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  1. Well decided to place some songs in here and (hopefully) start something off! Smiles from Juran (cont.) Megalovania Darude - Sandstorm (Some experiment with Phrygian tuning, warning, long!) MADE BY NAVARCHUS Crash Bandicoot theme Dragonforce Through the fire and flames Evangelion A cruel angels thesis UT Megalovania C418 Sweden Will probably edit once I made more. Feel free to share yours! PS: To start playing the song, under the LOAD tab, press "Load from Memory", then paste the code that's in the spoilers. To include a song in here, press "Copy to clipboard", then paste it here. Please use spoilers when posting a song! Thank you!
  2. This thread will be used to house your feedback on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit! No one knows the power of their Arsenal better than the Tenno - your adaptability and skill with the blade will be tested, and as we continue these changes, we rely on your feedback! Here’s what has changed: Let The Gun & Blade Flow Swap between your gun and melee at the press of a button, no holstering required! Combos can be executed and resumed between movement and more. Blocking is now automatic in melee mode when aiming at an attacking enemy. Your stance combos may have changed, check out the Stance interface! Death From Above A Tenno is a master of aerial tactics - now you can better target enemies on the ground with deadly and responsive aimed ground slams. Effects Upgrades We've done a complete overall of all Melee Effects! Hit animations, elemental effects and slam attacks: making melee look as good as it feels! More to Come Fundamentally, we aim to upgrade Melee. This is Phase 1. Expand the spoilers below for more details on the changes: FEEDBACK GUIDELINES Before posting feedback on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit be sure to spend enough time with her in different missions! Once you feel you have handle on what she’s all about, and would like to share your thoughts, here is a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! 1. Keep it simple Write simple, directed points about the topic you feel strongly about. Remember to be constructive and to the point. 2. Back it up Support your points with concrete points. X has better stats than Y. This ability is less useful when considering X. Provide in-game situational evidence or a solid foundation for your argument to rest upon. 3. Be polite The best feedback occurs when two people discuss opposing viewpoints to find a constructive middle ground. Discussion is a natural part of feedback! Ensuring that it is polite and without personal attacks is key. We’re far less inclined to listen to feedback filled with personal attacks and rude speech. We are all trying our best! The Forums can be an amazing tool when used correctly. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Phase 1 of the Melee Revisit! EDIT AS OF 8/26/19: Greetings Tenno! In brief, we owe you an update on Melee changes. Last Devstream had one remark about something maybe making it into Gauss’s Mainline, but this is no longer the case. You can see the clip here: as stated by Steve on Devstream #130. We wanted to give you some insight into our process and why this decision was made. The melee “beast” is a large one to tackle, and while we could add in some minor changes, the knock-on effects to other aspects of melee (such as Stances, blocking, Mods, Augments) may cause more issues than improvements. Frankly, we need to look at the system more holistically and make decisions based on thorough testing, and re-works of the varying components involved. Those reworks are not going to make it into the system before our up and coming mainline update, and while we would have loved for these changes to make it sooner rather than later, we simply need more time to implement these changes to the expansive collection of melee systems in place. What we can say with certainty is that your concerns have been heard, and they are at the forefront of our minds when we consider alterations. The changes to quick-melee, how channeling and blocking are affected all the way to how Valkyr’s power set has felt the knock-on effects of blocking changes. As we are sure you can understand, this transition will be much more complicated than the transition from Melee 1.0 to 2.0, and we want it to be the best that it can be. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we hope you enjoy all that the Mainline Update has to offer when it reaches you at supersonic speeds!
  3. This thread will be used to house your feedback on the newest Warframe from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0: GAUSS and his Signature Weapons the ACCELTRA and AKARIUS. GAUSS: ACCELTRA: Using a barrage of rapid-fire plasma rockets, Gauss’ signature weapon lays down a path of destruction. Reloads are faster while sprinting, even more so in Gauss’ hands. For safety, rockets arm after traveling safe distance. AKARIUS: Bombard legions of enemies with target seeking rockets. These dual launchers reload faster while sprinting, even more so in Gauss’ hands. Rockets arm after reaching a safe distance. Before posting feedback on Gauss and/or his Signature Weapons be sure to spend enough time with him/them in different missions! Once you feel you have a handle on what he’s/they are all about, and would like to share your thoughts, expand the spoilers below for a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! Need to report a bug? Visit the Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting megathread.
