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  1. From what I`m hearing from some people that have played it, they are not enjoying it, I want to give some ideas to improve this. · Give players the ability to choose the enemy level you want to play at like the simulacrum. You start from the original level from the planet then increase the level from there. This feature is available if you are playing solo or if you are playing on invite only however it won`t work on public mode. · This should be integrated into other missions like syndicates, kuva liches, fissures, quests, alerts, kuva syphons, invasion missions etc and again the level starts from the mission’s max level as the minimum. Pros; · This will help out new players a lot, they can use this as a milestone for progression to get a feel for the game and it`s mechanics and when they are happy, they can keep moving up levels until they can handle high-level missions. · It is another alternative to test out weapons and warframe builds besides the simulacrum and it`s much better for the fact that the encounters of the enemies is real and unpredictable plus it will address the issue with what scot had with ppl keep using the simulacrum (even through it was a stupid issue). · You can enjoy playing you favourite missions and have a challenge at the same time at your own pace and at you chosen level. Rewards · Weapon skins · Orbiter stencil visually inspired from planets · More ornaments (better looking ones) · More Operator cosmetics visually inspired from planets. · Armour pieces and syandanas visually inspired from planets that has a glow when preforming a certain action (similar to syndicates). Getting multiple of these will intensify the glow effect. · Universal medallions (including conclave) Game mode rewards · Syndicate missions drops a 9th medallion that’s worth 20,000 and complicating it gives you extra standing. · Fissures will drop double void traces. · Kuva siphons/litches drop double kuva. · Invasion missions have a 50% chance to offer another rare mod. Unique add-ons Every time you complete missions that is level 50+, Teshin will show up challenging to for a fight. The mechanics for Teshin will make fighting him be like a one on one fight, if you get downed, he will disappear. If you defeat him, he has a chance to drop; · A x4 resource, infinity and a drop booster that can be used in the next mission (any) you play on. · A duel katana melee weapon. Each time you get this weapon it will increase its crit chance, crit damage and status chance by 2% (to a max of 20% 10 times) · Armour pieces that can be used on warframes and operators. · An ephemera where every time you get it will increase the intensity of its glow. · A booster that can either give your chosen warframe either 300% power strength, duration or range. This can be used on a warframe in the next mission you select (very low drop chance). · Gives you 10 of the planet`s rarest resource. If these ideas were to be implemented, this will drastically improve this mode if it`s not implemented reward driven players (like myself) will only play it for the rewards (operator outfit) and will never touch this mode again which is something you don`t want DE so you need to buck up your ideas, literally. If you guys got any ideas to add to this, put them here.
  2. I am absolutely crap at stealth but I love the idea of sneaking past a group of enemies while being un-detected, killing enemies without anyone noticing and killing alerted enemies before they set of the alarms, I really do like stealth but the stealth mechanics in this game is broken. One of the most irritating things about stealth is when I use Ash to teleport to an enemy, because of the inconsistence of opening enemies up to finishers and the way stealth works, when I teleport to them the enemy turns around, shoots me, alerts nearby enemies and then sets of the alarms. I know this is an unpopular mechanic however this is a so-called space ninja game so stealth should be improved and this is for the ppl the love stealth gameplay like I do. Here are my ideas to revisit the stealth mechanics; Point of View · If one enemy is alerted to you, enemies nearby won`t be alerted until the alerted enemy starts shooting. · Melee enemies don’t alert nearby enemies until they hit you. · There will be an exclamation indicator mark shown on the screen for 2 seconds to show the enemy that is about to hack the alarm. It also can be seen through all solid objects. · If you are out of the enemy`s sight it will take 15 seconds before they revert back to being un-alerted. · If you get three kills while hanging on a wall before the hang timer diminishes, you will receive 10 critical damage for 15 seconds, it also carries over to fly-kicks. · Each time you kill an enemy in the air, you will get one extra jump and makes you glide in the air slower and longer. · Sliding into an enemy will knock them down. Mini Map · Enemies are colour coded based on the alerted status. Un-aware enemies are grey, yellow are suspicious and red are alerted. · Enemies above or below floor levels are darker than the colour they are currently coded with. · In spy missions, the sentry drones will show the direction (pov) they are facing so you can identify and avoid them, they are also colour blue on the map. · It will show the direction (pov) of where the enemies they are facing. Crouching · It will automatically show enemies on the mini map infinitely. Standing up will show it for 10 seconds until it disappears, crouching again will show it up again. · When crouching, a metre bar will appear above enemies’ heads showing enemies` alert state. · Crouching