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  1. Mask of the Revenant: Revenant Feedback Megathread We will be using this thread to hear your feedback on the newest Warframe Revenant! Expand the spoiler below to read about his abilities: We encourage you to play with Revenant before providing feedback. Please be constructive and detailed to the best of your ability. Thank you for your feedback! If you came across a bug in the Mask of the Revenant update you'd like to report, please visit our Mask of the Revenant Bug Report Megathread.
  2. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions Please Review the FAQ before Posting, also please note that all discussions should be treated as speculation and conjecture [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News] [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  3. Mask of the Revenant: Bug Report Megathread We will be using this thread to see your Mask of the Revenant bug reports. [DE]Connor will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs where needed. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. As always, we appreciate the time you give to improve Warframe! Thank you all.
  4. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  5. BeastofStoner2178

    Mars open world concept

    Hello, about a month or 2 ago I've come up with an idea for a Mars open world concept and have been putting off sharing it very openly until now, ive shared it with a small amount of people and some have insisted I share it here. this is mostly just me having fun with the idea but feel free to add on to the concept and give feedback as it isn't entirely thought through just yet. Before I start though, I apologise in advance if this idea has been explored before by someone else, as I'm fairly certain that I'm not the only individual that has come up with ideas for a mars open map and if this is the wrong place on the forums to discuss ideas such as this. also Potential spoilers if you have not completed the Sands of Inaros quest with that said I shall begin Starting location: the Idea of a crashed ancient Relay or Orokin ship that could've merged with Martian ruins comes to mind, the population of people living there are the last few survivors of the ancient Martian colonies that have lived there before the grineer invaded, using the crashed relay/ship as a shelter from the violent sandstorms that occasionally occur, struggling but still standing strong to hold onto their traditions and believes as their homeland is fought over for control by greater forces, they have adapted to their new life but still need a helping hand, they seek out the Tenno for assistance very much akin to the Ostrons and Solaris the starting area could be called "Amal" meaning hope In Egyptian or Arabic (I am uncertain if I'm correct or not on this) Enemy factions: grineer would be the first choice as they wiped out most Martian settlements, but on the start chart we can also see Infested and Corpus present in certain missions I think the idea of having Grineer, Corpus and Infested on the same open map, infighting for control would be interesting to see and also make gameplay more interesting Environment: mostly desert, just to get the elephant in the room out of the way, various oasis with lush plant life dotted in key areas, maybe a large river through the center of the map, and a large dune sea somewhere, where the desert skates live. on the map in certain landmarks could be ancient ruins and in one location a ancient temple honouring Inaros somewhere to the far left of the map, the terrain transitions to a frozen area (around say 20%, the rest is sand) where the corpus have full control (in line with the corpus on the star chart being on the left side) to the right we have more Grineer control dotted on the map, there could be natural rocky formations with multiple openings on the map leading to a cave system where most Infested go unnoticed by the previous 2 factions. the backdrop for the map could be "Olympus Mons" a giant shield volcano located on Mars Environmental changes/Hazards: -Electrical sandstorms, these happen about once every hour or so on a timer and last about 10 minutes, not sure whether It should be a serious Hazard that could possibly inflict electricity or magnetic damage or should just simply be one heck of a performance from nature for a change of scenery (idea inspired by electrical sandstorms from Mad Max Fury Road, and the Mad Max game) -Earth tremors, only occur in the dune sea and indicate the presents of something big (read Giant Desert Skate Hunts) -not sure what a day night cycle could do to change the environment just yet Fauna: -feral kavats (maybe) as they appeared on mars in the Sands of Inaros questline,though convenient as it would sounds I'm not sure about the idea of kavat genetic code being made easier to farm -Desert Skates, remember those terrifying sand stingrays on normal mars missions? yeah... searching for prey along the more sandy areas -Giant Desert Skates, Mars's equivalent to eidolon terralyst, gantulyst and hydrolyst, and giant spider robots, will explore a bit further down -Cockatrice, an idea of what