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Found 49 results

  1. Pointless Mastery test block

    That moment the game slaps you in the face for no reason MASTERY TEST - Failed When the process of ranking up was disrupted due a failed test blocking access for 24 hours, it left only bad feeling towards the game not towards myself. I like most get hyped for the glorious moment I rank up my space ninja however this penalty made me have second thoughts on playing the game further and is perhaps why some may choose to quit entirely. Lets be real 24 hours to wait for an in-game test isn't exactly encouraging. It's inevitable a person will have a bad day or bug out to then fail a test, but to endure a penalty of 24 hours is beyond a joke especially when the tests are made up of in game mission activity itself. It's pointless to have this implemented and the only part that comes close to a test is the test on the consumers patience. Gamers wish to feel engaged with the game and happy to keep playing without feeling held back. When gamers rank up it's a sense of achievement and excitement, and given the game is a grind, Excluding the paid boosters. therefore It's not logical to have this additional waiting time. I love the game and will continue playing for as long as possible however knowing the path ahead may consist of such pointless moments of meaningless frustration I cannot shake the feling of being slightly cheated out of my achievement. Alternative approach - Strike system 3 strike system on ranks 1 to 10. 2 strikes for any rank above. Thoughts? ~GizmoGeek
  2. Post here if you have what it takes to make the greatest Warframe Wallpaper by taking screenshots in-game and touching it up with your creativity!
  3. 2018 Operator Wishlist

    So I was thinking how cool it would be to come up with some cool mechanics that DE hasn't put into the game yet OR what you wish to see as far as playing as an operator in 2018. I'll start with mechanics and character customization! -Tenno Gen operator clothes and accessories as well as orokin clothes. -Operator swords. -being able to jump out of your warframe and possess certain enemies. -being able to be more acrobatic........ -Your warframe becomes a specter when you jump out of it -In the operator room.......those 4 BIG ROUND CIRCLES on the ground could become transporters in other parts of the orbiter.....1 of those could be a personal room. -The operator on start screen instead of your warframe. -Operator only missions -Enemies that force you out of your warframe. -Warframe mannequins for your ship (This will allow you to show off your fashion frames) -Allow friends to board your ship and see how you livin LOL. -Operator only PVP. -Personal housing on Cetus -Multiple tabs for operators to have different looks and customizations saved. -Operator Ultimates making a return. -Orokin/Void room for captura mode So yea just a couple ideas I was thinking about. What do y'all think? Any ideas?
  4. Riven mods

    Many rivens for sale. Nah DabOnEmGohan for trade. simulor zeti-critiban max ammo - recoil + crit chance Paracyst- action-concicon grinneer damage crit damage and flight speed PMO
  5. Make the Dakra Great Again!

    Anyone remember when the Dakra Prime used to be strong? Crit chance is not nearly enough to make a crit build out of it and status chance is also way too low to even manage to strip armor off of a lvl 150 gunner. The Dakra Prime used to be the best melee weapon in the game. Now it gets out DPSd by the MR3 Broken War and the MR3 Galatine which are also WAY easier to get than the Dakra Prime. The Dakra is an MR6 weapon mind you. The Dakra Prime is by no means the only weapon that should get a buff, there are a lot of other weapons in a need of a buff but I chose the Dakra just because it is a good starting point in my opinion.
  6. I was on the plains and saw this: It goes through the barrier so I wasn`t able reach where it lands. What's going on here?
  7. Unable to turn in Standing in Cetus [Fixed]

