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Found 38 results

  1. Weapon Skins

    Why can't we use a weapon's normal skin on it's special variants? I like the normal Nikana's default skin because it looks like real Katana, but i don't like Nikana Prime's skin. The blade tip looks bigger than the rest of the blade. It doesn't look like real Katana. P/s: bad English, sry
  2. hemlinth charger

    lately i decided to farm with my charger rather than my smitty lol and i couldnt help but notice the buff icons the whole game through so im curious to know what buffs the charger gives thats not on any wiki i looked at
  3. Update 22.12.0: Gantulyst/Hydrolyst Feedback + Bug Report Megathread This update introduced 2 new Eidolons! The GANTULYST and the HYDROLYST. We will be using this thread to house your feedback AND your bug reports on these two new Eidolon additions. If you would like to read more about these new Eidolons, please visit the update thread: Bug report guidelines: Be as detailed as possible! The more information we have on the issue, the better we can track down the cause. Provide steps on how to reproduce the bug that answer "How was I able to produce this bug, and can I do it again?" If possible, provide video and image of the reported issue. Thank you!
  4. Weapon Changes Feedback Megathread! We have revisited all weapons and adjusted their stats in Update 22.12.0 to fit into some Mastery Rank grouping guidelines based on DPS and Crit/Status split total. With this in mind, we buffed a lot of the weapons you know and love! We will be using this thread to house all of your feedback on the changes. Please remember to be constructive and respectful with your feedback. If you would like to read the full details on these changes, please visit the update thread: Primary Rifles Shotguns Launchers Secondaries Shotgun Secondaries Snipers Bows
  5. Warframe Changes Feedback Megathread! This thread will house all of your feedback on the Warframe changes Update 22.12.0 brought! We believe these changes make our wide Warframe roster more diverse and fun to play. We will be listening to your responses, so please keep feedback respectful and constructive. If you would like to read the full details on these changes, please visit the update thread:\ GENERAL: ASH ATLAS BANSHEE CHROMA EMBER GARA HYDROID MIRAGE MAG RHINO VOLT ZEPHYR
  6. I was on the plains and saw this: It goes through the barrier so I wasn`t able reach where it lands. What's going on here?
  7. THE TEAL CYAN BANNER LIES! P.S. SMB is still bad. If you are new to this thread, read this entire OP for more. This link will take you to a proper guide on how todo the workaround. Also, should have prob edited this in earlier, but @[DE]Glen has already commented on this thread; says that a fix is coming soon (prob Monday if I had to guess) 2nd EDIT: It has been identified that you can disable SMB after you login. You are able to play while SMB is disabled, but you cannot login with SMB disabled. It is up to you if the risk is worth it. EDIT: This is an issue that seems to be only affecting people with SMB DISABLED. This has been determined from the community, with no word from DE that we know of. People are still having login issues related to this. fix: enable the Workstation service / SMB protocol. But... that's a horrible idea. read more in the linked thread. Getting a "Login Failed. Check your info." error in-game when I know for a fact that I am using the right password. Tried multiple Password resets with no success. No idea what todo.