  4. Hello Tenno!! I had this idea for a project for the longest time and just now gathered the resources to form an actual product. I need help from as many of you as possible and everyone that contributes and gets in will be credited! Essentially, I was watching the latest cinematic trailer from Tennocon, and while I found it gorgeous and absolutely incredible- one of my favorite all-time trailers, in fact- it (understandably) didn't contain any gameplay or show off what the game truly had to offer. That's why I want to work on something to the best of my abilities... I aim to create a community-made trailer for Warframe!! I won't say too much about it, as I want to surprise as many people as possible, assuming it gets any recognition at all. But to get straight to the point, it's impossible for me to create a COMMUNITY-made trailer on my own. I want to show off my favorite two frames (Octavia and Trinity Prime), but despite my relatively large collection, I can't (and shouldn't) represent every single frame or use purely my own clips for this project. As such, I'd like to request clips from you, the Tenno! I want to not only represent every single frame in this trailer, but also the awesomeness in the community itself. Guidelines go as follows: 1. The clip can be almost anything you want it to be! A cool cinematic clip you made, trickshots, something that shows off a frame's ability, or even just some random cool clip of you bullet jumping through a hallway (although I can't promise to accept 300 bullet jumping clips lol), 2. Leave the duration of the clips at about a 10-15 second maximum. It's going to take a long time to download these to begin with, it's going to be a lot more painful if I have to trim almost every single one. 3. I want to show off every single frame, so if you have multiple favorite clips as different frames, feel free to drop them here. Just don't send so many that it's overwhelming! 4. Your clip can either be in the form of a YouTube video or in a trustworthy file sharing site for convenient downloading, like Google Drive. 5. It's preferred for music to be off as I'd like to use the game's sound effects and voice lines for a less blank effect. If there is music or off-putting sounds in your clip, such as voice chat or audio from a mic, the clip is likely to be muted if I put it in. 8. Please include how you'd like me to credit you! It's likely that I'll just end up using your username, but if you'd prefer a specific name or would rather shoutout any social media, let me know to put that instead! 9. Try to avoid spoilers, I may accept operator footage but I want to welcome new players to make their own discoveries. 10. The deadline is either going to be at the end of October or sometime mid-September, it depends on the amount of clips I can gather. I hope this topic picks up! I encourage anybody interested to share this thread around. I'm super hyped to put this together, even if this thread becomes a ghost town and I have to make the whole thing on my own XD. Show us what you can do, Tenno!!!
  5. This thread will be used to house your feedback on the 6 new Disruption mode locations from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0. Each feature new Debuffs appropriate for their setting, varying difficult, and new rewards throughout! They can be found at the following locations: Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer) Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested) Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus) Before posting feedback on the expansion be sure to spend enough time in each of the new Disruption missions! Once you feel you have, and would like to share your thoughts, expand the spoilers below for a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! Need to report a bug? Visit the Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting megathread.
