPU and GPU horsepower. I also realize that there are so many different varieties of mobile devices so having a distinct level of performance should be a requirement. There are plenty of Switch/Vita type wired/wireless mobile controllers that could work good on the go. I think starting from iPhone A10-A12 chips and Android phones with Exynos 9810-9820/SD 835, 845 and 855 would probably be more that powerful enough to handle it. If anything it’s probably overkill compared to the Nintendo switch. Will this ever be a thing in the near future?
  16. So i have just recently join back and started play warframe again. I wanted to catch up on my collection of frames and weapons, as usual, prime warframes need nitain extract to craft some of its components. After some research, I learned that Nitain Extract can only be obtained with Nightwave event, Ghoul Purge, or Caches. I have farmed Ghoul Purge bounty for 4-5 hours just of today, not a single Nitain Extract was dropped. I am frustrated, and also dropped a bomb on my mood of continue playing. Why was the acquisition of Nitain Extract changed to such a grind feast? and worst yet, with terrible drop rate. Very disappointed.
  17. Hey DE I made a post about this in Off-Topic section but I heard that you guys never read that stuff 😂 so I'm posting it here. But seriously, I know you guys have alot on your plate but can you make a Mac version if Warframe? I have a handful of friends that have walked away from Warframe because it wasn't on Mac and they were not gonna buy a PC to play it. In all honesty I don't see why you guys haven't made a Mac version for it in the first place. It's not like it's gonna hurt you if you make it. 😬
  18. Anyone got the same problem with ephemera or rare items where you have to farm for hours santuary or exploiter orb without getting a single ephemera or any other rare items. I think the drop chances are very low in santuary about 1% drop chances for ephemera, also all rare items drop at the rotation C which u have to play for about 20mins-30mins for a single item, not to forget the peculiar mods from ESO which have a 2% drop chance and braton vandal stock a 1% drop chance which will never drop. I think that for a 20 - 30 mins mission such as ESO rewards should at least be satisfying not doing these to only get 750 endo or a S#&$ty radiant relic. Relics could be obtained really easily in the star chart and transforming it into radiant is an easy task lets not talk about endo this also is obtained everywhere. Also the newly added Abritration rewards system seems a bit not fair im not complaining about everything here im just saying things as it is bare with me, do you want to stay in an arbitration mission for about 1hr to get each and every C rotation 2k endo at first it seems really good but with the addition of aura forma and new stuff the 2k endo seems a bit unfair cause we can get these everywhere. Sure its a good place to farm endo quickly but let be honest before you unlock arbitrations all youre powerful mods would already be maxed out for new players it really good for them but for people who had been there for 5-6 years i think its really disappointing. I myself had started playing warframe because at first it seems really fair and easy to get stuff for free. Im not saying we should remove RNG, no not at all but do a system like relics with relics your already know what you are getting and its not as grindy as doing 30mins ESO. I think new stuff,rare items and cool decorations must be handle in a more easy and not grindy way cause the repetition of it is killing this great game. I think relics should be remove from ESO cause relics lets be honest you can get relics from every mission interception, defense, extermination or even a capture mission rewards you with a relic. Not forget money i practically sure everyone now in warframe knows about the Index and doing a endless mission for 5-15 mins should not reward credit why the answer is obvious index mission. Endo and relics should be remove from rotation C rewards table for hard mission like Arbitration or ESO think and replace by cooler rewards not relics but rare mods rare items decorations, i dont think 1hr run and all rotation C rewards endo, relics and credits would be fun for the long run things which are easily obtained all over the star-chart. I think the concept of play less but with more difficult mission type rewards cool items would be great. Not everyone have the time for 1hr run and achieving nothing but endo it seems not fair. I think certain items should be like achieving something to earn it like killing a certain amount of eidolon if im not mistaken DE Rebecca said this in one devstream but never got done or i dont know if its in working progress but this would be great. Also increasing drop rate would be really appreciated not from 1% to 5% this really is nothing in warframe, let not forget the shadow stalker with the war bleuprint with only 1% drop chance and if im not mistaken more than 90percent of players bought the hunhow's pack to get the war and this is not free to play cause this cost plats. We already have a lot of rng on riven and these i wont talk on it cost a lot if you get one of a popular weapon. All i have left to say is Digital Extremes from the recent years have work out from there errors and they are proof that negative feedback makes you stronger i hope they rework the reward system for endo credit and relics and replace it by rare items that some player have been carving for weeks to get but didnt get because they had to pray RNG and they didnt got listen by RNG. Little by little it seems warframe is becoming like some EA games where only RNG and real money rules and this was not the warframe i got to know at the very begining. Rare items should be given the chance to drop a lot more easier. Relics-we got void mission or even bounties to get some pretty easily. Endo- dude endo is everywhere on starchart just play and get some endo and if u want some easily arbitration may be the answer for that BUT i think the 2k endo should only be in the A and B rotation since arbitration rotation order is ABCCC.... Continues endlessly with C rot Credit - index is the answer for credit. Every credit rewards from drop table should be removed i think and players can get credit easily quickly in index and even new players can easily play the low index run. Components are really good as it is each planets have the unique component and some mission you can easily farm the required component so no need to change this. The fissure system also is greatly done between some fissure can get you relics by opening relics. Rare items should be given the chance to shine a bit more and make more accessible to everyone not only for people who uses plats to get it since warframe is not about plats but a free to play game. Thats all for me signing out -LyfeA1
  19. Ever since the Jovian Concord came out, I've been on the grind a few items and seeing the new Amalgam enemies are a new challenge for some. I was thinking that I wish I could have those Amalgam parts on my Moa(s). I feel like we should have parts to collect in the game from Disruption (The new game mode), I was thinking something like a Railgun attachment, (just like the Amalgam Moa), a laser mini-gun that can switch between burst-fire and auto-fire, (Amalgam Kucumatz), and maybe a pulse that give an increase to health, damage, and armor, (kinda of like the Amalgam Alkonost, except the moa would emit a pulse, not grab their allies.) This is just a thought I had in mind and wanted to share it with the community of Warframe.