happened to the domestic chicken during the times of the Orokin, found wild on Mars and standing about warframe height with a dinosaur like stance, having a body that is mostly chicken but having clawed hands, an slightly elongated, serrated beak with a hooked tip and a long tail that is mostly reptilian their nests can be raided for eggs which can be incubated to make a pet cockatrice this pet could have a "cassowary kick" melee attack that deals all 3 main damage types (impact puncture and slash) and could also use venomous ranged attacks which deal either toxin, corrosive or viral damage (this could be expanded to make 2 variant cockatrice pets, one having a velociraptor claw that uses melee only and another having normal bird feet using range attacks only) wild male cockatrice (rooster?) are found alone and have dark brown feathers while females (hen?) are found in a groups nesting and have grey feathers, both are extremely aggressive (I am aware the range attack might border the gap between pets and sentinels but it offers something unique for pets) -Ammit or Lurker (name subject to change), one of 2 apex predators, a large semi crocodilian animal that has both mammalian and reptilian traits, these monsters tower over most humanoids, having the muscle build of a lion or tiger but having an elongated jaw like a crocodile with large cheekbones reinforcing it's biteforce, and a crocodilian tail for swimming this creature lurks in the waters along the oasis and rivers waiting for anything to get close enough to attack. occasionally females will come out of the water to nest, where you could possibly take an egg, but don't get caught taking them unless you want to be confronted by a very angry predator that is as fierce on land as it is in water, the eggs of this creature can be incubated to create a dwarf variant of the creature that is loyal to you, pretty much a tank pet, a bit slower than kubrows and kavats but taking a lot more punishment. visually, males have a lion like mane and females have harder more reptilian skin (this creature is inspired by Ammit the devourer or souls from ancient Egyptian beliefs, a deity that is a crocodile, a lion and a hippo mixed into the one creature) a good visual representation for the creature would be the prehistoric animals that can be seen below "Daeodon" "Andrewsarchus" and "Ambulocetus" (yes I know this is Wikipedia) Giant Desert Skates Hunts: these behemoths are the second apex predators of Mar's environment, taking the place you would expect a deathworm/sandworm to take, earth tremors in the dune sea indicate that you are near one and you'll have to bait it into coming out (not sure exactly what would be uses as bait yet) once it is out it will head directly towards the closest player, detecting their vibrations from foot steps, hunting this giant won't be as difficult as an eidolon terralyst but it will have heavily thick skin working armor that reduces incoming damage by 50%, but it will have weak points that take 2-3 times damage which can be utilised to make the hunt a bit faster and turn the battle in the Tenno's favour, a successful hunt of a Giant Desert Skate will reward the player with a good chunk of standing for the faction in the starting area Zaw type weapons?: Ostrons have Zaws and Solaris have Kitguns, I'm wondering around the idea of customisable Bows and throwing weapons as a possibility but not sure how it would turn out this is what I've come up with, thank you for reading, as said previously feel free to add on to the idea and offer feedback, I am open to it thank you, have a nice day
  6. Тэнно! В связи с тем, что многие из вас не утруждают себя просмотром хотя бы пары страниц ветки форума и не пользуются поиском, была создана эта тема. Эта тема будет служить аналогом Темы для мелких вопросов, только относительно технических проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам. Другие темы, созданные в этом разделе о вышеуказанных проблемах будут скрываться без предупреждения. ПРАВИЛА ТЕМЫ Если вы не можете зайти в свой профиль в игре, то попробуйте следующее: Проверьте раскладку - в игре нет индикации выбранного языка, поэтому будьте просто внимательны. Проверьте, не включён ли CapsLock. Проверьте, можете ли вы зайти на и зайти в свой профиль через браузер Internet Explorer. Убедитесь, что вводите правильную пару логин-пароль, попробуйте восстановить пароль. Проверьте привязанную к аккаунту почту - возможно там вас будет ждать письмо с просьбой подтвердить вход с вашего устройства и IP-адреса. Если вышеперечисленное не помогает, то попробуйте шаги, описанные ниже. При возникновении проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам нужно первым делом проверить следующее: В настройках лаунчера игры (ни в коем случае не в Steam!) выполните Проверку Кэша Загрузки, а затем Оптимизацию. Это может занять некоторое время. В настройках антивируса/брандмауэра/сетевого экрана/любой другой программы, отвечающей за контроль соединения с интернетом проверить, не блокирует ли эта программа подключение лаунчера/клиента игры к интернету. Добавьте игру в исключения вышеперечисленных программ. Попробуйте отключить вышеперечисленные программы. С