  6. Тэнно! В связи с тем, что многие из вас не утруждают себя просмотром хотя бы пары страниц ветки форума и не пользуются поиском, была создана эта тема. Эта тема будет служить аналогом Темы для мелких вопросов, только относительно технических проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам. Другие темы, созданные в этом разделе о вышеуказанных проблемах будут скрываться без предупреждения. ПРАВИЛА ТЕМЫ Тема создана для поиска решений технических проблем с соединением подручными средствами. Здесь не место сообщениям "оо, плюсую!!" / "у меня то же самое!!" и т.п. Подобные сообщения будут скрываться. При особом упорстве - РО на 1 день. Прочитали первое сообщение темы - попробовали способы. Сначала читать - потом писать. Не помогло - отписались в службу поддержки и здесь. Кто-то уже сегодня отписался о такой же проблеме? Не стоит писать ещё раз. Стоит просто нажать стрелочку вверх около сообщения в знак того, что вы солидарны/испытываете ту же проблему. Если вы не можете зайти в свой профиль в игре, то попробуйте следующее: Проверьте раскладку - в игре нет индикации выбранного языка, поэтому будьте просто внимательны. Проверьте, не включён ли CapsLock. Проверьте, можете ли вы зайти на https://warframe.com/ и зайти в свой профиль через браузер Internet Explorer. Убедитесь, что вводите правильную пару логин-пароль, попробуйте восстановить пароль. Проверьте привязанную к аккаунту почту - возможно там вас будет ждать письмо с просьбой подтвердить вход с вашего устройства и IP-адреса. Если вышеперечисленное не помогает, то попробуйте шаги, описанные ниже. При возникновении проблем с соединением/обновлением/подключением к отрядам нужно первым делом проверить следующее: В настройках лаунчера игры (ни в коем случае не в Steam!) выполните Проверку Кэша Загрузки, а затем Оптимизацию. Это может занять некоторое время. В настройках антивируса/брандмауэра/сетевого экрана/любой другой программы, отвечающей за контроль соединения с интернетом проверить, не блокирует ли эта программа подключение лаунчера/клиента игры к интернету. Добавьте игру в исключения вышеперечисленных программ. Попробуйте отключить вышеперечисленные программы. С помощью браузера Internet Explorer зайти на https://warframe.com/ и зайти в свой профиль, после чего попробовать зайти в игру. Так же, в Свойствах Браузера Internet Explorer на вкладке Дополнительно, проверить наличие галочки около TLS 1.0 - она должна стоять. При наличии роутера и динамического IP перезагрузить роутер, чтобы получить другой IP. Внимание: в некоторых случаях роутер нужно подержать выключенным вплоть до 15 минут, чтобы закрылась сессия подключения у провайдера. Изменить в Настройках в игре используемые порты. Очистить кэш DNS. Чтобы сделать это, нажмите сочетание клавиш Win+R, ввести в открывшееся окно cmd.exe и нажать Ok, в запустившейся командной строке ввести команду ipconfig /flushdns и нажать Enter. Зайти в Web-интерфейс вашего роутера ( или - стандартные варианты, подробнее смотрите в инструкции к вашему роутеру) и выполните перенаправление портов, указанных в настройках игры на IP вашего компьютера в сети вашего домашнего роутера. Как выполнить - смотрите инструкцию к вашему роутеру. В случае, если у вас нет роутера, позвоните своему провайдеру и попросите сделать перенаправление необходимых портов на ваш IP. Попробуйте подключиться к роутеру другим способом. Например, если ваш компьютер подключён к роутеру по кабелю, то отключить кабель и подключиться по Wi-Fi (и наоборот). В качестве дополнительного варианта, вы можете заказать у вашего провайдера услугу по предоставлению внешнего/"белого" IP. Зачастую у провайдеров такой IP является статичным. Проверьте настройки времени - что установленное время совпадает с временем часового пояса. Попробуйте включить службу SMB (и сопутствующие). Если ничего не помогает, то использовать прокси или vpn и обратиться в Службу Поддержки. Если после обновления вы не можете докачать само обновление из-за всплывающей в конце обновления ошибки, включите VPN и попробуйте перезапустить обновление. Так же иногда провайдер может по каким-то причинам блокировать доступ к официальному сайту игры. В таком случае вам необходимо обратиться в службу поддержки вашего провайдера с вопросом о том, почему вы не можете получить доступ к данному ресурсу. При возникновении проблем с тем, что не принимает пароль, попробовать следующее: Включить VPN и попробовать зайти через него, после удачного входа отключить. Сменить пароль на такой, который начинается с буквы и не имеет в себе специальных знаков. Обратиться в службу поддержки. КАК НАСТРОИТЬ VPN Далее изложена инструкция о том, как настроить туннель VPN только на 3 заблокированных IP-адреса, которые использует Warframe: Тема будет в дальнейшем дополняться.