will reduce the range of enemy vision from 15m down to 12m. · If you kill an enemy with your melee weapon, the body will disappear. · If you get three stealth finishers in a row, you will get 20% increased crouch speed for 20 seconds. Edit: Giving an incentive As good as these changes maybe there is no incentive to want to play this way besides for fun, their needs to be something that makes you want play this type of gameplay. Their also needs to be a game-mode that requires you to play stealth and to pick certain warframes like ESO requiring you to play a DPS warframe to get the most out of it. Here is a game mode I came up with that I took from an old post I put up based on an old post I put up. Also here is a link to that post if your interested. Game mode: Retrieval Mission Objective: Infiltrate a military base and recover rare, high-quality items stolen from all over the system held in their vault. What to do: Find a way inside the base, locate four enemies that are carrying the codes to disable the laser barrier, reach the vault, unlock the door and reach the vault before it closed. Need to know: · Your need to get into the base without being seen. · Enemies can easily detect fast movement which will alert them when stealing the codes. · There are shadow areas on the tileset where you can hide from enemies to stay undetected or reduce enemies alert state. · Use the codes scanner to find the four enemies` footprint trail to find them. · Three enemies have the code to take down the barrier. · The fourth enemy (if you choose to find it) will hold a clue to the combination though it will be difficult to steal from, if it spots you it will run away turning it into a capture mission. · If you decide to chase it, you will have the risk of alerting enemies. · There will be an indicator showing what they are carrying. · If the code carrying enemies see you or detect fast movement, they will sound the alarms which will spawn more enemies in which you have to hack the alarms to turn them off. · If enemies are alerted to you presents you will have 30 seconds decrease enemies alert state by either hiding or killing enemies that are alerted. · Spawned enemies will carry weaponry that will slow down your movement speed. · Each time the alarms go off, more enemies will be guarding the vault and you will receive penalties. · Alarm one will, decrease your finisher speed by 30%, second alarm will turn the lights on dispelling shadow areas, the third alarm will decrease your movement speed by 20%. · If the alarms go off more than three times, the countdown for the vault doors closing will start giving you 1:30 seconds. · If you are able to get into the vault within the countdown timer you will complete the mission but get less/half the rewards. · If you don`t reach the gate in time you will fail the mission. · You have to figure out the combination to disable the laser barriers you will have five attempts and failing all five will start the countdown (auto hacks and syphers are disabled). · In-between you and the vault, there are traps and lasers you will have to bypass to reach the vault. · Once you have reached the entrance to the vault, hack it then a timer will start to where you my must reach to the end of the passage before the vault closes (epic music plays) · On your way to the vault, you have to preform parkour moves to avoid traps and there will be enemies trying to stop you from reaching the vault. · The last obstacle requires you to slide under obstacles to reach the vault. · This also can be played in a team. Mission bonuses If you decide to search around, you may find items that can aid you in the mission. You can activate them by selecting the gear wheel. · A perk that will reveal enemies walking pattens. · A perk that will give you the ability to see enemies through walls. · A perk that can instantly disable alarms and put enemies to sleep for 3 second, when they wake up, they will revert back to being un-alerted. · A perk that can teleport you to a location chosen by aiming your radical. If you have any questions of why I added these ideas or if you have any ideas to add to this, put them here.
  3. We were all very excited for the new moa companions after a promise of melee being added to the new companion available in fortuna. After finishing the build and waiting 24 hours, anticipating my new friends abilities... I discovered that the moa in fact was not a melee companion but more of a washed out moa with a melee percept mod. The ability itself conflicts with the moas other abilities and AI, meaning that it doesn't process which ability to use quickly enough and will just stand there idle. When the moa eventually does fight it will target one enemy like the kubrows rush attack and deal a mediocre amount of damage. The damage output when compared to kavats kubrows and sentinels is obismal. The fact we can not even upgrade the moas melee attacks with melee mods is dumbfounded. To this day, the only companion able to equip a melee weapon and mods is the helios. With deconstructor as its main weapon, it utilises deconstructor... A glaive thrown weapon. Why is it that D. E release a melee moa that only has melee abilitys when equipping hard engage, when helios can equip a melee weapon and all melee mods.?? Can the new moa be reworked so that it can equip melee weapons and use melee mods please? Helios has had that spot for too long. I see no point in using a 'melee' moa that lacks any melee mods or weapons, and doesn't hold up against any other melee attacks that other companions can use. Please look into this. It could have been incredible... But it was so so very disappointing.
