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Found 50 results

  1. Update (12/11/18): Welcome to Fortuna, console Tenno! Just a heads up that the active K-Drive races (green circles) are for PC only. Apologies! However, K-drive locations should all be the same so you can use this map to check for active locations easily. Complete Fortuna Guide After considerable work, I put together the "ultimate" Fortuna guide that covers (almost) all activities that you can do in Fortuna and on the Orb Vallis. Take a look and see what you think - perhaps using it in combination with this map will make your life on the Vallis a whole lot easier! Major Update Thanks to a weird bug that randomly occurred while I was on the Orb Vallis, I was able to confirm ALL the K-Drive locations on the map that were previously uncertain. This still isn't all K-Drive locations that exist, but it should be the majority of them and I'll continue to update the map with all 5 races that are present each day (although again, might not always be able to get around to updating this OP right away). Update (11/15/18): Current K-Drive locations for today are now present. Two previously uncomfirmed races are now confirmed, which suggests that the purple dots on the map have a good chance of being K-Drive races on future dates. Several confirmed Toroid caves were also added. Added best mining spot as well (removed old one, this new one is MUCH better). Update (11/14/18): This is technically version 5 of the map, but I'm calling it version 2.0 because I completely revamped some of the icons, drew the cave icon as a vector so I could make it bigger on map and do a bit more with it (e.g: Toroid cave icon) and made things a little easier to see overall. New additions include more confirmed K-Drive race locations AND the map will now be updated on a daily basis to reflect the latest K-Drive race locations. Updates that still need to be made: Additional recommended mining spots Gorgaricus Spores and Mytocardia Spores spawn locations (well, good places to farm them rather than all locations) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post (Updated Key) This map took a considerable amount of time to build (even considering the amount of help that existing community resources provided), but I finally made it. Here's a full 3000 x 3000 picture of the Orb Vallis complete with markings. The key is provided under the map if you click on it for source URL (which also makes zooming and panning easier), but here's a brief textual description for your reference: Fish Picture = Good fishing spot Mining Picture = Best mining spot on map in our opinion White Cave = Regular Cave Cyan Cave = Fishing Available Triangle with Cave = Toroid Cave Red water = Pond Yellow water = Lake Green Circle = K-Drive Race (K-Drive locations that are currently active before reset. Might not be able to update here on regular basis, but will at least have it updated on site) Purple Circle = K-Drive Race (K-Drive locations that are currently inactive, but can become active after reset) Blue Circle = Bounties
  2. (XB1)HoneyxBadger113