  7. Hallo, ich spiele das Spiel zwar schon eine Weile, hatte aber von Anfang an keine Chance auf die Beute in der Conclave. Der Grund ist das einfach niemand mehr Conclave spielt. Nun zur Frage. Gibt es irgend einen Trick oder hat jemand einen Tip, "Japanische Server" oder sowas, damit auch wir Spieler die Dinge bekommen? Da sind ein paar Tarnungen die echt gut aussehen aber selbst wenn ich 10 warten würde es gibt einfach keine Gegner. Oder könnte man vielleicht trixen mit nem 2 Akkount oder so? Es ist echt zum heulen das diesbezüglich noch nichts unternommen wurde. Danke für vielleicht folgende Tips. Gruß Frank. Englisch: Hello, I've been playing the game for a while, but I had no chance of catching the Conclave right from the start. The reason is that nobody plays Conclave anymore. Now to the question. Is there any trick or does anyone have a hint, "Japanese servers" or something, so we players can get things? There are a few disguises that look really good, but even if I wait 10 there are just no enemies. Or maybe you could trix with nem 2 Akkount or something? It's really howling that nothing has been done in this regard. Thanks for maybe following tips. Greeting Frank.
  8. Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ] Feel free to join the >>Discord Server<< This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire in the thread or in a DM Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions , please keep this in mind when participating Excalibur Umbra statue (UPDATES) [FAQ:3/1719[Read Before Posting] [Log&Index] [News]3/4/2019 [Umbra Warframes] [Discussions ] [The Vault] [Misc ]
  9. Captura is here!! This new photobooth mode will excite your deepest fashion frame desires. Use this megathread to show off screenshots of your Warframes in all of their customized glory! Looking to access Captura? Here’s how! Head to the Arsenal and select your Warframe Appearance tab. There you will see a new button titled Captura on the bottom right. Upon launching Captura, you can select the Corpus Ship Maintenance, Grineer Galleon Cargo, or Infested Ship Hologram scene. From there you can spawn in enemies, slow down, or speed up time and compose a stunning photograph. Add more depth to your composition with dozens of filters, special effects and graphic options. If you have any bugs to report please post them here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/776647-update-20-bug-report-megathread/ Thank you! We hope you enjoy the Update :)
  10. This thread will be used to house your feedback on the latest Bow Stat Changes from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0. Expand the spoilers below for full list of changes! Before posting feedback on the Bow stat changes be sure to spend enough time with each affected Bow! Once you feel you have, and would like to share your thoughts, expand the spoilers below for a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! Need to report a bug? Visit the Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting megathread.
  11. Hello everyone, Tunisia finally got a new independent president, who will fight corruption, insure security and open the doors to the new generations. So I was thinking (as a half Tunisian), maybe it's an opportunity for a big game like Warframe to open their doors in an Arab and African country like Tunisia.I mean, this is the opportunity to help a whole country change, make good business deals and recruit talented people who will work with passion. Tunisians suffered for a long time... Like people in Cetus do. And they are finally ready to blossom. Would Digital Extremes give a chance to Tunisians? Would bring a change to the game itself to have more people from different cultures working on it?