помощью браузера Internet Explorer зайти на и зайти в свой профиль, после чего попробовать зайти в игру. Так же, в Свойствах Браузера Internet Explorer на вкладке Дополнительно, проверить наличие галочки около TLS 1.0 - она должна стоять. При наличии роутера и динамического IP перезагрузить роутер, чтобы получить другой IP. Внимание: в некоторых случаях роутер нужно подержать выключенным вплоть до 15 минут, чтобы закрылась сессия подключения у провайдера. Изменить в Настройках в игре используемые порты. Очистить кэш DNS. Чтобы сделать это, нажмите сочетание клавиш Win+R, ввести в открывшееся окно cmd.exe и нажать Ok, в запустившейся командной строке ввести команду ipconfig /flushdns и нажать Enter. Зайти в Web-интерфейс вашего роутера ( или - стандартные варианты, подробнее смотрите в инструкции к вашему роутеру) и выполните перенаправление портов, указанных в настройках игры на IP вашего компьютера в сети вашего домашнего роутера. Как выполнить - смотрите инструкцию к вашему роутеру. В случае, если у вас нет роутера, позвоните своему провайдеру и попросите сделать перенаправление необходимых портов на ваш IP. В качестве дополнительного варианта, вы можете заказать у вашего провайдера услугу по предоставлению внешнего/"белого" IP. Зачастую у провайдеров такой IP является статичным. Проверьте настройки времени - что установленное время совпадает с временем часового пояса. Если ничего не помогает, то использовать прокси или vpn и обратиться в Службу Поддержки. Если после Обновления 23 вы не можете докачать само обновление из-за всплывающей в конце обновления ошибки, включите VPN и попробуйте перезапустить обновление. Проблему должно решить. Так же иногда провайдер может по каким-то причинам блокировать доступ к официальному сайту игры. В таком случае вам необходимо обратиться в службу поддержки вашего провайдера с вопросом о том, почему вы не можете получить доступ к данному ресурсу. Тема будет в дальнейшем дополняться.
  7. There are many stories of which the heroes come to save a group of civilians from invaders. This is NOT one of them. It was a regular Corpus ship, orbiting Phobos and researching agriculture for sales. In the mess hall, Matt (Corpus Crewman) was having his lunch break with his buddy Jones (Detron Crewmen). Matt: "John Prodman to receive another medal of honor for saving yet another ship from infested Phorid. Nef Anyo and Tenno alike wants to hire him. Yet another Phorid, it's as if he get stronger with each Phorid he kills.". Jones remarks "Aren't you like, spending you savings on those tenno articles for 3 years straight? Aren't You worried about your retirement?". To that Matt replied "Well compared to Corpus hundred pages of ads per page of news and Grineer Propaganda, the rarer and more expensive tenno articles seems more worth it. And no, there is no point thinking about retirement when both the tenno and the grineer are possible threats.". "Well then, looks like you just need a Phorid of your own then." Jones Joked. They both laughed as they continue their lunch. The Klaxon Alarmed. Over the speakers there are sounds of gunfire and death. "The Tenno are here! 4 of them! We need... " A loud Blast followed by silence, the crewman was killed. The screen shows the map of the ship and where the alarm took place, Hall D, near the crew quarters. All the Crewmen in the mess hall ran towards Hall E, except for Matt and Jones, the former dragging the latter with him. Jones: "Dude! Where are you taking me? The fights over there!". Matt quickly explain while still dragging "Exactly, but because it is 4 tenno, they will likely skip the small deadend rooms like the janitor's closet in Hall E." Jones realizing that Matt would be the best chance at fighting the tenno, stop struggling and runs along with him. So it was they hid in the room, but Jones was not intending to hide for long. As the screeching sound of the tenno sliding approaches the room, Jones pressed himself against the wall near the door. Matt who was hiding behind the crate, asked: "Wait, what are you doing?". Realizing Jones' soon to be fatal mistake, Matt shouted: "Don't do it!". But it was too late. Thinking that the tenno slid past them, Jones popped his head out to check for the tenno, but then his head exploded, right in front of Matt's eyes. In shock of such a gruesome sight, Matt hid behind the crates and covered his mouth, as to muffle his screams. He cursed at the fact he did not think Jones would peak through the doors. And Slumped into a mournful cry behind the crates. A few minutes later, another Klaxon goes off, interrupting Matt. This time it is the ship's Captain, ordering: "The reactors gone critical, This ships lost. All Hands, Abandon ship." Just as he finished, the doors to the bridge went down, and the tenno enters in, gunning them down while the console is still running. Matt saluted the now dead captain, and move to the escape pods. The closest Set of pods are in Hall D, where the tenno were when they first invaded. Grabbing Jones' Detron along with his own Flux rifle, Matt bolt off, knowing that the bridge is at Hall B, and he may not have much time to escape. As he ran, the sight at Hall D bore a scar into his mind, the