  4. We were all very excited for the new moa companions after a promise of melee being added to the new companion available in fortuna. After finishing the build and waiting 24 hours, anticipating my new friends abilities... I discovered that the moa in fact was not a melee companion but more of a washed out moa with a melee percept mod. The ability itself conflicts with the moas other abilities and AI, meaning that it doesn't process which ability to use quickly enough and will just stand there idle. When the moa eventually does fight it will target one enemy like the kubrows rush attack and deal a mediocre amount of damage. The damage output when compared to kavats kubrows and sentinels is obismal. The fact we can not even upgrade the moas melee attacks with melee mods is dumbfounded. To this day, the only companion able to equip a melee weapon and mods is the helios. With deconstructor as its main weapon, it utilises deconstructor... A glaive thrown weapon. Why is it that D. E release a melee moa that only has melee abilitys when equipping hard engage, when helios can equip a melee weapon and all melee mods.?? Can the new moa be reworked so that it can equip melee weapons and use melee mods please? Helios has had that spot for too long. I see no point in using a 'melee' moa that lacks any melee mods or weapons, and doesn't hold up against any other melee attacks that other companions can use. Please look into this. It could have been incredible... But it was so so very disappointing.
  5. Missing mods/Blueprints for weapons/items I wanted to make this post because i accidentally transmuted my amalgam mods that are only obtainable from thermia fractures and are now unobtainable and as well as the opticor vandal. I would really like if those unobtainable mods/weapons are put into simaris's offerings console as with the other weapon blueprints in the past and the amalgam mods from the fractures as it would benefit those who have accidentally sold their weapons and or mods that are now unobtainable from those regions. I dont really mind the mods/weapons bp cost 100k standing from simaris to recreate as it would still make it viable to recover. Please review this post as it would help many players on many platforms
  6. Recently i did 300 waves on arbitration i didn't stay longer because i was scared that the game was going to bug, my question is does SOLO defense mission still bugs at wave 565?? PS: only answer if you are actually interested in this topic PLEASE
  7. I believe it would help if there were more tags to categorise feedback. e.g Weapon types, Mods, Melee, Focus etc. This would help the developers narrow down feedback more specific to what they are looking for, as well as help players see if there is already a topic on the feedback they want to give.
  8. Been playing warframe about since it launched on PlayStation. Game is great and content is so much that u almost drown on details of everything. U have great community and a lot of fan art, thing is that I and I think many others are kinda collectors and what brings me to suggest develoment idea is - collectible variants of mod cards... Could be just normal mods, with normal stats, but with a artistic style. A real collectible. Meaning add bling ammo drum mod card in rng with change of drop like 0,001% instead of normal version... Could really enjoy ingame art also that way. Thanks for great game.
  9. kevoisvevo

    modifiable UI

    why not let give us the ability to modify our own UI more. i am tired of having buffs been seen up the upper right end of the screen while abilities show on the lower right of screen. i want to see all my buffs and my ability duration on my lower half of the screen for easier micro managing.
  10. Letters such as "g" show up as "a" due to the bottom part getting clipped. We could use AEGIS instead, but ideally lowercase would be better.
  11. Instead of showing the damage you do infront of the enemy, blocking sight of the enemy you are shooting completely. i propose a fix moving the damage numbers so that it doesn't block sight over the enemy. Currently it is so frustrating to shoot enemies because all you are looking at while shooting is a bunch of numbers, when trying to kill a nox or any type of scenario where you have to focus on hitting the enemy in the head or weakspot it makes it very difficult to track where the head/weakspot is when all you see is numbers blocking sight... I am yet to come by a game where the damage you deal pops infront of the enemy blocking the target entirely it's definetely questionable that this hasn't been dealt with sooner
  12. Today, I just want to get a weapon I want.I repeated 50 kills of juveniles.But now ,I still don't have it.My mood is so sad.Because I can't see the end.When the game becomes too random, players leave.I have a little suggestion.Don't have repetitive weapons.Players don't need this stuff.It will only waste our time.It's so boring.This is my first, maybe my last.That's all.
  13. I'll be brief, Railjack has a big hole into his gamemode, and that is trusting your tatics to random... I believe that not only me, but many other players are having to deal with bad elements hindering the game, railjack tactics are free to use for everyone, and this is a problem, tactics should be used exclusively by the ship's owner. And not by random players, many of them spend the resources of the ship, and make the game a true hell, it difficults our missions and many others who are trying to play seriously, please reconsider the free use of tactics and just lock it for the owners of their respective ships. DE need's to block tactics for random players, it doesn't mean that I can make a system the ship owner's can allow players he's trust using tactics and etcetera, I'm not asking random players to just walk around the ship, I just want a certain feature to be blocked to them. HOW EXACTLY THEN? Example would be: Randomly entering players can forge, but not "refine" Using turrets, but not "tactics". Basically, manage everything who can be consumed by players. The game is based on trust between players, but some people don't think the same.