  12. DonderVuist


    Hi there fellow Tenno So i have been thinking i rly love glaives But wouldn't it be awsome to have an augment like the following (instead of the channeling explosion wich for me only works for Falcor and the new infested glaive dunno why maybe bug ?) Augement 1: when you trow the glaive and press the channeling button the glaive will grow in size like gets rly big and gets bonus stats but less bounce Augement 2: same as above only does it not grow big but turns into smaller ones with more bounce With augement 1 i think it would be awsome if you trow that thing in a hallway making kebab of everything thats in there Or with augement 2 in a hallway its like ninja star mayhem making sushi 🤣 What do you folks think and fyi yes i got it from the naruto anime 😋
  13. Birds that have been shot by a tranq normally dont fall back down when they start to fly but glitch up and down in the air. A corpus gun i dont remember the name of has bombs that when shot straight down bounce and float in the air, explosion is set in that place as well. Can clip into the ship that the player has to hide behind to avoid detection. When sneaking as the operator and some other reason, player will get stuck in an invincible invisible slow walk and cant get out. Something extremely weird happened while doing sanctuary onslaught while going through conduit portal. fell through the map. Then I died and got sent to the beginning The host left and i got teleported into the map. there were two maps in the same place couldnt got through either of their walls but enemy bullets could. Waited it out and missed the conduit portal and got sent back as normal.
  14. Npcs in Cetus have glowing eyes.Rarely, when downed, sword will still be selected and shoot.In, i think, the war within mission getting caught by the mar and sneaking at the same time activates the cut scene without the maw then puts you back where you were.In a sanctuary onslaught mission map going to the top ledge of that place and looking through the grates lets you see outside the map. I am able to see water through sanctuary onslaught conduit portal.The incorrect stimulus amount is shown. When putting on your first amp for the first time two textures on the arm.On interception mode rarely the stats dont change.Some warframes heads are missing.Rarely both the gun and laser cutter aims are shown on screen. Standing in a fracture spreads its texture over some parts of the warframe Vaubans 4th ability sucks in at the a different place from where the ball is. Rarely the mod capacity bar doesnt go down.
  15. So I've been seeing how resources have become an issue as far as farming goes and no matter the level the enemies you still receive the same amount. My suggestion is to start an Elite Starchart which increases difficulty for established and veteran players as well as upping the rewards received. Kind of like sanctuary onslaught but for star chart. I also think an Elite arbitration, arena, index, eidolon hunts etc. would be a nice touch as well for the players that love the challenge and rewards that come with it. I think that another difficulty factor would definitely help bring that spark back for older players as well as giving newer players the motivation to to surpass their limits. Please feel free to give me some feedback on how this idea could be improved
  16. During a few relic misson upon going to the exit to complete the mission there has been doors that myslef and other is the party have not been able to go through, the doors a marked green for use to go through, no locked out ethier
  17. Can you add this option to console plz? It will be very usefull to those players (including me ;_;) that doesnt understand very well music scales and how to compose a "decent" shawzin song. This will make famous creators to share their creations to the world and enjoy them while playing it on a Clem mission Kappa
  18. Ok so I'm gonna be away from my pc for the next 2 days and I forgot to put my kavat in stasis will my little rng cat be okay
  19. Blivin420


    Does anybody know when armistice will be over? Is there a specific update we are waiting for? If so is there a date set?
  20. Bienvenidos. Nuestra alianza está actualmente reclutando Clanes de cualquier rango y cualquier cantidad de miembros, la idea es poder tener más opciones a la hora de realizar reclutamiento ya sea para misiones o alertas o eventos especiales, queremos tener una base grande de jugadores activos y que así sea más divertido el juego. 👊 El Clan fundador, periódicamente realiza chequeos con los líderes de clanes para mantener siempre una base de jugadores activos. Además de realizar periódicamente eventos con diversos regalos para integrar a toda la comunidad y que nos conozcamos mejor. Contamos con un grupo en Discord con varias guías para las cacerías de Eidolon y Orbes, así cómo dónde farmear cierto recurso. También tenemos un grupo en WhatsApp, para comunicarnos mejor y más divertidamente. 😃(Memes, memes)😃 Sí te interesa, por favor responde con el nombre del clan para ser invitado y notificar quién es el líder del Clan. El reclutamiento estará abierto hasta completar el total de jugadores que pueden haber en una alianza. Muchas gracias por tu atención Tenno. 🥰