    Can't turn in gems for standing in Cetus. It just won't let you select the gems to turn them in. + - fields don't work, nor does entering the number manually.
  8. THE TEAL CYAN BANNER LIES! P.S. SMB is still bad. If you are new to this thread, read this entire OP for more. This link will take you to a proper guide on how todo the workaround. Also, should have prob edited this in earlier, but @[DE]Glen has already commented on this thread; says that a fix is coming soon (prob Monday if I had to guess) 2nd EDIT: It has been identified that you can disable SMB after you login. You are able to play while SMB is disabled, but you cannot login with SMB disabled. It is up to you if the risk is worth it. EDIT: This is an issue that seems to be only affecting people with SMB DISABLED. This has been determined from the community, with no word from DE that we know of. People are still having login issues related to this. fix: enable the Workstation service / SMB protocol. But... that's a horrible idea. read more in the linked thread. Getting a "Login Failed. Check your info." error in-game when I know for a fact that I am using the right password. Tried multiple Password resets with no success. No idea what todo.
  9. Hello Tenno! As many of you may already be aware the Inktober Initiative is a worldwide celebration of inky artistic excellence. Comic artist/illustrator Jake Parker founded the initiative "in 2009 as a challenge to improve [his] inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up a pen and start drawing." Upon seeing the official Inktober 2017 prompt list, I realized there was some pretty awesome potential to combine Inktober's message with Warframe's incredible art and design. So Tenno, I offer this thread as a challenge, and an invitation! Throughout the month of October, please feel free to post any and all Inktober Warframe illustrations here and hopefully we can all learn and develop together. The thread will be unlocked on October 1st, 2017 and will be locked November 1st, 2017. I would also like to shout out @aerelm for their post introducing the topic. I have talked with Aerelm and would be very excited to see them participate here! A few simple guidelines: All submissions must be inked in some way, with respect for the initiative's official rules. See Jake Parker's site for a list of awesome inking tools, but really anything from a ball-point pen to a top of the line sumi brush is acceptable! All submissions must comply with the forum's existing guidelines, we will not be accepting any lewd or inappropriate artwork. Regular forum moderation penalties will still apply. All submissions must be Warframe related in a way that is obvious to fans and forum users. You are encouraged to use the official prompt list above, but it is not mandatory. Feedback is welcome and encouraged but remember, constructive is key. Also, please try to limit your number of responses so that we can focus on the art! If you are sharing your posts on social media as well, be sure to use the hashtags #Inktober, #Inktober2017 and #WarframeInktober for a chance to be featured on Warframe's official Instagram account. I will also be checking the thread for popular posts to share as well so be sure to post your best work! Posting Procedure: Once you have a post in the thread, please continue to edit that post with new submissions, rather than creating new comments. I will be adding my own work to the first comment directly below this main post. Example: [DE]Aidan October 1 [DE]Aidan October 2 and so on! Thanks Tenno! I am really excited to see what everyone comes up with. This is going to be really fun! Happy Inktober everyone! [DE]Aidan
  10. Hydroid Revisited Please use this thread to give us your feedback on Hydroid Revisited. We will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Hydroid's revamped abilities. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. The sea has a revamped fear creeping in the depth, and his name is Hydroid. With Hydroid Prime emerging to the surface soon, the team took another glance at Hydroids power and what we could do in order to achieve ability synergy. Hydroid now brings barrages, puddles, and tentacles into a deadly oceanic horror. General Hydroid Changes Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff! Shield is now 375 from 345. Armor is now 200 from 65. Tempest Barrage: Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow. Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy. Tidal Surge: Tidal Surge can be used to move around without canceling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed - and hence distance - is halved when used in Undertow). Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride. Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along. Undertow: Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them. Undertow can be cast while in air. Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow. Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy. Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged. Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride. Tentacle Swarm: Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken? Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy. Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something. Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast. Hydroid Changes based on feedback since U21.4.0: Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities. Improved the targeting of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage liquid fury. Improved the cast FX detail on the Kraken spawned from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. Update 21.5.0: As mentioned in Hotfix 21.4.2 on Friday, we continued reading feedback and testing Hydroid changes up until todays Update. 1 week into Hydroid Revisited and more than a handful of changes from constructive feedback have been implemented! The changes below cover a number of ideas about making Hydroid's simply feel better to use, particularly for teams. In the scheme of our 33 current Warframes, Hydroids role is to be a fun and active way to use the power of water and swashbuckling themes to take on enemies. Hydroid has received the PBR treatment! Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188. Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged. Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle. Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health. Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool - more submerged enemies, more damage! Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies. Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies. Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up. Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces. Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm. Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
  11. During the Sortie, it may happen that the Infested Corpus part of Lephantis will bug during the first stage of the boss, and he will not open his mouth at any moment after getting out of the ground, going back underground with no windows to damage him. This repeats multiple times, till it finally decides to open it's mouth after a long time. This happens only in the first part of the battle, and the host doesn't seen to matter for this. -------------------- Moderator Edit: This is a known issue and DE are investigating:
  12. Plains of Eidolon

    This TennoLive had the best reveals u ever did.... as a guy who hasn't really played since long time... been remember since 2014.... this made me want to play the damn game again... It was amaizing, and that trailer at the end was a perfect way to end the stream Cheers
  13. [U21 Megathread] General Feedback

    General grounds for all things Update 21: Chains of Harrow! Some topics of discussion: Earth Remaster Melee Riven Mods New Grineer Enemy Nox Mobile Defense Mission Changes Exterminate Mission Changes Procedural Level Changes User Experience/UI QOL Changes etc. Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with your topic of feedback. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  14. [U21 Megathread] Weapon Changes Feedback