  14. Respected sir, My request is to please add pause button in warframe launcher so that i can able to download the game in parts and not loose downloading process, im from india, its hard to download such big game at a time, yesterday i was downloading the game, 10gb downloading process was completed but then suddenly speed drops to 20kb and downloading start again from zero. presently in June 2020 downloading game size is 30.7gb its big, so i request warframe developer to add the pause button in launcher so i can download the game in parts without loosing process of downloads. im not using steam to download.
  15. Hello people The cosmetics in Warframe is perhaps the number one thing that drives me to play and progress in the game. I absolutely love the freedom and amounts of choices we have in coloring and decorating our stuff. I don't know any other game that tops Warframe in regard. There is one downside though, and it's that, often cosmetics may interrupt gameplay, by directly overlapping the cursor, and/or hiding a large portion of the screen, especially while aiming (see attached photo). I think there can be a relatively easy solution to this: Give us an option to see our character models as semi-transparent (or choose between a spectrum of opaque to transparent) while aiming, in the game options. That way players could both see their beautiful creations and what they are aiming at. Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!
  16. Whenever I try to upload an emblem, the uploader breaks and results in the following posted below. This has been going on for several months now, and results in an emblem that is cut-off due to not being able to crop it. Note: I tested this on Edge and Chrome with no plugins.
  17. Ever since I saw wave 18, I knew I needed all of it. I love the warframes skins, and the helmets, the weapons, etc. But on consoles we only have half of it. Will we be getting the rest of it with the Deadlock Protocol? Or later? I just want to know what's going on with it. There's still very old Tennogen that hasn't made it's way to console, and I really hope it does.
  18. I just failed my survival mission after successfully completing Garnum's void's kill quota, only to have my life support run dry and the mission immediately fail. If possible, could being in the void freeze the progress of both the survival timer and life support? it is highly disappointing to meet success in the void only to have it ripped for this rather short-sighted game occurrence. -humbly, a rather annoyed Tenno.
  19. hello, i buy Celestia syandiana when was release.and was the best syandana in warframe for me. Was disappointed to play conclave for beam lights, but i do much of pvp for beam all lights every single weeks. i return play warframe from about 1 mounth and i can't beam lights of the syandiana couse no one play conclave. i read much posts of people who call for a rework of this syandiana but is still remain the same of when i buy it. today a stay 1 hour for waiting people in the conclave lobby but still empy. please give a new chance for this beutifull and forbidden syandiana. Peace ! Sorry for my bad english.
  20. Veteran Warframe players have been asking for challenge for quite a while. I believe that challenge can be added by some very simple tweaks to enemy AI: behaviors, tactics, tools and abilities of the enemy. I want to have multiple different discussions about how AI could improve, but here I will only cover one sub-topic: invisibility. I have frequently used invisibility frames and, I have to admit, it feels like a cheese mechanic....in a way that doesn't match with anything approaching realistic behavior. To start off with, I'll use different words to refer to enemy behavior... -"alerted": enemy unit has seen a threat (warframe) and attempting to attack and will likely run towards the last seen location. May alternatively run away or towards the alarm system. -"suspicious": enemy knows something suspicious has happened, will point weapon in direction of suspicious activity and may slowly walk towards it. THE PROBLEM: Enemies are completely oblivious when a warframe goes invisible. They do not respond to the sound of footsteps going past. They frequently stand there dumbfounded in one spot when a frame goes invis right in front of them (then carry on with normal life a moment later). Even when an invis frame starts beating people up in front of them or shooting a weapon, it only piques their curiousity. The only way to die currently while invisible is if an enemy shoots at something else *behind you*. Enemies will never respond directly in any meaningful way when you 1) should be heard and 2) they can see the awful effects of what you're doing in front of them and 3) *we* can visibly see that invisible is like "thermoptic camouflage" in sci-fi: when you're close to it, you can *see* that *something* is moving. Additionally, the insane cheese of invisibility makes other abilities, like Banshee's silence, almost completely pointless. To put it in perspective, just think about the movie "Predator". The alien was invisible almost the entire movie. The commandos knew they were being attacked. They'd spray bullets, stop, listen, react, look for the tiny visual clues, etc. SOLUTION: Some simple tweaks can make a more reasonable experience.... 1) If the player is *heard striking* literally *anything*, the enemy's curiosity automatically piqued. 100% chance to look in direction of it. Small chance to become suspicious (increasing as level goes up), which means a chance of going towards the sound. 2) Shooting a weapon (EDIT: not silenced) always arouse suspicion but also has a chance to alert *briefly*. Small chance the enemy units may fire back randomly in the direction the gunfire was heard. Shooting within a foot of an enemy unit will trigger a melee attack or fugue. 3) A unit getting killed in front of comrades currently *only* arouses suspicion. More action would make sense. Units should have a chance to *run* towards the action (increasing with level) and/or a very small chance of melee attack at the location of death (increasing in level) and/or a very small chance of randomly discharging firearm in general direction briefly. In other words, seeing magical dismemberment should trigger a brief state of alarm in that enemy. 4) *Touching* a *human* enemy unit should always provoke suspicion *and* have a chance (increasing in level) to make that unit do one melee attack towards the touch. (What would *you* do if something invisible brushed against you?) I'll leave it up to the lore to say how robotic units "feel" things.... 5) Octavia's third ability should provoke suspicion any time it's in use and in range of an enemy unit. I don't understand how the staff of a secret military base would experience a magical floating boom box and think "that's perfectly normal". 6) If I'm running, footsteps should be *heard* (suspicion!). If I am *walking*doing anything that makes sound, footsteps that sound *should still be heard* as long as it is an extremely close distance! Ivara shouldn't be able to walk a tight circle one foot around an enemy and have him be completely oblivious! 7) At very *close range*, enemy units should be able to see a *visual distortion* of the invisibility and become *suspicious*! Standing one foot in front of an enemy's face and they can't see any warped visual cue? That's just ridiculous. If you want a time gate (lowered based on level) could be imposed before they get suspicious. 8.) All of these behaviors should be heightened (more violent) if the base or area is alerted. 9) Robotic units should have the *option* (especially when base/area is in alert) to use sensors that don't rely on the human visual spectrum. This could be accompanied by a delay or visual cue, etc. This should *at least* arouse suspicion if it successfully looks towards the player. 10) Dogs can *smell*! How is it I can walk all around these attack dogs and they never smell anything suspicious? There should be an interval or timed chance or *something* that lets dogs get suspicious of a warframe's smell right next to them. Any of these heightened responses could be thought of as very, very short alert modes if needed. OUTCOME: Invisible frames should try to actually *be sneaky*! Keep your distance from foes unless you plan to hurt them. Be mindful of the sound you make all the time. It's not a free ticket to literally do anything. If someone sees you kill their friend, they will run towards their chopped-up friend. If they then bump up against you, you will feel the butt of their rifle. Their surprise will cause a normal reaction, causing more to happen, causing more freakout. These events can cascade with more enemies around if the player is not careful, especially at high level. FINAL THOUGHTS: The invis cheese is world breaking. I like feeling powerful in game, but I also enjoy feeling like I earned it. When we insert lazy cheese as a normal mode of the game, it breaks that sense of adventure in a game where I actually *want to feel immersed* in this world. EDIT: DO NOT just post a comment saying "that's not how it works" without any details or helpful explanation. I have already posted comments about my testing in the Simulacrum, my testing in Sorties, my experiences across many hours with various invis frames in any/all missions. If *you* have different experiences, then you can give us the relevant details of your testing: which frame did you use; in what mission; how many people in your squad (hint: be solo); which enemies; what was your activity; what was the enemy behavior..... There is a lot of nay-saying from folks that don't want to make the effort to understand the problem, don't properly read the details that I present and do not make helpful assessments. That behavior is not constructive and ignorant of the effort I have already put into this.