sight of mangled lying corpses, bodies with huge holes in them, and other bodies in absolute pieces. When he made it to the pods, he found none of the pods to have launched, and the area free of blood. Hopping in, he launch himself in a single pod. A minute passed after he launched, the communication channels are all empty, no more pods have launched after him, and the ship exploded. It was when Matt realized, that he was the only survivor. The pod shot toward Mars, his only hope to live beyond a few days. There was no savior to help them all from the invaders. But in the darkest hour, a spark will ignite. In the pod, Matt held his rifle and sighed, running from battle,and shooting into grineer territory, he could no longer see himself as corpus. The tenno articles, the only reason he lived, was in the pods' locker. An older article, one on weapon modding. Which gave him an idea. Wearing causal cloths and his old uniform as a cloak instead, and transforming his flux rifle into a wrist mounted laser. As he finished mounting everything, the pod shakes. It is entering Mar's atmosphere. While hard to see, it is night on mars. Strapping to his seat, Matt braced for impact. Meanwhile: In the Mars Open World of The The Spirit Flame Kingdoms: Kingdoms build upon oasis in the near infinite deserts of Mars, a tension growing between the Grineer sympathetic noble faction and the Neutral Royal families is brewing. Princess Elizabeth, second princess of the royal line of the most power royal family thus far, was star gazing that night. It was there she saw what she thought was a wishing star. She knows of how she would most likely be politically forced into a marriage with best case scenario, another royal family and worst case, any of the nobles (who are fat and grimy, vying for power with the grineer). Her wish? A way out of this. And so it came, for that wishing star came crashing outside the city walls. She herself wanted to see the pod, but cant exit the castle with night security. So to sneak out, she needs to do so next morning. Matt came out of the pod, stumbling and dizzy from the landing. Given that the guards are now mobilizing to check the pod, and the night wind starting to pick up, he sneaked into the city undetected, but still lacking a place to sleep. Given that the inns are also closed that late into the night, Matt sleep in the cold desert wind, outside a house near the gate to which he entered the city from. In the morning princess Elizabeth has disguised herself as a commoner, and sneaked out of the castle. She went to the gate, the most likely place to find new people, and there it is. Matt, alseep, covered in sand. Unable to resist the temptation, Elizabeth poked at Matt's forehead to check if he is asleep or dead. It proved to be the former, as Matt woke up. Hearing Matt's stomach growling, Elizabeth brought him with her to the local inn. It was there they talked as they eat breakfast.While they have yet to fuly introduce themselves (mostly Elizabeth hiding the fact that she is royalty), it was there Elizabeth realized that her wish came true, as Matt is not of commoner, noble or grineer. As they are leaving the inn, she asked him to follow her for a bit. They stopped at the castle, and Elizabeth asked him to wait there, before she ran off. Matt, suddenly thinking it might be dangerous, begin activating his wrist mount laser, now hidden in his cloak. A few minutes and the castle gates opened. Before him,a girl who looked exactly like the Elizabeth he just met greets him and invited him into the castle. It is there she introduced herself to Matt, as the Elizabeth the princess. Given what he went through, he pinched himself to assure it wasn't a dream. And it was real, and the delayed realization produced an interesting reaction. What confused him even further was her plans to Knight him. Which would mean that she not only entrust her protection to him, but any political marriage must also go through him, usually by combat. The Nobles nearby all objected to her plan and 4 of nobles came running at him with swords drawn. Hearing threat behind him, images of Jones' exploding head came to him, and he quickly turn around to use his wrist mounted laser, he cut the heads off the 4 nobles in a single sweep. So Matt became Elizabeth's personal knight. Skip forwards a few months, where the king's royal guard is training Matt in proper sword fighting for a few hours while Elizabeth watches, then Matt would train her in marksmanship with a basic pistol for a short while before mid-day. They often eat meals together, drink tea together, and even play games together. Occasionally a suitor(often grineer "diplomats") from the noble factions came to seek out Elizabeth, which she always ask matt to deal with them. Which often ended with a clash that made the suitor run away with cuts and bruises. The more they try, the worse conditions their suitors came out. More recently Elizabeth has been more scornful of the suitors, and a lot more flirty to Matt (Dense guy does dense stuff). The suspicions grow. Meanwhile, Alastair the titan, who wields 2 swords and a flamethrower and owns a ship, became a rising star among