  21. Myself and 2 friends went on a kuva survival mission 2 of us had smeetas myself included and my third friend estott didn't have a smeeta , I had a 155 proc once in 41 minutes (putting me 800 kuva ahead of estott as 2 syphons were affected ) and estott finished the round at the same time as me with the same amount of kuva this has happened 2 other times and I've noticed the loss is happening mid round . This is since I deleted 10 kavats with numerous formas in them and hatched a new kavat (and was working fine while leveling and has only ever been used on the kuva survival tileset), deleted my charm mods and reinstalled the game , DE leighton said they'd looked into it but at the speed of the reply I doubt that ,as this problem is persisting , Kuva and the sortie are really the only two things I do till content is dropped . Really if this doesn't get fixed I'll consider moving on as 10 to 11 thousand kuva for 40+ minutes is a joke , there is definitely data loss or some kind of corruption happening as this smeeta was procing well as it was leveling up in previous kuva survivals and now in its first mission leveled its doing the same as all the other kavats I deleted. Please help me with this I do love the game but I won't farm kuva aimlessly and it's an important part of the game now . thankyou https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/1912193 this is the link to the support ticket Please help me with this I do love the game but I won't farm kuva aimlessly and it's an important part of the game now . thankyou
  22. Current bugs: -Voice-chat does not work with USB headsets or via usb controllers. When you bought a wireless headset to play on the tv or a usb controller to plugin your headset that's really sad, because every other game that supports voice-chat on the console itself also works with usb headsets. (Like Fortnite & Paladins) -When switching back from operator to warframe the first time game thinks "R" is constantly pressed and instead of doing actions it launches all abilities. -Sometime the game crashes/gets stuck or loads for extremely long while loading inside the gate / elevator connecting the cities to the open world areas. -If you are not the host sometimes in Disruption missions the progress or at least it's hud presentation does get stuck. -When crashing against something with your hoverboard you often ragdoll through the ground of the map where you fall... and fall... and fall xD -The game crashes sometimes when using the onscreen keyboard. -Performance while fighting the Profit Taker is apparently really bad. -Warframes like Valkyr and Mesa sometimes get stuck while leaving their abilities. Unable to move or to fight. -Since Jovian Concord there are pink boxes instead of bushes on Cetus & plains of Eidolon. When you get close the bushes reappear. -Since the Jovian Concord there is a blackscreen of 10-20sec before every loading screen. -Since Jovian Concord it seems impossible to modify your market whislist - the option to add or remove items seems to be missing. -Gas city remastered still has worse framerate & resolution than other Levels (Except Open Worlds) -When you aren't the host you can't catch flying animals. They first get stuck in mid air, then appear on the ground but pressing the button prompt does nothing. - Lua and the Kuva Fortress can sometimes be seen from within the ship, even when you never went there yet. (it's a big spoiler !) -There is a lightning bug in some dojo garden rooms where shadows disappear when looking up. -Pro Controller motion controls are unresponsive. On the contrary split joycons work great. Maybe just increase sensitivity or add two options like in fortnite. -The Motion controls drift correction for the joycons is too aggressive. Maybe add a slider from disabled to strong or a recenter/recalibrate button. The cursor drifts back to it's last position when moving the joycons slowly. Also it seems to only register two axis instead of three. Paladins & Splatoon work flawlessly out of the Box, Fortnite has many options so you can set it as you like but jedi Outcast 2 has the same problem. Recalibrating does not fix it and it has nothing to do with the drifting Sticks. Suggestions: ?-Add an unstuck button in game options or a feature to warp to another player. (Many people don't know you can unstuck via the chat, so they either try to get out for 10 minutes or leave) -?You could save recources by using lower polygons enemy and/or object models. -?Maybe offer the option to download less compressed assets for better quality and shorter loading times. (For those who use an sd card.) -Like the HD texture pack in Grid Autosport. I imagine the blackscreens before loading have to do with the compression. -?You could also use the cpu boost mode to shorten the loading times. -? Use Gyro as a pointer in the Menus ? -? Add Offline Mode ? -? Add Crossaves ? Fixed bugs: +The Archwing Launcher seems to work now. +Energy & Color Bugs seem to be gone. +Operator faces and hair are normal again. +The player marker on the minimap is back. +Animal captures and mining are possible again. (Tracks and Spots are visible) +Crashes in Orb Vallis seem to be finally gone. +There is a working preview for the operator voice in the character editor. +The framerate is back where it was before the jovian concord (or even better ?) +Ambient Occlusion and Volumetric Lightning are back ! + Nightwave works again, but we had two weeks of really slow progress because of the bugs.