  8. Hello Tenno! As many of you may already be aware the Inktober Initiative is a worldwide celebration of inky artistic excellence. Comic artist/illustrator Jake Parker founded the initiative "in 2009 as a challenge to improve [his] inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year. Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up a pen and start drawing." Upon seeing the official Inktober 2017 prompt list, I realized there was some pretty awesome potential to combine Inktober's message with Warframe's incredible art and design. So Tenno, I offer this thread as a challenge, and an invitation! Throughout the month of October, please feel free to post any and all Inktober Warframe illustrations here and hopefully we can all learn and develop together. The thread will be unlocked on October 1st, 2017 and will be locked November 1st, 2017. I would also like to shout out @aerelm for their post introducing the topic. I have talked with Aerelm and would be very excited to see them participate here! A few simple guidelines: All submissions must be inked in some way, with respect for the initiative's official rules. See Jake Parker's site for a list of awesome inking tools, but really anything from a ball-point pen to a top of the line sumi brush is acceptable! All submissions must comply with the forum's existing guidelines, we will not be accepting any lewd or inappropriate artwork. Regular forum moderation penalties will still apply. All submissions must be Warframe related in a way that is obvious to fans and forum users. You are encouraged to use the official prompt list above, but it is not mandatory. Feedback is welcome and encouraged but remember, constructive is key. Also, please try to limit your number of responses so that we can focus on the art! If you are sharing your posts on social media as well, be sure to use the hashtags #Inktober, #Inktober2017 and #WarframeInktober for a chance to be featured on Warframe's official Instagram account. I will also be checking the thread for popular posts to share as well so be sure to post your best work! Posting Procedure: Once you have a post in the thread, please continue to edit that post with new submissions, rather than creating new comments. I will be adding my own work to the first comment directly below this main post. Example: [DE]Aidan October 1 [DE]Aidan October 2 and so on! Thanks Tenno! I am really excited to see what everyone comes up with. This is going to be really fun! Happy Inktober everyone! [DE]Aidan
  9. Hydroid Revisited Please use this thread to give us your feedback on Hydroid Revisited. We will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with Hydroid's revamped abilities. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. The sea has a revamped fear creeping in the depth, and his name is Hydroid. With Hydroid Prime emerging to the surface soon, the team took another glance at Hydroids power and what we could do in order to achieve ability synergy. Hydroid now brings barrages, puddles, and tentacles into a deadly oceanic horror. General Hydroid Changes Hydroid’s base Shield and Armor has received a buff! Shield is now 375 from 345. Armor is now 200 from 65. Tempest Barrage: Tempest Barrage can be cast while in Undertow and will now hit enemies submerged in Undertow. Tempest Barrage can now be charged for longer Duration (more explosions) and more Damage for more Energy. Tidal Surge: Tidal Surge can be used to move around without canceling Undertow (note that Tidal Surge speed - and hence distance - is halved when used in Undertow). Tidal Surge will now pull enemies along for the ride. Tidal Surge can be interrupted at any point by casting Undertow to go into your puddle, sinking enemies being pulled along. Undertow: Hydroid can pull enemies into Undertow by aiming and clicking on them. Undertow can be cast while in air. Jump and roll will break Hydroid out of Undertow. Hydroid can now move while in Undertow at the expense of Energy. Submerged enemies in Undertow receive Damage Per Second, increasing every second they are submerged. Enemies that die will be released from Undertow instead of dragging their dead bodies along for the ride. Tentacle Swarm: Hold onto your ships, Tentacle Swarm has received a new look straight from the depths of the sea! Can you summon the Kraken? Tentacle Swarm can be charged to get more tentacles over a larger area for more Energy. Hydroid tentacles will now seek out nearby enemies and attempt to slam on top of them rather than just always flailing randomly and hoping they hit something. Tentacle Swarm will protrude from Hydroid’s Undertow if active when cast. Hydroid Changes based on feedback since U21.4.0: Improved the ‘charge up’ indicator for Hydroid’s abilities. Improved the targeting of Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage liquid fury. Improved the cast FX detail on the Kraken spawned from Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. Update 21.5.0: As mentioned in Hotfix 21.4.2 on Friday, we continued reading feedback and testing Hydroid changes up until todays Update. 1 week into Hydroid Revisited and more than a handful of changes from constructive feedback have been implemented! The changes below cover a number of ideas about making Hydroid's simply feel better to use, particularly for teams. In the scheme of our 33 current Warframes, Hydroids role is to be a fun and active way to use the power of water and swashbuckling themes to take on enemies. Hydroid has received the PBR treatment! Hydroid’s base Energy has been increased from 150 to 188. Tempest Barrage now has a charging sound to indicate when the ability is being charged. Allies can shoot their weapons into Hydroid's Undertow to transfer half of their damage and distribute it among all enemies in the puddle. Undertow damage per second is now a % of the target's max Health. Undertow damage per second now scales with the amount of enemies in the pool - more submerged enemies, more damage! Undertow now deals Impact damage towards submerged enemies. Tentacle Swarm’s tentacles now move at a slower rate when enemies are captured in their grasp to improve issues with hard to shoot flailing enemies. Improved Tentacle Swarm’s cast sound to sound more aquatic and powerful when charging up. Improved Tentacle Swarm when cast on walls/odd surfaces. Improved the performance of Tentacle Swarm. Sentinel abilities are now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.