the noble factions. As smart as he is arrogant and envious, he looked at the track record of other suitors before him and decided to take a more direct approach. It was a special day, where Elizabeth had sent him out on an errand, with the usual servants falling ill. As he is returning, the side of the castle blew up in flames, and the windows broke letting the sound of sword clash and gun shots ring out. Overhead, the town is covered in a shadow by a grineer ship. As Matt dashed towards the castle, 2 hover cargo transports bursted through the main gates, one with The Elizabeth tied up, 2 grineer henchmen and Alastair, who most certernly lead the attack, and the other with the nobles and grineer forces. While the first one dashed past him, he managed to hijack the 2nd one, and removed all the passengers. While Alastair would have preferred to make her his personal slave by politically cornering them, this is fine for him. Just before he finished thinking about it, a sharp thin laser barely grazed his neck and cut into the back of the grineer next to the driver. Looking at where it came from, he saw Matt chasing behind him. After a while, Alastair began using his flamethrowers to burn the nearby building in hope that the flames and smoke and make Matt lose track of them. It seemed to worked, only for him to show up crashing onto the transport from above, while sending the empty hijacked transport crashing into a burning building. Killing the driver, Matt deflected Alastairs first sword with his own, grab the shield from the driver, and blocked the 2nd sword. With the gates burting open, the transport crashed into the sand outside the kingdom, which tossed Alastair over the crewman and sends the Elizabeth towards Matt. As Alastair flew he tried to burn Matt with the flamethrower, alas he find his fuel canister was empty. Using this as chance, Matt cut the ropes binding Elizabeth and handed her Jones' Detron and a few clips, then turned around to face Alastair who just finished changing fuel canisters. She fired off a few rounds, which Alastair deflects with ease one sword, before crashing both swords into the Matt's shield. kicking him off, then erupted forth a massive cloud of fire engulfing him. The Flamethrower continues with Alastair blocking the shots till the detron made a feeble click, until a half molten Shield came flying out of the cloud of fire and dug itself into Alastair's arm and flamethrower, breaking the flamethrower. The Matt told the Elziabeth that since she is out of shots, she should sit out of the fight, lest she gets killed. Enraged, Alastair and charged at him with both swords. Matt came at him with his laser cutter on his wrist, and a sword in the other. What came after was a Violent dance of Swords and Fates. Eventually, Alastair broke the crewman's laser cutter, and the crewman disarmed a sword in return. They fought once more, this time to the death. There are many stories where a charming hero saves a princess and they lived happily after. This is not one of them. The fought once more, turning into a more violent dance of blades. Eventually, Alastair lunged forth with all his remaining energy, and Matt, who had yet to completely train,, only manage to raise his sword. The end result being that both Matt and Alastair had their hearts stabbed by the other. Elizabeth came running back, having seen the shocking twist, and embraced Dying Matt in her arms. Dying in her embrace, He apologize for making such a selfish request, to make have her leave the fight like he had done when the tenno attacked. He apologize of not understanding her more flirty actions over the last few months, and openly admits to loving her, and the great times she gave him. In his dying breath, He said: "Wait here for a minute." a call back to when she first met him. While Matt was dying in embrace, he set up and activated the S.O.S beacon. Along with the beacons are his daily logs, even as far back as his time with Jones. Soon after the beacon went active, a Trinity, Oberon, and an Excalibur came to respond. They brought both of them to the Larunda Relay via orbiter. With Trinity and Oberon working hard to keep Matt alive despite completely different biology, and Excalibur piloting to the relay. However, Matt did not survive the trip. While the logs went viral and the tenno take full pity on Elizabeth. It wasn't enough. With her royal family assassinated, and the royal families now doomed to fall, and her one and only Knight, who fell in love now dead, She broke down, eventually killing herself a few days after.
  8. The Virtual Cursor is live on XB1 and PS4 in Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6! To read the full dedicated Dev Workshop head on over to: [Expand spoiler below for changes] We will be closely monitoring your feedback/bug reports! These are some big changes, so we understand it will be quite jarring when you first get to moving around the UI. But with that said, we really do appreciate your constructive feedback so that we know where we can improve. If you are reporting a bug, provide screenshot/video where possible. Thank you for your time as Warframe continues to develop!
  9. Noobiee