  21. Spoilers warning, I will be talking about everything related to this update. To start it off, this update, from mine and the opinions of friends, think this was the most refined/polished update in quite a while. I have experienced the least amount of glitches and the smoothest experience in a main update than I have since.... well, I don't know, this update was very well made. The Story was fantastic and I really loved the effort put into the art and sound design of it all. My friends and I loved it so much, that it was wished that there was a survival mission for any faction you might want in the Granum realm, we absolutely love the theme of that area. To unlock Protea you must enter the varying difficulties of realms many times to obtain the required parts for her and her weapons. I for one think that this is a fantastic way to obtain them. However, I will list a few things from farming that I didn't exactly appreciate.... The mid tier coins, (Exemplar Granum Crowns), were the most difficult to obtain because the star chart does not contain, in the mid tier, the variety of mission types that the low and high tiers do. Overall, I feel there should be more ship nodes on Jupiter or Europa. The other issue I found was that the drop chances for the two weapon types on the Jackal feel too low, I think that a system to give a blueprint if a player does not have it and not give them again afterwards would fix a lot of systems including this one where you do not want the drop chance too high if they already have it, or too low if they don't. The system can then roll for all players a drop chance to give the drop and not if a player already has the weapon or blueprint. I've done the Jackal fight about 30+ times now and I've gotten 3 Stahlta's and 0 Stropha Blueprints. I've done it so much, that I found you can sit exactly in the middle of the lasers and only get hit 2-4 times during shield gates since the laser walls act as an object enters region event instead of periodic because of the possible stunlock kill that system could have. I wouldn't have figured that out if I was not simply tired of waiting on laser walls to finish spinning so I could kill it. However, I did not say this fight was bad, I think it is perfection for the new player experience and am simply stating that having to do the fight so many times is what makes players become bored and do stupid things... like sitting in the center laser wall and finding that you're less likely to die sitting inside the laser than outside while you wait. Though you could just sit in tenno void form the entire time as well. The drop chance of the Rhino parts totals to 100%, therefore shouldn't the weapon blueprint parts also be split between 100%? That and not be awarded if it is already obtained. Protea! This frame seems to as polished as the update itself, everything about it works together in good synergy. Of course a frame can always be more refined and improved, but its' initial form works very well in relation to the quest, except for one thing.... Her 4 in the quest begins when she dies or is about to die before rewinding time. This suggests that she was always rewinding time and only decided to rewind it before she died. However, when using Protea, you must activate the ability first. I think if this ability was changed to reflect her in the quest, it would make more sense. For instance, using 4 would cause Protea to rewind time a specific duration, or till the player lets go of pressing the 4 key (up to a maximum duration). Where as Protea is always recording the duration of her 4 in the past and overwriting it as she does new things. However, any nullifying effect would put a blocker on that duration to prevent returning somewhere you shouldn't be. Xoris! This weapon is very nice and is a great way to get players into thrown weapons. The Infinite combo duration is a welcome sight for players new to glaives when doing the quest. UI! The UI changes and fixes are a welcome sight and very appreciated to provide players with more reason to play the game and less reason to read the wiki and forget they were going to play the game. I would love to see an ammo max counter for each weapon at some point. Custom Cursors is something I for one, really thought was a nice quality addition, even if small. The new node UI is very intuitive and I appreciate being less likely to pick the wrong mission from small font with multiple mission types on the same node with the old system. A fix that wasn't mentioned, but I thought was noteworthy. Grineer Galleon Defense pod transitions (Hydron/Helene Defense). I like that I no longer stand on air where the pod will be whenever the visual pod is moving upwards. I pointed this out because it pays note to the little things and how DE has gone out of their way to polish and refine the game in so many ways with this update. I would still like better AI for defection though, and maybe remove the toxic air altogether and give the defense operatives like 5 health, hit gates like on the bosses that can be healed in a specific amount of time each. That mission type already takes longer than any other and is equal to 5 minute survival if you use healing frames and blatantly ignore healing towers altogether. General Issues and Improvements/notes: Gaze Primary radial damage does not have any UI to display the radius of it. I also noticed it gets a lot of grey 0's as if the radial damage at certain angles weren't actually doing damage, but were hitting. This makes me think the radial damage past a certain distance is 0% or less since area calculations are just search area, applied effects. The Gaze overall feels too short in range, or sacrifice more than half damage (even though the highest damage form is still pretty bad) for twice the range, you're better off equipping a range mod if you lose less than half base damage. Speaking of which, why aren't range increasing mods fitting in the exilus slot since they do not grant increases to damage and are in concept related to accuracy which is an exilus mod. Exilus mods provide quality and not damage, range is quality and not damage and thus fits the requirements. Catchmoon Primary seems to be fine, but I would prefer if primary weapons had more firerate, and more damage, because they are bigger versions of secondary weapons, in the case of catchmoon, small projectile, more range too, as the secondary version should be a large and wide short range version that dissipates quickly. Primaries are always supposed to have more range than secondaries