  10. During the Sortie, it may happen that the Infested Corpus part of Lephantis will bug during the first stage of the boss, and he will not open his mouth at any moment after getting out of the ground, going back underground with no windows to damage him. This repeats multiple times, till it finally decides to open it's mouth after a long time. This happens only in the first part of the battle, and the host doesn't seen to matter for this. -------------------- Moderator Edit: This is a known issue and DE are investigating:
  11. Plains of Eidolon

    This TennoLive had the best reveals u ever did.... as a guy who hasn't really played since long time... been remember since 2014.... this made me want to play the damn game again... It was amaizing, and that trailer at the end was a perfect way to end the stream Cheers
  12. [U21 Megathread] Weapon Changes Feedback

    Primary Shotguns (with the exception to the Phage) received buffs back in Update 17, and now we bring that same attention to Secondary Shotguns! Bronco AkBronco Bronco Prime Brakk Detron Twin Rogga Detron Mara Kohmak AkBronco Prime Pyrana Twin Kohmak Revisit of some classic Warframe Secondary weapons: Lato AkLato Furis Lex Sicarus AkFuris Lato Vandal AkLex Lex Prime Dex Furis Lato Prime Sicarus Prime Primary Weapon Revisits: Daikyu: Stradavar: Opticor: Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the listed weapons above. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  13. Scourge Harrow’s signature Primary weapon, the Scourge is a Corrosive spear gun that shoots wave projectiles with high Punch Through and guaranteed Status Effects. Thrown spears attach a bullet attractor to the heads of all enemies within 14 meters, and continues to pulse every 7 seconds and attaches bullet attractors for 3 seconds wherever it has landed. Knell Harrow’s signature Secondary weapon, the Knell, has the utility of a sniper with the sight and zoom with the convenience of a pistol. This single round magazine sidearm grants 100% ammo efficiency for 3 seconds (that can be refreshed when active) and 0.5x Critical Damage added per headshot with a maximum of 3 stacks. Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the Scourge and the Knell. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  14. Dual-wield any thrown Melee Weapon and a single-handed Secondary Weapon to destroy your enemies. Execute unique quick-melee combos and charged throws when dual-wielding for added damage. Thrown Melee weapon stats have been revisited to balance this new feature: Kestrel Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 30 to 35 Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Glaive Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 35 to 45 Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Mastery Rank requirement increased to 1 Cerata Increased Status Chance from 25% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased damage from 35 to 44 Changed damage type of recall discharge to Toxin Orvius Increased Status Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Critical Chance from 10% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Damage increased from 50 to 70 Recall discharge damage changed to Ice Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 5 to 6 Halikar Increased Status Chance from 15% to 20% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Chance from 5% to 10% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Increased damage from 35 to 45 Increased Mastery Rank from 0 to 7 Glaive Prime Increased Status Chance from 20% to 30% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 15% for Melee hits and projectiles Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2 Increased damage from 45 to 50 Knockdown added to recall discharge Increased Mastery Rank requirement from 0 to 10 Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - feel free to share videos and discussions after playing with the listed weapons above. Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates the Guidelines will be removed. If you have any bugs to report please post them here:
  15. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel Free to join the >Discord Server<: [FAQ:8/9/17][Read Before Posting] [Log|Index: 1/16/18 [News:11/3/17] [Discussion:8/9/17] [Misc:8/27/16]