  20. I was wondering if Warframe has been taking strides to incorporate cross platform play. The most recent information that I’ve been able to discover on this subject was back in January of 2019, and that was almost a half a year ago. I played Warframe on the PC about a year ago, and I’ve recently switched to starting a new profile on my Nintendo Switch. There are multiple friends that I wish I could continue playing with from my PC playing days, and even more friends on the PS4 that I would love to begin playing with as well. I am aware that Warframe in constantly changing and reshaping its content, but I was just wondering if cross platform play could be added?
  21. Hey was thinking what a great idea to have a in game auction house where you could post for any credit you desired and if possible have auto mail after credits received. Great idea how about a clan where house or bank where you could lay up anything and share with clan members just saying great ideas.
  22. Hey, everyone! My name's Raptie, and as a hobby I do game mechanics and systems design. I got into Warframe a couple months ago and, like all of you, I've fallen in love with the game. Also like all of you, I have an idea on what can make this game even better. The working title is "Style Streaks", and it draws influence from games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and basically every Platinum Games game. What is it? Well, the Style Streak system rewards player skill by dynamically scaling the difficulty and frequency of enemies, as well as providing better loot drops. When designing this system I had a few goals in mind: It has to make players feel even more like badass space ninjas It has to be easy to understand It can't remove any existing systems It has to require minimal effort for DE to implement and balance It has to be flexible and future-proof I will now explain the three main components of the Style Streak system. (Please note that I'm making this as barebones as possible - my goal here is to provide DE with a framework to build on, not to hash out every little detail. Also note that this is in no way intended to replace the existing weapon-specific combo systems!) Part 1: Streak Score. Streak Score goes up when you kill enemies, and it [decays/resets] if you don't kill anything for a few seconds. When your Streak Score hits certain thresholds, it will make enemies spawn in at faster rates, as well as increase the level/difficulty of enemies that spawn in. Part 2: Streak Grade. Your Streak Grade is a letter grade that reflects the variety of attacks and abilities that you're using. It's designed to reward mixing things up - using different melee combos, swapping to different weapons, using alt-fire modes, using abilities from time to time... all of those can result in a better Streak Grade. The Streak Grade ties directly into the third component which is Part 3: Streak Rewards. Every enemy you kill gives you a chance to get a special Streak Reward. A higher Streak Score increases the chances you'll get a drop, and a better Streak Grade gives you better odds at getting a rarer drop. (It's kind of like dumping Void Traces into Relics to get a better chance at getting good loot). To summarize: Being better at killing things means you get more things to kill, and the cooler you are when you do that gets you better loot. So, that's the main system! A few optional things I also thought of that I wanna toss in here: Weapon Disposition giving players multipliers towards their Streak Score (This would encourage greater weapon variety) Different enemy types/levels giving different numbers of points End-of-mission reward bonus based on an overall Mission Grade Ability for players to opt-out of this if they don't want to participate Anyway, please leave your thoughts and feedback - hopefully this is something that will at least inspire DE! Thanks for readin'! ❤️
  23. Hello Dear Warframe Players and DE People! I'm here after playing for Weeks with the new Melee Style and i talked some Minutes ago to other Random Players about it. And we had the same Opinion: "Melee needs to get Overworked again" and in the best Scenario very quickly since it brakes the Game somehow. To explain it, here is why... First of all. I'm a huge fan of Excalibur and i'm using Umbra Excalibur many Times when i'm playing. I even remember how Excalibur was before his own Rework with the actual Abilities and i loved his new 4th Power the "Sword". It was awesome to be able to play with just a Melee Weapon and Excaliburs 4th and i was feeling like a real Ninja / Melee Combat Master. But with the Rework of Melee which happened a while ago changed it to feel bad. I can't use My Mouse for Melee anymore (Usually i holded F and used My Left Mouse Key to attack and the right for Channeling), i can't hold "F" to switch to Melee and if i only use a Melee on any Warframe do i always have to use My Keyboard to attack enemies. Blocking and Melee Channeling is a Pain now. If i press 4 on Excalibur and use the Right Mouse Key is My Energy continue to drain but i have a Shooting Weapon in My Hands? That doesn't feels right in any Way... Even the switch in the Settings for Melee is almost Useless. Would it be hard to make the new Melee Style Optional and to give us back the old Melee Style? I'm never against Updates and Changes from DE on Warframe but this One really pushs Me out of the Game after a short Time just because i can't fight like i did before this Changes. I'm playing since the Beta and i would really appreciate a response to this and hopefully also a quick fix for this "Issue" which other Players also seem to know. My English isn't the best but i hope some People will understand what i mean. I don't ask for a Update here, just for a Small Fix which ads a Toggle for the old Melee Style or something like that... Anyways, thanks for this great Game and all the best for the coming/ongoing Development. I will take a break for now and stay tuned about Melee... Best Regards, A loyal Fan and Warframe Player!
  24. Hi@all: Ich hab da mal ne Frage: wollte ich fragen ob es möglich ist zb 3 Handel im Orbiter (Liset) zu implementieren. Weil derzeit macht das Einladen von Freunden auf mein Schiff keinen wirklichen Sinn. Deswegen wie gesagt meine Frage ob es möglich wäre 1, 2 oder 3 Handel am Tag auf dem Schiff durchzuführen? Weil dann würde das Einladen in den Orbiter wieder Sinn machen. Danke im voraus und hoffentlich bis bald
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