  23. I have noticed that many Weapon Augments have intresting ideas for special effects but often those effects end up being a good idea that sadly doesn't live up to expactations. So I would like to suggest an Weapon Augment rework in which weak and nearly useless Augments get a buff, tweak to make the intended feature practical or changed entirely. Over the next couple of days I will edit this thread and try to add more augments that I think need an improvement. Because I lack time and concentration to do this in one go. But plz leave your suggestion and ideas in the comments. I will use Weapon Augment list from https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Augments and speak about the weakest or most useless ones in my opinion. 1.Stinging Truth : Viper/Viper Wraith Mod current effect: flat 40 extra rounds in the magazine problem: Automatic secondaries espacially ones like Viper/Viper Wraith that have a high firerate and quite low effective ammo pool considered how much of your ammo it takes to kill some of the normal higher level enemies on the star chart. So the mod doesn't really offer much because reload is really low anyways and you will have no ammo to fire anyways pretty fast. suggestion: Adding a build in ammo conversion and giving this mod instead of the ammo capacity that it adds now either flat status chance for the weapon (because the status chance on the weapon is low and could become effective with such a buff due to firerate, so the weapon could at least strip armor really well) or adding a straight damage buff. That would help the Viper/Viper Wraith a lot so that those weapons have a good usage just besides providing the syndicate effect. 2.Avenging Truth: Silva & Aegis (Prime) Mod current effect: 50% of incoming Damage while blocking is absorbed and added to the next charge attacks problem: this mod is just really impractical for multiple reason. First of all are charge attacks rarely used and the wiki page for this mod indicates that it is really hard to use with stances. And that is kind of bad because it really limits your choice in that regard. suggestion: The idea was tried but it just doesn't seem to work. I think the best way to solve this is by just making this mod like other Melee Weapon Augments that add 100% extra damage. Because for me at least it seems like the idea of what the mod currently does is just not that easy to execute ingame. 3.Entropy Spike: Bolto current effect: 20% Chance of an Explosion with each shot that deals 250 blast damage that doesn't seem to be affected by mods and can inflict selfdamage problem: The main problem with this mod is that it doesn't really fix the main problem of the weapon and could even make it worse. Most people use this weapon only for the syndicate effect it provides while never really firing this gun. Also it doesn't really seems that this explosion is really that big of an aoe and it hardly gets unmodded shields down on many frames. Also it doesn't semm to be affected by other mods that increase damage. The Bolto itself is not really the best weapon right now espacially with the Ak version having its own syndicate and primed version. suggestion: Give the weapon a 100% chance that each projectile explodes and that it deals 100 blast damage in a 5m radius with punch through (so a group of enemies would be afflicted) while also having 16% Crit Chance and a 2.4 Crit Multiplier just like Bolto and a 50% status chance (Bolto only has 2.2% Status Chance so that would help the weapon a lot). With those changes this mod would turn the Bolto, despite its own low status chance and low base damage into a really good and usefull weapon. Next ones will be Toxic Sequence for the Acrid and Voltage Sequence for the Lanka.
  24. Now that the Operator Emissary Collection is out, I was fiddling with the color options and I noticed that the body suit and leggings are a different shade when you put them in a lighter color like white for example. It isn't really noticeable when its in black or its default color but lighter shades are very noticeable. Can we get this fixed?
  25. Encountered a bug with the spy mission on laomedeia, After the gauss update the only spy mission on neptune is now un accessible. Can no longer progress.
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