  16. Share your Mandachord songs!

    Conduct your very own symphony, Tenno. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Compose a song before entering the battle by going to your Arsenal, selecting the Appearance tab, and hitting the “Mandachord” button. Once you have completed your song, use this thread to share it with the community! Need some help getting started on your first compositions? Check out our Guide on how to use the Mandachard: If you come across any bugs please post them here:
  17. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  18. Ok, so here's my two cents on reworking limbo. Hopefully this will give him some huge buffs, while getting rid of some of his major weaknesses. The general rift So the first set of changes will be on the rift itself, so we can get the biggest issue out of the way... It's only good for isolation and re-gaining energy. That's it. While isolating yourself from the rest of the battlefield is an incredibly nice perk, I think most of us can agree that the only effect it comes with isn't enough to satisfy the end game planets or even sorties/raids, unless you're incredibly resourceful. Especially with the fact that limbo is a really squishy warframe. So, in order to fill in that supportive role, (And I know you guys have heard countless others say this,) rift surge should be a passive ability, and the mod that comes with it should take effect as well. But in order to have some diversity to the rest of the oppinions out there, I would also like the rift to apply continuous elemental damage to any enemy you send to the rift. The element will change depending on the enemy. (corrosive for grineer, magnetic for corpus, and viral for infested. Of course, I'm also fine with just applying slash damage.) Rift Surge will also apply to allies as well. And as an added bonus, enemies only see banished warframes half as far. Also, a good change for the visual effect when somone is in the rift is turning them transparent with the same wavy water texture as the energy orb. Banish/Rift Walk I can agree that it's kind of a waste of energy to have two abilities that basically do the same thing. So to address this issue, let's just fuse the two abilities under the name "Rift Banish". It still acts like normal banish, but you shouldn't aim at anyone if you want to banish yourself. There. Problem solved. (A good alternative to banishing yourself is to simply hold the button.) Rift Wave So now that we have two ability slots open, let's fill one of them, shall we? Let's say you're tired of picking off your enemies one by one, but you don't want that huge cataclysm hogging up your space and energy. Introducing Rift Wave! A small and short lasting AoE ability that sends you and anyone within fifty meters of your position into the rift instantly. with this, you can banish multiple enemies without them having free access out like cataclysm does. Just note that it takes just a little more energy than two uses of Rift Banish. Elegant Storm Another AoE attack, but it only works in the rift, and it can't hit enemies that are above your head. You shoot several energy slashes in a seventy meter radius that deals slash damage for each hit. If you use this outside of the rift though, nobody is effected. It's continuous, so you can use this ability for as long as you have energy. It's also effected by certain melee mods. Cataclysm So we still need a reason to use Cataclysm. But there aren't many changes I can come up with to make it better. All I can think of is to add a small health regeneration bonus to any allied unit within it (that includes defense points), and make it drain Limbo's energy as long as it's out. It'll disappear once you have no more energy to spare. This is to encourage all limbo players to use mod loadouts that gain energy and increase max capacity. That's all I can come up with, but I'm open to suggestions. Compensating Drawbacks So with all these buffs I'm suggesting, you must be asking if there is anything keeping Limbo from being so OP that the game gets centralized around him. And you're right my friend, there are a few things to keep limbo from breaking the game. For one thing, his armor is slightly reduced, making him even squishier than before. Allies that have been banished will also have slightly reduced armor, and everyone in the rift has noticeably less gravity. Lastly, anyone caught in the rift will be taken out of it once Limbo (or in some casses, all limbos) dies. Final Thoughts I understand that I may have gone overboard with the buffs (such as the element damage that could just be slash damage,) and there may be too many things happening at once. But that's because I hate to see my favorite warframe getting no love from the devs. So I'm open to any changes and criticisms you may have for this thread. Thank you for reading, and good night.