in any game, situation, or real life, small versions of weapons always suffer accuracy, size, power, or range, over larger versions by concept and logistics. Rattleguts The weapon that just keep shooting, the primary version, much like in what I explained above should have higher damage, accuracy, range, and/or status/critical (power) than secondaries. Firerate however is a different story, secondaries in Warframe generally do not have much logistics behind them and mods have been made stronger for them over primaries to compensate for the lower base stats. I find this a growing issue that was almost solved with the addition of the Catchmoon nerf to range. Secondary weapons need higher damage than primaries and harsh damage falloff at range, paired with bad accuracy and recoil. Primary weapons at range, while having the same (power), need to have minimum range for the same high amounts of damage that is obtained at a medium distance. Overall, weapons have the same "Power" but at different locations and situations. This might require a large rework of most every weapon in the game, but the simplicity of balance and the retained value of customization being identical means that it makes rivens and new weapons easier to balance in the long run, but only if mods are equalized alongside this. Arcanes! I meant to cover arcanes with scarlet spear, but because of a certain pandemic, I forgot about it. Arcanes, like primary, secondary, and melee weapons are very dis-proportional to each category and only complicate the issue. This issue being how damage works for each weapon type related to base damage and criticals. Arcane Precision is a 100% on Headshot to grant +300% damage to secondaries for 18s. Arcane Rage is a 15% of Headshot to grant +180% damage to primaries for 24s. Secondary weapons have been gradually increasing in damage to that of primaries over the years *cough catchmoon*, and that isn't the only one either, it is just one of many. Secondaries have higher % increases from mods to go along with the increased stats and in general makes me wonder why I use primary weapons. For me, I use a primary if a secondary doesn't do what a primary can from a uniqueness perspective. If there was a secondary sniper similar to Rubico Prime, I don't have a doubt that it would be used more. Rivens etc: Alright, setting riven disposition to .5 to start, as a means of balance, is one way to put the issue, but I would like to point out some issues with this. A bit of the warframe community does not approve of rivens because they are so "random", create jealousy, and "destroy the entire balance of the game" yada yada. I made a post about how one could make rivens better for everyone and make them easier to maintain for the devs, but I assume the team was busy with scarlet spear and didn't notice. If any of DE staff wants to see, look through my old posts, I can't seem to find it to make a link anymore. Moving on, having disposition be based on usage statistics makes it an interesting question with new weapons and neutral makes sense, but for the sake of balance you wish to buff the rivens later after some usage. In my post I talked about how anyone who gets remotely close to finishing most of the content in the game resorts to only having rivens as the only content that is "reusable" aka, veteran players care a lot about rivens since it's the only thing to do, (because it's random), and is why I sigh whenever seeing the average person talk bad about them. Having disposition start at .5 is low enough that I am not going to use a riven unless it has the absolute perfect stats (and even then, it depends). My point I am making is that you're going to be missing data on the people who actually use rivens when judging usage statistics. This is because all, people like us (riven users), are doing, is instead of using it, we are maxing it for mastery, and waiting for it to be buffed by not using it. It's a good attempt at balance, but you don't get true data unless the disposition is in the middle to start. That is also an issue because by the time it does get buffed, people don't care about the weapon anymore. If you look at my profile, I barely used the bramma because it was too strong and took away the fun for me (Possibly make the cluster bombs not able to proc status since it is a critical weapon that currently procs as much as a shotgun). If I had a riven, I would have probably used it and then put it away when the riven was nerfed, at least you let the community have some temporary fun with new releases and they should know that it will eventually be nerfed. Balance is more important than fun, but temporary fun is more important than balance when it comes to randomness. Guaranteed weapon stats on the other hand, like the kuva bramma, should not be nerfed later for being too strong, they shouldn't have been strong to begin with. Rivens in essence are not guaranteed, and because of this, temporary power isn't bad when removed, unlike the bramma being nerfed does. Players know rivens change, weapons do not normally change, and thus creates more negativity in response to debuffs. Players that don't like rivens are players that don't like nerfs for any reason, regardless of balance, or they don't want to put the effort into farming another system (kuva), or they don't like that they can't have what someone else has (randomness), or lastly, they don't know much about rivens and/or think they are too strong (for which I say rhetorically, "why don't they remove primed and vault mods" as I listen to them complain about irrelevance). Since I have grouped the people who do not like rivens, it should be pretty clear that they do not have the required understanding to be giving advice for what to do with rivens by the common responses of: "just remove them". - A little advice from me to anyone reading this, ~ Don't tell a developer to outright remove something, and if you do, you better come up with an equally complicated, and intricate system, for a solution, as the one you are advising to remove. Even though I can always find some way to backseat dev, I think this update was the best update that Warframe has had in a long time due to the variety, solidity, and refinement that went into making it. Thank you DE, I'm happy to have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. You all made me proud to have supported this great adventure. This has been my review and perspective of Update 28. What could be next? Shooting while on K-Drives? K-Drives in missions? Stay fast, Tenno!