    Warframe is against solo play

    I don't have Gold membership for Xbox 1, so when I'm grinding for stuff, I have to do it all on my own. Recently, the missions involving low-level enemies (20 or below) are getting increasingly difficult, while the harder missions are more easily beatable. The mission Pandora is a special case, however, and is the one I'm having the most difficulty with. I don't know how to take down the ship quickly. It never stops long enough for me to damage the engines, the turrets on the sides of it take no damage, I'm hearing a constant beeping, and the drones and mines are able to damage and kill me from greater distances than what should be allowed. If anyone has any tips, tricks, or what have you, please notify me, or if the developers could sort this out, that would be even better.
  3. Shady Angels Knights Somos una familia con metas fijadas en crecer tanto como clan como con miembros interesados en formar parte de nosotros. Buscamos jugadores amigables y sociables con los que hablar de cualquier cosa y pasarnos buenos memes. Contamos con Dojo ultra personalizable a tu gusto y con los Laborstorios al 99%, nuestro server de discord nos ayuda a mejorar las relaciones entre miembros ademas de ver como aportar al clan y las reglas del mismo!.Tenemos 2 tipos de eventos, los Réquiem que son eventos con una frecuencia de cada 15 días y los Dominus que pasan cada 45 días pero estos llevan recompensas mucho mas grandes que los anteriores al igual que sus competencias..para hacer eso mas interesante 😉 En nuestro server de discord publicamos noticias y anuncios de los eventos que hacemos, nos pasamos builds y los rangos altos del clan somos jugadores experimentados por lo que damos consejos de farm y como ser mas efectivo en el juego, pero siempre nos fijamos más en la diversión. 😉 Interesados comenten en este post o in game: Elidox , Xion_163 , Bosnerau,ZerMX y Piggie o únanse a nuestro server de discord y hablen con alguno de los miembros antes mencionados para entrar. n.n7 Server: Únete a la familia!!
  4. Тэнно! В связи с тем, что многие из вас не утруждают себя просмотром хотя бы пары страниц ветки форума и не пользуются поиском, была создана эта тема. Эта тема будет служить аналогом Темы для мелких вопросов, только относительно технических проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам. Другие темы, созданные в этом разделе о вышеуказанных проблемах будут скрываться без предупреждения. ПРАВИЛА ТЕМЫ Тема создана для поиска решений технических проблем с соединением подручными средствами. Здесь не место сообщениям "оо, плюсую!!" / "у меня то же самое!!" и т.п. Подобные сообщения будут скрываться. При особом упорстве - РО на 1 день. Прочитали первое сообщение темы - попробовали способы. Сначала читать - потом писать. Не помогло - отписались в службу поддержки и здесь. Кто-то уже сегодня отписался о такой же проблеме? Не стоит писать ещё раз. Стоит просто нажать стрелочку вверх около сообщения в знак того, что вы солидарны/испытываете ту же проблему. Если вы не можете зайти в свой профиль в игре, то попробуйте следующее: Проверьте раскладку - в игре нет индикации выбранного языка, поэтому будьте просто внимательны. Проверьте, не включён ли CapsLock. Проверьте, можете ли вы зайти на и зайти в свой профиль через браузер Internet Explorer. Убедитесь, что вводите правильную пару логин-пароль, попробуйте восстановить пароль. Проверьте привязанную к аккаунту почту - возможно там вас будет ждать письмо с просьбой подтвердить вход с вашего устройства и IP-адреса. Если вышеперечисленное не помогает, то попробуйте шаги, описанные ниже. При возникновении проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам нужно первым делом проверить следующее: В настройках лаунчера игры (ни в коем случае не в Steam!) выполните Проверку Кэша Загрузки, а затем Оптимизацию. Это может занять некоторое время. В настройках антивируса/брандмауэра/сетевого экрана/любой другой программы, отвечающей за контроль соединения с интернетом проверить, не блокирует ли эта программа подключение лаунчера/клиента игры к интернету. Добавьте игру в исключения вышеперечисленных программ. Попробуйте отключить вышеперечисленные программы. С помощью браузера Internet Explorer зайти на и зайти в свой профиль, после чего попробовать зайти в игру. Так же, в Свойствах Браузера Internet Explorer на вкладке Дополнительно, проверить наличие галочки около TLS 1.0 - она должна стоять. При наличии роутера и динамического IP перезагрузить роутер, чтобы получить другой IP. Внимание: в некоторых случаях роутер нужно подержать выключенным вплоть до 15 минут, чтобы закрылась сессия подключения у провайдера. Изменить в Настройках в игре используемые порты. Очистить кэш DNS. Чтобы сделать это, нажмите сочетание клавиш Win+R, ввести в открывшееся окно cmd.exe и нажать Ok, в запустившейся командной строке ввести команду ipconfig /flushdns и нажать Enter. Зайти в Web-интерфейс вашего роутера ( или - стандартные варианты, подробнее смотрите в инструкции к вашему роутеру) и выполните перенаправление портов, указанных в настройках игры на IP вашего компьютера в сети вашего домашнего роутера. Как выполнить - смотрите инструкцию к вашему роутеру. В случае, если у вас нет роутера, позвоните своему провайдеру и попросите сделать перенаправление необходимых портов на ваш IP. Попробуйте подключиться к роутеру другим способом. Например, если ваш компьютер подключён к роутеру по кабелю, то отключить кабель и подключиться по Wi-Fi (и наоборот). В качестве дополнительного варианта, вы можете заказать у вашего провайдера услугу по предоставлению внешнего/"белого" IP. Зачастую у провайдеров такой IP является статичным. Проверьте настройки времени - что установленное время совпадает с временем часового пояса. Попробуйте включить службу SMB (и сопутствующие). Если ничего не помогает, то использовать прокси или vpn и обратиться в Службу Поддержки. Если после обновления вы не можете докачать само обновление из-за всплывающей в конце обновления ошибки, включите VPN и попробуйте перезапустить обновление. Так же иногда провайдер может по каким-то причинам блокировать доступ к официальному сайту игры. В таком случае вам необходимо обратиться в службу поддержки вашего провайдера с вопросом о том, почему вы не можете получить доступ к данному ресурсу. При возникновении проблем с тем, что не принимает пароль, попробовать следующее: Включить VPN и попробовать зайти через него, после удачного входа отключить. Сменить пароль на такой, который начинается с буквы и не имеет в себе специальных знаков. Обратиться в службу поддержки. Тема будет в дальнейшем дополняться.
  5. The Virtual Cursor is live on XB1 and PS4 in Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.6! To read the full dedicated Dev Workshop head on over to: [Expand spoiler below for changes] We will be closely monitoring your feedback/bug reports! These are some big changes, so we understand it will be quite jarring when you first get to moving around the UI. But with that said, we really do appreciate your constructive feedback so that we know where we can improve. If you are reporting a bug, provide screenshot/video where possible. Thank you for your time as Warframe continues to develop!
  6. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  7. Cleniohue

    Plains Of Eidolon bounty bug

    In PoE, have a bounty, which has a mission to protect the fallen drone, and this drone sometimes, stop walking, and i can't finish the bounty. And i posting a URL with a print with this problem. I hope you can fix this quickly as possible. Thank you and good game.hank you and good game.
  8. (XB1)Tenpenny J

    Catch noon projectile going through enemies

    The catch moon is already pretty inconsistent as is but if you increase the projectile speed it will go phase through enemies doing no damage to them at close range from about 0-4 meters if they are further than that then it works fine I have a riven mod that increases multi shot by 114% and project flight speed by 80%
  9. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions Please Review the FAQ before Posting, also please note that all discussions should be treated as speculation and conjecture "Important: This merchandise is only available for a limited time. Orders close on November 9 at midnight PST and are expected to SHIP IN LATE MARCH, 2019. Please note any additional items added to your order will also ship in late March." [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News] [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  10. Ultima Actualización de la Guía: 19/01/2019 ¡Hola Tenno! en este post daré algunos consejos básicos para que empieces con buen pie en este juegazo (y con consejos básicos me refiero a una biblia... Así que prepárate... :v) Antes que nada dejare aquí la Guía rápida sobre el tutorial y el inicio en Warframe: Ahora sí, empecemos con una Guía más detallada :) -Paso 1: Platinum e Intercambios -Paso 2: Mercado y Fundición -Paso 3: Rango de Maestría -Paso 4: Aventuras -Paso 5: Warframes y Planetas -Paso 6: Arsenal y Mods -Paso 7: Fusión y Mejoras de Mods -Paso 8: Estadísticas de Warframes -Paso 9: Estadísticas de Armas -Paso 10: Llaves y Reliquias -Paso 11: Sindicatos -Paso 12: Rotaciones en las Misiones -Paso 13: Comerciante del Vacio -Paso 14: Los Asesinos -Paso 15: Compañeros -Paso 16: Virus Helminto -Paso 17: Naves de Desembarco -Paso 18: Enfoque -Paso 19: Mundo Abierto -Paso 20: Equipamiento Modular -Paso 21: Arcanos -Paso 22: ¿Qué es un Prime y un Umbra? -Paso 23: El Lenguaje del Universo de Warframe -Paso 24: Códigos Promocionales Si tienes algún problema con un jugador, Bug o perdida de algún item por error de conexión, aquí dejo una guía de como usar Soporte Técnico y enviar un Ticket En el Post que dejare a continuación podrás ver todo el Lore (Historia) de Warframe, si no has completado algunas aventuras importantes te recomiendo que no lo veas hasta que las completes ya que el siguiente Post esta lleno de Spoilers por que cuenta TODA la Historia Si quieres mantenerte al tanto de cuando viene Baro, de las Alertas, Invasiones, etc... Te recomiendo que tengas esta pagina siempre abierta, así podrás verlo todo sin necesidad de tener Warframe Abierto: Por ultimo pero no menos importante un pequeño consejo: Una vez hayas terminado de subir al máximo el equipamiento con el que empiezas y llegues a Maestría 2, recomiendo que te hagas al Warframe Rhino con las Armas Boltor, Sonicor y Orthos, este equipamiento te vendrá muy bien para niveles altos, con Rhino podrás tanquear bien y con esas armas pocos enemigos se te resistirán, menos aun si las has mejorado siguiendo los pasos de la Guía NOTA: Algunas imágenes pueden estar desactualizadas ya que fueron hechas en Updates antiguas, solo serán actualizadas las imágenes del juego en las que haya un gran cambio o sea realmente necesario, también agradecería si pudiesen decirme en este Post si hay alguna parte que este desactualizada Si la Guía te ha sido de Ayuda puedes expresar tu agradecimiento votando este Post También puedes seguirme en mi perfil para estar al tanto de todos los Posts que hago :) Mucha Suerte Tenno y a Disfrutar de este Juegazo ^-^
  11. [DE]Danielle

    Share your Mandachord songs!

    Conduct your very own symphony, Tenno. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Compose a song before entering the battle by going to your Arsenal, selecting the Appearance tab, and hitting the “Mandachord” button. Once you have completed your song, use this thread to share it with the community! Need some help getting started on your first compositions? Check out our Guide on how to use the Mandachard: If you come across any bugs please post them here:
  12. Mask of the Revenant: Revenant Feedback Megathread We will be using this thread to hear your feedback on the newest Warframe Revenant! Expand the spoiler below to read about his abilities: We encourage you to play with Revenant before providing feedback. Please be constructive and detailed to the best of your ability. Thank you for your feedback! If you came across a bug in the Mask of the Revenant update you'd like to report, please visit our Mask of the Revenant Bug Report Megathread.
  13. The current fog in warframe is useless and only an annoyance in my opinion, especially since I started conclave. By comparing these two screenshots down there we can see that this fog is just a downgrade in visibility (even if I'm not using sniper lenses here!) I just need one toggle button for fog in the display options please [DE], you even added a "film grain option", I don't see how we can't get one for fog. There is a screenshot from a 2016 video by Phasedragon: And there is a screenshot from my game (2019!): Thank you in advance, cheers.
  14. GamerZocktHD

    Guids of the lotus

    Ich habe eine Frage zu Thema Guides of the lotus. Und zwar wollte ich fragen wie man auf den Nintendo switch Guides of the lotus werden kann?
  15. OH HEY! If you haven’t finished The Sacrifice quest and don’t want to have the juicy bits spoiled (like that yogurt I left in the fridge for too long), TURN BACK NOW. Shield your eyes and hit that back button, we’ll see you here once you’ve finished if you have a bug to share with us. If you ran into a bug during the quest and would like to report it because you are fearless, this thread is all yours! That said, this thread will be used to house your Update 23: The Sacrifice bug reports. Our resident bug master, [DE]Saske, will be monitoring this thread and relaying prevalent bugs to the DE team for fixes. With any update, we focus on fixing the priority issues first as soon as we can! Lower priority bugs that can be reproduced are logged to be fixed when we’ve squashed the monster bugs. Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Be respectful - We understand bugs can be frustrating, but the better you can report the bug the better we can get to fixing it. Thank you!
  16. (NSW)WalaoeH

    Eidolon Vomvalyst dint spawn enough

    Eidolon Vomvalyst dint spawn enough, impossible to capture the eidolon and summon the rest
  17. (PS4)One1naM1ll1on

    IDEAS - Brainstorming Random Inclusions

    This is just a list of some tweaks and additions to the game myself and my friends came up with. More food for thought than anything. Feel free to add anything or expand upon an idea: - After building the Observatory, you get to decide what planets your Dojo satellites (which is based off of the Warlord's Star Chart completion); Lua is also available to satellite and you could see Earth in the background. - Gene Lab - A new lab where you can research new skins for Kubrows and Kavats (breed specific), research component upgrades for the incubator in order to breed Kubrodons, Sabredons (Kavat-based Kubrodon equivalent), and Carriodon (Condroc battle bird equivalent), as well as charms, cosmetic armor, and collars - Kept pets in Orbiter - essentially pet versions (non-combat) of the Vermink, Kuaka, Pobbers, etc. - Furniture for the Orbiter and Dojo. You know. For chillin'. Like I said before, feel free to add onto this or change things up.
  18. (PS4)edem2003

    My health on my Warframe is bugged

    The default health for vauban is 100 but I got 75 and even when I try to put vitality mods on it, it doesn't give me the right amount Example: I got 75 health I put a +100% health mod it gives me 120 health I quit
  19. Azanka

    KitGun Urgent Bug

    So i was chilling trying to level up my recently built kitgun, trying to level it up on Adaro, Sedna. I've played the first round and once the objective was finished, one of the Drahk Masters stole my KitGun (which was the only weapon i had equipped) Normally, you get a marker on your map and game, telling you where it is and to pick it up. The marker showed on the mini-map, but you cannot see the kitgun on the floor or pick it up! I left the mission since it was completed and went again. Mid mission, same thing happened again! I think it's a bug with all kitguns because i was using Rattleguts but someone with Tombfinger that was with me had the same thing happening.
  20. Features: Core / Social Network: Users > Player Profiles: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] > Avatar: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] > Biography: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] > Messages: (Live) > Follow/Unfollow Players: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] Posting > Create/Detail/Edit/Delete a Post: (Live) - You can only Create a Post and see a Post Detail. - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] > Comment a Post: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] Feeds > Feed: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL - Requires Registration] > Public Feed: (Live) - [DEMO IMG] - [DEMO URL] > Fashion Feed: (WIP) Market: Buy and Sell items in-game. (25% Progress) > Items: You can buy or sell all tradeable items in-game. Something like > Rivens: This is a feature very WIP. At the moment i just have ideas how to make it work. > Companions: You can sell imprints of your Kubrow or Kavat uploading a screenshot of the pet, price and type. This is a high requested feature. Alerts: Get alerts while you are watching some Fashion Frame posts. > All Alerts: All alerts in one place, easy to see and very well stylized. With filters like Discord bots. > Customizer: Filter what you want to see and get a notification if you are online or a email/sms if you are offline. Builder: Build a Warframe, Weapon or Companion in a easy way. > Build Warframe, Weapons and Companions. Can be voted and will appear in you UserProfile. WIP Feature. Codex: This is the Main Event. > Quests: You can see all the Quest, Info, Walkthrough, Notes, Trivias and more. > Its exactly what you see in-game but with slight changes in functionality. (Pseudo-Live) > For example you can see where to farm orokin cells or Octavia parts, not because i put the info, its because you as a user put the info and is voted by other users. WIP Feature. ----- Reddit Post:
  21. (PS4)Dubufu

    Conclave: MAG Review

    Hey guys! Welcome to my new series that I hope will take off in a constructive and meaningful way. Hope these reviews help new players understand what frames will be good for PVP, and their viability. Disclaimer: I have been playing conclave for a long time. I am by no means the best, but I know what I am talking about. Mag is a high contender for conclave, and is a fierce opponent in the right hands. Stats ARMOR: 55 ENERGY: 100 HEALTH: 110 MOBILITY: 0.90 SHIELDS: 165 SPRINT SPEED: 1.00 Off the bat, we can see that her shield pool is drastically larger compared to other frames. Her kit compliments that in conclave with the use of clever polarization and high damage potential. I will now go over her abilities, and how they work in conclave. To anyone new; Warframe abilities are changed specifically in conclave. Do not expect them to work the same as they do in PVE PULL: This ability forces opponents to the ground. The range is 40 meters, but the radius is small, so make sure your crosshair is on the target for a successful knockdown or stagger, as well as 40 damage to their shields. MAGNETIZE: A devastating ability that surrounds the player in what is essentially a larger hitbox that amplifies damage by 0.5x. Great for those players who can't stop jumping around, making for easy targets. POLARIZE: Give yourself a boost of instant shields, while also depleting a percentage of enemy shields within a range of 15 meters. Pair with the right weapon for 1 shot capability, preferably a shotgun if you plan to be that close. CRUSH: Surprise enemy players with this powerful attack. Guaranteed to kill with bursts of damage up to 13 meters. Be careful, enemies can escape, and you are extremely vulnerable to anyone outside of the short radius. With a mix of high damage potential and constant harrassment, Mag is a threat to both new, and veteran players who think they have mastered their evasion skills. The variety of engagement options make her a solid choice for new players. She pairs well with any weapon, and can make quick work of any foe DOWNSIDES: Her passive ability is essentially useless. Newer players may experience inconsistencies with her Magnetize ability, in which it may proceed with the animation, but may not work at all. Likely due to being out of range or lag. SUGGESTIONS: You can afford to sacrifice shields for mobility. For augments, I would recommend "Sapping Reach". See Teshin in the relay for mods and details. DIFFICULTY: EASY RATING: 9/10 -Dub
  22. Please DE, Ill start this since its been bothering me ever since "The Sacrifice" dropped on PC more than half a year ago. I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE that wants Vitruvian Ordis to remain. What happened to "I have been upgraded starchild."??? Toggle Vitruvian Ordis WHEN??
  23. I used to be able to take volt into corpus sorties and keep up damage wise with the old mag. Now I can't even clear a room in a t2-t3 tower with his ult ;/ Please tell me i'm not the only one. =======
  24. Dreamersclaw

    The most serious glitch.

    Ok, I had bought the Repala Syandana awhile ago and my fashion frame was complete for a little bit. Then all of a sudden the revenant patch got ripped on by sh!tster dev who got fired cause he put a virus in the game I cleaned up. But none of that matters. What matters is that now my Repala Syandana is now glitched with some weird cape hang on it for all my frame. The way it should look is like I'm an epic guild officer or leader and it does all the cool physics stuffz it was meant for when I'm kicking azz. Now it looks like I have a back boner from the top of my spinal cord going outward and down. Now this is serious because my fashionframe is being terrorized by this glitch and it almost made get a new syandana. Please Warframe, help a guy out, it is Christmas after all. Heres a pic.
  25. (PS4)dubsmack1

    Leaving clans as warlord

    So I am a relatively new player and i was tricked into joining a clan with 1 other person then they premoted me to founding warlord and left now there is no way for me to disband the clan and nobody will join so i can pass my fate onto them will i ever be able to disband the clan or leave? Edit: Had no idea where to post this.