  19. Тэнно! В связи с тем, что многие из вас не утруждают себя просмотром хотя бы пары страниц ветки форума и не пользуются поиском, была создана эта тема. Эта тема будет служить аналогом Темы для мелких вопросов, только относительно технических проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам. Другие темы, созданные в этом разделе о вышеуказанных проблемах будут скрываться без предупреждения. ПРАВИЛА ТЕМЫ Если вы не можете зайти в свой профиль в игре, то попробуйте следующее: Проверьте раскладку - в игре нет индикации выбранного языка, поэтому будьте просто внимательны. Проверьте, не включён ли CapsLock. Проверьте, можете ли вы зайти на и зайти в свой профиль через браузер Internet Explorer. Убедитесь, что вводите правильную пару логин-пароль, попробуйте восстановить пароль. Проверьте привязанную к аккаунту почту - возможно там вас будет ждать письмо с просьбой подтвердить вход с вашего устройства и IP-адреса. Если вышеперечисленное не помогает, то попробуйте шаги, описанные ниже. При возникновении проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам нужно первым делом проверить следующее: В настройках лаунчера игры (ни в коем случае не в Steam!) выполните Проверку Кэша Загрузки, а затем Оптимизацию. Это может занять некоторое время. В настройках антивируса/брандмауэра/сетевого экрана/любой другой программы, отвечающей за контроль соединения с интернетом проверить, не блокирует ли эта программа подключение лаунчера/клиента игры к интернету. Добавьте игру в исключения вышеперечисленных программ. Попробуйте отключить вышеперечисленные программы. С помощью браузера Internet Explorer зайти на и зайти в свой профиль, после чего попробовать зайти в игру. Так же, в Свойствах Браузера Internet Explorer на вкладке Дополнительно, проверить наличие галочки около TLS 1.0 - она должна стоять. При наличии роутера и динамического IP перезагрузить роутер, чтобы получить другой IP. Внимание: в некоторых случаях роутер нужно подержать выключенным вплоть до 15 минут, чтобы закрылась сессия подключения у провайдера. Изменить в Настройках в игре используемые порты. Очистить кэш DNS. Чтобы сделать это, нажмите сочетание клавиш Win+R, ввести в открывшееся окно cmd.exe и нажать Ok, в запустившейся командной строке ввести команду ipconfig /flushdns и нажать Enter. Зайти в Web-интерфейс вашего роутера ( или - стандартные варианты, подробнее смотрите в инструкции к вашему роутеру) и выполните перенаправление портов, указанных в настройках игры на IP вашего компьютера в сети вашего домашнего роутера. Как выполнить - смотрите инструкцию к вашему роутеру. В случае, если у вас нет роутера, позвоните своему провайдеру и попросите сделать перенаправление необходимых портов на ваш IP. В качестве дополнительного варианта, вы можете заказать у вашего провайдера услугу по предоставлению внешнего/"белого" IP. Зачастую у провайдеров такой IP является статичным. Проверьте настройки времени - что установленное время совпадает с временем часового пояса. Если ничего не помогает, то использовать прокси или vpn и обратиться в Службу Поддержки. Так же иногда провайдер может по каким-то причинам блокировать доступ к официальному сайту игры. В таком случае вам необходимо обратиться в службу поддержки вашего провайдера с вопросом о том, почему вы не можете получить доступ к данному ресурсу. Тема будет в дальнейшем дополняться.
  20. I just experienced this today. Yesterday, i was still able to log in to my account using my home network. But suddenly just now when i attempted to log in to the game, i got an error message saying cannot login. Check your info. I tried several times to no avail, and finally i tried logging in to the website to check whether there's an issue with ny network (you know, internet_cannot_connect and stuffs). To my surprise, when i attempted to log in, after the robot check page, i was kicked out again, with only a message saying BLACKLIST: IGNORED TAR. Strange thing is that i can log in via my mobile carrier network. Does anyone know what happened to me? Is my account blocked or something? What can i do? ==== MOD EDIT ==== Hey guys, [DE]Taylor here. I'm so sorry that you're all experiencing this! As of this moment, this issue should only be affecting your account for 24 hours - if you receive a "IGNORED TAR" error message, wait a day and it should be fixed. If you still don't have access after 24 hours, you'll unfortunately have to use a VPN to access the game until we can work out the kinks in our fix. We are aware of this issue and we are looking for a solution, so your patience in this time is really appreciated. Send us a support ticket in the interim so we have your username and we'll rectify the problem once we have figured out the solution. Hopefully the affected accounts will have access returned to them soon! Thanks Tenno.