    Make Nitain extract tradeble

    Hello DE, I got a question, maybe some guys already asked but me and some friends are wondering, Could you make Nitain extracts tradeble? because right now its very hard for some people to get enough nitain for resources. While others have 30+ in our iventory, it would be very handy to be able to trade Nitain so that i could also help my friends who need alot of nitain when i have a pretty nice stack atm. Regards, Noobie
  10. (PS4)Blood_Rayne92

    Oberon Feyarch Skin + Bow Quivers

    Good Evening, First post so i apologize in advance for format and other potential issues. After purchasing Oberon's Feyarch skin i noticed that arrow quivers do not align correctly with his back. It is as if they are taking the attachment slot and as a result, float several inches away. It makes using bows with Oberon rather unpleasant. I was hoping this could be addressed as his Dryad bow skin also suffers from this issue. Will include pictures if requested though the issue should be immediately apparent. Thank you in advance, RR.
  11. (XB1)St3p43ns

    Game freeze while switching frame

    Certain warframe I try to switch to freeze my game or make a continuous please wait screen. Currently it's my equinox
  12. [DE]Danielle

    Share your Mandachord songs!

    Conduct your very own symphony, Tenno. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Compose a song before entering the battle by going to your Arsenal, selecting the Appearance tab, and hitting the “Mandachord” button. Once you have completed your song, use this thread to share it with the community! Need some help getting started on your first compositions? Check out our Guide on how to use the Mandachard: If you come across any bugs please post them here:
  13. PiP0onFire

    Warframe en Android

    Como todos ya sabes la tecnología va avanzando a pasos agigantados, esto me lleva a pensar si una empresa como esta, con este pedazo de juego ( warframe), podría llevar el mismo nombrado anteriormente a celulares en Android o ios? ya que muchos tenemos gran afinidad por Warframe pero poco tiempo para jugarlo, por cuestiones laborales, personales, Etc y llevar consigo mismo una notebook a veces es complicado, pero uno siempre tiene un celular en el bolsillo. Otras empresas ya lo estan haciendo por que ven gran futuro, tanto en la portabilidad del mismo como en las ganancias que conlleva, espero que Digital Extremes no se quede atras. si muchos estan de acuerdo con esto, compartan y den ideas, desde ya muchas gracias.
  14. PiP0onFire