  22. I know boosters are always active, even if you're offline for any reason, and I "get it". I have long ago accepted this, but I think it can be done MUCH better. However, boosters can be a null reward if you may not be able to play upon acquiring one, for whatever reason. I had an idea that I hoped could make the boosters more appealing to players. Here goes: 1) If they still do, STOP boosters from counting down during patches or when the game is down, and ONLY restart the timer upon that players first re-sign in. Sometimes when theres a new patch that hits and FORCES me to stop playing, I will go do other IRL tasks I need to take care of. When the game goes down like 5 times in 1 day, you can lose a LOT of booster for reasons that are not your fault. Other times you may have paid for or gotten a booster yet an emergency happens and suddenly you cant play for X days. 2) When offline, perhaps have the booster degrade at 25% speed for the first three days, and for the next 4 days increase that to 55%, and past the 7 day mark allow the booster to countdown at 100% speed. When online, of course the booster will degrade at the regular pace, regardless of if you AFK in your orbiter or play the game. (I chose those #'s based on the available boosters: 3 day, 7 day, 30 day). I love boosters, but I absolutely HATE getting them when I know I cannot play for a couple days cuz of IRL. Its the worst when I do a quick sortie and thats my reward and I know I will absolutely NOT be able to use it. Its basically a waste of a run. A lot of people complain about the booster situation, and I thought perhaps this could be something DE could consider. 3) Make boosters an activatable item when you obtain them. This solution is if DE does not wish to use the #2 option, though I wouldnt mind if all these suggestions were put in place. It would also give the player much better agency. I hate getting a booster that, in that moment, either I dont want to have it active (hello credit and affinity boosters as a sortie reward when everythings maxed) or I will be unable to play for its duration. You could give a cap of say.... 1-5 boosters of each in your reserve, or give us "booster slots" and allow us to choose which one(s) we wish to keep, and any others will activate instantly if you obtain a new booster but are full of reserve boosters. I feel this could go a LONG way to making boosters improve without really affecting them and make the community happier. I dont think it would be a difficult implementation. Pretty please space mom. Can you look into this? ❤️ you. 3.5) Perhaps if you allow us a fixed # of slots for boosters, you could allow us to sell UNOPENED UNUSED boosters to Baro for various ducats depending on their lengths. You could have the boosters be worth the bronze silver and gold drop prices, with a 30 day booster going for 100 ducats. All feedback from the community is appreciated. 🙂 (P.S. I think this would be a very friendly addition for new players who get confused with the Booster system)
  23. GrootOGGGG1


    Hello, everyone. I'm writing from another account. I wanted to make sure that the administration would at least read it. In General, what I mean. I have banned the account of the 28th rank. Which was played for 3000 hours. Support for the question why? said that the sale of platinum. I was very offended. Since I spent a lot of platinum in this account. And I wasn't even going to do that. I have a hunch. Why this could happen. I so-as already all pumped out, engaged in pumping mods rift. Bought from other players. When I pumped it, when I didn't. And sold it in the game chat, for platinum. And the amounts were large, maybe for this. Who understands what, please write. I have been asking them to look into this issue for a long time, but they only refuse. It's also so weird. The account is now 20K platinum. I didn't have that much. I had 4.5 K. Where they are also not clear. Account nickname HekTo_CuP
  24. I was just thinking about a warframe I was going to create when I thought of something... what if we had stance mods that could go on more than one weapon type. For example, this mod could go on swords and dual swords, they have new stances and could be used on exalted melee warframes (depending on the stance). Also like the dark-split-sword, we could have more weapons with the same concept, unfortunately I don`t like the duel-split-sword coz it makes no sense for it to turn from a duel swords to a heavy blade and it visually looks stupid, it would have been better if it was from duel swords to a polarm. Here are some other ideas I have for amalgam weapons; · Dule swords > bow · Staff > numb-chucks · Fans > glaive · Riffle > sword · NEW: Claws > bladed boots This would be something unique to bring to warframe, if you guys have any inventive weapon ideas put them here.
  25. Relatively new player (MR 4) here. I have a suggestion for the game that would make it more accessible for new players. I feel that if players could obtain a few Warframe slots for free (other than the Nightwave seasons, which only give out one slot every three or four months) it would really increase player's ability to explore the game and test out more frames. I have linked a Reddit post below which describes the suggestion in more detail https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/gqvmas/new_player_idea_give_a_warframe_or_weapon_slot/ Respectfully, Artie129
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