  21. The 3hr credit booster login reward I got yesterday did not boost credit rewards for me. I supported the corpus against Phorid for a Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinate, and credit reward was 5400, when it should have been double that amount, as usual. I double checked and I still had 1 hour + of booster time and it did not work. Had no time to check on other missions. ====
  22. Been working on the quest The New Strange and stuck at the part of synthesizing 3 elite arid lancer's. I know that before the update they could be found on phobos i believe but i was able to find and scan them on Olympus Mars a mobile defense mission. Like i said i was able to scan them but Cephalon Simaris won't recognize it and move to the next dialogue ---------------- Moderator Edit: Issues raised in thread: Finishing Quest and not getting Chroma blueprint Unable to Craft Chroma Signal Chroma Mark not being given by the quest when it is needed to progress Quest skipping parts when players exit the mission due to bugs and glitches ---------- If you have been affected by these bugs, then please submit a support ticket and support will help you as soon as they can. Support:
  23. Lunaro Bugs [Megathread]

    Well hey there Tenno! Ready to play ball? This megathread will be used to house any bugs / issues your encounter while playing Lunaro. Please keep the following bug report guidelines in mind prior to posting: Be detailed - The more we know about the bug the easier we can identify and fix it. How did the bug occur? (What were you doing? What was happening in the match when the bug occurred?) Provide screenshots and video evidence of the issue (if possible). Be respectful. Please do not use this thread to dev bash if you come across a bug. If you have feedback on Lunaro please post it in the dedicated megathread: Thanks, and good luck out there! ===== Known bugs: Lunaro challenges not being completed if not host. Gear wheel not saving from arsenal to mission. RMB bound to fire and melee trigger preventing throwing in Lunaro. Draco spawning issues. Hotfix: Lunaro 1 Hotfix: Lunaro 2
  24. We decided to rework Blade Storm after almost a full year of the same themed feedback showing up. We often heard and experienced a power that doesn't allow for player participation beyond pressing 4 once and waiting. We have been increasingly committed to participatory powers (especially ultimates) and focused on emphasizing that for Blade Storm. Blade Storm Changes: Blade Storm now has a new 'Mark Enemy' mode that is activated when you hit 4. Ash enters target mode, which you can freely target enemies with your reticule up to 3 times each for attack. Once you're satisfied, press 4 again, Blade Storm begins and all targeted enemies are attacked! Each mark costs Energy (15) which is affected by Mods. If a marked enemy is killed by a squad mate, you will get the energy back. Marks made while invisible by any source will have a cheaper base cost (10). Enemies killed by Blade Storm will dissolve, leaving no corpse behind to detect! Teleport Changes: Teleport will now allow you to target anything with a health bar! Instead of being limited to Teleporting to allies or enemies, you can now teleport to objects. Smokescreen Changes: Smoke Screen can now be cast while running (no lower body movement lock). Smoke Screen can now be cast while in-air! Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - please feel free to share videos and discussions after playing this rework. It'll help us if you include details on your build used too. Edit: Non-constructive feedback, dev-bashing, and any other content that violates Code of Conduct will be removed. Edit: All related threads will be merged here. Thank you!
  25. I used to be able to take volt into corpus sorties and keep up damage wise with the old mag. Now I can't even clear a room in a t2-t3 tower with his ult ;/ Please tell me i'm not the only one. =======