    Warframe en Android

    Como todos ya sabes la tecnología va avanzando a pasos agigantados, esto me lleva a pensar si una empresa como esta, con este pedazo de juego ( warframe), podría llevar el mismo nombrado anteriormente a celulares en Android o ios? ya que muchos tenemos gran afinidad por Warframe pero poco tiempo para jugarlo, por cuestiones laborales, personales, Etc y llevar consigo mismo una notebook a veces es complicado, pero uno siempre tiene un celular en el bolsillo. Otras empresas ya lo estan haciendo por que ven gran futuro, tanto en la portabilidad del mismo como en las ganancias que conlleva, espero que Digital Extremes no se quede atras. si muchos estan de acuerdo con esto, compartan y den ideas, desde ya muchas gracias.
  15. I used to finish the 'The Second Dream' Quest and I got a Broken War Blueprint ... because I still didn't understand the use of Broken Wars before, so I used to convert to Credit with the reason I lacked Weapon Slots at that time, but my running time was new understanding the usefulness of Broken Wars, it was to form a Sword from Hanhow called "War", but unfortunately until now I could not make a Sword that was always carried by the Shadow Stalker due to my innocence ... and now I have tried repeating the Quest again in the hope that I can get back, but it is only in vain, because of mistakes that were already already done, and now I only hope to Digital Extreme, to help me make a Sword named War ... I am very grateful if my problem can be helped overcome ... because I'm sure A Developer will hear complaints from Warframe Fans, btw ... i am From Indonesia and I want to thank you in advance for the pleasure of reading my complaint ... thank you DE, thanks to Warframe I was unable to move to another game even though other games are very tempting ... but somehow I can't forget Warframe .. THX oh yeah, i almost forgot, this is my IGN: riosep2309
  16. I used to be able to take volt into corpus sorties and keep up damage wise with the old mag. Now I can't even clear a room in a t2-t3 tower with his ult ;/ Please tell me i'm not the only one. =======
  17. We will be using this thread to house your Update 23: The Sacrifice bug reports. Our resident bug master, [DE]Saske, will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs to the DE team for fixes. With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed when we’ve squashed the monster bugs. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. Thank you!
  18. (PS4)DangerDaysDerps

    Possible nezha change?

    So I think that nezha's 4 should be replaced from divine spears to the option to make his chakram an exalted weapon. To me it just makes sense making use of it as a melee, and not just there for show. Who i would recommend as a reference would be Tira from soul calibur series for possible stances and melee combos
  19. Any Ideas? Any Tenno Scholars around? New lore go go go Seems like we have several translations going [in spoilers]
  20. (PS4)BeastKing1014