    Primary Shotguns (with the exception to the Phage) received buffs back in Update 17, and now we bring that same attention to Secondary Shotguns! Bronco AkBronco Bronco Prime Brakk Detron Twin Rogga Detron Mara Kohmak AkBronco Prime Pyrana Twin Kohmak Revisit of some classic Warframe Secondary weapons: Lato AkLato Furis Lex Sicarus AkFuris Lato Vandal AkLex Lex Prime Dex Furis Lato Prime Sicarus Prime Primary Weapon Revisits: Daikyu: Stradavar: Opticor: Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the listed weapons above. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  15. In response to a disturbing transmission from Palladino, the Red Veil Syndicate’s spiritual medium, Tenno are compelled to investigate a dark, mysteriously abandoned Steel Meridian spacecraft found adrift. Inside the vessel, lights flicker and emergency lights strobe. All is quiet except for whispers of “Rap. Tap. Tap,” heard echoing throughout the lifeless craft. What does it all mean? Players must uncover the terrifying reality of what happened onboard, how the Red Veil might play a part in it, and more. If you have completed The War Within Quest and have unlocked the Mot node in the Void the Chains of Harrow Quest will be automatically added to your Codex. Chains of Harrow Quest is also replayable after completion - enjoy it all over again! (Please note that the Chains of Harrow Quest is Solo - not being able to matchmake is intentional) Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing the Quest, but do respect that others might not have played yet so please use spoilers so the super juicy bits. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  16. Always prepared to sacrifice. This monastic Warframe uses the Void to bolster allies’ defenses and amplify their lethality. Get Harrow today by purchasing him in the Market for Platinum, or by completing the Chains of Harrow quest and finding his parts! His parts can be found in the Defection mission type, Grineer Fortress Spy missions, and from enemies corrupted by Void Fissures! Harrow's Abilities: Passive: Harrow’s overshield cap is doubled. Condemn: Harrow casts a wave of energy that chains enemies where they stand. Each enemy held reinforces Harrow’s shields. Penance: Harrow sacrifices shields to boost reload and fire rate, while converting damage inflicted on enemies into health for Harrow and nearby allies (including companions). The more shields are sacrificed the longer the buff lasts. Thurible: Channel Harrow’s energy into the Thurible to generate a buff. The more energy channeled, the longer the buff will last. Once finished, killing enemies will bestow nearby allies with bursts of energy. Headshot kills reward four times the energy compared to body kills. Covenant: Protect nearby allies with an energy force that absorbs all enemy damage and converts it to a Critical Chance bonus that can stack up to 2x for all those under the Covenant for a short duration. The more damage is prevented, the bigger the bonus. Headshots are amplified even further. Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Harrow. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  17. Scourge Harrow’s signature Primary weapon, the Scourge is a Corrosive spear gun that shoots wave projectiles with high Punch Through and guaranteed Status Effects. Thrown spears attach a bullet attractor to the heads of all enemies within 14 meters, and continues to pulse every 7 seconds and attaches bullet attractors for 3 seconds wherever it has landed. Knell Harrow’s signature Secondary weapon, the Knell, has the utility of a sniper with the sight and zoom with the convenience of a pistol. This single round magazine sidearm grants 100% ammo efficiency for 3 seconds (that can be refreshed when active) and 0.5x Critical Damage added per headshot with a maximum of 3 stacks. Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the Scourge and the Knell. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  18. Dual-wield any thrown Melee Weapon and a single-handed Secondary Weapon to destroy your enemies. Execute unique quick-melee combos and charged throws when dual-wielding for added damage. Thrown Melee weapon stats have been revisited to balance this new feature: Kestrel Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 30 to 35 Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Glaive Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 35 to 45 Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Mastery Rank requirement increased to 1 Cerata Increased Status Chance from 25% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 35 to 44 Changed damage type of recall discharge to Toxin Orvius Increased Status Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Critical Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Damage increased from 50 to 70 Recall discharge damage changed to Ice Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 5 to 6 Halikar Increased Status Chance from 15% to 20% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Increased damage from 35 to 45 Increased Mastery Rank from 0 to 7 Glaive Prime Increased Status Chance from 20% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Increased damage from 45 to 50 Knockdown added to recall discharge Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 10 Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the listed weapons above. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  19. [U21] Bug Report Megathread

    Hello Tenno! Please use this megathread to post any bugs you come across in Update 21: Chains of Harrow. We will be watching closely and investigating/fixing top priority bugs as they come. Please be as detailed as possible in your reports and attach screenshot/video evidence and save your EE.logs (EE.logs can be found in /%localappdata%/Warframe on your PC) to help with the investigation and fix! Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :) Edit: Please tag @[DE]Saske in your bug reports, as he will be watching this thread closely and updating it moving forward. Thanks! Known issues: Vulpine Mask missing from inventory Simulacrum spawning non-Eximus units regardless of if Eximus units were chosen. Fixed a crash when hitting enemies with the Knell while zoomed (32-bit only). Dread is not affected by fire-rate mods You can not install an Arcane on Harrow's default Helmet Water is not drained in one of the Earth Spy Vaults Sorting by Progress in the Tenno Lab causing a UI lockup Unreleased Opticor skins showing up as a Placeholder Braton Issue with the Dark-Split sword Riven The Opticor can not headshot. Limbo being able to damage enemies outside the Rift Trying to view your Ability screen in the Simulacrum will lockup your UI Opticor not having it’s Punch Through Harrow’s Thurible Channeling not being cancellable with "use selected ability button." Host can not destroy Sapping Osprey mines. Channeling Thurible will disable Emotes for everybody Exalted Blade Energy waves do not proc Berserker as Host Syndicate secondaries losing syndicate skins when dual-wielded Toxin Resistance is untradeable You can not deploy an Extractor on Earth Stats of the Dark Split-Sword Riven not applying to the weapon Opticor not doing any damage (again) Unable to melee Nullifier Bubbles Cameras being able to see you in certain spots they should not be able to Not being able to complete the Cunning Test (Second Dream progstop) Mastery Sigil not showing up correctly on certain Frames Cerata having lower Status chance as advertised in the patch notes (20% instead of 30%) Heavy Calibers showing accuracy stat twice Syndicate secondaries losing syndicate skins when dual-wielded Soft lock when attempting to craft Specters. Mesa’s Peacemaker not acquiring new targets Not receiving Syndicate Standing after completing a Syndicate mission. Sword & Shield not being equipped correctly on Harrow Regen and Prime Regen mods stopped working Toxin Resistance is untradeable Broken wall running animation when using the right hand
  20. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread Feel Free to join the >Discord Server<: [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log|Index:11/3/17 [News:11/3/17] [Discussion:8/9/17] [Misc:8/27/16]
  21. Twitch Prime Promotion

    i signed up for the twitch prime account, to get the free frost prime access. but i don't know how it this works. can someone help? does DE email a code? to i have to send them anything? Thank you.
  22. From Update 20.3.0: From Hotfix 20.3.1: What do people think of these changes? What feedback do you have on these changes? What needs to be re-visited and improved? From Update 20.4.0: ------------------------------------------ My Thoughts: Renewal still isn't where it should be. Please consider to make higher duration let Renewal run for longer. There's no point in it being a heal over time, if it just lasts two seconds. Additionally even if you try to build for negative duration so that your buff runs longer, it just drains insane ammounts of energy. Please do decide wether it has no running duration and is a sustained ability like so many others, or if duration isn't inversly affected. This also makes Renewals augment still useless. On that note, 90 seconds in such a fast pace game is way too long to matter enough.
  23. Harrow feedback and discussion

    What gender do you think the new warframe will be and what do you think it will be based on?? Edit: Devstream confirmed it to be a Male Deacon based Warframe. My Opinion: Sounds cool but I hope he ships with an alternate helm because I`m not digging the pharaoh look. What are your Thoughts? Dev-Stream #92: Harrow: DEEP DIVE. The Devstream missed some details, let’s dive into Harrow. He will be coming with an Alt Helmet and the first Secondary Weapon with a scope, which gives you more benefits the more headshots you land. What you really care about are his abilities, so let’s get right into it. You can watch the full segment about Harrow here. Passive: Double Overshield Capacity Ability 1: Creates a ray that chains enemies, leaving them open for headshots, which synergizes with his kit. You obtain shields for each enemy hit. Ability 2: Casting sacrifices your shields, gaining a buff that lasts longer the more shields are sacrificed, in exchange for reload and fire rate buffs. While it’s active, you will also heal allies in affinity range for a percentage of damage dealt. Ability 3: Casting spawns a spectral thurible, which grants you energy for every headshot you get within its range. The longer you hold 3 down, the more energy the ability costs but the more energy you’ll make back per headshot kill. Ability 4: Casting makes you invulnerable for a short duration. Once the invulnerability ends, you will gain additional critical chance on headshots. The more damage prevented in the first phase the larger the damage bonus will be. Below is a gif of his 1 and 3 working in tandem: ---------------------------------------- Dev-stream #93: Harrow We’ve made some changes to the next Warframe since Devstream #92. Headshots are not required for the bonus, but will give you an extra bonus on top of what his abilities give you. You can watch the gameplay in full here, but here's a placeholder version of his abilities screen: Harrow’s alt-helmet: Here’s a tease at who you’ll see in his Quest: Palladino is tied to the Red Veil as a clairvoyant…. What does she see?
  24. Share your Mandachord songs!

    Conduct your very own symphony, Tenno. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Compose a song before entering the battle by going to your Arsenal, selecting the Appearance tab, and hitting the “Mandachord” button. Once you have completed your song, use this thread to share it with the community! Need some help getting started on your first compositions? Check out our Guide on how to use the Mandachard: If you come across any bugs please post them here:
  25. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)