    Plains of Eidolon Update Suggestions

    With Fortuna coming in the next few months many people believe that DE is looking for ways to make sure that POE isn’t completely forgotten. Below I’ve listed a few suggestions and additions that I believe would spruce up the Plains. Quick note, I'm a console player so if say The Mask Of The Revenant quest has new information on anything upcoming, sorry 1) Firstly, POE needs more animals. We only have two beast in the Plains: Condrocs and Kuakas. Neither of these are bad in and of themselves but as we all know, these are the only animals in all of the Plains. What I’d personally like to see, I giant predatory bird, a chimera, and night wolves. Now to elaborate: I think the Chimera would be a lion with a snake that if it bites you, you receive a 8.0 toxin proc I believe that a small pack of 4 to 7 small wolves would be nice. And to the one that will require the most explanation what I’ve taken to calling a Cor. This is roughly 3 times the size of a Condroc and will pick up unsuspecting light Grineer troops and other plains beast. I took inspiration from the Roc of Greek legend. 2) New fish. Now I know that fish are animals too but there is a reason I didn’t include this. On the left side of the Plains there is a big, red shark that’s just beached. I’d like that to be a super rare spawn in the ocean in a hotspot or something of the like. 3) Do you remember the Plague Star event? If you don’t it’s the event that gets you Hunter Munitions. It would be nice if that happened every couple months. 4) Additional operator mask. The Revenant mask is quite nice and is a nice addition and all that but we could use some more mask of warframes such as Rhino or Ash. 5) The addition of voices for your operator that you can only get from the Plains and talk with the words the Ostron use like “Surah”. 6) A new Eidolon. So many streams ago, we were shown concept art for a flying Eidolon that could potentially come to the Plains nicknamed the Geoffantulyst, forgive me if I misspelled that. I suspect that it would either have the crappy arcanes such as Arcane Warmth, Revenant parts will be relocated to this drop table but maybe there is something else in mind. 7) New Cetus inspired orbiter decorations. This shouldn’t need any explanation. 😎 New mining tool. A new mining tool that gives a higher percentage drop for the rarer gems, Nyth and Sentrium. Thanks to everybody that took the time to read this and tell me any problems you have with my list..
  21. Update 23: The Sacrifice is live on PC! We will be using this thread to home all of your general feedback on this update. Please keep your feedback constructive and detailed to the best of your ability, thank you! If you came across a bug in The Sacrifice update you'd like to report, please visit our bug report threads: [SPOILERS] [PC] Update 23: The Sacrifice Quest Bug Report Megathread [PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread
  22. OH HEY! If you haven’t finished The Sacrifice quest and don’t want to have the juicy bits spoiled (like that yogurt I left in the fridge for too long), TURN BACK NOW. Shield your eyes and hit that back button, we’ll see you here once you’ve finished if you have a bug to share with us. If you ran into a bug during the quest and would like to report it because you are fearless, this thread is all yours! That said, this thread will be used to house your Update 23: The Sacrifice bug reports. Our resident bug master, [DE]Saske, will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs to the DE team for fixes. With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed when we’ve squashed the monster bugs. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. Thank you!
  23. Beasts of the Sanctuary: Khora Feedback Megathread Beasts of the Sanctuary is live on PC! We will be using this thread to home your feedback on the newest Warframe Khora! Expand the spoiler below to read about her abilities: We encourage you to play with Khora before providing feedback. Please be constructive and detailed to the best of your ability, thank you! If you came across a bug in the Beasts of the Sanctuary update you'd like to report, please visit our Beasts of the Sanctuary Bug Report Megathread.
  24. The abilities (I know they're WIP, but here's my feedback) take toooooo much time to set up. You look at frames like Harrow, Valkyr, Nidus (stacking) etc that have to compete with teammates to keep up or gain buffs. This pseudo cooperative design seems to increase as time goes on: How many enemies can Vlad (or ash for that matter) mark in the time it takes an ally to outright kill a horde? I'm just looking for things like: Nidus getting fraction of stacks if allies kill enemies affected by Larvae Valkyr getting a fraction of duration increase for Eternal War if allies are affected and kill with a melee. Harrow's allies getting kills in range triggering a fractioned version of thurible. I.e: Something is better than nothing.
  25. Hello Tenno! In our continued efforts in addressing recent login issues, The Sacrifice quest freeze/crashes, and similar occurrences, the team has added a cache verification phase to Warframe’s launcher on Xbox One. This will determine if cache corruption has taken place - which we believe to be the culprit for the above issues. Microsoft is also aware and is working on a solution on their side: If the cache verification phase catches cache corruption, the Warframe launcher will then repair those corrupted assets, which will take a few minutes extra. If your account does not have corruption, you will notice a small delay on the Launcher as the cache verification phase does its check and gives the ‘all clear’ to proceed! We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us as we determine a solution. Warframe will release an update (~115MB) TODAY, scheduled to go live at 2PM ET, so don’t be alarmed if we wake up Red Text! Thank you! ---------------------------------------- Please note that the previous ongoing thread is still here, but we didn't want this information to get lost in the mix: